BJ & Migs 9-26-17 Luke Wilson Interview pt.1

Wednesday, September 27th

Luke Willson from your Seattle Seahawks joins us live in studio!


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Did you love having our next guest on news they see him catch and some touchdowns in last week's game. Right now the season. Russell Wilson plays welcome to the show Luke Wilson until it is it's that we tell you we MBA UMB on the show that gives the motivation needed I was little and that's what it did exactly I was looking on are making a return to look. The Maury show I got to have performance inside that yeah yes I'm talking about how it's picked Luke Wilson right back here god bless them I number 820 you're between him. At blue practicing at L Wilson underscore 82 and that's to Els and Wilson at L Wilson and his greedy too. And yeah man you know. No upset when you go that's a cool thing about. You know no matter what happens what did you do to walk out smiling nausea as a matter Fred I didn't hear anybody say anything about unity the commentators any of the after shows no pretty similar Wilson except you know like I did good Paula let's I guess that's a positive. Yeah I wanna go out and do my job. Well I did my job bill and other side that do those four employees. Is seated zeroing in amassed a cool thing but the team is everybody's on the other side of music comes and says hey it's not their fault either guy out. Yeah I I really let us down because of Brussels says that every time the team loses I feel even if in fact he threw 700 yards you've told scored forty touchdowns. Yeah I really I could have been better you know if if the team doesn't have decided I know he's always gonna say yeah I was on me. He had and that's kind of I think a good quality for illegally you like Ross is set. He's always will no look at himself first and and then go from there I think you'll realize does a guy and obviously were not playing great football right now but. Says I would like you I've already given up until Hanna that's RA Hamlin got an hour later a little earlier poorly you already know her half and she's I'm like you I did and I want you to flip the script so I really why because our point fingers and even in a win. Yeah I don't care if you guys win by like forty points or your I seriously I gotta tell you right now this guy though he's not getting it done yell at that might cause some problems you think do you might have to melt down we can blame everyone all season long would meet for the greatest thirty for thirty Eddie ESPN that gets like this I let us know that are sarcastic one bowl against our sauce sarcastic when you start believing yourself and you are really believing that you are. Around a bunch of people screw up all the time would have us are blaming like media guys that sought out prominent player multi effect it's. Did you all amazes your fault the we're losing to tell me I don't want to blame me during one of your post game interviews I don't advise the Internet stocks. And day percentage has been able -- guys you have accidentally had it read in guys' guess is yeah this is really costs us right now I want this class because as you need Steve Mason leave us alone theft it. I can do so off course Luke Wilson man if you if he had any questions from 20642 Iraqi Gaza Texas 77999. A lot of things ass look it's been a long time since we talk conspiracy theories on how to go back into the act like that it's no launch I Susan Luc is an already had the whole summer. They're really show unearthed some things we don't know about the aluminum Audi and a field on the world I got to do that they want conspiracy theory I recently had I was talking nor wrestler dude it's got pretty kings could be wrestling actually this Friday night it would defy wrestling at the Washington hall because I am he's a conspiracy Pearson maybe they give you and you like music as well so yeah. His conspiracy could I gave him my conspiracy theory is that Kanye West and Taylor should have been friends and includes. Since day one and that this whole thing is just one giant plot all the way back to when he stormed on the stage what's so mama only a matter allude to something concurred between the two he's always he always had issues he said a song about saying I made this big stadium in oh yeah I had out on her most recent some she put out is all about how she hates him and gas I think that they're just kind of feeding off each other purpose but. He shared a conspiracy theory may be Europe since your conspiracy dearest person. That Jonbenet Ramsey is actually Katy Perry. O Steve Perry actually Jonbenet Ramsey I die I don't know did you I guarantee you could see your friends and this is sure. I have not heard Alan I've now heard though and but it could be you never know the girl because like I maintain our current with the governmental conspiracy theory thing man and a pop culture stuff I don't know if that's really some announcements to charge of that for you guys yet you don't I didn't think was I'm not really sure what about Oprah thought the what was the other day the clips oh yeah I was