6-9-17 Bobby Lee interview

Friday, June 9th

Bobby Lee is at The Parlor Live this weekend, and he has a bunch of new TV shows to talk about, too!


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BJ really and exonerated. Please welcome to the hill. Obviously. God god. I love your hair styles now thanks very Andre obviously. Is that what you're looking to look at life. The entree that again you know yet again but it did so we actually had good about the rights and a little about them too and we went and a heat may be used the smaller. Do you really got to the baby off Connecticut has been my friend the you know just let me have the big one good on the guest right and big baby. It's I'm happy person went to the theme colonel oceans now it's rude take it and it's stable it's a racist. And it was racist and I'm sure. When other people are here that I'll pop pop now let's and he's a big one at above a billion. It's about him now so we don't even on news about the so at least get user rapidly everywhere are taking a that you told me that not every comic comes here I feel like I'm a part of an elite club you are you'll. Like like the Seattle trumps. When it's you know I'll take it the love you know I love you guys amnesty to Osama. You can really tell you why I was like Louie receipt body and he's now a big deal obviate image in the Fisher doing TV showed again. I am a big deal but come back at you. It was him from a guy is well. Yeah I got my succumb got kicked out with her and I'm Kate Hudson's brother Oliver Hudson. Like yeah yeah yeah and so you can do that. He's comes from Hollywood lineage man you know he'd I got this is ethnic. He's a Florida who used to everything that he's in chloride. Ever heard of it now have you would call core idea is that right weighs 30 Korea it's. Let's talk about that I have sort of ideas and carry a place. Yeah at the Koran a war and number that car right or as a war you know my dad had nothing to do this story is higher it's not bad you get it Andre Agassi. Yeah. By the way simply something Lehman who used he really is a balding great tennis are back in the day to the references and good. Public as the Stanley Tucci here. Not much and I think it's the only tootsie him cutesy. In the Hunger Games last. The TV show guy he is only two which had to be that I was involved in a lie yes. It's very earliest and our attitude she we've never had while on this year this important going to be used small kernel or to be you know that's the only two. Time before we get going Bobby Lee. Goss stadium 73010 o'clock tonight and tomorrow part alive part alive dot com which of course agree places he comedy in Bellevue and Bobby that thing man. I what we don't look there's a lot of comics come through town not sandy good or bad but I wanna make sure that when I tell some of those each other and have a great show with you. You never know what the hell's gonna happen yeah OK I mean a lot Jules is wonderfully Stan. I mean there's stories you tell about it doesn't have so what we. As ABC come on the CBC show now by the book you know like you know pulled off and then naked news. And the way you do your thing. In the last night and he gets on yeah I think the trouble as the shirtless interview at the par I'm in trouble I don't and our rules now you know. Don't know that that's what's gonna happen when they hire you know there's no stopping I think I use it as a defense mechanism. I usually yell really has been in a very interesting defend I think sort of I guess some people lies and people like the justify things I can make and you've been new here. We've not much room yeah yeah always seen all of you meg not not not fallen and oh yeah and fall on you yeah you know that was the result not you know that god wanted mistakes and I was in the original try to kid movies that's done via. We're ready to young happy days Heidi aren't happy guys there and I don't have yeah Ida and Adam not to replace those diversity was an end and Arnold was amazing character he had been attacked in Q&A that you just played every Asian carriage on television relies not just those that peppery have Maria the primary it was on. That I'm from I guess he joked Steve my wow and so I really that. And now our readers back. Is that he's saying maybe rely on your way to go full on like it and I do get recognized of the people on the other people yeah they recognize you. I've gotten. You'll heroes. The puck off a single eagle. In my mind ready right what time we're alone now I love you Grey's Anatomy at that the girls back. You do that Nacchio was that you do you know what green and watches I act as an enemy. You like that against program I don't know why. And I like I'd like your white guy voice that's a release date I get on yet that what happened was I was sleeping in my hotel room and the Rubin calls me the club owner and manager ray guy wrote about the when the Basque and abruptly woke. It's a that we were in the car Eagles if you wanna fight our energy and that took it. And now hall frazzled all that stuff. On top of that continuous over out of you guys know that I didn't use over Philly because here is your behavior really doesn't let's Iditarod got it right just to be before. I can I don't think we've ever had a I don't do it again it was beautiful out there and it will kind of annuity Aaliyah but yeah so I abruptly woke up I'm not really public frazzled right now. Let them know we'll get that. Yes you say now I've our energy is giving you a kick that you haven't had fifty. Oz and upload a couple more days if you guys have gone I got a couple things going on. I'm gonna show would you Zander beat who. What's that show it's called a what would duplicate the DG dip low you know he plays to blow and I player's manager. And it's on gonna be on Iceland it's are we did six episode man. I jones'. Producing as Doug Jones is a guy. I mean that is yeah me right now I do who spectrum you've been music we have been Beastie Boys will hold oh yeah he really knows it's a cool thing yeah. I agree tonight. And as angry at them physical. Are you. That's fantastic and then I have a podcast of Michael Michael tiger that's on when. Okay that's on iTunes on love to younger Internet lets not I'll be done. It. Yeah for years and veteran. Her and now on you know how I feel about and I'm when you know I know it's radio okay good so she wouldn't let me you know due. That means do things like well OK and away like high school. But when we did do things she punched me in the face. She does Tony want to kill me like yeah she took out. And Iowa. This is yeah. Well that's what did it. Without too aggressive note that is the that you were scared to smell like some kind of relationship to my wife punch me I call the authorities I know but you this is 2017. At all I'm not gonna get beaten up his seat and I know. I got slapped around element as we are now off that you just told Danny taught them how actually told dated Q1 of the songs who you talk to you longer I'll really you know exactly what you are in my opinion. There you really aggressor I'm a resident and I apologize like Hewitt I've had good times in the region