BJ & MIGS Podcast 01-12-18-7A: What is something that your significant other loves but you hate?

Friday, January 12th

Beat Migs. Megan set the show a message talking about things her husband loves that she hates. Luke warm topic. 


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I'm local band in the wind burn burn burn you wanna know where they're playing how you get your music just go to the beach Jamie free agent KI SW dot com put to good to come aboard right here we're not a bunches. Seven inches. They're working on their debut full life. Point this year and then big show hi January 19 over the Seattle hop on factual. High line card check them out the fine I didn't want. If you like local local long we've got a new tire you need them for every Sunday night 10 o'clock. Two hours of all local music. Sundays and ten great bands like burn burn burn. Mean okay. And game now. He's OK then guys we maybe it is the whole day. Oh yes a must so look important week embody I know you guys so much gaming going on Orkut com that the W Hilton oh yes I know well dimension well I did they named it well yeah that's a will but can imagine body and it's a gaming convention and it just a yard use and work as their logo I know your car passes always know using your on the the variance the idea and you know or the buzz as you can get on the bus of the light rail take the orchid to go to know Gephardt is all about it now. Yeah out Ortiz had tons and Dorgan destined today we've got in Seattle to take on Steve carriers that are. Yes I down actually what's playing forty Steve tat is playing prepared tickets got poppa roach who read the show about Soto on Friday may fourth. That is courtesy of AEG live good KI SW dot com for all the details if you want tickets get a now. Any acts as dot com credits he did that today. Those play you know cat will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions get it to pass and you want but you'll only get three guesses per. Question are you ready. Yeah yeah what was John Ritter's character's name on the TV show three's company. Needs to Indy well known star twister Peter piper picked up textile watched. Technical person to ask who played the title role of the comedy and redshirt. You didn't ask what facial feature is the Mona Lisa Smith singer. I don't know. Are yeah as a wedge to Star Trek franchise and then ended its TV run in June of 1999. Times. You ask in the matrix what color pill do neo tape. More now it's ranked Aston wage war was made palm's first used to. Now to. Now next to a large as what was Alyssa Milan knows Heymann who's the boss. In which country is he classic book the three musketeers primarily Zach. Let me ask 1234567. Correct not to shabby it's a pretty goods. Or there. I'm more worried about a couple of them yeah yeah something known songs that I haven't had a new years so I haven't you ever even had eight and one. Wine yeah. And New Year's. Decline for Steve that was right there has been exactly one loss for Steve in the new year so right now it is man you pretty good man I now look what are you ready. Yeah. Ready willing and humble. Yet sure okay what was John Ritter's character's name on the TV show three's company jacked. Yes in that he's well known tongue twister Peter piper picks they echo watch Packers. Nichols asks. Cycles. Now takes the tax cuts pipers now older who plays the title role in the comedy easy jerk. Talk that would ease Steve Martin as what facial feature is the Mona Lisa miss things and knows desperate. Asked two years now. Eyebrows ads which Star Trek franchise and a sixteen year run in June of 1999. Starts draft. The next generation note star treks. Discoveries he knows Star Trek. Right spot clothes cars too much you know I didn't matrix what color killed the neo tape text. The dolphins. It's no time. Lowe's no threat to ask you which war was napalm first used. World War II he adds what was a listen more on those name on who's the boss Al Samantha she has estimates cellist. Wow it which country is the classic look at three musketeers primarily sex. We read it's franks wowed you as 1234567. It's not. And it's no. And I sat gets the prize as at least the good news at all. You could tell you hang out alive but he'd say what you gotta do to get your prize boat people that went out against I know I knew you wouldn't get the Star Trek one because well first off I'm surprised that you need to. But as a starter discovery now makes sense that she knew at least two there. There's Star Trek the next generation than their Star Trek the original series Malia I if you wanna go and order it's flip flip it Gary area so the original series I sorry during the day. Didn't get to chronological order probably can't have next gen if there was an original jam but if I referred to as the original series I clearly know that it comes first had a nobody good here comes the nerd are I don't know but here you delivered down the yeah I and then I'd discovery was the most recent one was the other one there's two other 13 other