That '80s podcast ep 4: May 1987

Tuesday, May 16th

La Bamba!  The Untouchables!  Ice cream for breakfast!  May of 1987 was an exciting and monumental time to be alive, no question!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your geek flag fly and Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot clubs. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering the Jewish AC nations welcomed. Yes welcome to BJ she's each nation and this is that he podcast. This week we discuss many of 1987. At the movies. A young Lou Diamond Phillips introduces to the world of Ritchie Valens and the real Obama. And the untouchables was well one of the greatest things that ever happened to the silver screen. Over in the music world do you too was touring on their Joshua Tree tour in Los Lobos was famous for some reason partner spoiler alerts Obama. Starship and let us know that there wasn't anything that was gonna stop them now and cutting crude added another song to the soundtrack of our lives. On TV. A little station you might have heard of called fox premiered. And ABC decided that Mr. Belvedere had finally had enough and canceled the show. Which was roundly rejected by the fans and it was reintroduced not long after. What are we eating. Ice cream for breakfast. Ice cream cone cereals was in the stores and in our homes and in our hearts. And Burger King introduces too little thing called slider. In their newly announced that became bundles. One of the largest gatherings of people in history arrived at the bowling gate bridge for the approaching fiftieth anniversary of the bridge. What they heard a thousand people gathered to ask you the old girl left us high five I guess you call it. And that's only talking about today on that eighties cause cats. It's. True. Didn't we just talk about it. I mean early yet but I think feel like we can expand. I mean if I mean if you guys are good then let's just call a rap and that's a great great episode. And yeah thanks guys are like totally. It's still here. I am Chris walker walk like planet BJ's beat nation those side to. Bill sits bickering all the men that you just heard. He's in charge of our days and our nights render what I want Charles in charge of me yet you do and special guest star sitting with a again. Pete framers did they do that just. And yet you did Brendan before I forget like I did the last couple of times people get ahold of those and they want to do that. Well you know that's not funny you should ask walker because I'm out anyways. You can check out the website all the podcast that BJ geek nation dot com just go to the eighties podcaster third arrest. Amazon echoed just say Alexa played geek nation on tune in and it's election will Obey his she will. You can like us on FaceBook you can search for BJ she's each nation falls on Twitter and answer them at two BJ decommissioned and taken to the textile imports no one many 02243353. BJ geek nation on the YouTube. Or an email where are they somebody email Pete why that would be BJ geek nation at You're as happy I really talking the email stuffs with hockey national. I think guys you're listening to us on iTunes be sure to give us that F five star rating we really really appreciated and I sure like subscribe across all platforms let us know. How you like us and whether or now we're doing a good job and one out of one Alan stalkers agree this podcast is prudent to look at. The OK no go review and 87 and we're redoing guy who was 987. Uneasy he's got a question area so it's a great question I don't appreciate it's a great question I was thirteen. I was still and unpopular nerd who did not have a lot of friends who were not also nerds alike Torre kept a consistent through your turn you would think yeah yeah I feel like you know what what you're good at something just lean into it than. I YouTube didn't know each other yeah right no no not yet I know that we won't get to live a month. That we met on this this particular podcast because of the the theme. There wasn't in the eighties known mine Hugh Grant was embodies the leader. But that's her talk act a current affair. Ari how much yourself there I was living in Longview Washington. If this is 87 I would've been thirteen. As well. And you know client I was about to discover my favorite band in the world. But that hasn't quite happened yet you hadn't heard der rendering it hey maybe hey now hold a note and was my favorite band until the until Depeche Mode of course C. So in. In May of 87 I was preparing for my varmints. I guess you area. And fewer FaceBook fans with me you most recently would have seen me post my annual posting of getting broken up with in the mass terror angle and roll call again that it happened in May I think that was June of 87 but it will slide now close and did she did she break up here to email your annual lecture eroding our hair but I guess Fred you have had done it that you junior high for us yes same difference India. And I'd save that for special someone page that early zoos in Emanuel I remember that your heart shaped thing. And I handed it to where it was my then girlfriend at the time and she's writing in she's writing she's writing and thinking now. She must really love me she spends it faster walks off I. Nine. Who are rich person she broke up what they're terrible thinking okay near yearbook. Oh yeah admittedly aren't married or whatever authority you know your time may oh my god like signed it with like you know like keep in touch everything human error. Well I mean I loved Cuba tonight they'll love you any data