BJ & MIGS Podcast 01-22-18-6A: A reporter had a hard time talking about Byson Hump Day while on the air.

Monday, January 22nd

News and sports. Today is National Hot Sauce Day. There is a new list of 13 names for the potential NHL expansion team.


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You know us from an excellent broadcaster went after now well there's a great station in Denver. That has a report on I guess a great event in Denver okay it's called bison hump day. And vice is those big buffalo like creatures. Yeah do we really need to let people know athletes and is just a case similar didn't know vacation weren't familiar with the you know AAA baseball team in buffalo New York Post that the only way can I don't know you know what a wife and his lucrative US bison. And is an at that thing from New York Buffalo, New York. My house release was somewhat paying attention has hit a gutsy Puget Chelsea wasn't even paying attention to what we were doing. I know one of bison is good there's really funny joke where the little placing guy goes to school Annie goes spite canvassed by sun. Karma I'm speculating. Now. Me and I think I son the I felt like we just cotton regulate you in school she says all right answered the question is you know she is completely not paying attention even in my mind when it's just like advice you know my client and it's dirt Washington yeah this is math class. Cracked and yeah. We got vacated day dream. Well what I into the data in the bison now tell us please yeah I signed the device on. Yeah out well there's an event called bison hump day in in Colorado in Denver and well of course when it's bison hunt David got a senate TV people they got a report on this and well I'm Molly Molly who works for Denver television Molly Hendrickson she. Oh well should go to other ranches association. Had to talk these people because well they're trying to improve increased bison population that's why we have bison hump day. But she shows a legit they need to hump yes I don't put on a Wednesday it is a fun Tyson spectacular poetry of the humans love it when all of the vice is getting involved yeah. And so she had a dim only have a difficult time doing this report because you know it's bison hunt day in the tiny device and stuff home. Something special the national western stock show today is bison home today for her answers we'll meet ahead of the show to talk about ways to improve. Think it's so good yeah allows the interbrew the bison population. And that's uncle becomes a big east but yeah. Some talking technology into Afghanistan heard I'm done. Let's. Yet if you're tackling or their Mitch yeah sort of Erica. I guess so Molly couldn't get past the fact that it's really it is what it is dude Mitch must've been Massa went there. You think cell bush even send the beginnings they mix is making me laugh. Probably I do only some telling and hang tight sentenced. All react when she's on camera are you doing dad died died about that you probably round one how often that happens then. On the news like we used was we talked at some serious there's some somebody in your team they just want to see they could meet you crack all that happens then add that I know what's happened in my career. Yeah oh yeah just simply because nobody can see what we're doing usually. And so that's when anybody in this attorney Mickey did yeah I think attend while Vick yes him yet. I sun yeah ice. Yes so bison hump day. Jacqui see you being that guy Elliott Veronica while the other kid the cameras on the lady you're just don't like doing some kind of Alia. Look at me to come and taking care of by the by some guy well I IA. C I definitely would be an appropriate one. Oh for sure no doubt about it it's the end you know by today's standards I'd be fired. Ten wins and be great like it like talks like bill awaits your somebody along those lines and just get would you guys still. We do undetermined gather all your coworker laugh yeah do something right. A Tenet Dili east news crew who would be that move or girl yeah now. I you know. I catch Kathy Dirksen. Temperature morale like Steve pool being the guy I'm all right Mary Johnson many named to the little heroes yeah he should just kids. See how are you write that whole crew they all have a propensity now Q thirteen am wondering who Ali ceremony I think Caroline means a got a nobody messes where he does she does seem very serious doesn't. Thank you good dude and I think they'll like it. I think you'd give people the glare yeah because there's a professional he's yelling I got stuff to do all right time for your silly this year folly it's my god I Casey I bet. Almost see you know what she's got a great she's got a great sense of humor I if anybody has the ability as far as talent and sense of humor you're right she's funny and she's very fun you know she's she's a very fun person so yeah I come. I was say it now is to Wiki though you have mentioned Liz you think you know no way it was we do that she's too professional. I don't see Liz good pretending to be doing the bison hunt dance you know they know you don't really. No wow. I don't think you ever saw Liz does and we just don't know like that's it that's your thing. Jumping maybe half maybe you're right maybe she's just the person doing the bison hunt danced behind the scenes but it's always the one you least suspect great this is going to be getting back to yeah Sunday. Who gets a lowly new lease. Are all oh yeah yeah Turkey's. Oh