BJ & MIGS Podcast 01-03-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Wednesday, January 3rd

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose.Ryan Castle question of the day.


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Well the New Year's decline has the guy and I think the new years of kissing sisters has millions. You know we forgot something the last one I think quiet but got today's Wednesday. Follow me we have to ask him last time I yeah you guys tied and ended up whacking each other intensely jealous sister and all those things you're off your game that's why Steve moss you forgot what dale what are called now double -- it seems. Black white black cat well you can my age that's a lot more difficult yeah I think well you can why complies with our content that's why I think that's John Buckley. Johnny this car. Boy I can't. Why don't care that apple app lets you blame Hornaday Steve Jason got animals in the heart she's going to be over the emerald queen casino on February 9 go to KI SW dot com from the do you tell if you're on CNN well since. TT is now Ticketmaster dot com our race team gave out here. Flat tax for those playing at home John will have sixty cent can stay answer ten questions Johnny could pass all you want but you'll only get three years is her question are you ready. I'm reading an infection with what bacteria starting would ask is commonly caused by contaminated food or water. It doesn't have to get past it. Is Jason and willow Smith's father. We'll let you ask what does being replaced with DI in her name's. And I want you ask what's West Coast state data recreational media legal on January 1 want to ask you ask. What color is known as bird's eye on eight coat of arms to. When I asked what color is known as the first honey coat of arms to. Local and now aren't friends now. Blue now are always likes to Luther in the 2006. Film Superman returns. Don't think he's yeah as in the gimmicks chassis which piece has the most freedom to move. The greens you ask what city is home to beat headquarters of the Boeing company's. Seattle now. I. What is that nickname and how good trash Wednesdays. No 12345. Quran as a good movie though the island's coast. The guy all we ask those who want to play oh on little greater debt and McGregor was in his eyes Charlotte Johansson was and in who'll meet back and watch this play. Was it yeah I think it was Michael's Arne Duncan do. Really think he was the big guy and his phone while he was a big guys every mile. No no talking about does the I'll examine remember the island family they island that would DiCaprio now note and you Shutter Island I shudder. I haven't seen it hundreds of them okay Steve are you ready we'll. In infection with what bacteria starting with as is commonly cop out by contaminated food or water no its simplest. No she's south I'm Salmonella yes yeah that's who is cheated in willow Smith's father. Wilkes yes. Well as being replaced the I would dinner names. The exclamation point of view as ever to which the West Coast states need recreational weed legal once January 1 when he only asks you asks what color is known as first Bonnie coat of arms. Turks agreed gas jobs who played Lex Luthor in the 2006 still Superman returns Richard prior notice to tax. Now crap all Kevin Spacey yeah ads in the game of chess which piece as the most freedom to movement. The tossed over to bishops know the roster now to clean yes. What city is home team headquarters of the Boeing company's rank and knelt mavericks now. And he's told to expect. Mental quality and oh what is the nickname of out of track as prisons. The rocks yet as to which planet in the solar system is the cold this. Jupiter no 123456. UN's six top. Sorry yeah I heard the entire dad. The and many did you put the number I would indeed be good again as I sit here. Happy new years as you can see it's sad twice yes yes yes and then I almost didn't I all right come on I heard. I feel badly I actually I'm a jazz again and I didn't announce this a better you have a lot of them are getting guys I don't hello let's give them cry from the. Try god. Undergone heart yo ya running and we're dead straight at the normally I would give us your best buzz on thanks body police. I would have done that but I would. Thinking I should say s's and Sam so he knows it's an ass but I didn't do more as isn't stupid like this conversation. Thank you all right well they go out here I sit back. I think that's that is the queen has the most freedom to move. Paula knows we should be happy I won that we run a winning streak going into beauty northwest is united take on some other people. And it trivia challenge today Deion he's got to be on your game right OK unless market's gonna ask a bunch of science fiction questions we're in trouble. With me anyway I have. These city that is home to to the headquarters of the Boeing company's this city this city toast our random it is not as an honorary host. Attack all that outright they moved everything moved it in our last as a Chicago Chicago. Asked. See that's that's right I forgot we're pissed about that mood Delaware this up after a while around here you're and in which planet in the solar system is the coldest. Well are you calling though all planet's no. Because it's not is they say it's always yeah I look disobeyed a dwarf planet which is not a planet why is why we got his little plugs okay. So they dwarf. Planet yeah and it's not it's scary latitude if that's the case yeah you're absolutely right to use our sauce on your real son the unit there that knows I've already stated that Pluto will never be a planet that article attitudes. They've brought us into bring it back it's a dwarf. It's still apply otherwise well they call it what would our work plan and our two worst people. In. Seeing. Year at those so kinds of trying to theater dwarfs yeah I don't see would say they're not people Lehman called