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Thursday, December 22nd


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And now 99.9. K I guess w.s take on this Charles Dickens classic a Christmas scary wrong. Same as discouraged. As openly gay Christmas Day off of Christmas box humbug mr. Scrooge as a radio talk show host who hates Christmas it's just that tiny Tim has diabetes and aid to meet at a major doesn't even seventy Obama cannot see executed screen all calls will be lucky VA himself into a coma. Later that night DJ there mr. Scrooge. Was awakened by what sounded like costing Jacob Marley. They can't beat your day it. Oh my god Jacob admit it's cents. He's got that bop Maghreb America not. Deny you love to read prisoners but this could cause that it was bad. Present and future mind. Could it. Lighten up mud as the smoke cleared BJ. Scrooge. And it was cool just to tree and then. The current law armored. New bids I would go to Christmas past. Lou that address out of bed and goes somewhere to do you're trapped. Few minutes later Scrooge is Hyundai pulls in front of a familiar house late. I know this place that this is my house knows it can't. Double edged out the ghost of Christmas past who Mitch take a look at what Linda and me there. I had a plan the craft. And mama's got to go to black. It's Christmas. Eve when you wake up tomorrow it'll be Christmas messed up Klein Angela Tibetan book mom you've gotten crime that owns the food. Your marbles I got no really bad you got resorting to the T dignity and rarely stop but it won't do we Larry I guess last column. Scrooge dropped the ghost of Christmas past off at the bar and went home. When he arrived at his house he noticed that door was already owned. Love Lou. Regardless. Of big you know I've never mind that I'm the ghost of Christmas risen. I suppose you need a ride Summers you now ma'am we ain't going to wired risen as Brett Patton and right now right. All around the room I. Sell well I'm done the way members some they would give me an electric gas. I. And unable to sleep and a little freaked out what the rest of the night my brain screws we deduce what comes computer. Little bit real and important. And we talked to a report don't knowing what. So like taking your the ghost of Christmas future now man I am the ghost of Christmas future it is my pet goldfish AVG. What do we can slapped a disease that not slated for real. Scrooge the ghost of Christmas future and little baby Jesus were whisked off to spooky hey honey sorry. Scary cemetery what are we doing here what could you possibly have to show me here is grave right here is where little baby Jesus now. You buried at goldfish. Yeah bitch I know the story aren't supposed to learn something here that man is thought we budget not be investigated they. Permanent part trying to find just leave me alone. Then in what felt like a slap to the penthouse and I hit them again and not. Scrooge but what can his next album actually I don't until Christmas. And. Hey fellas VP he added that corrected a day off. Like Vijay. Listen daddy hit the bell. Every time a bell rings and do gives the stats I'm in the right story that for me it's a wonderful life he grabbed his let's say god bless us everyone still fit well. God bless us every one. I want mine and all day and saying hey do you still read. These history in the 99.9. KI DSWs take on the Charles Dickens classic. Yeah Christmas carols from now dysfunctional family dealers seasons beatings from Bud Light in 99.9. KI ESW at all.