BJ & MIGS Podcast 01-22-18-7A: What ridiculous thing did you do to impress someone?

Monday, January 22nd

Beat Migs. Actor Jamie Dornan shared that he once glued wig hair to his groin. Luke warm topic.


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Suburban and bake in fast he's back at the Seattle design center Saturday march that he got urban. Who's writing the stories he gets that and it takes a variety of making treats. Great combination. And you do beard during the day or the night with premium or general admission tickets to a more info about reverend bacon fest. You know last year I Tony Romo OK and the volumes of suburban I had a microphone in front of them resent all. All. I don't do it did. You're a more info I didn't think it's got to KI SW dot com for birdie and make him best benefiting our friends at tree house. Mean this. And I am now each day and it's time now Mohammed I'm Vermont today. And on time for the Monday. Actually did yeah we're here on a Monday right. Management and a bit he had as we actually an ideal would be your first woke up this morning something like this all. I was like very excited and I realize only Manning go to work. Okay. Yeah. While it won't happen and I got kids your kids as did today we get James and five to take on Steve's. Games are you there. Until and I know everybody a what's it like hey I had no nothing it's safe to. Let's see what import duties T you've already signed for parity is TO case more than remains to be happening on Saturday February 10 and I don't know queen casino nice go to Ticketmaster dot com if you want tickets in KI SW dot com for more information is all right Steve get out of here. For those playing it on James we'll have sixty seconds to insert ten questions James you can pass all you want but you only three yeses her questions. Are you you're ready. You are slot area that is because of Lincoln. Sharing their name with a man or woman who helps you share your name when they US city which band had a hit with more than a feeling. And yeah as geographically Israel is on what continent. I don't. Yeah as what percentage of a decade is two years. Tilt now. Yeah ads which eighties film's finale featuring the song I've had the time of my life it's. Top thirty edited to add flights here in the ninety's did the first real world episode airs. Do you eat now it's. Anyone noticed. These greens now are you more forces of his wife are weights lift for us and just watch. What was the name of Donald Trump seconds why is it's. Golf crowd asks which of the Hawaiian Islands is nicknamed the valley I don't. All of you know it's Maliki asked in which the southwest Stacey is home too late how the sin city. As low as 23456. Correct not to babble out goes yeah and I he made a Matt Hasselbeck themselves there might have. We never know. Still we got a case of the Mondays we'll know full well know yeah we will you don't remember you know we will. Why it's not I'm heading into this Monday by just saying words and it's just not working out how right okay that's what you get man what you get for not bringing your wife Stacy cupcakes and beating a mall yes and I and my guess and I'm feeling it I enjoy those days there and zoom in demand for your. And you know posting beaming and money's really not that hard to talk about her surgery here thanks Bill Belichick doesn't think you Norman and I'm I'm I'm. Steve are you ready. And sharing their main way they US city which band had a hit with more than a feeling. I'll it's Boston guest. Geographically is realism what continental to. Com and articles now or just no Europe no not yet winning percentage make dedicating his two years. Hi every supersize now when he's precise yet as to which eighty's film finale he's just the songs I've had that time of my lions are dirty dancing again that's. What I hear in the ninety's did the first real world episode airs live through what year of the ninety's to callers dial your old episodes air. You yeah as Norris or to force is a swipe our weight lift roster and why it's. Questions now speeders. Yeah floating to know how do you find you never know what was the name of Donald Trump second why it's. But I'm yeah no I bonk got to know I I'm not now are we just I don't know why. Which of the Hawaiian Islands is next in the valley I helped. Hawaii news now. You. No now or never be as low area late yes Steve you got four correct. First loss our whole. Or Jay and me. Okay move. Congratulations. James. Yeah thank you you'd employ Hasselbeck my friend you pull Russell Wilson I didn't do it do you go actually got a diamond hang an allowance I gotta get surprised but it there's the two that you misty ended up figuring out the ones that actually James got to correct you knew that Mallory was the valley isle and then you figured out that Asia is where Israel is. These four forces of flight our weight lift thrust and Hannah. Velocity you know drag dragged got it again and then. Thin man. I'll never remember that could have another good IQs that later what is the name