That 80s Xmas pt 1: Our Gift to You!

Tuesday, December 19th

Uncle Chris and Brandon Jerwa lay down some holiday nostalgia as we flip through the old Sears Wishbook from days gone by and try to spread some cheer to Geek nationals everywhere!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where. To golf. Join Vernon Wells is the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can. Hang out play games and just nerd out 24 sevenths whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot clubs. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. Happy holidays everyone and welcome to that eighties podcast. Holiday spectacular. Yeah that he had a baby. My name is Chris walker walk like a plan would be to if you keep nation uncle Chris on BJ in migs mornings with meet today America's sweetheart for manager withdrawing cash and I compete. Her hey I'll Pete he's not your feet isn't virtually no way this he's on assignment to the North Pole he is with us in spirit of course. Of course bring them before we I get too far down the old that holiday eighty. Fudge tunnel fudged so don't. Yes question of why not how can you get all of us if it went well attorneys announced walker you can find everything you need to know BJ geek nation dot com it's your one stop shopping center. For BJP connection. Info facts. Fun and whatever the s.'s yeah exactly whatever this is did this is the eighties podcast holiday special through it's very true. Now holidays in the eighties. Your first for me personally. Being of strictly nondenominational. Family now back manei words he generally about Christmas yeah. But I was aware of course of many other holidays taking place around the same time. Chanukah according to Monica I was happy Chanukah dollar friends who celebrate precisely precisely think so much quanta. Yeah I never knew that much about Kwanzaa until intelligent high school so that would have been late eighties early ninety's. This is no joke when I was working on the making the large video game we wanted to do a holiday story line. We couldn't. Find a single person and on those not a joke a numbing in light of the we could not find a single person in our office or among any of our friends and I mean I I extended my reach very far here we couldn't find anybody to celebrate Kwanzaa no but we didn't wanna represent it well represented correctly Smart and we wanted to do better than just researching and on the Internet. Some gunshot plight of the show up at some point but no we couldn't find anybody to celebrate Kwanzaa so you know we had to deal with. Just giving information online and trying to do our best but. I'd love to know about Kwanzaa from someone who actually saw. Right exactly and and we IQ for a very very white bread Mormon town. And that nobody celebrate Kwanzaa go anywhere and it came in my hometown fortunately didn't didn't know a thing about it so not typically no white bread Mormon holidays have I understand an account and understand it fully informed but that being said you're right now I'm very curious to know those kinds of things trying to look into those kinds of things so if there's anyone out there in in listener land too well wants to share their feelings and a knowledge of Kwanzaa with us without just looking it up on the Internet as we can do that. Sure I could drop a so I'm. Very uninteresting and got going in the shows why they have 0% regular soaring value of Walker's number assumed. It's for so holidays in the eighties set up a yacht OK so just a guy tuning into the show for the first time. Let let's let's let's shut the senior walker you and I were both single. I children yeah absolutely I think children only told only colonel President Bush single slightly different closure I married yet when I was at midnight. And both had at least for most of the eighties for me I'm not sure Mayo you actually in Sonoma yes right yes for most of the eighties. In fact I think all of the eighties single mom for me yeah more or less for me. We had to dodge he stepped out of their for a little bit but. It didn't really interrupt the flow because the the it was still always my mom and me against the world trend and are you are talked on the Halloween special about mom went on overweight to make holidays very special Christmas was always booby you couldn't oh yeah. Always and then and that's I think that's him a regular thing for the type of the type of upbringing that that I had as well I mean Christmas it's kind of like that line from a Christmas story. You know around which the entire kid a year rebel absolutely Christmas and it was always that way for me indicated to me and into adulthood and became Halloween of course but yet. First referred the eighties it was definitely album Christmas. Absolutely my family still. Carries a belief in Santa Claus I'm not making this up okay we you're presents from Santa every year earnings and has his own handwriting. As the Santa well yet and he would sure a very flew very flowery very florid handwriting I assume you are absolutely correct. So I got Christmas is a big deal and it is it is something that that was. A major event for me every year. And and I have tried to make a major event. Now for my family and every I love Christmas who you know doesn't look you know if that Phoebe Cates so one of the things aren't they act and one of the things that was the a staple pun intended a every Christmas season. Was this year's holiday wish book you know write the I would I would actually keep the wish book. From the previous year and assertive mood over it waiting for the next one yet. Under the influence of greens and I'm gonna get in this. You know it's