BJ & MIGS Podcast 01-11-17-8A: A new study says taking a love break for yourself can increase productivity at work.

Wednesday, January 11th

A new study says taking a love break for yourself can increase productivity at work. Facebook Drama. The Frank’er. A woman gets pissed off after her new year starts off crappy.


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So about what this story may creating your workplace. According to psychologist there is a way to help you. And your productivity. And help you and your focus and work and that is to take a break. And making the deer assume. How can you how can you put that out there. And think that this is Smart move as a psychologist you know these crazy people running laments the some lecturer and England talked about this hour I'll I mean are focused and your pocket. He says that self love brakes are quote. Very effective at work because there are great way to relieve tension and stress well he's right about that and they're great way to get invite to the HR's office. Is that is is that true for both genders. Because I know that I feel like anecdotally I know that women get jazzed up a little bit they get energy it wakes them up yeah I'm more snappy and that. Which I mean I don't know dude no Vicki you fight you find yourself actually in a better move productive and and and it's helpful as well as media would be just as good for and it worked to get more pat. In for us to show up. Yet that's really that's what I do before I game I charm is before coming into our encore premature anything when I had to deal futile I. They go over it get to Gillis she's is that what you know I take a break he unlike. A came much better. Now I can handle it I better and know that may be I mean what you're firing her well it's like if I can how many women do you think Evans fired if this is a thing. What do you think everyone that comes in contact and we as a bureaucrat or strong solid guest on this one and zero. I don't know maybe they can you know even though they're trying to get a better mood I still can put it down the resume I inspire women dead and the goods and Gaza you're far from our minds when it's going on that's fair share flat you could say that I'm. Saying I'm right there focused. You know we do like our monthly meetings truth and sometimes it exactly what nor goes on America you know like what they'll serve food. And it does show videos incidents like play like inspirational videos or might you know. Leaders to kind of get us in the right state of mind what. Match and our next meeting all of a sudden this gets brought up used to bring it up get your act why should bring an innocent could ask for you president as an ambassador for our. Hard Sho RE ascent up in front of all of our our our our team I'll tell you much all of our emotions people are managers and say I've I've learned some new information. And then beat the study. Are you think it shows yeah yeah I guess everybody and I guy I agree with him I'll keep my hands in my pocket to make it we Rhode Island bad. If you're willing to stand up their TV and you bodies that look on your face I'll do it I'll do it. Now be our last day. The guy. Says that there are great this is a great way to reward yourself for a crossing a bunch of items not yeah I reward myself everyday and I'm living a very rewarded life so this they did this psychology it's a psychologist and England and another psychologists agrees. Horse even DC company should encourage their employees to do it. Dude if you think about the all the road rage do you think go all the issues that were having a life isn't. I think that that's not a bad thing I'd if people were to leave Warrick after you know having a session. I think they'll be less problems when people said a traffic I think people being a better mood. When you know they have it's amazing you were like. Trendy offices like you know where it's like you know not let us make our workplace fun and had been different and not like these maps stations but if they have like a crank it station I go yeah. And again they caught up like you or go to fertility doctor even going to date they caught the collection. What if we had a collection earlier okay. So or everybody's cubicles are completely close. Or like a like a TARP the thing gets pulled out from the desk and just goes around it like like a like a barbershop BI you have like that oh international OK I thought tired yes have been offered no body see people realize if you are that over your head had been in that incident gone on from the neck down. As your point you probably. Man I merely a pillow for it's like a label he would like elected enclosure entire bed like it right hello sort of thing maybe they have not until thing basilica it's a fort -- and afford you privacy rights and you can black out the outside weather says daylight so you can really goods. They do we got that badly off. Try to cubicle yeah so whiny things and miners at a cool like bad debt Ike. Had a cup top two written in the brings lower death a movie screen comes out in front but are and they got speakers and it has emerged as humans no all I want that more kind of movies you can watch him work I think that's a great idea collection room yeah I like this I to -- station battered Craig stations good they got married in a tough day guys I'll be back yet to Greg station where Steve is that the crank station and he was there this morning a nasty huge. These super focused today though. They're saying quote. Taking a self love break from boredom for an escape would increase work focus. The psychologist says I would expected to result in more focus less