That 80s Xmas pt 2: Music and Movies for the Holidays

Tuesday, December 19th

Uncle Chris and Brandon Jerwa are back!  This time, we reminisce about our favorite movies, music, and TV specials from Holidays gone by...


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where. To golf. Join Vernon Wells is the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can. Hang out play games and just nerd out 24 sevenths whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot clubs. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation welcome. Having holidays as well you know well ferry may be dismissed spray flu tricky areas that we do. This is that eighties podcast Christmas holiday holiday spectacular. Parts of the second. You're so insensitive I am a bit you know and I saw this thing online or is like annoyed if you're if you're if you're Christian and wish me happy Christmas. If you were Jewish wish me happy Chanukah if you celebrate Kwanzaa which may have a point I'm not gonna get offended I problem there at all when I say to other people. It day day after a run that risk but what ever have a holidays everybody my name's Chris walker walk like a plan B dishes the nation on lookers on BJ makes with me today as always. Festive look up up up smelling of distinct we have to keep putting flavorful and some brain injury last time I checked. Which peaked. Pete is spew storm assignment I think he's still getting the lowdown from the north ball that's on filthy not a euphemism you are literally you know it earlier the north ball getting their inept I had no idea so. Bring real quick let's just get this out of the way how to be able get a hold of us if they feel like they wanna do that kind of thing well you write a letter you say dear Santa and all I want for Christmas is that eighties podcast here journalists. After a clause only. Has got legs to legs cut legs but beyond that knows how to use them. Now they have they can going to be jiggy nation dot com and for all their Christmas wishes and podcast desires there it is it's all right there folks yet you know if you feel like he might even be listening to it on that particular channel right now I'll say it say check it out even if you don't feel like it. Bold bold that that would be nice polity. Gift. Probably more people listening to the show keep her seat there to listen our previous episode mean we've created such an extravaganza wins but the bad boy up our previous up so we did some shopping and Sears wish book got some nice things for our moms but most importantly for ourselves I may have that wrong knighted yet feel like yeah I think in Latin. As of last episode I I did go to FaceBook and ask people to Tommy their favorite. Eighties Christmas or Chanukah gifts and like share a few more as we go along import. OK Josh won over until the Star Wars holiday special George Lucas give us. The wind the Star Wars holiday how it shakes 70 each evening everything the rumors he looks let's see for sure we're just doubles one. We didn't get down oh and I wanted to bring up the last time over retirement so the wish book there was this one year where they had and an air rifle. Might be a BB gun now mocked up to look like a an M sixteen that was all I wanted to and I would I would leave within the catalog open to that paid on our coffee table every day so when mom my my mom came home from work we'd like the first thing she solitude sat down and out and ushered in get it but that was a that's that's my holiday memory of of the Christmas I didn't get the one thing I want you did your due diligence I see it played you do everything. Did everything you can exactly that that's all the matters. Joshua mold learned Yahoo! so the ceremony special yeah you're on the money let's get one jobs did did. 1970 when you don't this is not that seventies podcast now though no known. We we need data like six or seven like what do we have to Zain good point good point. Matthew Wayne Stinson a regular listener of regular listener for sure says Diana records. The legend of soul Zelda gold cartridge okay. That track. That's on the RAF for any S and a teenage mutant ninja turtles read along cassette and comic book I'll remember the read along to read along things NM or they came with like forty fives. And I and I even cassettes but yeah I I have I had a bunch of those two. I yummy meat to and you know our friend mark on her kidneys and a different just mark as we talked about on spot one time he has a massive collection of the power records which were the the the story albums. I'm 33 and third superheroes you know it'll hold voiced music Terry is a massive collection of those I'm not surprised our own just to Robinson the reverend in for a reverend in Fuego hero quest was an amazing xmas gift to point. Rob still one of my best friends all time in the tossup between receiving optimist crime in 1984 could run and getting a parable laser tag guns with chest harness in 1986 let me tell you rob Skelton getting those laser tag guns. Big part of my children to herculean royally today. I think we all had a one friend who got the late today against for the holidays and then that that was all we did for weeks and