Bill Bellamy Interview 12-8-17

Friday, December 8th

Comedian Bill Bellamy is in town this week at the Parlour Live


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Beating a jab a silly and try to give people what this summer it's going to be completely sincere when people ask me who my favorite guest is that yeah I think it's without a doubt about our next now it's without a doubt aren't that's an arm like family made to split our. Introduce your cousin that's right he's a man who has coined the term booty call for more importantly. He gave us the new ash tag movement from last time you resign that is ash tag white boy find please welcome to this now Bilbao to go. Libby may have we created their own the show. In our own I'm literally working on that as real sure and are unarmed are planted for the people who don't know we're talking about. We were just talking about arm you know how white guys have more on the simplest ways like like white guys we ate. Paula and I did the simplest. Thing like you know you'd be like. Like a slide right yeah what's he cuts. Think it's in just turned into I assume that's right I saw this thing went in and it it was absolutely crazy. These white keys. It's always in the middle nowhere little bored yet let's do some due to sub tier was to subject right now. That's why goals about. Able to slide make sure body gore about 50000. And he had to beat up so you fly up the air into Italy. If it looks like the most fun thing have you ever seen it on our guys yet I don't like only way to do. But it also members stems from an incident a year ago that this founders went to MLS cup final boom and we were talking about how if they want my friend Ted and I we're gonna give each other championship our look at the and we did it wipe which fluid and it was postponed a little right there. It is that you know like guys would do stuff like take a break loose skateboard. Which is supposed to go on the level clean if you don't give to Starbucks just keep movement. Got to calm them down and I think. May put some trucks on Mickey why they go to and I damn Mountain View at co writer Kirk I think it's on the court laying on the ground. Fun Santa Barbara I grew up in new York and whenever the winner would happen we all had debt extra skateboard had been at the wheel trucks on it and we would bring that to school and him we would. Jump on the back to the boss as he's driving away and I know he worked season here's the show yeah you hear the show. If Karl creek eighty creativity may with white. Yes and stupidity it. People who stupid yeah 'cause you can get scuffed up. I saw YouTube video this morning guy yeah like the firefighters and paramedics show up he decided if hope old microwave with cement. And tipped his hand in it. And let it dry and that this could be a bad thing. Wow and it's like a huge YouTube started does stupid stuff like this that they meet our governor before you do if we talk about this last. This is absolute country for you rating. OK guys put a truckload of explosives. Inside ever forgery. I'm right here and so it's about seventy yards maybe sixty yards away his weight takes it rightful shoots. The impact. Since the refrigerator toward it like it's just happen to thank god he was behind a tree. The whole refrigerator. Wet but are you at 600 miles an hour so called he said in my. And I think I did you fear at the last TGI FI whose real. That's why we're fund and what was the crazy thing is on right there that's there and that the cement had given its subject is a cement in my head in a microwave and emergency services game nearly died. It. I think has recognized that probably there must have been like maybe like some kind of knows apparatus I would hope that you went gardening degrees. Yarder to remain in America you can't in he'll see me. I'd tell him and I was always you can go nose and no Jimmy we're not gonna do this I was that guy I what you are scary guy I would did you do Luke's idea I would be like Jimmy were not doing that you know me and yes I sort of got my dad's and killers yeah there's no way we can start a fire in the basement broke don't. Doing it yeah but I backed off yet that's your wisdom yet you're you're like a young open. Yeah I was always act guy at right time there was always that we had geniuses that wanted to put their heads and geniuses that want to start fires. Like for mighty heart you said now let's get that let's get the spray cans and use that a spray can war with the with the lighters make playing doors. Jimmy I don't think we should do it. In particular to you a funny story to my day car was a bad day at nine lives like these projects will worry my day beings. That he can fix. Like he's. That's still a problem quit yet to anything while you gotta you gotta lamp that doesn't work. You need no electricians and got to be what's wrong with how long is renowned public and you can't do like any type declares have you ever learned. About how were no yeah that they cave media all right. Never forget this right my dad he's trying to fix his mom's washing machine right. So it was something that was good Jiabao right so this is like old school warships are some day it's like Kerry beat it out there. What do you they can't beat you aren't so convinced can happily out. To my dad goes you know what the Beagle get mark to sit and bitch she is so more on what to really read. Someone may have led their yields turned. Hello hello it's the well. Measure out about what we're not a class act and act act act. This duplicate words of Martin mark grandmothers. To what you just got my spotter to religion with my grandmother's. Washing machine is like initiative right so you got to leave the house war about. I wanna say 25 feet and you go into shared that's what works and so thank god