little people right and did they even call was little planet. It's now so yeah. She didn't say that all you want but you'll never be the answer in beat me XO Steve question yes is this an even dumber conversation hundreds and that's our current yeah. I do want to point out congratulations. On winning but John forgetting the prize check caller six you're gonna get to see how we already know we don't RC is getting nothing you'll get good service you get nothing. Kind of ironic today that we're I'm whacky Wednesday we're gonna go to new day northwest wise and ironic black because that's Margaret Larson. Hasn't dried we stole her from somebody's environs studio you have to play them for so she could hear it and it was a story about a whale and I don't know why Margaret died to begin I you know whack a whale but that's what she was talking about as likable welcomes up the amenities you just wet get black and I was like OK I'm gonna keep them. Let me how I think she could do that how should make did this the other day on the tickle a lizard. Black kids I'm tickled a lizard flak at. Thanks to us. Alex is given some good jobs mapped no plane yeah they go Alice knows what's up. It's still way even if you low wage debts right read he's still weighing. I read he read his racist against plants clearly and a source indoor ones. The funny thing that happened during CNN's New Year's Eve coverage which of course a lot of us. You know we we tend to watch the Ryan Seacrest thing and also turn over I you know I I watch it ever since Kathy Griffin on bonnet and is the hot here Cathy right that's right she's. First year without her death. Com. To my reporter Randi Kaye was getting a contact ties she was inside a pot bust in Colorado. When the lit joint in her hand do this is great because she's in the bus she's talking to people she's got a lit joint in tennis is obviously the smoke is going interface I am not I would be shocked if she didn't get a contact high. Stalking is a dude that's like taking a rip at it like some weird might join him. Again it's a cup partner bong part of something else. And is willing to CNN and that is can. These guys covering Stoner news now it's awesome it's so weird how CNN like goes off the rails on New Year's Eve like this bright guy and so here's Randi. Not like Steve said she's not smoke in the slid joint she's got her hands she's not smoking and she just held it by the other had to be in contact tie happening. So a lot of people chose to come here and this is how they celebrate New Year's team is in Denver all right coming out of Simi three years your purple haze yeah. Another hey man in the night you gotta Wear high ground I mean I don't know I did I read medicine at Denver we exert visual tour partner really really why I wrote or your journey well why don't they. He broke out as I'm told Randi we'll check in with your favorite things are lower. Yeah I read hi all we're. Is this case like a notorious don't no no not at all it's just a very game you know report in go to the front lines and things you're wow. Yeah that's awesome. So they're notorious don't use it say it's little Lotta places being notorious Stoner what the hell they should have one reporter I should speak to all the time on CNN. You know I tune and yet you would remedy I knew something purse should be the perfect one for it. It. I get Randy. They were really ready bait and yes ma'am I'm any day I'm Randy Bates has Joni does it in this decision until she covers that whatever stories are happening in this to the states that are legal. For marijuana but even it has nothing new marijuana shifts to get ripped before she goes reports yeah. You're telling people wanna watch that I know you wouldn't you kidding me people watched blues clues why not her right her sister's. Yeah. Pay up big news for you Steve but sad I know you were waiting here who's going to be new anchor of The Today Show yes and now this is a shot I applied the value guide that's dynasty eating again. I'm sorry man. I'm really doesn't beat you in Savannah. I guess they're one another out perverted bald man to be a part of that program I properly if you know. Yeah and you know what the first edition of ask for a door that locks itself I should've been your first condition closet full of toys decision that's. Wow now. Yeah well this is going to be a big shocker to everybody but hodach. She not hotel now vote nor holder is older code. How that was announced yesterday as the permanent replacement for Matt Lauer on The Today Show if you watched the other than that the show this after The Today Show I think like thirty. Steve later today show I'm a Dallas called the total is on now I think. When which Kathie Lee. Yeah as I got to Serra leste because I don't Norris told us is like got one name I think I don't like mentally made the announcement had no idea how to pronounce and in my there's code. Yeah is a cold peacock beat copy cut me I never even know shadow last name I don't I said I was gone. See this is why she uses her deserves the job when you get to one name status. That means you're somebody. When you only you like Oprah you know and I mean to us like guy who'll do and they're Gagne I mean you know if people that dale I'm pronouncing the last names but they got it because our iconic file he's only being called by her first name because many people like myself do not know how to pronounce her last also this is a fall one gamer yes associates are you see and really earnest. Nobody is have been in the clip they hear the play. Late they say her last name and I does the first man ever heard it it would Denny and I never watch the show so maybe she says and all the time yeah I mean I only Norris coda but then again you know. We have a special relationship. And kids today it's winning eighteen and we are meeting behind me here right because holiday is officially you. In the co anchor of today I. Live. This yeah