ones yeah buddy Rogers yeah that's it starter but Rogers channels star Star Trek if I could. Yeah and you missed it but it was deep obviously nine yet deep space Mac or do you sleep kind of pretty if you're deeds 69%. While close now that was seven of nine and she was in Voyager which we used to call six of nine because she was quite content. You don't improve but they are and then also in the well known tongue twister Peter piper tech. Peter I picked apex of pickled peppers can add that when correct as well yeah pickled peppers body peppers. The. I have papers congratulations to data on and Steve that's I had no tie Stevie enterprises is simple as that. I Steve I you know what's. People are drinking and yes talk about the people what they do drinking right now how they should pay Phyllis and as far as anyone listening right now drinking oh yeah I'm sure there are 6:55 in the morning I like to know why you're somebody's Friday that gives you get up maybe the graveyard shift. Elena Saturday bloody hilarious yeah Larry. Oh yeah I do start my weekend you guys actually there's a leg up mass amount of people though they're this that I can't imagine many people right now are having a beverage aisle come on you going to I agree I agree breakfast joint. That will also serve alcohol had to suffer bloody Mary breakfast on their for that some people do the most is but I'm mumbling merry draft I'd see that may be at 10 in the morning 655. Is get off work manually start a week. OK yeah now I don't know maybe you're right David aren't that many people don't forget Bailey's Irish Cream and a N. D. Kalu could I forget yeah that's a good way to start the company. Or sometimes just party and that may you have a beer can next TI you're on your bench Danny you realize. Even a man has a shot at the fork. And may I mean I've I've never done it. Now not enough. Chris Simon saw the Vegas lifestyle sodomy where you know that that place never goes to bed now there is no sleeping yeah. I've got the 06 most common drunken behaviors are part timers say they've seen. He's a six common drunk things I made I think Yemen Vicky you're probably name mall are right I'm excited IA roof. Being way too loud yelling I let's see. I'm well maybe drunken arguments about that he asked yeah I'm number three in the list drunken arguments falling down dead December till it's all because they're drawn Putin. I that there were four Steve S yeah hitting on some on. What's an hitting on someone hitting on someone like I know. Now that has come there accidentally ripping up the handicap hole in the bathroom when you were Putin to violently that's an asset that's an asterisk saying for Steve makes I was just one Christmas party yeah Santana passing out. Passing out Danny yes that is number six the gap. I think we're forgetting one of the most obvious ones are people you know sometimes drug to be able little. Make Al people who don't want to be out that's. Not on here oh wait there's an astrophysicist at this is Steve okay. 'cause a Christmas party back out in late. He had just well falling over the mom Sarah always gets thrown out of the bar because she falls over and they usually ask him leave because if you're she's been over served that's impressive yeah. Oh yes she's doing is she's her own birthday party she's been kicked out of her own birthday parties because of that leg out when. Because that and I think he's birthday when Joey got broken glass yeah that is number one on the listed number one on the list I don't know breaking a glass. Yes there were some breaking glass and it's just happened this you think it always gets quiet right different glasses broken yeah and then all of a sudden aren't happy arrows a year. Communities I don't mean that guy in high school used to do against an all boys' high school and a very drinking although maybe we should have because of shouldn't teachers were. But but have you got a glass and you drop it ever owned since the start calling you the auto. Following news. It's not that I do upscale and I don't Starwood one person in all the centers like this all orchestra. Like Obama barbershop quartet of just a gorgeous saying. Yeah and I news. I had that that I think last start that here. I love that it was great. But the but the I I don't I have plastic glasses in my house when I drink because ultra term board did not because I mean I've become a stay less you do solo cups. Well I have my own I have my own real hard plastic glass yeah Tumblr I would gesture on a plastic covered. Well I should have a cover I don't because I do spill and now we have struggled a little circle and I think that's that's perfect place we still gusty but I got mailed special. Yeah and finally the number five thing and I'm glad you guys don't know this that means you guys are not you know aggressive and caustic trunks. People getting the physical fights I'll. Yeah I I knew people there were like Dan this is like I want a language you anymore you know everything you you everytime we go while you get into