like the door cracked a little bit right so my days and KB two Paula he's moving around. Go to our program. Not walking the so my big doings speculate right you can't. I. Fake guy my mom comes the house would remotely close to put the work. But daddy's Little League being shocked he could what you shark right UK and let go. So at least it. Edged do speculate where a bomb eight slick. Would pieces like me. And cross it. People like duke solo. Ha ha ha. I feel like that was their answer for everything. I get the berm that RB read it hit me. Who and it's. Bill Bellamy we tell you right now we don't have a lot of folks come on the show the reason being is we tell you negotiate comedy show we want to make sure it's good yes which is why you've got to see bill to shows tonight tomorrow night 73010 o'clock. Parlor alive dot com some great club and also if you if you just want to how to build this week at Nobel legal. Yeah. It tweet me. Listen me listen you guys are becoming here for the it's from this day six avenues you guys got the number one show. You guys have hood you talk about any pain you have a loyal audience. And you couldn't do digital people like you knew Union Station and get back yeah yeah as walk around with fluffy slippers. And don't forget I got my daughter which you thought says no it might. That. There is beautiful series hit his 226. I. I feel that can be glad you know he locked you and Gloria Gloria the yeah that's back. That's a fact I can only talk to say or do you and I feel like she didn't witness did you ruled that it says yeah. Pointer out I don't know what happened to our guide of the god who were what does. It was a year ago maybe a year and a half ago he was like I've appeared in he told me about blue drink and brought the brought the weak member. Our men that do what's happening now there yeah yeah a new trees. You account you can count on nick to tell you everything you didn't like about any subject you brought up about likes to people who are apnea unite us not to Bristol yeah yeah he was our own dreams quality. Quote stumbled to a tree yes. He's no look. He's idea but he he was an expert. What they did what he was yet yes it was dispensary extra we would send anybody got a question was like oh yeah exactly. Yet they called they called bud tenders if you we've stores what does that mean. The commuter I do not employees. But snowball fenders of the different markets are I Coke is left to build the without. Yeah Joselio books in their movement and Alison this is good beat you by gender OK and it beyond knowledgeable all things. So so it's basically like a Somalia. Of yeah you know Ryan wheat yeah he's actually met when both guys in Denver. I swear to you like I first Christmas tree went to and it took two years ago right. Go and here in this plea pupils. You dismiss this. This is upscale. Public. There was an air raid appeared perfectly. He's like he's been smoking weed since can. But at bat and I. Welcome to the blah blah blah dispensary pocket to enter with Dexter. Weeds and what we missed. Now woody how he ethnic he believes it is how he wanted to feel. Feel like I don't have to pay him Mort. That's an I think you feeling right I don't have the so music do you want a body that you want man. What part of he's well. Yeah he's that it would just simply it's not to speak because we have got me we have Britain's we hair out. Stating that. Now because I think are all very I think it all led load in the what we would come up with Boca and it was just the Wrigley yellow great or won't be yet nick is good love. In. And did the one that blew me away they have depository now that are we need views that we do these go from bullet. Two spots to yeah you. Yeah yeah yeah there are what they listen to what like yeah I have. I had only Varity he would if they a he's uncles and yeah there. I won't. Lester. Let me you can help so like so it's viewed just like you know having a loss. I'm just surprised to I don't know why are not just like when Amy chiefs. Used in India brownouts. Routine tests. You've food and they're well for people that got paint. They say you know obviously puts under the timed it right in the bloodstream yet they say actually that area do even better delivery system delivery system yeah an instant yeah did you. No I'm that I purchased from frank you from different from apprehending yet and it's coach the parents out there so now do that use it we're. Quick to you don't know. But ash OK. When you really had to grind it out this and we yeah do it right. Do you like hoop in light for deals. Do you let that be wonderful. Wouldn't have to get beautiful side effects look at it no matter what this what it's not that when I fart after I thought I might get up latest for him. Yeah that's what comes out. That's beautiful she got a replica ports are right yeah. Their foreheads report. Wouldn't that be great dole of it was like after the election night and to create great world grow into beautiful. You didn't see it it's also like when you have fresh breath you know IKEA for refugees creep me. You wanna talk to people you just Buick company news would you please. Two he speak to. Him. I don't know how long does it take to work two hours although it yeah. Yeah Steve how things like how to act. Thirteenth if that's. What the what of this thing that's happened since. Who called them left and you've done some good. Well I play I I want is one thing I wanted to talk to only because the fact I know not a good question that you guys that you go yes I'm I think it's I think some of what could you don't beyond blame on the guys is don't do while I don't don't just got something I was gonna say subjects alive dead refrigerator commercial dropping rapping about Sarah's behind. No he did yeah I did not mouth there