BJ & MIGS Podcast 01-17-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Wednesday, January 17th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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The returns and designs that Seattle designs that are three suburban get your break him. Lots of great distillery is and taste a variety of making treats it's the perfect combination. You join us during the day or night would premium or general admission tickets. You want more info is go to KI SW dot com lets you get tickets suburban Dayton fast. And it benefits our friends at treehouse. Mean. Attack. Aim down emails. And it's well anytime duo laughed at me instead black black Wednesday that's right. There's never get a whack me. If today's the day they really you referred to black and Steve we shall see I have the door contestant we have John and Buckley do hopefully lack Steve John either there. Why can't I mean Erica I can't what to blame for today's Steve red line for tickets take out Jack White that's an awesome show at the one with the your dog you're yeah third time I've. And reaction when her son's comment I go to KI SW dot com for complete details tonight I'm afraid that I'm just joint ticket you get him this Friday on duty to master Boris do you get out of air. I had. For those playing you know Jon Will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions John you can pass all you want but you'll only get three guesses for questions are rewriting its rare. What comedian. Co starred alongside Dwayne Johnson in the Tony 16 movie central intelligence. And asks who played Alex's sister Mallory on the TV show family ties it's. In fact what is the glass is mainly made up of what ocean is the island of Madagascar are located and you know I know Indian yeah as what is the minimum number of sides required to creating calling gosh it's. It's now. I doubt. No in soccer how many yellow cards lead to waste players disqualification. And tilt yet as to who played Daniel Lawrence so in the 1984. Film the Karate Kid at times. Past BC an injury is false is located in which states. Don't yet as to what baseball position is abbreviated to ass asks yeah. About asks Malia and Sasha are the names of which US president's children. Thought Obama. You have one 3456. Correct saw not too shabby let's see if this can be a thing you know he finished strong and if Steve takes up too much time maybe he won't get the win and now get the first Latino still eat in the New Year's. Very exciting. Flu and I like SEC get whacked in his demeanor Garrett you do DJ. Very yeah and they Steve Lowery are ready. What comedian and co stars alongside Dwayne Johnson in the Tony has a hardy movie yes. Cool played Alice's sister Mallory on the TV show family ties it's a home mentality to. She's who was played hide out just he's big and yes what is the glass is mainly made up to toss and yes. What ocean is the island of Madagascar are located in top Indian Ocean yes what is the minimum number of sides required to create a colleague aren't. Five now tags now. For now Aaron soccer how many yellow card sleeves too late players disqualification. To yeah asks who played Daniel Warren so when the 84 round Montreal Rodney King Diaz to DC and San Andreas Fault is located in which state. California yeah as a what baseball position is abbreviated to ass as shortstop to ask Malia and Sasha are the names of which is in US residents children Darby thanks Obama. Barack Obama yes and Steve well it's you away and those days six. And that's. I mean that's. Giant wells. Yeah I don't know tomorrow. Yeah. World have a good one man's Perry got us here Steve is the world's greatest may not only have a side effects. Gosh yes no shots were going to Iraq why do you minimum number of science required to create a poly gone to know 33. You need to three of those to have the animals is not that is not it's not a colleague Jonathan don't history so I had Zach this is a line at that point particularly if that's what we have curved line distance the ball moderates is basically like an angle dam right and I ask you need to have that semantics. You have to try and go to make a colleague only that epic is exactly. But there's a majesty did need to know that stole 109 correct I'd strike on overnight you are checking out Jack quite the wobble theater. In August caller number 9206421. Rock. I try not violent excuse for people think and I'm to all of a sudden I'm too old it's just that there are a lot of people who are young the dual people's stuff. Okay and it was a cool thing I'm ready to talk about the old people things people do who are not quite old yet. And if you do more than five they say you're probably getting to the point of being old I will be I guess I am getting their point cut. But here's the old people things let's see how many of these things you all do. And we'll see if you're getting old you more than five it's over feel I have a feeling. Vicki does a lot of these she's like the o's young personal. Soul oh yeah yeah yeah going to bed early. We are really good about. Well early and other people but like I've gone to ventilate recently 7:30. Am. Told people time and wow. Sometimes I just can't get all cozy you know watching my shows like disgusting trend now I'm busy watching lethal weapon around that time. You see here's the thing here in your bed but really eerie ear of two steps away from the old people's chair watching TV and falling asleep and I like my mother in law. Giuliani and like I've slept on the couch funny at times a cult I had my section of the couch. But where I live my folks out so there's no TV. In the upstairs living room in the downstairs one that's all folks so I have to be I