BJ & MIGS Podcast 01-16-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Tuesday, January 16th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose.Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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That always puts a smile on everybody's face if you know a girl will make the perfect rock girl perhaps you were our potential marker off. All you do is go to KI SW dot com that we get the info that's where you can answer. Mean this. Okay. Now I'm beat me and my card does not know and are now Florida. I'm blues. Yeah well. Wow. Mary center for autism there jet class and yeah. Them yeah. Operate well let's get to our contestant to see if they are just as excited as BJ we've got Matthew in Puyallup Matthew are used layers are. I am excellent let's play reported a Steve all this is very sand just announced Jack White coming to the north last war that's right Jack quite from the white shirts fan's rock and horrors she's a million other fans there yeah it really got another man's offense he's the one who theater on August 13 courtesy AEG live go to KI SW dot com. For all the details the joint ticket she got Jack White at the wild mood theater you get your tickets. Starting this Friday they go on sale are ranked and Steve at a new air. I was playing at home Matthew will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Matthew you can pass all you want but you'll only get three guesses for questions. Are you ready. Only here and now beginning with. Key what term means using another's off another author's work as one's own without acknowledging man's. That's how what was Tom Clancy's first novel published in 1984. It. What Italian cities named its airport after Leonardo Da Vinci. Complete now. What sports championship was first played in 1967. And it. I want to know. It's important to note. Hardly no place for it was once called incursion apple. Because it's the ninth did the eighties movies very Steelers stay off decided which US cities to. I don't always know. Potato yet as how many years after the teams can't was invented with a can opener invented yeah. Tide and just know it's. Taking note it's. No. Matthew got a one. Well. He did not one he got a one yeah I the soul this number that it is the not the worst is how we did do Steve knows more than everybody. No matter what you do we got to change the name the game shows you Steve knows more than everybody I mean I'm afraid that's just what's up good for me it's the kind of employee yes you know more and that's the whole foods that you can be just a you're absolutely correct and I don't think it's gonna happen today I'd like a game where you knew nothing and that way they Emery has just went for the Havre great trivia questions about history and Disney movies I tried to within that they don't know we've been here. I can't help faster cut it. Well this is probably going to be a little pitcher's duel Steve are you ready. Beginning with. Author's work as one's own without igniting dry ice guessed what was Tom Clancy's first novel published in 1984. Times. 1984 no it's. Now everybody tunes. Know our Italian stadiums this airport after Leonardo Da Vinci is not the Presidio worsens and the best I now know a lot of good looks like. What are Italian city named its airport after Leonardo Da Vinci. Telecast on you know something's. What sports championship was first played in 1960 seven's sports tend to top this savage MLS cups now. NBA title no. The Lombardi trophy. I don't know no flight crew was once called liberal version apple announced top ten there is no bombs no. Banana oh yeah eighties movie series dealers day off is set in which US cities it's all eyes that Detroit's notes. New York no. Wild com we get a tie. Matthew didn't suck as bad. You did so it's the margin of thirty yard. I was the first we want men conclusions I don't feel when Matthew Scott or IH yes good. Job if you're going to be bad today was the day hang on your winner my friend Cameron was very Detroit Red Wings jerseys OK good point yes absolutely good point there but then after that I around excuses now. No why oh wow so you figured out that these sports championship I was looking for was the Super Bowl. Yeah Andrea Adam Wainwright is what they give you but yet you you guys you're right yeah stumbled now you're like parents like no that's not the Super Bowl trophy for the Tom Clancy novel that was his first one published in 1984 does that hunt for an October oh good job yeah outside the US is most famous novel that I know well good. And within the first that was once called a Persian apple I think I know this is because I think of Persia which was is really India and I think a mango is that at no it is I can't comment on the pair is not the parent or the pomegranate it's the peach. The peach really that's the Persian apple knows what it's I don't mama not associate pizzas to any debate part of that world but okay cool. Zell won the one that. Matthew did not get correct led Stevie did not get to how many years after the tin can was invented was the can opener invented. I two years no. 