2017 Christmas Play

Wednesday, December 20th


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This isn't attention deficit disorder is CNN productions limited in. Operated public presentation. Featuring PK highest ever you say you. The first annual KI stealing Christmas story aired in 2007. And now eleven seasons later we'll show you what went on behind the microphones plus KI SW Christmas story that never made it to the radio. This is the KI SW very true Hollywood Christmas story. The story behind the KI SW Christmas stories. Story. Story weird it's like snapping a self in front of a mere. It's more like inception Bora when John noted that ends in John Melvin just head in being John elements. Djokovic yeah. I think my favorite story was a Christmas Carol. Except that Ted was a little aggressive. I'm not at that your miles and thrills started demands from tradition that still going strong eleven seasons later they heard our. You bitch I'm the coach Chris. Mom and all of us regardless. Yeah. Charles Dickens and he's so proud wasn't the years that I had my big debut. Every time about race and took gifts and spent time in the right story that's for me it's a wonderful life feet. He's let's say god bless us everyone stupid. There's been some awkward moment you step. Hard to get DG you know I needed to smuggle these plans out of here people poor girl snuggled beat not a smuggler people briefed. He is our right all right speaks to slide him in the slot here this time be no wrong slot is. Should I just think Tim maybe that delayed 10 AM not all at once how does this then you go but not better beat who who beat. All right yeah I'm just so I'm NN. I'll call. I'll see you I remember that Ted was in that robot costume from Star Trek Star Wars not Star Trek. Lloyd in Star Wars there are no drawings and Star Trek. Two different galaxies case does this whatever. Burns ran eight yep yeah rain too. Important and now I know I now. Chris in history yes yes rate Sino. He's. The KI SW players have performed everything from fund family classics like a Charlie Brown Christmas not hiding it must be something wrong with real line is Christmas is coming and a. I'm not happy. I mean I like kitten stuff but for some reason I'm good grief you're real. And drag Charlie Brown a real uptick in any Lucy's right false or pluses to this hour plus CS two Christmas cult classics like a Christmas story in 67 seconds flat. Christmas I want Gmail account and actually shot at home. You'll secure and that your things took a dark turn while recording BJ was mixing dangerous substances like chocolate and caffeine yellow or any radio show brought to loyalty let's. Which is why we were able to do it in 67 seconds I want. Yeah I'm not proud of it we've got all philosophical negativity of black. Sound hold the outage around there's health czar of Arabia. Experience is the child a box office the child of action gas part of India. Sausage. Cheese sauce and cousin Eddie of West Virginia. I don't know Monaco hammer helper and I think it is just and on its own data out the the pins got that UFO. You only as an English rock band formed in 1916. We should get up high looking relaxed now. You sound and. But when the writers decided to adapt the true story send us lesser known cousin Jeff clause a smarmy dishwasher at the North Pole diner to KI SW players sank into deep pit of over indulgence to numb the pain of what was to come. See the problem with the story of Jeff clause is that unlike the fun and generous Santa Claus Jeff clauses just plain disgusting. I mean not a bad guy just angry and really really gross collections character in the movie where its size after he got turned and don't poop monster. Worse yet that you're BJ was into method acting and as you'll now hear in this never before heard it on edited clip of the KI SW Christmas stories that never made it to the radio. Is a bit of up bitch Jess Weiner. Come on disappoint you wanted to keep. Your hook mother is kind of pick you up on Christmas is you're getting to spend it with her and then don't we. Oh don't bring her boyfriend of hers K. She's not a hooker she's an escort. It's different young man show little respect for the woman her thus you want to first see new song when you were born was a hard hat went ahead like. You know why. The doctor wars lugging gear. Bradley and are staying there shoulder wow. That's wow. It's really graphic and instilled in my mouth a little gosh darn it Ted's right. I mean some of them this game do we really need to be self descriptive about lady parts. Ali dang it I think what Mike hawk meant to say it was holy wish. That's really Ingram who the hell are you guys and I am the new head chef to the North Pole diner. He had new visa for