Rambo one day I will have that seat and I'm very excited for it yes you get old kids. Kentucky's not even thirty and she's she's she's a hundred pretty funny yeah I I try I power through until we it's bedtime my usually we're gonna barrel at 8459 o'clock at night. And I do not like falling asleep on the counts because I wanna wait till my wife of falsely music you around like 730 ish. 8 o'clock issue and that's my chance what some Breslin so I I iced I struggled to stay away but I am I got a 45 minute window where I can watch wrestling uninterrupted policy. Die have to wait until I have to wait until ten because ten is he between 9301030. Is amazing is cap these meditation time. So that's my watch my show us spoke but then I mean you know our idea goes against our hours as yeah I wish it was earlier I really struggled to keep up but nowadays she's not there. Well when she's there and we hang out to go to bed at ten typically. I hate you actually go to bed at 9930. Cracked yeah I did go to red tent last night because that to catch Obama shows for our podcasts and I was there was talk shows that are on that I saw I'm catching up then but I normally I try to hit the better on nine. And but what what what I don't have to work do dumb guy I'll stick to 1 in the morning I love stand up. I know I definitely reversed my schedule when when when no alarm clock is not new the next day I'm not old person that way I would stay up I mean I was I was up to 4 in the morning actually Saturday Sunday June that's how I soldier feeling he pulled a Ron Mercer Island. It was a comeback from the raid that your aroused at the Reagan met Chris yeah. So I here's one that's rev read this is your body. You while watch wheel of fortune jeopardy and think it's cool. I. On the day you will fortune is beyond me now part of been on the show so I don't need to necessarily worry about watching it anymore. Oh come on you're not a fan we'll fortunes I know every time I watch it now IA realize what could have been already act that I can destroy people. In the comfort of my own home and yet Dow just has been bankruptcy when I got there in person Jeff. So yeah backhand Idec now I have to ship has sailed to Somalia you do get the right OK you're guess now write letters you must be I guess eight couple of write letters and just. Not the ones that matter it's gonna fail. Shut up all right so. You walk into a room. And we're talking about the old people things you do even though you're not old OK if you do five of these pretty much your old. You walk into a Roman mealy forget why you went in there all crap I do you have all the time I've been doing that conflict with high school. Do I sit there and in my OK yeah so so see you guys are you guys right there with me. Dude yesterday I was folding laundry in the laundry room and I'm like I did come in here to fold laundry while my folding laundry. I could remember why went in the laundry room. That's awesome cause they gonna hear cries wolf all the time. How do you guys make grandma or grandpa noises when you try to get up off the couch and in the chair Steve's got a bit Stephen's dad. All brow. I selling my Daisuke dad when you get out of his lazy boy because it was almost like it sound like I was watching a tennis match from the venue female tennis player like. Might as soon get out of my talents to my status is created giant index that couch ice so I got a really kind of force their way adamantly. And how I feel everything hurts his Karina heard a year making these noises but they'll and it scared me is that I have with clearing my throat did today and I sounded just like my grandmother. And it freaked me I'm like 090 yeah yeah like post doc crap on my grandma then I'm noticing my wife and sound so much like her mother. And Saddam like when I say that's what she's like she's. She's saying things like her mother used to say your mother still says. And I am and I look urgency yell you shouldn't say that BJ guys yeah it's it. I don't know if you -- see I don't know if you've been around your your wife's mother enough or if your if your wife sold out I had on Arab movement Arafat and the most common family and you know there's always has she made any mother isms because a lot of doctors do not wanna be like mom's but then you go geez you look and sound just like your mom you do that not necessary sound but I didn't do is definitely the spirit of her mama Fiat union yes I did today and her dad too but it's not like anything I don't think should be. On this she found out they're all really close and my wife is like don't say I'm like my mother I see what I did kind of temperamental. My wife full pulled the so either call him in my dad's name as a joke oh yeah now that's a good trigger focus and I realized. All crap and go another guy loved my dad I don't know I don't appear not to be at this this. Treacherous Halloween night a great guy that just crushed your toys when he got married and welcome that input on the way here it's a real lesson here. They've also visualize what it would be like if gonzo was and how stepping on my GI Joseph action figures favorite story. But there are times drug I kind of upset about something this kind of ridiculous some sweat the small stuff and submit OK go now like oh crap okay the tone it down. Yeah about this and a lot of people do this and I think it's cool but it means you're an old person watching documentaries more than twice a month. I don't watch documentaries ally that I'm not imagines but there's a person in this building to costly comes up to me it says hey you got a check out this documentary. And I'm looking at the person gone and I'm not the document not their for documentaries man can take at least