how. We are amazing and I am so. I'm so I'm pinching myself let's play at one mall and you can be pronounced right and everything. And Ali wow how'd you I have partner and a friend and a sister and I am so happy to be doing that well there's no one I'd rather be sitting next to in 28 to mean he had you know. While this is that you're seeing great wave the body's not even cold. That. And she's still though in the show we cats eating Kathie Lee is like bitch you not it is next to may oh that's a good employee says nobody should rather sit next to bend. This chick Savannah Savannah yeah. I did terrible employee there next that's again this Jake and that girls don't have it. Yeah I you'd be done by the fires can be gotten by last one day take yourself locking door and you're taking your closets Izod here mr. makes you think Kathie Lee got pissed by that line I would think there's nobody I'd rather sit next to. Venue yeah I think that the out if you I think that says a lot to be great though she said when. They sort of end whatever our it is apparent Kathie Lee do it fish they catch you so good to be here you there's nobody I'd rather see its infancy then you. And that she doesn't sit next to Matt Lauer there's nobody I'd rather be on his lap Keiaho others I don't know there goes again very young you know and now I got us around like. Nobody is more happy were also have to use a jab I had that big yeah. And your guys will wait for this I still. Think that they were like so happy when the news was he was getting I was there I they had to have some inkling that he was kind of act guy to be a fly on the wall. Are very happy he texted her oh yeah congratulate her and I guess he also sent a picture as we know it's just the Hudson I think you can tester Matt Lauer you gotta. You know you gotta wonder what's coming along with a she did sisters are criticized yet attacks are generous but Jim says because to choose one or whose obesity explicit generous because probably she got a QB Matt. And apparently very gracious about it. How well you know when you get paid skilling is it all right are we honestly him and Kevin Spacey. You know these guys is this big did that when you get treated like crap and you get a scarlet letter on your chest. You know you hit the golden parachute don't they don't ever need anything in life so that's the perfect time to be treated like crap and and basically be like a pariah in society. You have everything you need yards it won't get a job you don't need money. You basically paid you know get stuff soon to be embarrassed in public yeah I yon I've been vilified but here I am lying on my bed of hundred dollar bills. That's I think im gonna be just fine you know my closet of toys exactly man's closet the toys and you know what he's got the self locking doors in his house I'm sure. Even Tom Brokaw I guess tweeted out a congratulations and I forgot that he was you know hide them to say yeah from behind him. He's like the NBC's I think he don't hide they pull him out to comment on like the politics stuff every once a while during election night he's not dead no he's not that I go to London. Happy to hear he's not. And he sounds. It's that he saw him sound like himself anymore like our buddy Dave in Spokane who does a great Tom Brokaw has been known in the radio business for doing my at this he had this to zero Dave does a better Tom Brokaw Tom Brokaw does not because it's it's almost like they should call David collect. We want Tom Brokaw but it sounds Cesar Israelis this is why. We're alone now hold up. I was pretty much how wet. Wow so he's now I become a did Pagoda yeah we all just assume he's dead when he's not I don't know maybe is now dead but for awhile I Davis did is that for sure you know I have to grew as a concern had to I don't know anymore and I know. Stick us. Tom Brokaw is alive and yes unfortunately they've got they've proved the going is passed east. And Danny still alive as well yeah that's unfortunate as well. And he's happy to be here he's very happy to be here. Still happy to be here. Of course you got to say is certainly get your site yesterday and enough to still work also be excited till my amount next week some time but creatine and there's our vendors ammonia yeah. That's what we're happy when your miserable actually so let us now. Taste our listeners on the loose. This stimulating conversation you might think they've given us. So they don't pick garbage. Well I. What you get to pick a topic you get the guys to show it to 06421 rock Texas. It's 77999. We got your calls we got a text 97 team. On Iraq. And they expect more news on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. Yeah I've played night day I had come in Iraq Seattle's listeners on the loose you pick the topics you guys to show it to 06421. Rocky can also text 677999. Doesn't matter what you wanna talk about man anything is on the table you picked that topic you guys to show. But do remember Steve has one rule for listeners on the loose necessarily some energy and bring an otherwise we're gonna pentagon knew for. And they take you back. Both of them 206421 rock text us at 77999. Big question has been coming out did Steve do his homework and watch the Shawshank redemption oh I totally forgot that was your home more I totally didn't do enough. Some guys who watched two that I forgot yeah you do have a homer to Simon now was it blue chips. I can't remember I don't why why that's the one about I try OK look. Always you try yesterday a crap there's a one of those moments where you I do you know when you realize you're a paper due tomorrow we know that Buick I'm gonna cram this in before. I go to bed so I put it on. I remember. Bill credits. There emerge guy playing with a gun there and no more room okay. Norm in my chest and out of fall asleep. And now an oval is because those tired or if you do is boring living economy I was not really into slow