certainly he's out of his mind we know that used to work here right it's gonna be jerky all yet probably Turkey guys who have been but he got out who's left key five. Well it also be what do you think and feel like also we would de LA he's a fun guy he is the Hamas. He's got muscles are had a melanoma electricity in -- Chrissie and okay don't you all know lawyer mozzarella you know she looks like she's totally professional but again it's the one you least suspect faces Walter Kelly yeah I want to tell the grounding guy that's true you tried your device and come dance I don't know man I feel like announce feel like it's Liz do we keep it does the vice and hobos either you know the personnel were least likely exactly do yeah contact Liz looks the most professional carries himself the you know really though with the most prestige carrier of course he's got to be don't want. Jesse Jones on Cairo seven. All Jesse Jones yeah. You you think. Who who else I'm just easily I don't know anyone else from Paris yeah you're right I don't either does Deborah Horne I think she source for Paris 70 man I Debra. Debra also is a possibility. Yeah yeah just because I think in now you know why because says Steve Ribble colored Debbie wants. And it's like all of that debt is the funding for Debra what Jack may be Deb maybe they may be Deborah has a lot of fun in the newsroom of people are looking like you know make enough you know making them laugh cracking them up. That's who she's a bison humble mode well Dan smoke it's I don't think that's the big thing to say for anybody. I'm glad we figured the salary bringing us up this Mozilla. Yeah do you think though they've they've they've they all have them all in the Molly moments. From the you know there was some water and everybody is tied at one moment that the I would think I mean every kind of a fun thing for a newscaster she shared the one time where they just lost it. We just couldn't control themselves on the air and he just couldn't stop laughing I had to learn how to market Larson's got some great stories oh yeah yeah. The short to The Today Show so she'd like. I forgot Margaret Court on The Today Show that she had lived she saw the closet which you there when I'm that was there I can't remember I beat her stimulate. I know I thought you know you're you're you're on the you run that her show a lot for your I had 20 yeah I mean I'm honored but not as much as you know I did you I thought you Margaret had basically a great working relationship where she would tell you like you know above. Bison hump day and all those things yeah we're totally disagree inference of course you would know of course you know these things. One person gets just naming all the local news people. Oh and doing very well though we're trying to figure out we're trying to remember everybody and we don't it's been it's got to have a wasserman is such a long time I don't know who's doing it anymore really. Now I really don't Heidi I've really dealt. I know I mean Laura months ago Al might have him be doing any more fraud now. I had no idea I mean Dennis bounds is gone and you know innocent lives forever art sound yeah he does. He does and he's gone for easy still win as but he's gone from the news. That's a thing like now. I mean moment when we first moved here it seemed like. You had a core crew for each news channel like no laughter everybody was still the same make the main people like the main four. The other weather person the two anchors in the sports persons yeah. And announcing it's like that anymore I don't think I stickier Danny really ever more on the moon watching the nickname but I don't think but not as many people watching the news now there's Internet that's a fact yeah yeah and the anchorman type lineup is not like that anymore. I know man it's kind of sad that's it's it's gone by the wayside there's no more Ron Burgundy murmurs as Tony controllers probably that guy in his day oh yeah. Tony's a good dude you have a you know he's got a good sense of humor always capable yeah bison hunt dance yeah Tony's edited. Hey I Steve I know you're excited about this because other group hoping to bring in NHL team to Seattle. There's rumors they may have come up with a name for the team Steve's who tell you our bodies of these four to 670. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW don't. I had W no rock around Seattle. Most fifth graders have a better grasp of the English language unfortunately there aren't any available this early in the morning. This is news we've steam game. But thanks guys thanks Oregon State University. CBS news's Bret you guys the future. Well I love when news brought by the fever and happy national hot sauce day we're all really puts a hot sauce of choice and I have been a hot sauce guys. I'm starting to get there though. Yeah yeah I keep hearing like beauties but seems like every five years and how offensive you. Never been a hot sauce guys if you make between Nelson that was eaten some of my wife over the weekend she goes oh my god this really guy kicked in a spice to what animals are going to bring the same thing out. How can some of these super spicy. Because she's like are you serious tell you minister make connection so maybe it's time will Suri I've just got to come mile area she totally call it star hello Joseph that's their. That there actually geriatric. Pets have a window when your iphones apple just made us us from Syria achieved thanks. You're kidding right now on Syria