aggression higher productivity and more smiling. I don't know if I wanna see that person smiling after that. Well I wouldn't want to crank session it's all the women said visit to Senegal there because of may. All of no no one's saying their goal and every time they've created this fake or just admitted and I think other women have done because like I indirect with a lot of women I do it to deal with the straps a view not as a marry him. It used UB economy is say you've got to go to the deal be right back at a great stage are you people think about when they don't want to arrive at the station arson early Graham fighting BJ said. That's what people don't I don't know I know everyone should be doing I'm gonna make my own story up picking aren't made up of wanna put my cards crank station inspire sort of like Greta meeting in ninety just not really late. I've I've been guilty of sometimes dozing off during a meeting would have played a boss like Steve enough focus deep. Going to crank sort of a great station fine would be great if they did that high school because they know you're just you if you are you based agency you're distracted because of the women in the room and you on the line outside to do for teachers like go to transitions these sort of a nurse's office yeah. The creek station recurrence of him we have we have we have I think we're about to get some disturbing news from the reverend and I don't know I don't want hearing this theory goes is gonna look at him I haven't done anything like that here okay now looking to OK now but I working security I during the graveyard shift I it would be a pretty frequent occurrence for me to. Do this because I was working by myself there was no one else around and it L actually wake me up. It was one of those once they got the blood flowing again and I was able to finish the shipped out. Official went out this shift. Stocks yet but it was great I well I guess is sort of a cubicle because the cubicle. That's okay that's a better idea the cubicle. It's at this isn't we weren't such a repressed nation and includes a lot better in this area than we are you watch a lot of their sick comes a lot of their shows they don't have a problem with nudity and even sexual conversation as much as we'd very. You know and I still don't think you get past like if someone's like they were you gone instead of like Yeltsin does a big K bosh freon on going to get a coffee want anything. Now it's going to be a Wii on him to the station. Yeah and and obviously the obvious place to do is the restroom and wow that's where everybody anywhere else would you do it the boss's office huh okay take off. Spacious has got about that yet it's a very good fight great view and on the back on the back deck on the back deck. Do you say deck that's OK yes yes. So bush how how do you all feel about it I know video you're kind of weird about OC I'm all for. Would you do it if if if who's considered okay here I would do if somebody told me I needed to cassettes I feel like somebody would tell me you need to go to the crank station. Dealt with that that I think I learned the days of going right gentlemen's clubs yeah I mean I'd go here I enjoyed VIP room maybe a couple too many times right yeah. But there's nothing weird I'm walking by other dudes that were in the VIP room to something about knowing that there are just as excited as I am. Moss Jack we'll solidarity I don't feel so weird about it right now Gary I really feel solidarity which is that when you ring army and hot tub you know kind of effect it has on me. It well again I'm walking by you if I could go to my own hot tub it would be it from I'll be in the hot tub with you while you're I don't know if maybe a mobile repressed I don't know well we don't have any issue Steve so Omiyale silly but I don't know if I wanna be working of people attach themselves. I won't talk about here but there and other jobs I've had that I would love to of known that they were touching themselves that would be fantastic one Texas is a friend used. Take care that every afternoon at work she swore it was Saturday coffee get through the late day slump. Those exit thank you they're doing it right now may need to read that okay. The face stayed out of the criticism taken a break right now can again and I poppy from BJ. Chris. All that's nice from Chris uncle Chris in the room and there's uncle Chris are we are that you immediately thought it would all that they are gonna kill this is pregnancy is that Chris taking a self love break. I don't know sick guy or girl I know I'm imagine it's a guy lies sorry buddy I'm not gonna. I thought oh yeah. So probably about being you know the inspiration. Inspiration he did admire what. So I feel weird I now come on this and I've poppy poppy. Why do you guys wanted to say that they are you guys who have this bank breaker cells if you say it may be asked NF. And he'd have these. Nick about the iPhone back crystal clear that go I got to we've gone buddy system Pete yeah. And then. This is to create these two guys are probably the most perverted to psychologists and all they wouldn't. I know would you like atomic rebel government right over the office. I think it's a great and I got to see the story is there a so why do podcasts nobody Graham Mack who does a whole thing Northern England yet you and ask him about this I would ask him about this I gotta say this story. Like your friend. I need to stature this guy says hey asking about stuff going on and none I thought I could not care buchert country he's ideology I was there he oh Seacrest is about America when we do look like guessing a grandma I don't know moaning