BJ & MIGS Podcast 01-12-18-6A:A girl on YouTube found out a way to play the Star Wars Imperial March with her pencil.

Friday, January 12th

News and sports. Today is National kiss a redhead day. A woman tried to steal her deceased mothers safe after skipping her funeral.


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Love your Star Wars fan and you see in the last July 75 times from about six Christ's death which is pretty amazing real. That type I'm now a Star Wars fans I don't quite go that far. Which could amount. I you know was seeing a movie twice this surely is it's a good starts until long way to go. Even last night Lulu went to bed with her you want you to weigh. Thought Jason well there you know not our that's worth Star Wars family assets exactly what you are. Yeah well hey you know what I got a treat for you than mr. Star Wars OK a girl on YouTube figure out a way to write a math equation out so that her pencil. Sounds like the imperial march from Star Wars as she's writing. This may be chalked up to one of those things around think we necessarily need this in their lives but maybe it could be entertainment they already are you that this girl is so Smart it's just way to hell over our heads I don't even understand what the hell's happening but apparently your pencils sounds like they note are invaders the manner. Well I mean I it. Tiger say nights he came up with a math equation but she's just doing math. And moving a pencil to make it sound like the song also did the OK so I admit I that this I was like wow and I had to all you did you get just maybe move it through then mentally forget I think it's gonna make it sound more intelligent and it's beyond our are not a stupid way to do stupid song by an awesome movie franchise. Mike it's yeah. You think like John Williams is that the data they listen music that's like he's six. That's everybody's yeah just after everybody you know that's. That's that helped and who did you not hear it I know I heard it out. I think this filly. I I guess I feel. Well well you know what may feel like they should get another one hello dad I give away the ousted another rise again same girl. She's amazing this is the cantina dreaming you know lose that then that day you know and had done that and I'm an idea that that at and the first hours readers. I don't know lose some. The first news host mr. ouster applying it. Yeah and I I I think we're missing something if because I am I I don't know what it is. So is it. She actually doing a real problem that is so it looks like it's a math problem but somehow while she's doing it she still able to the theme enigma you can read her work or just a bunch of scrambles on a paper. I think she's she's writing out a meth problem all that's actually impressive then. Because it actually I mean I thought they be schools on paper so when you're done you're looking at it there's a real math problem on their have a she's making it sound like the theme now that's more impressive to me. Is it in and actually looking at 88 I can actually see there are easier the music in my mind when I'm watching the things going along by it. Just listening because I'm really dumb it's not that impressed I could do this she could not I don't enjoy it I thought I was I I just straight to nod. Can't do basic math Steve come on. Solid point but I can make a song gotta go check out the video on the Vijay makes great KI SW dot com it's much more impressive I think we realize she's actually doing a real problem all right not something you're around something okay you guys at the 30 what songs. Plus I knew I decide to be a Star Wars all right time I got my thing down there yeah. Our. We know and you know now. You don't know that but again well. Okay. Now. This well. Head admiral Byrd. Few events and current affairs says Brad it's the word everybody knows. What is the word okay bird bird bird bird bird yeah. See your amazing yeah that's that lesson once he looks just like the word vermin that that's fantastic I was boy everybody now it's kind of hard and so yes and our. The do you RC. This goes much more impressive she wrote a real math problem that I rode out of the lyrics of the song that I played Alia you do dilemma bird bird bird count bird words. Yeah marriage. Thank you. Crescent bird dance and ever seen on I don't get it's Friday. That's you know something I'm afraid that side by side comparison shown that you're still you and macros a genius I laugh. Now. Especially I mean I -- added that that's it to me the girl's impressive view that's a president loaned him or sometimes you don't recognize genius into Oregon. Yeah how I'd like to give that a try if your goddamn nice value of the tribe we'll see if I if I really recognized so amazing you bright lights. All right well that was of course one child who is pretty amazing coming up with the potential sounds now you open that you have but the let me tell you about another child a fifteen year old that was busted for being a drug dealer. All NBA her mom I was okay what does she is like let's I didn't. Yeah I can't wait to tell you about these folks to see he's got all the news four is 617 on the Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all. That's what I'm okay at W Iraq. Seattle. Best newscaster. Named steam. In this room. Right now all the years Steen made slid the news. Well thanks guys thanks man and that's your craft and for giving us news and fortunately in the middle looks a Google search trying to find a hot red head because today is international kiss a ginger day Pope really fast so