I've seen. Cars Danny I know you like hot sauce yeah gringo Mendieta. Both guys can make serious side Dexter Holland from the Austin golf course is fantastic now but reduced from MX PX and hot salsa do you like now more wildly out. I'm a basic list I like my Tabasco. The best we know what he did you can't go and it's across great on clam chowder but Dickey is the expert and Alyssa why she's Mexican. Yeah okay those particular instance in the afternoon because I misled my Stanley Cup plus my mom make some momma son the really have a great and what we need a lift the tamales at your mom makes. Clearly that's fair enough in other words tell your mom to get in the kitchen and don't give up until we tell them. A top appears on my game I felt bad grads I love francs. Nice but not enough stuff on everything absolutely we actually have my wife made some awesome Buffalo's chief Jean cupcakes when I saw that on her FaceBook page why don't we have any time because I hate far too many last night and I am really dealing with it today what's it had to do with us you can approximate for us no because they ate the mall it's because they're like right I'm healthier version that I such people like their life. Whatever however healthy to be a buffalo chicken thing sheriff yeah see a lot of home I ate a lot of them. Super good at but that's I had a national hot sauce everybody and I press hockey fans were very excited about potential of. For the possibility of an NHL team coming to Seattle especially now. All of your paying attention to the NHL and I was going on here with the new expansion team is the biggest golden knights. All rights they are not the number one team in the division not the number one team in the conference they are the number one team in the league right now how is that possible. Because they've got a bunch of core players who got a great coaching staff and incredible. Sam basis. Is given the momentum I don't know man it's just it's not what they had the best record in the league and this is their first year first year as their inaugural season they've only lost twice at home. It's insane. I think the teams is doing incredible I remember they had a really great home game against the Rangers don't get to see we don't need to talk about that I got student tickets at those everybody vendors. Big victory. I know we watch it on television met regardless they just makes me feel excited that fields we did get an expansion team that this could quite possibly be the same kind of vibe that we have here. I'd say that's their biggest of the type you're in Seattle but it's getting more excited that DOE group the team to group that's trying to bring NHL here to Seattle. They apparently filed thirteen domain names for potential new NHL low we have. Teams so I think it's pretty cool just to see what what they're thinking now. She reminds enjoy warm look mr. Collins. That's all my dad you know the guy who. Who is Smart enough to pick up stuff trademark and on the race of the metropolitan city he puts out merchandise and here. Colorado if they want that they're gonna have to probably pay him off for that. And then also the steelhead seems to be a popular name that's on by some romance novelist here in Seattle next to the romance novel by hockey team called the steel heads. I mean that's that's it for a second okay so those two are two K there weren't able to put a domain name on those here are some of the ones that are coming up curious what you guys. Or Seattle cougars. Yes in general it's. Not not not really something about we'll move to super ball Seattle eagle. Okay no not the only one around but us Seattle and rolls the emerald. Our blood got season I'll take control it's. Seattle based got to remind him that I like Alan Seattle ever dream. Well yes about the state I guess it's the highlight is a lot of occurred in things fish didn't settle firebird east. Affordable it's chemical and policy shortly yet achievers so we have got the effort to. Okay half birds OK yes go after birds that's China and France are apparent and literally I have a middle fingers on local it's a bird. And the middle there's gunfire there's I don't really necessarily is that one of the once you purchase from that I've dealt crack and I don't like down the crack and yeah. Movement and Philip from within Philip would have to be her first crunchy and hi how about Fiat get over eighty years. Yeah that's an old school names I don't know the F Tacoma Rainier it's like I don't like that history and instead the radio. Our general renegades. Not feel on this on the Seattle sea lions now. I don't think so Seattle feels no matter in the California golden seal I want to get a slot guys. I suppose because you know we do have the same thing happen. Seattle in Wales. OK and finally the Seattle so it's nice not like the junior team I think I like the totem. It's coincidental name an idea bird's eye like it's one of the few actually do any research and look online you can see the Golden Globe goes to the Seattle junior team that goes by that and it's it's cool colors team with a good. The nice bright green and white and the logos pretty cool but of all those which was your favorite. You know seriously I like the children's. Okay I really do like it on the totem to a rainy years I think it's it's it's great not wires are placed yes and face they both sound cool because you know I've got news every year's name. And I think it told him she sounds cool we'll present the middle finger