moving I think I will like the movie based on the people my life to have told me could I mention al-Qaeda are Sasha and redemption on food. Now a lot of people are told me how great it is but I. Yeah costly to get down on. Fun fact I watched it over debris oh really you're welcome I so by proxy I saw yeah. It's on its on forgot reflects I and it's on streaming if you are flying and Alaska I'll and that's why watch because I was like OK if I need a long movie at all. Please try again soon CC did pick it up I'll make sure remind you wore on the play and you can watch it for free unless you know Vegas management FR yeah I know it's funny it's time to get to watch that whole shot maker. They thanks Danny out loud definitely reminds seniors and the sit next to mommy sure if I'm sure I was on my cool shows ago don't forget we'll go we don't. For go to Vegas for CES and give me a lot of press conference is gonna go to for the media stuff for me has also moved stuff we have to do their hands on gadgets of what they can't wait you know media press conferences and and any kind of like scoring is so awesome I might have the plug in my Netflix simply like wireless you're Biden and just a caribou shocked sank lower at CES yeah you're right this Consumer Electronics Show if I'm so I loved geeky techie stuff but yet you press conferences I don't care how exciting is you will fall asleep I am very excited about the hands nominee Agassi caught your -- golf hall where it's like all the start ups all like. I'd like to future all okay gadgets yes yeah including one of them though we said there's I'll affordable. The machine at Folger 104 you always do. Ever since I love all do I I will never forget this is funny British I can't wait to see is I wanna see that the most more than even the DR Loren. Do what I was when I was a little kid the coolest thing I remember from the show lost in space. Was that. Steady you know mrs. Robinson the mother would take all the dirty laundry she threw in this big machine pressed a button and made all these noises and they came out folded right it was washed and pulled and I go I want to added finally a robot that's gonna do it for us that Israeli sir I don't mind doing all countries except for the part that involves me having to do something we just told that this is excited. Some excited about that one also I think there's at a table top. It looks at coffee table but it's pollen. Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah it's a fun that there yet that's only just going to be fun to watch that there's a lot of cool stuff I mean I've I've I've heard so much a 180000. People go to this consumer electronic electronic show. Vegas every year how it's insane to get a hotel room and Vegas around that time is that if it cost from. They view on the YouTube for one night per room in Vegas is like where you could probably stay in Vegas for a month outside of CES you know because usually hotels are not that expensive in Vegas doing any gamble and when they're at their hotel Melissa did you employ your free room. Not very CSI mean it's like for even some of the cheaper hotels it's like 5080900. Bucks tonight and that we do have an update easy it was supposed to watch princess. Right. All Arianna let go and saying airhead Teri Watson yeah I did watch their heads you're ready for that oppresses brought up what I'd like to actually watch that I totally forgot what you watch on the plane man now I hopefully is free and Alaska. The man but I'll have plenty of shows because I've been black marriages started up the new season a black bear on Netflix which is kind of like a Twilight Zone trying to show that's a Danny posting about it you know you didn't groups in my. Brooke. Lately. Rules remember you made you make fun meanwhile we have rules about chats and communicating I feel like on the group chat. For our show who's a subject for I know. I feel like for our group Jennifer show it either should be like an all encompassing. Conversation tonight I I don't texting a guy grow did you guys see you Monday night raw it was also home. Good until maybe red might be OK with it but I'm not no one else gives a flying F about wrestling. Danny decides its own group Shaq to all of us about how much she's loving black mirror and then you all you damn. Arab speaking out about it blowing up African phone had to do not disturb you bitches. I I I think guys are on not deserving tell you wow you earn my respect back like every every way hole on the second you send me a picture of your dog taken a dump that was introduced him OG and it was a Bulldog was not I but I guess only because Danny Edison a student's day and violating a lot of things but you're mad that summons irritating you when you leave your whole life is about irritating me. All right now I know how you feel. They're now that you know how I feel about it it was very frustrating I was happy that it was a subject I care about but I agree with you. Danny does abuse the group chat yes he doesn't know everybody's gonna care he doesn't care family. You should care about what I care because simple I don't mind when he said Donald groups have pictures of him drinking beer it is lady or where uncle Chris or whatever those are funds to those irritate me and allied goes. Two years you're screwed Denny guys everything anyway Danny I don't care what you're eating out here I was Chris I hate Chris I see him enough I don't need units and semi pictures of the guy I like the Dalai Chris and I like to know again easy on me series highlights Blackberry so see this is the problem. There are some they see Denny just. Then there are things that Danny likes that some of us like he just doesn't know which ones would because he doesn't care about us. He's self absorbed and he just like look I've while you know that I'm doing cool things and I just what you guys like what I like well dad though never read that I'll never know