BJ & MIGS Podcast 01-03-18-7A: When did you “lose it” at work?

Wednesday, January 3rd

Beat Migs. A hair stylist  intentionally shaved a reverse Mohawk down a client’s head. Luke warm topic. 


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Come tonight nine point nine KI SW Morocco's Seattle are revealed his that if you have an Amazon echo or dot. You can listen to the rock that's pretty cool man I never had who likes him and today I'm seeing one in our studio yes this. Alexis what's on my shopping lists. You have eight by one shot in handcuffs. Dan's continental flavored condoms and banana flavored condoms. And then flavored condoms. If Condit don't want to mess an got phones from banana flavored condoms. Why a lot of I drive a lot of shopping you'll get all clearly. But more importantly though you know what she can also pointed to our podcast our show contents. You say Alexa open 99.9 KI SW fine thanks for checking out the rockets there you go it's as simple as that center region makes. Hey Vijay I'm Steve. Okay you gotta find this on your payments on the life. Nice job for you why you more info you know what do you these downloaded terrorism is still okay. I honestly lady what do you mean well they're like anyway just go to KI SW dot com to get all the info. Now and. And tonight and your dad is. I had a nice but yeah everybody awake by midnight when the ball drops I guess yeah I was away yeah oh yeah body not me. I heard him third year we did not make it to midnight black. And I'll even saw the space steel explosion on the Eagles look a little weird under reconstruct your like boxy look yeah. I was kind of freaked out by that driving home because of wind two can more to Larry Ellison friends for years and don't back home and I saw that I didn't realize that it's that they're doing all the construction and it looks like a weird and. Yeah that's so strange to somebody and social media I wish I had a primary camera which idiot friend of mine bought this that they thought the dub dub your tends. Lots of stuff was because it sustained damages from the fireworks across. Excited that I continue to believe that I love Smart friends I don't. Within a whole little rant about how how messed up there was a look at the space you know and how it's all sky like you're an idiot. I didn't say that I just chose not to close so now here on outside media but instead went on a big time radio station called new vehicle is no. I know you guys in New York instead dummy doesn't know when you're gone and at the end acknowledge her friend. I did start on following him alma I can't follow stupidity I got that. That's amazing. Are we need to get Steve some practice for nudity no over the way as dear to blaze a bead maze we got Jackman the cubs take on Steve Jeffrey there's certain. Happy NBA and I asked what he played pretty Steve tickets it's got LA guidance and be in the clear wanna casino resort on sponsor very first go to KI SW dot com brought the details. Once I got really dungy you get your tickets at Clearwater casino dot com Aristide gay and I. Those playing you don't jets will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Jeff you can that's all you want. You'll only get three guesses for question how are you ready. I. Which doctors themselves who believes it person's a person no matter how small yet as on what part of the body is a turbine traditionally worn. Yes in total how many wheels as a unit cyclist tricycle on bicycle have no. Oh yeah as to giving whiskey what are these dots on dice or dominos called. Just regular piece. Cheat. It's nice it's or are these sequel to the movie Wall Street is sub titled money never watch. Please suggest. Wonder who all was a hit song but what British band just. Yet as wiz Khalifa was arrested for writing what device through LAX and 2015. Oh man I don't know you know. Out of our most I don't know now it what year in the early two thousands did Michael Jackson's dangled blanket from my hotel balcony. Diaz. Used to use 2014. Album was titled songs of why act. Paolo. Narrowed one to 3456. Per act. That. If it's Jeff is centered Abby woods is I'm not Orleans parish yeah it's eight students Sears. Hopefully answers out of well where he normally pulls them out of and so does that some answers. Did I what I. On the rabbi here and I I don't know it's really hard to actually see words right now look if you are with a woman you meet demand explain something to her you give remains decides that's what you know. Both Steve we'll see if we get some answers from you today. How are you ready. Gang stars couldn't answer as many cities. Which Dr. Seuss elephant believes a person's a person no matter how small dumbo note. Did lead to know I I delete delete out tomorrow. On what part of the body of big urban traditionally Warren act yeah as in total how many wheels disease units like what tricycle and a bicycle have. Hope she's the heat. For its. 706. As the beginning with the he what are the dots on dice or dominoes call box to clean snow text. Point snow yeah. Brokers now. The sequel to the movie Wall Street was sub titled money never watch it sleeps yes wonder what was a hit song well what's my place and yet as wiz Khalifa was arrested for writing what device to LAX and when he fifteen Fedora hover boards that aren't covered courts yet tested what you're in the early two thousands did Michael Jackson dangled blanket from my hotel