I I don't have who's your favorite redhead. All Karen Dillon she's on the most Jumanji hock yeah. Was that ice the scenes look Fisher hall Iowa Fisher island yeah she's an attractive woman is I can't argue that I official love violent. Ten years of hearing that daily game. She's adult film SARS deaths did blow. How quickly went right down to it I'm shocked you didn't go there. That's what went on guru I don't remember the names of all the lovely that I watch on the big screen. Commodities can mean hello top the other day. Kinda radio fear redhead my candidate Google searching actor nod Deborah and Wolfowitz and the redhead stuff she she's done a dare double. Punish shared a really bad shooting days dare. She's the girlfriend. I'll Falwell are very high job. The song. Okay M lens. Lillian glass that's my head I'm sorry anytime news and Amy pond is the one man. Brad beside yourself who's your favorite ginger thank god he's a golfer in the married when I yeah. Solid today I got about taking advantage Ralph gallons a VI flashback Friday for thereafter. Plus a what a fifteen year old Massachusetts is there a moment in trouble because well she's a drug dealer and apparently her mom was aware of her being a drug dealer and OK with it. She was rescued by police are running an illegal drug business to pick up OK that's good and so it was set up at their place. If people just walk up from her bedroom window. And she would sell them drugs. By the cops show up they noticed it yet to marijuana cocaine. To unregistered guns about a thousand dollars in cash call that was taken out of the apartment by the police. Our neighbors complaining because people coming up and down the stairs and around two and 3 in the morning. I don't know man. But then I'm gonna drug dealers put on the by good oil fifteen year old drug dealer you don't know did you know that don't posit that yeah okay. It is a little weird guy you want your drug dealers to be over eighteen I want does that put some time you know I mean 101000 hours whenever that they didn't expect now that she's got under 101000 hours so much of a rookie free exactly right. Costello another of your mother daughter situation a woman's name of Audrey she's from Connecticut she died last week in her thirty year old daughter Alice. Skip your funeral. If you rifle white and place given your mom's funeral mass is plus to confuse breaking into her mom's house and thought oh safe that's kind of how it's. Got. Why. Yes wow when the woman passed away off her fiancee showed up got home after the funeral notice it's all broke into the house he called the cops. They quickly figured out that her daughter broke and and her 127 year old boy from saying in a motel both arrested for theft charge boy that sounds like just a delightful family. Yeah finished first in something of a white woman from New York she discovered. A song in the pocket of her new genes and look I'm sure wasn't intentional it's but as she said I used songs she bought a pair of G inside called not your daughter's jeans from Nordstrom's okay. And she found the pennies in the pocket when she got home so of course considers chalking up to maybe somebody tried on those teams at north that's I would guess. And maybe you forgot to put their underwear back gone I don't know that's something a great start to a video that does actually does follow ridiculous. Please tell you this Nordstrom intentionally put used underwear in the genes and try to leave ever leave what I say stop doing that back in the eighties exactly Nawaz enjoyed actually. Score yeah not not your mom extremes are not your Dodgers team for governor called. Well here's what she growth and its cycles consciously relax. After many years of loyalty to your company I was appalled at the lack of customer service you gave you and I received a pair of knighted started deeds. We'll be dirty and worn women's strong enough from pocket. There's things they offered her replacement so I don't know what the customer what what more can make surfaced that there has been in the world of customer service she said that wasn't enough. Quote I would imagine that a company such as this. Could do more for a loyalty card holding customer. As a nurse to numerous amounts of health hazards this issue presents is astounding. Okay departments or apologize and hopefully get to the root of the problem. The numerous amount of health hazards somebody's underwear is in your pocket cheeses from you shot out looking convenient share for the assists but let's show. That lady. Talk kenwood Hyde got a little bit of an issue one their teachers you have 45 year old science teacher so well for the last few years. He's been sending. Unsolicited. Snapshot pictures to a student. Whom. And if you're wonder what kind of pictures OK then you just corrected yet bad days of his darn yeah and him doing stuff to himself all well we all want that's always here's the crazy part in store inches and so move the growth of its fell last couple of years somebody's been sending her pictures on snapshot into you know who it is always stop all of block. She assumed that it was his students gathered this all started when she was fourteen she seventeen now all this is horrible. She kept trying to figure out who was because the first would never show their face yeah in the person would say I can't tell you because it messed up my marriage in my job. Here's where it gets crazy. Then she noticed that the science teacher was wearing a dark green jacket and recognize the jacket from the pictures that she was getting on snaps at all new