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Thursday, December 22nd


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A the. Now 99.9. KI SW. In association with the Seattle division and attention deficit disorder theater productions limited presents a nonunion version of the Charlie Brown Christmas. Okay. Hiding it must be something wrong with green line is Christmas is coming and I am not happy. I mean I like kitten stuff but for some reason hum. I'm still pissed off good grief. You're real and drag Charlie Brown a real uptick in any Lucy is right for the son or closest to the sour the cius. Later after a snowball fight by the way why am I the narrator. Because Charles Schulz was dreaming about white Christmas. I seek out later after a snowball fight and ice skating and several hot bodies. So we find Charlie Brown in need of some therapy really I don't know what's wrong would mean Lucy I just. You need to pay in advance Charlie Brown you credit Sox. Okay now what seems to be a problem Charlie Brown I'm angry. I mean the mere fact that you realize the need help means you're not too far gone admitting your problem is the first step pastors to pinpoint your fears may be it's. Syphilis phobia the fear or syphilis or. Should phobia that you're otters or may need. Arab phobia that's a fierce Steven Tyler's awesome let's. And business they even out amounts. And I didn't. Actually my problem is Christmas I should be happy but instead. All of you need Christmas involvement have you ever thought of caroling and let me hear you got to add oh my dad and a never mind how you like to direct a Christmas play Charlie Brown. Are we in the middle of a plea right now though Charlie Brown didn't anyway nature tell you it's a play within a play like an enigma wrapped in the main street. And it's only been done once before. Can we even do that. How to direct a play within a play heat. Don't worry I'll be there and held view let's go to the auditorium. Meanwhile on the way to the auditorium yo chuck. I've been looking for you big bro I'm busy Sally I need to write a letter chewed up period. Gloves and all three series. It's now room why that's the view. Unless. I don't have time for this I have to direct a Christmas play the UR I everybody shot. As we look at eagle and six directors coming dream girls. Here is all right we're gonna do is play and we're gonna do it writings that girl get those good to pass him up. You're being keepers wife does some role require me to get out of all the poetry in the afternoon Big Ten you're being keeper. Every time a bow. Our rains and still didn't swinging the bat every year is not a wonderful lives to bed and snoopy. Yeah have to be all the animals in the play. You be Sheen. Bad keep the towel. Maru OKMR director everyone is ready Schroeder's set the mood with some music. It's not Christmas see you save that for metal shop on Saturday night's only Saturday nights really Shirley broke really Sally compare to. What do you need her for she's going to be your wife good. Can grief Charlie Brown isn't he the Q this being he's got a great sense that you were strong arms and eat your pants on Sally we need to set the mood we need a Christmas tree. So Charlie brown and why his head out to look for a Christmas tree. I don't like any of these trees this Christmas tree. Some. Peace look perjury as a matter of fact yes we are some people wearing mistresses. I think it to fit. Most people prefer a bird but if you want the best Christmas tree and you don't really wanna trade off. You want to Christmas tale a Christmas to hand it comes with a glance in my world famous point steady a punch plus. Sausage. I don't know if you noticed. But exactly she's awesome. Reliant and spend your Christmas tree I got us on Christmas yeah. I'm robs us digital. Any idea why he's sausage she. So positive news loves. Home known I. There's nothing to do when czar did you. Does anybody know players which is Colin Powell. That's easy Charlie Brown first up we start with my kids are Jewish. But four score and seven years ago less smiley glowing creature called god cloned sheep in Santa Claus was born then it humanoid populated uterus the size of Manhattan and gave birth to corporate America now we're occupying everything the internal combustion engine reindeer became extinct removing amateur scene and frowning all the time so Jesus came to earth from another planet keep women breasts and starting Fox's hit ninety's TV show the X-Files are. After that the first Mexican spotted before that he was all one teller and that's why we trim the tree. And he can't be so they locate a time issue a warm and friendly family atmosphere where they were met by a guy named Mildred. And that's where babies come from the end and. The president got 99.9. KI SW nonunion and urgent and Charlie. Christmas written produced and boiled my right to ask a text Jack Daniels and nightclub starring BJ Shea as Charlie brown and Steve the producer as Lucy miles Montgomery as lightning speed Ted Smith has a tree Steve the thrill hill has been married to model facility Jolene as the girl was ready at. On top shelf selling G-7 guys who asks why suspects but it looks like a mother does the racists the reverend en Fuego as they can. Making me as the small Spanish got a metal shelves Kevin NEA has the Schroeder's Jerry Mathers as the beaver. And sergeant hecla. Nothing to. Dramatic dysfunctional families who you'll race. Season's meetings 99.9. KI SW off.