a fight and that's just not what I wanna do wanna go and have a good time I don't wanna fight anybody. I'm glad to say in my circle friends nobody is out that this drone periods of toasted it's happened to some of my friends is never liked her. The ones that are wanting to do that this is someone comes up and starts at I would download it's very rare ya I knew I knew would do that he loves this our fights. It's like I don't know how this is good for you you should join the fight club or something but this much fun for me I take a boxing class if you like punching people yeah I society cannot I don't know what I was going out of that guy do we ask if we shall receive one person says they were Craig very UPS I got sent home early today just a couple shots of vodka at all. Drumming coat was off yesterday off work at 6:30 this morning happy Friday all other -- C rum and Coke that's my person right there you know present we shared it with anybody just got home blood lighten fireball. Hello hello. Ensemble right there XX I'm not drinking for your own making this way can make enjoyable. Yeah I didn't bother asking that Chile matches that give him yet that a lot of people yet that we now. Yeah that's fantastic man I'm masters is seen assert serving liquor at 5 AM I guarantee it there's people drinking right now. Yeah the casino lifestyle I don't know man I just I. Yeah 888 dependency at eight because I did it for awhile and I just I I you know unless it's poker I don't like I have a shot at winning I feel like that it's stacked against me with those places. And especially the one armed bandits and yet man they have so many ridiculously as you gave no fancy crazy. Slot machines and I and but the people look so miserable playing them noticed because. Your getting up early to go to those Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas this earlier this week. So walking around like in the number 8:39 o'clock in the morning and there are people what the slots at the poker table at the blackjack table and everybody just has that look of I just gotta make my money back kind of look on their face that they don't look like they're having fun it's not a sociable time to be gambling you know like I need to make the money back kind of time. Did you see anybody like we see in the movies where you know somebody's wrong crabs and everyone's excited and happy and main interest in the ninth they see did you know I wanted to see guidance that you see behind them it's like even like what that would let things all like computer rise there wasn't even a person to have seen a hustle bustle but the person is nodding off Missouri trying. Yeah now that's just said that says. They do something about that man they any happier people these should hire actors yes to just be there I would do that yes. It's got like hover around the table and freak out whenever the dice que ha. Yeah I sell the great lines yeah yeah and out comes out. Eleven maybe what Larry Bird like the MA. Blow my hands full and that's all differences. That's a different show what I just offered to blow people's hands I don't know if that's good thing slots Saddam yeah sir you're damn look like they need to reload. Don't don't don't blow my answer. Vegas man now. I guess the good news or rev oh Revver group decides it's in Australia just completed the first successful test of a new invention. It's a little of electronic pill that you swallow tomorrow though if the flatulence in your stomach almighty 100. All the pre parts yeah I don't know what you watch the Flexilis forming in real time on your cell phone hey how great is that is that little video camera not to know and I guess it must. He's soft hugs miss I don't excuse idea ice let's I saw do you sides of it. And they got some short circuitry in there why they have that the Consumer Electronics Show I know really similar to robustly to work right to use that be cool just we'll see what's going on on the insides are I don't even know how they would. It's kind of mind blowing actually yacht instead they say it's a few years away from these pills being ready to hit the market but. So far they're happy that it seems to work. I I would like to know if that way but they. You literally alert your phone C got to start common. But don't you can know that already yeah I had curry last night I know what's coming yacht so I'm not sure well I maybe this is just tell you you know like how bad it's going to be. Listen a little screw it up. Let's update pill that is a really big novels I want all of that well that didn't talk to take a look at the size or battery. And I guess maybe you know what is it that rig every day. There's this sense from Mohamed is tiny tiny hands and yeah and the pictures has blown out of the nice things like that I feel like I could have had a career in hand model yeah yeah. Yeah courage and ahead policies. Now that tends not that attractive now. Pay at table this listener of our show who hate something that her husband is watching. As she wants to know she's alone