assured Canada a rock out to Good Charlotte. And simple plan kind of not gonna wash my mirror only because you recommend have you seen Jumanji any. Then you went via their parents are yet yet it's I watch it it's very good but Danny. There's a character in the movie the blonde girl the Blanc high school girl Beth Bethany. That is you visit this opening scene of death finance. And let me tell you at eight AD just imagine if you see the opening scene with Bethany. Take Danny's face and put it on there you can see Danny doing the best he's doing at the beginning of Jumanji and it's all gonna say. But it you're gonna laugh and go play jackets OC the only it has a guy's totally damaged tissue hot. Open things wicked hot I'm good with that yes she's the most popular girls' school that's that's the kind of character she is fair to your most popular girl in school now workers here it does yes. Jumanji I tell you was a lot more fun than I expected it was really a fun it was a good it was a good movie from somebody people who I assume would just say I side yet let's have you went reluctantly because they had to go with someone in their family whatever may be but everybody I've talked to a CNET movie. Said that they would use it it's really fun it's a dwelled on film and I got to tell you something you know not to spoil anything but the rock. You know he's got to play a little bit of a different character and I heard he was killed my title run this will be. I hope. I like you actually get the guy's name right from Star Wars hell yeah that's pretty good thanks that's and yeah I don't know that then yeah okay now what do you sought twice though you saw last NIC you've got to know that's okay yeah. In right TI I was not groups that makes only broad point eight masons tomorrow wrestling any senator coming to Everett in February so I see you guys have groups that might go ice. February 24 to Saturday night. Do you Eli Broad to wrestle mania is cutting move. I agree and I would be is irritated by that as you are as from the black mirror conversation. But I have much my wrestling fans of course it's always been talked about is it's gonna be on Saturday the 24 that I realize that the arm. You mean it never changed their names and a lot of us were confused because it's called the Angel of the wins arena. Oh it's no all all all damn anymore see that's that's how the one you name Arenas simply used data have naming right yeah that's that's how that's tough all the case it was the same big arena this and that's what I what does what does having an at the casino what the hell go or not that's very confusing Greg casinos say he's there isn't enough room for all -- like did I do go online of course we all we're all idiots it's the name of the arena in Everett and it's now so got tickets on sale this Friday blue angels the wings arena dot com listen Angel the wins you guys are great place but that's the he might (%expletive) some people off of the go to the wrong place that's not good. Well hopefully people buy the tickets are gonna you know sometimes you know we can't shelter everybody for being stupid. I do I really commit an assailant payload I was a bit of the think I'm like what goes on until would end with a little bit of help from my friend cool. Do you figure how little Google Google. Yeah that the Angel of the wings arena is actually the Everett arena and the WB yep will be there on Saturday February 24 can't win I'll be there for sure you pick the top there. You guys to show at 206421. Rock its listeners on the loose you can also text just it's 77999. We got you calls we get your tax at 933 and on the. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW hole. Nine point nine KI SW garage on Seattle's listeners on the loose. Do you pick the top fake field guide to show 206421 rock Texas 77999. But Mikey come into my view Iran Iraq. Hey guys look up and and you know what else were they might. Well okay DS church I don't quite get there earlier you're talking about. The Consumer Electronics Show and. That's right okay so people aren't I'm listening. Guys so we are leaving on Saturday for the Consumer Electronics Show in will be there for a part of next week as well in Vegas for the big show yeah. So I'm sure you guys have been many times I'm sure you remember years years years ago. The Consumer Electronics Show an idiot and used to be at the exact same time. Right it is our first time going so that was my first thought on our our boss today we're gonna send you guys in Vegas for the CES show and all I thought was easy and this is going to be incredible. What did not had no oh I know how well anyways used to be so I. I'm a broker slash sales rep just a big box retailer here and watch and I won't mention any names but I'm. Anyway long story short why my group went down this see asked and got my high bar. Populate my first Fiat he thought he would play a trick on me because she it would then the convention center in Seattle on the top floor. The first floor and they AV and marketing and awards were in the block on the bottom floor under owner who. Choked negotiation. He tells me it. Like go down stairs and start looking or apple products for this retailer. You know in me calling you find something cool welcome each yet. Now like OK great slighted I'm I'm walking around I'm like. Okay yeah you know the whole. All that's not it'll hurt you know that that's due BA again yeah I. Saw stories you're. Like all of our play overall. I. Hey I'm not sure there's anything down here this retailer goes yeah you hurry it's about getting gingerbread. That backed up there and that's awesome but I'm snows are out to get back. It's always my boss to do that to me yeah ban. Simulate the good life. Great site should be seen and believe. Ma'am see we appreciate the call might see that's a bummer way that the Avian isn't the same time I honestly I think he's he's happy the end of this month. I