1050. I don't know why we were know that put okay well you guys just a fun little piece of trivia why do you know any little don't pieces of trivia I think as solid as a kid on like a cartoon it's like somebody trying to open a candidate like yeah ice they were a day that day they Cannes before hand were a little toothache and it would usually literally use a hammer and chisel to. Pop them out. And I have finally knew she invented a can opener. Yeah I didn't Steelers later Agassi when that was a great invention when you think about it that guy deserves a thank a Pulitzer Prize or Nobel Peace Prize whatever. Some kind of prizes for creating that but but but but but the tin can opening prize I tell how for fifty years and indeed we need to come up with a better option than this yet said that's revolutionary and now you are now that then maybe they also made the cans little thinner so the can of world war that is exactly what happened with that and then they can actually use something smaller to open them up sure a lot of people got hurt turnover of cancers of the of the old west the dean's right. Barack. Made they had that hammer those who opened the amateur night the most ridiculous. Congratulations to Matthew want tying Steve has likely does it seemed that's all you had to do. Tire beat Steve that's how you can win this game simple as that boy that was quite a performance. That should have given me a song and it didn't. I tell Eagles didn't think I. I got some I guess some info that in this current climate of the time's up and meet soon and and actually time's up. Times up was open rated big speech oh yeah the time is up for all those for those sexual predator business guys I'll I didn't let turned into a hole hash tag yeah has tech time's up beyond. Yes so calm. In in that world and of course lately with Aziz ansari which he's the first dude that people are fighting back and saying you know what the story that of this woman and it has some people are saying. We're not sure this is the same thing and some people are saying now Syria to which content. So this could be the tipping point where how people go with Aziz I've seen both sides of this issue. So this info here with this new study say that women oval manages is much men all the women. I don't know Howard and erect what are we don't probably do that info. Old goalie and it is a lot different then trying to. Had your way would somebody against their AD against their will or just keep pressuring them to do something that they don't want to do yeah I'm not talking no one up and down. I now see I'm not talking about that what I'm saying in your right in the fact that both genders equally object to fight each other it used to be just that we thought men were the only ones that object to fight. On the problem I'm living proof that women to define that I. Feel it all the time oh yeah you'd be a million Denny's undress you in his eyes although I'm not every morning again everyone the way he looks at me. Yet they say that both genders actually do that and make snap judgments on what they see. They also staff found out that single heterosexual people are most likely to stare people of the opposite sex. Baja of course that there heterosexual why is that if things cool gets paid to do that I mean who legs. Now married and don't we all miss still to this day and but every week I think most normal human beings keep the feelings and thoughts to themselves but like you see somebody and you instantly think Cole. Let's put that person look like normal like was that person going to be like now in the throes of passion I bring that up which we thought oh this is captain obvious but actually Steve. They're saying that married people a person like yourself check up people who are the same sex. Now the question is why but this according to the survey. I sort of think of it's obvious if you think about it why would you be checking out somebody the same sex abusers would somebody who's really hot here wondering why. Now maybe mile maybe it's because you're not jealous it's there you do you see if that person might be able attempts your spouse. What's that's what they're saying. 190 you're checking some had to go I want my wife would go with this person what do my one of my husband would go with this chick that's why they're saying I don't know. It's more women do this the man they didn't say but they just saying married people check out people the same sex more than single people I've never thought that. Yeah I don't I would expect that you do I have an amber and I mean I guess if you're like out somewhere and you see you do you know wonders like my wife would dig this guy yeah. Really every time I should dude who's like a hippie and quiet I think all my guidance is I want dammit I went for love this guy because there's. I look at it like well that's how she isn't she would prefer to be summoned with somebody like her them. When the big mouth idiot like myself with a shoe what does that she wanted that migrate it to know that that's why isn't a lot of us like this are still well I'm just saying I have now. I go in Ohio