weeks like it well into the spring. I had a body deliver on the corner from he got the day he got the the pistol in the chest piece and then he got the rifle and the chess piece and that was all we did. My pal Jerry of serendipity art sales says the USS flag I never had the apparently according to my mother and keeping it. Tuned with the season here my friend running also is in 1980 I got an official red Ryder Bibi you did not act with a compass on the stock and the thing that tells time king. Brad welcome back more of those we have and I never I never got the BB gun that was laser tag was fun guess nobody was you know shoot there I doubt I. I had a really really low powered. BB gun in fact I I could I could knock over. A soda can. But it would not puncture it this thing was really really low and an attack. Yeah I today it was our. I mean it's fun for what it did but it wasn't there wasn't anything to try to I loved it of course and I was very thankful for it but looking back on it there was so many better. You end up there speaking of weapons one more peek Greenberg you've heard of Pete I've heard yeah yes he responded to my house so good. Atmosphere from and if with just the picture of the photon box. All of the time has covered in a previous episode and it was a photon man can't hold it against him you know with what's available at. And that's the answer for that OK so. Yeah in this round round church I've been in the non. Who he had really talk about. Some of our favorite stuff favorite animated our favorite holiday special animated or otherwise I think you missed an opportunity there we're gonna talk about a few of our favorite things. All button. That's that's brilliantly whiskers on kittens just like that okay. I hate was present at the clock on every chance that you're not have known don't know don't abuse you can. You had a cat not anymore you know what I'm getting for Chris was third cat. Is that your eyes that are saying F friend of the show. Like he shepherd boat and and his misses are are looking to unload their capital the moving into place where people are allergic. And my wife being the wonderful delightful young woman she is has offered to take that cat off of their hand so there will be a new addition to the war fairly. New cat so purity received a curse to ventriloquist dummy in my Halloween party. You welcome that your home and now I know very bad day. I'm sure a little medication we'll clear it up with them. What you got forty or start with the US thirty TV special you yet start with your movie or you'll go with the song title since since we talked about shopping and pulleys. Specifically quite a bit let's talk about some of our other favorite. Pop culture action from the eighties as far as the holidays are at ghost a little TV for us literally the theme of the show I that's what I'm saying we have got to cover all the bases. So what what what's what let's roll into TV right who have got a pretty extensive list up the Yugo that was supposed to pick one. Walker I couldn't okay fine now her lead Hillary okay you know I will pick one but let's just say I have found a lot of jams. There was no gem Christmas special how little there was the BCE Christmas special. He from that from live from live from nominee attorneys from the comic strip. BC Christmas special in 1981 I don't remember that I not surprised it flew a way away under the radar and dig into the comic strips one thing about that guy did that guided it to the comic strips and I have been doing actual research on this view he was why would he was. Fairly religious community in very Judeo Christian ethic kind of a way really and Zagat and his Christmas I ever wants a lot of seats slip a little a little a little got talked into one of his coming straight at joining permanently Johnny Hart thank you for that. And in this was this is pretty good I had I had played the BCE video game comically division. And oh yeah lol yeah. Peace he was a prop yeah I had it I had no idea it was it was essential the a rolling Platt former where you have you heard that viewed on the wheel. You know and how you're on that wheel and had to jump over obstacles are definitely good so it was it was a lot of fun to the failure of that keep the wizard of the game from ever really. Getting its wings. It took him to. Don't I don't front don't front of the wizard. Mickey's Christmas Carol was not in 1983. This was actually released in theaters but then he ran every year on on media demand Rooney is the titular meaning Mickey Mouse of Mickey Mouse fame you've heard not Tony Baz tells Mickey know all that would have been amazing Wright's hate that would have just been that song for thirty minutes as a Christmas works and Mickey's Christmas Carol would be my favorites. Adaptation of the Christmas Carol until. Until Scrooge came out and then of course until I'm up to Christmas Carol which is the best version of Christmas Carol we'll talk more about that literature. Abdullah the frontal rock. The little man this was a Merry Christmas themed Jim Henson property thing the only real friend or commute here if you're listening to the show he probably no front Orion and francoeur and