balconies. She doesn't say yeah ask you to use Tony's fourteenth album was titled songs on why it. The songs and are stuck in my iPhone is no odds crap I don't even know songs that I don't listen to narrow path. Why do 3456. That's and. Man I don't think Terry songs but just just adds I was I know you did well. I could mean can we climbed we haven't heard that before why not. They just. I didn't meant to ask you did you were you awake for the other big ball dropping or do you policies is if you all think boot. No really just great big bonfire and men he had lost backyard looks cool cool lol see that's a great that's a great way to do it anybody get hurt nuts. You know and all the other. Outside I always tell you right now Smart or your alcohol and equipment everything I've never been so so happier so lives. Here anywhere. Then the East Coast because of the fact it was rule for new years for people to celebrate anything and even need you you even Ryan Seacrest subject. I can't these annoying no matter what the temperature is like forget that out which is unfortunate I thought maybe they can slow her down with a cold weather and my wife whose hero watch as late as her face just frozen there isn't the Botox yeah SE II think it's the Botox and I go on Twitter and everybody's talking about Jenny McCarthy's Botox and a really weird hop on now the chilly up cartoon men he did there's no wrinkles on her stay there was no movement at all know all this turmoil that was all that was moving just. I'm ventriloquist dummy. Yeah I it would be eight did she looked weird and she's just get it done there I mean I watch shows where led to that I get doesn't have. Been like he can't move your face for awhile afterwards it sure felt that lie low you know the funny thing is is I think her and Chris harbored in the same age as they did singled out together yet. And she will miss it looks like she's doing so much to stay young. And Chris looks great at me hey you yeah and yet I think they're both close to fifty like they're in their than the mid to late forties yeah. No harm we're gonna dollars in his forty I I think I could be right about now Jenny McCarthy's 45 polls Chris maybe winner faces only blocks six months I guess so she's mid forties I think Chris has mid forties still 46. While he looks a lot younger than her yeah I mean. Because she looks like she's had work done Chris Chris Harris polls -- always be forever useful book to be fair it's is more of an expectation looking really he's pretty if you're lady. Yeah and what about the expectations people have mean Vicky there are expectations exactly and I. Yeah nothing and it's a look like a curmudgeon you're definitely somebody must extricate us I was so great to be ugly and don't ever. How how do I got the greatest Grammy I get older and I look the same as far as anybody is concerned because they're our guys still only did the best was Steve Harvey I could be DVR and all The Who watched. I don't see any him. He had like thirty layers on man all you saw you really almost look like Kenny from South Park you Kyra I think it was hard it is did you like the big Jack and apparently you see a six layers on I mean that was the big talk from both shows but they're all of them were just on how cold it was and and that's why I was very surprised Jenny McCarthy had let the fingered gloves were you fingers are out and I know how her fingers were frost bitten. Because see it did I mean you can some people were performing. When you know like with the leggings on late that like they have stockings on like YOK Annie is someone's got to tell them all right carries people they don't need to be dressed so muddled that nothing wrong I don't know who's the cold weather love a man she sounded awful. Just Tara and they said she was redeemed and I was like him I listened to the same thing now alas it was horrifying the last she was at least fun and horrifying because I was not good -- -- like her voice isn't it -- -- major -- -- she can't do those super high voices later those the end notes anymore or was she complaining that -- somebody didn't bring her -- that she needed teens Jesus -- site I think and hammer every year just feeling like about the bad performance and any excuses she makes you ask don't tell -- number I actually got another bad performance -- Mariah Carey coming up next at the end of the episode ago -- may he redeem yourself and I'm -- -- racy -- game or does he actually -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- did you -- -- picture -- Steve -- -- -- -- that's -- -- that's -- pretty -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ready -- the North -- -- that looks -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and everything. I hustled into the pictures and names of this great. Space is our lives outside they always did survive the month as does that trailers that that's invested do imagines him more good Kenny from South Park I saw you out loud to you I mean anyway it's there was minus zero and a lot of play I mean it's been freezing here and I thought it was bad in the major reasons I saw what Lake Erie Pennsylvania had like 32 inches of snow on the windshield was like below zero. You know in New York City and they're saying snow and Florida yeah. They took phrase they don't and then I can know what to do attackers I don't people moved out of the Ira C get away from the snow had to do this business