what people recommend documentary they should at least know that you like that subject. You and Amy place ultimately goes have you seen the bruiser Brody wrestling documentary and I know it's only about a hat but you know death and I watch every wrestling documentary but like if there was one I haven't seen and they said hey have you seen that documentary. Our hockey one. A 100% please recommend that but if you like have you seen the documentary about did though the farmers in World War II. In a much Null and I have no interest in it now. I know I have that I've conversations of people like that I'm like dude. I don't know it's how idea. It's like OK I mean Indian stand that conversation you're like a that it would tell you about the documentary yeah and I'm saying I idiot I am I gonna watch the documentary or are you gonna tell me about it and regularly and here you just want you have. About a stupid show I don't care about. All right so so far are we older are we not all of them on Connell I know a lot of younger people that are watching documentaries and I think a lot of it had to do it's Netflix has made damage that's what it is and it's like look just because you too cheap that's for cable doesn't mean I wanna hear super sized document. You sound old just by saying that break why don't we just what is it like she's data to achieve for cable did so the more affordable form of entertainment that we honest let's be honest you wouldn't give a crap about this if you actually could afford cable. I don't know I watched vice because they've got like documentary esque stuff that I find interesting right on the lesser emboldens Steve hack our I don't. I think having so much cable and having so much you know different things like being having it narrowed down for me and then if I do wanna see something I can go find another either by the movie here show or what we are talking about anyway we're talking about you being too cheap for her cable fan you are Vicki let's be unhinged you are cheap. Well that's an aspects. Countries on six and Steve Swanson is folding laundry now being asked just because he sees it no wonder why she married him it's good point about all I bring turntable and Al fold laundry. If you are costly hate on rap music they say if you do that today's rap music they say if you do year old. I am guilty of that really but tonight I go back on my word like but I first I hated all the mumbled rap stuff like that racial our guys now in the dose and all that are offset it and then the night. That style wrapping where it's on to their mumbling but now I found myself listening tonight kind of day. So I think at first my first knee jerk reaction is to hate the new style rap but don't actually pay attention to and it had a good couple friends explain to me. That style and and I kind of got into it. Yes I appreciate that and I not so much to rap with me you know would be more like comic books and television shows and movies. And I don't wanna be that guy you know I Dicey give Vicky a hard time because you go here's a two favorite things I love. And finally she said look you we do we to read the book remember he already the runaways are checking out he had me because I like to an end and I and I enjoyed it. Bob how wanna be that guy it's just goes all you know what that's stupid and I don't wanna hear about it I wanna I wanna be open minded I don't want a league knows that it's among my friends. They can't stand this artist Star Trek shows start to discovery because they wanted to be like fifty years ago. So I don't wanna be that guy that thinks it was better fifty years ago I. I want to think that life is good now. So yeah I I'm I'm I'm glad to hear you say that Steve because I always. I do you as a person with a very open musical mind I tried to be men yes I felt like all stuff especially like I find myself enjoying a lot like pop ish type stuff now more than ever and but I don't wanna just completely go like no I don't like it because it's not in my wheel house this one here is totally me and I do at least once a year pulling a muscle by doing Basie activities like picking something up or sneeze and all through my back up like that I mean it happened on Father's Day I went to pick up something and I was done. And I am and I do so much preventative massage yoga. Chiropractor I mean and I still cannot get this to not happen because here and so it's appalling apartment monster who had to. To be imaginative very up front like you know you've put like X and many years. I'm not an immune infants. It's inevitable I I find myself so that point certain things. While at the gym or doing that at some bail out banks activities. And I realize well that's because of the forty plus years of strain on the spot a guy that's running the day I've heard people say like if you think you know what you jump at that crossed that thing. And it is allowed to be noticed a lot of people better and like their forties said do it in that's great but. Some of them it's at the suffer some injuries because did their body is. Yeah in my life yeah she did cross fit and I was like hanging around that this is a game for your. You know she's don't karate and are suffering now they're gonna show us the right game for you earlier in earlier in the mid fifties gal are you sure he's doing this young person's stuff. Hero the if one person says they seriously need to check out the farmers of World War II the documentary sauce. So is Vijay editor got the toys that made us on Netflix. Seem. That's something I could one day does it does I just wish I have free time you do I don't you do you're right why are games for twelve hours of the day if you do not that but. And it should have fun