funny you bring up the wish book because is it. Now it's not we win Pennsylvania and we do actually have a planning session I'll talk about what we're going to do on the show that's gonna yeah sometimes where we're actually going to do a two part Christmas special and as you do at the holiday season the first thing we must prioritize walker yep there's our shop. Oh of course shopping of course for the holidays that's that's exactly what you have to deal to get that lined up because you can't just wait until two days before the holiday. To do all shocked are you known 2017 and your Christmas shopping I have not even begun we've barely started ourselves. People wants money in exchange through our goods and services is that turns out personals we're sort of waiting until we have the money for the goods in the services will say I have all of my holiday. I excellent yeah we're what are you giving me. This show. Happy at all today here. Come in and work for an hour and have gait your movement lift Lewis doles it tones down into the you'll digital recording device as a packet with fig your tape anymore because there's no tape bad news anchor and bad news at thirty than an hour ooh yeah oops yeah. That truck we do you have among your fellow. The so that present viewers anyway so it's added this Sears holiday wish right yeah yeah definitely a thing in any in my house saying the same as you it would it would sit there army a second tier of the coffee table all year long and I would I would busted out every once on and it would be so. Worn in that it would fall open to the pages that I who I looked at the most injured you know there's always you know that the toll section in the electronics and things like that women's underwear like that women under whilom. Let me know before you walker no. I well well not exactly with an eye. In the Sears wish book and I found for me I'm not sure what are you used a company is called wish book Web.Com. What I just Google the this year's cataloged. Eighties and a number of links came popping in for a including interest page and Flickr. But then and then I saw the link you sent. I think you very much for that term and it was a much Hindi your way to school through you you wanna lose an afternoon GAAP rate will fall. And I remember this like these pages look familiar yeah I think I. Let him go like oh if the page with a Y wearing armor that no I irony literally remember it exactly here. Because Pete can join us I made a couple of stipulations one because we're good sons we have single moms who. Love Christmas. I've suggested a budget of 100 dollars but the catch was sure you're gonna get some stuff for yourself but you have to get a present for your mom. We have to get some for Pete Walker took it upon if you repeat lol okay yeah of course he's not here. You give me a hundred dollars I'm gonna find something my momma gonna find something for for when my best buddies and liberal. There are a couple of things from myself of course but that's that's wouldn't also along the way before we get started in mind I went to the Facebook's yeah. And I AI I put it out to my people and Iceland hey I wanna hear about. Your favorite. Eighties Christmas or Chanukah gift and I thought as we go to these two episodes I just throw some of these outer to look at them. Really fantastic responses. Yeah I UST nationals a direct question you're gonna get some good stuff that's been an excellent I've got a pretty good friends list and I live comic book people on yeah. Other people well that's fantastic I you wanna hit is of one just renting it for biggest earner are shopping sir I would love to. DC's Justice League. Common have you heard the Justice League and as it sounds familiar the other making it into a movie yet eventually is that like the leader of justice. The action yet and similar. So so he would says I was the envy envy of every kid on the block IA eventually leads the thing with firecrackers and blew it up. I've never been very bright he's talking about the death star place that from Panama all I had to desperately asked did you yet. I I got the sort of I got the death star and the Shogun warriors schedule of the same year. And you can just go ahead and figure out how much fund that was I giant monster giant battle station with a cannon. I don't have to mention I had the things that. For ten the saints and and the show them where's Godzilla with the with the firing into the hands over it's been noted in this and that tongue of fire. At your member when when Geisel launches this to people oh yes. If can blame author I think was the first time that they are in cannon that's the first time that he actually did that but yeah I had no I had that thing Asher and home for Easter also very decorated comic book artist in his own right now he says Christmas 1982 my mom got me nearly every GI Joseph toys available a year. I don't remember if I'd have even heard of GI Joseph before that morning but I had an instant collection. Prior to that I've been obsessed with Star Wars post Christmas of 82 I think I only bought a handful of Star Wars figures everything after that was GI Joseph by the way he went to work. On GI Joseph comics eventually they just like me. So less so art art imitates life and and that anyone can do it so what did you find for your mom but offensively well first of all that yeah. We've kind of thing yeah he's. First of all what what year catalogs and that we we we specifically picked out a year and then we went down that road as far as the witch because sure sure I actually wanted 84 and I couldn't find a full scale of the 84 book regularly find he only the the words. Alone