swear this is when they waited to finally send us because we've been asking to go to CES for a long time and they finally sent this now when they marry ABN's aren't how are good push him forward for a variety carry me about the electronics continue what else is happening around that time to have. No this a dream come true you've had almost every dream since you left in New York. To come out to the West Coast and every dream Dennis who in the ultimate populace there the last bucket list things that you had everything else I mean you know you've got to do some great music here recorded some great studios' super lucky yeah I mean play along and watch people play here he is the guys you grew up with you know Duffy MacKay get in my -- but I haven't been able to watch the women that I've grown up when I got the adult video lower that would have been amazing for tonight continue to grow our place now. How can and one I think a weird let's go to Peter in Seattle art software to go to guy named Peter after this conversation I say Peter you're on the rocks sir. It will be gave hey guys I. Know what's hey I'm glad you gave back from the holiday break I hope you had climbed. One of the kind of bracket got some cool gifts for Christmas I got some new trade Pete has followed and god Nintendo NASA isolated. To play Mario and I toes wondering what exactly us. And well on the Nacional minutes for the kids are gonna today how can I guess the key Nintendo nests. And the drink US. Can mean that you want to come Mario opened throughout the games are put out wondering you guys getting cool stuff there and then it would be cool if you think you're got this. This drum stuff which I was pretty pumped about my in laws Communists we knew snare drum all nice I was pretty awesome my life I mean I had stand things like. Today I never miss it would you want and I know you don't care about like getting crazy guess what's on your am I need a new high standards except under. Sexy gift to get but it was like the so huge for me as a last night to finally put my high hats on the stand that works but other man like close in really cool how is awesome there's great time. Are you outside as a way did the why they then it was it was really break as I wasn't expecting my wife loves to try to get something that you didn't ask for that's her thing she thinks it should be a surprise and social gets up you want but. She got windows Charlie brown and snoopy dance yup and you put him next and they make a nice snow scene with the crew also is it three and everything and that that I think was was one of the highlights because I wasn't expecting it I a lot of cool socks from Sarah and Joseph which I didn't expect I didn't need including I guess I get matching socks the Chris has. So he and I think he got together and he curry things and Yasser. I mean I you know on board games I mean I got that kind of thing that yes Spiderman movie and I looked like I said my. My Christmas I'll looks like it's a thirteen girls Christmas on really does. Think you are you one I mean we're excited Christmas gift a case in Somalia I am ma I don't play do I knew I taught. Don't you seen any or other firms in this. Many to be culture. And I didn't promise that the infection a cut to knew she would be animal to you that's the group text thing. CNET irritates me when Vicki puts food on the group text and I don't they haven't yeah extreme oh now there may be Dinara texting on on Christmas and in my case of women's minds of the economic and civil work. She's like there is no promises I don't know Bob modest summer I'm only human hair and I was like you know what I can't fault you out of leaving the mall to I think my mom hasn't saved three guys so we got to figure out what flavors are allies so we'll please see your mom see among the president flavor of Somalia I don't care she we made suite one sail around because I don't want to marijuana and women not only think cinema and enough pineapple and now reasons okay yeah I can't really fault thinking we we couldn't have today. Why did you attempt tomorrow. Yeah. Anyways I got this I didn't even know what the hell this wasn't I opened it and it's called drop mix. In it to gain but it has a bunch of cards in each card is he's very noble goals of the song at the drums on the song. All like and an essence on their childish Gambino. Bruno Mars and he put the cards you make your own and remake. Of he makes all the difference tones together you and you can make your own sons and he can play against people tuned appointee for everything and actually hear stuff like gets me actually have like adolescents like bring it like Mobil's playing and then you'll have you know. It's Great Lakes you can have all kinds of funnel for all donors only got it actually is pretty addicting. Could try to make all the different companies CNN he ought to bring it's a lot of fun. Where where where where would bring in a first we have to see you you know I mean tamales tone back everything okay Goodling had a lot of Mexican president I've always said that he had don't ask you guys bring in so much too of Y elitist bring in suffer their culture I'd like to try to not. Jeff Cox conserves who are elderly are doing pretty easy street daddy they can't I love to get their act suite now we're yet. I get some spaghetti o's make you we don't cook do you understand it's going to be what are we woody will you ever seen him and I cook hey man. I mean so long hold hold on to do a little while lowering waffles I take it easy eleven from stranger things and know your credit to our country's image tournament the toaster oven and stimulated they were ready okay Ralitsa. That's Eagles are playing so there. Ram would you get for Christmas I've kind of the standard gained some clothes some the jam as I got the new fallout board game which is. Cool. I don't play that the best gift was the one that I gave to every wine and