solutions such images are what up based. Kids want to Jack yup pond it's not like champions that. Jeb roll all of North Pole and Merry Christmas and that's it on your face is getting bigger. You should cut that thing or I will. They each miles they can really does have a panel weren't best of LA Chris make sure my housing that this is all beneath me Merry Christmas and go to hell. I'll do first like the pizza and a new wallet chain of I don't know why you wasted like that Dinah I keep telling you call you kind of think it's the only way you'll achieve your goal of controlling not snowing I know. Pulled due known even say his name on that he would stop I read sue. And she didn't oh hole oh. I can't see how ICN's then you stay away from San sister he's minds innocent yeah so they still does evil monster funniest. Hope hope hope all of you enough. He goes to swap was watching everything we do all the time anyway in the season when you sleep being goes when your way. Man McGraw Broncos say well I think he's looking over my shoulder not to mention when I wanna. Can for the. Like he knows my kids don't need video and I'll let you dealing then not here she's right I heard it also. Round toilets what in the hell is is frowned trying to sneak a would you prefer to rusty nuggets or rectum warriors about a three boiler can wanna you just go clean your jump with a pint called K we go to the diner I got a real hankering for meatloaf. Not that kind of meatloaf come up but mud or far pedals like three coroner did someone order a meatloaf. Back trying to be low. So I guess it's pretty obvious why that whenever made it it's just got darker from there just cause tried to work for Santa hoping to control all of us know the North Pole but it didn't go well yeah. By the end Jesus was an alien with a sex addiction. And all but two of Santa's reindeer quit I didn't exactly say holiday this year. The toilet snake line does make me happy. So what makes a great KI SW holiday classic a true classic. Time. Storytelling and maybe a little magic. Well it's a catchy tune like this gem from a very top guy on Christmas yeah. Actually jumping out there and can finish no. For the. He's got to think about it over the years we've destroyed every Christmas favorite from brutal the red nosed reindeer I wanna be a gynecologist at the hell out of my workshop. Welcome minus gonna be a pelvic people. To the twelve days Christmas unfortunately they told his Christmas was lost in the little BJ got to live out his fantasy of being Superman and last year is that men verses Superman vs Halloween vs Christmas nightmare hello bad man. Rich and tourism hello Jack and branch hello. Santa and a bridges goal creepy little bastards I don't gag I've that we got to covered now I thought that was a let down and I really enjoy playing backhand. A rap battle against Superman that's not even a fight this deed from Iowa. Against a Dark Knight the man a seal that's not what I heard. Lois Lane tells me your home and like a bird and the bottom dropped out getting everyone in the studio and therefore producing the annual chaos to the Christmas story turned chaotic wait a minute. Did he die hard we and you die hards we haven't done diehards. The die hard it is not a Christmas nobody wants and it's a wonderful life is yes it's a wonderful life easy Christmas movies geared. It's not Christmas and a movie until the very end the guy that by the I want to be Holland's. And I'll be wrong. The but after the holidays. Yeah the good news and I'm missing tour. Yeah. Put on every one we've never done miracle on 34 street or bad CNN also quick so I know this is really good yeah. It's been done. What the Kremlin. Is yeah we don't and you know it may be next year. Continue to Melvin denim down underneath you know the sugar Gladys twenty platypus looks celebrate Christmas. And blast zones every one. SW very true Hollywood Christmas story the story behind the GI SW Christmas stories. Sorry to. During did you itself and just yeah keeping to himself and sent Michael Montgomery isn't so and we didn't trigger what brings you the three wheeled himself to tip number one and one half of the Daytona Beach at Smith is insufficient the other half of the -- Jennings and plus Egyptair Dalia herself derivative regulation so picky because there's opens and closes and so what influx of this is not skip to the end of the guys that you'll slit our human agitation until CDS are still think yeah. Everything I Caucasus opens up diligent. So yeah. Alexa intercept any BS himself Jimmy did not just Intel center there's a local residents don't really appeared as a bit and the twins we deliberately doesn't right doesn't she. Our dysfunctional family. This season's greetings 99.9. KI DS WO.