cultural. And adolescent and my favorite on the list the he man and she Iraq Christmas and all special yet. And I. You're scalpers that are I think I'm physically morally keep it fair and how what you would you like to come up with for. You've always been more were injured I mean I lol Smith well you don't. How you would if I enter a TV special that you enjoy very mean things. I don't know Krieger the snore for this group. So I also love some Muppets who as you well know home and I I don't actually discriminate between my mind brands of Muppets so of course I went for the one that gives you everything them up apparently Christmas a Muppets and we Christmas to be specific oval -- so the the premise of this which came on the 87 okay aired on ABC I own it. Fawzi bear and the Muppets the Muppets that you know mulling the Muppets has Muppets hit ya they are. Heading to his moments farm connect. When they get there for Christmas she's out the door to Malibu. He expected this home and home Christmas tree that's like not there and I'm argue I gotta go so I'm out the so. She rented her farmhouse to Dawkins bracket. Get out can I make this don't know I don't get it that's wonderful. So what ends up happening is that the Muppets frank Olson you're sesame streeters. Yeah they all end up snowed in together at files these moms Canon mrs. Favre meeting him. Now this is mayor mr. Baer mrs. Blair hand. And and that's I mean like that where else do you woman that sounds spectacular it's an hour long and the extradite a wanted to see our. Can't remember all of a sudden if Emmet otter is an X and you're in an army. See here's the thing I looked this up because my two favorite. Properties around the holidays are Emmitt otters jug band Christmas and Brandon the Muppet Christmas Carol here's your problem. Our shows that he's podcast rates Emmet otter came around 77. And really Muppet Christmas Carol 1993. Seats yeah that's that's where this all goes wrong sometimes you must remember these things and having his arms and nobody the other day. And well. Good good call but and a daughter played on HBO every Christmas time. So I watched it in the eighties and I'm still watching it today have a dvd at home that I will watch on or about the 24 December. Thank you like that it is one of the best things ever if you haven't seen in an outage jug band Christmas do yourself a favor and check out M dollars earned that spot. Movies. Movies you remove under the moving a holiday movies meant OK okay in this while hang on let me let me get another one of these FaceBook thing we have faced maybe Conrad says without a doubt electronic strip ego we ask Mr. T go on a whole new level for one thing when you lost the battle you didn't get to see what the opponents piece was right. Jennifer Gartman lane comes into another electronic game it got dark tower. Cannot with Stephen King book not the crappy movie adaptation of said Stephen you know none of those things. The glorious wonder it's enjoy a of the electronic game that was dark tower that game. So much of my child care she said I was fairly poor growing up and cost a lot of money than fifty big muddy up. And it was a big deal to get it had a capital letter computer. What's emphasis on the quotes that manage the team to play. In the something like that. And you know who knew he had a full seven easy thing my good friend Brandon Boren says it seems like only truly favorite toys were released in 1979. But I played them throughout the eighties they big track. Yeah they are the big tracks are programmable the truck thing you can rocket tubes. And the best way spaceship ever he's right about this the star bird with detachable wing fighters now. I did none of the star bird but I knew a guy and I played with his I even remember asking his permission if I can pretend it was an X wing that I thought that this absolutely true. I air trauma had one my my friend Brandon had one. When you see this thing the star bird. You blew the Yang Yang held that I know it may cool noises that was both I think I had this actually. A lot of people haven't I don't know why don't more famous anyway and that's crazy we appreciate everybody weighing in the Christmas is about to sharing Karen this is true. We got to take a little break right now actually back with more holiday awesome right after this. We now returning to that eighties podcast holiday spectacular already in progress. Now. We we have heard our choice of Christmas movies obviously there's quite a few of them the lot that nice for quite a few. Not long you'll need to improve wanna. I feel like you're superlative wasn't super enough. Our let's talk what have you thank you let's talk about the movie yes I feel like we've got this movie that we need to talk about. And I think. Would you like a pro got nobody. Can territory. Think that these continued we both picked the theme yes we did and that makes me very very happy there's nothing better. I'm getting better I might deal with the checks and Scrooge of course our locker if you can't work late I can't work late if I can't work late. I. Hate. I love that that I'm so. Yeah this was this was one of those things came along and I wasn't sure