why which is a new is to Graham accounts for my new kitten frank. I am just Franken. I don't instead Graham account I can't take this anymore I mean we put it up would lose in Seagram account value that's a slew the warrior princess and Seagram yet so now endemic RO get in the house and Franken accounting each have their own instead Graham accounts is I can't really makes it too much. Nonstop pared the low one absolutely them. Yes begin the rabbi got my wife got me the ultimate Christmas kept its good approved for use with. Oh moral. Edge tonight elope making missile packages of the master craftsman huh. I mean that's really cool this is throw a monkey wrench into bathrooms stench. Improved free before you go to a spray includes 22 ounce bottles and added that did it and it smells good and excluding sneeze. How great music and I do you actually spray it before you go because that's how you use it I shouldn't them. What countries create better and you I don't some of them word for good yeah. I shoot a spin and yeah I forgot I was shocked I am I was hearing like indecency and I think he's ahead. Police don't tolerate you okay good Halladay go OT OK so no you but I'm kidding I don't really shoot it there. That would you don't useless use it before you go what's you spread in the yeah. How it works. You're using it yet you won't spill and eat fecal matter at all creates a film you spray it on the toilet water and it creates a film then when anything penetrate the yeah. Instructions on how to use food puree until I proved that nice prayed and yeah. Oh no not seen me amazing. Commercials they have forage no I got pretty GR everything I British it is hot in and I don't usually find people go to the bathroom hop at the British chick in the coming weeks on Sosa sprayed in the toilet first. Yes that's helpful DreamWorks. And it creates a barrier that nothing can get out of there let an even if even if say he missed on the takes a diving America and the barrier closes in before anything can get back out. Metaphors feel like that's toilet force field yes that's appropriate word sorry I mean that book they worry worked while the way I needed to. It is delicious she. Smelling things like it smelled through three but there's always some Muslim mix with the Yemen are David tells us a great pit when you you know you go to the bathroom wrecked the place than you spray a little orange freshener and then almost an hour Campbell both face spray in the water yesterday how or if you couldn't conceive 66 it's bloody gets a gift that he doesn't know. They display as well we're working instant goods. Worked at the right way I will only two guys that he won't there's been nothing happens student and I do my bulbs or that smell yes I know I can't hurt. Yeah it's MA and it's it's as it it's supposedly. Like you know how people like red red is the ultimate test. You know you walk in you Phillip Simmons used the bathroom no matter IE no matter what. This supposedly takes away any evidence then someone used the bathroom okay the way it works I mean really I regret it I tried it and yeah out of maybe I'm not as hard cores rev I'll get myself a big old burrito and then have some courage and really contest the salad on the sudden I'm sorry we're back. Yet since I was wondering if we heard about what the bill stands are doing for Andy Dalton on the dangles have you heard about this no it's because I know they're in the playoffs would fills in the playoffs because Andy Dalton in the Cincinnati Bengals beat the ravens and all that in writing a big drive at the end of the game to help calm wind tempted to do to win the game and the seventeen your playoff drought for the Buffalo Bills. So all of these Buffalo Bills fans as a way to thank. Andy Dalton for throwing their winning touchdown pass again and I came they're all donating seventeen dollars for the seventeen years that they've been out of the playoffs. To his charity which is a chariot house. Kids with special needs and serious illness itself that's anymore Jordan Dalton foundation that's very cool apparently they've already received more than a 170000. Dollars in donations from the people of buffalo. Since that touchdown pass happen which is pretty cool thank god it wasn't Tom Brady just you know what the bills fans like to give him. Yes and there have been plenty of him devices you can get a B Avian awards. I did there's only an asset we root for since the Seahawks and on in the playoffs then I'll for the delta ma'am. I you know something I used to live in and the buffalo Rochester area so yeah I mean I would love to see the bills do and I don't believe they're going to just because those 2 am patriots are just ridiculous and no did I feel like it's gonna go either Pittsburgh or New England is probably come down of that. On that side of now from Minnesota is looking pretty damn good too I actually want Minnesota to win will be crazy they play in their own home stadium for the Super Bowl and see that's why I wanted to make sure that I think that would be so awesome if they you're right Steve if they get to actually host the Super Bowl on their own joint for the first time ever in Super Bowl history. I I how can I not root for Minnesota plus. You know why they are they do they feel our pain I've never had so many folks who I've me because I made some posts about Blair Walsh in their pay in the Minnesota fans go some night and how we feel. Yeah I mean Blair Walsh was a nightmare this year I mean it's just it he ended the season feeling next year we'll be better. How could this or next year there's no. They just can't if they want it they really don't want to have people just turn on this team down they went at this point digging get somebody would no legs and people go I'd rather have him. Our kicker what are you run into the cowboys' locker room and say hey pick me up when they're down with me over here. Yeah I honestly I know do