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Monday, September 17th


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This is BJ faceless into our show's podcast if you're a fan of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcasts. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at BJ deep nation dot com. Your home is going into foreclosure and you feel like financial rack you don't know where to turn for accurate information. I'm bankruptcy attorney that was Gagne and there's talk about some legal options that we were quickly we can propose a plan to save your home modified alone or in many cases even eliminate your second mortgage for consultation is free and I felt hundreds of people just like you make informed decisions about whether to save their home or accident on a reasonable organized timeline. Chevy juices atone for the next chapter of my life these contact me dead choose the right chapter. Choose the right chapter dot com. See at all. Hey look back just after eight years can play that they'd get a year's sleep well. I just mostly. Less I was up to falsely out yeah and even though I got home I make sure I'm always home for my vacation day early now 'cause they always have that problem still going to sleep last night doesn't match I was so pumped them like yeah I don't know why the truth thank. Typically it's like I don't wanna go to work when I was just like hunter nor did you even though I'm here you were pumped about coming yeah you know I mean that there's more than just few years and you'd. You know even it out but I didn't wanna come here for cigarettes in my kids again Murray song on western Tennessee and again and your kids again they're alive your son's alive from wherever it may get serves not saw him saw him for you know are you saw us to see if that deceive Iranian Vicky and that's nice thing a reminder my own children and the failures that they are in -- are so high that shiner. She's getting better she's looking us is lookalike she's almost healed from that can we address that later on today and yet we surely cannot right your -- people don't know how she got her shiner musty maybe even fallen some the Internet because she posts as she's proud of the fact that she's looks like she just got our ass kicked. Great hands up and grabbed bacteria that present back idea there is I've brought Vicky president. All boy mowers and I want Christmas. Sometimes I got you something is to do you should know. Since I really should a guy you amassing you know our religious jumped to the extreme good morning well see. You gonna offend someone in the Mallard you might wait for someone because it was explained to them what their life you think Emma deuce when you see when I got good okay. As I'm glad that you are thinking like a Q are you obviously like the Mets from people but I don't think any or would take a chance giving a female employee. A Dupuis yeah for a gift I think Vicky I think Vicky thinks that well of me. Totally. I would together. I'm re gifting by the on par. Of course that's why I think that you would give somebody something this man who gave me a board game you like I'm getting this deal it actually in mind you're just gonna keep your house so I wanna back and take it back Ezra Merry Christmas here's this gift. So what he's basically just like leasing it out to you yeah. She's my scene out of my house is like a storage Q does this idea that is really what she is a myth he's gonna go out more my stuff and at some them to come Colin. That's I. My my garage is relevant boardgames. Or take this state has reviewed so minded take tests today here's some here's some nice and here I snow tires I really want you to have them until I'm the next season. They don't fit your car and take them thank you made that really their beautiful you'll love them. This year primary gives the Mickey is you see I really took a lot the package it thank god I hope is that yeah I am your peanut butter. Honest with the I don't know what an. Okay good look at your average might mean I think it might be it might be Mexican peanut butter I don't know I can't realize your read it. Also basically you're just giving Anthony's liking translated well it's listen if I don't if it's not good you can have it if you. If you translated and it's good I may want it back. All right but Diego let's begin with yeah I don't know what the hell is this. And then I was a bit I don't pray daily yet today it looks pretty stupid term peanut butter outbreak. But it's not that's I assume that he understands why not Spanish bro. What is that. I think it's a giant. Yeah. Hey. Is still no sign mean I this is Portuguese so apologies aren't crappy got a resilient during an women and how does it Portuguese and it's got Brazoban to be Brasilia. Know people in Brazil don't speak resilient they speak Portuguese then really I don't like night. No that's nightly alerts of blood don't speak American I got here yeah apparently not Steve did you know that Brazilians speak Portuguese I didn't know but I don't ask questions that I don't like I don't know the answers to I would assume