of Donald Trump second wife let me ask Marla Howell are only made little snow Xeon myself. Yeah. I forgot all about I think boom right under the toilet hey thanks mister president enact regulations do James. Or being made snow Sallyann who's beat Steve you entice even look at the price. Simple as that. So of course they had the sag awards last night in Morgan Freeman is god got himself off a lifetime achievement award. Do you watch the sag awards you know what'd I don't I have a watch any award shows this season have kind of dropped off on them. Yeah I mean I am so I just semi DVR for the grammys next weekend yeah I know you love that show but and you don't watch and you know what's the music I don't care about who wins yeah that's always do everything until I see that they're about to have a band perform and I don't care what and it could be a pop star I don't care it's like watching those performances but. I mean it was a well at the sag screen actors can already it's they got the Golden Globes is human actors guild which is all basically use a lead up to the Oscars really that's an old women wins a sag award to see get upset by that are now. Stuff race. And life. The well when you're old you will get a lifetime achievement award and when you get a lifetime achievement award whether you like it or not your old. Yeah it is yeah solid they're gonna give it to bomb. The club and exactly may have picked eleven do you know he's had quite alive but he's a good career so somebody's gotta keep going. Morgan Freeman also had quite a career and Tom I love this because he's giving his speech at the sag awards last night. I guess somebody in the audience was talking memorial was not dig and it was Tony's pizza we stole the person in the middle of his speech. These moments and ally. Okay. I'm talking to you. Okay when you stand down. Yeah it sucks to be singled out yeah victory single a by Morgan Freeman is yeah I'm awesome is the and he I mean you can be scolding he is the guy I really like everybody tonight I'll take him. I'd have that is my ring tones that person okay yeah. Doc video. Goes dude you better is if Samuel Jackson. Take all I don't know mother like her it would go to Yahoo! are more super Samuel Jackson. It is kinda psyche you know you don't you just don't. I mean I've never even heard that an awards show before and I don't know if it's never happened and people just keep moving north or no more insight what are you doing this isn't getting out what they're given a speech she game in a war you get really of that board -- -- -- maybe people on their phones I don't know what their daughter he's talking to somebody I wonder what was going on at that point where you'd think from what metres of James Earl Jones he's -- so I can't believe this guy's not like the voice over guy had Tommy hey if you could schedule because of jones' I just described all the minutes for the table and more easily say they have Muppets my time or leaves drivers like I'm glad Jake is gay as the voice over guy I've got him. I love that wanna hear that again Morgan Freeman scolding summit because they were talking during his own lifetime achievement award acceptance speech. These moments and how life. Payday. I'm talking to you. Okay where you stand down. Don't want that one last two is like there's a half pat I'm not laughing now but decried. Do you think that was a person at that person was talking to like a nervous laughter MIT media I'm like yeah I didn't see it's I don't know who and I don't know if they put the camera on the person and home and that was an awesome. Because of the camera on everybody very quickly when there's a joke told about somebody. Who's a do we know we think it was the big winner for the Screen Actors Guild hall how this animal Frances McDormand and some movie. That's like a serious movie. I think that's a line now OK and I think Sam Rockwell who I like that actor and I he won a supporting thing could. Yeah that that's about it. Honestly there movies and you're not gonna why I. I thought. They hit a home. You hate to say it's an argument out I know always I was up for some things are also wondering about American made I just myself over the weekend Amanda and Tom Cruise movie. Oh how does that moving for dawson's excel I heard it wasn't good but I do and I good stuff sometimes I was disappointed because I've liked all like the last few movies he's done it know what I hoped in the sense that I always is hope for an awesome. Action film with Tom Cruz also was an action. There's great moments of like just the suspense and stuff it's based on the historic civil please not beaten someone's ass yes he's young okay he's not hanging off a building us a really fun story it's it's interesting units as well Don it's Demi Tom Cruise doesn't disappoint to do an American may get. I Atticus got a 97 prison sounds TV to me it's also the kind of movie you would like him it's a story based on real stuff. Bragged it had Tom Cruise almost got a bad as they go perfect it was fun watch yeah all