boy oh boy I bet she looked up the guy in this school directory and don't see the same color hair as the person I was sending the images come. They don't care how I guess that's what she's got to figure out. So then she confronts a guy he's gone so sorry I'll never do it again he stops doing you for a month and starts to back up again trying to get an ad section. Socialists the authorities know of course he's in some trouble against 45 years old science teacher. Checking it twice check if it's just. We are you know what I hit it what an idiot because. I can't believe this girl who was I guess kind enough to give him a pass we'll just stop bothering leave me alone stop sending me pictures of yeah I did the amount of trouble that he's gonna get in that she was willing to give him a pass on and he was still an idiot what is this guy doesn't deserve dead. See the light of day he's a moron I guess every announced job that you listed on the Seahawks announced that they're going on good. They're playing collaborators is gonna be an away game for the CF apparently is just have resisted. Good that the NFL wanted them or someone one day imagine NFL wanted to do a game over in London. For awhile now but they'd never wanted to give up play their home games which makes sense because of just how you know while they usually do not this past season but usually do at home. So but this is going to be an away game for the CI a against the raiders on October 14 pretty exciting they'll be pretty cool hot tonight guilty until they do us. Shameless self plug Olivia 321 battle coming out with me watching wrestling. Some weird wrestling Gloria did you take out guys they did turn and the black sheets mean conditioning and of course everybody's favorite the last. I've had about OK okay. That's right the bird will be wrestling he's pretty damn awesome place at 9 PM and evolve fitness coming out with does not take up to your best as far as I whether 51 degrees and cloudy. And I affiliate here you back in good health you're able to go out there and do your do all your duties as commissioner yes mom until pretty good I can get in the ring sic couple things and then get out of the ring in Sonoma NASA much wrestle there you go good call yeah. Good column and soap and of course talks could be among the not surprise me geez I classy was surprised that they didn't really can do more of a full court press to get him in there. Because the hawks have been such a popular Teemu has for years. But finally got done Tonioli you are now planning a trip. To London for that quality that's a really good question I bet I've got a few hot. Fans well well like I have a friend and I we're planning and go and Ireland maybe next year and she's like can we move this up like to go this year health account I don't know I have the money for the last. But Obama if we can make out what I'm more of your underwear rate whereas whereas we can make it work. What can you fund the trip by selling your underwear would be amazing yeah. I could hardly do that I think you should get some Seahawks up underwear that we don't. FEMA and that's how I can help us subsidizing trip and whatever you don't sub bring to London with you and in some outside deuces and this is an American tradition when you go to a game you buy underwear from women. But I don't really convinced scenario. I I love this idea Steve says she wants to make it a point to go when the hawks are theirs is to get tickets and go to game yeah awesome try to get like Steve we can do at the top over you should do it. Okay Fannie funny. I underwear. Politics is missing from you should do it and like little like it's a lot of these often everything trying to figure the. One chance only one day off for you talking about hosting thing about a date of issue was committee as she wants to do all too weak backpacking in Oregon a week and a half yeah. They're bound to get I gotta go sample the local cuisine if you know what I mean then back a bunch of deeds yes check. Philly might be lucky Vicky as far as the time things I have a class reunion my from my fortieth. Forty. I don't know why I'm gonna come out before still alive that's I. I now because that's what you gotta go he's got NC is still around I'd call him under one and that was on my fifth so it's bad and they're all my years since I've seen everybody and somebody reached out and I said hey what do you say may and you wanna come to and I thought. A lot of the may have no good reason get back and visit the family as well so I think the I think they're doing in an October this year so. Got to be tough to focus I I would I don't blame you for one ago I mean I think that's a huge mouse on the Dennis thank you gotta tell people a way to go off from my. Forty S high school that's that forty's I feel like it's amazing yeah actually I have EU do you think it may makes you look goals him. Well no I mean you make yourself look golden SpinRite have at this doesn't change that. I every nice just to see how I how I you know you always like to go see like Ari who's looking older than me and my field is looking dude at this part I feel like you will be. One of the younger looking dudes are right I like that a guy I am glad to have you know faced them and I do I do I mean I just I did say I feel like you know will we get to do and and in the environment that were any keeps you young. Yet a dish that. You know what you dress we act and all that and you meet people that are of quote unquote adults in your nutrients. And I remember going back to my dad's retirement party and running into