2010 xmas -KISW Xmas special A christmas story.mp3

Thursday, December 22nd


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99.9 KI SW an association with the Seattle division of attention deficit disorder theater productions limited presented nonunion version of the holiday classic a Christmas story in 67 seconds. What about her Christmas I want to remember coming back into the shot I believe what you'll see your. I'm an additional wet guys can't have large and I thought this electable like there's a you don't have Michael's final do it's. I worry that you're going to. Yeah very much yeah. We do what ever Tamika was almost I want. Liberate blew pretty nice with the Italian I think is scheduled to land given the Hokies like and I wanted to put in the we went. The tennis and it's been pretty good show yeah yeah a little or any radio show brought to my double team puts its. It will. When you next how long when you walk a little more I want. You'll shoot your eye out kid. Did you here's my team what I want to. I op she. Out. The defense is great let's go for Chinese. Did you Greece's duck it's a kid around her marriage. Yeah. It'll just like. Electrical team.