right. Brought Israel and Iran Contra affair it's got like you know it they wanna so sounds like a movie I know. Wow well look who's running and I was running movies I like I can demanded citizens like them. The bottom of the barrel and an I'm really glad you falsely once all right wide awake for the whole movie it is certified fresh at 87 person old whoa you like a movie there raw tomatoes lifestyle time rotten tomatoes got on board watch. Our strain. OK you know what I die I don't know why thought there was that that got bad reviews and rusty again another movie you don't want to miss it doesn't I will now because rods reels like that. Fine. But you know what I really knowledge of and watch Argo. It almost has that kind of mood. That's why they wanna watch it seem revived that Argo gave me like I don't know is try to be boring and slow. It's quite the opposite it's not boring at all and it goes by really fast are always exciting to go once yeah I watch and then give a thought -- it it needed to Tenet did build a mile in yeah I'd build intention. Think the first chunk of that movie was slow down whereas at this film and it's kind of come out and it's it's very so I have this very interesting from beginning to the end I now know how like how shrewd. They are to the true story glad it's it's pretty awesome usually good movies aren't treated to restore because that the truce versions of boring perceive you gonna do that they look Tom Cruise pizza masks yeah I agree would you really agreed to let Jack creature come to some negotiations ladylike kind of changed things up a little bit you might well have discretion some skull set rules. No crush him. And Keanu Reeves comes then and he gets a diet Jon quick bad pitch. Are now scientists say they've determined something Steve. And I said this before but the scientists I guess not agreeing at least to my therapist. Scientists say you're not actually in adults until the age of 24 now. There how sad is that. So I thought it was 47 yeah so I don't years he gets time I'm screwed I'm my services tell me a 26 was in the 21 and and I thought it was because of the helicopter parenting in my generation in this current generation that basically. Stunted the autonomy of on a normal human being and the young hot girlfriend that he was seeing at the time yeah yeah Vijay does not weird are not and I'll Tony's a senatorial embodied. A new study of Australia found that our brains and bodies don't actually get all the way out of adolescence and into adulthood until we're 24 who. Which is always like. The science is great but Dan here's my thing. Why haven't we able to have baby sit at a much younger age like boys and girls can make babies are a lot younger than 24. Why is that if we're not all grown up yet I don't get it do we need to have the talk. I know one Lehman a boy loves it girl. But hey yeah is Demi does that mean they were meant to raise children is a village because I remember you know and in the Walton olden days the grandparents really were the ones raising the kids while the mother and father were actually doing a lot of the chores or working several watch the Walton however I am French I watched different strokes you know I mean case. There was no damage to tell you got a rich old man that just kind of stuff senate takes Erica and I think that sounds right the today's day top original man comes we'll stick your a couple of boys I don't think that's gonna work well let's show probably could never panel today they were fine. Dudley wasn't. I had every I'm they were mother died mr. Drummond smarts none of that would happen but you understand that mr. Drummond got an idea without owning a dog. But here's the thing mr. Drummond was original man it took him a couple of young boys. And mr. Jung and devil like Pete deferred even though yacht he wasn't the one that they've led the deadly episode was not about him but still and his daughter had issues dancers Putin in the do you. But even if you can I say well you aware of both went way the other community and material here and there is issues but. Yeah is interesting 44 you become an adult and yet you can make children I mean you can make babies I mean some people the ages of between ten and thirteen and fit you know they can be digitally there's a candidate make you an adult but see I know that's what I'm understand I would think you should be able to make babies until you are an adult like. With biology that once were able to figure stuff out. Well back then he police to live to the ripe old age of 35 so they started having babies and getting married a 1413 years old to kind of keep the family I'm going to having a mid life crisis are right that's all I'm saying they can't say why is biology do that to us because if you're seeing people at 235 so you really adult for seven years nine an adult for like you're a good part of your life. Most of your life you're not an adult if you're only a little 35. We're living we're living longer I think they're talking about mentally you're not an adult discuss