or prior to her own words and if you're a nice guy but that's all ouch. So I you know for years kept that a shame them and ask this FaceBook thing came along I have like an annual posting of the once a year that's good no extraneous or win the Internet with. You can keep it fresh and remind her what she missed out on Pete and I are a traitor and not surprisingly we've never spoken since well she does what she did I guess he is annually she saw. So you know make sure you tiger do you do you mind if we. Do you mind if we share this with the audience when we wouldn't impose this episode though I love this thing and that's what I thought I did is a phenomenal. Oh my goodness gracious well herb what sources and unless there was a death. What are the image of the top of the show I mean I know one revert to actually my favorite favorite movies of all time I'm Obama and the untouchable now the bomb love Obama any legitimate phenomena you couldn't get away from I don't know damn song yup. Was beyond the the music videos via TV is on the radio argue could not get away and it it. By the way it's not an English though that is significant is huge yes huge. Los Lobos covered by the way in the ninety's I'm not proud of those. I'm a solid Dave Matthews Band one time OK okay wolf we can forgive that as I know. Los Lobos open there you go. They were. New name that's good man. Think that is good news and I mean like I didn't know half the songs I probably didn't know two thirds of the song sure didn't matter. Do we blue ones on marriage. Of course yeah Owens and had to be first for suncor second or. I don't I don't remember opening the little guy got on a court a to point unused rather than Melissa Eric also that that shows any racetrack. Portland and out the for a very say the pay rate that car or dog. Or call us oh goodness from. I think you'd be viewed nearly you don't straighter and I know that I'm I knew Obama's ground. It's horse track Kenneth science and they did come to the trash can even play at the fairgrounds so I will say that you're not wrong about that Lou Diamond Phillips for my money is an underrated actor are we to this day yeah. And he deserves all the clean he. It's absolutely 100% agree. Lou Diamond Phillips by a introduced me to several concepts that I was not aware of at the time bio pics. First of all. I don't like the idea that here's a movie based on someone's life that hadn't really occurred to me it was a brilliant mind on my radar to makes sense and then here's this thing like oh wow this is it any idea about of of a true story in a movie was something I had. Sort of only peripherally played around with because I was seeing. Scifi and action and in own horror and fantasy all those venture of those happen a of course the documentary. Star Trek to absorb less. But the idea that a movie can be based on real events she doesn't now I'd never really played around them but then here this. The Obama thing aspect of this is. I'm really really fun good movie in my mom's like all that stuff happened as a woman whom. Not a great film it's yeah. If this got me into the idea of history and pop culture and how those things tied together and and going back and reading about. Ritchie Valens the big copper in in in and Abbott calling all these are things. I didn't really know that that was a thing. And that that that was the event that that the dude this song was based on American pie moon right so true yeah I did it this week I had it cracked open a whole other world of of watching movies for me and it actually turned me onto. That true life story that I had never really given much time to before and it really he really made a huge difference to me in and and your right it is introduced new Lou Diamond Phillips and I was lucky enough several years later thirty years later so. When I was living in Los Angeles in the new middle two thousands. I was at a little bar out in the valley and sure enough Lou Diamond Phillips was there shooting pool and drinking Beers and just have a good time for by himself. He he noticed us my group noticing him he can give us a smile on a wave. And I went up to him because I was gonna have a fairly good drink on at that point and I love playing poor and I feel like you know what am I got to lose at this point worst thing. Worst case scenario. Lou Diamond Phillips kicks me in the Jimmy. And I got a story for life. As it turned out he's a charming gentleman he invited me to play pool with them I bought him a pitcher he bought us a pitcher. Wind when you're playing pool to a new and direct rack them to go like. Mount to. It's it's eight regularity phenomenal how got a well I think that's all the elude us. The material we have for today at all not even know if I would like to talk about Beverly Hills cop two for a moment only that once terrorized Eric Troutman on the way to Spokane comic con. By proving that I know every word. To shakedown by Bob Seger and god. She didn't brick didn't kick down or that they've got a right to cut girls are very under cover it we don't wanna get its Dugard that's. A sorry. Beverly Hills cop two of course you sequel to Beverly Hills cop directed by Tony Scott we can go poll show about toe got a hotel early eighties yeah you got the you got the top gun yet he got the Beverly Hills cop two days of thunder the last boy scout Alexy true romance Crimson Tide. Any real estate spy game. The remake of the taking home 12 through it started going downhill he's on the job to write a minute war dead arm and show some respect he's the brother of sir Ridley