whatever happens happens. And I am advising California has encountered at this point yeah I'm I'm an old enough I've had good 32 years with her. I feel like Nevada great life whether she just called me up and so like I don't wanna be with you and in my very hard you know I think we had a good run. Will be so individual just got to do like what would use I you I mean you still I'll check out I'll check them out anymore for that reason. I which yeah 'cause I would see you dude or even more why parents Mosley actually tackling. Or I work in stocks the other thing in my wife's are talking about why do was cool. Zach he's irritated me because you know it's because of what to do was doing in his life she thought was admirable. Here's a guy I define myself by one I do lose those like if you like some other dude for what he does them what does that leave media are you gonna leave me for him that might bring used to think that's if it means depends it's unfair in the sense that I for her every night if if you find another woman attracted to doesn't annual leave her for that woman that's when somebody that's what some women are thank you. I mean I don't I say it's right all right all right this is what's happening and he says is a guy. I mean I think it would be more than once successful human being on this planet decided to be more than one attractive. Person on this planet you think. Well and we know that I mean look Silas and sizes have said you're going to be attracted some more than one person in your life. And they call how would they called micro cheating. And that is where you flirt with somebody and you Wear clothes for somebody knowing that hopefully they'll like you. And it's because of the fact that we human beings are going to be attracted to more than one person even if you find that one person marry them. You're still gonna find other people attractive it's just gonna happen members' eyes and I'm married ventilated do this all the time I got to look out for potential threats. Yes my guess is so clever thing I don't guys doing us I wish they told us like which gender does it more but I'm different you know I'm I'm I'm not your typical do so picky do you ever do that. I'm actually usually each I've noticed myself just checking out girls just refer to reasons you are like if I was a lesbian that's the kind of girl I go for like I had a lot of kind of weird crashes song girls. Because like the way they look the way they carry themselves. And then I have flake that like I do you kind of get the jealousy sometimes though too it's like oh this goes kind of holly maybe she's. A bitch and she'd wanna take away if I had a gag but then I have to sit there remind myself Mike Kelly what BJ doesn't know you know if you have your own insecurity that's not on her you know she's an awesome person may be fine qualities in this person you wanna. You know have yourself through deep breath telling her that I trying to be deep otherwise in just a miserable person like TJ. You know Mona maybe that's why we don't get along I check out male mannequins a lot. What part. What they're wearing seriously allied foot par of course videos right from the groin. Well like that is the mood like the cold ones on a similar looks good on that mannequin maybe I should get that same essence. You know look like those men against the you know I know yeah that's that done that that don't let them trick you you never look he's all right now and models the mannequins and there's no way is there money I made it is him because most of them are bald silly things we look to say and write and they both kind of having a clueless look on their face yeah I don't know I think about it every man can do is you guys thank you. Minus let's say hi Steve everytime I go by wanted to halt who has the man moves in the -- otherwise and Harry this and we were pretty much the same thing they need to make you know they started did LA think that they you know that I don't know high is save the stores. News wherever well what's the proper way to say a woman's Kirby is just curve because guessing plus size anymore UW ban. The collapse yet I don't know whatever they have stores that that is a vivid I forget what it's called a torrid torrid take your friends have convinced us that most solid foreign companies thank you I think people are Torino live it is towards a store where it's obviously first curvy women be healthy not gonna find my skinny models and and pictures on in that store. They had different guys that got the fact eyesore and just chill at the very don't I don't dig into all. Not appear got models they got their guy a model. Day did you borrow the big models from the maternity clothing stores here and what you put a mustache on how you write what we saw that Steve if Steve Kirby. I'll put a little while my phone and I did your phone on a like give out like some I never asked for and updates about the Kardashian reds got a text. Saying it's a girl Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcome a baby via surrogate Alia you is a new got shut them off. When this happened you are you happy that you knew