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Thursday, December 22nd


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I'm. Okay. Yeah okay I. I'll tell you you that's all news. To him. Yeah yeah yeah it's harder to leave your dad and avid edit breathing and I knew I yen in bad. He hadn't. They lack good. He would not hand out mobile. With special guest star. No way Miley Cyrus a our story begins in a tiny suburb of shoreline Washington a little place called Seattle. This image of a shantytown whose collective hardest pouring out for a soft. Sand. And I think they get the. Oh angels of death BJP -- owes me money please help find him. Daryn hello I'm walked out home unknowns who. It's. Unknowns of I thought for what you'll meal. Fortunately for BJ Bailey on this still night in the Pacific northwest the angels of death were listening. To slayer. Let's say you're gonna have to send somebody down. Vijay Bailey this sad little man again reminds me droopy the dog. And uglier than a lasting five gallon bucket full big candidate for the good ones today to get the mind Scion. Augusta leftists and head off sweet simple Ted IQ of a rat and I won't solve spill stupid were too old or she or he can handle the work had doesn't matter CEO thing that you two were feeling pretty county this year actually yeah I don't worry. I got it. And when I close this deal you're giving my way. Alex ranch on the side please and let's look back a bit. You see when BJ Daley was twelve years old he rescued his younger brother Harry from drowning in a frozen pond. It's. Thanks an act of heroism that left to death in one year Lex way dollar collective soul. And does a voice Biggio worked it all drunk mr. top shelf to Delhi filling orders follow him Ares the usual. EG daily I'm gonna love you till the day I die and I'd like to give both of you under the missiles thank you so what. I don't feel very mr. top shelf my order hasn't not a right hello who's calling mr. top shelf that missed a short. I'm hungry and angry yeah you are tops out. Brain. Strong hearts are harder but mr. talk show he's throughput port commission sources or just. She's Jewish she can lean toward Africa. Our creator created a boost mobile. Yeah herbal there here's your bad. Many years pass BJ Perry's Mary I. And instead of taking offense in the world as the two love bird and plant Nomo allowed. Vlan. How dedicated or two. God bless us every one will be let you make you Tacoma way this story's going. Vijay ended up taking over the daily Stanley business as proprietor of the daily car and drove. Cool and lost all hot dogs a year ago don't you know it's Christmas time in weed is legal. People really get hungry and when they get hung within one hot dogs and when they want hot dogs we wanted to come to really really into a hot dogs. Uncle M. Look I'm dean you know it's the plotters used Honda Center. It's a bitches two shots in the finest whiskey couple of men's rooms to. And for hot dogs. Oh what's the matter BJ do lose some thin hot we know in this to have your wife Mary Cree hot thanks guys. She always does point. One don't really as far as grill anyway how was I never been born here which is my command. Those change. Were never born last Merry Christmas. I'm Ted your guardian Angel and you don't exits. You mean exist as losses. You know whatever you're look I'm gonna go home one and I don't have a home because you don't. Exit ceasing to exist when my car and it was parked right here you have cars do you own craziness. Are you. I'm your guardian Angel. And I heard you say you wish you never been born I granted your wish I'd never existed and therefore you have no car or white kids are home to go to BJ you've been given a great gifts. And I you'll get dizzy with the world would be like if you were never born. Release. Old like you that we didn't happen this time shuttle history goes back from I was fourteen it didn't happen was never born. No kids to feed and bills to pay knowing knowing. We'll humble man you guys. Ticket wait. What's that supposed to work that way when about Christmas parolees. Don't you wanna know when everything is like without you really well as into yeah thanks Ted. Will be Jason -- there to save your brother Harry from drowning he couldn't take over Bailey's bar and grill so it was bought by Kevin any evil ponders what they hosted shows for terrible nu metal bands from the late nineties and lately biscuits the angels invented a jet fuel supercharged hot dogs roam and be up to a vending machine uncle Ben works to ensure all of their moving parts are well lubricate speaking of lubrication as TP became an old mate which tubby is totally into so they married. And open the dog group. Breeders' Cup deal lounge marital aid store. Coke did does doggie style while not doing with Miley Cyrus her blood teaches cooking for seniors on Wednesday's and Friday's anti Fremont senior center. I don't never worked in radio the prodigy had mono nick are born as siamese twins connected at the base and tongue. Once gate which makes big night very uncomfortable for both of them picky never learns what police now begun really meets and rim gets lost in the giant Coke. Oh my god I'm pleading again until the indict a pair of red red ruby slippers and becomes the good which of them looks. Seattle tender and gets her moment under the mistletoe and ends up with a very prominent called solar. Like we did have Owen tends finally got his weakness. With boutiques and baby checks that sound about right guy. And every time a bell rings an Angel gets it's we solve root. Found his way back just in time for Christmas and Jimmy Stewart Cohen own nor his grave. This has been the KI SW play is an association with the Seattle division of attention deficit disorder theater productions limited. Thought unions slightly mangled did Sarah bloom always good. My husband Ryan castle I really have Bosnia they go this one didn't. Syria and Israel rhetoric big. Stalked off power perhaps have data put the brilliant literary skills though through gold good of the I've got all it took terrible lives dog PJJ Aaronson and top shelf says mr. dobbs show this to be as Mary how do you full on married like to find out pounds held together with. I don't mind no edits flying is so I'll talk so long. Ago Bob Dole. Gabon with the reverend Fuego as news. I don't know it gets himself a prodigy has been herself trial resumes so and Nick Diaz whose snow on the Obama seek job. Easy. Paul Todd did she know where do old book about placement on the school booster is. Miles long and he doesn't show Steve does throw the residents. There's himself this cycle love it sounds good so I Mariah. Castle as Don and I don't know there's they're crazy and skills Palin comparison to do oratory brilliance of the grave. Known. Obama. Really saying that now excuse me I used golden boys and all the cost goals so cold and so and shoots Jolene that. Message she Waltz town and only has whose though Kevin and Ian for a metal shop crowds. And a half club ask him yourself make your holiday. Right and not nearly as bright as the spectacular the holidays celebrated. Go along all book a month holidays makes that does workshop looked like an American Apparel factory bringing ridden deed. The ball Bhutto on the business to make is quite as different kind of very few other joy filled the holidays Dawkins don't big to use why now. True our dysfunctional family to you and please season's greetings from workers number nine vodka and a rock of Seattle 99.9. And you don't exit yeah. This. Federer right has. Yes W.