urged I don't know I now lies that please Sarah Hughes she's Sarah. It broke it would be over here which. This use of my hundred time your sister out about her bought. Yeah when we say I like nick likes Barack did not these things about booed yeah they are arguably a lot of local 2000. Have a mean. We need you need another brother to another classic out. You know and how good mother with iron and a brother with a look back. Here's what I need I would do that and I both Brothers to stay away from my dot. And I need but list all of annuities unduly from you know cause you unit that was that would is that what it is in the press for my teacher right you know he wanted to. The two weeks ago you know he will release are as lieutenant exactly what you I listen man always got an. Maybe too you know yeah you guys the team does they always accused and appreciate your quote a nice. Duke blue Keith good to. It. You know a lot of people that need to give it to that that's a fact decently to learn what radio stations I listen to an ounce can look what he won the you don't think it. I'm baloney I'm different. From what I understand may just because ever tablet can you take your kids right. I've got to buy you lessons have we Markey is markets are excited about being you being injured. And humans but yeah market is a start as we for stuff that I'm like why. Read that. At bat and it they're right when he made that ultimately brought up a good one odd crazy things happen to have been Vicky so her panties to a listener. Speaking of it took it easily think it. Somebody called in asking to buy her underwear really yes and it Alice. Give me some you've been started debated Kamal would have designers. She she could be it. I know you've just and we are now. Poland could commence on giving you 400 dollars for an all know with every day and and and obviously pretty to be fast kind of framed. I don't know I don't you tell them brain including hey I do you know he. To add that it still need a guy lives with his ex wife his name is baby bear site. Speaker of my career coach starts it directly yeah. She knows riker rear left or would you answer my dad teacher pay any game Brett yeah okay group likable guy tiger so so he's either of them avid listener. Yes he called neatly Allen Meyer Hanna is I had a listen to the next call in an ash should be asking for more money. Concede are within does that promise but yeah some fifty bound to say yes dad but on the ball. I bought a ball and so do did you did you just peaking and and his kind I think the panties and I had not lacy red. Pictures somewhere and it's instantly you guys are pretty cool on here yeah. Absolutely so you sign them. This time but he definitely had a run by the Boston's school can be so that you don't know hearings and ask me this is good listening right. The wildest thing ever happen to me that that was common in their world. Was when I was an. MTV brightness this lady comes up to meet with her husband. Is she's like bill. I it's lovely you look at what's been news that you're like that it's PG in the world it's great suggest they can use time breast. This old. Lady are you creatures they know I what you decide bill and bill. And and I did it. And I on how high up. Just yeah you know their theory means committee trying to hard to about what my name around that part right so she keep. She Obama. You know just so we get the right temperature. Right after him yet fan view on the list in Bellamy on the rise as he got that will be. Yeah that's an inside the double double B not the the Woody's that the couple weeks it will be an I didn't even passionate charged to. Hey I wasn't thinking like you your business again a picture aria and why he's still got it for. Didn't attitude and that's an echo exactly exactly I did not like it and let me let me let me just say there was this group yeah. And I noticed food. Has them over his fireplace in the living room as fundamental theories he said he is a collector asked what else in your collection violates this is the first thing I'd. Yeah yeah exactly. I mean basement about it is bill you walk in anybody's house your friend somebody you know that you it is an elderly ladies panties and the others pennies frame over and over their fireplace I mean I won't tell you right now anybody's house that are going to make at least partly it is going to be gear in the race yet. Right now if I didn't. Get to get over it through their Alia expo picture right what really was to give you'll see. There what's created that it could quite a what's the craziest thing you've ever walked in on its own house to house the craziest thing ever walked. And someone like something that you saw just like well like did not roll and you probably has a better experiences. I think the wildest thing I ever walked in on right now at stake in this house to note that this would be happening is seen summer and snort. Thorough. Hand and he adults eat a hole that's weird like he goes and writes are you just come out. Maybe as the with Turkey. It. A full confidence that you be okay I was like who is possible for the I had that happen in a car out Arthur Quinn right from what you don't yeah yeah I do you do that. There. I no which is that it yeah I mean is that I could Daytona got me decline in Vegas who did some national advertising on my show it's like one guy says sales cola take different I don't I'm like OK sure and the guy Elvis I just pulls up to some below. While we're drive and on the strip in Vegas in two starts it's sprinkling and I handed he's gone as we deal. With potter and he snort like it's an easy it he says to me hey you wanna do this and again I know Jimmy I don't think it is. I'm not a thing. I'm really does is connect and I would never good you did so yeah. Got its kudos right