in feeling this way. What's your house from watching that she can't stand I'll tell you at 717 extra person and Iraq. And made some mornings and on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW hole. That's good quite nice day I had some you know rock on Seattle. Unless your name Megan said this is FaceBook message she sent my husband is so obsessed. What to show the curse of oak island. I tell me it's a scam. And that they have to act excited about every miner could sell the next episode yeah I'm cynical. The house curse of oak island. I say I guess is a TV show about this island and Nova Scotia that has been rumored to have great treasure and for 200 years people said there's an amazing treasures some on oak island but. Nobody can find it and I guess they decided used TV show I have never seen the show the next. Heard that shall yeah I never heard of it either but I have but the oak island thing is this that I yeah I think it's legit and as a bully big treasure their good. I guess I know it's founded and booby traps that they have to worry about yeah that's what you've done a whole so yeah. Yeah lost around him. So yeah I mean I get that I get that the dose a site can maybe go like you know Geraldo Rivera you know on the vaults all are gonna as long as this I don't know about the this short as five seasons. Whoa Nellie I figured out I think everybody in my be right there to string them along five seasons and everybody heard of this shall. Two shows how much. Television news is it out there it's there isn't a reality show already yeah it's a reality show and it looks like a first community in Canada on the history challenge when he fourteen that makes sense but denies event Americana as a Trailer Park Boys. Yeah that's the only good thing that's true treasure and that's real yeah. Very real. Well I I can understand this your greatest philosopher of all time. But it even though I you know it EE even though you know she really thinks it's a scam. Her husband doesn't seem to care and at the end of every episode of the simulated on Chris says there's so close to finding the treasure we have to wait till season sixth death. And she says he says that was zero irony I hate but he watches this show and won't stop talking about it Jake yeah I almost like two. Chill out relax let him enjoy the show but the par worried he won't stop talking about it that might be a conversation that she could have I can look I don't care you like this stupid show. But do we need to have dinnertime conversation about it all it's like I love watching wrestling I noticed a shock. But I don't bug my wife about every little. Story behind the scenes like she asks I'm not that I like we like you won't believe what happened arm wrestling to name spade. Yeah I'm kind of that guy in my life sometimes has shut me down but the shows that I like as I feel like there's some cool stuff that happens on the shows I like you know deep messages and I want to tell our bodies like I really don't care how I feel her pain there's oftentimes a really good news show I think you'll love and these are talking about them there now I don't wanna watch it now guys stop even murder recommendations to you Palin watches actually cool show by some kind of find treasures these other personal content conferences take my husband's obsession with it too it's the same boring episode every time. The rest my step dad loves this show makes you wanna scratch my eyes out. So it feels like this is a guy show. You know this isn't my Steve Ted Smith knows about that shall Pablo thank you guy you allied. I don't understand why do it like this show searching for buried treasure I mean where that's why we let you go around those metal detectors at the beach refugees. We're always looking for treasure and says it's awesome and yes there are booby traps. I'll wow. See now. The I'm cynical because it's like are they setting booby traps up for the show or would they really set their by the folks the very the treasurer of hoosiers and I'm sure it was set up by the show man. Yeah you're right of course it's not. Yes she did she does not like the fact that he talks about the show and as you have to illustrate and she's illustrate you know what this gonna be other people out there that feel the same way. I'm. So Grayson his message from Megan. It can be TV it can be anything what is something that your significant other loves that you who hates. What is something that you love but your partner needs to 06141 rock you can also Texas 77999. So yeah tell us meant something hearsay goes just log you hated or maybe you lump sums and your partners like no I don't think this at all. 206421 rock Texas 77999. Because it's exception Obama on Iraq. And made some mornings. On the rock 99.9 KI SW. It's like I say I have studied Iraq. All right so Megan. As she does not like the fact her husband's a big fan of this show the curse of oak island as a looking for buried treasure in Nova Scotia. She hates that he watches this show she's wondering is anybody