I want no I don't have five. But I watched last night you know it's television I watch for the job I know to I watched five hours of TV last night from an active. Well I wanna know we're talking on the podcast I have to know what he's just comment on it regardless of American life that's how you do life I'm I'm I'm a professional. Out. All right and lastly if you talk about the medication you take more than 22 journal person that. I don't take any medication I take your time tonight I I don't talk about it because I wanna be that guy because I remember every old person in my life on it it was a bottle of pills they popped. Although I've been guilty of having long conversations and I was at apple the maker crap. I guess yeah you'd you'd take the shot that apple that I never morning good afternoon it's supposed to look like your metabolism are men gross. There's no more clinics and a water yeah helps the immune system now happens and I we have got I'm not I just I don't crossing over it but it does good for your body from what I hear. We ever do you feel any different. I don't know yes I wanna hear her I want I want you to be doing hand springs and jumping off buildings and and partner and part scoring if you are now otherwise I'm not gonna take some these stupid snake oil. Well I don't know that necessarily is the after effect if it is I didn't miss I'm tired that my entire life sums give me some single juice this juice that you should feel better and I got I feel any different. I'm tired used to reduce the cost eighty bucks a bottle it doesn't feel any different thought that much that it's like Tupelo Oxford I don't drink apple vinegar like some idiot it's down still meet her I know I want you try at first I wanna distances I sort of feel this one for buildings like Spiderman and I'll start drinking apple vinegar format I don't I don't know does what's the point nobody notices it changed my mom just started alien now. Okay is this a big Genesee you do any different so you I'm not in I just you know couldn't bring myself like drink every morning I put aside I do arise and I just couldn't yeah. Don't mean a whole lot of you we are talking and I think. So watered from apple juice and my wife through apple makes a whole thing cops say first of all I'm not talking you can you don't know this difference and Vicki is recommending something that she hasn't even. I recommended thanks and I tell you how it works for my mother on that because she's got the arthritis golly I don't think she did not the brightest I was doing it now I ruins diligent and this and oh yeah he's doing here when it got. Camel. All right Danny would you would have Good Charlotte wrote a song about it yeah sure yeah confidence that the list is on the lose please let's change the topic will you you get to guide to show. 206141. Rock Texas it's 77999. Your calls your text to 970. On the Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all. I point nine KI SW Iraq does Seattle is listeners on the loose you picked a topic you guys to show it to 06141. Rock you can also text just 77999. This is almost wherever you wanna talk about something new something old anything go all the way back to the first day Steve and I started on the radio. 1904190. Four's Steve and I were right there at Marconi. Threat the good old days are filled me in the moment. Our primary contrast that was rated show. Every morning news says that group makes even in June. 206 foot to a rock Texas 7799 and I don't forget those Steve does have a rule I forgot about that this system energy and bring everyday otherwise. And then Siobhan bar old time. We had this text message this is my husband and I are still fighting over Christmas pool. He gave me a love letter as against a full page porous hard out love letter to nice letter touched my heart however something tells me he just got lazy. And didn't take the time to shop for me I do all the shopping for our son my family all this stuff you know Christmas cards it's all my responsibility except for my gift. That's is one thing and that's is one responsibility Jason shop and I believe he won't even think about going after being bothered by for a couple of days. I confronted them and we can argue about it since he says I'm being an ungrateful pitch angle here and I'm grateful branching. I'm sure to put that in the latter now he courted hard out in this letter it took him a few weeks to put together. Any do like the fact I don't appreciate the latter. And my being a big series are right for calling amount for being lazy I did like the latter but I didn't think that was enough. I. Honor you agree. I I I have to say that I'm. What you need missy. Okay what you need is someone to sit down and have you reevaluate what the F is important in your life. The man wrote you a love letter I don't know how many years you've been married even if he doesn't like shopping. That's not the point the point is did he think their view. At Christmas member alliance the thought that counts on those days are gone yeah. Do they let me tell you were all lazy when it comes a buying presents islanders Debra gift cards are wanna go to the storm by anybody think and I also wanna be given what I wanted to so. I don't know if he's supposed to get to a mystery gifts I don't know if you just sit specifically I'd like a blank and he didn't go each of the blank. But I'm done with hey let me come up with something mysterious and and you're not liking in my life pull that one time in my life and did it with us kit with the kids to my daughter will never forget it. They did leave the wine glasses we got her and she says you don't know. She went and had a tantrum about it. And I and I went in the moon my wife