who's currently in the middle routing all his ailing movies. Engine. You. You on the England they're well I think it's fun. Yes don't there and looked up to with a lot of fun this was some this was we we got we got back to some of the more clue classic characters legacy can take them personally. Didn't I didn't we reintroduce their version as a as a good arms dealer in this one something like that yeah yeah and they give the judge renal character Billy Billy. Billy like a gun we just suddenly he became a gun nuts man. Proficient you know if it got a little I was a little jump to Sharkey. Yes a little I don't know do tongue in cheeky Piaf yell out and doesn't strike twice the and the first movie was at its heart and action comedy. There's still holds up to this ball a 100% but it it it took itself Siri do you know why. Tell me Paul Reiser greed our eyes are on that line and I don't think he showed up in the segment on the Olympics are there. 100% less power is there. Herbs and less of government the second movie leaned a little bit too hard on the comedy. And didn't give me enough of the other the rest of the story action part of it and and I think that's was the failing to Beverly Hills cop two however group. I will say I like Beverly Hills cop three. You may remember those top two. Come. Moving on all right and well I'll let that stand editing and attach that. Again no no contest station that is untouchable or not gonna touch it alone if you're there we are all I'm Brandon social benefit that the good guys and I. While no one ever about the random just calm down off that thing ran totally dark and meet the untouchables man you have maybe. David Mamet wrote it who. That's why he's pretty good damage you love the in touch I love the untouchables this is one of those movies like like a red October. Or or caddy shack that I will stop what I'm doing and watch a conflict into the channels there it is a little yoga and it's not up. That is hunters or sect gaffe love love love this movie. Kevin Costner yet Robert junior here Andy Garcia here. Sean some things on something on this intruder to my tongue. No I don't know I don't know he John John John Malone Shawn Malone goalie who Jonathan Moore. Sharma hears from Pierce Brosnan pierce from there it is not usual John. Artery in his Academy Award reigning world supporting actor I guess he's pretty good yeah this this was a movie again based on. Actual events based. You know clearly there's a loose interpretation of some things but this was probation this was Al Capone. This was the the not FDA were over and over the what was that the agency it was. Half now know he got treasury is Jerry Asian record treasuries yet. Yeah and just. The justice superbly insanely well written movie I am a top shelf performances from all of the actors some one of the most quotable movies ever produced just fantastic fantastic film. You know it's interesting is that they worked for the Treasury Department and this movie is a treasure. Off. Nudge my national treasure should be noted that Beverly Hills cop has been a threatens to be remade. The both as a TV series and is a movie I feel that we're not spending enough time in the untouchables will hold on the untouchables really going to gets the pre equal treatment with Gerard Butler. Cat could I make this up Capone rising. When is that the carrier he would be Capone he'd be alien mess I think Butler was gonna be the Capone who yeah. Yeah because this would this was a prequel so and it was right outside the about our opponent's return. Yeah they'll lose Bill Ayers. Yeah exactly it may well Mattel admitted nothing that can be said about the film's parsing it and I did always think that. From the promise it would make good TV suitors but. Kids ask your parents and their parents about the old untouchables TV shows. But you know you're not wrong. You know what's interesting about untouchables and it's at the tangential interest because there's a lot that's great about Jerry Brown agreed. It's the first woman I was aware of the movie gaffe of of a mistake of oh editing error okay. So there's seemed in the apartment were Sean congress talk him. And he turns. And turns back to Mike in there the the the shirt collars button and that's under Clinton button again half and the first woman ever caught though like. To beef trim Brian DePalma who wasn't very experienced when he made this movie I'm not judging a man he's great at it again and a half in the boat like. Yeah you know like that's the thing that week I you saw something you knew you were spoke did you get just as a kid yeah well and tea boycott as a weekly. You know I don't think I caught my first movie gaffe like that until late ninety's he win now win pretty rooms in the theater and I saw it like eighteenth on Mosley got some pretty well there's it's a similar scene. Richard gears. I believe of his trousers are under and at one point and I can remember and then not and then blew him but it was a similar it was a similar gap it was a it was a custom gaffe where some ways I'm on done in one bit and then not and then done up again. And but that was yet that was ninety that was three years later before I saw anything like that of note but again that I saw that movie. A dozen times and I just as soon council's monthly confidence in my and then you meaning me and I'm not a so we we mentioned the Academy Award winner Sean Connery I've heard of them I'm pretty sure untouchables was nominated for best picture but did not win that year unfortunately my research didn't go quite that part