that only pulls from Portugal speak Portuguese but I learn something new today. What is I don't it's basically. Kind of like caramel but it's made from light sweetened condensed milk. Oh look like camel butter kite not a silly butter but we can't milk what do you do post. And not let's put our finger isn't a significant isn't an act it's yours either entity. Again now you're opening yet to keep it will probably take the security layers and then nine total security pact between me that's. Always a comment on this if you can open it. I went a little little Fuzzy thing you live here apparently beginning brings for Christmas now. I during the month you know children's health OK so dress at 950 when between the our. Think he's gonna help him help. I think it's our well. Just letting well you know those now christened them the generous when I'm touching your sweat welcome that's my guess CFO. You know Steve. Okay well that's the heart of money. You induce Dave Wallace hold your breath is really. Though it's not opening the honest thing because it's mostly wet. Well I mean they are not flat that's us well you know oil and try it you know didn't lose. I think that guy you know covers will be a problem all that's not a good power and learns about is it because they're a different country goes the other way oh I thought about that you know Citi gets it could be different countries in the middle area. And ended up every here and it brought me from my finger and no old Q what do you carousel yours anymore safeties he estimates on an apparent that. All right so it's so sweet and smoke when they Steve. It's kind of hasn't played college yeah well this is Karen yummy frozen milk it through our. Is that Carol this week milk Nortel sugar now in Texas has the stuff is actually delicious my wife is from Brazil you guys who enjoy it try and I'm bread. Pol to have any bread. Will next thanks BJ you jackass I did at you for Christmas why you re gifting it. I'm not that good actress and I've other I you know first of all give me something that I can read write them I mean I can't read Portuguese I was Pacman now Vicki can have as my gift to her. Not thinking happy holidays Vicky thank you out there's a Foley's obvious guys enjoy the taste of my thing you can. Yeah. I fingers I know got it fingers that it had to. And the opening. Well that's just not big god. Well that's a very nice gift that you you can see that and say you know what I'm thinking caring men Leo. That's that's the public at least she could read it though I love and I can't understand is our spirit of Ricky it's a and I can understand I'm American. You know America. American did I it's not Spanish Portuguese when you figure it out. It does it's it's really guarantee it. But you're really giving up up. Something delicious you know moment. Well you know on how you put your finger and it's tainted money my finger part out too late now plus Vicki tell us that it's it's kind of it's kind of gone whenever. Anyway Steve you know what my take is that you guys have spoons network now. Well we know we do and I as a very I like to be hygienic but these two savages don't care they wanna stick their body parts and things actually give a spin and it depends right here in the city LLC Asia. 2017 is off to a great start yeah once I see you guys are putting fingers and ours. Yes I don't let up. I've really what is it about and we're getting we're getting that I gave back should get credit for that that was very nice of you I started out 2070 giving that's got to mean it's going to be a good year for me right sometimes the company hasn't figures illicit things that we've done at a charitable for that their public file took us I'll write this when down Vicki gave. ABC news he would jar of what he thought was Mexican yeah. Peanut butter and I gave molested and cultures. And languages yes you helped to sansei then don't win we always comes up from a listener the listeners and current us well let's be honest if you listen this year oh. You're a loser must be not the case wow it. Yeah that's just one thing I guide and I disagree with BJ are very real Steve meg says I listen to our sir you are awesome. OK I guess you call our listeners loser listen I wanna I wanna be honest with them this is what they're spending their time with they they're gonna go nowhere in life of their looks traditional it's over it's great it's over for them let's be honest I think you've said it yourself. Happy new year everybody and doing. Hey Starbucks is in the news now those guys are winners eaten some might not say that all yeah well it could be one reason because. Now they head to Spokane customer because he asked out of a restart my date all boy he's got the news four at 618. On Iraq. And they eggs mornings. On the rocks yeah point nine K I guess tell you. Point nine KI SW the rock cubs see at all. Get the new Vijay makes gaffes he sure in the rock shop it's as we look at your man takes to a galaxy far far away. Question the road get this year and to be number one road. Hey come out now. Yes hey we didn't miss a beat we're back from five. Others that delightful