what it to make of it at that time because it was a Christmas Carol but it was not I I had grown up watching. You know like I George C. Scott. And Albert Finney and all of these other adaptations of Christmas Carol I knew with the Christmas Carol was and I was not when I heard about this that excited about a new Christmas Carol. Adaptation they re not coming I had Mickey so what and I mean anything else for one how many TV episodes played with metro and I have it's been done so over it but then along comes Bill Murray. And the amazing wonderful news of script because they took it they spun it on its head. They updated it for the eighties which is this there's not I'm more eighties movie out there I mean you know Wall Street may be and yet it does. Aged wonderful so wonderfully I watch it multiple times every year Christmas and and I took place in the eighties but it's not Sloan. Tied to it that it is inextricably rightly gets it it is. It is a classic adaptation of an even more classic story which by the way Christmas Carol is actually my favorite story of all time. Possible statement is ghost story again Christmas story and it's it's about human kindness it is actually my feelings and Murray of morality tale there's so much going on in this stinging Jack Ebenezer Scrooge is as famous as Superman Grey's I mean they're easily the perhaps more. Maybe in some places and this movie was written by Michael Donahue Mitch Glazer both of whom come out of that Saturday Night Live program I've heard so much sort of it probably helped Bill Murray. Might have been tied in good and then little lay out exactly and a hysterectomy Richard Donner who yes is there a better eighties director Richard no I don't think so not when your watcher Richard Donner movie there isn't Sally I. I I ate literally cannot think of a single thing I don't love about this movie I don't have a single criticism. Nothing you had time you had an amazing performance by a by Bill Murray in this in these Scrooge role and as as a cross. It is to protect it from is for frank right now frank cross frank cross a cable network executive putting on an adaptation of the of the Christmas Carol. To go out live on Christmas Eve. Into all the nations of the world and Buddy Hackett is is is Scrooge into test amazing into so many things going on in this and he's struggling and you worry that the new up and coming. The young hip producer guy is gonna take his spot and and I think is arming our guys coming. And he and his visited by the ghosts because well he's he's not a very good person anymore he's he's a horrible person he fires Bob Kendall played. Well hello America and today. The core bond and the Apollo I did everybody and it's sort of split up get them yet is grace's son you had to have to carry out and get to crackdown in this Q had you had Alfre Woodard and you had to think about it openly in the movie is above criticism all perfect I mean Carol Kane isn't as the ghost of Christmas president. Come on yeah yeah now Buster Poindexter ghost of Christmas past you had down Brian Doyle Murray you had the other Marie whose name escapes me right now. Early Brian Doyle played dad there and the brother. Who's actually a brother. I didn't understand how to love Karen Allen back in the day no I was wrong. Yes I was completely into earlier on in hindsight yes yes I remember when when she played. The youngest ravenwood. In Indiana Jones I was like OK it is called you know she's just she's just there she's just don't really worrying she's no Willy precisely precisely. And then screws are like OK issue again. As an older man who looking back at these both of these films. I am stunned and law and by how just just viscerally attractive features and an amazing and an amazing actress so good and and yet you beat him again like you say above reproach you ever every into this movie. I you had a great. And you clinics and I don't remember who are rallying around greens there we go about Hillary and men do you look. Do you and good and true. You how the again yeah all I wanna do is great I love karaoke and olive oil has been karaoke and I just wanna sing for the little having your heart for Christmas is over. I think we meet in secret secret truth I love Chris Hughes sic I'm free this afternoon and I also love Christmas you know a lot of the time karaoke droids you're black. I guess they're not as well versed and those. Mean nothing like a little global news karaoke we'll we'll camp out at the rock box until they open up. How do you feel they have already through the through its okay will all the drapes thank you so anybody else you're reporting from the FaceBook before we get into our favorite -- oh yeah well we're talking about a brilliant actor probably a couple of those of us have particular Leon mallet says the power toy rebel snow speeder Palepoi it was the UK licensee for Ken Starr or stuff. Our fans are full of facts yeah. And I looked pretty much everything that was put out even if I was not lucky enough to own it all getting the mail and figures that senator. But the snow speeder with a light up cannons was my true. Favorite angle and then from my Peter Lucy cobalt says garbage pail kids