below. But which book may well I mean it was an election your wedding and it rates it. On the terms that means none so on I went ahead and went with the Sears wish book in the year of our lord 19183. About your. In 1988 boom I thought it said nice I like the elected double digit thing I like dead the nice round numbers. Something about 88 was just calling my name when it Domonique when when you give me this assignment and I gotta tell yet. Pleased to. Mean that say about 50% happy day other than the things that I would have purchased for myself. All well over a hundred dollars and fortunately I had to I had to kind of go away. Ghost or second tier on that but the stuff for Pete and my mother I don't think I could've done better than 1988. Probably not 1983 for me was pretty good going I I I it secretly picked 84 because I wanted some story yours. And a variety of my friends are looking for things to it to get me this holiday season I need nothing but I would love I would love to have my story year's collection. Fleshed out there only three of them are prison in Oregon and our our friend Chad shepherd actually also love starters or are. OK got you and Chad has been on the main show dabble Tron artist pumpkin head artist he. He. Got me a starter few years ago and shares my love of them they were there there there will exhorted their like an offshoot resorted to wind him up to berms off robots will guys in their heads I remember it like none of those in here. Sergio are restoring our moms idealist that. OK okay with suits show what good sense we are. By FIAI getting her mother's little something for the politics by the way did you ever have a hundred dollars to spend the fifth in the eighties you can cook could not even once. I don't think so I I may have I think I think at a hundred dollars to spend on a comic bookstore once sure. But that was. Something completely different and it. So from my mom I went ahead on page 119. The 83 sensors which Brooke if you're playing along at home right. I like my among the small good my mom likes to smoke good presumably. I'm going how eighties is this the on Julie fragrance collection. The fragrance of springtime blossoms surrounds you with the on Julie collection. Said contains one and a quarter ounce Cologne spray you won eight downs perfume to ounce of dusting powder what does that dusting powder and end tariffs in two ounces of hand and body lotion reduced from 1983 fall women's and half size is special log page 54. 1199. And not to Shanahan poppy twelve bucks from my mom to smoke had no idea guy and. Wolf page nine of the 1988 which book. I displays a wonderful. Cozy cooks. He snugly as quilted road shall ever curl up in designed exclusively for seniors this lace and ribbon trimmed calico zip up robe. Because a soft plush blab brushed lining their tempers your skin polyester and cotton quilted the polyester fiber fill polyester lining two sides seem pocket. Machine wash and this is the most important part for for my mother who is a patriot made in the USA. God bless America this is a a full length. I guess. Sleep and finished her long sleeves cleats. Looks like shoulder pads but I tell you. And neck to toe covering. She's gonna be warm and snugly in this thing and her her good puritan values will be well intact modesty is important agreed. Ho ho ho oh and I'm I think I'm thinking of the edges the red. Sure yeah. Mom like Brad Aaliyah okay. So. I decided to be realistic about the spending of my hundred dollars and here's what Brooke and I realize that. In this imaginary universe were given a hundred bucks mean. I'm probably going to the ordered to buy something responsible right so I opted for clothing but here's they were the system go when your kid. Opted for clothing to items. Right here on page 237 the permit pressed. That's that's copier and a com copyright yeah I would routinely karma pressed pressed rib knit shirt. To operate looks with military styling on this pullover shirt of cotton and polyester machine watchable. To go that walker I got myself some camouflage twelve parents with two front cargo pockets to back flap pockets and to. Bellows leg pockets all with snap closures strait links style course of crowds polyester cotton machine watchable so yeah I got close at the camouflage walker. Nice yeah so I can go on missions I was gonna say yeah when you're out there helping help and the Joes I take dunk over you're gonna need those covers not gonna take them itself feature analysts that through sheer backstabbing and ineptitude you have have you seen how they treat those weapons I don't have that and we'll be back with more right after this. And we're back heal I also why you picked an article of clothing for myself indeed it was the rope wasn't. Well I mean you're their only forty bucks apiece so I know no. This was. For 24 tease me 2395. And in 1988 money. Page 225. Of this year's which account under the converse all star high top series with the calendar. The Amish country so that's what catalog catalog of course catalog arraignment today there I am monster in the words catalog encounter their debit by the same route right. Point of the story yeah. The converse all star has cotton canvas unprovoked and as Herbert soul. So they come in you can have whatever you want as long as you want black or red. And that was really not any color I want yeah black or read yes black or red country and was true and you can. I this was and 1988 was right around the time that I first discovered congress author high tops and this is the kind of thing that I would have wanted. To purchase for myself if as you say I had been instructed to go to buy some clothing