some old friends one that was a year older than me. But boy you look like he was thirty years older than me gray had a couple kids cop. A little more stress in his life to mind by now but still it was susceptible. Yesterday isn't it about if I go to high school we ran a lot of that. Yeah it is should be seeing some pictures that I've seen as some people like war. Yeah had an old friend of mine had seen her forever and she just had to say why you look gold a minister for their view on FaceBook till she's the USC out to me on face at all. And I look at Brett back hey you look fat. Just say hey Sammy Sosa was fishy how does she think this is gonna go down I mean unless she's just Botox her whole life the way. But you know I never seen pictures summer so I thought that was interesting waits and sees comment. I see happen a lot especially with what we do sometimes you wanna take shots and any of us on our show or amend your Ryan whoever you know they wanna be regularly feast of media did yeah all the time and you click on that person's profile and there's not a single picture. Of them on their profile yeah tennis is it okay clearly you're living in a glass house exactly anybody who's got their their profile pic is like. A meadow or a stream of things yeah they that means your too ugly for FaceBook which is even worse than being too ugly for radio address may. Please series frustrated with the Euro face for FaceBook exactly yeah faceless book for you that's the new place. And that's forty Z forty years I know I really wish your class I don't MO 400. OK yeah I think says somewhere between two and 400 I'd my math is hard on this one I can remember in my mid to implement and twelve people. Okay here more than twenty yeah it's a video and and a and a BA it's funny because I remember I want to go before and so I talked a buddy of mine he's back automatic. I don't know how many people really don't like to go to class reunions I wonder like what the you know what the rate of attendance would be I would go I lived in the city that I went ice like a nice to live to New York I would still I would make it a point to focus it would be fun to catch up. Because you know we it has social media area a double we all. Went our separate ways to college or whatever else I lost track with most of my friends I've we connected thanks to social media but still some I happen to be kind of fun to see what they're up to. But I don't wanna waste a trip. To New York. Just go hang out when I had high school and I don't like them that much yeah you could do you like also maybe see your parents and other people may be value Iraq that's a wasted trip go back that's when wasted night. I got I got I got they CFA is still there and I meant family you know I'd like to go into the city if you check out some kind of events and a fine play I don't want sauce Leo C you're that guy so the other guy that will never do it now. I've probably won't unless it timed out that I was already gone home for a different reason. Yeah out of there and make it up I mean when when my twenty urine came up. I was like oh I should do that and answered looking at them per plane tickets and oh yeah yeah this is a colossal pain in my. By the time though you know what by the time you get to your fortieth Steve I know you might he might have some money Sega might be an 88 you would be shinseki might have money save you boldly she go to you know Ireland they knew they go you know we're good at that point oh yeah and twenty some years later about it will be crashing in the penny sales business had done about that you use our son your underwear you me and he's no no obvious spokesperson for her all the stops throwing away from that commercially solace at least I think he's had a suitable for framing I've done some. Too bad at all. All right say they want to show go to guys scurrying him yeah I wanted to go to my twentieth but it was last year during a radio conference that we go to every year so I couldn't well they did not so they did in August on yak he had did I was done to come on I'm shocked that Danny doesn't go to his high screens I feel like that's like. His chance to reconnect with all his Emo friends and talk about simple plan who was thank you yeah you're. I answer president distinctive stone in there I spend most of my in all fairness I spent most of my high school crying and to have them any friends in the corners side on an area. I didn't I didn't go when the tenure came out. Danny's in the career. Eyeliner running. He's dressed in black tie and have friends guys are hey there yeah ever claim. So full crowd and see how I see your FaceBook and I actually just wanted to yeah. Yeah in the context of yes like now I'm getting a candidate don't want it he probably did you wanna go this day and had they do want what we you have in high school. No I nor any high school I got ahead in college also is really ecology you wonder if there's any cause reason you can show the way you ladies get a little what's going on now. Take me out this. Yeah I'm. And I just. Yeah I. Wow. It any c'mon you can do they really is that TV. I'm that's that's why I wanna go is it there anyplace right nobody worms every year when I was like sixty pounds heavier I do like I'm gonna go when there is a sudden you're still Miramax yeah. I wanna do it. John and I is should Pelé is fluid you look at Jemison now but it. Now I actually went to maintain your reunion this summer her this past summer and you met like I became friends are people that I never would have met otherwise. In till things went down. A