or go so you're basically say you're grateful to our children when they really thought of you know you can't he can't pull up your big girl pants and just say thank you like everybody else does on the get a stupid gift. It was weird and a five Euro was buying her mom wine glasses but well Sarah Sarah's new the future didn't she knew what was up. I don't know dude I mean I think that's pretty impressive I if he had wrote the letter yes have you tried hand writing something recently hits hard. This hurts I mean you think of the average guy not a good for like three sentences in my hand starts cramp and plus can you think eliminating their right. I mean I love you you're really pretty I mean that's Grammy for a guy Greg more than that that's also impressive how many berries can use and I love you very lot of very very soon now that it's funny thing has become an essay. I'm trying to thought I finally give up and I don't know about you guys but whenever I would get like a card for my from my wife or. I would always trying to fill the hole put up with like a heartfelt yeah matter. I realize what am I dealing. That's just how long you have Merry Christmas yes she knows your eyes and saw some kids are right I don't know why. I'm trying to fill this up and ready really date you're the idiot that granted to a when he gave her winning here I mean you know she know German and have no words really yes. I don't know. Anybody agree with her that she's that that that he's a bad guy I don't think Jimmy is and is wrong but then today is January 17 if you're still arguing over that you need to reassess some crap. That's in jewelry to. Yeah you go talk to somebody because there's something going on your brain where a man who professes love for you would in a very romantic way after our how many years of marriage how many kids you have. And your pis you do get a present you need to figure out why it is that wasn't good enough because that's an amazing thing for somebody to do. Material things if you want something material call from getting yourself and if you can't. Well you know then gonna get a man can get you all the pretty Madonna things that you want and then you know don't have the true love just have the empty vacuous existence that goes along with that. When Texas says the letter for Christmas is pathetic a latter a lot there. Minimal effort sounds like he got lazy at least a grown at least get the girl something small to accompanied the letter next person while that Christmas lady is up. Certain word brat the. I necessarily agree mother but I am very curious as if you like Rudy and like crappy pending just computer paper DD actually take the time to get my nice papered he print it off and a nice font then maybe she could frame. It's more or less curiosity like it's how much extra effort eighty putting into this awesome simple after. I also wondered like this she have run of the money in anything she wants he lets it get he works hard gets the seat. Did you know tell me if you don't have something you've been waiting for Christians to get it sure. But otherwise it's a body no special gift runs. Just sort of Tyson can read the criticized. The letter written a minute trying to paraphrase inserts FCC friendly outgoing next year he should get her a certain toy. So she can blank herself de golf. Yeah I I don't know if we have all the info I had to be honest like Vicki said maybe video if he just gave her crappy piece a letter we now and it really there wasn't great presentation. I don't know I I just. I I feel like that's very ungrateful if and she said she likes a letter she loved the message of the letter the fact they took the time to share his heart with her. Isn't that supply mean my corn is that's about really great gift to check I thought it was. I mean to a chick. I think a letter is is a great add on to a guest I don't know I'm on the hunt you should be met it shouldn't be January 17 and you guys are still fighting about a stupid letter. But the Phillies got to throw another gift to America in addition to the letter to letters like part of the get diagnosed one on animal it was a scanners say like. What I'm conspiracy theorist right now but what if he actually like copyright that he took the letter from the what elated. A home or something from online like he plagiarized it. I'm Jerry that's a problem if he did that and why not just curious like I was his letter and I'm just that when that be funny. Now we either way it's still he went to the effort didn't he. I send. And a crazy one that it's a so empowered you gotta get out you gotta get some rocker gets something to show that you care it's up by as opposed to really show we are Robert went over really bad yeah yeah maybe maybe a shiny Iraq. IE kind we added that's really what it is you know people complain about her not emotion not being deep enough and nobody cares nothing this guy took the time to do something might that. And because he can get somebody from the story she knows term better and we did not look I'm not trying to beat the devil's advocate this on this but if she knows a moment to know that that seems like something where it's again it's nice it's nice gesture but it's clear that he -- wanna go shopping for when she no more than we would. And I wanna go shopping for my wife and she doesn't give me anything just I already told her if you don't give me a list of what you want I'm not getting any for you. Says he should just text editor that's done yet the best of the romantic way DR MUG do you have that what they're watching your wife gives you clues. But I'm dumb B I'll tell my wife she had tunnel she wants she's getting nothing vicious Sheehan Mercury's typically do I make it a