is on fire alarm at gap that they or their first. Sure I'll Zetterberg I like the firebird and also like three years as well past. Could you don't then oh god yeah I've been pushing for about one. When they win would never been a rumor I'm so not a fan of the metropolitan Isabel are high and I don't think there's a how cool way to say it metropolitan metros. Then politicians Mets the Mets which is what I would beat we beat the Mets in the metro east yes I mean does that mean and yet he had has them because in New York Mets in the metropolitan is well that's their young. And got a big actors are reacting so you never know could be the metros. Yeah you're right I don't know I just never been to Canada about. We all be happy with any team in my life and retirement I would like all these sounds kind of weird when you first hear them but if you hear it enough to get used to it. You know I mean other people at first like Seahawks or you are mariners yet again the Mariners went right. I understood because of the headlines hi it's happened in North Carolina governor of rallies 27 years old and apparently got in 2014 won a doughnut eating contest. Keep keep crushed an eight Krispy creams and all I love this guy and I didn't do eight Krispy creams and less than two minutes. She's you know what I think I'd be close enough anyways the headline is a donut eating contest winner just got arrested for robbing a donut shop yes that's about. I felt about what's going on the world sports personable is now sad if you're watching over the weekend we saw the Eagles just crushed the vikings. Sorry guys apple a rough day at 538. To seven who are they playing of course the New England patriot Mazen. Patriots on the winning 24 it's when he they were down twenty to ten in the fourth quarter. And then just Tom Brady started doing Tom Brady things coupled late touchdowns Todd drives and and they had to turn over like Jacksonville had a momentum I've gaining turnover tool you make all the tickets are not welcome back to which a lot of people feel like progress through the team. Think it was sold on Lafayette so anyways. They go there's the patriots taking nine. The Eagles and all of Bill Belichick Bill Belichick of course is great press conferences I don't know if you saw him in the press tiger is not like he was rocking a great outfit it's like. Partially it's almost like losing a sleeveless sweater it's doctors against surgeon scrubs got on there now for a while they've been these rumors are that ESPN is reporting that apparently hit the Brady aren't getting along yeah Brady isn't like the fact that he doesn't. Show him. Love him he's always kind of like you know not praising him in front of the media. Finally yesterday's press conference is gonna help matters that that's the case really copy is a reporter asked to fill balance act about Tom Brady's performance especially since Thomas ten stitches in his throwing hand. My advice dumps a lot of like that's just incredible that he had six good games. And here's Bill Belichick responding to reporters. Question can you speak to then they resourcefulness of Tom. Dealing with something like that mean we can and then coming on plane plane in Eugene like that. It looks on their great job in these tough guy we don't know if parent field. Perform open heart surgery here. Pollen we'll talk about open heart surgery here. That is up. You can't explain the positive wow isn't great guys great competitor but. We'll talk about open heart surgery boy he does not like the fact it's I mean I hear itself think guys just like Tom gets way too many accolades. And five tomba. It really Tom you're getting them back later in life everybody hey that's freedom guys Taylor called me they go to at least my coach leads to quality and I don't do so I'm sorry Tom really complain he's over. Whiny B more importantly are if you're watching the game. Tony Romo who I think he's doing a pretty darn good job it in the ended the announcing Booth put. It's weird noises while the game is going really I haven't heard a lot of Tony this year are well here's an example to get court. Once again get your season and it does we'll spend there. Call that's loose. That is definitely. What does he do this we have in the moment on there. It's not right Tony. Okay that's that's that that's a new judge us for us a lot of thanks sonic as far as weather can be 47 degrees partly cloudy maybe season some was insurgent elicit this kind of response from Seattle it's full. Now we see some sun. The basic yet pure all the caddies and sports it. It is not something to the context at all. Oh Romo what is up. But it makes it entertaining it surely does Avandia. They were you watching on the other game went out I was I was Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. And those guys those guys can give you some find out what I think he's voted out and I'm always from a joke drinking because unglued discussed I'm Joseph induced destroyed by the way. Yeah he does that he does that from time to time. You where he does look like yet he's I heard do that before item watch yesterday's I didn't see him do that yesterday's game yes I have heard Joba I'm Joseph eyes try and I don't know I mean where he's just like. He's meeting you for the first time at a bar after about ten drinks. I was just like you do we know you aren't as old thing on the bottom of sister names and IAG I did a it was just it just came off an awkward Joseph bunker I know a lot of people can't