woman again. That's not your by the by the way that it is that's very flat when a woman. He's on the Internet she's impressive. Yes you want this galaxy shirt Vijay MA style just go to KI SW dot com. Well he's no Pulitzer Prize winner. Well maybe getting them renounced bullet sir this is news wins teammates. Than guys and they. So the buckle shoes casino for giving us news and sports and at 37 year old guy from Spokane Omid troubled former at a Starbucks he's been banned from a Starbucks in Spokane. Because he asked one of the breeze is out on a date okay. That's college although are more false. Now it's time for mr. to get a little more creepy again remember he's 37 years old a move that free stuff six day in all. And now. And he went back the next day after I get. Wrote her a note this is at all yet she's flirting with me because she's a very stay in the service industry and they're always one of quote while flirting with the F. The message is being nice for whatever so now the cops said hey. You have to leave you're not allowed top many people call this guy creeps yeah he says I broke no law and nearly took a chance with my heart I'm tired of the word creep. Being called a creep as any you're the best part. And any black person or gay person is tired of hearing certain words I have a whole web page dedicated to age gap love. Because that's gonna make you seem less creepy well innocent and our whole web page dedicated to. Age gap love. It was so enjoyed so people are eighteen and all that's kind of what society wouldn't you think it's they came out like you for being a guy while an eighteen year old but that's at least lethal. And he says he's a victim of ageism. 37 years old seven shut the F up find. I think we all agreed gay people whore on high school how about that you have compared yeah okay and that's what Steve did yeah it still is Larry this is OK okay no I waited till tone low ask me I don't know. And now we've been together very happily 37 years old I think that was that was valeo are you got married about 37. 35 and she was what dad just eighteen. Yeah I've yeah that's right to do to you today. AFLAC it thanks Vijay finally see by just that this then you are now banned from going to Starbucks. Called outside. They're not banning meat amount of money I'd give them that they're definitely not banning me almost prime at a good time to say happy nationalize chocolate. Covered Jerry day but it is not possible. Rarely forgot to bring that out. You know how you you know what you know banned from this room that's a the only stat was Starbucks is what happened over in Tampa but a woman went nuts off because she went. Into a Starbucks asking for change to take a bus because you said now we can't open the register and then she went on a Rampage well it. Then when she was arrested of course she was charged with other stuff including possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia when the officers found drugs on her. Say that Seattle is trouble for that by yesterday if you're watching us port side you watch the Rose Bowl probably what I came. One of ending up USC winning 52 to 49 no last minute field goal. Really factor for a very odd game at times out but dad. At one point data come back from fourteen points on the fourth quarter to tie the game. On the final field goal also have a the kicker he missed two field goals earlier in the game shows a lot of suspense going on without one. Huskies of course if you were watching over the weekend when the reason that peach bowl game against Alabama. I've pretty well against such a powerhouse that is drama law but now it looks like next year they'll be without John Ross could he skipping his senior year and during the NFL draft so good luck to him I see ansari in the playoffs in the playoff spot this upcoming week and you got to see out taken on the Detroit Lions tonight game is on Saturday evening at 515 on NBC so reluctant hawks. As far as whether it's cold out there dale I got up left the house has torn through degrees outside that's Goldstein losing its only eight get to a high of 34 degrees and we're gonna sun today so it's nice. Yeah earlier for it was a mess I have my flight was canceled delayed. Because I was saying I was ready to come home. On Sunday and yeah all sorts of fun while I was them on New Year's Day and almighty in my everything that moved around canceled delayed snow everywhere. Is a little tough Tennessee tech. You re like a two and a half maybe three inches of snow. By our house the belly to drive down the the road down char road indelible more towards the senators like no snuffed. Yeah so it was a weird you're right that some people they had no other purely what the hell they're talking about with the snow cry for a six inches they got released by the you know by Italy side that the down by the airport and allow the and like you said. You know on the east side. You know Mercer Island nothing. Crazy yeah and so you know it's like guys you know they built the airport closes downtown Seattle would have been a problem Ari after that wouldn't be an issue. As I've played much that. West