point to go to the mall with serve its content like after October that's gonna start. Paying more attention to what she likes so 2.0 cents a issues like trying to be a stealth to take a picture of me and and I create a a folder. Of the digits this Christmas GAAP and OS have a bunch of stuff as a backup in case she doesn't give me any hints that now I. Hi there will be Jefferson would you want for Christmas is always an awkward. Because I noticed she doesn't want to like break the bank and there's one Tommy what she wants but I guess I wanna make sure I get stuff that she did you want to have in the and that she's not like over thinking how much are gonna spend. Yes Sierra nicer guy than me I'm done with that my wife has been my wife has been a pain in the ass from its come to gifts and her life and I saw I've had to come to Jesus Rivera said honey. You don't know how much of a pain in the ass you are when it comes to guess could you try to get her stuff it doesn't fit its not the right thing and she's of course the wind the wind lessons and and so I said. If you don't tell me what you want you're getting absolutely nothing for Christmas and any other gift giving time. You can spend all the money want that we have do whatever you want get what you want to have a great life go to California. But when it comes to gifts you better tell me what you want our you're getting nothing and I think this woman. I don't know she told them what she wanted to. We know Steve guys are a lot easier to buy for will tell you hey we want this and you know women I want for my wife I wanna pretty top I don't need any help like that mean. I'm so I don't even need to tell her what I want she knows how on a new pair of top Nike's god genachowski did choose yes so I don't care what kind of patterns on them Purdue now ski I'm going to be happy. And some kind of a Seahawks related but the as long business that you think every year that's what I get and a couple other things as well like that I really dig but there are those like she knows that she doesn't need to even bothered asking cause is luxurious yachts ready. And issues that I like I'm happy camper. Yeah it has that's not a lot of women are not that easy and it's so frustrating to shop and we always have to return stuff every year we have to return stuff me when Texas as my wife takes back everything I buy her so I stopped buying your stuff exactly. It's a pain and yes it really really is we buy multiple things knowing that maybe we're lucky one of them shall like it's a pain in the ass. Merry Christmas everybody. January 17. Our sources on those stupid the topic you got to show 20642 on rock Texas 77999. We'll take more because six or 934 on the rocks. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9. KI DSW. Don't give Iraq just Seattle listeners on the loose your pictures are fake you guys Michelle looks good neighbors in every day here on the right. Yeah yeah I clearly don't bad me would you upwards didn't little. Good digging around. In my opinion okay story yet. Missile it happens yeah. For some time Danny dig around and also does as it was false alarm again I completely didn't absolutely. I nuclear launch from the North Korea. I don't know what I'm glad that I haven't until I don't know there was Zain hysteria that they can do or they're not but I don't know man I would think is gonna weird things happening back Mike. Close together just starts up. So way what does that what does he what's your gut telling you about that he. Don't know. I don't know I heard they didn't quite. They got it back not god and it's. Okay that's weird. Who clearly can't talk about it as a little something we just gonna have reacted to Japanese broadcaster to apologize after a false North Korean Mitt missile alert went through I hit it seems that you went through to people's. It's a kind of an app. Then on people's devices it is sad news alert. North Korea likely has launched a missile the government says evacuate inside the building or underground. And an apology. As for how he screws and a it's too and you know that's really bad how does that even happen yet how does that make what button got hit tickets and that that that text. Yeah and everywhere so many times that I said Dyson somebody attacks I realize it's just sitting in my sense filing never hit the send button. I know that they have to get this and I have a date information on I also heard they wanna try to revamp the emergency alert system so that by the Hawaiian mistake doesn't happen again. But you've got to verify stuff if you're in the news she really I mean and Ideo is supposed to call and verify get cross checks and yeah how do you not get from somebody that it's official. Before you go off on that and get it and get redundant we checked II just don't understand. And whenever exit I've ever really good joke but it was kind of true like when the wind went all the crap went down my back in the middle have been you know we always get these emergency alert sees these this is a test. But when it went down never got to like this is not a test this is legit. Now I don't BI I didn't I didn't hear about it no it was all right knows you're on the radio and read it I mean he gets sent through that's a very good point I mean granted it wasn't affecting us whereas maybe we will get the alert if it was in our area but. And I wonder if in New York they got that kind of our I don't remember hearing anything about that yeah it says it's it's frustrating gosh I really. Honestly we usually it's gonna launch missiles are they they are not gonna do this I mean I know that you know Kim John known as you know in the east posturing like you know he's gonna do that trump is re posturing