BJ & Migs 9-26-17 Luke Wilson Interview pt. 2

Tuesday, September 26th

Seattle Seahawk Luke Wilson returns to BJ & Migs!


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99.9 KI SW the rock of Seattle. Our special guest. So all. And it's clear sequels if it's. I could start to pointing fingers now. I think that are very Rios Davis the migs wouldn't do them well we are you. The only place and actually say they tell them that Steve makes that side OK I was totally get that out of you they'll tell you I cut back. Who was I mean I don't know who was where I'm trying to think where was it was like and now it's a big joke. But I probably get once a month. Don't Luke Schmidt says again enough that every guy is our livelihood of your beat the if he don't. Included texted me be I don't know what happened a body utility you tell you I was gonna see you. There aren't as funny whenever you have a good player and going to games all the some iPhone will blow up good thing and everyone threatens him moon but school first let out a forwarded to you want to going to act but it's. The thing one that blew chance committed so cool the same time it's like. I don't run Alec enjoy it but I was a younger kid that played sports my parents or wherever you load them feel like tells. And getting booed yeah. Yeah there's a little Lotta guys that have names like that and every Kevin Youkilis of the Boston Red Sox yeah you community not designed to say. They're not saying boo national game there are going hockey too when you on the tonight I mean on a team but I did hurt the little tense in Tennessee. Yeah they're back gamely goes crazy it's contagious I heard some I mean it's amazing how much crowd I heard when you guys scored and who isn't there's a lot of CRM Ellis then I mean our thoughts are. Are traveling so well these guys trailed their well it's kind of cool so of course and I football it's here it's actually feel always a fun time and we of the national game 530 and NBC. Luke Wilson UC LC docs to economic colts. And let's go to Daniel Tacoma Danielle your Ahmet Luke Wilson go ahead. Diet. You know I was gone. And and at age and yeah. Lock air you're. It's a powerful art courtesy Jimmy's gonna yes Baghdad have a Nokia. Let's get it magnate Donald Trump dinner for like you like 200000 dollars a table of them like that you have to pay some big money to charity to see people's action there's a dinner for 200000 dollars thinks like he's got a thing where if you pay a 100000 dollars for the Republican National Committee you know smiles fundraisers Youkilis at a table with them. Yeah I was reading so you got it is my dad you know you'd see some of these packets for big money for charity that it. Lay it. Wow OK so ridiculous that he's not he's very very I don't know right now and are the only way that's timing and his Christine under the tax line Sydney also on the tonight slime ball running or rather COL one tours for tourists and let me just say this is a great -- is a huge war. You know Luke Jimmy's Jimmy did you miss it. I doesn't get that does sound of fundraising and everything. Except we say we have you on the show it is an amazing I don't know of their six spots or whatever but the amount of gorgeous woman and all of a sudden light can tweet and re tweet that you're on our show. We don't get any women that look like that usually top enemy but then I don't hey let's go and all of a sudden. I go I look at all the people like you sharing REIT week and every one of them looks like their models and like this little Wilson can pull in some much active people that are his fans. You know that I'm I don't know it just how to respond to that you know I'm kind of fired up about it but I like how. I feel like you guys to their time is diverse crowd listens to revisit on the podcast statement that I do and and then you'd sort of popping on the mega cat and you see new people following is all these attractive women and as a reform now the mega agent in the Alley and it's a lot of instead yeah I tuned in because of who can match but what you guys really because I like we got any and I evade them I get paid we have to address a rumor I mean we don't like to do and allowing Gallagher is going OK we have a good that's a rumor rumor the rumor is is that Chris Hemsworth cut his hair for floor because he saw that you cut your hair and said well that's a loose too and that's the stallion ago it is there any truth to that rumor. There's a lot of truth that they thought I. Would think there is also not a rumor the truth. Today errors coming back on and tells you from Tacoma and I don't know when you can grow your hair out again we'll just I know right now that tucked behind the ears but I've got kind of the ash Ketchum vibe right now you are probably got to forget got to take a compatriot. I got that vibe going for me right now that awkward stage on rats but I can really flick the wings if I wanted to do. I felt but I tell ya later because I feel like the wing flick things like school if but it's. Probably two months or might get in some solid slocum now Rebecca