that. This is do Al Gore was right yeah we you know knock on whatever it is this. Knock on the MLS. Yeah Amanda please we we still mainly ever lets all get a windstorm and the will be bad maybe some flooding as it but nothing like anyone's head around the country in the last year and of course now with their own zones you know temperatures. And places and and and it's nowhere they're not supposed to have a I was so you can bet he won't have a bonfire on New Year's Eve like you can go do stuff yeah. Was fantastic weather is nice but he still reason now I know I'm on the on the the old fart dad doesn't wanna hear fireworks on him it was raining right now I'll beat everybody sales fireworks right outside in my house would stop yet be glad you weren't in Tacoma apparently it was just constant like war zones. Every passing our table has it ramped up. I just don't remember this so much when I was growing up the fireworks going crazy I lived in Massachusetts and they weren't legal but that we went live we semi for July 4 but I don't remember it's so much for New Year's Eve but it's a big T extent they were hearing it now New Year's Eve I always Xperia have always heard that but I do believe that people are getting their hands on a lot of fireworks more so than before because I mean even during the hawks' game of course there are responding faster. Yeah some recent recruit drinking game we took a drink any type Seacrest talked about the temperature or anytime JD talked about her looks. Demi got smashed yeah I guess I. Yeah I I'm really I mean I guess for the Lotta people live like that kind of thing and so over Jenny McCarthy. This is the first heroes countdown with her yeah I leave Kenya hammering calling your face come back this year. Defense is trying to be like how are you know she's just not just she's just not aging gracefully I'll tell you who is. Is Gwen Stefani who's about the same age and each get a Christmas special with Jimmy Christmas record that was actually pretty good yeah well I watched the special which he pretty yeah oh yeah so I imagine she sang the same song yeah. A lot of people thought it was too sexy which I thought have you seen what people are wearing today that you think of what Winston Justice a funny because it was real tastefully fairly sizable enough I mean it was sexy but it. It was age appropriate sexy you know it's funny 48 years old exactly that's what I'm saying she's walked yeah I'm a cheese aging gracefully like she. I thought everything that she wore was appropriate for the fact that she's a woman getting close to fifteen but she still sexy. She's not like Madonna or even you know I watch Britney Spears now's you know little delay I think britney's trying too hard. Now if you sign her stuff on New Year's Eve you know they just took the footage from her rom. Vegas show yeah yeah we watch that as well knows about it is fine yeah I think she's kind of get she's also to me are you bring you got to figure it out as you get in and another decade she looks good but I just figured out she's laughing all the way an embankment he had a string of tonic catching you see her viewing your your your proof positive you guys then yes. I but I I like the way Gwen Stefani is is is dressing herself as she gets older. Do its defiance she looks. Has she a huge to us yet she doesn't mean that I that yard we get older you kind of like maybe get older with everyone they are incensed that like you you don't. Did it it does and I guess I guess it doesn't it's not noticeable because we're all getting older but she looks no different than she did twenty years and she sold in the Jenny McCarthy. The fact they should know better now. See isn't that goes on our jails thing going on she's like fine line have you see the Julia Roberts commercial I don't know what the hell it's for I think it's from some perfume but apparently it's working really well yeah I think it's a perfume but do Julia Roberts is another one it's like high at that woman in her fifties. How they held as she looked the same as she did with pretty woman as she it's if I mean she looks no different to me maybe her and when a guy like the line on the good plastic surgery Doctor Who is on that everyone else is using. I argued that he noted is once the funny Julia Roberts are a little quirky looking Demi their beautiful but they're not like you know if you will. The DD what you would consider lights a magically gorgeous that'd some people would call gorgeous that there Corky gorgeous. You know if you look at Julia Roberts she's not your typical beauty and I was in the same thing for once the fine. Now I think in London she looks to me that that you did push the fifties maybe close to sixty rice. I know ideology I think she's gonna keep your securities yeah Julia Roberts I couldn't believe and I know what's commercially and airbrushed like hell but yeah fifty. So so not used to find her clothes her knees and our kids and fifty it was like no different in the ninety's it was all right that was way old I know. But now I look at myself and you know I'm 57 and I I don't feel old -- made because I think like a child I don't know. You and I mean look if you saw what I got for Christmas I don't know what do you see the picture I posted at all you would though though this seekers there that you guys Roosevelt and for a millionaire I made fun of people like I got sneaker I got Charlie Brown vans yes