your body's doing crap sometimes some people don't judge gets to that point to make babies until there it's when he. Everyone's different and it's all about like being able to focus and actually getting crap done which I 21 year old twenty year old. Isn't going to do tomorrow I don't I don't know if this is if it's just mental mentally or if in fact. You can hear there's saying physically doesn't match always is a mental thing more so than a physical thing. I mean because some people develop at different ages though there's no set age that you develop there's a big window it seems to be placed his mental Steve. Then then indeed we have affected and stunted the growth of our kids because. You know me I haven't done anything no you have done it but I do one as it is if it's a mental thing fifty years ago. People were much more adult at eighteen years old maid than they are today that. Yeah avenue that you said that they'd do if their parents saying make no a lot of parrots to like keep stayed home until like their format and then they can move out of some fuel in his own helicopter you know we take away I mean we we scare them and we don't let them you know Kwon do things in their own and I hit UA OK here's the question I I what age do you fit as do you remember appoint your life we like I need to start acting like more like an adult. Shia it was like in my forties yeah. Yeah I know how scary is that they scare it off now I feel like I should figure that out a little earlier to save my parent my wife my kids some grief that was the big milestone rousing call. Dance OK what's going on here I did it. That I think there's prioritize and fears of about was when that that the forty like when I hit thirtieth laid whatever 35 okay Cheryl get a little bit older you know forty was kind of like a monumental moment. Could I don't know Vick you're dead yet and he points still have figured out they should be an adult yet I've seen it but maybe they. I don't know much about 26 fish for me like I mean I moved out at 22 Blake. I didn't really feel like OK let me get my future in order until about 260 like the whole saving for retirement and you know paying off loans and saving for a house that didn't really starts like 2637. And that's that's pretty a that's for I think that's pretty mature and considering us the Pentagon disabled list authors the example you're not near as part yeah. Stereo typically go they say that women mature quicker than boys so I guess is he's very much what I any anti pay. Hey guys to the tournament and although volatile all I ever that we have a kid that's. At the moment we like okay I'm an adult now I haven't I'm a child that relies on Hannah. Let me kind of but it was more of like this guy just yelling I still don't feel I still feel like I'm sixteen and don't know what do I would love to make fun of Danny but he's right I don't feel like I don't have to kids it's only if felt like a burden more than I was an adult. Our Lara yeah it's so true you don't birdie until I mean I was playing video games all of a sudden just things on my left reckon all my games I'm trying to I scored wanted to arm and I you know at some day we enjoys playing a video game I'm like you know like Joseph I wanna show you what it was like when you were a toddler can I said Daniel Lapin is bang on your keyboard while you're trying to do when you're playing World of Warcraft what he's going to show you how that's life. Programs. Do you really actually thinking I feel like an adult he's not knowing yeah you got like. No I don't entire weekend playing video games and I getting out of my pajamas did I am barely an adult yeah. How is you know why aids I'm renting a house and I've got two cats and I have a lovely wife yes and none of those eggs made me feel like you're an adult whatsoever you and improve your health recently you've you're right you're right it's it's looking at those sort of these you know what I really do let me also just had like a stallion cupcakes he didn't bring in our solid point and it's also I'd like to help thing is one thing but it's also so I can actually do some cause playing get dressed up and where are cool stuff. Think that's the reason why it won her main reason why I wanna do with the weight loss after details that aren't well I hope you fit into my little pony costs that -- class I saw. And now what a mess. Man what is the cause play constant that you want to fit in Lesnar. A womb. And unlike Mac. And I honor that I didn't hear me and snaps not arrow shafts apple it would be nice to actually have a boy. So you don't like rob Alford from duke recent you well would not yeah kinda actually. Imagine under our offense. A UN leveled off. I'll travel there aren't I'm. Really I who'll probably be less sweaty. What I'm hoping for. I in my hoping. How can always found a way to be cruel to animals even when they're dead yeah. You're right. It's such a bats and I love I don't try to make you delegate Don you really just screwed the metal and he should yeah. Guess afford it looks