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Thursday, December 22nd


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KLA SW presents Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. And we join our story just as Rudolph. Comes into the world and loan him it was hot there look at them welcome Alan Rudolph. What is that on his face time I think it's is known as I didn't. Hey hey hey Majoli so hot Santa paying you guys breeds like a split those should look at your latest edition of Jason Terry told. A local boy Mittal fact but you do Nash had. Lol what what does not shooter pull it Brevard James got a couple older blower like. We just need to clean him up a little don't worry about that Hillary can't get amount to another. He hit it it's nothing. You meanwhile in the else workshop. Take a look here we've been having any trouble in the bathroom what the hell are you doing in the army I'm just a little bored with my words I guess a little more. Here now. Els made toys how can you possibly be bored. I really don't like make it Joyce media duties could be Jewish issue well I wanna be a gynecologist at the hell out of my workshop. Welcome minus gonna be a pelvic people. So Hermes set up fun zone to pursue his dreams of becoming an LP GU I had. However her he wasn't the only one at Christmas town having social issues. We think he had in his in his game Sox. Did you thank god soccer. Off. Calling for all in good learn. That's up with the are gobbling gun do hates me. Lulu it's. No lady friend of mine is gonna snap like yeah well my. Yeah. Well Rudolph knew that he'd never be accepted in Christmas town with a glowing no slight slicer so he set out into the great unknown to. Alone but not for long. Well mrs. snow woman's I think you'll be fine if the bills don't. Again it's this no woman Obama gynecologist. I have no idea what that is and I don't think I wanna know it's high time Rudolph. What's up with him you peacemaker he had that's why I'm here normal except me because my nose glows in the I was gonna accept me because. I want to be a gynecologist. Mel and his shadow will be light markers in travel to the rest of our days together and get rid of Massachusetts. Not only just kick it for a couple of days in Seattle works out it's fine tuned. Later that day Rudolph and her army sees something strange approaching in the distance. Cattle. Dude who drives a caddy at the north polar. Whole hell hole updates news story you I Cornelius you got number one pimp if all low scores this sounds. No and he's in my ho hold a news ladies and offer my services news. It sounds no defrauding and thank you know mamet told right here than at ticket takers smiled at them lusty lady on Christmas leave immediately to a list. The it was back. That's the unimaginable smoke. It. Order. And they're more than they're cricket and brokerages to cold that creek and there's no pretty good news they'd be frozen. I had a red nose wants. Will invade dying Canada. Pregnancy. Don't worry about a mile no weakness I regret follows. Beware don't be smoked you over the car alienating. Number LeRoy. Man this August's figure than an Italian woman's backyard. Today I'm corny of these UConn in the user by regent cracker friends who use some kind of puppet. Album up from what's your name Kermit that I'm a cycle market this is the compound misfit toys were all the toys dog walks into. And all the Sox who disappeared drier some badges. I'm the to eBay why are you hear him talk a banner. But I mangle words from time to turn watch well my strengths. That emanates putt. Other point go to the diabetic I BS don't do not polish or never even crossed my mind this guy over here is Steve rock what's your malfunction. Jewish. Kids don't get Jewish toys for Christmas you're all free this state tonight but in the morning. You gotta split but since you hear feel free to hit decade in the kitchen is full amends Yuma regional jail. They partied late into the night and eventually Cornelius pass down on the couch. Her meet the floor in the hallway and Rudolph. Well he's slipped in the bathroom and hit his head on the toilet. And didn't move the rest of the night. Then the next morning. Misplaced now. They awoke and goes small and the Christmas town weather report payment. Going to you don't do you block double double and Mattel does about it yeah it would tie there was no. We have gone. You know what this means yeah act does do you want your score. Is your chance to save Christmas now that hardware store did have a couple of flashlight in Derry were to try get ready. And hands F then they did Cornelius went on to turn out bitches for the remainder of his days in Christmas down hurt me realize his dream of becoming a gynecologist. And later lost his license due to. Inappropriate behavior and what about our friend Rudolph will Rudolph spent the next few years in and out of the click rehab. And even worked were Cornelius. Briefly bitch couldn't make any money now Rudolph resides in Seattle and has a radio show with the abominable smoke monster and Fuego her meet. And all of the other misfit toys yeah. This has been the KIS debut presentation. Of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer starting. PG shave as Rudolph Steve the producer. As Herman double our as the Obama don't smoke monster in Fuego as the misfit doll with ideas top shelf. Me as mean Steve Barack. As the trade over miles Montgomery as Santa Steve the thrill hill as Cornelius V Ted Smith. As the Ted. He bears then the Psycho Muppet as a mistake Psycho Muppet Jolene as Rudolph's mother jeetz as a drunk Ryan castle. As stature Q thirteen sports or Kelly. As cute their teens Walter Kelley. Task as the narrator sergeant here cloak. As he crossed himself and Jerry Mathers as the fever ridden and produced by test and Ryan castle in house of rock production. From my dysfunctional family TO it's seasons leading this 99.9. KI ESW ill.