cards and cabbage patch doll that's all that's both streams are there and again Diana Davis. Says one year my sister convinced my mother to buy me a ton of masters of the universe figured add. This must have been an 82 or so he man battle cat skillet toward peace man ran man many faces pandora zodiac and point dread. Then much error I asked for an RC car assuming you would never happened. And opened a box to find this skew the picture. The RC car you could see where this booster was gory and my friend Deborah tends auction who I just like Depeche Mode with can't get worried he's on that truth she got. And this is a much cooler gift for someone our age than these other things she shot fairy tale of New York by the folks womb. My right classic album. And cooler I think maybe than anything on this list. If you. Are are you know looking that music over items against him Jason Carroll axis two words fortress Maximus. As a transfer was he's big and you have are fortunate I was getting old enough to start doubting in Santa Claus but I knew for certain there was no way my parents could've afforded to give me this behemoth for Max was more than just plastic it bought me another year or two of childlike wonder. Listen I think. Our friend Bucky shepherd you mentioned earlier I gave you were capped one year he got great the Zynga my favorite Shogun warrior. And bear cars are from the Mike are not best year ever gamma or Mike or not I don't think I had anything for Sharon oh Ontario peaches and cream Barbie. When and I think Rebecca Rotella says my favorite gift was my Malibu Barbie car from my aunt and will close it out here with just your Boehner says. Strawberry shortcake Paul when he squeezed her but it's smoked like Alicia business I have the same medical condition Newton. Now you're trying. I think I'm good still I wish business you mentioned that you enjoy Christmas music. And are you did and I also love Christmas music and I'm happy to say. That there are to at least two to that I found a radio stations here in the greater settlement pollen area this here that are playing nothing but Christmas news picture and it has made my drive time so wonderful but did you play a lot of the old standards which I love that that's that's actually went on kind of in to see I'm more into the more modern sort of upbeat rock and roll kind of kind of Christmas music Lars and I don't yet. Well you don't want every once in awhile a little white Christmas or a little rocker on the Christmas tree that'll that'll get the job done but I all of note for alerts all the hall notes of course yet again jingle bell rock that that's an amazing when how you feel about the Bruce Springsteen had caused him to town oh my god it is very Dalai the issue favorites and grizzlies pick classic drug DJ so I've played it. More than people wanted to hear it demand. No I just blasted that last night because I had not heard yet this season but huh. Turns out and I was very surprised to find this out that's a very very divisive song people either love it or absolutely free again hate it. Currency that you have something every new saxophone at. Every day you think a lot. I'm not me that's not me I love. Like yeah yeah and and about the third time through the chorus repeat towards the end he starts cracking up because it's and it got a backup cool yeah yeah if you even if you've never seen it. You can imagine very clearly you can have a kid gloves and everything starts giggling cats. Actually that's the joy of that song and and it's wonderful but. I'm not even close to my favorite eighties Christmas song. Known what is your favorite eighties Christmas well I'm glad you look act. My favorite Christmas well my favorite Christmas songs not even from the eighties so I wanna I wanna I wanna bring it up. But a very very close second mine is what is happening on the needs is is a little something. I called. Christmas wrapping by the waitresses now the thing about it is this. Well you have to get past the the pads. That's another some people hate but I noticed this this is another one of those that's the very divides them and turn down the background music that we had going for the other after the other kind of random. A royalty free Christmas stuff and we're going to be a role out cheaper because it's on each actually ski agent we're gonna make you very. And make a very big very it's an active views of the of the free use policies they're gonna college and that kind of thing. And played just a little bit to do it might do it second favorite Christmas. Being shot. Count them lose this game seeing pat is there and they never return posted may want. This song goes it's. The waitresses at Christmas wrapping creating and the whole thing about half. I mean I like that I actually look a little bit. You mentioned it your favorite could to me before we get started here while ER I mean look I I love Christmas music. Enough that I have you know it depends on the mood like where would be feeling at any given time but. The one that I do truly love and people will offer me but it just make them feel good no not at not the holiday snowmobile laughing you at the holidays except for a while the