2014 xmas

Thursday, December 22nd


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Now. KI SW players in association with attention deficit disorder Peter productions limited. Presents. Nonunion holiday adaptation of the greatest film ever open debate amendments. The very top gun Christmas. An hour this just goes right requesting a flyby. Those troops veterans full docket together time and time. Welcome home. Mark development Everett. She got some jumper enough attention from showbiz. He. Get a dog does Jack welcome to salt and the guy made the big city you. We'll have a job all the greatest days are quiet lives in them off last. Move them abreast of the best dream up don't draw the crowd did. He I'll book I see movies yeah. See you can see people on the senate they must Seattle. But things aren't always cold in the North Pole. Sometimes. They did not. I don't like you wings' regular caddie when you deliver presents all the good boys and girls the world here each you dangerous that's right cornbread and I am. And dangerous yeah. What was that's what was what it. Do you got to gonna kiss me then you do this weird thing when you did generally high and look at a painful really. You know moms don't realizing you like the result of a night pass would you Brian Bosworth and Jim Morrison. This is is better looking than you all right all right let's settle this like real men you zoo wings' regular caddie and Goosen. Vs us. Corn bread and second test site in. And no holds barred game of short list boiled up. Man I'm man. A news. Volleyball. Not man it's the North Pole today we curl corn Brit at the rooms you're going down Japan. Yeah and later that night at the top gun company holiday party can look at that ran over there. Humble humble time. Bush used to train else's skin presence in the time the I know I don't have any eggnog oh let's go getter goose. And she then. Her. Steen. Key now it's person bluegrass. Good job. Should blue ridge and it happens. That seems like the Dickens. It's like Courtney love's eyes if they wanna miss filled with old Ethiopian food. That. Lets crap so you wanna uniting here take me I have to release me French room time. You Berlin. The boost. Com and you know what I don't like deuce anyway come to think of it I don't like wings in the Gillick said he either. A. And. The well this is awkward. Not really sure how to segue here precinct is it's just mere do you feel like you need a shower right now. I do feel kinda dirty I found feet so. Danger zone then definitely danger zone again. Well they did she try it was a harmonizing this time I have an error. And tells me not pretend it's another. His gut what all these plays and every ten minutes or have your buds. It goes right to Duncan delivered themselves into the real big I want those what do knows place. I want what's flood damage but what widespread criticism but it could. How to fly anyway Christmas magic did. And so there and I feel the need for speed. Demon and. I can give you some of that. You got cash and wings and Gillick that he hasn't been able to deliver presents to cruise's recent accident. Or. Whatever that was all. He's also been unable to please a woman it's true look going for Gillick got a I know he's that I look like Brian Bosworth but today but think of the children. And do. Started to go Sunday just. You're right I can do it. I. So this is evident. I'm not so bad. And did. And I just that we aren't down perhaps. The original Doctor Who. Your rights partisan. And that's how Christmas was made. This is Vinny gets W players in association with attention deficit disorder theater productions limited presentation of the non union holiday adaptation of the greatest film ever put to bed next may very tough. Christmas written by my guess Atlanta. And it's starring in order to parents Bryant Miller as the world's most exciting men BJ Shea as wins regular caddie Todd shields as the guy who gets his televised Steve the producer as abuse peaked at Smith says Jenny Laden's second glove as and I cannot read it and flood plain castle. Some spirit as like the look better not to Vicki BE ST room. Odious Geithner miles Montgomery has cornbread Steve the real Hillis a protest lightning BJ elder daughter Sarah has the chick that says. Eight how to dial the prodigy as being driven by our seniors Jolene as a young attractive Kelly McGillis and the reverend en Fuego as nerd rage during daily as abuses biggest fan had mono nick has the drug dealer. The Sega graphics as the instructor who needs but this is given any different metal shop as Kevin and Ian from metal shelf with Ted says that marriage. They was not invited. Look daddy teacher says everytime a bell rings an Angel gets its way on. About this functional family to your poison season. 99.9. KI DSW at all.