I did try phony right. Yes yes CU had iPhone six or five before six yeah yes starting with seven may start to have a little news thing that you have to go in and shut off this is the first time it's given me useless exercise signing it to the right. Press like the whole thing the right now you just went left but anyway you know what you feel really bad on T Anderson. Hi just tell us like it or I can be some kids don't we have a web yeah. I think OK fair enough. I can lose it I it's like the color I would do you have got game over there. But if you slide your whole homes into the right you're gonna see a whole bunch of stuff you do know is there. All I get that the NFL but I I like that it yet you gotta go and shut it off I guess just because you get any and all those from the NFL mobile era he has is here this week. Chances are simply target to India and probably go well I noticed that attacks on them will be something about the Seahawks yeah I know it's about humankind EA having a surrogate I have asserted chow that's apparently I don't know they were trying I didn't well they weren't apparently because they had a surgery. Palin tried though the circuits like for them. Are you establish is on the loose maybe you can brightness of the newsroom because we need to break. Joseph six fortune one rock Texas 77999. So listeners on the loose you pick a topic you guys to show you call this huge X at 917. On the right. And made some mornings. On the rock and 99.9 KI SW. Nine point nine KI SW Iraq. It's listeners on the loose you pick the top pick you guys show explosive sport to one rock. You also Texas 77999. Doesn't matter what you wanna talk about something new something go but do remember. Steve has one rule for listeners on the loose and that's the source of energy and bring in other lives for. John you. And then sigma bold and. Just like that's how we had texted 779 and I say hey guys you were playing that audio that Steelers fan that lost his mind you asked as Fannie once lost in my watching up a sports game. I have to admit that I destroyed my curves TV right during the remote control addict after Blair Walsh missed that field goal love the show. Wow and we weren't even finished I was a regular season game yeah and we would we were already done. We knew who you think about it right I think you're talking about the other game all in their writings game when he missed three no no morals all they are visited three field goals and if Judy connected on those that game would have been one night you're right about that yeah I I can't imagine it was the last game of the season he had no friends or sources it dude I don't Chicago score the falcons ones. So let's just I said I'm done I've had it's possible death. Another person says can you please replace the idea of distillers stand losing his mind that was polar areas yeah that was of course it was a it was quite a battle between the jaguars and the Steelers the Steelers to come up short and this fan was not happy about it. The eight. Hey Jill I'm Dell. We feel we are dead. Did he is yeah yeah. Oh yeah out. While. I don't ask the dude this is star as a good dish is not then. While other friends tell me you just hear the French snickering no yeah. Man Dudek is that gold yeah. That is our guys raise Antonio Brown Jersey jam bin to a roller coaster of emotions as they come back to look like they might I be a chance. One of the world's worst onside kicks ever delivered from. And nothing nothing nothing at all now that this is won't be done ya this is a very Smart guy about hopefully still alive though because I mean you know. He's got to see the name into next season to be better. Don't get a big question from someone and decisive and blisters on the loose to a 6421 rock Texas it's 77999. My sex drive is too much from my fiance who need advice. So a guy is saying that he wants more sex than the woman he's with. This is one wars I'm a girl saying that she wants more hi all I don't know we have got all of the gender about tester had a feeling it's a girl always demand Odyssey had another tech he says am I'm a man talking about checking other dudes drew Saddam making sure new duties gonna steal my check CNN is next question was my sex drive is too much from my fiance and you know so it's a guy does too much of a sex drive. I'm betting that Vicky runs into more men to have lessened the sex drive and her that's a non-GAAP I have left I thought. Hello -- girlfriends that's kind of the problem with there are you know significant others they're the one thing. Honey let's not exactly like. Am not feel and it so like how often do they get rejected a weak dollar annual one particular Al allot. I have to she's got like way high sex drive. So what's a happy medium let's say they wanted to every day. Then think after having sex two to three times a week is a decent amount that's some high. No I think that's a flight fare better happy medium yeah so you're saying you're saying they're guys that aren't wanna do that. Yeah why now. That's six I thought you gonna say something like ten times a week or something because. Yet two to