I got a ton of geeks Sox Star Wars socks and Superman's obviously keep on exactly on but I got to Wear those are done it to Gary I saw the picture endurance aground you posted have you with the F Charlie Brown shoes which are awesome they are I was gonna write Leon not control BJ goes all right. While I do think he shoes are awesome what about staying in your mind BJ. They're nowhere near underlying on their my home shoes our mouths at home we can be whatever line you want it always your house where you want your house what are you wearing shoes in your house. It's just what Burres if you wanna keep your feet warm your shoes your house shoes never guess how Shuster that's the thing you got to warehouse here I've only heard slippers as how shoes and actually how she was as how should look that way you don't look like you're wearing slippers aren't even get slippers do what do you think this is there's so great duke. Are those socks on do you have like all carpeting in your house night Hardwoods and carpenter OK first question. Good way instead hardware yeah credit bureau and Hardwoods are out for the values and that she meant to the daily Iran. I think I don't know maybe because it's the Pacific northwest or whatever may because I lived in in in New England new you know you always have something on your feet it's cold man no I mean our socks all the time at home but I can never imagine walking around and any kind of issues unless they're moccasins discusses a cool. OK I can't but with the senate to. Yeah well that's I I do I want grow and how issues because I didn't wanna just we weren't so presumably look lame. And that I do believe all the slip ons that they sell it all the stores are how shoes for people I think they just Wear shoes in the house and they don't mark up their floors because they never Wear them outside. Really that's what I think it's that's why they called how shoes will cause I never said that not sold a total shoes. Decide where can I get these bands on there and how shoes it's unofficial and it's you know just slip on its just used to be an official how shoot. Big nose and I'm talking about those shoes are also called slippers I'm looking I hear they're usually light wade may was soft fluffy material I'm looking at slippers does not stand slip on are you as he got to step it up if you get the event slip and I think that does have reason Shannon get out of your resume is all you can Wear them outside to cool thing is if you get around get the mail it doesn't look like you're wearing slippers and outside. Senior stuffing up and get your mustard yeah well wait yeah just got pixel noise from it I am simply doesn't boot you know I don't step that I know where I'm going Steve. And my drive sliced clean and I went and I wiped some but I mean I'm not only in my I'm not going in with the in the you know I know my own place my house is never leave my yard which is my own DNA I don't have to go with someone else's DNA bring it back in my house there enough that's what that's how she used yeah. But if you saw my picture. I looks like a little kids Christmas we look at someone said how old is the first American that's where in the shoes nobody would guess it's persons in their fifties all the Sox in the games and I think Heidi gill one adult thing for Christmas we socks you Wear it all I got my these must hours. Or for Margaret Larson today. Nice. There's a sob stories as they're terrific oh you saw the movie's not. A we have talked about are where talk about that just wants such topics. Well. Then I already know somebody like me. But something about it that maybe you haven't experienced is why I saw it twice okay I'm looking for talks about Ottawa dilated because pretty awesome as far what we we also to tell you about this dude did learn do you know why it. You should never get upset. At the person who's cutting your hair yeah. Yeah you just don't ya know we'll tell you all about what happened this guy. At 717. On Iraq. Nine point nine KI guess W all. I'm nine point nine K. Hi eight SW the Iraq come Seattle. But yeah duke twice two years old he's in Madison Wisconsin get his haircut getting all mock chop dot. And does happen last week and during the Erica well ahead stylus got a senate does do. Because he was kind of fitting moving around in the chair throwing to yet and it usually would make a five year old would do yeah why you freeze do you share her yeah really. So first the stylus twists. The guys here. Okay this is getting weird then this does meet the guys here with his scissors from purpose on purpose apparently. They took this clipper and ran it down the middle of the guy's head. Basically left due the twenty year old with a reverse mohawks on me and I'm looking at it man he went. Oh great down the middle that's awesome it's February hock yeah that. Wrestling days that is also. Why Powell. That's extreme so I call the cops he's got like word to say about two to three inches of hair on top yeah he's a military it's it's. It's freaky look and in these comb over it or do you just by the holding off at that point that's a really had no idea I think he got a buzz and often and well. It our that you get. What do you paint the middle or put your leg may maybe if we. Maybe like a football helmet you know I'm for your your team's colors there and stripes I regularly Greg purple or very bad and a team yeah I know you're probably Madison how it's