just a bunch of nonsense honesty I don't think that was real anxious. I have all boys and we're all outside and we have easel glasses on and like every. I swear they've just put the glass design loses a little moon the pops up to a top left corner I'm like dude this is. This is absurd. I tricking all looks and I'm still not quite sure how the son works. OK we. I we had this chat today it was a pure yellow mustard yellow I leisure before you talk about this young guys in the NFL winning outside the drug testing yes that's not a very good point we had settled soon today when you lose it's not always mean Terry Mac would okay now aren't. Technically we understand but it's like kind of trip because an early this on quite work so we all think it does say Dallas got the signed was. Like this in the produce heat yeah. But that's not actually the case I believe it's energy that's what I've been told but may disturb you are since the sun doesn't produce heat producing produces energy correct because how come the closer we get to assign. The colder it gets when your employer and or fewer outer space it's freezing. I'm so I've been told I have not been noticed as well you know some bits I argue that maybe you have yeah. Awfully tough on the mound and gets colder we'll take it they are you getting closer to deciding. Technically you're getting closer to the sign so wired wired and older. Wiser likes white cap mound supplies of snow atop he's now. Like you wise in the sun really making these are yes and I thank yeah you'll open the plane looked out the window and there's like frost in the window where it's 85 degrees. Amber call service literally closer to the sun as far as you did so what's going on here what is going on what is happened is his son really hot yeah and Freddie Mercury is not the hottest planet I've come to find out really I didn't know that you asked what's the hottest police during his her beat I think Brett was asked that question so many times I'm beat maybe. If you remember what the hottest planet is and the hottest planet would be Mercury because it's closest to the yes on. OK Curtis Arnold RI Annan knows that no presents no I didn't want juniors RO US got to do bay has got a debate it's seen as right. Yes it's yeah to go with Chris yeah. I wish you had a that's why. Answer that's not the answer I'm pretty Jersey answered now okay see it it's so point genius is that Chris is back and yet. The second most planet from the sun is the hottest planet not the first one which is Mercury you to tell me the hottest planet. Exactly so and I think again it's something about like the sun does it produce heat. Yes David produces energy you have O'Reilly you know I went I guess some birds so now who came out who told you mr. Aristide may be identified are they embarrassed no I don't know Bob no golf in America. Bob's awesome he's not too move catching touchdowns so I can do. So the original guy going Steve o.'s tanner but then I brought up too few people I'd like well. It's a thing of molecular radiant heat Leggett doesn't eat up air the only heat so. That makes that don't let it be honest I don't you know I don't know science very well yeah I neither do I mean it's up and I assume blown woods to tell us like men. I'm not a big earth is flat guys don't believe in that OK I can kind of get down or there's some things will decide no we're not really sure broke. Well I mean we have a Emmy we do that hey all science is doesn't really know until they actually get there. Yes my promise sciences like. Dorado believe in like science like a lot of people would call it science from Mike then you look at size ten years goes far opposite. GAAP science only knows what it knows an -- discovers what it doesn't know -- August were wrong about what we thought we -- let me science and that's a whole idea sciences they only can go what they know right now death and try to make their best desperate but you know they they didn't believe they can believe they discovered himself all the time sometimes you know contradicts what they thought sells no science on cause problems I am really happy smiles high school -- yeah hundreds and apple I think -- it was a good at bat I think there's some even dumber than science I wanna know about all I just -- the problem right now is that you throw these theories on I've gotta amend the text -- not get everybody explaining all this stuff and it's just too much in my brain becomes very happiness has an atmosphere and chassis from the sun Mercury has no atmosphere now. I altitude air holds heat that's is dominated financially for energy. Hours a year after I'm faster I don't want to ask you I don't I don't know Nadal as number wild night right now. It is here and he has even know he's talking about seeing that low presence because the air is thinner and higher you go that's why it's colder cheers from Mike he actually slow and it's just like appreciate them if you down well I guess it must do something about not fair that keeps the heat where it is suitable to ground Malcolm there's a snow on. It's up in the mountains. Dallas because the mounds