three times a week is very reasonable for this guy and you can unite you know. Serve his own needs. If there's her Libby does not as high as it is now dude outside it is it's that nothing's the same of being with somebody like being having somebody with you this it's just it's it's I got an accurate is it just nothing like at least in my opinion. Sometimes. Taking care and on your own sake you know you know we need to do you get it done you done. I'm serious really she's okay with that like there's doesn't like minus cheating it's like. Sure I here's what I will say that do it if this is going to be an issue. If it's going to be an issue now it's always ammunition she's your fiance sooners right askew. Why are you with a fiancee. That the sexism right we do this a lot this country and you know it's been big news and I think we have to talk with. We are really we need to be better about sex in our lives in the conversations and whatever. Especially where. You know people are just still like in the dark like we know they are not able to read verbal cues I mean that that the whole problem Aziz ansari where believers like he just didn't get that she was not in wanting it. And it. I'm sitting there going well I know I've been the position where people made fun of me because I didn't make a move 'cause I said I didn't get that she wanted to so why didn't do anything and Eric. If women especially say what's wrong with you she went to the beach if you of course she wanted to mail. Well what is going to a pizza sitting on a towel mean that she wants to maybe she just wanted to go to be so tell me how I know she wants it. Then maybe as she just wanted vitamin BJ's these big. But I had women telling me in this is again I grew up in the sixties and seventies. Women laugh and say you just should not read accuse. There's no way she goes to the beach with human hands for hours at night if she didn't want it I'm on OK how am I supposed to know that I'm a guy I I'd like to ask him a limit. If you ask me it's so I'm romantic Amarillo how the hell am I supposed to then know if it's okay it was always frustrating for me as a young man turn. Forget itself college is awful you know look back and because and you find out later on that certain people you we had the hots for where interest it as well and being more than just friends knew Michael Mann I didn't know I was sues like you know face looks like you're released pokey and if you poke you back that's kind of hints. I don't know if there's something. But I wasn't out there and pick up on any miscues whatsoever I just sat and talked to them all night long and well its allies that they wanted to do more than talking. Let's listen on these words now those words. Steve I'm not mistaken I remember you said this and I had this in my marriage to hide your church offered like pre marriage classes he has to know each other yes Tom it whether it's a church whether it's a marriage counselor if you're remote actually say I do with somebody. Sex is a big issue and maybe it's hard to have a conversation on your on the dues seriously. Go with a professional on you both sit down have a conversation about this because if you wanna have sex two or three times a week and she doesn't. That's the rest of your life that you're not gonna be other sex with somebody. And I think there's nothing wrong with her image she gets to do what she wants to do but you then should go live and maybe find some and is more sexually compatible. Don't MM I remember sitting down in the are passer. Talking to us and when the subject of sex came up he brought it up was like all right let's talk about sex father father I want Tyrone sense right now. But news Marianne whoever is very lightly to hear his perspective of just you know we need your married this is some mega united that is part of marriage that you need to disaster there's needs and yeah they keep you can't just deny somebody sex all the time. Yeah I do don't make this move don't walk down that I'll entertain nationals I got I get turned out for sex my wife so often that I stopped trying entirely. We might have sex once every other month. See I don't understand that and that's where I would IE why do you as well. Tell you life's wonderful marriage gone through about this because in his no way she should say noted that because you're doing a professionally that's unacceptable. I know we gospels to force people and having sex. But I can't go get it anywhere else. So if it's understood that one were married we're gonna have a regular sex life and if the its net once a month or whatever but no that's not enough. I'm not doing it I'm out. You know and these are tough conversations some in heaven he's come assisted by web right now because she's going through Mann applause and biologically women tend to just not care anymore after menopause they just don't. How high as if nobody talking about centenary yeah. How do I talk about everything on reunite now I don't show up like go on where I once he's done a good date daily stimulate -- I don't know I don't know Manuel wants them so you're an adult men implied it we