since Joe Buck. If you get a chance and you have nothing to watch is try to watch that show Brock mired Joe Buck is amazing and Brock but I've I've watched a couple moment yeah he is pretty awesome I'm glad you watch it as I know you're watching the show we had got to the Joba episode yet know. It's like oh what you're for a repeat. Then there's Tony Romo possibly brunt of a good point about the other team names skirts of course the technical what hockey needs to go naming their kid you don't when you gotta kind of think big picture power people gonna make fun of its people hadn't thought about it being so warm person Brett. You know I do like the totem if you like to tones as well Moore prison we go totem rival teams of fans will probably cost the scurrilous. All you how we can see you're absolutely right. You're absolutely right like when people say see chickens it's really lame because is not a great name you can give us read this year hawks at least the bribes yeah but even then you know what the way things are going you can't use she as a way to put anybody down anymore. I'm in no I'd throw like a girl she hawks yea yea you know what people know do you like your losers so we really don't have a bad name for the Seahawks. The other screw Odom to be best. You have this Croat homes would be pan am and I loved totem still pod we still want to stick with it. I know all of its programs is this for just Jones is not recognized or you can just call the holes. All right doesn't solve problems are you helping you know I'm hurting your finger and I don't like the total has an opinion which one do you like where have I should. After birds just because I don't know all the fun connotation is that we've already come up with that you know he's not really a sports fan doesn't really did sports fan I absolutely element. Sports yeah yeah those things yeah. Sports ball way over there yeah that's that's. When city's favorite. I actually really like here the renegades are the emerald from renegade because of there's like a superhero book called its actual book called the renegade makes me think superheroes. I'd rather regulators than they do have that would that warranty for whom regulator to sit out. I paranoia but emerald also sounds kind of cool and that asking all the cool green may even get a media where I can that be pretty legit. Wow Dahlia mammals Elise again it's about us he knew I'd say that it is a connection. I really liked it tones and now I can't you just like to todos ask photos go to whatever total program. 2 am it's silent and I think and that. The rain here's what I like also just because almost. People outside of Washington will make the connection yeah they were probably loses some weird like green. Staying nor. The radio may not be like oh wow they really like to appear to have always been my cause the Rainier is just by the way they would look at the pronunciation yeah I think all it's the rainy years because of and then again who knows me that's why it's called Mount Rainier. I have because it's Rainier and near us I am I always wonder why rave web Rainier meant. You know I never really put any thought it I don't know I don't know outside the idea is it raining here or is it is it actually native American name. And it's worrying. Me. Moved here. All right you know that commercial. That commercial you remember that I don't think ball now read those are right it's a classic right Ali absolutely it was most of the time it was a motorcycle go another very user. Rainey. Are remembered that in. I'm we. Shared the all right well under the exact same thing I just all right we're not doing that does not now I put it more and Nash to why he just like some dual radio edit version you're doing so. We. Learn. New year. I heard sound like that it's on a motorcycle revved you do and I'll do together. Hurt me OK. Okay. Easy. Answer. That are illegal read his motorcycle have a little bit more than fifteen years is kind of almost out of gas well. Actually I didn't recognize your commercial and don't want commercial were talking about wow yeah I'm playing better commercials and I noticed whose rep did I totally recognize that there. They ago it was like I told him it's. Those rooms. Please boost crude moved. Yeah tire birds fibers is cool dude yeah you know I think of the car but still you know. Not that many games it seems like. The thing he doesn't like it just generically and I do I did has nothing to do with our area. Yeah and and and I know that's the big streaky of a comic book which is not really why you should name a team of bulk. And is also put a song and it's like man became fencing that become a fun haven't made mistakes on. Another I imagine dragging something what is ambassador. Ambassador other socialistic song called renegade homes sold its okay. Who. Well look at our. Dead. And artisan promises the Seattle breakers that was your original name before they became the show thunderbirds. The breakers yet. I think there is now soccer team called the breakers was or Boston breakers. Side to Denny's when used somewhere. We're okay ray Mears and since the baseball team in there I mean you know it's not some other state that's got it in an ally our own state thing. Like the doldrums that aren't disgruntled more prisons are for ruining tones for you BJ yeah I've got Daniel Breaux but he's right in you gotta think ahead on these things. And yet when it comes to stardom. 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