going green for the Packers music get media yellow polite little holes of giggled like she's had old okay see you're you know you're making lemonade out of this Steve I like the man get a guy called the cops but here's the thing cops like look it's not a legally give someone a bad haircut. Though Mickey the guy's ear with scissors that was okay. Assault. Yeah well he got this ticket for disorderly conduct sling give me assault OK yeah so I had read but here's the thing at the end of the day. You've got a murmur smallpox I mean you you can't ask for common people that are taking care your food take. Well not helmet tried junior high school. And now the Barbara that we you always go to use a bald guy if he were to pay you sing something that was a Addai could be a wise estimate was way ahead but my question do you see any we don't have hair okay Sears look at. Her home harm cut your hair the last thing you ever wanted to do was pissed me off and gave me like the biggest asset classes like. I'm sorry. And it's tough I'm the last siren try and find you're dead the barber I just like you know what this child is not messing around he's right he's got. Scissors and a super sharp. And clippers. Why donuts is that guy at least he gave you a warning I don't know if this dude gave the kid a warning or not what my dad's been going back I Christ like twenty years at the time. Back in those days you have yet no one bar price is that way to I don't know what it's like to go to barber and a shocking but I just haven't been the one and a few years there's. But I would imagine you have your loyalties some might. Yeah that Baghdad Qaeda wanna (%expletive) off my dad to pull my dad would stop coming to use a loyal customer but deals on led some nice stuff being a dumbed. CIA Shaq doesn't days were actually an adult could really tell can you show up and Q would have the fear of got a Madonna happen like that anymore look kid yeah. So steady and he gives a mirror reverse Mohawk when you lose your war I love that. The dude just lost it and I know I mean I have a stylist and he he'll tell me stories. And I'm on how you don't lose it more work is some of the stories you tell me about stuff you got to do your job so -- says they do you know could be outfitted for some people like the kid like adults with autism it's very difficult to sit and then in getting their kids are very uncomfortable situation back I would imagine that they would have brought that part up in the story. I think you look you tell the person you're sitting with the look I got got something going on. You know you can't just expect somebody to know what your thing it is because of they and I yeah I think we gonna start doing that is a country if you are on the spectrum where you got something going on solid she'd give a person heads up that way they can be ready to him give a nice experience of the person because you know it. He and he can't expect everybody just to assume that all you must have this you must have that sometimes people just Jack gases in the people get meta jackass this house Picasso's. Colonel one report to customer another cousin so that left him with not looking a bit like Larry from The Three Stooges dude that's what I was thinking I didn't wanna sick does that not matter who knows The Three Stooges but that's exactly who looks like you're right it. Well that's what he does he know he needs to do. You to go find somebody with a Beatles cut and go find a bald guy will do as your body I have made it out and now I think more than happy to do if I used to have a I have straight hair so I can do it back in the day can do now. I'm. It's on three stooges. He's halfway there. With the hair and everything so yeah this here's does lost it by basically shaving your first Mohawk Donna Klein said there was too fidgety form love that. Of course out we love hearing stories about people losing your work and we wanna hear yours 206421 rock Texas it's. 77999. Get your back to work it's somebody LA guys and you had a good vacation and I go back and you realize you don't have another big case like this from the twelve months. You might lose it what are you lose it worked 2064 to a rock Texas 77999. You called your attacks after Pearl Jam on Iraq. The next mornings and then point nine K I just helps you. SW Iraq. Seattle and yes it's our local topic of the day Harris doesn't actually shaved a reverse Mohawk Donna client's head. And I love that basically the person was visiting in the chair and and and their and the south. Lost a clip the ear as well yeah kind of I would I wish I was when the other customers there watching all I could sounds kind of an awesome power yeah because the Contra call. Yeah and then the guy who got the reverse Mohawk had to go to a different style with to have his whole head shaved off yes so easily to go with a bases and kept the Larry the the money that from now The Three Stooges just at the Larry look. It's the with a comb over. He had enough Harry could've done it or iconic nickel weird like Mohawk like those full hawks but in between good and decent little tunnel. The thing is there are people there are people get reversing talks a bit of audio like a wave of platelets like it's like this what do those swell their wherever they call it. The wake whenever Helena that requires a lot of hair styling here I'm here I'm Danny you really don't spend all morning and yelling harassment