else like that they are like me didn't. And their significant others out there that you have shows they love and their partner hates them or vice Versa you love something we your partner hates it. 206421 rock Texas 77999. Hits her body there's a caller sailors hauler Iran Iraq. What I'm I had. But what are the banks are how great as that these nuclear mean I watched part emitted light guys can't nurture your labor and at night Jim Clark snippet but that program though I am yet early in June MI a white church cannot can't you leave Iran while watching it is swampy. So. I don't know I I've heard it's want people but I'm not sure what the show was about. We believe there Daryn Louisiana they don't want Monty here you hunt alligators make you say you're up wiper tags are there are some guys do you treat sore I'm hurt tags and they got a month that don't and that's how they make most money. Yeah go out in the 1214 players it's very aluminum boats. And they aren't they and baker in the streets and they get you out here do you get any direct link Jan twelve so it alligators. Might her bare hand cannot blow this beard color around what you let your anger towards. I know you're not quite like why you are now that didn't make a bowl and a life. And a lot of wouldn't want the out years are gonna happen and there were an end. It's why some people watch NASCAR is where we for the car crash. Exactly but it still watch it you can manage it yeah there is plenty am yeah. Do Blair go watch you guys I don't know anybody you want rattled a twelve foot alligator why broke into a boat and European tour Iraq and not all important. Hey you got my marriage Gladwell and I've watched every episode and then you're you're coming around February. And my wife like I can't believe your little watcher I'm like well. Yet do you and. Guys it's it's it's not mess up my world per share I don't know I'm I don't watch this and made these guys look like they'd be in an episode the X-Files. Yeah yeah I do and it's not mean they're really I mean that's and the timing of my mouth amenities dragon that bad boy on the boat exists. Why how the whole day has night it's the Deadliest Catch will alligators. How Brazilians you realized you were digging this curse of oak island we got to Texas I love cursor vogue Allen and my husband makes fun of me for it so it's not just a guy shell. I think the treasurer's real. That person Tyson says they found a piece of wood that's all freaked out. I guess it must be something to do with the shell. Yeah I don't know I I gather the ideas they just fine believing that they consider a clue and when he mentioned the knights of temple are so those that that's going back to Jesus and the and the holy Grail whatever ends. Is that they did they think that's who they're gonna find blood treasure and that level geez that's that goes well that goes way back in time. But they're ready found a but it just keep doing this to kind of keep people off the beaten path like Davis never gonna find it in the eyes of the public but barely have. Yeah C don't you think if you were also like Bill Gates. Or are Paul Allen you just hire the best people in and just go get the treasury yourself if your Bill Gates or Paul Allen you have so much money you'll wanna waste your time with some stupid desist yeah that's very Abd I already have a billion dollars I don't need. That's a treasure is a menace treasure I wonder. One I don't know how much it's worth. That's the other thing is say you know some of the stuff may be like priceless and you're play 'cause it's on one of a kindly need to check with one eyed Willie in the you can find out I'll go to the one I Willie hi Dan from Arlington he text cynical view of Texas this is well I have to agree my girlfriend loves Hallmark Channel movies especially the Christmas once that a person my girlfriend loves those cheesy dumb ass hallmark Christmas movies yeah I -- and hate them. I don't hate them. I'll tolerate it both of them we've gone to a point now where whenever I'm not home if what they're doing stuff like wrestling retreat from battle or whatever maybe. That's when my wife watches all of them but around Christmas time after making a point to make sure DVR is relatively empty. Because she DVRs every single Christmas movie. That is on the Hallmark Channel I have no idea that they have that many but they're they're cranking out like one day it feels as she watches them wrong. All I don't know all the same I don't know anybody that watches the Hallmark Channel that much and it's so bizarre cause your wife does not an older woman she isn't ever watched the hallmark Marshall except for Christmas time associates Christmas and did the plots always the same. Somebody's echoed the wealthy businessman and businesswoman comes back home to see the family realizes that the families businesses struggling so she takes over he takes over why are some guy or a girl that's living in the community issues this year he yeah forever and they'll get married yeah Adam. Merry Christmas