so yeah now is how appropriate other way that game and it's probably didn't matter at the time which is why did hook not laugh but almost laugh about how it ended because like well the wind didn't matter at that point of fact losing is better for drastic. At that point because we knew that the falcons non. Men have the game and wish him missing a field goal really summarizes the entire season. It's so why it's such a weird season were like quell. I just like. We the team that beat Philadelphia the team that actually it got them for home field advantage the whole playoffs I mean that just don't seem to me now. You know it's it's a while we're season all the way around I don't know who to pick to be honest I don't know who's good in the NFC because all of them look like. I mean I know I think the Panthers really needed to beat the falcons I thought we were in because the Panthers definitely wanted to beat the falcons and they didn't yup and I can't make heads or tails of the NFC I don't know who. And B and now knows him real vivid and interesting and fun watch that's for sure just it's sucks at the hawks are not there. Yeah does your right Judy it's I feel like it's a party and more in the way we're like we're going to be looking in the window to the semi a tough one to watch this year any playoffs because it's. It's I'm spoiled even though I know we have so many years were to matter but I'm super. Curious and interest sincere they're gonna do in the offseason and like what's gonna happen it's it's obviously had a lot of different things going on and out I would imagine if you know were. You hope Hillary get Hendrick as they Schneider and Carol I mean they've done great stuff in the past immune turned team around back when they first started out so this is one of those moments where it's like OK now I gotta. Kind of revisit everything if her what's up. What we take a look Stephen how much money wasn't injured. Yeah and you just staying in they're not getting any younger. I feel like we might see some major changes in guys that say look I want a big contract now you look at and go yeah I you know what do but you are percent healthy and I don't know if we should give me the big money as you may get injured again yeah. You know I think they're gonna have to make those hard decisions and I think a lot of fans are not going to be happy about it but I think we're trend. Yeah I don't think isn't necessarily a rebuild but I would agree it's it's a transition there's gonna be it's a new identity I think obviously a defense is down it's going to be in the at a new look and be nice to see a little bit of a new look on the offense as well but some certain players and certainly coaches who knows deck as both Russell and Graham had great years. Yeah yeah I mean I'd like I disagree I think people that realize this legally Jimmy Graham I think has got the season as he Hammer's best season for New Orleans yeah I was not as as flat like your flashy in the ass but I ya denigrate yearly battle I don't know if he's going to be back on the amount of their minutes and can catch I wish it would seem they finally. They figured out kind how how serious guy who's upset about it they finally figured out and out that's all right sealing a pal. Well I think you Blair Walsh on climate that's always need just need to keep player on the team he's the only guy we can count on when you think about it it's true he's a big weekend Ghana on. I here's a question for ya what did. Ryan castle head up move heaven comments. About tell you at 954. On Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all. These good ground game jarring action. Still ice castle and a Boone have in common sticky covered in beer come in bars. I go welcome back guys like okay. Hello this is what we kind of sticky one inch our parents Steve likes them both because it easy on his rear end. Oh wow I'm half. And they're both preferred by the elderly this one has a pokey spring and it yeah he that's wrong. Good morning BJ hello everybody. Well we table this double gets arrested for getting in on in a Booth at a restaurant. That's fantastic dinner and surely talk about I'll have what he's having to write a 31 year old guy his name is Jonathan when he year old girl from by the name of the Chanda. Went to a Tex mex restaurant in Texas on Saturday apparently the mood struck so while they were waiting their for the food. We'll jump started performing. Sexual favors on Johnson right there in the Booth. Tex mex and sacks all right dude that's the greatest on the winning for your meal she's like oh hold on a second I want an appetizer and not just give me hot to. So look at their mug shot and I would prefer them not just. Hopefully he's cute. It's them that's all the matters. Yet there are lots of people in the restaurant kids were there and so that's not a good thing somebody call the cops arrested 4000 dollar fine for this for a second interest interest use something that's not on the menu. Definitely. Which is like my chin. Apprehend Cassel he's up next he's got your morning twelfth that's. Gigs. Next all of us yesterday yeah. And it says oh indeed still wait to see all of you. I miss all of you very much I'm Evelyn upon someone more here just like you feel like I ran into Red Sox this morning you gave him a big hug and I was sitting on the same team. I'll so quiet you can get we're so lucky I even woke up thirty minutes early excitement as you guys today and I have an already busy January I don't like my. At least 1 spot yet this morning already. And any shot up. Rock and 99.9 KI SW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. How much as bankruptcy cost aluminum very vigorously constant course very demanding what kind of gratification finding. There's a certain amount of dropped. Court costs and other out of pocket costs and you're going to have in any case. 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