spikes up in the air. The wrestler right yeah I did Denny's has more time in his hair than anybody in this building just for you guys this morning it's the new year thanks for that they should make you so pretty do you welcome. But Yale man I love it I love people losing their work because I think this is this month they really like you know they say Roger Troy second people are more depressed and any time of the year yet those are the bills are coming into the holidays. Yes so if anyone's gonna lose it it's going to be sometime between now and then top volume and when did you lose it or 206421. Rock. Texas it's 77999. Let's go to Mike in Seattle Mike you are on the rock. That's a bad body which he got for us. So few years back I was manager attic yet these super national local or three chains and the scheduled to go to. Rough patch in light. At a customer come many bad because you're out of certainly late great at gas. Which was out of my control so he did understand that it's very can get Libby with me yell at me and company whoever it is snappy. They can't you know you'll ever come here again we don't want your business you'll actors. You have memories that. This kind of went to town never did anything right. Retail customer service job but something about this guy where I was that just. Snapped. I tell you what man I'm not surprised that doesn't happen more appreciate the caucus there is more a more. I think folks are just angry both on those the service side could you not get paid a lot a lot of stupid stuff happens the corporate the corporate bigwigs make these decisions and you're the woman has to do this stuff. And it's DA and then you get the customers are getting treated like crap. And so it's just it just people who are bad people are miserable fighting each other. And really you know Liggett is screwed by the big man by you know by that by the big man corporation office. I just Texas as I once snapped a work I was so upset because I lost the project to just disappeared on my computer so I tossed my keyboard against the wall. And I started crying uncontrollably. I got the rest of the day off. I left them. I really I just love from people throw things as long as I'm not the vicinity. I happened to my high school teacher man. High school English teacher just loss and it wasn't meet. Yeah I mean I was and I think I might have fueled the flames but I wasn't the last straw. A compact dude I mean I 'cause I was slipping one and he would just get aggravated but I try to be clever. And then somebody else and class size said something and he flipped and picked up a desk and threw that they can't ms. wells big desk that brought Cassel had a and a unit costs and Regis why he just went full on Hulk Hogan Gardner yeah I'd teachers have those moments it's. Snapped I remember we had a substitute teacher and she. Who's trying to do some associates huge he's huge he's doing in an all boys Catholic high school had to keep and the vacuum mindset she's as attractive woman. And she's like okay well now you have to take this quiz or whatever. And more like com on Blake to you know and you know all we don't want that and then she goes don't come on. Me and push. Early and no one's life Mac. And loan. Twentysomething. Hot teenage boy he's. You when you say that yes. It you know you're not our usual teacher you at all boy's sheets then she just laughed she just walked out of last night she got so flustered and angry at all unless she just walked out. It was never substitute teacher at Jack and that's awesome. That's his. I'm not hesitate to yell when you have a school for boys it's only can't hang of girls he urea a year get any any opportunity you're gonna pound right you have no blood in the water let's go voice Alia. That's awesome by the size of the over the week and went to buy fireworks were close in the tent down and I went in asking if I can make a last minute deal for New Year's. The guy the end of a long name people are trying to haggle with him and he completely lost it he started yelling and crying about ever wanting free crap it was awesome. Yeah. Retail maybe you know I deal with people that say you get a goal starting a figure that one out. Some personnel yell at their boss because they found their hiring temp people and higher pay in the people who have been there for ten years his boss sun go down any walked away LO while. Yeah I tell you I've am I I've had some fun stuff like that I'm I lost that it working on the intercom. Oh yes I'm it's my favorite Serwer for the clothing store because you need it's our view we had a key so the people to go away and try clothes on. It's so this woman had her son and she was in the men's department wanna try clothes on and I was in charge of the courtesy counter and you know you're supposed to go way a person from the men's department please unlock the door. And I she came up again. And I said it again then the third time she came up I thought well this is ridiculous in night I wish I was the manager of the trouble was the manager was banging the person that was in charge of the men's department. So I I kind of just alluded to that idea they've got caught up on both loudspeaker. I was like you know it would be great if the manager would let do we always come up for air what the person on the men's apartment so she can go unlock the door for the customers for what it reported its. I was good conversation diarrhea