auto and honest I think I like you know I'm in his Barbara I was worried that I would have been declined we'd lose the business highlights just how like. It is that's a tough spot because this with two to Klein. You don't wonder if being because you know it's like OK but you still comfortable writing. As the best of we're pleased to be honest to me is. Now. My brain goes he thinks this is normal event. Hi is I'll go that's what you were damned if there. I guess but man I just the end that was dad's you know it'll out of new life. You're absolutely right like me are you I was younger just like just realized. That we Laxman snorting and when you get to the right. You run download big group. Without a coworker many years ago president hey wanna go on lake Washington McCormick Abbie great a few of us went out there he jumps in the water swims around and it comes back out it's like out of a movie gets back to the gorgeous tennis and sent them like whatever console typing it. All right so who wants to do Coke. And a Mike. I don't know what the hell do at this moment I knew a guy driving the boat and I'm stuck in the middle of the water I have no way I. Yeah I believe like literally people student okay yeah I can't believe like best option this'll be fun things to do a late tee it feels like cocaine feels like eighty. Yeah get away if I did write it write some CDs. Like. Literally I was at a party in his it was like you know you guys need Coke in. Oh. And I heard it heroin is is epidemic proportion aria Arizona and throw her out. What make you go all the things you can do when your life you just gently. It's pretty you have to get out escalated like a death like a powerful situation like. I don't even understanding city's epidemic proportion and will go on the I don't know why Iraq. When you've got a week that's three. Indeed our blue dream in both the stories that I you know it's interesting man it's just like that'll put it in Yuba. That'll Pink Floyd to comfortably now man it's like people just don't wanna feel good they don't feel anything. And heroin kind of puts in his day though it's too dangerous like we have laws. Two of the moles. Talent. Like we are Smart man Philip Seymour Hoffman. Like literally in his own living room. Skis in of them that and is who dangerously. I think that anybody that does sound like dad should have a best friend this week you to hope like watched you leg would you go to four could that's what happens there. There are always about themselves and they seem like they go to babies too strongly to do whatever whatever the end of. Yeah a lot of got a kick the habit they go back to it don't realize that their bodies not acclimated now much to opening in the system beforehand. He's addicted to kind of come back with a of this summit that took before. And it's what and that's what killing and who would apparent from mother love bone and other people that they kicked the habit and then went back to it because of whatever dark moment in their life leg. But when he went back to a they're like. Well I was taking X amount. And they try to take that much and that's why the overdoses because they're by. Yeah I admit I mean it's in the world they have their bodies on Yahoo! we can't do this. I got an answer we try to do it to retirement it's obviously I mean you've had an amazing career where you've interviewed some of the most. Iconic pop star's death Michael Jackson to tube opt out. Janet Jackson. Everybody brings Kurt Cobain that was a while one and ask me out because it's like heat. You had opportunities to occur and remember you saying that he was kind of a quiet DA only unlike for you could cost at the height of courts popularity. As it he was at its theme is is it it's like just lonely and Whitney CD on his bag bring in a music full throttle blip like he was a different hyper star like he seemed like. He was famous but he was normal like kind of like kind of like Shia guy in who's interest in because. Courtney was just like. He was reached you know. And if he was like what he had so much emotion. You can feel like he's. His his his his arm his power what was in his he motion engines and with the music came from you know on my deep in there and it was unfortunate because I destruction was wonderful special people. Unit to me is so young. Yeah 278. At eight to QQ. Indians. Didn't you know because you bring up Philip Seymour Hoffman and he reminds him that same type environment temperament and yet saint and he you know I used to work in Rochester new York and so it was from that area originally it's every throw yes yes yes from that area man and he's one of my favorite -- earnings number and it was a great actor that's what really kills you like some of these really really good artist I mean like he'd like UC. They don't you just from the soul. Men it's just an idea how I want my USA that's story a guide that was very similar to that it be. I mean. Robert Ray yeah yeah Robert Downey is he lose his tail and a few main bridges. He lose his soul to me now but before that. He had a really severe try. Yeah like I mean like almost a year broke I think he's story should be told because he's one of the guys that pulled itself out of a dark place. In look at him there. This key it would have been a waste elusive memory because he is so that wc we Sherlock Holmes he's gonna. Make you wanna be sure. Yet the army of right there. It is like the coolest thing because it. There were sort of they like to imagine Robert Garrity at the height of when he was falling apart which social media god forbid could a guy he missed that Rania. They're like these creatures probably would no deal is where. You're probably if you're right I mean because it would've all been out there and you know it's one thing to be kept battling your demons