about England is some happened over the there. He said dude it's very difficult yeah I think chicks can pull this off probably lost sitting oh regular season. Come odd problem rock out you know I've heard those stories and they just cross our legs. All really just don't you just crushed a lazy today. And sometimes that takes a lot of effort and a lot of you know trying to focus and thinking of and I think especially having. You know visual stimulus Blake specific is that he'll go Home Depot by a few things before seeing out possibly yeah I treasure chest. So. I am for this a packed here. Here. And also I think that even though you're just heard about imagining guys doing it. White guy is not a bit what guy doesn't mind if a girl doesn't like if you of all of a sudden you just knew somebody in the workplace. You know you also workplace who do I I don't think many guys we have said about that the delay. Oh this is a great word plays and everybody's taking care mistress this legacies is where the slippery slope happened I Suu Kyi did their. Dixie you know but producers like leaning on the door to solicit their. But then if that's what they can do to relieve stress and do Al Franken isn't that everybody held on everybody that humans have defeat in the sense well Lago. Mine is on the we are part the thing is if we want so repressed and so I set about stuff and I can understand that listen can sensuality is so important everything in life and that's what I'm for. If you wanna be involved in something go ahead and do it if you don't think you know what respect that person and don't get them to do it. The boy I think we'd be happy if we can just let people can essentially get involved in a lot of this kind of stuff without anybody being all upset or repressed or whatever it just to be a better world. I mean I know it's tough for some muscle people 'cause we arrays are certainly demand could take the edge off of a lot of America surely would have like instead like it is in Spain entered the CS does yell a couple are CSF is scheduled time for a fiesta or is it case by case and businesses take their siesta time as it relates to here they are solely yeah ads around like two or so in the afternoon for a couple of hours it's always the same time because that's where are our. Elsewhere to have a couple drinks and go to can now ask creation out of any society in Mexico should always be considered the greatest place ever because of that particular idea. So why don't we have. Me Estes. Oh I love that I did so to me yes every day at noon at a rest stop what they're doing. I'm about the ruined myself stop what you're doing. And get to the ruins that's right me yes to me Esther actually that is a really good name are area on an enemy and it is a community yes that. I don't like it's the PS the T I thought I had an hour IDS that must be inclusive DS the fiesta that's true that's just a siesta fiesta for the gender and gender neutral room with how I guess this is this everyone's enemy Asta. I'm personally glad to know at least someone else and sources tell us literally had this conversation the other night with my wife. And our friends my best friend I'd both admitted to having done it before I'll wives thought it was insane we were in saint perverts sometimes have to take the edge off. See this is what this is unfortunately what they genders don't understand about each other. If you just read it god damn biology book you'd learn a little bit about men and pretty much all it's not all member pretty much all of man. You know this is a thing that really works for us on so many levels it releases the chemical in our brain that not necessarily works that way with women. But it works totally without us this way. And you know it's a great day calms us down which is. Really what you want from a lot of guys easier a lot of guys you want to calm down you like men that they can stay focused and do their job better be more productive. She is well into it and it's a natural thing that. Hey here's an idea maybe god when he made us gave this multi purpose situations with the things that our bodies do. You know Phares is like you know us guys we can go to the bathroom at the same thing that we can make a baby with multi purpose at the separate it is. I agree don't do it the same time but that's the idea. What if that's what we get like you know it's it's now no one thinks it's odd that you stand next to each had an idea to go number one chart here and you know I make it. At some point who somehow this became socially acceptable that we could see dad next to each other I used to urinate a -- news story and go shop as of the circle Jay is at least I know I wasn't on none that. Crazy lie well I thought that's where you gonna do we stand next to each other in the Basil knew one thing we might do you know why and how about number three I thought that's for your dog don't we I was going there yes I was in doorways and in a circular effect. I'll harmless but pretty much hope it's more obvious in the journal make him and I was your morning I don't I don't pick a lie and it's. What book but what if we got to deploy your mr. I don't wanna be repressed and I don't know really wanna see you pantomime but it did say if we got into the point where it's not we're I I hope I get a terminal illness for the victims are and how it got weird it's how do you just thought it was cool out you know about this is what it's like you go to try to do we know trying to get the -- I just try to prove why why can't look at this a regular basis would you going to overturn the remedy I don't know and Brad okay doesn't look at me I'm not playing