how often lose local lead pack since since coming back yeah I think that's why I've been able to catch these balls this season is that the now it's funny how bad hair thing I mean since like it's it's the Santa story. Do's and their hair like you know what a vying to back a guy you know I cut my hair couple years ago in the second game. Got my first ever concussion right. Which was kind of weird because I mean I was 245. At the time. I don't know you know there was but lots of discussion yes. Heck if there is a guy had never gotten a concussion it was a year three. In the NFL for me him like man and the year Olsen coming there week later. I'm see that's not good so I think there is some that do it I think sums going on here. And I see who you know in the form of the things the disaster by the hall 'cause he cut his hair I think maybe there's some do it and rightfully so he should get disaster by the whole thing Keiko hole. That's the so hot take dammit let's go to its have a tendency to act revenue Robert Luke Wilson of your Seattle Seahawks go ahead. Boring guy ordered it to salute them. OK oh it like. Well during this and all that obviously you're eating habits are pretty strong. Quote. Eating habit out of Genoa Italy let's say it helps your track Alzheimer well. Calories let during the season how many calories do you taken Purdue on average I don't I'm not the calorie counter a more about life and those can sound really. Welcome Tommy rams as I know fat grams and host add to collaborate and we you're like it's not necessarily the calorie. Type of calorie you're putting your body OK I. I don't I don't wanna side I think a cringing less say that that's solid that guy right now but no I think it's good for me to know he has a pretty certain types celery and put my money output of candidates like kind of the thing. It'd cheeseburger variety please the Zedillo who does it rhyme with pizza yeah. I think it's not the right calorie we'll. Got happens to me in the offseason which is I don't really go out much or. Yes they don't like during Harley at all during the season. And then it's like that. First weekend kind of first like couple weeks that the season about this static let myself go what it's like. They have a couple nights are 0223 in the morning your heavily intoxicated. You hold rotisserie chicken by herself you know exactly how to spin meals are they are. And then from there you kind of I kind of shut it down and it's almost like. Starting back overseas and by time the jets have a month out of us reporting for off season is when you get back into the night proper breakfast training I mean you train before him but I'm talking like your life. It's sort of resources so you get eggs you really get the country a bad eggs are is that not good. Now I go public mourning wise right now via. I usually try and stay away from it starts cars but I'll go like Turkey bacon. Three depending on which way you lost game 4 legs in the morning with. That's just how much we TVs on average in the game. Depends on temperature rabbit this week announced what 910 pounds. I thought Google+ that's water and it's not like. I want bad physical way. I would have a chicken fried steak waiting for me in the locker pit stop or else we do barbecue got two games ha yeah so did that mean then that does say something might make time in the heat of the game we've talked about a casino and everyone goes that was fire we're ready for. Pods and a damn feel that's got to be some. It's also Ritter a game days is. Ike yet to see him look three hours before he had to have little snacks in the stadium like your nerves are going you're not really hungry. So it's like let's say we have a home game at 1 o'clock or one point five like we normally do so it's like I'll get there at 1025 us. And then so you wake up with Celek of a nine. 915. Go eat breakfast. 930. Whatever it changed your rating go to the game leave the east side at ten. Get their 1030. Warm up for again two hours we do our team warm up after that play for four hours you don't really don't eat anything like. You get out it's 530 and you have an eight since like nine man silly game days are days were like I and to be losing a lot of the. And is that is that typical hole on people don't eat until you know I think we snatched a separate site you're having like a full blown meal and then on top that I. Finally I'm always anxious to four games so it's kind of like tough duty to begin with a he didn't have access to any of the concessions that and feeling fielder he would like make you be like hey man owns or on a that a club level and grab a pretzel I probably not. You know hot but it's fifty say that is. One of the three season I think I would feel Florida if you are horrible player you have got to be an offensive linemen and you know. When he visited pretzel and delicious one of the pre season games I was in dress that I know groin injury. In. I was told by another member of the team to come newsroom and there's a media room. At halftime. That has like dogs can call itself and those like us in the media guys