don't talk about stuff nobody ever knows anything you know and everybody in western Washington need to know see that's a problem and everybody can act like half the population will go through menopause it's not like some secret that moral and Brett does the book everybody menopause is now and then and that's guys have menopause to yes and if nobody talks about it in his honest about it and look act. My wife I'm not disparaging her but this is something that men and women will go through an America look dude you've got decide on your horizon. I feel like I I feel like I don't talk about it then people don't hear it I'm doing a disservice humanity who will not go see a therapist they'll just have to try to stumble through this on their own yeah. But I mean that's a conversations she and I have been having conversations like what does our sex life look like after. You don't care and wanted to anymore which you know to me I still do. But I also love her so what we're having adult conversations were really being cooled each other as opposed to getting very angry. Like to something rally or this will be our all of made pretenses and it is this is just what happens this is where we are what can we do and I I give my wife credit my wife is a really cool person that says look. Let's see who we can work out but she's also want to Segal yet you know it's funny. I don't care about it like I used Jesus it's like a switch to shut off she was I don't want to shut off but it shut off and you know and I mean that that's a that's a real conversation you can have where there are no bad guys. But had a conversation mankind it's too long to go through without that mean case they're they're a bunch of the keys out there get a Vicki that is because when you're married yet. Yeah I do that's the tee you don't wanna marry into a battle for my eyes open up those lines of communication now before the ring on the finger tried many but it rang out at Steve. It's Lewis is on the list you pick that topic you guys to show 20641. Rock. Texas 77999. More recalls and sexy at 933. On the Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all. I did I play nice KI SW Iraq does Seattle as listeners on the loose you picked that topic you guys to show it to 06421 rock Texas it's 77999. Let's go to John Anderson I'm Sean you are on the rock. It's just just acknowledged John not Sean how's our young which is money to be ultra low. I was suit pilotless leadership are kind of so I do relish first thing in the morning news sites such as kitchen. The PG blue ship yards it's. Actually I guess stones and your sex and to business sir it was and again I think I have definitely a gallon yeah I'm. Couple years ago. There and shoes until this team. Shoot shoot sixty followed an agreement. Yeah. I don't think she scooter yet layout. You know. I can't say any that I can't stay there about six foot. While so now. So I have to ask your question John because I mean again I'm going through this but. I imagine she's already gone through manna paws how how is it that she's Anderson insects and and give me that she intimidated commit clothes so I can bring that information back to the right people. Catwalk. You know I hate I can't answer that honestly. I just know that she's a very sure sure I'm very sexual. Broke loose all Zurich booster. Somebody out how many times a week would you say you guys are doing what you're doing. Well. So. Hopefully that's that's a that's in the public record. Truly don't get broken or anything that none of that. And actually do especially. Early. Or lower the try to age and you're in the evening and in the morning and then Saturday wouldn't even being in the morning. I'm. John you're doing is saying is that before or after you played bingo. I'm done away from that age body you're older you she's just not. Doing. And it's and I made man. Here because actually kind of fun now by Craig gas goes to Vegas isn't yet money go gambling you know I'm thinking he was the play like you know poker or blackjack roulette easily. Although I meet up with these old people wanna play bingo like when you are and it's so true 'cause Craig he was I mean he wasn't kidding he said I have a blast playing bingo what these folks in this is their hardcore elements old ladies he hangs up the plays bingo in Vegas for Ukraine's gas he's everywhere. Come. And last week she won. Q are you trying to formula. Top penguins 65 times a week but you got the perfect woman yeah. This is on the oh yeah and yeah we do it Cilic all out hi John here's what he didn't you forming in Cancun and execute don't know. Eight AT Telus is an awkward questions you have for your buddy Vijay asked her if she's gone through menopause and ask sheriff. Did your sex life go down our desire and what does she do because I need this information is ideal for friend. It's all well. I would have to walk order. You can do it later not today did you ask her now wait are you noticed on the yeah you can ask him how you would do Vudu and I'm sure. I can I kind of just below the previous relationships maybe wasn't as great just like my previous relationship. So. Oh