like for us guys that's going to be in our forties we were officially adults could push more towards late forty's this this study is way out of whack 24 no forty it's like forties this. And hours and bring up against Brad. Have a question why would a popular actor. Blue wig hair to his groin. There you hear from the sector at 717. On Iraq. And they eggs mornings. On the rock 99.9 KI SW. A guy put in Nigeria I SW Iraq goes Seattle. I mean obviously with this guy amateur fifty shades of grey San Jamie Dornan and of course yeah DOD's. He was a Graham Norton show couple days ago and he talked all the time that he was fifteen years olds and he glued we hair to his groin. Hopefully it's there was a C there was a time the status you wanted to have yet you want to have hair down there. Do whoever I like the first like little hair over those that the lip mustache yeah you're like oh he's grown up or an arm hair or leg hair exactly. Great O'Hare we really never really got into the conversation and our school yet I'd imagine that Nike fueled. If you showered and yeah you knew where you stood yeah yeah the guy who's been the most obvious are trying to the most colonel there I think I was thank you guys AME I was like I'm I'm getting out quick that. And it basic thing you have going into the breeze Souter president and now he's he's free and hairy monsters that were admitted he's he's guerrillas and then there was me. Perez me. Disputed in the guerrillas the FBJ in the guerrillas come into the Netflix yeah but I I mean yeah I mean I surely I never did that what Jamie Dornan says schooling we hear it's it was going but I can appreciate it. I did they are armpit hair or did you really not like. Did you grow you blew armpit hair here I'm prince nozzle that like I did double stick tape and did that just to see what it would look like I leave my house with it all okay. I was just curious to know what is so he said. We react and you want to play basketball. And I doesn't Wear a tank top hundred a cool how has ever done that I was just curious while. They cut money might make action figure hair all know you didn't sit out volume and Jamie Dornan. Well I mean I kept it above the waist yeah well you know he was trying to and he was trying to impress the ladies or something. Plus fifteen and looked but seven. I had no Arabic. And anyway in that play did give me that sort of flat. Very acrylic highly flammable wage I'm going this party after you know I mean that Caroline maybe she drops a hum. Well didn't it didn't dressing her go and put the toilet and a total for this very curly. Blond hair. Literally piling government usually in just. Yeah I remember stop me from America. Public's right. What's the party's. I think it can secure our sort of really are urging her to sort of you know when like forcing her yeah it's the cute darn good at the mouth and I'm not to thank god it didn't because I got home I was up. Car Crosslin. Damn dude. We say Europe it. Jim handed that was he had done this is visible PSR Indiana hello I think he's I think he's Scottish it sounds like a Scottish accent he's from Ireland. Always tomorrow and all right we'll Lagos has Irish accent. And I guess this is saying you know they'll hand. Still it's funny though that he does that would be a good idea like the threat for a night out my money I just in case you wanna impress a woman and you know there's just him impresses the woman more than a punch they're glued to your earnings yeah well the you know I I remember it's like you know do you want to growth AK you're with a grown up man you are doing an idea that was the status of Lee when I was going up so I. I get it's like you wouldn't give away how embarrassing is it if very you know you got lucky enough to get a girl your age you both can essentially involved and then. You know you're like I'm not really a man I don't have mine I'm now sorry did you feel when you're younger that if you could just grow some hair and a mustache. That chicks dig your younger. Yeah oh yeah that's why don't and I couldn't write yeah I I just say I couldn't I barely can today. It's funny only younger Michael we all just make the mustache seem to be like status of baby chicks dig just announced it. This month some guys who rocket pretty decent like you know to do from home know growing hair yet growing hair used to be a thing if you could really that that showed you were men now nobody wanted out there right. Yeah people make funny yet I guess Harry chest yeah that's a problem and how I got hair everywhere but I my head who. It's frustrating I feel your pain brother yeah. Yeah those acts like sort of a big man. Yeah both these blue it was only you who blew with a hose include my I I thought input or II was I thought I was saying he was going down by as you whom you may you maybe right I don't know it's hard to tell his accent if he was going down by as you who or it was actually called you houk who I do like that being uses the term you -- yeah. Can't do it but that's a good news is Glynn and glue on