why would anybody look at you while you sit there Milken a cal who wants to see I Judy dogs are gonna do good on Saturday while you're -- on top magic he will not take your eyes off the screen good calls -- do you all see that's what I'm talking about it and we. Talked. Meet us probably enough. Uncle Chris is staring at me lovingly on your. Uncle Chris is a bizarre guy I don't know with the same analysts say bizarre others are saying. Attentive why are you using for the thrust motion when you're talking about that I don't know. I can't talk to mark you are totally wired on the subject but they. You do to keep Lieberman in ambience right from the spirit now want him to texting that's nice yeah elect. It's called. The series. We know the gender of these people texting and if a girl said she was doing it we'd be very happy that that that she was listening to our show when she was having MBS. One person I'm in the army while deployed we would have races to see who could out and says yes there with the fastest time. Wow that's that's a challenge Tommy enforcing those who do they do it'll come up with anything did no matter what you do when I do it'll make a challenge and right that this is what we do the competitive spirit in ice hysterical. You know what you're where you're in a desert you're you're you're hanging out with the idiots I mean you're it is for the future trying to fight you know and well we gotta you gotta do something to pass the time right. Just never know some morons gonna come try to be media rights in a video game supply yeah. I here's the a man. I don't know what happens when someone goes on social media to complain about the new year. Let you know what happens another addition of FaceBook drama he inherited nineteen. Happier BS stuff there on Iraq. And made some more news on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. At W the rocket Seattle. Reverend bacon pet his back and on Saturday march 11 is when you can go there. The Seattle designed senator reverend bacon fest. Flock suburban plots of whiskey isn't of course lots of great food from Seattle's very the others just restaurants man play out and of course they can will be on display. Your life Obama reverend bacon fest we get those tickets is pretty simple you go to K I SW dot com it's gonna be awesome. Your column favor a whiskey. And of course she's like wow I didn't know that rest run even existed I'm gonna go there. Give me some faith in all right there in one place for your permanent bacon fest benefitting our friends at treehouse. Laura good. I Vijay once again here's our chance socket when not dumb people that are on FaceBook employer avoid these days there's a lot of stupid people on FaceBook. And this is an actual FaceBook post the drama unfolds as acted out by us. BJ's name protect innocent and the stupid this time around BJ you're gonna be original poster you're playing the role of Lacey act too soon seem very happy with 2017 so far. Regularly Carla sweet I'll play year old Teresa. And Vicki you'll be frank AKA. The striker and I love it that's frank chair so once again the original poster is lazy so Vijay please take it away. Oh yeah yeah it's this. Big problems. Back back thing. Where she is girl book brawl and are you okay I'm calling you want your thought but you're not varying. I to know what it's. Like to be broken. Jesus. You have post always reek of desperation. Why you sent ten narcissistic to rock clean. In tarnoff. Calm the F down quit feeding into our attempt at seeking attention. Hash tag. Attention whores. They kidnapped Teresa. What did we duty your crappy ass instead of worrying about what we say why don't shoot don't watch your snot nosed albeit a kid. I am waiting to give you a piece of my mind for awhile now Carla. You wanna start talking about kids at least my daughter isn't a web cam stepped up. Sad thing is she's probably the breadwinner in your family tax tags make it rained. Yeah. I'm. You know the spring drills are ranked outside one as a girl drummer entertain me and Jeremy on the same time this is better than you board. Bully him to step. You have no idea what it's like to be eaten. Yeah. And the big debate do you know. Our tag and tried on not connecting to linger is now back to your born. PS did you really say duty black Ariel five years old Ella little whenever it. I should've never said anything you've pitches or T socks from my venom. Notice how I set Carlyle up and made Lacey cried that's what we call a social media might drop. Bet. Same here FaceBook drama just as good as it ever was was in a very long thread though because in the beginning francs on the young. And authority and their mighty anything and old and dirty yeah. What happened to. Cupid coming on like a weird creepy guy to an old man girl drama just ages mean man died as it so that happens. Nobody paying attention to President Obama last night where we should be you know spend less time being uncivil to each other. And you know what I'm talking in person that I was arguing online which is a great message which is why no matter what that happens with a transition we know that FaceBook dramas going to be the same no matter who the president is. Oh yeah. It's a story about George Clooney. Who is you have a last week or so to have a crush on unfortunately his deceased ans. Rosemary Clooney I do if we ever do and interviewed George Clooney bowed our policy should start the interview by bringing and a appreciated because in our dad aunt I don't know I I I mean really I mean of course it's in a professional course totally professional I have a policy one movie but I wanna see more. But the idea George