them loud is amazing. It is you know those mediums across I didn't really know if that does exist out there but it's early for the players. Yeah and I get together and today sir Paul are you nominating I think is your dress like your that's mostly goal and there were late equipment on NB. Yeah I authorize him I got kicked. Out of the media room at Safeco Field because that's where New Jersey of the team they want to be the opposing team okay element. And where a Red Sox Jersey and Aaron it came out and it was Red Sox media in there as well emigrate spread idea adding it to have any unit. As I've discussed some good if they kick well let's combat zone view that each that I was you know it's a it's a you know a boy's. If you take the boy out of Boston but -- -- you know they did they also took that Baltimore got to immediately put the effect that night that great cookies look at it and yeah they usually do these ideas and so that a massive job of a football related message from our by the other weekend warrior great wrestler wrestler and a three to a battle he's is out for duke I was curious what he thinks that doing more hurry up offense. When they seem to have a lot of success with it and if he thinks that. Are they might start doing more of that now. OK so this is thing. This is the first out of answer this question does come up a lot of junior when he somehow also involve the sun in this answer because you have done that before. I I'll try I'll try my best at. The thing what the hurry up offense which is it. Very cool when it works it's a one hour like really flying down field. Or it doesn't work. You don't really realize we're trying to do her yep office. That make so it's like. All what we just do more hurry up off what do you mean we you mean we may have been seeing the hurry up offense not realizing that it that's favourites but like I'll tell like we're not really moving the ball down the field so it's like he's going complete and it's not like people rushing to the ball and and it's a Cokie get another completion announce third down and you've used up a total of fourteen seconds of the game clock and don't really think you're going hurry up because there's you have really move the ball Serena like her being anywhere out of those particular time off the bat. So no rest bro I think like they're very offenses. Warts and do we do it definitely like does work in I think you'll have that in every game. But I also think we have Oilers of what you do and it's not like the hurry up office has yours been a 100% for its it's just stay when it works it's the only time you realize we're trash her off man it. That's why it's now working is there's some media guy named Steve Mason county and east is. And butchered dollar calls he's really he's in a lot of guys' heads that's guy yeah it's not a good situation. It. To apologize Russell Wilson that at that no more problem and see our friend right now you know it's obviously went to Ali talked about this report to Luke and an end granite and I don't know anything about football. What you at least that we talked about how the. First four games of the season really pre season and nobody seems to get that. Yeah. I think will would make every feel better is if we are one in Cuba like we were playing better. But we're not early playing well offensively I can't speak for defense in the second half. Last game I mean they've been phenomenal. And it was weird because you know they struggled a bit the second half and I was like our first half offensively we're like one hour like really do well right now so. Source timing nose dived in worked out great but. I don't know it's a source things were like it doesn't feel right even like be on the sideline it's manic. Well it way better and that's why are we playing like not gray but we have a lot of talent this is perfect time to do that yeah if you're gonna do it I mean now is definitely time. I'm index that man how do you fix it that's commit the million dollar I think I don't actually know the answer Steve makes on the sideline you play better. You know like Bennett's I wanna Maya. Like I like that you have is trying to get a good we did artists some energy from the sun yeah somebody actually wanted to know if you're gonna protest the sun on Sunday of I guess you know I hope. You don't have to see I guess that's that that is a question we probably should ask just because the fact I mean first of all. The guy that seems to be speaking really well a few guys and actually probably for the NFL to get national attention as Doug Baldwin seems to be very eloquent. With being able to say look. Here's what we wanted to do we don't wanna be divisive we want to be unifying we wanna be about you know that didn't love is the only answer to stuff you don't wanna be violent and bad comments entity in response other bad comments just don't do anything in. And Doug is it's me I've seen him being nationally posted as here's a guy that's got a great message and if I'm good now I'm like you know what hey Doug. What do you say I shut up and among let you do the talk of