and we slowly are you watching Tom Hanks movie ST you have landing planes because I think I was about that guy that supposedly was drinking. Now let's I thought I thought things at that I thought the story was he was allegedly picked I was impaired when he'd rescued we did neck breaking and landed the plane that's always the focal point of all of the movie. Almost a focal point well just that he didn't he could've. I don't spoil for people is that your story obviously this is the guy who landed in the Hudson. They're saying. Dug the holes the plot of the movie was I mean I asked him at one point during the film McCain where you drink you that was my the focal point what's all that all he could of landed Anna and Anna. On a runway. According today's computer. Our simulations. When he didn't do that he would do that and obviously that that's a great film out. All are really good yeah I you know I remember the story when it happened and they were focusing on the alcohol in the story. As to maybe why he didn't make the right choice the first was I don't know if in fact that was overblown it within the coverage. And in the movies is let's get it right in them and tell you what I don't remember not part medallist tonight that was not at all like the that the plot of the film that was about him doing something that they felt that he didn't need to do. I MA may have been meeting was drinking when I was reading this and then you know and I think I was questioned may be your friend named Sully that was drinking if you I don't know seal like the movie won't get dusty tomatoes off solid 97%. The thing is that did get well reviewed so this is not your typical film that I enjoy you scare me because so many Eagles on and it got rocks not beaten out of anyone you yet you Denny you know it's it's it's it's not neighbors to. You know so they have been for you know places like a legit well done film that I mean I would even be willing to recommend to your wife. Who knew that rule it's great film men and I was scared out of raw tomatoes is 85% certified fresh. The problem you give everything I superstar Stevie tomatoes you gotta be different with your we did in 97 yes 92 is typically the average nightly as a senator Bob averaged Jesus. And I somebody saying you're thinking of the movie flight with Denzel. All that was the one I was that all OK and have some based on real stories and wasn't a lot of you were texting about that you saw okay. All right that's about Osama confusing realise from confusing can be no peace is the problem. All right thank you people appreciate that you know I don't get old is like. Don't dugout it's it's it's not a good thing that there's on. I'm honestly it's just I've been embarrassed or result more more which is forgetting stuff from. Mark talked to people anymore so yeah it's a good come out. I I remember. See how your life the war. I hears it they I haven't I I have an issue in my memory because I got a Christmas card from really good friend of mine. And. I don't know how to ask because I don't know if I'm getting old or something big happen and his family. But I think that his hit I I remember him having two girls in his family okay. Yeah I I totally remember every two girls and I get this card. And it's like hey Merry Christmas and it's an and one mom's name is Mitchell. And then I you know here's the problem and I don't wanna be insensitive. But nobody says anything and you when you get older you outfits you when you forgotten that debate there they did he always had a kidney Mitchell or not I don't hope you have mutual friends you can ask one removed from that I I think what I have to do that. Because I I I don't know if there was that you're in if that's how. He now chooses to identify himself because yeah it's a big issue these days I don't know how to do it because. I'm always uncomfortable and awkward because there's somebody else I recently ran into an historic who I remember working with and I remember they identified as a female one I knew them. And then but I have but I wasn't sure if that was true or I was losing my mind then they tell me their name I go I totally do not remember this name. And maybe she's not talked to anybody attribute it. It looks like it's a guy's name they're wearing clothes definitely looking like a guy who packed. If you look at their features it's like well you know it's like guys. You know it's it's not like you there's no way any little mistake you for a woman and if you if you had decided to identify as a woman. You would be a very homely woman. I don't know what I think every hot check okay I tried. But did the the Turiaf the press for it until people could spare tire a drug that you really do. The took Cleveland question though. It could go either way and but and I and my brain remembers them as well so that's the well misses that might bring members and as women but equipping and I'm going crazy and they never went and I don't. Could mean at this point though would I don't know about I mean why even bring about that. You know I mean are you having conversations with them and say it's where. I immediate