Clooney I don't know if you know this but I guess he and his wife have this thing here is wife Amal on him I do not agree on how to tip people. And George apparently is an excessive tipper and Amal apparently doesn't like that Joseph was about the same and I know be a generalized statement and there's obviously limited I do like to tip well. But more often than not my my initial reaction when you first said this I don't know who the better tipper up. A bad George is a good tipper and his wife doesn't like it. It's it's it's horrible that that's stereotype exists but it seems like anecdotally a lot of us guys that's what we notice is it seems to be the woman in the relationship and has a problem with the guy tipping and my wife the first person I've ever been a relationship with that does not give me a hard time because of how much I tip are you knew she was the one now she's okay with the tech. Which is why there. I. What he acts as a long way to go to get to that way. I wasn't even going to play Oregon I don't you guys are 100 pervert you worked with pervert just. So I George Clooney he's found a way around his wife's band I mean I guess she banned him on excess attention. As rich as ass. Let them tip whatever you if he wants like I hear rumors that Dave Grohl when he goes and and and gets great service or dispute service of tropical rain as it hit. And he can afford that's good marketing by the way. Ali I guess they really really is I mean that I'm not saying this today you know taking your right you that's how you explain it's your significant other you go look this is marketing I am always in the I public eye everywhere I go people know me like a Dave Grohl like a George Clooney. You want to stay in the good graces of people which means you know being no tip and Pippen which was. That name is synonymous with Scottie Pippen whether he likes it or not because the fact that he was infamous you know Chicago Bulls player for not tipping people debate company called no tip and tip it out. And which is contribute but that's the perfect guy if there's a good guy and a plant that's not gonna tip he's gonna have a name that has it in it somewhere right so you can come up with a cool they might no different that but it it was perfect for him. It doesn't it was meant to be. So George I'm away promise of what he's does now. Is if you don't know this he has a high end tequila called. Gossip Heidi says 'cause I mean those that I mean look got some angles. And he's doing this for Sidney Crosby I didn't. House and Mingo is now how simulate mr. Gardner a host of Ming the merciless Eliot and name. I feel the eye and I feel like guy's house is gonna be part yeah right now it's got to because CA SA and mangoes unless he's trying to mix like domain knowledge in Sunday's shell eggs sunny morning telling mix the two words together our house Sunday Sunday at the house that's a little tequila. Or it could be there like mangoes and for some reason custom mangoes was taken solo because of mangoes and Rivera fox he goes. Well anyway I Cindy Crawford's husband George Clooney they're together doing this tequila business. And I guess the tequila is pretty hefty like if you want to order a bottle of it premium model at full price for fifty. Com law summit Picasa. Stupid method of policy cost 450 dollars custom windows does. And are my buddy nick you'd get it and then drink it and then. Re purpose that I put my the low end tequila in that bottle as oriented parties it's the best for fifty can revive he would do Joseph Paterno he took the parties and you have it in people would take shot to be like. This is the best tequila and it was like whatever like Joseph Bob's view it. Bottle mind over matter Britney is really really forced fifteen. Yeah I guess for the rich people just are objecting because somebody goes well George buys a bottle at 450s at a restaurant. And what he does is he ought to grass the ball and gives that to the waiters so when it's on the bill it looks like he just bought the tequila on the Bill Owens you know maybe simulate AD and turned him from Georgia keep trying to secure the country. Help the brand honey Emmy we sell at the milky carrying it and not knowing that he's not having it at all and he's just giving it to the later. I don't know off now of course there were telling the story if it is if there's any truth to any of this well miles and find out right what would you rather a that's necessary like a 50% tip of whatever the amount of money he spent at the restaurant on the war a bottle back to Q. Well if if if I autograph ball on that tequila yeah I his autograph by Clooney that is cool we try to have to go through a couple steps to get my money. Rather have my mind. Fred I mean I'm gonna put on eBay yeah I gotta wait for them to toxins and I hope we can personalize it down mentally and wipe that off yeah we you can wipe that off it is for you know that way people into the but their own name on there yes yeah. Don't sign anybody Joyce. Was given drinking probably when affect your waitress are on the Internet site you know I'd. You always get a somebody that did guest. But I want money. Weldon federal it's okay then now we won't drink it as just another group to jump through on with Steve and this video piracy gave grow walking in my wrestler might. Hope I'm I'm serve him he's gonna give me it G spot that it hardly mace. Thousand dollar all okay good job as an attempt beyond their really Dicey when I get sick of a drumstick signed by him I'd be kind of bomb behind. Now what is this I know it's very materialistic that tells us just state saying good things cloning and it Hillary