are higher Illinois and I timeout I want what Luke is on South Africa look I don't feel like oh. I don't pretend to know what I'm talking about or even when I'm talking with about site I don't know any of this you know I haven't proposal for new vehicles insert a monster on the son works yeah. I think that's similar to any integration or do I have something it's even dumber that I wanna talk about OK why. How can you dig how much nominee NFL between plays what is that like the big day. I understand that Google and arguing who knows I mean that. I did the arguing maybe that's what's argue but just taking your helmet off was I remember they said that was the issue not supposed to take you know I'm like my eighth. I didn't really notice that a lot of free yoga and play and I think that's all they care a right from the concussion Brokaw yeah. I mean I didn't really know I know if you if you're only gets knocked off eight U I need couldn't go back in for a play I believe you have only gets knocked off. Police in college I never know if it's in the pro post your helmet gets knocked off pianist got to play you have to go in like I don't know if it's for concussion itself or whatever. Man let. I've never heard of like. Yes liars the play's over. There's clear penalty that you're not delaying the game that she take your helmet off like I've never. Well you know it's interesting I'm because I listen to Richard issues like what we intercepted the ball so I'm I'm I'm off the Felix and Allen off because I'm done playing the offense is gonna come on. And I'm not only are we took a somewhat of civilians have been known I was late willow. I that the god never ever have Greta I'm not an expert I've watched football for all these as I never heard somebody cite you can't take your helmet off. As soon Maria Elena is also new to me yeah and so should his situation I was the son worked and how does the helmet rule works is really the two big questions we discovered today who's a son that made Richard so hot headed BS call I don't get that city that proving somebody zero. I do not act I got Sam I did see him on the line and he actually as the Seahawks question okay how good days to really stop talking about the sun collar and this is this is a this command now that's the least according to my screen now a key dissent could be lying I learned that sometimes happens does belong analyze sales and how Samar the son works let's go to Sam Sam in Tacoma you are on the Iraq. There aren't you got Luke Wilson don't forget that we look at LO Wilson underscore 82 minutes to l.'s go idea Luke Wilson on my body. Lived there are questions or sells them. What is what is your favorite part about being a part of the arc organization. Good question as good question yeah home to Muster the sun conversations you have with the boy I feel like that was a good conversation maybe a big crush on the on the back. I get a little slow balls getting myself and I feel like I I don't remember that I enjoy it and get a just like crush there are can I guess the only your favorite part about being Seahawks. These germ custom foot that they created civilian on the breaking your own shoes who told you look yeah I didn't get the immature and I got a seat lol yeah. Are proud that our religion other photos a spokesman. I'm Clinton how are yeah yeah as every player on the team hasn't mold of their actual foot so that way they'll have to break in their own shoes. This the equipment guys is put the issue on the mall move afoot to Leo's shoes. Every year rule thing and then an idyllic little Mike who is holding his Clinton like wow this has every night like in dense and everything who has Alice war are over and so that way it breaks in Emporia yeah and it really works yeah. Standout. Got the coolest thing about being a CR I asked me out that's got to be an exciting news that her hand so they did they make a whole thing your foot like that. Yeah it's pretty it's pretty wild cloud and now they're on to like it. Trying to scan if you have like slightly different size she Pollyanna which appear people who reality is amused by whatever half the size like. Which who and we have a hole like since a mobile Kaye this clearly better for use it so then it kind of place or who we had this company come in in part room or Seattle. And they try to give me a ranking of like what what she would be pester me. So huge stand in the staying in the they spill to coat. Your foot is in 9% match with the the deed as you afflicted Jesus yeah. 80% match of the under our version of this one so I was like man this looks a load of bunk that's my new order in a bunker OK so we are well the sun is bunk I don't like. The so I just got on Amazon these guys had a Mike how much is a he just super offended their you know their vendors like going there or close. Access are claiming their machine was broken into. Got a law oh man Glen and do you really still did you get any proof at all like that since she was good or do you think it's more like hey George is slocum because I guy I would side with the one. Personally I thought it was I thought the whole