the way here it was going to impress a lady. I love ya that's a dumb thing to do it's pretty ridiculous to impress someone but then that's what we do. We do a lot of dumb things to impress especially the opposite sex you know somebody were interested in that's what we do how about you. 206 fortune one rock Texas 77999. What ridiculous things did you do to impress someone or what did someone do to impress you. 206421 rock Texas 77999. Because he's except for the conference on Iraq. And they eggs mornings. On the rock 99.9 K I guess tell you. And nine point nine. SW Iraq does Seattle. So actor Jamie Dornan and just fifty Shays a great guy once. Did many watched the wig hair to his groin we found out that you who is a blue yes and he said he actually use you Hulu in men and blue bell wait here too is growing to impress a lady just in case yeah hay was three impressing a possible person in my want to. You know just that I go local go go go go the distance and maybe see what he's got going on to Dodd dropped a hand as he said talk fast. And we're wondering should be an era departs on her death you'll lady's let's drop that didn't. I can't see anybody that's our guys your giant saw I got parallel or I guess he beats Oregon that merit. So I that's MEI is that that I guess is ridiculous thing to do to impress somebody but you know what today and when you're young person you do dumb things so how much you 20642 on rock Texas 77999. What ridiculous thing do you do to impress someone or did someone do to impress you let's go to Jared and aren't to Jerry you are on the Iraq. Baby can. And he had I have every of course money. Jill Bakken high school senior year at this girl. And this fresh the strategy start imitating my girlfriend. An attempt to try to impress me. Game. Take talking like Terry is starting to try to dress like her all the way down to self harming herself. Also is another girl off try. Up to imitate your great and now single white female yes so you say self harming like what law how is that imitate your girlfriend. Because my girlfriend before me and her look just had some issues. All of which have you grown you redeemed cars. What happened. July stars start there. Oh snow cone win at Florida have the scars on her arm to. Yeah. Wow. Dude does it make you think they'd be. Three years so that they're ever go other it'll lower. Eddie. Yeah I was really trying your right time. Yes accepted bit of word because I don't like people who saw armed themselves. Do you ever you were withdrawn it's she still try to clean up our she used do. You know Taylor happen again. He did the right and a well. Most of our grandchildren. Larry that's a shame and you yell at yourself on the merry go how my attracting these kind of people you know people they know that that they got some 201 and one girl like me in high school man this guy has don't pretend to be the growth of these where I you know what that's because Jared you know pro gets a week here down Marion Jones and. Or. Ally and not get. I don't even know instant replay would Jerry just said it. We'll Jarrett I appreciate the call you with anybody right now. You know loaded single so artists. Rabbit in August. Eric O looked up yeah just a lot of whites who immediately. Just a little backlit homes. You weren't bad Clijsters she was are you. Up so how come we did she tell you face to face tax to. Cats. Taxed. After six months text. Yeah now was really fun Moody's and her tax and she. I got I plan or some are hello now just done. So how do you still have that tax or did you get rid of it. So I would delete them immediately deleted them she said she was done and and she said it was because I young men a bad place at home that's why don't like my. Outfit though to reliant so. I think October. Bridge over certain that's just me again. Boy way. Now why would cement this you wanna get back together or just wanna tell you why some wanna be would it. Oh she'll wanna get back together she just wanted somebody to talk jail. Well that's BS. Carl how you do you I hope you well I hope you said noted that. It just get a wanted to know why HE let me. OK after that I I just outside so you're done no more yet okay good as I'd run off your lunch or dinner when you cannot. We just let it at the local grocery store at a grocery store pick and as a meg the I want to make sure it would probably just a I'm only you've you've you've you've she's the U you are afraid for your lights he wanted to be public. A little bit. Yeah you know you're dissing your getting crazy people you wanna see and you gotta think. But you you had in the back your head you're afraid for your safety yet you still made a point to meet up with this he loves crazy gals doubt absolutely I want. You know I left it in you do you do you've got to oneself farmer an imitation self farmer and a woman that you were afraid to meet in a nonpublic place. Those are three girls that are in your sphere dear do you like crazy people that I want closure my closure she might shank me but other than that everything's