of rabbit hole and I don't know why I brought it up. Smaller at all. Footloose and fancy free gas may be so I you mentioned that the public show that's. The Joshua Tree was out and biggest album. Than it ever happen in our lives me he decides thriller. Agreed yeah I mean who is it had been awhile obvious isn't thriller the hit that we have this huge bow Jimenez of a record absolutely. Just take. Everybody play everybody had that you record everybody could speak. Joshua Tree to get through and it's funny I'd do. Did that right now YouTube is on tour with the drugs which are either doing it all I don't think they're doing it in order Al. They are they are celebrating the anniversary by touring and they're playing all of the songs. But they're not just talking into the record you know start to finish right one with or without you came out it was on the radio console like little Obama wasn't playing well actually Larry others want a and that song was very not you two year too we was YouTube with there but there were sort of an alternative punk band almost on your opinion as they were angry they were political or just music yes absolutely and here comes this real smooth dark record. That's. To commend to move the stratosphere and cameras bobcat gold plate. On the video music awards your member pretending to be bond though. Any any came out here and he. It was gross if there have been it was an amazing Bunnell impersonation from Bob Ken this is true like if I get small side note their reissuing that record this year to go along with who were oh super expanded bonuses. And content with the so should I get rid of the last anniversary edition and I bottom. And I paid like ninety dollars for dipped in on how to throw garbage and get on the high speed has done what about what I downloaded their entire collection to my iTunes that time for like forty but I don't regularly every afternoon and it's and there's more now I mean and get out yeah I know exactly feel a thing I'll probably buy. And I order puts up the same greatest hits album every two years may just add. Whatever their last single was is absolutely clear. And they re master slightly that's growing at the NFL talked about greed is good. Or hit for an automatic only. Starship. Starship you know it was long transition for them from a different Jefferson Airplane can do. Jeffrey jumpstart our kids to just starship and you know without I'm not many significant minor changes in. I know lane and as they went they sucked harder and harder and a greater movement I know this was certainly getting higher in the space there really hit the Carter earlier this year then yeah they got into orbit now with the stars now now. Dolphin sucked above the entire planet. However. There however there are there and they're song for the amazing movie me akin from. Was sort of make all of your attic and how. About a dummy that comes to life who you criticize eighteenth. Hello hey hey I absolutely love manic and yes it is it is a merit champion Joseph I don't know I love American as well hey guys are American's through there and I can do just Manning into on the move. But it switches out like everybody in the cast of the Kristy Swanson shows Kristi thoughts on the emperor's family. It's bunch and noisy don't need to reflect with Manny can net Maryland right now Atlantic I'm very very fair ready. Kim pitcher. Can you Sharon Keeler of designing women fame. As Hollywood untrue he was my favorite designer who moved to. Think it is great Andrew McCarthy so now a Utley a small sweet sad story okay. I had and as we've had music have to do do do. I am you know a child of divorced parents now and at that time tensions running rough from the household. He my father wanted to spend time with his kids and then my brother and sister weren't so keen on spending time with that at that time and I was. So he was the Dewey he's the sort of curry favor like Islamic and spend time with my kid we'll go and and we'll go and do whatever he wants to do here so I got a call the shots and I think letting the thirteen year old college shots maybe the social I'm a great. And I really wanted to see mannequin in my. My father military captain navy captain guy when some mannequin with me. I'm sure he had some questions about the your finger out of questions about you know guys I still love my wife is like why Cuba this but I still think it holds a whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa hold on well it's not just think they show you love this movie enough that. You and your wife who had some sort of interaction is on cable not too long ago we caught a much arms stop him watching honestly didn't collector Blu-ray copy. And know what you call police and he's an. I did and it and it's it's Penn screen pen tennis now widescreen her commitment are gonna so. Moving on from that that story nothing's gonna stop us now has an amazing history do you know the history and I don't it's been rewritten and had like fourteen different song writers on it. Move it's it there it. So not dissimilar to rebuild the city this is a start 00 hold on I just figured I don't think in the worst song of fire on Friday night all around our character. But as we build the city also in mannequin who cares I don't know. You don't like the damn movie I felt like a little star Shia are it's. Okay you're right you're right I got that Iran that's okay anyways go look at that story and starship cause it's phenomenal. So were you guys as walker claimed because I wasn't too were you eating ice cream for breakfast. I did I was