is she trying to tell you some them. What that we need to go move it to a small town and more for the family business well or is she needs to find like the good guy ever dreams and resorted to no Simon's sentence he reminds her how much all that's what I realized that she is it's a special reminder. That's the premise that all of a man I know it's a sounds so corny and does some like every hallmark movie like somebody goes back to their hometown and finds love and it's always like some. What I once was like a high level like B level actor or maybe even an a level actor like. Dean Cain yes there are so you I mean I think always the people that we're doing really well in the ninety's I now know how to dig like John seamless is probably about five years away from being a star when he's Christmas movies yeah I I he's already yeah like. I'm looking at a bunch of these like cannons Cameron you know from full house you know I'm punches you in the mall like I like she's like the town more. She goes town to town and marries these people during Christmas and I feel like when it's not somebody coming back home it's a apparently coming up print shack yeah and yeah that's a Netflix one you know outlook there's a couple though your suit I don't know. I'm sorry free stage it's amazing that Hallmark Channel but the that your your wife is out there airline a lot of women out there love that stuff yeah up. Now I guess you can go to sandy but the scifi network and stuff that I thought I can't throw stones. Then 206421 rocky and also Texas 77999. This your daughter's in the room and I should try and I'm sure you and Johnny Roberts CI Diane all the shows that you watch. Shall pay. You know I'm not all of them I love my little amendment and that has won the show he can not stand I know like when he's coming over not to put on a which is weird because I've currently got an into teen mom and I love. Is that teen mom now Iraq. Yet notes you've got yeah I Texas mannered and we'll Madden watching an Angel we know stop watching teen mom I wanna watch I with you put on your little people. Who really. But I was a little pizza you clear it with you got me so turned on us like you like teen mom now own moon does it's gone and now he says he's invested in their lives a little bit and show cracks it's pretty doesn't like AM doesn't like the little people if you haven't seen this the real housewives little people's that I know you guys don't. Cool steered it's so cool women I know I now and then LA Atlanta and Texas New York they got a lot now it is I. It just cracks me up that there's that that people love this show but if you don't get up real housewives get real housewives little people style down it's main time if it's a much better but it does I don't know how you can handle these serious. I better wives and girlfriends one he has sometimes they are but I've. But have to do DVR didn't and that's the next show on after ams they sit there and I'm watching what I'm thankfully did you your stuff to get sucked into the stupidity. Hey you get into their a lot of really what craziness is gonna happen next you know why and how would each other they don't like each other I don't access the money now from TV young link and I and I bet they don't hate each other as much as they clamp on the show but they have to pay a -- has the drama yes it's they get like physical fights like on the base eight metro people who make from the course of the live oak island it's the same here I think somebody said something wrong about somebody's Dresser somebody's kid or somebody's husband or somebody was got paid too much attention is the same damn thing all those free real housewives shows. And you when your mom Mollie you know they we love them my makes us look less crazy yeah we don't have a drama filled life as much as I am in now and then I shall essential below decks there's a lot of that water and I go yeah it's real housewives working on oh that's all what is chats are never only sleeps with everyone else think it's really mad about it. Current season then. So many television shows out there I'm just not aware of I know do what I'm OK with that felt yeah I know and I know men do this is prisons you guys know as my husband who's almost fifty is a one must watch all the hallmark Christmas channel movies are all surprised me not snow plow old. All you none now that's that's. That's wrong I just take my wife -- reality TV I don't I love professional west wrestling she doesn't our compromise total divas that's our house still. We like Hakim isn't it about time I don't mind because as always enough. Glimpse into the world of professional wrestling guy enjoy and also those girls are not difficult a look at our other NFL cut down. He you know. Did the thing that I'm so excited about as my wife watches start trick discovery it's the first Star Trek show that she wants to watch but I used to make you watch although. She AM issues like and I just can't take it anymore with the next James in the deep space is in the