mrs. It probably a lot you know kids and passers by on the street most of your current no and listen to that podcast no no thank god love the I and it's no so in 1984. When we who were really becoming a charity minded speech season. Band aid do they know it's Christmas Athens and I'm sorry I I love it I I absolutely love it it's a super group track it did includes geez I mean who wasn't it wasn't. British pop at the time that was not there you have polio you got yeah culture club he got us George Michael yes I think injure originally was there to probably make instant which is probably had men in a craft table you've got after enduring and not all came in their entire game and bonanno was there and Maryland you know they they've diet Boy George left. I think standout bell I had Jody wildly spend a ballet Abbott in ram an hour and a half and yet ever everybody who was anybody emperor pop at the time. Will call and on the drums Phil Collins on the drums yes I feel it's written by major and then Bob guild often and major from ultra mocks right and Bob yelled off from being bomb killed off the end of the others. TV movie of UK they made TV movie about the making do they know it's Chris really. No amount is about lighted nevermind our neighbors say Montreal golf but they you know if you look online you can find many apocryphal sort of oral histories about the end of the day. You know it all these bands were constantly slash each other off the precedent and all this but they managed to pull it together. Ran. And yeah yeah it was Bono comes up and he you know shares the microphone was staying in and and there's. There is said there's George Michael sing along it's time to bond and it is the kind of thing that was was an amazing thing at a time and it brought all of these people together and these were not people who for the most part were very friendly outside of this and Al belly under anger and hate each other yes yes absolutely so. This was critical slap fight but. The good news yes in preparation for this because you told me early what your favorite song was there. I actually found a little snippet of a version that we can actually use 100% royalty free really ready. I. It is way this is one of the leader remakes is that because the. Well yeah yeah money could just just give us a lesson here. Grill opening tomorrow it's growth we didn't use the bits sir see your tee is. I'm saying daddy and there are only means yeah. Are you now. Whom. Loomed. Unknown people out there getting concerned yes and well they shouldn't. And. Arrested last month on revenue won't have to do. Half hour and a need to have burning sun do today anger over it's a smile to. Mo. This is how great it is that. How great is that. This is this that you or your Simon the bond especially when it's was very very good thank you so good oh my goodness I thought elective in the room was on me. That was you know that's the you're welcome everyone the other money that we raise for African them that the numbers coming in no we actually O Africa 125 dollars. After card ever get checks in the mail John I wish this wasn't the first time we have apologized to an entire nation on the short lived here we are. But all joking aside here's part of the actual document and of course. Does this mean again no call Paul Paul Young there you've you've heard of it is now you know and looks a little bit like you. Because there is no no got a little zone. Foleo a handsome man Hanson had very good looking teacher all good. And gas. I think envoy George redhead. I did math and other at her dad yeah exactly so that's yeah that's that's just it a taste of Alex give a little bit further as we here's some ideas some of them are from what I hear just to be fast and it was constantly snowing in the studio. That would be amazing that was propane. They moved. It was the eighties after all. Phil yeah this this was a spectacular thing. There's about. Yeah heavily Georgia there again. Do you do now not again don't know enough enough. Back on their back to the. Royalty free stuff Jupiter. Jerry and I here's gone back FaceBook I'll always is growing up my parents didn't have a lot of disposable income. And I certainly wasn't getting the new popular toys I never asked for the big GI Joseph shots and I never expected them then one Christmas around 89 I got the greatest gift any boy could want. After Christmas morning was done my mother told me to go to the garage in the middle of the bans gay was a used terror Jerome cobra heads who now. Hall missing walls no box no jets no figure but I know that finding this was not easy and I cared more about the effort that was put in to find this. Just to see my face and I cared about the stops in the scratches in the missing stickers. And I still treasury. That's that is a Christmas miracle right there and we treasure you folks in the DJ she's keep nation family team you're family. Happy Easter holidays yes happy new year will try to get a show on in the next sixteen months give or take. That no other girls who hit we'll see you around arbor day. All the our British special is gonna be a I. Think Phyllis and Momo. 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