cool. Ask. Theorize it's it's like the reverse idea of the on the TV show to anyone who watched Danny and wants his new show we'll tell you watching the end of the FA world it's on now oh yeah I saw that on Netflix now hope to isn't it supposed knots. It's not the data and Danny was a if you get a chance what's his show. Animosity watching daddy recommend list yeah well yeah because so far Danny does not have a track record you have on her own and actually Danny's show was a good show so I'm afraid right now then he's my new TV recommend and I don't find death. So everybody. I'm still saying ordinary families are very good show to watch idea you know how we find on YouTube if I find somewhere shore man. College is when Texas and turn these thins thing. I must retain the seventh grade may definition of her house with a Magnum condoms alone while. Of course that's the attack that's good that's the thing everybody's. Everybody does that. Yeah let's go to Steve the points testimony Steve you're on the rocks yeah. Good morning to my Steve how about you would did you impress someone or some antenna impress you. Well I drag and Brett saw my. Older sibling brand like this dirt you know. In elementary school third grader heard applied big don't wait about a 160. Saw of the bigger kids. There that she would hang out these other kids and I know are there and get dirt in argued they got. Hair now I don't know it it all right got to junior arrived at the fight with the biggest kid goal and lots like eight did. I so reliant doctors are still jock did the wind out of all the other kids are pretty impressed that I didn't. Policy you're trying to impress all the other kids. Well yeah they knew there'd been established pecking order you know I didn't wanna be like. Picked on the all time there are bigger this. It gives the easiest way to break the ice. So in other words junior high schools a lot like prison for his death well HL or use. How how many people annoyed the living have to IDF did that happen by singing that damn Christmas are. It's I. Seem to hand combat everybody your stamina that's all that I December went out to me that's all they wouldn't stop singing. I remember Michael upon the rest were good back here yeah how quickly it's he's backs. My how long did it yeah prince he's back. It's one of my eye I got to keep my. Actual Joseph do you want to go out all the yeah. My you know I hope not like these tasty though do you find other ways impress people. I did border guard gate here are my kids because. That's impressive right dead and you saw your teeth CM it's a win win for everybody. Now and turned on by you know documents and Yang and hopefully the women your life are not crazy people. And Dan. And that. Yeah I avoid a great blend it all thoughts do you know anybody got a bad. What's effort crazy Danny de Louisiana since there are met last caller yeah. I suspect beef products heads are dynamic and that's. If you thought there was going to be but you're gonna meet up with someone and there's a chance that they might cause harm to you yeah would you still make an appointment. I'm Nancy I'm married and maybe there's something sick inside me that wants to like I'm so afraid this person wasn't Mimi but I wanna meet him in a public place like ga you take a chance on. You're you're risking your life but there's some sort of perverse desire now do that. Living on the edge maybe. The idea you'd think he would say okay if I don't wanna meet you public I don't mean to at all ray tiny takes a stab us that we need to mere local grocery store and ordered. Feel saved it then maybe just only to meet with you maybe that answers my question why should be with you now. Him. And that wasn't even the self Harmer girl serious draw PG he graduates are girls just wanna harm other people just right that's you know whether it's it's a step up from Curacao what's gonna cut me gap and go talk to meet at the produce department C she's got a self esteem Janelle she's not gonna hurt herself to zero. One of random place and he lets me in the grocery store that's very romantic. Like you said but you do go get the plan to start run in the mounds they play you'll know it's right. Where were you sit here like go out against whoever Starbucks still sitting area they are seeing areas and I am I guess that's the thing not for me off but then again you know heeded it's a great place not the change. How about that sensibly and hate. He's the current form he senator this or performance and this Saturday yes Craig gas is back in town it's a sad thing usually is because he's too. He he's you know want to watch conference championship game. I didn't happen this time but he still gonna do comedy for area Kregg guest joins us a 747. On the rock. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy and here's another listener questions. I like rebuild my credit after filing bankruptcy. How do you rebuild it you know when creditors time might make your payments on time. 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