the NFL because he seems to embody. Everything that I would want to own body for what's going on. Yet it's say. It's so weird situation. Because. There's that so many complicated angles to it the sense of like. I mean. You won't you've got wind and it's like awkward for me to even talk of them not American so it's like even. More I forget he Jacqui brought NASCAR for me we can't talk and by the way if you got to the person who originally we win view you get out of here besides yourself when Canada's videos of nearly book hockey players don't kneel on the first on an on ice skates a little more at that awkward and secondly none of them are you from this country for the most part hello this merger but. Yet this fills a need your perspective because I really you're not from the sky. She's a what is the same time I think like. Why say a thing or you really need a message with this whole thing is. I don't really like so Donald Trump said some terrible things I mean Donald Trump said a lot of terrible things and you don't wanna do something in response dude Donald for yeah notes that or really for me personally am like. I'm definitely down for like. Yeah you've got a lot of inequalities in racial injustices in America and I'm definitely down the sport that but I in my. I really care. If Donald Trump wants a run his mouth so rally in Alabama like. I'm not gonna let that affect me does that make sense like it's almost a respond to a bully like you don't like you don't dignify that exact comment with a response yet there's a lot having a but it is a very tough tonight. That being said like especially in today's society it's like the don't dignify. You know his common response now so it will data's. All these guys are too cowardice to do this and just say it seems like it's a no win his. There is in knowing you're actually right we don't we we mentioned that Doug Baldwin think the other day somebody get madness it is and stop talking politics like we just giving credit to the fact that this guy seems eloquent when I sing any college's came off I think with a pretty eloquent message whether you agree or disagree he was very eloquent articulate and seemed very understanding and empathetic. Yeah and it is like. I don't know against a guy is not America I get like both sides do words say. You know. It's Aussie. Warranted or content and media attention to the same time it's like I'm sure there's a lot of people feel like that's not the proper formed. To stage protests which I mean I understand team you know. Mean do I love your prime minister forget is named schools don't go to go to that guy you know or Z every takes to take him chicks dig them yet he just hours eyes yeah. He used his office looks like it's a lodge yeah you know I heard senator Breaux. Yeah out of my buddies are right now I'm very real lines like all really tax players. But it prior owner role with him being with you feeling health care let's gul. They were ever more important question objects in that so wisely took some money grubbing jerk and Matt he's doubting you to death. Well I agree Obama last year I had the same problem I wouldn't sign a deal I kept trying to sign you in your agent kept coming back thing. Even more exciting a longer extension how awesome I had to back up the truck the people who. Oh my dad and I don't they don't I don't know off in the call now to humans are they do they actually based the stats on your agent Mike is that how mad horse they raise the stats and you on the field and and his first negotiation route. He tells me everything was not good enough for Matt hadn't come back with a better offer outlook I'm like how am I like the offer but come back with a better data back but about a guarantee. Combat would a longer term. Think geez man I'd wanna keep my friend Luke on the team now I'm with those guys on this stuff. Yeah after last year's free agent appeared to me I think like mad better than real life equipped aircraft. That any direct attitude at all season. That modified as a prospect on after a. That's great well Luke will be playing on Sunday night cited a football the hawks vs the colts it's actually feel 530 ABC. And if you wanna tweet at Lou I should say at L Wilson underscore 82 that's two l.s by the way at L. Wilson with two wells underscore 82. Luke will we love having you come in man whenever you whenever you can you know we we dig it. They're an excuse and a mortgage hey I'm this on this middle of the end zone my birthday not Luke Wilson yeah. So there are evil PR staff allow me to be here next to his birth agency combines the thing Heidi I saw today and he great plan I'd that's all I want. Remember you need to get a new you get in new. Either Madden agent or new real attitude when you're gonna figure it yet get those executives and we got to take that will bring and realized yeah. All right cool mint ice Luc and reflect on Sunday though I'd do me tell you right now you you are you a different god country thank you haven't got legs a couple extent that they are off yeah. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI DSW.