girl that I was friends in high school got really drunk and started crying everytime someone remembered years and it. I can't believe. When I was allows. And her husband was assays still. To the point where she grabbed my not jealous. My not it is a euphemism no power actual food at all I don't know not Josie yeah I think what they really were to a party about what are not terrorists I have heard this before I've I noted Scott go hey this item but I I notice sausages I don't know and actually that's not Joseph talk okay. Fairways are host and executive Steven Clemons. The way she said that maybe think that she was groped. Right now it took her food is it just. But she said my not shows on your mind I'm so it's bits of data to so and so that's what do you know it's got real nobody's usually my not shows and the rule hunt them at her husband. Are out on the table oh nice and then we had a drag her husband now on I am most sausage. Our pants are falling out he was also out of all I thought maybe I'd do is they some kind of a brought. OK enough enough snow yes so I'm really damn it was an actual sausage I almost got so drunk we had to drag him out trash and then I drove them home because. We couldn't get a cavern Hoover all the way in you know where these your frenzy just let them bite and you did her in high school Blake briefly. Not that's a bad reunion yes so I drove and he proceeded to vomit in my car so this is perfect grade and I. He's the man why are you are the ones responsible sees the so called cap for these people I try to call a cab nobody would come out this league Stephens nobody wanted to come out the lake Stevens to pick us up like you don't come likely yeah I'm not coming. Cow doesn't. You know most car services didn't wanna come up CIA I I'm not gonna bring my spouse to my a reunion I think when processor because you're you're witnessing the people that know you what I every spouse. Today to be fun for the spouse to get a peek. But into the world they of your high school days I think my wife would get a kick out of hearing stories about me just listening to slayer and venom in Metalico. My friends while they pierced and Nichols at their own state because your wife probably certainly love to hear all about yeah see my Wi-Fi and I don't care about my wife that much of John and I I know I'm you know Bonner high school life go by air and they'll go by yourself who find anything charming about like learning about what she was like would choose. 141516. I feel I know of from all her family and everything in mentioned we've had conversations I mean you know you get to from the perspective of her friends it's probably different than you realize you really think that guy that I that I should care that much. What can you do marry the person and I would I would care yeah yeah I just I care more about your wife's life than you do all you bullies to high school life yet so you see you really relate to go to your waist high school reunion. Always loved. Make any time I come around her hold her older friends like I don't know people as she's known forever and you kind of you you here's some of the series that think they're kind of cool all right I'm at the event and a perspective. I I didn't ninth guy wasn't gonna bring my wife I just I would be boring for her because I'd be talking to everybody and so I just mutilated or they remembered a time we did this in this mess and she was like no I wasn't there and remember these are probably run and I heard that because maybe she doesn't find that stuff to be fascinating I would yeah I don't yeah yeah. I yeah I'm on my go ahead and honey I mean why he has issued enjoy that that's the fun story of the time that a girl beat you up. From the perspective of maybe the girl yeah that would be interesting nine enact girl I think it's actually pretty active in my swing a little free Demeter has. Feel badly and in a fight I'd be up my chicken you know ahead of the biggest jackass ever I probably was just so mean to her shoes and I'm done with you and I. I wanna have to face some Mena was a milestone on our until it yeah well I mean that's why don't wanna see that girl on a member of my wife she knows I'm an idiot so those threes finds out would you apologize. Oh yeah I'm her I'm not plan on doing it I don't sit I don't know because what she doesn't even remember his dream is is gonna be the BJ Shea apology tour. Like I did I say I'm sorry I don't know if I ever did some good cheer and then they'll they'll tell them that I don't remember that but okay I'm sorry. Next person got immediate dispute the people wanna go down that road and high school he would have she doesn't remember it's really was like forty years ago maybe even longer that's the question should I just our apologize or she says something that I should apologize I think she says something your apology is out these should unsolicited go up to some may remember a time and did you feel like complete and utter crap and they act rehash some and maybe is that still an issue for them for their whole life yeah I want to say hi and it is aids. Yeah you're real jerk back in those days Dahlia Tony and a lot of that. That's I think that's gonna happen I'm sure. There I guess they Steve he did get this one right what tomato cars that he's just confused driving in the sun Walsh act. Our side and a Chrysler yet as big as a way out. And it gets paid. There's about a six. You're celebrating Steve all right you've got 206421. Rock and replace Pete migs and 640 sevens. On Iraq. 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