and we got your mind about that I've ever boggle tan yeah. They've been above average particularly today people I think what LP Kirk. It looks like Bachmann look good on his head blend into is that and he looks like he's been a hollow man that you might I. That our product and of night they Andre Agassi yet what was root yeah oh yeah it was a little bit later tonight seekers to levee could get there is real nice and on that and agree to do with like I got Adam yeah yeah it's called feel the heat. Yeah I'm all feel they don't feel the heat. Drop the beat the song he sang and what's my pilot podtech about your. Ups and I'll tell you about its argument to god because I know. Very good man LL have this audience agree does not. Like fighter Valiante this funny Steve we get people coming in here and you actually do you listen of their stuff more than ideally I don't listen I do and people and their mean there's still media do it's gonna say why yes. It's show business. Right I or how many are I have to I have to choose a point of view event and my pure play of your nose aggression yes and you don't get that I love you I love how you look like you you're trying to make us think you have strategy to how you BM. Of that. Lately ego and I plan everything out oh my god did not everybody you're just savored his we've were doing I saw her for I apologize guys it and sit Danny forgive you think you you don't make me use. And and I use your head you don't like Pete courier and dying. And your sex symbol that. And you serve warm up for forty years don't girl I still can't believe why. I did Levy why why did you get naked everywhere you I wanna but the thing is is this right when you've she can handle. My stock. My character deep love and we deceive naked then nobody I'd have have a lot of character do you all you meet Eric yet he can likes of some how Oleg absorbent. The leg look most of the a year. Yeah I appreciate yeah I was the first time that you guys are into it that she said that to be that way guy AM departure are no use for you to play for her to punch you touched me and goes tell me wanna kill me. That seems like that that's a big risk could drop there's progress yeah I know but she screwed out there and if it. You know it's like this that I've never met a Balkan. Right and then I see a Vulcan he does Hanson signal. All you don't centric glad I was kind of a sergeant Ryan and I do like that and that's what this global Balkans you know Chris from in the other he could speak Balkan. Yeah. Actually speaking. To dominate at millennium I. It's a second year under and now guys are here comes America. What matters. Don't speak much wheel in cling. Cling guys that hit and guys. Where it sucks up again. Do you know that he underdog as well equally on grandma. I can you guys you know I subscribe what's different between a Vulcan Annie Oakley on. Years. That's that you get them out you fire. Those that know with indifference. All including those are the ones that like. They excluded the of those here had pieced the dirty usually dark while from a personality standpoint Darrell one in these I'm younger look like depression the alien. The cling ons are over. They're black. It's pretty much what it was not right now they just don't know take. Inaudible Michael Warren. He played earlier years I haven't America I'm not saying it it's just because he's black it's not a real race. What it was like going Johnny was his white guy and he knew they'd play. The guy. Right they make upon. Not of being racist let me give them the right. I have a little bit brightening our. People call me frank you know although the Asians of that universe within about. Holidays the figures yet the bigger problem on where you get what you were dealers are inherently likely heighten you businesses. Is now that you saw on offering that's the only way I can see you there you go unanswered as Alison what I said right there was races. Alright and fine yeah I'd in this Star Trek. You don't presidential race looks like in those pieces in the end of the speakers and they would you do you would go again enterprise. What you want to attend Fordham elect an out. Awesome and yet it's an elite club now is that don't have like three. Forward you really are only you would know tagging like if I was in one of the Jeffries tubes are working on something I can go out and does David Bobby critical collect a bit of the deli and crystals until the second what do. I've known him for how Long Will I didn't know you this much of a geek and you are super I you'll run out to eat and you'll. That's correct you've got to be eaten Star Trek that lets start there. An angle into consideration exactly you know I'd the car all those guys you date now you know toward our board and two yeah like I. Card got really surprise here yeah who knows that I do. A job. It is probably argue like next generation out on them ask you questions trivia here we what was I mean Laura so what was the war something. He's he's obviously aren't you an Italian club. You do what am I those are everyone in this room in the club history I mean yeah PL. I would just threw that out there you're like I don't wanna be all right club and everything I Hillary's dreams in my club put on the I don't want to be under so I'm just so far I don't argue I don't know what life is. I'd start so anyway check out yet leading up together yes that's him secular not. As if all in the it's got mid season Nazis as a mid season next year is January January Tony the one of the season best bet one because I. I think that really if your quality show I'd rather be on January because everybody expects the bottom that ball shows and a lot of ball shows fail. I think it's strange things was a summer show that think he'll moment if they put that I I for stranger things did you Libyan B William ever the likes of that the sexism at the opera season a forum all of them will deplete the teacher. So he really I don't flatly yeah what's it. Omaha like that ramped up its answer and then I read for the next year era and I still linger of ours on them release out about it whatever that applicants aren't that and it's one of my favorites are straighter than I've got my your or my least you repeat. Bobby Unser writing it to be part of a phenomenon like. Bobby and part of lied cemetery 10 o'clock. Check out to show you will not be disappointed bodies amazing and you know and you start from which. Pot alive dot com check it out Bobby Lee tonight tomorrow 73 technical is our lord brings dwarfing their. Why does if you really yeah. Amanda is it just me or my or are you disciplines because it can take his clothes on. I hated it I mean I just feel like you know we've lost them the bodies corporate. There is Bobby yeah now released there it goes. He's ever stays till the end nobody every does ability he marches to his own Drummond obviously. Are you're not gonna believe he put one man did at a restaurant. All because they've put. Onions Huntsman who. It's like what it did 7470. He's back. Well I think they're playing a song now he like on the vs all I love. It won't. Populated my Obama deduct up good to see Bobby.