BJ & MIGS podcast 01-12-18-8A:A new survey says 4 in 10 Americans have never left the country.

Friday, January 12th

Facebook Drama. “Stupid Salons” – A woman goes on social media to complain about not being able to bring her dog into a salon. BJ and Steve talk to Alexa about Batman. A new study says people hate the humble brag.


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This is BJ thanks goes into our shows podge yes if you're sick of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcasts. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at DJD animation dot com. The driver sizes is important city get back and forth to work. Get your kids to school and I can afford to daycare he delights as has been suspended because you can't get your tickets and you can't do any of those things let's talk about chapter thirteen bankruptcy could ever it is it is going to be discharge that they can be jealous and jumped thirteen case when I come in for free consultation. John do you choose to make all the difference you're getting are we going on the road and let's designer Planned Parenthood to restore your license and feeling. I'm attorney terms anyway please contact me dead choose the right chapters are. Choose the right chapter dot com. Nine point nine KI SW Iraq goes Seattle. According to a new survey. A huge number of Americans. Have barely traveled anywhere. I'm definitely one of those. Yeah I mean I travel but I don't really I never leave America. TI your par and really foreign Tenet must have never left the country that's. Sag. Always I leave our country through camp and I want everybody where I've never been anywhere outside of I don't have a passport. Yeah so I need that's just aware. Job American yet I look I can't throw stones at that it wasn't until about eleven years ago. That I left the country like outside of just going to you know Canada did you an extreme when you left the country I went to Peru yeah but I haven't really been that far outside the country since then so I really can't say that I'm mr. traveler. And honestly I never thought about it I mean there's been a couple of instances like I'll be kind of cool to take only really wanna I don't get a plane that long I don't do all up my wife wants to go to places and she's they're showing these pictures online like all that does look really cool like weather be like you Bora Bora Somalia Tora Boras is joining yes like those kind of places are evenly you know going like Australia or in early. Places along those lines that that's definitely something that you'd like to accomplish over the course of our our marriage and so might go home I guess I gotta start looking into and then tomorrow look into Michael's dad does actually it seemed pretty cool. Yeah I think he's talking about going to want to negotiate a Seahawks that I looked at some Libya blacks. And that's not too bad you know you could fly you could actually fly the these goes busier parents for a couple days and then take a plane to London or you could just do the full ten or eleven however long it is a lot on how long is it big it's cool it's up twelve hours to get Perry took like six hour it's the East Coast and twelve hours to get to Ireland. Cannot go to twelve hours and dial I thought it was only five cars in the East Coast to get to know anything I may get to Iran playing in I don't hear from long flights weed should be illegal to smoke on the plane down in places like he gets really stoned. And watch movies and him just. But I doubt see I was a longtime Obama playing and I wanna get a sleeper cabin but those are so expensive but I mean at that point just let me go to sleep. Quayle we've talked about putt to possibly go and Australia now and when asked that they were like eighty but I mightily that we save. Op boards it was agree I need one of those sleeper cab it's I want to try to sleep away most of that and that's not a cheap the cheap things might succeed fruit that is why you're talking like four figures sometimes to get that kind of she that's that's not easy emotional guy. Damage be even cheaper just to buy all three seats and have that grow the F a lot of the things I tell you it's knots. 40% of Americans have never left the country com how well more than half this is to have visited less than 10 states now I am a state man. I I do wanna do that before I die is visit all the states and I mean I've landed in airports but I just don't think that is what's. Yeah I can say I've been to Utah but I haven't yes same thing with me and I Indian Utah's I had the some beautiful stuff to see in Utah so I'd love to be able to really go explore and airports nice. That's about airport heroic death of Utah's integrated airport has Danny give us the country no never. And I did and I wanna go I wanna even just go to Canada banned the same as you don't have passport. We'll Candiotti is gimmicks the enhanced ID drive and you know that means yeah story DMB and wait a few hours longer to most people expected and it's also an enhanced weight the other semi airports this defense yet there are some airports that if you don't bring your passport you they won't what you gonna do regular ID from Washington State now now yeah I luckily I got an -- you know I have a TSA things so I got to bring that damn idea now because there are airports that won't accept their IDs. It was an enhanced the Texas has accused high which I amused debatable. So right now it's an eight hour flight to London from Seattle I just did last week I was eight hours I was thinking when I came back from Germany need to Vancouver BC I was twelfth. It was a nonstop flight that's I got confused your already nobody took you aside you know I thought yeah I can't tell ya yeah that's user and I. Also as a business class seat as they assess the business class is when you get to lay down yeah. To Australia will cluster around 7500. Dollar oh. What I held dude Fabio what may be sit in and out on comfortable chair southern a better idea that. For about seventeen hours seventeen hour Steve Finley 500 bucks for seventeen hours well that's that's why they know you we did get a hooker with that kind of price yeah seriously dude that's a long time to be enough playing without being able to lie down and go to sleep. Yeah but 7500 dollars a lot of money are laid out and go to sleep when typically I don't pay that kind of money yeah I know do you got to know a guy and so that's I don't know and I got to know his own guy he fights for why him and I'll that you made that happened eighty. So that's the one of the reasons why don't wanna go to those faraway places because I just can't sit in the chair like that for seventeen hours. And 7500 dollar seems excessive to pay to take a plane anywhere on this falsely Beaumont and like dial. Usual good job sleeping on a plane you amaze me I had to keep your food for real lesson because I was interviewed again it's so I was like I mean she got you dramatization the you pick as your sleep and and she just she was you know Gloria and I I just I kept pointing to I notice I woke up and everyone had their trade summit where the F is my teach yeah muted because usually Manila on the sleepers man but I put the order and you did but daylight you obviously good news usually has been put on my lump always come to a pleasantries talk doesn't get us. Who are we still on occasion yes okay. Yeah I know that so I think that you could probably you'll probably sleep the full seventeen hours you think it put you on the wing and you sleep. Well Brazil is the Arizona got a window they get regular leaned up against the wall sleep just fine guessing you don't need to pay that. How does this check out Norwegian airline's premium class shall ride on us 7879 hours direct to London paid 12100 bucks round trip. Yeah that's great but he wants to go to Australia that's gonna cost more members as bring animals on the plane before her with the our leader Harry should be security then you don't need the smokes Steve. Hell my that I did that one time going to whenever conventions and I slept soul well on a plane after eating Catholic that he is the best sleep I never had a complaint. OK I used what do you see. I can't sleep on the seat I can't do it I got a line down now I get. How about this 10% of us. Have never left their home states. When I don't think people are never left their home state. I mean you know about people like that that just they stay in their hometown maybe they do look but never leaving their home state guy I mean made least. I don't know how you do that does is especially here on the East Coast for some those states are small yeah like I say my parents have never lasts. For the most army revealed when they're younger and refinery yesterday Matt but but like they've never really last. Though the tristate area kind of unity maybe a little bit maybe Marilyn maybe this may be that of the most but they were new York New Jersey that was the main area that there would be. So they came out here to Washington. Men like ten years ago for the first time. My dad especially my mom Mike did the my dad's mind was blown just by how beautiful was a tomorrow wrapping all the trees that we got to go upstate New York to see this kind of stuff. This is awesome today got into his cheesy jokes things they did you know the ever greens are indigenous to Washington State. Just think the holes on the music objecting to users via jokes start. Being kept saying that the entire time. And so now whenever we drive anywhere where receiving evergreen trees there are relatives of the up do you know Terry yeah call Washington State. Your father that's awesome. Yeah I I yeah I just can't believe that there's they're gonna want to send people don't leave the state that that to mean. I did you don't wanna leave the country for whatever reasons you know Americans are not always liked pluses although the scary mystical Zomorodi take him and I don't want a message in the eye and only him he's busy doing the commute until I don't know if you can help me and apparently his latest movie he doesn't have a certain size the skills I think people think he's awake tool to do these movies even said it himself and he probably should stop the the last one but yet again he's on he's a neglectful parent yet because his son goes missing and they ask at this time I think it's just like people going you know early and he's the latest saga. You're at at somebody's gonna have a show it's constant it's exe PS comes in just takes only a decent gas tank you know look man. I guess you're saving the day but these problems when happen if you were good parents are good point. Mab would maybe he's the less you be kidnapped everyone else is yes yeah. I sell this is fascinating. I love this story. Because of the fact that I think is a society. We tend to judge the pass a little too harshly and Vicky is not gonna like this oath. Friends was just released on Netflix so that the folks in England could watch it so they really had watched the show a whole lot I had it. British colonials are saying after watching friends that it is not a good show loaded with a sense of contents. Oh yeah like I've gone back in with some friends and we just kept pointing out it could be drinking game you like you can get away with that now can't get away with that can't get away with that just. With all their like fat joke sing gay jokes it's it's very not not peaceful anymore. Which is really really amazing because when machine exits of knowledge show one Grassley and are no we're never safe. And friends is offensive. Back then yeah I like you know I don't remember that that's just. And I think it's important to bring that up as defer this to me was not an edgy show when it came out there and he had drinking and get really wasted go back and watch all the family. What you know and I think Obama failing though it was intended to be offensive in order to change the world and I I don't doubt the only friends made the same thing we you're right Steve I don't know if someone could be bold enough like Norman Lear to put all the family job and he did it because he really wanted to change the way idiots like the Archie Bunker character was right. But you're right I don't know if anybody would allow you to do that kind of satire no. No no network television and yet it was one of the greatest that ever happened I mean do what almost Stanley did firfer I think there was a race relations and our country. And also bringing the of the hippies together with the old World War II dudes. I it was it was a fantastic show. But it was meant to be humorous way to make the world better now only people have tolerance anymore for anybody tried to any humorous. Since crazy now that done very friends I would never. I've watched it so I've no idea and of course when I was kid you obviously are younger but not anymore I don't watch it now I don't remember any of this somewhat because it offends me yeah well. That's why I mean I wasn't I really don't like you do I wasn't like you Vicki I wasn't crazy friends freak but I watched it on Thursdays we don't was on you because everybody is watching it so I kept double that put. I don't remember the body shaming trans phobia sexism inappropriate relationships and homophobia that they're saying in in England these colonials are saying this shows horrible because that's obviously Ross and Rachel. Well you know there are a lot of trans phobia kind of comments making towards Chandler's daddy became a woman. There's a lot of comments like you know. Are done just a little too much she groomed to be wearing that dress I don't know I like that or talk about Monica being fat when she was a kid that was talked about a lot forgot about that and there's a lot of comments of like Coachella is probably gain in May kind of fun of him and Ross in the later season that's like oh you're acting this way you're you know that's not man near they had problems with. They got on any and they did not look Ross in like that it was a guy taking care of their baby while the stuff like that how that's it that's how about that and all. So these homeowners entertainment going to be like in a few years or your service on one of those guys no I'm not look I'm not. By and we should be beaten up on French because of what it once was I understand that we've now all of those three empathetic and I'm not I'm not saying that we should bring back young. I'd get a transgender jokes or things that I get it if it's hurting somebody it's great that we now know and we can make the adjustments. But I just wonder I mean I know with what we do. There's a huge fear in the back of my head dad might see some than that offend somebody and I ended one hears you may and in inadvertently not likely I never really you've ever ever been the person I want to go out of my way to offend someone or hurt somebody or make fun of somebody for whatever it is that makes him different discipline you say something you don't realize that it's. Maybe offenses so until they tell you and the like OK I make the adjustments but. I mean our gonna beat up on friends for some that it was done back in the ninety's it seems crazy. And people did make fun of those things back then and didn't think it was wrong give her people's feelings but people always sort of the buck up. I mean Austria social media took toe actually make. It's to have a face with the name of the person that's if that's her right. Yeah and that's the idea the idea is is that if it hurt somebody's feelings it's considered cruel. And then you have to look at a place in society like what's considered hurtful to somebody's feelings. Because look I'm a geek. There was a time where you know what it was always great to make fun of the key can call you an idiot and say you never got your mom's basement. And I'll tell you it just got old like you know what it is seriously try out my mom's bedroom now find. He meal on you make a joke now what if in twenty years he's somebody will look that you would see you keep you or jerk from making that joke the way they were jerks for making fun of Monica for being fat when she was a kid. And yet. Fat jokes have been around for the longest time. Everybody did a maybe even though we know sure somebody's feelings got hurt and NASA as a society nobody said stop doing it. But now we're at a place for the same stop doing it wasn't that way thirty years ago forty years ago or even twenty years ago a friend. That's types wonder what is going to be your. We viewed friends is being a very safe we showed a Josh. Think what how what I don't know what book would Wear the shoes now any general what maybe that's why all these shows get canceled so much now because he just can't. Take the chances of offending anyone. Yeah I was looking at you know those are hard to broker or else and I was the Jim Webb with somebody say that the accent that Johnson kite was using. You know for a for a referral off well what if all of a sudden they said you know what that's very horrible you make him fun of those kind of people. And have you I don't know exactly what ethnicity was doing a Russian or Ukrainian guy like OK I'll tell you this year UT you can't do the Indian accent anymore -- who's out depth when they gonna look view the access that he was doing as bad as doing an Indian accent like Hank Azaria dude up until the moment he came in studio I always thought that was actually how he spoke constantly Adam commented through my mind that is used to subdue from Chicago what is Scotty from Star Trek and be called racist because of the way he was in the Scottish accent on that show Jimmy don't. I you you just don't know what people gonna say you can't do that anymore. Mom I look at broads you know let's shortcut to a broad city they did a lot of making fun of different things I wonder like how people view Zach show Comedy Central show which is really edgy. How OS should be viewed in twenty years will they be able to meet meet will they be maligned for some of the jokes that make them. Shall we think we're gonna have plural just kind of implode in and we just all to start getting extra offensive like we also offend everybody and happy Arabia say you know what all bets are off now we're offend everybody including ourselves again everyone just doesn't even care anymore oh yeah dude. Now there it's it's pretty bad it's I mean you watch I was watching this 1940s back in serial there was I didn't even know existed with the hot like he was able it was it was a bunch of movies short movie Batman movie UH come in the forties not a cereal SER I KL com via night and in my whole person yeah now but I was watching the serial to a day had to do that was made to look like a Japanese guy like that in news reels have an easy guy right they didn't make enough seats and then cops that he was the bad guy. And all the names they were calling because again this is right around World War II when this thing came out tonight and Graham and Robin were fighting the Joker they were frightened the Japanese. And that man play by the character that it Clint Eastwood played in her attorney now yeah pretty much was that do they just are out of the blue we gotta go get those blanks and let me tell you about those like he'd like blanks I mean they are using epithets. That nobody was complaining about because you know what. There was Pearl Harbor is Mattie they you couldn't hate anybody wars mutated Japanese then right which means there was no bad name that anyone would say you shouldn't use Red Cross. Critics say war consider say worse yet and so I mean nobody complained then a we got a call an entire generation of people bunch of jerks that's just what society say it was OK at the time and then eventually they learned it wasn't and changed. So yeah it's it's going to be weird dude it's crazy how low yet we moved by what fifteen years from friends and you just never would have died its own set lists what sues you think were offensive it would be offensive now that rang out in the ninety's I'll tell you who the friends and never been in one hour outside I'll play another one whose wife just thought of it right now with everything that's going on with the whole you know meet to. What about Barney from How I Met Your Mother. How about if he becomes a Haiti character because he was he was a womanizer on that show. Seem. No I mean yeah you and I know was it was fun but I'm saying in twenty years they look at the party character right. Dude I bet they're gonna hate MPH. And then irony in all this is if we go back to watch the Cosby Show it is really find too much. Yeah I mean Karzai's done reports that does that show itself though I don't get married or don't you ever to be deemed offensive or inappropriate thoughts but the person I was and sarge yeah god every way that he says anytime that you and I just can't look at him the same. And what happened was someone complains a social media about a so long and not letting her bring her service animal into the shop on it like this again another salon. Another edition of FaceBook drama you can hear hey seventeen. On Iraq. And made some mornings. On the rock and 99.9 KI SW. Point nine KI SW rock of Seattle a photo dismal out there. And as they say the weekend to be pretty awesome as far as this season's sun and also in the future beyond that how about a 2018 KI SW why Harold Ford. It just happened. Case you know the movie the perfect rock girl or maybe you think you'll be a great rock girl I applied. You would have to give Iraq I don't know available flied out it's a baseball itself. You wanna kinda more info about this. Just go to KI SW dot com it's awesome the rock go search is on. And it is our. Tuna whenever the dumb people that are on FaceBook had to give you have a FaceBook page you would agree with us there's a lot of stupid people on FaceBook is an actual FaceBook post the drama unfold because a bit. And this time around I'll be playing the role of the original poster and her name is carried. Read you'll play the role of next week BJ you'll be greats Ankiel so I guess that carries the original poster so I will take it away. I never complain on social media but I just got the worst service at my salon. They would let me bring my dog America I want everybody to you that there yelled and their stride yeah. What in the middle eat you are teary. You're gonna really Simmons business because you didn't chew wave George Doug is aggressive and doing eight at. Jordan the prerogative but the salon. Dogs. Don't want it Laurence Perry had you tried every pitch your Ali just I don't. No small caps. My target as Sharon angle you worry holes. I suffer from anxiety. And I need my dog at all times dot com leads. I know that's I used to know that's. Before you sign name. Well I'm guessing you must understand police didn't ask you why you tight that's it went is you don't address this animal. Instead you Sean angry not gotten past had a great instead and it. My dog is right by my side. And you better hope I don't see you I'll show you what I may not fly eight Dan. I know why would Iraqi. And yeah no service dog by dog is not an edge it's a sheet data access. Hate the loony to me you do need a job you need eighth straight jacket. So I do. Oh yeah. I mean really. I can't believe nick and grace and how crazy to a Denmark. Gas and outside without carrying yeah service animal don't understand it conjured out it's obvious that the dog works I felt yeah I'm picturing the dog on her lap as she's like. Just frantically typing on her keyboard I have a perfect solution for her why did you get calls mobile dog people to come out now with a dog can hang out watching it's her hair did and said it on the dog they'll clean the dog they clean her forehead Resop as CES Baird they've redone the robot dog meant more I when I was younger. I bought wanted to stupid robot dogs and they were terrible is a psychic toy. But apparently they have a new version of that and that's what I wanna get people are talking about it did you get a robot dog get a robot dog sure what is best to go do robot hoops robot he's a photo below what would be like little circuits it dumps out yeah I wonder like like motor oil has hit and drop off like little circuit boards. I don't know I don't know whether that happens I want my assistants cost that the new robot dog yeah sides yes that again released for figures man you gotta imagine yeah he's right now all right. I I I till I why robots are hanging around I mean you know that I would love that instead of having like an animal to keep me company I would want my robots I would want my my AM. That's why level except it's a Sony's aibo robot dog. Now he looks and he looks adorable to and sign a bone Nikki Haley and recognized people in your breath Nancy this is when I'm talking all facial recognition yeah this is freaking me out we knew Jessica and when you can tag people on FaceBook and when faced and all of a sudden a makes the suggestion hey I think this is slap me. Yeah I knew that was distributed next level official recognition although be fun if it's the little robot dog if you re like you entering the picture of somebody I got her picture you'll be like OK bro my dog when he shows up UP on his life. And it also gives peace and yet and that's you know what. That's the most of that not a harmless thing you can think of what about if they turn the dogs into assassins and and has let facial recognition engine starts jumping on your beat the hell out you were only a few years away from that and apparently it's only 17100 dollars to buy this provides a dog looks pretty cool above all the stuff we can do 17100 is actually. I thought it would be like up close to five yens eyes are actually small screens that show expressions it could take pictures or record the digital dogs experiences. So it's all it's like a surveillance cam two it won't bite but the price tag may stings until they say that despite yet 17100 for if if it does all the stuff that says it does. That's a really good price sounds like a premise for a black matter episode cure does if you wish. Get their boyfriend and a box picking black bears out but the and that's crazy as touch sensors and on top of its head chin and back. And the movements are more dog like a realistic I could handle shake. I'll adapt are he's cool he's like belly rubs like Lou Lou when there. Yeah that's cool my Seattle I can't wait. Alexis close I can't wait till I can have a conversation with her right now her community did their conversation programs not the greatest but it you know it's gonna get better yet. Idea and then they can make it look like a real like a real boy like Pinocchio regular guy and a real boy. You're seeing some what's koala Tom Alexi says some cool happening today well today is a very big date and I you know China to geek out. If we can we ask what did today is because I don't every morning I get up and she gives my news report I was going on in sports and I know I always give her a good morning. OK and I go and I say Alexa good morning. Today in 1966. The TV series Batman premiere. Audiences tuned in record numbers at the same bat time on this same bat channel. If you're a fan asked me for a bad men joke and I'll deliver a knockout punch line could. Wow. Love that Alexa volume six because apparently than it is not a term helix of volume up. 66 is edited volume well you don't believe in my in my all right now you I mean Bob volume because I love I'm 69. Behind sixteen Hamilton high you go to volume eleven you know obviously free devices is a comfortable lining for BJ at the Dow well it's so we can give a damn thing down volume one. Well I just know how I know what volume needs a go through here. Am I right yes so today's Batman and the first time was on TV nice it's. Plenty 66. Pretty awesome stuff that they feel 51 years ago. Did you watch the very first episode when it first came out I think I did because it was big news and I murmur of parents like OK fine. And I loved it so much I remember as a kid love and have lost in space. There was a time maybe. Hearts are you ready. Alexis tell me about meant joke. With a baton and say to not mean he came home with a rash. That's not what I meant when I said to catch poison ivy. But I'm. That's a terrible time though. Pelosi tell me about me joke. I know she can hear me. Lights up the volume eight. Oh let's not tell me enjoy yelling at her man because he says it can't hear everything that's because she can't hear she's hearing impaired that's brew to yell and I. Why is she now Orton. Oh let's up. Okay I was went into other from what did you say something yes she did Obama let's do you like being jaguars. I don't have an opinion on the yeah. OK you know what we do this bit she summoned by remaining I know she did dummy try Alexis tell me about it and joke. I'll let I don't have made a joke come I ask if it's clearly she likes Motley crew's wing's favorite baby toy. That mobile. No we don't consume mobile out there you go yeah hi executed. A lot of stuff tell me a bad bad joke. What demands saying he's some women jones' new shoes. Killer Crocs. Well jones' to a trust. Half that would just be Superman he's going to if I usually ask you know is not his day our outlets that tell me a Superman joke. I don't have any jokes about fat tell me enough command joke about cheeses. It's not gonna give him up reducing elect self. You get togethers are clearly this relationship guy I mean I don't want to comment like by her name every day and there's there's like eighty but that's I accelerator all access tell me not go grand joke. I don't have a joke about that damn sensitive. To as famines there's questions themselves. Must serious here. Oh well you do it didn't sell parking had told at a very nasty things you're shopping list. But I know we've passed them yeah OK okay happy birthday out back and yeah they are happy birthday Batman. That it. She's gonna work on a delivery I think as the problems and she's just in a sometimes are delivering as the greatest who comes to jokes from vs this would you please stop saying elect's I worked at home in my Alexa is going crazy sorry Aaron and Everett sorry Aaron. Get a shattered somebody talking to Alexa the worst radio show ever. It's your first fragrance writing songs with pencils yeah I don't tempt us that we map don't attempt to us. Got a new study people they actually hate humble bragging a matter of fact researchers found that we actually react more negatively to humble brags that we do to people who just skip the charade and shamelessly Breck. How about just hate people having did they exist sometimes I think people accuse the rock of being humble Gregor. And I don't necessarily feel that way because I just feel like he's just sharing cool stories I can be inspiring to others like he's humble dragged her all I stopped. And help this person out I stopped I was Shuster about the time that I was broken and I knew enough money so it Obama mama car data car house whatever and root. Quick humble bragging we jedi you're rich and successful disable maybe should stop being so miserable and Morrie by yourself in time be better. Is it is it because you know you just love the rock. You know so you don't I don't see any bias. If Antonio Banderas who's doing the same day that could fail. Yeah hey can I don't know decorous. I think all the celebrities you got a free go for Antonio Banderas would have been a better protected and so what are more relevant I don't know is as relevant as they yet. So I think he's done. Ever heard Ed taught him a lot of times I had no idea. Probably Benicio del auto leasing was in the new Star Wars movie all right interviews some got a great sounding name not that guy. Come alive because two of the best sounding names ever when you think about it you know you got okay my name is Dwayne Johnson I like the roster thanks in pretty awesome name I see you know him but I like Antonio Ben baddest big news sealed I thought oh I just you just feel like they're guys goddess who he's just got it whoever I want a guy that name has got it. William Hung. William Hung out yeah. Hey up by the way I didn't realize I guess is William how long complained that NASA. They're not gonna do like all the goofy auditions on American intelligence to make a mall people can really sing which is I agree with him because of them American idols now gonna be on fox ABC ABC and they're changing it up I mean similar vibe but they're getting rid of the two awful auditions. And I I'm with William Hung in my head that hey that made him celebrity improbably gave him a pretty decent career. A mile pay some bills because he got made fun of it he was fine with that. And I don't necessarily want that I usually watch American Idol for the auditions and gave up yet I know we found out it's lean. Well we justify some of the folks had I would like we're on the spectrum yeah had issues Jonathan. You're pretty awesome guy and he's from this area and. OK okay. It's BEE. You of course you guys he was able wanna studio he sunny was a great version of that song. But on American Idol he and was a William Hung both from our viewers with Kenneth to swell guy hammer chemists will hold they both had issues. As far as being on the spectrum in some way shape or form or developmental disabilities but they didn't present it that way they just laughed at the two dudes trying to go on an audition. They believe they could sing well because of where there of that how they Al the only looked at life. I don't think you can do that tasty to stay put though you're right today I think they would get limb. They specify why they're not doing it but I think it's funny that big guy who kind of was the first example of them really just goofing on somebody you turned it into something pretty cool that's way down. Guess it was like I kind of wish that they would keep doing that. Yeah if you shock if you just suck but you know what you're able bodied person but what if you're not and that's the thing is the I hit it you know I wonder how many. How many folks who had issues were made fun of it without anybody knowing that they had issues and you're just laughing at people with disabilities and I think that was a big part of it. The Expedia we're not gonna do that. Yesterday Steve. He Saudi creepy while get this one right when it comes to movie ratings what does PG stand for parental guidance guest. That was sent them to pass on a creepy at all until you gotta give us through that again. If we can or until god I can't hear him all right listen today isn't that there's a good day. But yet you are rental guys and small and isolate Bremen and thank you before you sound like. You know what you wanna summed them. I wanted to guide the parents that that's it that's the voice that's different than your Batman voice parental guidance. Okay now you're creek man that's what you are creep man's. Had a great superpower you just speak imperial college argument I've been here you knew if you do make every. Why you are shot a breeding Steve's. Got. 206 what to unlock my feet made today 47. On the rocks. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney teachers and other question from a listener how long is a bankruptcy going to affect my credit rating. Of course most of the time. We're we're talking about filing a bankruptcy that credit has army chicken and he had not just your son's going to factor more negatively than chapter thirteen. Chapter seven stays on your credit report for ten years from the time you finally usually takes seven or eight years for your credit. Scores to get back into the normal ranges chapter seven case from your crew will start to recover even mention after Simon after about a year. Com you'll be able to get credit again rendering usually before how nice your case is even over. I'm chapter thirteen stays on your credit report for seven years and usually takes about 33 masters for your crews to get back in the the normal range of chapters or she looming your credit gets better. Much more rapidly. Thanks travesty if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out if I was any time at choose the right chapter dot com. That's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.