though I and I wish I kept all Christmas cards. You know coz everyone says the picture cars like throw money every year now my most people modify captain Mike could go back like CSI I FaceBook stocked yeah this don't mention. So much to make a mention winning animation every day for the rest of their life but somewhere it's a beat somebody somewhere at some point maybe. I can visit thing. Like to be awkward I mind what anybody's doing in their life you know offensive what anybody does whatever makes them feel like they're a good human being in their gonna have a great life care that's fine would be. But you have to understand that when there's something new that happens and you know transgendered in the idea of this concept is new to a lot of people I didn't grow up with that yet. So it's going to be it's gonna take beat some time to adjust to something new doesn't mean there's anything wrong with anything it just means I have to adjust. As an awkward person I don't like to sit there and go hey how are you know and then stays on the that's wrong I feel horrible and it really has an adverse effect on me. So they need to do when area need to do to make you feel more comfortable with what you're saying well isn't that what anybody would expect from anybody on the idea. I mean I don't bowl first of all. If you asked them I think they they would maybe be upfront about you're making more awkward in the sense because you're creating a story in your head about how they're gonna handle this I mean if you're up front I don't remember all my buddy from high school. Friend request to me on FaceBook we haven't talked to forever and then. But he requests and it was a female and make it just doesn't make sense I know my clothes I remember his last name is on the closest friends from high school bully lost touch over the course of life. And like he I don't think yet the sister and I put two and two together Mike. But he never 00 hey dude one because I mean now just being. I don't I don't think he needed to but I asked Ben and and and we had a good conversation I got two I think yeah I think you've got to let's say hey guys here's what Amato. Which which we don't I think his I think it's courteous just to keep mean because that's a big change. It's a big thing is a big change for them but that at this it's true is that I used to identify with understand the world revolves around you and it's important I'll be happy and to people. I'm with everybody's doing it's I. I really do think. Were you making huge change I think it's good to have a conversation with the people close to saying here's what I'm doing. I think that's not. You don't Germany the other kid you can confuse an actor Denzel Washington it's a whole different story two that's the problem what if I'm wrong and what have they ought. What if that kid was always a dude and what does this person that I ran into was always a dude that's my pro. Bloom yeah me and I think a guy let's get the problems are now I'm old I don't know five forgetting or if in fact the big changes that but how are they supposed to know that there'd Barilla and everybody know that change it's at now I don't know I don't know the proper thing to do I don't like awkwardness in Maryland live in the land of awkwardness. I want to be able to meet a person. And go hey MB cool on the right at that say I don't appeal to say the right things and treat a person the right way and that awkward moment when you look at somebody you go. And you've known them you know on the one way and now they decided this is what's gonna beat and you like. Or art or you. Like there are girls that liked to dress like guys but they're still identifying as women a peck you know I'm the end actually so that's the problem. I ER you are you a woman that dresses like a guy or are you a woman that's transition to a guy. And that's not I don't know what I should do. We couldn't have just a regular conversation that has nothing to do without notice kind of just talked to them. Announce like you know hey how you don't you know hey sweetie your role as they were you calling sweetheart yeah Lotta people sweetie stop calling them sweetie that's weird man oh whereabouts in Spokane asking girls out on dates still and Leo I always use her or him you know it's like I. So I was gonna ask the person's story Bayless and I ask you about this this guy. But I mean an over the move of its not a guy that's that they would if they it's like what what guy you're talking about. I think the only way I can see this working kids and for nothing completely blowing up in your bases and have a mutual friend that might have more information you can stick a can I ask you questions and and do it that way but they're young people think. I thought in my mind. Well you clearly didn't Facebook's stockman not feel a look at the pages they like in my house includes a marriage see that's not agree Sugiyama in the name I should have you do the stockpiles and that's our Vicki deceit. Vicki woods a stock WD what am I I I just I I again I don't have I don't I have issues with anybody I just want to be awkward. Well so you