Ace from the "Ace and TJ show" 08-08-17

Tuesday, August 8th

Ace from the "Ace and TJ show" calls in to talk about a woman he brought to Morning Show Boot Camp. 


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I we have a quick update now on the job that we're gonna talk to about whether or not. His date was indeed. A real dates right or who was platonic or if it was paid for the reds got a goal RA is this man wanna be identified. Right you know what I'm here I'm gonna get a chance to be anonymous okay. That way if you are running as the question nobody knows who we is except people who might recognize them OK fair enough all right mr. X you are on the rock hello mr. acts. Exit CEO Paul looked to do with my house. Hooker did a nice job of not telling her what is that he couldn't because he's been schooled well put it ought to because he. Just the thing you are mr. acts understands the beauty of ambush and somebody without them knowing. We might now I live my defense mr. Rex I thought our fine are fine show member Danny what have told you what this is about but apparently he did not. He did not so you can get a vehicle. This is probably not a front surprised but I'm game for it's a little earlier and. Fairness to Danny you did say get them on the phone I'll ask him so why would Danny ask him if you said the get him on the phone so you can ask him well I think getting good release said it's going to be about this subject and NB jazz a question about this subject repeating tell married actress is great. Because here's what I say. Yeah exactly because if if if we told mr. acts like go to hey mister Rex who we have on the show we're gonna talk to about this subject. If mr. Rex is like. Off while I wanna talk about this subject and because he would know that oh yeah I know it's at the answer is yes to my question okay miss dress already knows that and knows why not gonna talk about this subject I know Leo that's why they give. Danica at least on the subject matter but he didn't do its. Mona. Danny did a good job I feel bad I knew you did I give you have a blue starts an error browns are gold star whatever star callers are you want Denny it's you're born stinky warrants okay all right and in just a preface this mr. acts. I want to understand that this is just an opinion and Vijay has and I am I am defended your honor because I don't believe that it strip. I. So mr. X we saw you I mean as they were we saw you just in case we knew people. Oh my god I. I'd feel badly and I really because he I gotta tell he could have said no which is why I have ms. mister wrecks because I didn't I you know is. I I have a question for you I wanted to ask you wish you who you know having an idea what the hell we're talking about but now unfortunately you don't. But you know you introduce us to very attractive woman the other day you remember that debt it's. Absolutely yes I'm. And if I remember correctly I wish she was introduced to us as your friend. That's correct yes. I know before we don't there was interesting you any idea where mr. Vijay Singh is going interest. I hear you might guess you're going to actually it's gonna bring a hooker with. And my friend. And he's my and you know. You know. Lorillard has moved folklore I got a list phone dial going to be the question they lost. Go. The big RUN yesterday I can because I know you I'd be cured charming man I don't I don't think that M one bit I think you have. All the ability in the world the poll. A beautiful lady like you have you tend it and mr. I know you and I love you and I'd like there's no way he can pull. Push and. I. Since it's his own business didn't in good shape up before I'm I am the first one today as part of it is to believe. There are a lot of days that I don't hurt several outlook or how they Q and up here with me no I did not actually bring a hooker where I. He's considered. My girlfriend because we just had that conversation. The other day about how long since gone on and represent who has been on announced I'm fresh out of a divorce yeah actually like my much younger. Girlfriend. Had a ball no doubt about it it high fire I wish I could you know I find now I can we go back in times like a hug him now here's a guy and I now the only reason I am I the only reason I thought this and it wasn't right at the time. I thought it later on because one of the other guys are radio conference. He was indeed having a conversation with a hooker and that's why all of a sudden I was like all there are dour girls that are showing up to his hotel deceived Geisel pick him up and that's why I was. All the guys now you have a terribly good guys did I just thought I'd bet there's there're couple hookers at the hotel bar. Well and I'm just sent I would look to see you do enormous city. In this case I completely understand it because you know I MA a a outings a relatively tall. The tour already head man who's very pale and she is a relatively tall half my age. Buried hand attractive woman so I can understand the thought process that goes rating outlook outlook now actually saw. I'll tell you I'd make you feel where that like there's possibly other people like BJ at our radio convention are are debating whether or not out you brought I'll call girl you can mention it almost makes me think you should have a T shirts and actually you can register says I'm not a year with solitaire yeah you could you please just. I don't know that makes me feel a little boy like the champ like guys she's daughter I don't look at it think it's possible what is possible dog really great about our stuff right now I tell you. Why not I'm not my self esteem that I meet that commitment go through the troops there. Not value do you go back home and say hey baby you won't believe the conversation now my friends in Seattle Dave thought you were a hooker this. Yeah I well absolutely tell that when I talked to speak there's no doubt about who I think that's hilarious. Here's why so here's here's what I thought she was a hooker and this is a this a big compliment to her. All because first I didn't think she was the beginning wasn't so I was made aware that there were other workers of the mentioned I thought though. Because of who you are and because of this great