not allowed to eat the ice cream for grammys really that's anywhere from a terrible terrible and I was I will almost always allowed to just pick whatever cereal I want to oh no way man for me it was it was my mum thought Cheerios were the be all end all and Honey Nut Cheerios were compromised rightly the American align middle ground. And sorry I rice crispy we reduce the racecars these note. Crackle no hello there crackle and O'Brien O'Brien welcome Arnold compromise no thank you right. But and also I heard the eighty's folks I don't know if you know this about the eighties this is when we really made the big change from white bread to wheat bread. Not but we grid in my house white bread couldn't be had which is funny I wouldn't touch white bread with a ten foot pole now right. Who did you mean weird. Oh danger is is white British sponsored not the norm okay. So struck by white bread well. Living your honor on the ice cream for breakfast that not happening in my Dojo at all. Yeah no it was one of those fascinating cereals that shows up on the scene and you think what are they doing and it's ice cream cones ice cream cones breakfast cereal has put up a General Mills. You know I mean it's a standard sort of serial puffs right into it and is chocolate Vanilla. It was chip ice cream flavor I don't quite know. He would say he was a tiny. Sugar cone sort of consistency. Cone and then like a marshmallow. Skies cream flavored low laying on top dog. So it was like the it was like he was like the cited Genesis of cocoa puffs and lucky charms if you. Gross. It was amazing I'll have you know and I suppose the milk tasted like ice cream and I don't recall probably Zurich clearing your dad your creamy part was just whatever and no you edited and can't lose clearly look at this the sugar cereal. Here's the thing is why I got away with it I didn't have like regular snacks as a kid. I might have parents that didn't happen. I didn't have the patient doesn't go way and cookies and and all that jazz in the house when I was a kid I had when I got home from school it was an orange or an apple. All the time that was my thing and I liked it I asked for it when we went to the where we went to the store. So the compromise they broke for me was. I do what ever cereal I want for breakfast alone and I mean. Ice ice cream cones cookie crisp. Lucky terms more often than not. All of these sugary sugary cereals the only thing I couldn't get it was pebbles. Because the boxes were smaller. But the price they that's anyway and he was there a value so there's a density the pedals that. Would argue right but the problem is I would go through too fast break then at the same the same does bowl of cereal with a little terrifying blast Aaron Miles east at. Your Fruity Pebbles and like the color presto change it does to you and Ayers as it is that on the bedroom not natural at all I I used to dance and in the name not meant they had actually almost ten I will Sele and then for all the wheat bread and I mean it cheerio those eating all the soda I can drink. Tahoe also learn committed truly know what we were still runs strong on crystal I admire how. Mum assorted Welch's so there's as you guys and well you had a Jews agenda and it counts and they have sent a frozen juices that she worked in a country from them. Exactly yeah a lot of that going on the floor we hold on a second real quick yeah actually we wanna keep the show quick and everything but. Your mom worked at Welch is like did you ever to injuries to test Jews in divert where you absolutely in the loop so I won't tell I want to do long story. This but yes the mom worked and what his plan to though what his plan basically one of them you city didn't have multiple Welch's plants. The West Coast didn't have a lot about his plans and we were one of the primary distributors and manufacturers and distributors on the West Coast and this isn't tri cities. My house always had Jews and and to this day I hate group Jews. Can't drink it. Dead regular dark purple reviews no I love green white grape juice is okay red grape juice is a regular plain old purple refused can't do it makes me physically sick he gives me headache and but. What what happened was present on issues about anything else walker it's a total features related. Great Pete VI PO I know how to do this goes from the East Coast plants. Always got a lot. I got the news a new stuff sooner because they had a much smarter let much larger market out there so they were producing new flavors all the time and testing new flavors all the time. So my mother was. In upper middle management and remember her exact position and in the company but she would always bring home cases. Of this stuff and say we're gonna drink this. You're gonna tell me if you like it. And then after report that back to food the the PTV back east so. I yeah constantly getting new flavors two to test out and you know like this didn't like that oh this is really good. This one's awesome if you put in the microwave for about thirty seconds you know things like that so I'd be the that'll tie if you read he didn't mean it's a lot of see I'm here use the the orange pineapple was fantastic. Who now wants young kinda now certain alumni telling them into it and I it. I grabbed a bottle war one day on a summer's day in it was had been sitting out and just on the counters like I'm thirsty but the heck I'll take it. And I noticed. It takes a different warm that of isn't it cold so it was like 100 put them in the microwave and I was pleasantly surprised. I don't have to believe that in the trunk for like three weeks to prevent from Theodore. The take away if you are just joining us at home Chris walker loves hot Jews. And they're not wrong. And are able let's let's let's quickly on the TV and then we'll wrap it up okay because I think there's two really significant things that happen in in May of 1987. They're worth mentioning in the television OK okay there. Our number one fox premiere for their first time. It yes or no it was it did a small market area yeah it was a but it was first introduced. I hadn't done in the south somewhere yeah. Georgia Tennessee and the like that so. And it should be tri cities area of tennis and I resident Eric I noted too that this was one month maybe seven this was one month after. The Tracey Ullman Show debuted a series of animated shorts. Featuring the Simpsons. Whole boosts him the sequence that Simpson's. Well right Google it I guess. But yes so this was this lousy the first time another station came along to really give the Big Three a run for their money. And you know we get ABC NBC CBS that was it man. Those were your network shows and if you are in an area that you pull in like PBS. Or some other local channels you know great not in the tri cities and on the real Francies that is to say Washington trustees. As opposed to the teachers if we just had the Big Three and occasionally we get PBS but this was the first time somebody said hey. Why don't we start a new network you know it's been these three for however many years. And we wanted to give my review of challenged him for that and they came out of the game of gates and you know he had Tracey Ullman who had married with children you. And who what was of than that nighttime talk show that they had it was that was that Arsenio Hall over that later yet whoop whoop well it was on Piazza's forget I was ever really relax eventually might not have been one of their opening young opening bell and a programming to fill. Right so they were running a recurrence yen and what have you but into this David Allen passed chemical. Fox doesn't have a three hour prime time. Like everybody to love. It of you also have affect checks and FX now FX and you have all these other things it's basically. From this tiny little thing that wanted to challenge the big guys and now you've got a huge. Conglomerate no mean multinational Moammar an art but. This was fantastic news I like that there were going to be more options for TV now the same thing always happens when the president was on TV you're unit was shot. But. Something important news going on lower. But Chris is bombarded MI LY tonight writer dean and you know what I don't give a darn mr. Reagan you know watch the masters Erica. Yeah fall afternoon until the whole leave van cleave is a national treasure yes yeah hands and a very young Demi Moore in the beginning Berrian did a more than it's not made in the seventh version on our play my yap version we'll get to the master Ron he's going to be 84 with about ninety. The ninja craze. There's a whole thing we could view whole our hopes sincerely movies and in December on Arnold why I walked into class in the sixth grade and bring to school wearing a nobody and all the mines and a half a that didn't come back to bite in the capacity can all odds this manageable. Yes. And I've got to do with it and not an area. If you start. Over on ABC ago. They decided that Mr. Belvedere finally had enough time serving in grateful he had a bottle of Islam and Fiat. Is sorry sorry value Al yield you are. I had no there there the dead. It. Love you Bobby you thought our house. Broke her dad that's OK. And so what exactly made them one person who's kind of one magical powers so ABC. Ended the Mr. Belvedere and and the the public outcry oh significant that they reversed it does show first came to the door and everyone cared a threat is typical I took them awhile to get the show back on the air because obviously they were planning to. So pay firefly fans. Keep that it meant if you just tried a little harder no TJB do you think it's interesting that like. Mr. Belvedere is pretty much out of everyone's cultural touchdown now like with the stimulate thought about it other than trying to research for the show were trying to non McGinn it was huge it was a huge thing in that there was a show everyone watched and I watched and you and it wanted never like I am I mean I saw a couple of so I just don't remember anything of it all yet. So the fact there's this huge outcry like this needs to come back again. Is really fascinating to me of this thing that just knew them I think I think Boehner was on against something else that I was watching at the time until light and either way in an email ethnic at a at a before picture I think people in the eighties just like the idea or whiteman and serve and into an englishman and an exact relax our culture there. Well I certainly think that's another trip back in time for this we eat our food but I feel like we've I believe it is with a little mustard gas. That during that gives you wings Red Bull came on the scene in 1987. Mean. How bad is that your. Home and I. Rangel is that old. I had no idea I. You've blown my mind into. My my brain where we go from there we've learned a lot about Red Bull and a little about love him that is really true nothing's gonna stuff. Thanks so much for listening guys and well. We shall return. Triumphant. And until that thing guys standard week. He went. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. 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