but to have a public right there in your face was is that it's it's it's a little scary like right now in Hollywood I don't know if you guys know. You do know you hear these horrible stories about you know. Mean in what they've been doing with women and stuff like that and you know it's interesting day. These are guys older regime and kind of like that powerful men you know who Indies. Really really bad place right now because of what they did 2030 years ago when there used to power in that way you know. And the social media takes it to another level like you like Harvey Weinstein is like it's. And you imagined he loses and we lose his company. Thrown out of directors fusion on her dues like just complete each gal in east. Happening. In real time yeah. Like back in the day if you had a problem and you he had issue like that or rally in real time. I was on the radio when he farm. If it was like Mitt argues for our white least house whom he would go to. The peacock. We're on the film and show now public for Al broken I think our okay that's about it and difficult to speak but let let's check on. One on Al Roker are very announce broker a boy. Is getting blown out the Outer Banks of North Carolina out good morning. I thought that's priceless department controversy. Reported that story but they know whatever the mountain says Andy Robert him into Al that I didn't boot out that he wants to give us an update as well yet I pulled weapons on him. Juliet story. He said he did it we we got that he actually tell the story went to the White House and he had to go to the bathroom or bad Agassi at an entity and he did because you are the key city it just got to gastric yen in things when I always line and a yeah it is about Stewart so right in the White House right there are people who pooh pooh in the people that don't mind going to be an article. The White House is what it's an active yeah like Cole I would think I would hope he just couldn't make it. This NBA if you could go you gotta go with the White House counsel Mike you've got to go. So I gotta tell him I did. I do feel sorry for you because we know there are people that trademark certain sayings like they're saying that we now we can't say on the radio it's because they trademark because of police say a date they might charges and you would of one became public booty call and you didn't think abuse tellingly it was you know indeed line. You need to norms can be. You know just probably recalls from Emery who know booty calls would be content. Right now. That's that's all this plenty of fish tendered yeah I think. Call gotcha what does it I feel bad for him dude is a lot of booty acted as mine and I got them I didn't know doubtful. Toppled over and thankfully at all at everyone had a pay you every time they called a recall telling Mike what do you thing I'd like to what I don't get sued hot. How did Mike both were able to. Whatever is that I can give would go. It's over it for it. Rick I would be so that you can. How. Thank you these will be in my case I didn't hit it on the board but I'm headed right if you had to bring food that I like a moral boost that you have to. It is just that I got out there uncertainty detect it Cano singled to look like reached Monday. He doesn't know it could be it would all windbreaker and. Yeah. Are Alison I love you Leo we we went thank you so much for your numbers early you do and only got to see you guys because lifting it and I'll always know when are coming here let me see where you show works. Because you guys talk about fun stuff is so spontaneous. I never know what I honestly that's. Jacques let me talk for a week but Rod Stewart and it. Who won't do it all the reported holdout but yeah that we cover it for eight easy don't weakness in and user Gerald Gerald. It's. An adjunct critical economic kid that would have got to. Did you find us on. Thinks about they would. Walking boot to the host everything I became a big story idea I was on here about 34 years ago but what. And I was just like seen some funny and I end up an adult and that's it like car. In no one say it was like to lower rates and I was like yeah like she's perfect like this right you don't talk about he stated it. You think that the but hopefully every right. Millions of people have to pack rat I don't follow any normal merit and that I don't feel awkward. He is like some other. That and that's house here became absolutely flames in one with you hang fair shake your feet. Black I announced their love ya this is why we get the window factory. That I know. This hey can I get a picture with both your keys so that we can show that we're all of in the image I'm going to I'm Gardocki. By the way it because they don't already grow you know whatever anybody you be my I mean we you're the only cute it's made money on your house which in the spam like this that they were army's only key. There has never asked for yet. And I feel that jacket in my fast and I can't presumptive. Okay I hear stories about how to kids by the pen tonight thousands who I got through which you'll you'll know you wanna be an award. In the water movie got a lot and a lot of guys will have to tell you when that boat all you have blessed Rod Stewart and go oh yeah you guys. I'm gonna grant Greenberg. You get what you get me doses than those gold plated deposit towards OK did you just think did that duke came up but they get side. That would be one of the nice is living. The more money you'd be doable bigot bus tour. Good and be like yeah but but the order radio crazy I need to be able to Selma. I. You can do this you guys and good. Bill Bellamy he got a check him out tonight tomorrow night to show 73010 o'clock tonight tomorrow parlor live and they'll be a part of light up bill. Love you man I thank you covenant.