success you've had with your radio show I thought all aces take it well now you're real cheap high and. Spoiler alert when I go out not how we don't know you know what it is right why don't we know there's a guy's got a great girlfriend. Ahmanson's this is case from beyond the fantastic Jason TJ show and it's. And what we know it's the workers what do you wanna we don't see any leg is in most mature markets the tomb are not so hard I. I told you gonna Jonathan Morris is not a lawyer asked. But you NEC. She was so well drastic like he you know hookers have a look. She was so well dressed and when you introduce us to his. She was actually very friendly very warm I would that's why I thought she was top of the line escort like girlfriend experience. I was like daisy if he paid for this he went right Dino he went to the Cadillac he went to the Saks Fifth Avenue top shelf yeah because the other workers we saw word and I'm good she's not a hooker. But I mean the other as we saw. We're definitely like OK this is glad that was my ballpark like to be like I'm real IR I mean I'd be going to just you know the normal store like them them the Macy's if you. So she was. Yeah well yeah well I again I take that as a compliment yeah hey that I would have enough money available for top shelf talkers aren't. Yes and that with the brutal I was wondering what you're a little lower that guy Steve said you every two days I was like while aid to those guys who who do really well. But I think I guess this is a student (%expletive) you look like at least there weren't calling your agent since salmon Rwandans this kind of money. You Mandela. This I take it is quite a go about my result. I desire Emmanuel you have to you you got it I noticed my wife so we've always done with my wife tonight. I don't even know if I can get a woman let alone get a woman that quality to speak to me that Dicey that was and that's impressive because she was such an awesome person and that short on time we we met you know usually you know if you don't get down on hookers so I'm he sees real sees. There's chaos health problem is a very romantic moment but yeah. That's a very wonderful compliment you moment. Well case I applaud you for coming on because I can't believe Danny didn't tell you why because I did morning ambush you now I just I just wanted to ask the question of if you were willing to answer if I'm glad it was that answer because it would have been better with the other answer does our daughter also underway I don't want anybody million hookers did. You know I'm getting and I. That's very true I'm here to say it. Clear about that might benefit to have a relatively successful being male appeal you know. It's. How long have you go to the doctor. We were getting some text I want vs I just looked up based on the Internet you can definitely talk hot chick that's nice that's nice. Another person says sir you. No person I used to listen Mason TJ all the time and I was in Charlotte it's awesome to hear his voice again yet these odd to say they these guys are great guys to come to our convention there are so good at what they're doing given us plenty of wisdom as well. And I ace I you know what man it congratulations because it's not easy getting out of our relationship than she does seem like a really cool chick even though you know I mean she looks amazing but. There's the fact is she seems like she's cool on that's the most important thing any relation no matter how anybody looks. Yes you really she's she's super cool thank you very much and maybe you're not intelligent about it. But I hope but he's going to be against it you know bring me around any family gatherings I can ask the wrong questions. Yeah al-Qaeda and you know what so that I live don't do it every bit of my expectation that being on your show. Half half half I don't know how I don't cry at how well you know the exact question that for you man I that's. That entire I would say they do what could this possibly beat when I talked I don't know if that was stated in its owner now we're supposed to look at it just looked at the about it you'll that Taylor had got a terrible road you're right I don't know what I thought here we go it's. There had been oil gold whoever or the and I think it's it's not my head I'm big I wish he picked up psychic compliment him on how well he could roll right overall holdings have been ready to go so well known figure that the only thing I become what would. Thumb Manuel listen. Eight I appreciate your Kelly yo you got a lot of guts because of Larry you what are c'mon it's OC EO if there was the other answer but luckily it was it was the right after which makes you look like a champ. I am what I'm wicked jealous but you know what man you deserve your good dude and and and Al I wish a lot of happy in his body I'll hope you guys have a great time together. What thank you very much and legal and I can do is do my pleasure to have to Wear yellow duck duck duck billed every great that is fantastic. Does that whole grapple great people there are always wonderful always love how you or hang together and the people of your eleven lucky to have an awful lot of parents of the car harder but it certainly aren't allowed just. They go ace from the ACC issue we know it's always great seeing you last seen it can accommodate guy is he asked if he's got a hooker and he still nice CIT's offense that's exactly that. If I can't post but you're right so next year and our radio convention will be a whole panel about how to get an attractive woman's. Yeah this that's not a hooker I don't go to ever else. Yet on that attractive women and not a hooker I'm willing to I'm willing to know that that. But the other about that that'll be me and I'll be the cannot host after his face but for guys like me the only do you know hey man thanks very much to be on the show as your awesome. Yeah they did do an area is case Mason TJ shows you're if you ever anywhere down to the Charlotte area or any place and they available to stations of the organizers. They're good news they really are love that he knew hey guys do you know aren't crawling new iPod does and he wanted to know my girls hawker yeah that was it. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW.