BJ & MIGS Podcast 01-16-18-8A:New research says 1 in 100 people are psychopaths.

Tuesday, January 16th

Saudi Arabia has lifted the ban on movies and the first movie they are showing is “The Emoji movie”. Steve hasn’t watched The Shawshank Redemption yet.


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What's going on because I don't think he ever is left even made famous something. Well like we're about thirty seconds away from me Ramirez in the other room and uncle Chris comes running and they. Yeah Maria were mixed sorted and we're supposed to be LA all right fine as are hurrying knees. Just frantic about it night. And so you say Emanuel and here's something cool and this this awesome moment happen if you like the heir apparent and it. Cool game. Oh. Oh I usually get your yeah you know what dude that's right smell in here. So we're probably cheese's do better than the animated VM must sacrifice for the moment rice. I wasn't even the first time that's happened Christmas morning because coming up in the elevator today ideas to Rory game passing grade. You asked man yeah I'm dead that this is punishment for him being late to tell me yeah I consider her days man. The good old slap on the risks and yeah that's sort of a running or swimming pool. He hasn't said yes they do we are just neanderthals were not 100% has really and they are. Our gender remained and it's time for agenda just to leave the planet what are we contributing nothing. But pain and far too that's always going to be doing around here. Seriously. That's all we do. That's it's certainly contribute. To death just pain in Farsi and Juliet Amanda. Read the headlines and envy in this office pain and farce it's only get from men detained parks. I I got three topics is cycle past love to talk about and three day hates. Researchers say that about 100 people are psychopaths I think I know that is in this room who do you think is psychopath and assume all year cycle for a all right thanks and the probably Dyson rev rev I admired her drive to do this am not a psychopath. I think you would be the most moved considered why what I use labels take a look at see how because they they say that he OK that's fine now a psychopath here's the problem the word has got such negative connotation. It dies but apparently we have been I have we've been unfairly defining. Then as horrible people when in reality. They're not all dangerous and violent as a matter of fact just music their brains were differently so you can have psychopath dressing cool people don't ever harmed anybody OK they just think differently we do like people around the spectrum are different. According to Cornell University three topics that cycle pass love to talk about. So this is not good what is it dude this is dead and made it this food. Money and sex. Yeah Joseph Joseph Carter sources from onion I think Casey is summed up our show. So our show is technically psychopathic. You tell me people don't like tomorrow when Todd piece joins us talk about money that negative foreign secretary went all the time. Dude and you Hollis is get mad and as for talk about food all the time. Clearly they're not psychopath that could beat Roy you're listening to psychopaths my outlook I love talking about sex I mean that's where you know that's the discussion going on today in a negative way but I really feel like man. If we can have good way to look at better conversational sex and might we would really solve a lot of problems we more up front about it but apparently only cycle pass wanna do it. Lou hello everybody at a bar it's talking about me I know they're also I guess that's my gosh I just surround myself with psychopaths that's what's gone wrong. And money. Well yeah I know people are talking money this guy dig it contest and on FaceBook he's always trying to find out he wants to know what I make any tells what everybody else is making an ago. How do you know what people are making because he's just some land values are an item my sources I was drawn lines had his head then what is the net worth of problem block while he knows people that he should know a yell it in LA he knows people and in our business. Any anybody's just a listener and MIA OK but he loves talking about money like you know all you can make banking you should make bank enemies make him bank. That kind of person. I don't I'm not talking mob money would people that silly I don't like when Texas has speed is definitely the biggest psychopath on the show know the person says BJ some disappear psychopath would say. Really my cycle after I want to says it's Chris. Very educated a loner who seems like animals to me who again. Oh Chris is a loner all the other things I agree what. All right I was going to say that I'm not a psychopath. Implode because the office talk too much a cycle pass. But Denny and these ones are committing crimes even though they said they don't want to hurt anybody who was a talked Julia are criminals. Mom. And when they talk to them a lot of them including details about what they ate that day while they were telling the story. Now here's what really irritates me in the food parts the part that really makes a Psycho pastor yeah ankle an hour without talking about food yeah. But here's the thing that I think might identify means a psychopath now notably because it's the things that they're less likely to talk about they they found that out as well. Family. Religion. And spirituality that. Oh does it create your least favorite thing they surely our youth they surely there and apparently rose as well yeah I Toma family now hold. I've really talked to my family well I talked about how family. Yeah I have to say the family thing is hard for me I don't. I mean in my in my you know ivory connected to my family recently due to fill up your brother's little made that's the thing psychopathic. Shea over here the family thing has never been a great thing in my life I've never print it could be because I'm adopted and therefore never felt the familial biological connection because I'm my family they're all adopted from different family so I. Don't know what it's like to be a brother or sister biologically to anybody brother. Brother. I feel like if anything I'm an only child kind of five but then again I don't you have parents that are biological to connect to so I really do your other Brothers and other siblings that were Bob postured do they feel like an only child behavior had that conversation I don't or any sort of a family and I talked an inside her head if yeah I don't you know I will say this. My sister went and found her for her biological family there was a desire for to do and I kind of cause a little problem for the further for the adopted people but. Did of the adopting parents but. I it was amazingly she looked like she belong to that family you could see like holy cow I met all of them in my wallet you see you can tell she's part of that Stanley biologically. Did that. Make any temporary seat in your head that you know I took effect on your biological family and I get to see her and then making sense what who how she is around her family how do you think you wouldn't it didn't yeah so I think I'm a psychopath is I didn't care. I really have no desire to find out now I will sell that's I'll tell you this. I do dig my kids like tonight's I joke about it but actually I do feel a connection to them make their my first flesh and blood anything that I have on the planet that I don't know you do a lot of nights stuff with them I mean yeah obviously you go to movies and things like that that others how they weren't here and I dare congress this year you're Sunday. I spent time with him in your daughter every year are very active Wear your daughter and I'm active with Joseph he diseases are quite here's refuses the activity yeah via immediate you know there's certain things he just knows I can get a volatile so that he's too intense. Yeah so I religion. Yeah I just into the fight I've learned to not have a conversation anymore and just go I'm happy that you found something that adds to your life and leave it at that and even get to the point where it's like. I wanna have a conversation as well I don't think that from you I really turn the Koran that I used to be a lot more hardcore. Just trying to change the don't deftly chilled over the years yeah because I know I realize that religion really provides a great sense of community it provides a lot for people I hope for people and why don't take that away I mean really that's not what I wanna do in life amid some New Jersey you know you Jared down my throat I try to be as polite as possible that I'm really glad you found some this is really cool for you. And I say you know I got stuff like that in my life so it's cool that we have somebody really you know house to somebody told by your board gave some on the board games and and they go you gotta Jesus I found at risk yeah and the area and they got a good idea gonna go to hell okay thanks. And then spirituality. Which I thought it was only an enhanced but it does some people tell you know because it's not about dogma it's about. Is everything else that's not it's weird Demi and they still kind of gold to get I thought they did but some people tell you they don't but I agree I think your hand and even if it's a little bitty bit they share a little of that regularly of those two circles there's a little bit that they share but they still share a little bit I agree yeah. I don't talk more about spur I don't talk about spirituality is really really. It's like it's it's just too esoteric for people. I talk about stuff that meat can help me be a better human being which is you know sometimes it does delve into the spiritual realm but I like it more pragmatic and practical. Still like it step by step how I do some things so that I can have a better life that you know doesn't have to go airy fairy. But SO MI sec about an hour is that what I think we determine new York and LA I. Well you're all still alive that's not a bad and go to him for lunch yeah I don't hear enough money for it will make minority that's all I don't do Smart oysters oysters is done the ultimate in narcissistic. Yeah disaster Dee Jenkins kind of expensive there. Those demonstrators delicious they're good and their food it's both it's all three yeah I know that idea oysters are from you wouldn't think that. I'm not just water food I don't know why I was like oh I know that especially on the money in this sex part I totally didn't but yet you're right that the ultimate. All right so let's talk about sneezing kids. Okay good. I don't know if we're going at this time I'll tell you we're going now people try to hold their sneezes when their public I don't. But I of course you don't you just fared in the middle about their workplace I think we can conclude that you don't hold anything in the that was just for a thing that. Ohio you're doing for performance yes I forgot you're northeast that's I was trying to bring curator at Christie's in Brown's dress to their art piece by the way cities authorities you're the only person in the history got the am radio that has at least three maybe more. Copies of different fart on your phone that you played on the air that's at least three that I know there may be more small town like us for a historian yeah. Now not common and yet here's call. That's gone though guy let the rule wasn't Krista apparently tension from our sister station hot. I was in the kitchen preparing breakfast yeah I heard him do that yeah cram policies to attend charter that budding. I'm let him why of course Vicki just loves that stuff the drug graduated they keep you. Expecting him to anyone on Mir in my general areas just fine with Muslims not honors did the markets. Really can ever not knowing your younger like sit until one fart. And it's been years. If it did price brings great joy but as an adult. Job because yes kind of you know semi out of it's kind of funny. I yeah I did notice is kind of funny do anything to people that they don't want you to do but we have a lot of conversations is society I outpost note that strip so no more fighting I'm people against their wealth. And it. Nomar Vicky. And don't holding his sneeze is because a guy just ruptured his throat that way oh now I understand that you know I might normally or brushing your throat and other ways but this is the sneeze thing. Some religious only sees the popular longs. Yeah they did the docs just publicist case of a 34 year old guy in the BMJ case reports journals you know your favorite book. Oh who live journal the bowel movement journal case reports that says. It's do everything like the emergency room in England I know had a swollen neck and trouble swallowing. Turned out he tried to stop a sneeze by pinching his nose in closing is muffle he's an idiot why why it weighs so. Reluctant to cease its request maybe as a makes public I don't know I a guys that were so dumb as humans and erupted the back of his throat. He need a week of treatment in the hostel which included eating through a feeding tube well they say. That the force of a sneeze in your body I mean is it is superpower folly miles an hour but they've measured it. So imagine taking all those hundred I think as a police a hundred miles an hour and jamming into your throat that way that is exactly what you're doing when you're holding an Aziz. And yapping eBay's had to eat to have a feeding tube for a week. Yeah you're certainly any Harris or Sony has had to eat through a feeding tube for a couple years. I think I'm not that that's really one deemed an obvious is a lot of other things could be worse than that but that's. That sounds awful. And I'm not one of those hurt people had just eats to live and now live to you educated here and I mean I don't wanna just have that the food. Putting me but it too. I want to be able to enjoy the meal he didn't and savior written all that fun stuff. Yeah I would like to have as like you know like maybe month to commute feeding tube so you dropped out of the way and I wanna drop downs and I would I'd like to do it that way but I would I I had to pay their I I've always wanted to do like the survivor diet like let me go in the jungle and just do all that stuff because they all lose weight divvy up put it right back on man it's like it's just no different in doing my clothes for the most -- of people -- -- succeeded with those cleanse his bolanos cleanser is you do you drop all that way you feel like all man enemy act 125 pounds in the next you know you'd like. Eating late even worse than you were before he got to do right that he got a guy you get you have to have a routine that you can go off of but for me it's like getting it off like I'm doing at the slow but sure way that the greatest military get off now on an Heidi price just get sick. Like the flu or something hos oregano. I'll give anyone anyone who say it's listening wants to come in sneeze on you I Eli when I get sick as a safe vehicles are fevers is that he was gone I eat like that's the problem do you make more regular intestinal illness you know excellent yeah I need the plague if you give me the bubonic plague can I make then general rob piece of chicken with a microwave reform maybe thirty or forty seconds yeah eat it. I have to listen to an end there's so we just up the workplace. Perfect yeah. So yeah a doctor as all the bad that I was right about that doctors say sneezes come out of a 150 miles per hour. So keeping up pressure India. Rupture your throat were bruised face and he'd go talk about food again hash tag psychopaths. Yeah that's us. Sorry about that. Bumpers of the homeless these old time cracks read back sometimes it's awesome I think I'm gonna do it anymore now a television at all like my sneezes smell funny. How do you sneeze it's not funny it's that bad breath Diaz can see the actual like the smell like dearly the backing your hand at such pilot smelled like at least niceties. Smells like it. That means that's your breath smells like you know add depth that saliva to breath yes. Yeah you're old if you click the back of your hand. And then medic tried and smell your hand that's what your breath smells like a dot according to. Which is nasty because I think all of us have that issue I I I I am I supposed to fix that. Performers as years ago I broke three river system that a few months later I sneeze and every broke them low. See I've been Miami's man not a person my grandmother's cousin broke her neck holding units needs cheeks and none of Texas Vick yes part of my two kids. Are voluntarily. Why somebody would want to hold their season because for me I c.s really loud and I can help say I nodded DTC easier garlic products. Yet that's not me. So I can get. It gets annoying in people look at you funny we need you let out this Clint Black he's good it feels so good at great Ifill like I just just like oh man don't I mean I'm an aggressive sneeze or. For Sharia are. She's gone there's a shot. Why would you and Freddie the farther surprise you aggressive Cesar. I mean any volley fudge it you commodity you I expect to be right you GC sixty years stinker OK Steve is flat you change your name of that. I Arab you heard this Saudi Arabia why could never live in Saudi Arabia well we'll see a maybe now I can't because they find they listed their 35 year ban on movie theaters. And you won't believe what movie they decided to show I'll tell you what a seventeen. On the Iraq. In the exact morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. KI SW Iraq gun Seattle. Saudi Arabia recently lifted it's 35. Year ban on movie theaters yeah why all the talk time. Wow. And you know they had advance. I didn't either that's bad man I mean I love movies so much I mean I would be like are you I buy I would have to move. If the US did that I'd like I got to leave I think I got to see in my movie studio interview I lose there's a move and a candidate that would be the reason if if if we have within the United States are like no more movies. Yeah I in the eye on you go to Canada I have to do ya I mean you know I don't know movies yeah but here's we're it was weird so they have 35 years. They find all right learned Faisal women finally show movies here's the movie they're celebrating. We us like here's the first leader showing the MOG movie. We got to hang really so that to the screen went from lifting the bands have re installing the band. Yeah. I guess back in the early eighties strict islamists said yeah I know more movie theaters so Saudi Arabia's IRA were taken we get rid of him. But the protection of the times more more over the past year or so they're let women drive now. Women can drive they go to movies well what world are we as I know I told Saudi Arabia don't do it don't go right. How legit movie theaters are also part of that plan. One man who took the Stanley says quote it's more comfortable more fun to have a change of scenery and an activity on the weekend. It is a step that was very late in coming by thank god it's happening now told that opens the door the more activities that they can I don't know what it's like to live in Saudi Arabia mean I don't know if it's. But what else would you do. These are sports to go do it well look I need it people argue you go to some of these impoverished countries and you see folks happy is that they don't have much but for some reason they seem to be in a really good state of mind. I I saw that improve I don't get it they had nothing compared to what I would say I would need to have a good life and but yet they seem happier than me their roof over their head. Some of them I don't know what they did to be honest I know the kids basically run up and down mountains trying to beg from people like the Taurus that there that was her job the whole day but you know but there are having a blast. And I don't India my wife said they'd and they would invite you into their hot that's all they have like the sole highlight nothing. You know you cite as you've seen slum dog millionaire I mean some of these structures that submitted the Indians live in man. And yet they offer a piece of bread or whatever and that they're they're honor and they seem so happy and joyous and they have nothing so. There may be something going on spiritually that I don't got to go one on that all my stuff can't replace Favre that's all they know. So they don't know while life where they have other luxuries so that's all they know then that's what they're happy with you make the adjustment see a lot of us have a lot of sudden we're still not happy. Some morning of the stuff is what's making me unhappily could be because they are nothing and are happy. Who may who sent to for you get rid of your stuff now clear you DVR momentum and it just really board games no way when you go you're talking pretty. Okay here's my question dealt for the grim. Let's just say we are in charge of Gaza Saudi Arabia movie. The commission commissioner Gary is just OKC's debt as a tendency to OK all you did pretty big giant to sack them. The second down on the Islamic. Yeah I asked them the ceramic or that's not something that big he's a part of on the weekends like. That that takes fight club. What's the first movie that you're gonna shoot you want to show. To the people of Saudi Arabia all the matrix the matrix are such a great movie menace and as a business spurts well AM there it's Trippi visuals. I just think it's a must see for everybody to see the matrix. Said either go without bill and Ted's excellent adventure to always have the same actors and historical piece we agree on piano yeah oratory dude where's my car. All right as Janice brother. Basically Ashton. Horror. The new Star Wars. Which one he neither the latest unless the jet I. What do I mean by the new star war that's why I'm asking because you're gonna show a second when your official in the fight episode seven years shown just eight and say be demo that. He says oh I know how to read they can read below beginning thing in the they're good and I probably sums it all you're probably right. Are wrapped pulp fiction or program or weird world. Lol. I love the story right on June Gibbs you. All the different characters are totally I is such a ninety's movie that I think he would be interesting just to see the cultures shot I'm not sure they're ready for oh I don't think that they're ready for it either I think that's the reason why don't wanna do that. Fun for kids in Saudi Arabia and hope fiction one person says they should show much in America. Why ours is a ten or Captain America that's even better double feature that's they did CEOs are thinking the avengers. Because it was. Awesome so many fight scenes but I was thinking if they have three. That and I am I'm still leaning towards avengers. Yeah I mean I like avengers and avatar and I think was agreement we just because. It had the 3-D and I'd never seen before otherwise and he's just an average movie. Oh I'll watch you on dvd is not nearly as awesome that's part of why don't wanna watch Doctor Strange I don't think it's gonna be nearly as awesome the stories better though of an avatar that's still our stories pretty awesome. Chris it's okay. That is it's it's an okay story is in the movie is mediocre if not for the amazing 3-D graphics it's a matter to me it's a mediocre story at I I did and they feel that way about that it was done way better when it was called Dances With Wolves I honestly I don't clearly anything like Kevin Costner and his great longhorns do waterworld then I'll still walk into the likes water and our. Come without a prison the matrix sucks so bad my twelve year old even say it's dad didn't want to finish it. The matrix yet has it jumped the shark for young people it's possible and hats. I announce the father or mother doesn't like it then you're obviously you're tainting the pool no but it is possible that the movie's not holding up for some young young people but man a matrix. Was the standard I mean for forever you thought you really just almost twenty years ago right. I know that's why I think is a problem you right Vicky you're actually right I think that. You know for a lot of Grammy didn't put the medal but we came out. It was really like to me as amazing from a visual standpoint as Star Wars in 1977 it was like whoa you know the with a camera would all the character all the way around. And they show on spinning like that space you never saw that on screen before and the store it was really cool when Texas is natural born killers and other texas' Aaron. Potter and then this on her daughter are about two girls one cup she's that's one. Current Danny Danny what's your take isn't seen Titanic yeah. Downright satanic for his movie ever again I volume avatar Titanic they're both Cameron films. Yes I mean what what's a modern day one night I'd like to note that twelve year old finds it like like the fifth at Texas contest back in my what are you when your twelve girls think is the best movie ever. Now I'd like to know what the new matrix is for a Generation Y. and Z and all that because I ate. I don't know what it is cited the matrix was the standard for scifi fans when I think Mickey's right it's twenty years ago movers in the majors is great at that time and nowadays that CPI is off ball. All right I Leo the NNM and the first thing the second movie was no doubt about it the win when he's fighting almost like a sense of you are about this hold me six of them I know I am I can think it can make you beyond golf movie makes one I just I was fantastic your pre tax debts might well. And we it would be good. Now you know Shaun Cody tangling. I mean it's a fun movie but that's on the first truly show the saudis and all he wanted to go to be sure each party has what attack. But the human Senna. I dressing Harold yeah now. I can argue with those I'd love just to see their reactions are seeing have mad Max fury wrote pool. Man that's a visual and yeah absolutely. Three visual script about shark NATO which is Texas and oh yeah and boy in the bubble there that they don't dig John Paul won Iowa wow really what are you boy yeah what are you picking on his weird boom I don't particularly tense rockaholic all these attacks. Texas need help or four in the bubble that Travolta. Yeah I think that is what you're you're thinking of the Yad their ridiculous Gyllenhaal one which is action really really quoted as they're entertaining the opposite TV movie wasn't as. I don't know I saw on TV thing that was up from the Travolta Yahoo! him really show TV movie tell them Colleen do better than Matt John wink. That's cool that's hard to argue that service Netflix I rumors as you do realize they had movies this whole time just know theaters are right. Well the way they watch their movies and I ounce. Although I'm demands. And that's up to sit on the I don't know they haven't and no I'm in a moment like VHS are no INS and no I'm movie theaters right they have Alcan is this what what do they do just goes state like go outside a building at least project an adult deaths no movie theater you get to see them when they come out on them and you gotta wait. Or on the just on just seen something on the big screen like retired oil and avatar I would wanna watch avatar on a tiny little screen but I would be okay with maybe seeing it again. Three yeah I got a big screen yeah I'm sure they get to see avatar before he acts cool while we ask who that would be interesting yeah. Current person says how much shock shank redemption ha megs yeah Larry I gap if you wanna put them to sleep. Dalia I only watched the beginning to you don't I'll get to it value I tried kind you try dim I just have one movie in the bank you don't. Was sent to the air heads I've I don't I've done this so you can't come I mean Sam wants and we actually watching your your next I. Watched it I saw the part with a gun in the courthouse. You have to finish the movie I finished their heads what I finished it but I woke up there was over. Such tactically I mean I OK don't abide by absorbed it may send us to do somebody else has put the TV on them go to bed when I missed it wasn't just like you did I when I went into it really with hopes of loving it ya and I'm still gonna watch it. By the way if you black mayor fans if you there's this. Well people like those kind of shows you via. Do this all three of yeah there are great fans you know I hear that in this room 123. For me I do on Wednesday and I think you're way behind me don't count Vicky wouldn't be a big keys we're sure she thinks she has to watch something from the beginning yeah anthology and that you can watch him in any order they don't relate to each other dancers like quantum leap. Now it's quantum leap actually did connect. Rice unemployed CIA trolling me yet. Ya know bad. I'm not talking to him but anyway it is a new show on. On Amazon prime called. Electric dreams which is a very similar showed a black mayor where there anthologies. And their freaky episodes ago he what would happen if this happens is paying my electric blue the old Playboy television and talking to you. I'm gonna finish the show us Hasheem. And I'm done. If this is what it is 2018 easier of the troll for US not gonna go from I was Tony seventeen a really thought I I didn't find it was annoying is they do today about 2017 you weren't Bettis who was arrested three days away from me that could be a warming up. Got a new survey are constant like Mir was good new season sucks. I realize I've only watched one episode of the new season and I'm biased because the first episode was very start tricking him episode Sophie in Bremerton is black mirrors the best show. Actress and by mirrors amazing bash on line modern day Twilight Zone. My guess I bed. You know you can't make anybody happy I mean if if if some two out of three that's I don't know but the guy that likes to showbiz of the new season sucks it's like really there's six or some episodes there wasn't one that you really thought because last season there were like to stand out episodes of everybody loved even though I loved all the episodes do you know Graham maybe someone the other but I thought they did a really good problem. If you look Michelle and Elvis knew this season sucks it's like. Really loud so the first episode I enjoyed it I mean really. Bang and I notice how would a few shows that I was a big flight empire. I love the first two seasons I tolerated in the third and I think is a fourth or fifth season not even known in my game yeah I mean I'm not sure I university seasons from every get the ball. Second season I think just kind of rode the coattails of the first the first season was fantastic. The problem the show like empire is we Janet you know they're fighting over their records and and the father hates the kid the one kimberlite the other kid remembers a power struggle with the third kid and you know you go okay where we always this in the girl gets out of prison and she's kind of messes everything up and then there's new people who come and mess it up okay. Right yeah is it would be good they just did two or three seasons and and been done see that's a lot of one season would have been perfect that's why British television and more I really dig and it because they just give you like eight episode seasons and you don't get to you don't get fatigued to me shows man. Ultimate says Doug Doug they're running here's a quick review I went to see Star Wars that the forty exterior this weekend and obviously your Ferraro and it was a Star Wars ride at best you're ever received into thanks Thailand no idea that this theater even existed. Almighty movies from now on our forward DX Bob if you all. I hatchet and a women do it today. I wish I had your life where you're you're just like today I can do something I wanna do all you guys do I got the appointment say at these and know what moved let's talk. Let's talk. Let's talk you're appointments I have appointment of back grow. No no background are right I I don't talk to the therapist today that's my day and some literally are I am I don't talk after five hours talking to the area exactly. Way you know. In his dialect that was sent a charmed life like you were out to do anything all I have things to do what how do you have time OC Star Wars I make time for our pocket. I raise a hard guy is from east Harlem today I guess stuff to go our way about tomorrow tomorrow USF today oh. We edit Baltimore on gaming so yeah very. See I wanna OC Star Wars in forty more and I wanna go do my buddies why can't you watch it then go play games. Because I can't petrified by your friends they will board game with and say hey let's. This does do something different instead of playing or why do you want me to change my day are you getting paid by yes by whatever the company is it I guess five cents for every person that goes to donate X theater I don't really like the movie and I even like to theater. I'm getting yeah if I sense yes tell that to me about 35 cents now it's coming to support hi ally that we you know you're in the middle this argument not only do the survey because I was out to handle an argument fair enough okay. About 4% of the people in this survey say here's a great winning argument. As to storm out of the room if you're are you reduce CO. He significantly but the problem is. I'm sure a lot of people could read this the minute you walk out of the room who follows international and it's not the dog. It's significant that there's like no no you're not walking out of sync one person wants to get away the other person doesn't want it stopped. I think it's a way you do if you start Malaga Beagle K not our our round then she's gonna wanna fix it. My thinking is if you say hey look I need a break communicate that I'm gonna go take a walk outside if not here she if she once argued that she's a little crazy but it. Give you as having the space and the great thing I've had bad luck in the past Lexus that would follow me but my wife on the other hand like she's she's the she's on to me. I want to we and our around I icy to go upstairs and get away from this. And I go out there and slam the door and I'd lie in the bed and I realized. This is coming up the phone only. And then Michael what do I do like what what happened. Great all off site and I doubt it that's when they know there are some of us don't wanna be fallout. I don't necessarily want to file but I never existed in a world where I wasn't fault so I had no idea what to do it that's why I was up there for like an hour. Hour and a half you know Michael I'm gonna be up here anymore. What do I do it this story I I can't back down you've grounded your own somebody else I doubt she's reading a blog. She should be very happy content with me not being around. Now they're young she's Smart one. So I have sorry it's. You know who could do I love it. 8% say that they give to simulate the silent cheer when they're mad. Not many people three and a half about percent of us say they thought departed might be cheating may muted they thought that they might really start telling their family and friends. If they audit confirmed that first yet she's that would suck. Hey here's a think 2% of people withhold sex to get their way. Mad they say they don't use that as currency he. And 2% say that instead of having make up six after an argument they have sex during the argument I'm told marry you. I call it the best sex and very outset so called Boston sex and then I. Just say I just so you all know that's Boston's sex a lot of people think that boss and people are mad at each other with the way they speak to each other. Know a lot of times it's flirtation you need to call the larger more often and the idea I've had that happen so many times. Earlier in the middle a fight and but you can both feel the switch flip when you're fighting and you realize this is really top. Really can't turn on my fighting all yeah it's Bob toll it's the Boston wave editor John newsroom and all of us when you're arguing us guess Steve right now. Are now tired cleaner. Containment sometimes you sit down there and I'm. And nobody. But you know what you're talking about Steve because I learned this in May know made in my therapy is the priests or withdraw dynamic is usually there's a pursuers in a relationship and it withdraw our casals like you and your wife for both with stars which is why she didn't follow you you took off when she said okay fine yeah we go down when we very rarely are you go when we do it's we both just need some time just kind of quiet now. On average then the woman is the pursue were and the mail is the withdraw our. And also they say on average women know when a guy is to win approval I should say I wake up for sure knows when somebody's checking out like. You'll be in a conversation. Does withdraw hours can actually leave while there's still there I don't know if you have that ability. Like you can deal McConnell occasionally check out mentally check out yeah and they don't know they're doing it because it's just part of survivalists and all crap there's a lot of pressure let me go hide behind my wall let me get safe let me get back there you know center like Dickey said calm down. Well they'll do while they're right they're talking to my wife is the queen of being able do that all the struggle honey are you still here right now I'm fine I'm Larry I now I'm kind of feel like you're a long gone and I don't wanna talk to somebody who's not here because you don't remember stuff when I do that. And it turns out pursuers can tell when you check out and it's a tough part was charged as it was charged don't know they checked out their for the go. You don't know me insight clowns need a lot of times guide to who you're you're not here so you need to go check out Lagos this officially. I can't die here you technique whereas they saw as gallium bitchy whatever reason Iberia. Yeah oh yeah you got high here I look in your face and I know you've gone like I have I'm complaining about something I can see you let's discuss the animals just kicked yeah and I like policies Thomas indices not gonna hear anybody on this. My question then. How much is it such if you're living it fresh in Seattle these days were asleep and 200 printed out the through 2000 dollars a day that you studio Condo all right easy you know argue with someone in your you live in the studio. Our apartment. When you do you know what your car. Pretty like I must add I need to get away from you I'm gonna walk two feet over to the kitchen yeah I just open open account and slammed it right I'm gonna hide behind the bookshelf. I wanna go behind the French. Open the fridge door and hide behind it that's going to be really not possible. Close quarters is tough yeah yeah. Yeah it sucks to because I'm there for sure and cap his Ouattara which is a Hutus atypical usually it's the female what's the pursuers so that. Police were released were opposite but it was weird because she would. I expected to be more dramatic. And she expected it to be less dramatic most hero took her withdrawal game to the next level by going to a different state wolf that's what we joke about therapy because my wife was. I don't think I'm withdraw our intimate therapist said you live up to the stakes are way. I think that's throw. They imply she just doesn't really sly look on her face. Oh yeah you're right. Sit there and I study in how much I. Too sure how much are pursuers she said you are why I have to live two states away you're kind of an intense first hour might Agassi era and clean there's a tough pursuit there. I'm following you to the next state to hold on gotta order my plane tickets from Alaska BI and CI its city and so this believe me it really helps. Yeah my wife we'll take the phone and just drop but surely hang up so just dropped it and just these do that would make she does that would medical professionals and I've had it that. It's like if they just did the doctors are given agreed to Shia carry marsh is for the phone home floor and walk away and the people love about him. Actually on the phone my yeah my wife's not here anymore I don't know what you try to tell her how do you share. Sliver of the reports is out shopping she's dumber you people would I'm curious again. It's getting to pursuers of the following move on to withdraw our thirties army data now I can't I don't like arguments so that's when I just try to stay away from them too and I use it CEO. Yeah and I say. She can be pursue her but then she gets to a point where she's just like if I'm not listening anymore she's just. Shuts down TO so we just tennis in the. Ops arena yet knowing your girl my interaction with her yes she feels very pursuing GAAP yes she can be she was at the ballpark trying to get me a chance drunk. At the ballpark that doesn't really still who you are. MA when people are drunk condemning human but they just blown out a little bit more their lone wolves come down what's going on there were glad imagine that they're not always at the house of Jesus wasted. We'll pay well and again professionalism damning so. You might edited on twenty for seven days so you both get quiet and look how long does it go until you finally say we should talk and say well it usually until I get uncomfortable because then it's like it's either well either that or not going to dinner and I have to say sorry or else she lotion she's she can hold out she stubborn so. You should see how long. Steve you just do you usually you like the Joker utilizing the world burn. Yeah yeah yeah. I'm ancient ruin your relationship just to see how long it goes on the senate does record what you guys implode. Cases you're. Theo yeah. And an inland MS is running eighteen that's not good for you assign a grade a kind of cycle pass them is gonna say I'm a time of food sex or money yeah. As you learned how can you not yes. I guess say Steve. They able to figure this one out. Why actor played the bill movie speed. This stage the cards for coach Jim notes are. Tim Thomas now. Abraham Lincoln's narrow. No my friend it was Dennis Hopper who. Thanks for the words of encouragement that cause I was very helpful as I. Yeah I shot a greetings TV no I'm going to be as big cheerleader 206421. Rock gloomy playing beat megs at 840 eighths on the rock. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney teachers and other question from a listener how long is a bankruptcy going to affect my credit rating. Of course most of the time by the time. 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