Aaron Salmom and Kevin Pearson 07-17-18

Tuesday, July 17th

Aaron Salmom and Kevin Pearson joins us live in studio talking about the Miss Rock hydroplane.

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Did you and so we have the guys putting his rod back got only Washington's perceived as driving range rocket Barry examine. And from cars guards can impartial. Yeah welcome guys they thanks for it to be backing us both Kevin we of course we we owe you guys in cars are great Ted because you know what you resurrected his rock and she's not. Smash she's looking pretty whenever we weren't we we weren't sure where we're gonna see here this year because man what a spill. That was a doozy and she's sexy skewed screech how does new color scheme Aaron. My I think the boats the hottest for the moment on the circuit right now so but most of it is fair and your music on the putting those month after month to month and ready after its flip blaster and Detroit. And luckily got it ready for us and run up we shot it out of the car star and a Briton. Big thank you tomorrow guys coming on the weekend to bang now bowed out but she's she's sexy it's going to be a great great doesn't go. Boris he looks really cool out Gonzalez and while I've read really pops and and parents and this is a rookie endeavor. When driving miss Roch yeah yeah it is the reason for ten years whose cancers you step into big boots and I couldn't be happier. I had we had taxes can I know Aaron very welcome Stuart mr. Peters may everybody calls and finish. Yeah and that's June the last Tim Salmon it kind of goes hand in hand saw that excess I was a hug you millionaire it was darkness. And of too early for this yeah. The owners you're shooting got a fish where does that come room. On May yes so you're you're a local boy and we were talking off fair. You know it's what did you get up to the big boats but then your drive and an iconic I drove for this area. Oh yeah it's just incredible coming grown up Greisen not once in Seattle atrocities. Knowing the history that our new Leland team assist amazing to have an opportunity to your own. And so yeah this this is very it is because you you're also mean you spend most of the time put his bowl back together. And nice and we review me right in this don't how how. Yeah how common is that an added that a guy who's gonna and they basically is the captain of the ship is also basically glue on this maybe you wouldn't you gotta get him back. Another very often come into its request journalist and its horn to work on Tony's full time job. And it's well worth it and say how much after him and in night Indian and Alabama I'm in history. Yeah yeah I know so he had just finished qualifying laps and Indiana that go illustrate another obstacle course your own on the shrill title naral now pretty you're off. The Dow noted is awesome we had minor mishaps in interest Eaton now. Almost an electrical fire blew real bush. Yeah did somebody put a curse a woman's risk for a I don't understand is no matter what we do Hershey just wants to make itself on a hot. I'll grant she's fighting pretty did you do it's it's a good water any real sure dresses and young boys she isn't she is a feisty finicky lady I mean Aaron Aaron Murray's got yeah I'm hoping and hot as we did talk to sweet nothings in her because and we would we want us to be a good one little boy image and I don't know as a hobby hydra claim we don't want to I cannot Wear and I'll fire. Exactly no we wouldn't even I can't ignore that and just how far we've seen this happen in terms Boris is before and do we want and ensure that I think stays in the race and you don't want tickets can be competitive this year amused and a lot of things without. Boat canceled a lighter than I was before him. I think she's you don't wanna go unharmed drivers so he's emotional totally be in the mix and. It's urinary you get to jump into the world I proclaimed races and this year they're gonna actually be back on television all the nice and showed that goes out and that's great news. Shall know him well it's big for me and I think. Does that as grown up on Mercer Island Indian courtesy fairer for all these years I mean it is the pinnacle event for for Seattle. And I don't think there's a sporting event and has more kick to the locals than this one and if you talk about it in other markets they don't know what fighter is in our end here and so really Madison Indiana. Stand it and she fare tri cities are really kind of view races for this whole deal so. I'm it's gonna be really really fun we're really excited and it. YouTube and podcasts W womb passionate about our customers are car star you guys are really passionate about the rockaholics and and your listeners and some discreet. It's agreed or. Partnership you know between the two salt and Emily when teams are like the said the amount of effort and work she's put into it whether it's just simply because Dow's there are I don't know how many other family members are working on now both for the last five months but. You know he's earned everything. Karen I'm I mean I know Aaron how did you. Even get to a point where you could drive die in this rock like rule book what is the process to really get to that point oh man. Asserted Friesen and our sister union and I know my first thought and I had planned museum and then a program called home projects order. Your whole family comes down builds moody goes from there. And well within his snowballed because you know I could get what is kids yeah thousand dollars you don't really got you get into the goalie for kids cheese and you yes he has no Bob that's that's that's impressed that's cool programs are guys treat them. Motorists he's not only Justus former us Mosley Stanley sport and I'm closer most closely with the most of them received Hamlin came in actual fact most down. You see him every week and throughout the summer this is a great time. And again if you wanna see ms. Rocca and and she's she's spanking new and grab a great awesome paint shop and check out this Saturday constitution is why senator. Our Ryan castle and the British are into the bar well tourism right now she's really got there of course rock girls are gonna be there as well. And don't forget C chair again this truck will be that Friday August 3 through Sunday August 5 all the info OK I asked on a W dot com and I'll be an opportunity grass I salute was always gonna have been there on display Pendergraph. Yeah on the drug did you issues men's going to be great we've got a bunch far closer employees coming down there are kind of celebrating the heart grow and we're gonna have it's ruler great Jane's Addiction tribute band and urban shooter zeppelin cover man. And they are really really good if you haven't seen him to come down you're gonna enjoy it not be in some great barbecue I think drug users but probably one of the best barbecue places them in the state yourself. And I need prayers are true there is great guy impairment on these embraced the boat as well we. There and you believe days. Dwight synergy believe days going to the same time. So if you're coming down on my one who furthers our community a lot of great key Meryl realism some people down there for another offense but come on now to look around. And the cool thing about Aaron who Dennis is busy with the Helm for ms. Rocca. Aaron who we hear all would you a lot of the little lines what are your rocket scientists and actually Aaron might actually be working with a rocket science and you want himself. Do you so you were gonna blue origin where object Asus is I wanna I wanna get a ship up to. The worship space that you're working with those guys yet that Missouri ordinances apartments and that before engine can we get mistrust face. We did John. They're confident last year in the choice yeah. But generally it's a Hydro playing not playing gas. We you took on the water got to get a better booster since my car yeah the atmosphere. The only race and do their actually -- lords and I was gonna say what could be cool if you the first guy to be a great you know great boat racer in the UB guy out in space but you're not the all think neither race is both so worst lords and none though he had Jimmy Sheehan and I guarantee you one -- street he actually he's down there also he is actually my boss for a month and a half. And then the previous John or John Zimmerman geez these generals are passing on some good trash talking going on leading up to cease hair oh yeah yeah I don't believe that breaker and it's pretty inducing. Man that is funny so yeah I mean do you think in your lifetime you might be hop on a rocket I mean we are always do because they need an engineer I think you guys are six things and how mean would I let you go to space do you think. Hope so then I'd be all about going to be pretty fun match you need to know I see sir I don't know if they're going to be right willing to let you excel yeah. Those drivers are great camaraderie I mean I think everybody either it's in this industry now is trying to do stop the other teams to keep this thing going yeah. You keep seed Ferrer going and and I keep the blue angels fly and so. We had sex parents my cousin and it's awesome watching him that's got to be fun I'm all your Stanley in the C you have this opportunity. Not only Nancy fair but also on television just stood but what a great story and there's a good time now how about on the mood that you come on even down there and almost time. Seemed like you said man net debt to start when you go to the museum until the voting you guys have just stuck together like that and I mean how cool is I mean like every you know every parent goes and does all sorts of activities and a little kid that you know Ireland whenever maybe you never think your kid's going to be a star whatever he's doing things a little. So that is going to be a big throw Sunday on Monday does that mean we helped them build a boat was a little shaver now he's really seizing seafaring yet be kidding me and hold my dad's recent and so taxis for drama Moses Lake now nationals also the apple didn't fall too far now he started after I didn't do it all really salute the apple basically try to go back up the tree is what your sandwich every must also dads like noise and a lot of little tired of the fact that you're doing and all that I heard. Thank no that's exactly Olympics so and I send our sometimes were a kid learns how to play document dads is their first I got a lot I should do not giving seclusion surrounded insight your world all of a sudden see that you know what my guess is it's one thing on my kids tell me gimme point is doesn't seem right. That's the meat. IO UR I mean I would think you're the expert does he take direction very well as it these got to go his own way when it comes a race and how it goes on oil very. Other Atlanta. I thought somebody had expressed in this race a Mormon as is always funny here's now how fast these high new planes go and what does it feel like to go that fast food Assad I don't know 200 he's not a 180. I'm looking for around a 19095. Interest whose Seattle hum. It's great don't have to ask honestly everything kind of slows down when you get to that moment and a why is that is because there are so focused earlier you just Tina and in those first time in the mood avenue of course I was doing a 130 and didn't realize it. Citizen wow comes natural do most people who do it and after you do that you do in your car what does that feel like do you dislike the visiting glue guns and go carting him on my driving as fast they can also on my staffing and think you are merely a weird mindset of Colin go as fast as humanly possible isn't hard to slow it down and we need your car I really assuming you're looked you're looking really criticize your traffic. I just I'm insular and just. I potion that may sense yeah everything's everything's erased united that you know ideally I can get through there again Fred I get through that he'll not a problem. 180 miles 109 years welcoming I'll give us some of these wow. Well Aaron ware is where we're excited to have somebody who ends at such young age had such a love for Hydro as and racing that you're they. You're in the voted seems like you should be the city driver from his rock. And of course. Kevin thank you so much man dragged into cars are just suffer brain or back because it was a it's a fun part of KI SW's history and we're happy that she's back and she's. And you guys have made her look so beautiful shoe that paint job is great. There are turned out awesome when we're looking forward to your improved. This next month is just it's all she fair all the time in and just were excited and I'm moving forward. Yes and check her out if you wanna see how pretty mistrust levee looks you can go check her out this Saturday 22 shoes white center right Shas is gonna veto the rocker was going to be there of course miss rock will be there. It's it's an awesome thing and I don't forget seizure Friday August 3 through Sunday August 5. More info just go to KI SW dot com guys thanks so much for coming in this morning for having us. And they X mornings on the rock 99.9 KI SW.