Monday, October 31st


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Hey everybody this is Daren Daly from the Iraq of Seattle money nine point nine KI SW I enjoying almost signed by sinister beads of the then seven poll. How are again. Wonder or you know I am doing great I cannot attended Halloween people again you know weird around here it's great how about you guys you guys dressed not today. Couldn't break the first time I have been gotten caught in Burma figure out something cherry creek usually broke the big. Halloween bash but haven't heard much problems so men up you walk by and throws and his window he does do. Awesome I love them all happy Halloween Selig thinks so much forgiven hearing today so we talk about what you guys pulled last week on us which is pretty much the coolest thing. The best surprise of my entire life. You residents are talking about this new outlet and we didn't see in the bell logo all over the world and then we you guys had this 3-D live performance on set up on Capitol Records which was streamed live on FaceBook and it was fantastic by the way. But isn't the overnight you kind of par doesn't drop the new problem on us. Well I hate these the turnpike. Yeah if they're pretty but that's not. We did yeah we use one deep on the different bottom line make make something an event. What the coolest thing we can do and bird and couple about came up with where public capital pride in the shootout and everybody. Which Elway you know beautiful it was gorgeous just the scenery I mean watching that the colors everything was amazing. Thank you yeah we had a great teams. I'm. Helping us with all not to under a real people doing some stuff so. Yeah we were very lucky that I got pulled off no no blown prize uses. Just in a surreal event. No kidding it's not many people like what what does it take to put that on what kind of a crew were you working with to make that you know. Come to fruition. Well. After only a few different components could we did a few different. Wild things that we honor basically yeah our show crew headed up by Bjorn. Who personal effort Wear your uniform that I did or great stuff but Jordan Cooper Smith worked with we want to do something supremely characters play a third of these something else that product. Supplement the record were representative of of the record Lucretia. Grew so. We've gotten. But we'll be here a couple of gifts are not opening that are doing who really innovative stuff and vertigo. Actually part of universal group we do a virtual reality then rode the virtual reality outback wouldn't all the different. Go on and what you're up there whip up. The RE PO I am real company and lend. They're what they're all great to me that this be augmented reality and all the crazy colored look for building. Aiding and but it all life. Real time so happy go off that hit back compared called for you to speak. I'll then sit on unreal you know Jordan Cooper says our guys Cameron thought he would fight. Helping design all the (%expletive) Just an incredible crew so yes cut Obama. Is the component there you know underneath underneath I heard that were happening. And then you know capital record them all the people there are so it. Quarter and figure out you to think like you know out of power can get resolved then we're blowing breaker or left and right. Juggle everything was set up the artwork. And it just all the stars line in these guys work they're talking now doctor can make a dream come true. When it was bad ass so I actually work I did tonight show here again is W and so I would how do you guys I was watching a live stream and then I would like potted down into a break and then go back over analyze street and every watched it twice since then because it was so magical I I think you guys just. Pulled out one or coolest things I've ever seen and of course travel records and that's just like a legendary you know location in and of itself. But the view from on top must have been just insane for you guys. Yeah how was it it definitely what we're all able to now present to mine up Erica talked about. With the band and I was really call we are definitely nervous walking up a year out that. They've transcendence when you get up there. We got our running around to try to sit there in years so. We're used to having them played while we run around like crazy in new concentrating and different element but this was just really calm and kind of collected. And us so we got her really enjoy it which we didn't think we were we thought we decompress after. Traveling to New York that night and coming back to LA that my economic and budget crap we think it was it was good. We are gonna get that decompression. And so like today but that's so I really enjoyed it but all that was great. Bought my I had thought you guys that was years of articles things and rock and roll I've ever seen. And that and then love all doubt we have the stage we got to wait until like Christmas to get your new album it's already here and not from the first single the title track the stage. When we got here or might my office mate Ryan as you you got to hear the song it's it's crazy and I'm a super progressive rock nerd if and I'm telling you when you come and that intro like I was about to start weeping it's it is one of the coolest. Modern like tracks I have heard that is from such a progressive. You know standpoint I guess who what was the vision behind that song. I will definitely a couple of a different one we kind of words Yemen around. With. But