but. Not gonna really do that then I don't think that's the dumbest thing you can do is launch a missile knowledge. If you watch or mishandled this conversation. Back in days of the war is you know it's either our artists no chance but that was years ago I nagging years ago we were really really stupid and I would hope that I think we've gotten dumber half maybe your rice it's just. There's yet you once you launch that missile that's gonna take got a bunch of people. It's over there's no way your people that where you live are going to not get killed too it's like how there's no win scenario at that point. No matter how mad you get about how Citi B. You're basically saying all of people and I'm in charge ever gonna die because of my stupidity of launching my own. So first. Especially on a day like today yeah. Betty white's birthday yeah I didn't want to miss somebody lights for one Texas just said Betty White turns 96 today hangar six to the greatest clown and of course wouldn't talk about it but we lost a legendary broadcaster from this area to look Keith Jackson. You were bar warned America. And Dudley was Washington State a Kook right for not mistaken. It was a cool Colombo or at least tee hee Lee has some affiliation down in Pullman. Not mistaken I think that's so where he got to start. So a great great football broadcaster. I remember him Cheney's years he was she such a great announcer. With that you know why do I tell a touchdown for that I just loved his voice. And every confirming that a write about Keith Jackson yeah it was I got me in the beginning in 1952 broadcasting Washington State games that's what it was yes that's crazy M. Yeah so. It's that he had an affiliation here till Washington State and down a great great legendary the legendary football broadcaster Keith Jackson. 89 years old I think he was he passed away. All right Steve is this is on the loose you picked a topic you guide to show it to 06421 rocky can also text this is 77999. Let's go to James in Olympia James you are on the rock. Yeah darn let's imagine he's got everybody. Well earlier you guys are talking about beyond. The weird piece of memorabilia that you achieved or whatever yet that was based on the fact that the. Running back for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He got a car accidents and he he autographed his damaged bumper and give it to the department transportation guy which is a great piece of memorabilia for them to have. Some value we have not only her well. Years ago I was dumb policy in a band called men of and indeed. You know they'd super hardcore heavy metals than I was hard road to show it in the lead singer heads. Kagan is bagel pizzas deal that would like a sword. And welded iron and band name into it and then welded it to their mics and so as I love trying to you know going crazy. And well on the might stand break and it all straight across my back oh and good drummer. Armor comes and finds me after the show and gives me this big huge steel soared. And told me tell you told me they don't. I'll just ask us some that's cool Elaine you can get damaged by the sword here's an ensor I hate. If it. You know I was just a big it was a sharp routes as a big heavy piece this deal would give it its. Bruised my back up pretty bad out there and do you know it would stay with a metal shows where they play these. Oh yeah opposites at my house I call it trouble and if anybody comes looking for trouble there it is. Hey yeah. It's been a weird commute home though he had this giant sort I don't know jettison public transportation or walk or did an account. Yeah yeah I had a couple weird look so those walking out of my car in the middle of Seattle with this big steals a forward looking like skills. Yeah he's not up to no good that guy he's 50 yeah. People who appreciate the call James that's awesome detection should agree searchers are talking about that the latter guy from the jaguars. That. But that's how you can sign that that fund that bumper but this story's pretty incredible over Ken Griffey junior Martha and you wish you could sort of canned with kids and not so much with adults that's true. The story's cold up. Long time ago in the early nineties Ken Griffey junior is driving his Porsche. In these gay waiting an ally when a girl reader rendered him. The girl was all upset since it was her fault and everything. And it should get senator car holding her head and then she sees it she hit Ken Griffey junior as are freaking out even more vocal issues driving up a beater and had no insurance. Christie's porch rear end was wiped out talent all long story short Griffey bought her a new car. You owe me. I'd never heard that's not how I expected in this is attacks are saying this happened yeah. I have never I never heard that story before. He's a writer Ken Griffey's PR department yet if he gets rear ended she's got no insurance and he buys her new cards her fault she must been hot. Nine guy you know Steve that's that's kind of what I would be think because he doesn't like adult lemon well I don't feel like adults or not but I never heard good adults story about Ken Griffey junior but then again most of the series we hear about Ken Griffey junior not like the adults is because it's like a guy trying to get an autograph -- -- questioning whether I had the guy's intentions were to sell the autograph it may be asked if that's true that's incredible. Yeah that's very credible it I I want to verified. That's seems like an Oprah move. Yeah I mean now old all of us wherever we CK Griffey junior wrote gonna try rear ended. Easier huh and I could and that's it that's from when we're not even driving but anyway. She Broderick car Sosa's image when he first