and as I am give myself some cons or some trucks as the cool kids on the met them. Click gonna a real quick jump back over to the FaceBook here our good friend Eric Charlton we love where he weed you. He says my favorite stocking stuffer was called a fidget or space Phidget not a Phidget Spinner don't get it in Newton not the same thing at a different time totally I've never heard or seen this thing I've heard of forging the thing yeah. Showed you may be mean something you can basically a thin clear plastic octagon with a circular cavity filled with what I can only presume is pure liquid cancer. His words can't. You moved your fingers around on the back of it and then liquid swirled and change color it was a deeply weird little toy look at the thing we're sure you'll picture of one million. Oh I I just don't even know what sort of held for this is that he's now what in the you can apparently buy them on. Certain web sites now this is remedied easily use a lot during the holidays. This is reminiscent of a of a the back back in also in the eighties when I collected stickers. Like everywhere and it sure you like puff your flat I preferred puffy now but there was a particular category of sticker called illegal use. What had this kind of a feel to it it was a it was a sticker. And it was it in a plastic encased with lagoon inside that when you push it around at the colors swirled and mashed around so. This this to me is just that embodied any in and toy wild okay well my friend breed Edwards. Who you concede fairly regularly on C nation as they faced chomping zombie Allianz. She says I have one in filling up punctured in the back in color crap leaked out there you go and that that was the problem anytime people would come and play with your release there was always that fear that they were gonna busted. So we only need look but don't touch OK Okinawa island league of us were doing a trade here. Either have to Buffy dating the guy if you moment where we're not playing games here is something speaking of games. By the way I'd like to know the mileage does nine items in years has 59 to five look okay and some of what a way to make a living I dropped like forty buck some Aman okay. A drink plan and her mom to and talk. And 25 on Pete so actually allied there's only four things on my list because one what I had to cross one out because of running out of money. And I knew Estonia and he repeat. And so and only a fourth thing but today inaudible I went you know when we're in Anaheim and as far as promised up. I picked the thing that actually sort of changed our day. And say use the game well and guys that you are in good complete tailspin because neither one have seen this thing. I picked on page 586. Described on 58783. Sears wish book. I picked the big guy game BS sports announcer comedian talk show host at someone else's turn your the audience too for players ages ten years to adult six dollars and 99 cents but the big guy. The big guys that we'd Nokia is. Arthur karlson Gordon jump man. European Cincinnati and I think the sugar got he'll only cover I don't wanna I don't wanna go too far down this one because we are we're in a little bit short for the 1 February episode but. Well about eight minutes left so the idea. We've heard them talking for twenty minutes mean she's okay we as a through the is is is. I as soon as you showed in this thing of course I just went nuts four to the B care is one of the best things ever made ended the board game so we you. Let write my wheel house that I went online. Nobody on eBay is selling this thing nobody. Home. I went to my app or game geek forums to seed just if if they had any information on the thing in two very very sparse page one of the nice things about the BG forums is that you can't look. And see how many other. Current. Community members of boarding geek owned the thing now for people in all aborting geek oh my god one of them. It's very nearby in Seattle and I'm I'm I'm sending IRD send them message. And lord just lock if you're listening. This is legit I really really really really really would like to buy this game off of you or at the very least borrow its that we can play it on this very show writes yes I'll bring my Muppet show game will make a day of Murrow that Texas seventy's I'm well then now I know we're short on time by the way big guy game and short is a strong word has Gordon jump. But is not a W care he let's let's be clear when Barack are. Does that not sound like exactly the game for us it's got Gordon jump on the front and it's called the big guy game and it's not the W care. 588 got that red box the like the new version on it like thirty bucks. Yeah and good you know it's it's it's fun sure but the terrible strike in the hearts of your parents and pastors. Is priceless honestly the ever popular fantasy role playing game includes special introductory module new revised simplified rules and dice. For freer more players ages ten years to adult and my mom actually asked me to teacher depleted entrance way that temple on a console and some is how cool my mom is. Jumping over to page 576. And. You get your turn have more than you don't go I don't nurture so I got these years exclusive cobra command headquarters 1199. It's cardboard don't get too excited about what but listen it has has a cool. Like sort of rocket plane built in the background and come to three figures cobra commander with the helmet though not clear face plate right Erica jewelry lately and if a cobra. There just a regular ribbon symbol cobra and cobra awesome for. Now. They recently. Remade this a re released that is some kind of convention exclusive and and it's pretty