haven't talked them along time intrigue at this Christmas cards so are you really that close to them. While close to my body I mean we sort of FaceBook communique a lot. That's why that's why this was a huge surprise might like. My FaceBook buddies like he'll tell me what's up this that everything looked at are you comfortable on the just Beck Heyman in my long crazier did you always have a son and daughter. That's the thing is I don't wanna be offensive I think I could be offensive ask that question that's why don't know what to do. I ridges and I was like damn I'm going crazy. I'm an old man crazy I don't know what's happening here I mean I you know I mean if they haven't seen this if you haven't announced that maybe you don't want people talked to about it. Here's the other thing and you got BJ bugging you about it that's what I try to be nicer human being elected. What you can do anything how often do you in Iraq and your daughter or the sun well that's something I've heard I feel bad if I've actually I've referred to. What if would have easily do that looks a little feminine and I've always thought it was a chicken it was never checked in the first place here and corrected you. You bet. Item number I'm done it's over chemical called him up right now I am not gonna talk to didn't know I can't do that now I'm doing. No I know you would. But I'm I go because what if it's a thing you know and I mean what if you look at what if he's sensitive about that could be why maybe isn't talked about it and that's exactly it you wrestling Ryan mutual respect that I do which is why I'm talking about a run out. Why don't know what to tell you to do other auto body cool little and Larry don't even don't even it's now it's on I would be up refute you would just be like well whatever. Now wouldn't be I mean I've. I'd I don't I don't I did one person we all know that this one person worked. Without us really yes and I think they've changed their gender but nobody knows I know this person you until but I don't think you remember this person like I talked to Vicky and Vicki doesn't remember this person. Nobody remembers this person which would I ever worn journalism might not even really know these people I don't. This person first and I never good but they pretended they newbie do you really have a FaceBook page thoroughness and your head and leave them on the in the country. It's it's a tough thing it's just I don't like to be awkward and it's an awkward time I wanna be nice to people but it is awkward when you don't know how to refer to somebody. And not be offending them because I wanna within it creates like a tough situation you look like a jerk when you go on manager and is trying to and I'd just I don't know what's up why. Think you're gonna be entered by being awkward I think I think in that in those situations a lot of people that are transitioning probably except the fact that things are going to be awkward with the circle people they might help you write about that I would imagine there's just so people get militant get mad like. Do you should just accept this the way it is why you have a problem this is like our problem was what you're doing a license is this is new to me and it's all because I don't know. I don't know what the proper way it is to be with you I'm just gonna forget that a why these be cool regardless and I don't know you will be but I mean it just the address and somebody. I guess if you bring it up. And is much variety out there's the I mean I think I get you to we could be a man and still like to Wear women's clothes that's different that's different that someone who's transitioned to becoming the woman. So you know and you could offend everybody if you go all you must be able why can they go not a black what do you want to is that. Asking the person is never wrong. And I disagree with that person I think it's how you react after the fact is where things go wrong right about that because sometimes people do get mad that you even ask questions about it like you should just go hey this is the new normal why you even just treat me like but what would they rather you do ignore them. Because you're too awkward to ask them or ask them get past that awkward fees and then just move forward not talk anybody anymore than. Well now be awesome that would be good everybody wins a Delano from salt. Yes Jeff voice Steve is not able to figure this one out what's airlines officials abbreviation is a eighth. Alaska Airlines is no cops. Alaska is no. Arkansas. Total total our desire airlines my favorite. I don't know why just skipped over there another airline is sound like I guess you know Americans do because that would be the airline to should've guessed. Yeah I have a shot at beating Steve 206421. Rock rock is 7625. Complaint beat migs at 650 on the Iraq. 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I'm so usually it's kind of a mix of assault with a credit counseling and of course I didn't even thanks travesty if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time. As choose the right chapters dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.