birthday I saw Gallagher and I any closes so I was onstage with him smashing watermelons he signed my trash bag and I was wearing a still have it from rose in Tacoma. You seem Gallagher live now lives I always wanted to man I don't know what happened I'd even be up okay we're seeing dollar to. Yeah this Gallagher once he still donors he dies even alive I don't know are there by Danny do you even know Vicki DO Gallagher. I only know from like cartoon references are used to be this peace harmony hit a new crop based he was Carrot Top before Carrot Top yeah I just know double watermelons and they you have to look at transact with all I really knew I didn't know he actually did comedy has on top of that huge economy had its automatic. Doesn't giant wooden hammer yeah a and you just. Rush things really get into the crowd people worked hard to put a quark concert with jokes Athens. The daddy's brother decided to make money off of is a crazy story brother decided to make money off of the name its territory as Gallagher. The number two yes very bizarre and was doing his his same schtick prefer cheaper price. And there's this big issue between the two of them that is so bizarre that you go obviously to undo this my Brothers make him bank smashing watermelons I think I could do it to a charge last CR as like you're doing your blue hue and there's not a permission here you're just you're just basically stealing this all playing the original still alive he's 71 apparently according to his website he east tour. Oh really yeah that's sends a January through June 28 months saying have a Gallagher choosy Tor yeah. We'll take Koreans are Gallagher three that we can go say it is looking like he used to always somebody something no rent the Pacific certain. Yeah that takes oh yeah he is still there yeah net. I got a little little little little lips as an alternate we always had a Don you know brilliant as always the ultimate skull. Yes I I he had the ultimate scholar John it was actually stuff funny and very funny outside of the watermelon stuff I thought he had some good jokes but. Well here's my congressman as a kid but as a kid I remember any of his Joseph citizen or you're smashing things onstage at the that was awesome I don't remember in his jokes you Steve. So we saw Gallagher front row in Vegas it was awesome the only after respective countries because he Gallagher. I would greens and listening to kick start that I do we pay them yeah so he can appears he's pretty good duke comedy. Let's under the guise of pro life while they did the only Carl level and instant smash says the problem just yell yeah who's gonna smash is watermelon everywhere maybe that's the problem. We go soaring iconic sketch. Okay. I don't know where but maybe some weird Alice sketch comedy club. Some of them opened that up all right here's a question Korea what do I castle and a motorbike Kevin's coming. I'll tell you guys 51. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all the T. Game yardage and. Like Daschle and a motor bike every comment I'm too. Tired. Bad mood. One person says that they're both cheap and had gas. I don't know got a motor like here right in the sport require helmets operate at a hectic yeah. There must live for my own with me everywhere ago but I thought that was weird what now I carry around a bicycle helmet yes. You never know now who runs and home I'm here when he's very shotgun in my Jeep this precise moment when I go to the bathroom floor can be slippery death. Mistresses from just usually she's riding on the back of castle spicy as granite state holding castle tied around his waist yelled Yee haw hire additional miles. Your one time it was a terrible and I'm I'm not a small man Samie you know. Paul snuggle up to his back home and spread behind him. Beautiful. While that's a picture I did not see CC scooters to ground. How far these guys go off for your free life. Impressive that's a good five miles yeah I'll tell you know I don't wanna. But alas that how the Mets are five miles. Maybe miles fans are right let's think back then okay and I'm not well I don't know rank castle he's up next with your twelve pack. Migs my. And number actually was pretty cool about it before leaving the autograph she's damaged bumper and he's one of the Department of Transportation workers who responded to the season. You have to have a fully decked out jaguars then caves including there from the antivirus six garage really work on your car is. You know what I don't believe the hype as a man I'm taking over my house floor. Him okay. We got I've taken over really there isn't taking over its invasion she's got more realistic in your house and you just become more economic on the struggles how. And ice. And made this morning. Rock. I'm 49 KI DSW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. I know a lot of back taxes can bankruptcy helped me. Bankruptcy can do Sharon to back taxes under certain circumstances some types of taxes are never discharge a bow like if you haven't taxes from an employee if you out of business and be okay employee taxes. Our sales taxes especially taxes about your shirt and bankruptcy. How are most people don't have those kind of passes those people are just regular income taxes. If you owe income taxes and you founders had in terms we just weren't able to pay the taxes. If your taxes are more than three years old and you found it actually turns and those types of taxes and the discharge in bankruptcy. Under most circumstances especially during chapter thirteen case. Thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out if I was any time at choose the right chatter dot com that's choose the right chapters dot com. Thanks for listening.