close to the original and figures in the hole McCullough yeah amazing. So I got that. Yachts. Darth Vader to snow troopers 799 by the way the concept of how to the same action figure and a in the eighties I had to storm troopers and I was the cool to get on the ball yeah of course you're yeah purely accidental and I heard my mom wouldn't get mean these are you already have one of those that the Gupta. And then I'm gonna pile those guys into my imperial cruiser the greatest Star Wars vehicle ever made great I was never in a movie. And I had the little side compartments all England in May sound you can put stuff over there had been brainwashed them or worse make them docile and member of the greatest story ever connect 1299 page 162. Last year's 83. I will come back around for my present for Pete. Joseph you're doing fine you do and finally you you mentioned are all that home in less than three minutes I'm all right so now I first time. Since since I spent a lot of money in my mom and or impede in the those converse basically. IE I only had. At about eleven dollars laps on another the last thing I got for myself in backing in 88 you can purchase these things are VHS tapes they were pre recorded to. Videocassettes. They had things on them like movies and television shows to choose and watched in a video cassette recorder or a BC are. We used like streaming businesses streaming or projection you know it was sort of like streaming hurt you had to physically have a cassette that you plug into a machine and then that machine would then translate. Analog magnetic signals off of eight tape now now this doesn't sound right through treasury or TV no this is a think (%expletive) Aka super 999 on page 652 of this year's which book I 1988. The best of candid camera it's. Alone I loved candid camera back then. Now can Cameron now I wouldn't watch the things I do stream now but it's on YouTube so with the over the streaming against the new and watching nervous though the but yes so now I spent my last 999 on that and then and then repeat. Because we said we need to get some down and I really feel bad that he couldn't be here with us today we miss him for for Chanukah Pete. You get. A Karate Kid inspired. So somehow back. Not licensed to see Coastr. It inspired does that doesn't have a sort of like approximation of karate people it has in fact this this item. For for the low low price of 25 dollars and like the page for a five the musical at a Torre real quick. That would you please. It's so I can actually describe the the glory of this in this item. The differences with attempted this slumber bags. It's so yeah they're little like going on here Alf GI Joseph. The low blow hot wheels and then karate. Feature on featuring a delightful. A delightful Caucasian boy he's standing prominently in the middle of its in his karate stance he's he yelled out you'll note sure and then. Eight different. Pairs of karate. Enthusiasts in the background. Demonstrating various currently. Moved all that's great I don't TV crane kick on here but you know what this was it. It is it's clearly it's clearly just unclear as is an instructional sleeping bag it certainly could be okay death or you can break up and ruin your karate again here's your current finished now retired menial about. Taken out. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving telling it. Okay before I reveal my Peta got one more here from the FaceBook Terry dessert who runs by the way the amazing yo Joseph dot com you wanna lose today yeah looking up archives of GI Joseph toys comics everything it's all right there. He says the 1987 GI Joseph crossfire a joint venture between Nikko RC cars and tells broke. A radio controlled high speed vehicle that was great on the carpet but gutless outside the so I I GI Joseph RC car amazing yeah now here's why I'm a better from the new album you know what is GOP some kind of rover something and I don't know I hasten Iraqi oh yeah area shooter fired under bag check your credit kid by the way one of his very favorite movies from the eighties I feel like and maybe and knowing a little bit yeah we learned previously which you know about Karate Kid gloves though. We'll go I'd let that pass on page 575. I'm giving I'm giving Peter present that I know and love but also will keep us in touch because. Gosh I sure do love talking to Pete. GI Joseph walkie talkies walker. One for him. One for me I almost went the walkie talkies to Q do you really GI Joseph walking knowing they were just Karate Kid inspired you know that they were great they were June you. Where then it won't Pacman while mine were 1499 on page 575. And then the kind of thing we'll keep the French are strong you what I almost. Almost blew a hole Monday on there aren't any yes. Relatives yet though 88 nice where encoded on the behalf I had the option of getting a gem and I know who has a thing. The gym and I enable video game. Shipments that Saturn not even an Odyssey. Are you and others and I think yours okay Odyssey re on Odyssey not a big money but and again exactly I would have had no I don't have any left over for everything else but also surprised you go to Jeffrey. Oh did you get some degree. No I think if you can Barack Greg is like how many present and copy exactly it is more than enough and in fact. Is so so much so that I feel like this is a nice cozy place to wrap up the first half of the special I'll get the Coca. Tuna happy holidays to you. And yours. And ours. And me and walker. And hokey nation Tampa. Timothy ghost of Christmas future and we'll be back with round two in just a moment. Yeah. I. 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