Cyrix it's not pass and the eagle us. Yeah Ingles salsa friend's house a friend are they wrote Iran after after an Eagles some may ghosts how their friend's house of prince tequila them. Can a friend charged that kind of money for a bottle from Canada too you to edit looked at the top shelf for the bar all those bottles up on the top shelf cost a lot of them. So obviously and you know plus is that George's name on it that's got to you know George artist he's associate with that has a little bit more of the price that meant. Is it really goes back to what Texas says that his constituent is amazing but at sixty bucks. That was my international SA said it was a premium model all okay so maybe it may I guess you're just sweat and yes listen sources Niemi this Miami goes whoever anybody and it's also pretty cool that he's not excessively tips peak in filter at the regular mountain by ordering a 400 not something dollar bottle. That immediately ups how much yes the tip. A way where where where where where where way. I flatly she wore oh wait a minute I know your saying but yet now you open up a whole different subject what does that my wife is always said you never tip on the alcohol. Oh come on my. My wife is set sounds odd coming well as far away from you like it that now. I dug I iced it sees this was something that was a rule of thumb that she said that she was raised with that everybody I don't know if it's amass a job that thing broke people. Now they you don't tip but you you don't tip on the alcohol. Like you know I you go to you get a drink we knew by Alex you don't give that guy 20% of those drinks do you know you just give a couple bucks. I can remind yeah I if I ever go to bar and I ordered my address is such a high priced I ask what my wife says you don't tip on the alcohol in the same way to the regular flu something that's I mean you tip something's actually you don't twenty. Percent hit. Yeah at this of what I do you have made a ten dollar cocktails at two dollars Dickie do you expect when it and it would do I Dili in Edmonton Ellicott Tug about two bucks. And an idea yeah I was still fifty I I do that but my wife gives me a hard time this thing I wanted to figure the math now you're sorry I'm in other ways you know an enemy. Why session give her a hard to incidents are not yet and she's yeah okay. Massachusetts and. Definitely tip on the alcoholics sometimes servers have to check out the bar 20% on alcohol just got an example I mean a cup like I didn't think fifteen would be fine. But for a bottle I feel like this is maybe Georgia's wave also saying look at on the bill I have to tip more. Do you guys ever really go somewhere and someone like pace of the bill on the cover everything right in and you notice that did it hit Sox know we we knew we used secretly promised a couple bucks on the table. Yes you done that before and I'm always seuss guarantee it caucus and go the awkwardness of them being like. Yeah because they might get I heard about that had a fight with a guy wasn't it wasn't in this town but it was in the radio business are another's anonymously air worked and had a big fight with a co immediately he and I were two different stations. And you know he knew the people the restaurant. And he gave a bad tip and I'm like dude first thought he'd seen it anywhere out of his way to introduce me as well I'll so good at that point you go okay now I'm on the radar. And you've got a tip well at that point you're on the radar. Yeah Allah and off man. There are being assigned like oozes into decent amount it was a minus 10% tip unlike can't yet you can't do so why we're walking out all I think I left my phone and what impact. And just put up some cash in his left on the table because like I can't leave here knowing that we've just completely. We see that servers time yeah. Yeah I hatter easily do that with family members as it came out from from a different country in the even ask me colleges a good tip unlike a look at the film like this much and he did half fat. Even me you know that's via the I definitely hear and a couple bucks before we left and it's you know become an explanation as Weaver. Com all right I had thought about that that's a great dad that that is. That's a win win for everybody finds and it's okay with him spending his money yeah money it's your money working Clooney you wanna marry George and spent his money I mean the man is the star facts of life. Let's give enough action erratic keep forgetting that pretty much is the highlight of his career you refer media wise you resonated that there. Gives him the right to spend easily however I'm just for you made on whose money he did make those money with facts of life that has been documented yeah I think ever in his autobiography. I guess or vice Steve surprising but he did get this right. Stark Atlantis are rarely name released TV series not cracked. A show with their major people on the basics of their Brothers and immigrants is just not care about the way it was just one person having sex with a one brother okay tomorrow let's get it right not bad. We'll be up to get Doby casting aspersions and all the answers just Jamie. That's it. Hey you I'd love play against Steve pretty simple to 06421 rock rocket 7625. Feet mix we're gonna do it a day 49 on Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy aft here's another question molester. I'm getting my wages garnished from bankruptcy help put back absolutely no one of the big reasons people file bankruptcies because they have been judgment or a lawsuit against them. Their wages are being garnished. 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