dissonant. And she eventually stopped and now she did she's she's each crazy about that show what that's it yet noses she's not execution he scifi fan. But I did an awesome if you hated the new version starts or like some of these Star Trek pure value rights and then you had that weird dilemma of I finally. Have my wife into Star Trek but it's the one that I hate. Her actually Jolie diss her had a conversely there's joy d.s is not a fan of the new Star Trek now and so he and I could believe that I would patriots fans I don't care what he thought it was. It was funny that was the thing that we hear and I always watch him he's arguing his mama why he has like me Starker and she's like I want what's wrong you did not like this is a weird conversation. That the kid is gonna stop watching Star Trek and moms like al-Qaeda element. When texts are brought about a few real brunt of Grey's Anatomy that's obviously I love Grey's Anatomy my boyfriend hates it because he thinks it's sad and stupid yeah which it's not but I'm always crying. It was Mike you obviously watch it I enjoy it tonight I'm not gonna act like it's a guilty pleasure but this season I've kind of been falling off like yeah. Mohammed and from what I'm here is right I think this is the 101. Season out of Grey's Anatomy which is crazy. Nobody they get did they always give you got one episode that kind of brings you right back on aria and this year we talked about an inch in deeds on the base just a few weeks ago you came into growl. A girl came in had a gets stuff done right turns out she had gone up in her what do we do. And it went off Honolulu. Right. Her her hip. Are as well and shot the old guy that was right next to her home she is okay I. Incredible OK. It's got gunned China I'm I'm not I could see the scene. OK how can actually showed the scene energy guy getting shot down John this I don't buy that I just got shot Nintendo where the gun shy of deduct all of this and chaos is Leo good obviously capacities and there was a shooter are there all freaking out and an area I've read that gun come from the likable she's leading house she bleeding from the Al style. And they realize. Do you have a gun in your who's who helps them. Where exactly sat with the neighbor they wield. So what even had a gun and DJ today yes and nobody not the look. Well then they found us into Obama not so I hope. Well I guess she was tagged him she's so yeah addicted now CCA guns on in the country I'm in Grey's Anatomy right there at all she since. There's the gun zionists and patient gunfire summer driving season fourteen episode six look right now it was the best thing ever China. But that I was like OK I'm back yeah. How like this show again made it interesting for me was he was describing it. Okay I admit that that says it's you know what that's a new kind of medical episode you know you how you even say that back in the day that really is so absurd did you look on mine of course there's a story out there that there in real life that that something similar happen and I bet that's really came up with the idea for the episode Massey I know law and order does that yeah yeah so that's a gun China really happened. I'm judge is allowed maybe the old man didn't get shot real life but why would she have. Governor called there it is the shot yet. Publicized campaign in my stomach. Some things tonight I'll let you and brought it there raw look at and they don't they did that still don't think they checked bag and I. Since when does a doctor ask that when you ought to adopt it. Ever time you and I Maynard mass now I'm Jenner who many meetings did your doctor doesn't hold on. Every time I have a payment goddesses you wouldn't happen haven't gone up your backside we deserve as a Mets offense standard question. Gun giant on Grey's Anatomy okay they have to slip him a minute to they've jumped the shark. Yeah yeah. This really I mean yeah in some ways to serve but image Saturday's hello. Minnesota and a woman's vagina that's really dead. Based on the true story and I thought he jumped the woman to win his motorcycle over the guy angina. I think that's the new term I think I think there's the Indians say this shows that guy hit his gun Jain and since then I just shot we've now determined that's a new phrase that's a new phrase up there showed angina sir I was get into of can Jain and that's a vagina man. Yeah it is all right well I'd say about Americans of Pincus 40% of them have not done something that will actually surprise you. So these people have not done at 747 on Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy here's another listener questions. I like rebuild my credit after filing bankruptcy. How do you rebuild it you know who won creditors time might make your payments on time. John you're on your friends your mortgage I continue to make car payment should I don't punish you keep your your case. Com you can also. They sent her cards you can almost always get a credit cards and almost. 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