thing was little suspect. Till because he started when you've got some goes oh you should Wear this Brandon yeah parmesan you're really a yeah. You know this spring and sister company is is footing the bill you know one of those asked yeah. I don't know what's your favorite part of being a sea off my fair part. Honestly is. Probably home games I'd say it's combination I really enjoyed playing home games for us and Dan and Jeanne there's really cool. A solo home games and then. Are like facility is pretty sweet like will be out there it's amazing I mean it's. Don't run your play football you love it but it's whatever we twelve week thirteen our idols orbits take. You sit there on the side league Washington we've got music blaring and they could say our facilities pretty cool. Yeah I I've heard I've heard people just talk about how to Cadillac of the joint yet you know compared to some of the other places in the NFL which I've never been disarm I'm kind of hoping it stays away this speaker of the facilities I have a question for you is that it is stems from you just hanging out on the Maggie Cassidy takes me tonight he's popped on Griffey times and you give you are nice that the receptor that one time. Ted and I are convinced that you and possibly other members of the team. Pulled a prank on us while we were there move yeah I don't know to hear this repository Tony hey you wanna check out the the pool in the hot tub area of of the locker room I'll tell like shirts are we where one can do the locker rooms we get out there and amendments like OK guys ready right sure you open up the door and as you open up the door. There is Jimmy Graham buck naked standing in the hot tub with his hands on his head. I first thing we see. And it's looking at a smile is with some solid. Aren't so we don't know what to do at this point and then there's Doug Baldwin and the other hot tub also initial decision making eight hey guys how they gonna. Ted Meyer convinced that you. This is something that you guys do make people feel awkward Boise Boise State and it was he standing up showing a great job RO OK I get us. I happen to me you know what it was like that definitely Hulu also. Desire to do good hockey globetrotters staying and they put me in the visiting locker room as they go get the media got issues basketball the New Jersey generals yeah they all consumer Walken had the wrong Nikki and and they're already for actions not just like regular make it applies it to be ready for action well yeah. I mean I know I played breads are you so I'm lucky and it and it is just like it's a show like while these guys definitely aren't they have what I don't have a good tennis no doubt about it that's so I I wouldn't put it best guns because Jay is the idea was that a French always Wear that I don't know where they fully naked he was it was a big hit us. That was a prank goes all just happy coincidence. I mean that's gonna let go I don't know what they've done right they're just funny didn't like he was wit let's all accusing anticipating it's narrow it's there. Have to put up I don't honestly that this Philly so normal that I did you think about. Let's just arrogance Lindsay you are securing remote. No follow it would've been a great day so it's not a problem so they are they're cool you just bring some rant goes back there in the hot and missed the royal library thank you thank you know is low but no remedy I think there would have been better there were bitches done. And if it's like if you bring record to around and there's females involved ma oh usually like trend book that tour. Around one known will be in the so they're like he always seems very well UH I got a special tour and I figured I get yours you don't notice naked man guys a lot of worry. You guys can handle it I think all of a fine guys. Yeah securities July Torrealba son works we grant in here we are further remotely does that weird or is that normal like wouldn't go listen laurel okay I know it's just wasn't funny I'll generously clinical welcoming committees and what's even more awkward is post game stuff. Because it's like everybody's you know you got things to do you shower or didn't change in like a personal locker room is full you're like half naked in there's like probably 85. Media members yeah I cameras everywhere I've found that I feel really old female is awkward yet that's really awkward I guess the point or like you just. I don't know you just gotta go put your business. I pick out anything about it. Seattle and assured that both could be because the fact it would just given me the but there's also Massa headline but I I don't know hockey whopper we're just all talking and hanging out piano and some don't think it ultimate tolerant and with the number one timing a female walked into the locker room Chris you know it's coed hockey yeah Eckstein had a few on the team into sort of someone I knew it. Door opens understand that my foot like they captain Morgan and she wants cinema site. I'll hook highly. I am sorry I have OK okay edition of the family. At Beth Beth Beth. The extra money it's. Yeah I guess tell you.