clean up a mile for yeah. Of bad at that that that's that's why it was never really promoted and a lot of these retail jobs. Do you know this there's nowhere for public transportation into common part of my job is cleaning up the restrooms at the bus drivers used. And one time I was waiting for the driver to finishes in the bat and he came out and said have fun. I was an immaculate let's just say well business because it was a crime scene apparent. Am going to. And threw it at the bus as he pulled away I know it right by the driver's window low. And oh you know. Policy I don't know if I lose it that much that I would then start do you like a gorilla and they and you know like a monkey in a cage. Let's rock songs over the whole story's wrong what did you read that Steve that whole area is wrong in the red the room with a human resources person when he got to go sit down and talk to them so you do why things. I understand why you're upset and we'll talk to him about how clean he is when he uses the bathroom but you did what. Lost its go to Terry Terry in nest CL you're on the Iraq. He's initiate. It's. It's very which are less money happy new year I'll keep this her New Year's Eve of the Jun seventh grade. Here and here in nor Shia holy you know they yes science teacher. And couple's three guys in the class didn't really care too much for him. And and allow us to London's millennium mercilessly in and now finally just had not been east each now. Mr. Smith certainly polling got out of his death oh wave in the room and yell and back at these guys Terry how long ago was this. Alone and you are about ten pages in middle school oh you know I'm a great lived has done an. So I can see that happening and they are everywhere and people just dismissing it you know what I mean because it was such a different time. Yeah but I mean years you've you've talked about bullying before and actually you actually go to reverse direction. It's. Children really don't have that sense of what's right what's wrong and they go too far sometimes so. Well getting highway and got your phrase you're absolutely right but see you learn did you yeah. I've made that's what I wouldn't shut up forever right guy. And I know we will see you later after the yeah I'm not surprised. Do but see that's Dino again grown up in the sixties and seventies. You know you get teachers picking Massachusetts desks and thrown accused of when no one ever bothered our teacher again because he we went high he helped out. No one ever give that guy a hard time again in my I wanted to ask thrown how many are anti teacher pulled out a gun after all yelled come on none of us from the set anything. And here's the thing I don't know about your generation but if I went home I told my father so there's no word going in now Eric Taylor mouth up to the teacher and he picked up but does get through Abby airy wave pulled out a gun. I think my father Otis said. Yapping mouth you deserve it I mean that was just the time and I'm glad that they put the blame grameen America didn't even a guy pulls out a gun it's still my fault I completely measuring like you know you're shot. Now we'll consider yourself lucky that they've really got exactly. Let's go to Kennedy in Ferndale Kennedy Iran Iraq. Haley gone and that's American know it just can't tell you got mud mud bots that my first job leaking it out where what are you doing what happens. I worked get a little store in North Carolina. When I was sixteen and our pitchers southern bosh and a and a hooker walked into the store one night. And asked him if he had five dollars source and now he's got immediately upset most. I got there around that turn your answer and get out of my extort. And Eddie said that my aunt Gerry walk in and serious side desk. Pretend like that was his life and that carried down the cooker that is why could it be coming out here first you know China Vietnam and all I can assess. Dam break so he was he expecting the hooker though it is randomly show. God and how she came and right before we're close that was trying to get you know I ask you for money you know I can't step. Policy dizzy was just go home with them. And he wanted no part of this author. I ask you this is pretty angered could come NASA was a hooker. Those cute you know you're underground site so biased. He Stanley Works every yeah that's true I man that's right there's a sweet chick right there. Yeah I imagine she may come addition to offering like bush she asked each city that I thought you always where he said yeah. He's gone having non restart for the best and it's just a conflict and I love it doesn't fall my woes and offering for five dollars. I think we'll lose is what was the tradeoff I love how you're just like. You know I know what I was thinking probably for the best really estimate keyboard question yeah for the best impact our license. Trying to get. John I gotta tell you about this woman she got fired why well issues complaining about a co worker's body odor all I have been there man you get fired for them. Could have been around stinky people on the on here's what it costs. Joseph Biden its 747. On the rock. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy here's another listener questions. I like rebuild my credit after filing bankruptcy. How do you rebuild it you know from one creditors time by making your payments on time. 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