let that happen very. So what's the difference when this one because a minute she's sixty years old the chances are she's a she's fine she's been through and yeah it's so what's what's the seek. If they do that yes your circle foray. I remember. You know I guess some people just just really enjoy it and. So you know hatred you know you're you're you're Tommy is you when you're hearing dribble person that's not gonna work for me because I'm not enjoyable I think who the coach John. I just want that my joke about them playing bingo he's Leon Archie won a bunch of money impending guy and I thought well you know don't let me get that demographic bing goes the is the Jennifer people. They had dealt I'd like to buy an all time spent to buy I don't know myself so. I'd like I had already the still bomb we've done it every once in awhile. Being used so bomb. Come out of my mouth and I don't listen to myself saying it maybe it sounds a little deer do feels although it sometimes. They got beat occasions they got these days down in -- if they've got the toll looked up nor is there when he plays the play bingo I can't believe how Danny Vicky are excited to do this mean you're young people yes host wanna hang out Mosul folks LA area like a drink when you cleaning up. I would imagine oh yeah. Not we've got blasts were reason yet to play for both the snapple with some vodka are okay but you've got the plan. Everyone gets all excited especially if they win Nina feel when you get excited for little old lady with the curly hair who just won only ten finalists on me I must ask people are playing like fourteen cards at once which you see those devers is going to sing all enemies we have the attackers yeah I mean it goes look at that before we go Omaha man can't get your degree he'll be data and everything but the right letter you. Good I had rained out no you don't see it artist's right there and I announces they typically used year Oldman releases or just staring in drooling yet. 'cause they have to use. Let's go to oh are you know what I know I gotta question this is the thing I got to go to the big question that everybody needs an answer to what do. Ryan castle and a butcher haven't come. Outside at 952. On Iraq. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. He. Gain a yard short. I'm still in a butcher have in common cold. I want to just as they both beat their needs are right. Another Texas says that Christie goes to get his sausage volley guys I love south. It's awesome Paulson. Sausages are fantastic but there. And they both slowing sausage for money gathered between finish and then meet but I can't beat fish. All right good jokes good morning and I'll have. Well they show that now the world's it now the world's limited way. Now or Hewitt are well butchery it's like in the freezer. And you figure OK if I ever got locked in the freezer how the hell when I get out turns out this diamond diver himself out there by using a frozen sausage. Which. Look my sausage we frozen but I know if you're breaking out of the freezer I love sausage with seventy years old this guy southeast England. Steve Crist recently is something we have from his freezer warts. It was her outsider on a quorum I was in the wind blew the door shut so who nor can you calling for help there was around zero degrees. So he could even frozen to death is the lowest thirty minutes. She's. To discredit the sausage and deserved break in the window with your. Yeah the present an Immersion release button on the but on the inside I was gonna ask of these things have safety features at this point it wouldn't work he was frozen solid and I guess this kind of problem. CEA get a find another way to make that good things. So he got himself a sausage at three Conn tough pump blood sausage. And just start to beat the crap out of it and he got out Paloma hot values like a battery went sausages are fantastic and I had a sustenance. I rank castle he's not but the blood sausage and so alcohol. Up next. Thanks. Sometimes have to put any great son my got a good chance John I want to do in the battle. From solo like stations stations when it was. Obama if you look at that's bigger and sauce so it's perfectly you know what this is like. I'm using just always somebody up to be using I don't have to go to the map for myself when you bring your musical education station were made yeah he's fresh he's not right well that's a press conference I don't know yeah. Wow. Maybe his own. And made some. Rock. Nine point nine KI DSW. Today's podcast was brought here by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. How much as bankruptcy cost aluminum been very aggressive policy course very demanding what kind of broad gauge your filing. There's a certain amount of dropped. Court costs and other out of pocket costs that you're going to have in any case. It's good for filing fees and a bankruptcy case are you are about 300 dollars for the final chapter so that chapter thirteen. I'm one of those things to watch out for when you're shopping for bankruptcy attorneys are. 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