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Wednesday, December 21st

The 10th Annual KISW Holiday Play: Batman vs Superman vs Halloween vs Christmas Nightmare

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Okay this W players in association with attention deficit disorders theater. Productions limited presenting non union unbelievable. My hero crossover event was special guest checks killing 1026. Games. That men verses Superman. Vs Halloween verses Christmas. Yeah man to man. It was a long time ago in a place you may have seen in your dreams and or perhaps a movie. It's doing better. That man. Each step back ever so that some do not snatched. Aides say Adam burrows and you know I'm gonna miss a dynastic Kryptonite cocktail and do away with that deuce waffle Superman. You know it's been hanging out of those voters over Christmas to around Christmas down. Never heard of idea there's some taken only got a 31 night felon a whole next thing I know I'll ask deep and candy in the snow. Oh. I get it it's a strip club not even close the written gingerbread out of Cornell Williams on the bitch is camera was so happy it was disgusting I lost my lunch and that is eaten some delicious leftover witch hazel brains parade rooms. Sounds awful and I was pence just needs a new it only makes it once a year. I mean Christmas town Lou year and that's why we're taking over Christmas. Sand as bad as a parent this year and if you're lucky Superman will go down to you know laid Superman. Lutheran notice. You mean the slave drivers daddy can help let me pull up my slight Iraq. I. Can send these digital bastards in Lutheran oasis like to kidnap Superman and Santa Claus. Okay. First we're going to set some date inside and nasty trapped in a week's when he comes a sniff and we will snap the trapping closed the gates. Whatever just get the job done let's pop him in a boiling pot and wesun will butter him up. That's pretty messed up. Through all of it now box bury him for nine years and see if detox. Zoubek is dark about the parents have a lot of rough parent teacher nice Becky and now it I mean oh. This is awkward. Did someone order a bus liar well match I did not hear or take these crude little bastards are Christmas down. These creepy little bastards K governor Becky creepy little bastards. Now let's find Sally and score some of that top notch tonight cute she's probably start cooking over a sliver. He's too early to get. A sandwich. Is it sooner and people around this and win. G.'s daughter on this. Best known example is if he's still early days in the mine hand and and and I. Hot day. I love that song selling Whitney up some of that delicious punch the one but the frogs breath not that says holiday cheer but my famous frogs breath. Much better than it not to the doesn't give you gas. He would throw inside that turtle wax. And I. Yeah. Here you are I had Jeff. Just no way you like can't. Why did you say you like and act like why you are trying to drive me again are you last time I woke up in federal way where any light summer Drexler I mean it was comfortable help. But way out this season and that dress was lovely and why would you wanna do such a thing. You can run off of that how gas Jack I see the way you look at him and at that time he was stuck on the horse I know you helped Jack off. It is very hard. Anyway you just enjoy that parents should mr. new gets there you go again it's just written that way. Is that long putts right here. Whom I. It's. All right then. Delicious. Now it's on the vine. Meanwhile a Christmas town where they'll face ever wears a frown it's Superman and old Chris Kringle elbow deep in a tube of Pringles. It's so. Eighties no Archie. Learn no she's never tell you about this time I turn back time by reversing nearest rotation yes I go a hundred times Tammy Sue Bird knotty. Isn't so much better than not nice list it's called retrograde rotation you don't like Venus and your rain is all its retro grade I wrote it down Carl Sagan on hard over here and hungry. It is too early for a fish sandwich. I guess I am I doing there again this presents to be wrapping your talents need to be shelled out of the stables. Do everything. Else we're into the grain used magic powder again and off to dealing with a broomstick Dayton. If the super anyway Bill Clinton and I thought this was the fortress of solitude. Is more like a fortress of attitude. Just days before Christmas Eve decree did little bastards nab Santa miles per Jack and that man Steve good the creepy little bastards are back in they've run a Superman is Santa well done yet creepy little bastards I don't know Superman hello bad man. And it's. Good news hello Jack. Over age hello. Santa and a bridges dole creepy little bastards LO OK I've that we got to covered now according to bat man vs Superman Wikipedia page you two looked have to engage. And rap battle you mean you didn't see the movie Amanda Ben Affleck a brat man. And gentlemen here in this corner in Iran under the man's. Lula game swing and act soon. Stealing from. John the metropolis marvel. Still isn't up. Honor of playing no. Kids. And then this order. In the relaxed Reno and body burned weighing in at 204. Home. From Gotham city but James crusaders. The Dark Knight themselves. And. OK I want a good clean fight you know the rules you each get one round winner gets to take over Christmas. Handed 25 dollar red lobster your heart should and this gives our measures. A rap battle against Superman that's not even a flight misty from Iowa. Just a Dark Knight the menace zeal that's not what I heard it. Lois Lane tells me your home like a bird on the hardest back of Gotham city's market knew when I was all over it. That's right how else reacts Reid and of course. Meanwhile you're asked Kenny and ride a horse. Yeah I live from Chris John Mann and how much of a reverend Al do the best I can. Sure I'm a geek but I'll deal with you league be split decision nobody S in my chest at times. You have those they Joker the riddler trajectory tricks no surprise you sidekick is a boy wonder named Dick sick then I'll bring to crunchy John. You wanna call me hallway. She's. Carrots and. OK look I think it'll every year no one wins this. Brought to you could have wrapping may be if we work together you mean. Like a tank. All that time I was stuck on the roof that's right Superman remember when you help. Jack off how can I forget it was really hard. Generals soft. Yeah Al Saud whatever and don't you navigate. Yes we decided to join forces did we make it in time for the song no one's said anything about a song worse yeah. Had the Mets. I got this. It's always made some Big Easy proved Jane it's you like to get really need the. Don't be afraid. And our town talk you know we Christmas isn't always good. No way pumpkin spice and Chris night. Everybody stay right. Mean that's neat. My shirt glows under my. Daddy teacher says everytime a bell rings an Angel gets there Wayne's god every year with deaths. Made the source be with you. The glass here. This has been the KI SW play. Innings in association with the attention deficit disorder theater productions limited in a nonunion presentation. Of these super hero crossover events twenty sixteenths. Mad men verses Superman. Vs Halloween vs Christmas. Thanks man had written by Brian castle intense produced by tax starring BJ shade as Superman Steve the thrill as Jeff Skilling did Steve mix says that meant miles Montgomery has sent out Derek Daley has Sally beach a dismissed as a chip speed ten million steady Joey these nuts and Sarah. Those creepy little plastics Vicki B. Lois Lane Kevin and Ian for metal shop as a loser and notice not the overnight sensation is the ring announcer Mike Cook and it's been around that the referee at club as generals not CC. As the bogey bogey Robin as Belize translator he divine often when of these recruits in here. Who have admitted to a comedy a group of risk that the moment. Police says all of Christmas it's crazy in here I need to get back to making sausages special thanks to residential Batman and Superman expert uncle Chris had nothing to do with this. Please don't put my name on it and do reverend a flicker of tiny Tim and the little girl from it's a wonderful might not get it from our. Is functional family to yours seasons beatings 99.9. Okay. You don't.