that intro. Because we give a lot of missed record. I'm we knew we wanted to make it cool intro track that had kind of an epic you are sort of thing and I'm sorry third gym and around with that in them. I'm because I had the idea and sued lay in. I would tell you that the first one but. But here or occur or that yea check you know you're sitting down to watch movie palace just. They're they're they're here irked that you there are certain people are true but on water is there a modern. Outfit there what the record and then. The musically you know because peculiar idea they had a wherever Merck. Chat ideas with what the lyrical content parent who really. Better not to that stage who know Clinton and are probably better how to do that. Ubiquitous quote that I mean you do like creative the first what the heck yeah. He had like if it's me completely certain age. Her the rest of the record Aaron Brown was governor very human element. Which is a little bit. Different simpler than that being oh concepts bomb on the record. But it still high thin and I I've. We're really proud that I hate those so much from. You know being too rugged Yoshiro whatever but that does super proud of how everything. Unfolded and yeah just really excited did did he get out now could we had to keep that up and I think it secret for for so long and and with the team and who who everybody knows the Bruins are incredible. Oh man and you know in this teenagers social media and leaks and everything like that to keep funding is secret the way you guys did is almost impossible so. About Mano Bravo that was that was incredible we are totally blown away self thank you her freaking us out with all that it was just awesome you know I'm the whole thing so well done. I ENBIs are done here of course. And in being president you know some pretty big things I am EU toward some of the biggest bands in the world he actually played our pain in the grass I just a couple of years ago paint when he thirteen. He and you know who may be on your to do lists like what can we expect may be worried I'd like knocking on doors and trying to set up tours with for the future. Well there there's there's a ton of people I mean I don't want. I don't want to speculate now I mean there's so many great band Yousef the but right now it's just been concentrating on getting this record out because you know everybody literally has been. We we have been popping sleeping we're just waiting for the news that it leaked spirit doesn't work in. You know nobody bra. It is great for all these bad news that the that it the happened and really how do so we're just gonna. Do some crap here hey you end up figure out art or is. Figure out certain line for our tours then no. In the UK and Europe which really started about not certain that that polling is bare and that you you dream that forward to there and create outer who we've been more important in order to prepare went up so. I'm we're doing one of our minimal figure all that out after. We've become you know what we're gonna do in the states only. We decompress but we we definitely out Thermo. Very next level ideas we we think at this point but it but it definitely. I think conceptual level right now. How great wolf first I had to say we really look forward to having you guys back in Seattle so please. Put these come back and apple has again. I thought I media and my final question is why doesn't like having Brooks why Ackerman is it this is his first record with you guys I'm a huge Bad Religion fans saw remember when the news broke that he was gonna be leading Bad Religion. But I heard he was gonna be playing with you guys and like it was OK you know I I made peace with it for a moment like haven't in new drummer with like a little bit about. You know punk. You know do you just greedy puppy gallons and things of that nature what was his style like in contributing to the near record. Are you it was incredible he definitely brought about entirely new energy. We we did a lot of give me a list record and so we get stuck. You know which we always have a certain point you know record bring it to you know about. Writer's block or whatever. He really came through there where there weren't many days where it. The writer's block when not without her he's. It's just so refreshing beat yet. You know there's this new artist and to find out like we've we've been with think so they're reboot he was hired because of a project he did. When he was hit skiing with infectious grooves on the album called group group camera spiked up and not technically got that creepy but it. That the murder. Most. What I need you sort of grown over patent gremlin you're. So we've ever heard in order are completely under the purple what we do what we thought. That guy who whoever who obviously to poke up so born this woman who doctor you're going in here. That is your artistry and the technical. Wonder. We reacted well to be are we have no clue in the third period just. It does not level there and are you really. How does it does create some really never fresh Lou I give them an energy news so we. And never used before I was incredible experience. Odds are really great to hear the new album the stage front and then seven bold is available now rockaholics go pick it up it's amazing. Since mr. gates thank you from the bottom of my car for hanging out today and congrats on all the success Furman seven pulled. Well thank you so much we really appreciate it we'll get a preserved hey thanks we appreciate it take care early tip.