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Thursday, December 22nd


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99.9. KI SW in association with the Seattle division of attention deficit disorder theater productions limited and presents a nonunion historically accurate version of the need Dynegy now and KI SW players in Nate activity and blah. Well I'll I'll have that. Our story begins on a warm spring evening just after passover that got built a facelift that died. In the town of Nazareth. Max. Someone in here and there. Well. I am almost done. I think it'll wash your hands festival flew his friend can I help you with something I travel great distances big news some good some not so good. Tell love the not so good news first I just in the last twenty under and you're pregnant let's act. There were twinkies sucks I know you know the other part to bring you not done in there all that. You're pregnant cool twelve explains I'm peanut butter pickles and it's crazy. Saying. So let's have good news you're just gonna grow to be a pretty big deal what do you mean that big DL how about second string quarterback for the jets big deal. Man. And Steve Perry is getting back together we journey and 23 teams. Until are no smarter from. There some thought they'd let me an opponent and. And so our heroin was off to find her fiance and a dark musty basement resembling the inside of McLean on spaceship. To ensure future child support payments for her little bundle of joy. Honey sorry to interrupt your little game like it's important. You better be I was just about to attack for lethal with my Stephen dragon whatever I don't care. So you know how we've never you know no do I ever. Well I met this guy in about the last night your employer Lugo and then pregnant let the kid is gonna be a big deal how big. How about backup quarterback for the New York Jets they. And journeys getting back together. You can see that disappointment that foam on the faces of convergence of the table but that's not what bothered our hero. No it was the fiscal cliff. Just wanna play magic the gathering that now we have to go to that damn Bethlehem Bellingham and pay child taxes. And renew my license and we better get that done before the end of the year if we grow over the fiscal cliff. Thanks for being so patient and understanding that mean mr. patience and understanding. Wow. Not a team. So they had out to find a reliable vehicle that will take them to death and Bellingham. So you're in the market for reliable sedan yep we're going to mess but. Bellingham because someone's got to bun in the oven. Rick but any and then. Sit down there says oh yeah I mean really yummy really really yummy. And Phoebe and sticky sticky please try its feet yeah yes yeah rain hour right eat. Yes. Does less heard. Why have got the perfect vehicle for going camping this may be right here is in 1985 and a half was no Buick it's got four wheels and tires all black. Mirrors glove box and almost seven buttons that control functions like check this out. So when you want fared okay easy millionaires get well tell you that I can get. Hello it. And why. It's so you probably should. But hey I thought I did I mean a darn it they know is that an we. There are others aren't out there. You were saying I think it's not my manager and a party that is viewed per 4500 little that the car dealer no BJ was a native of Nazareth. Fact. And knew how to drive a tough bargain thirty. They moderated. To come up with 3900 dollars I can't believe you want 3000 that is by a 2700. Real arrest in 19100 pal if you wanna pay you 11100 clams is you got another think common. I devious 750 and my wife nine months later it should not take this long to get the best car. Bellingham. Quite skilled opponents killing me. Never know what's worse this troop or listening to you which bonus excuse me how we're almost there on hostile Verizon finds a room but alas every and our hero visited was either sold out or just a mirage. Sorry did we got nothing but if you ain't Hickey can sleep under the bond bogeyed the Gardiner to take you over there. Again the idea being okay. Our men and that's a tremendous trade can you believe that no look like doesn't Filip as the picture he tattooed on his chest. Come on a pig here empire. Isn't so bad and we want to get pass the smell that's what she says I guess. A better position. Back. And can't moan ya I'm not sure what senate camel makes. Children spontaneously break into song. Meanwhile Todd and Margot Chester are on the hillside outside of town tending to their flock. Sargent Angel biggest car with an age slow. Our guys there's an event a biblical proportions happening in town right now just minutes. Well morbid Angel not exactly limo god I guess you can say that. Later that night in kingdom to the east. Yo Vinnie. Further east in. Three wise men are enjoying an afternoon tee down the hole routed showing. There's health czar of Arabia. Experience is the child a box office the child of action gas part of India. Sausage and cheese sauce and cousin Eddie of West Virginia. I don't wanna go hammer helper and I think it is just and on its own paid out the the pins got that UFO. You only as an English rock band formed in 1916. We should get all high listen and act now. It's sad and true sign of intelligence is not knowledge. And imagination. Just the rules and managed travel and follow that star. You lose me Jerry Garcia shot. We take the RB I just got a cleaner now. And our full. It's cousin Eddie and keep the and they followed that start to the Manger where they deliver gifts of frankincense Merck and delicious men's room original red BJ was approached by a producer who offered the family reality TV show and book deal promising also pay the taxes for the little bundle of joy unfortunately following a night of despicable hedonism king air club. So stupid. Having stumbled across some very incriminating pictures of the night shenanigans at the mall fire and disappeared for many years he was later found wandering the streets of Tacoma with a bird living in this -- an animal rights activists throwing bread crumbs it was horribly depressing but Christmas was saved. Did you says everytime a bell rings an Angel gets his you. This is that I. Hello I thin edge. KI SW players' association with the Seattle division of attention deficit disorder dealer productions limited not unit historically accurate version of the late seventy intimated he would black starring BJ Jay. Leno and Ellen brick wall Steve the producer. The most sent a top shelf as rusty Jesus Audrey and the cycle my what does Clark senior the men's rooms miles really dead as Eddie does turn and released soon. Tom Shea Vicky Barcelona as they Mexican and Lebanese metal shops given any of those top end model just got mono nick as downtown shoppers wanna do. Brian Thorpe has doubled that in the reverend and might know is that he ripped up pilot the guy who says that's what she said Sargent their mother's uncle Willie and Brian castle as Bing Crosby and written and produced by tell us right in castle. And him. From our dysfunctional. Families to your face seasons beatings. 99.9. KI NS WL.