BJ & MIGS Podcast 01-22-18-8A: Craig Gass joins us live in studio.

Monday, January 22nd

Craig Gass joins us live in studio promoting his stand up at the Kirkland Performance center. Facebook Drama. “Plastic Surgery”.


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Guys like nine KI SW Iraq John C at all Vijay job walk out of context this might sound weird but our next guest service chocolate when we were in Vegas level and we yeah. They talk after the show I guess. Sorry man I tell you what do it you know why you're the guy I wanna travel with in Vegas because mostly people go to Vegas to get destroyed and trashed in drugged and drunk. But you of course you know being on the bill on on the silver band wagon he really didn't T tiller. You know how to enjoy other stuff in Vegas I look like there's some great restaurants and yeah I disagree restaurants and grit I just love Tom Glavine we origami because. What I so we're in Vegas. We run into each other you guys are their for CDS on their just to chill out further new year which by the way I laughed because that's who goes to Vegas just to chill out you really they're going to just unwind and relax Miller got into. Bingo. You told us this and we were my old man old ladies I admit I was amazed and made a lot of friends he's old ladies sure I honestly yes I I I we've played bingo. 1000 dollars twice. Playing bingo matter it's I want and there are many you're still ahead kinda go limit how much of the prices and how would you Barney unit it's late. How many cards can MI LEE agencies do the math and ego he's played guides. I'm gonna win something here and we had a claim of glowing marker things take them all members who got to talk to my son Joey these because he plays poker buddies he knows it knows the way to pick up a quick gee you've got to EST on him on that it would is I've tried played. Five nights a custom base you know and and I won a thousand dollars twice Japan and then another and a wonderful at six under yellows. Those crazy know what's funny is. Something weird happened with us when we all hung out together I don't be tight but on the air but. Com PGA was joking that he's being that he always gets profiled if we talked about it yes yes Seattle we have we manager but you're right there letters guests and trip cluster declined due to a memo guys and take you distribute asked for a survey say he was like man these guys are always are you made it that it sounded like an exaggeration. But the moment we walked on the strip. Late people's. I live all my man Bob May ask don't you let you know Bloomberg the yeah. You already made the play bad everybody's. Hookers and Perez and strip club people were all flocking to Vijay with so much excitement. With the new kid on the block out I'm seeing with the new freak and that's like iced tea I'm trying to do the voice of the guy from lucrative point. Who wants is the same kind of voice even a freak of the week batted knew he had themed movies. In parity so that's what I fresh medium density and fresh meat that's my face and I was bigamy Vijay is upset. And is trying to argue what are you asking me what are your. And while he's doing that never there's like some drug drug adding dude who started the fight right behind a place. And Vijay is is just genuinely trying to ask the question of like why are you. Profiling me. Tune these pimps and you know club owners say it was it was. He was in the middle of insanity and we had to keep yelling out DJ DJ there's a fight. Reagan that he got a goalies like white. Pass and mobile app and incidentally I inserted dancing with that Diana had like a weird drums and attached to lose a lot. I love that's me yeah. Yeah we you're it was it was a little too late to beat me on the strip here or there there and it's it's a gets past you called that point there's the nothing good will happen after this time slot yeah do you miss him when the day before when BJ started talking a one of those guys are sent tickets to Muster club that had like a limo as it. Let's go let's go out hey you bum like in Germany namely the even door you know I haven't had been no news happens on treasures treasures that says. And he goes. Sir you don't even know what it's like to be profiled as a no I'm an old Kirby die and it's a study group like do look like they are no I had no idea what it's like to be profiled there is no they're not. My ankle and they walk a mile mighty few all right Julio you'd be just annoyed as I mean again I don't know what that's like and all of our into what was funny is that do we wait until. Until the strip to get to this restaurant where one turn guys on some great dessert and then we go back out on the strip so we'd like leaving at every time we did this chip was like a mini beatle mania very few tips get this says hello as I slowly. And my America yeah. I don't know you I think yoga and dogs apple users. It was it was a more movies in your since the warm up he's not as it is called Yahoo!'s called out yeah I'll. Seriously you guys know is no joke this no doubt this was when you first set in my life 91 when we were there I die oh you're just being a little you jumping to conclusions that's not the case then just kept happening and then when Craig got to witness knows like. I mean he's his right maybe they are profiling him for being make the old guy that just need some movies in his face. There's some breaking news this morning I didn't think that I would live long enough to see this always thought that anyone who is in this slayer. Would've we would all died of drug overdoses before this happened but apparently slayer has announced the breaking up. I know Todd called it quits hole I figured out you just expect them want forever. It's honestly felt that way out time until really until they also why slayer is always going to be you're out and I wonder lake there is no explanation just that they are gonna do a farewell tore. And our. I don't dare not the kind of band that would do. It's not like kiss where you know it's a farewell tour every couple easily you can make so much money off of a farewell tour that that's a bit it's even. If you ever want to be doing a farewell tour if they may have and longevity. Because you can make so much bank on that whether you really mean and not even if you don't mean who's gonna call them on it it's lighter it's literally like now we change tomorrow we're forgets where you say Israel is ever and a slower than many seasons in this is one of my all time for your records site and read every. I did what I did not typically everyone's favorite slayer record and everyone likes that one but I give your slayer fan like south heaven or whatever may be. You know every new season new Vista me was the one that I first on what would slayer that song the title track which it is the last track on the record. Is in my the output in my top ten songs of all time. I'm I love that record yeah I am and BG is it slayer ski area. So I mean slayer is scary but did scam because I've been in this job and I'm Brock for a long time so they got you know yea you learn about bands and you learn about the you know I'm a member went kiss used to scare people. You just know that it's a performance he noted a chance are you serious it's an RI AEA he just know that yeah there's I mean he got to do something to be scarier than a band that was scary when you come out a bit. They never scared me because I'm in the business I mean maybe if I was a regular Joseph they would of. I I remember being in nations say this allowed police to be when that they think I was fourteen when I was in net but they're band. My friends. Senator Ben you know right. Get the I remember you telling me I don't really residents on the air but that's the Larry India earlier we get together and just rock tunes you know what we did all having instruments you just air guitar air drums air everything piano that's what we did on college program must that's not gonna help he's overall tickets forgotten by the way I make Kirkland performance and Arianna I'm KP sedar dot org shows it's 7 o'clock this Saturday current and former senator Craig guests checking out their prayers and is an open. Actually added a second Joseph we're due seven following 930 shown in Kirkland on Saturday actually effect any idea that the the you know ourselves a hole was that I would come here watch the Seahawks play football. And then to do was show and unforced AC I mean the upside is I can invite some of the Seahawks in front office guys who were there all home and I can invite them to the show. But the downside is we can't go see. SER scheme but some. And but in the air band I remember my buddy going on this is it that the schooled in the called iron made him up and it's called number the beast remember hearing that track and is going. Through tubes in the pool he could do it just gets slaughtered so they scared you all absolutely at best player was like the next level the first summit wasn't a slayer. Was the first time I ever worked out. And it was also the first time ever did crystal meth I went to a friend of mine that the same time out it was the same time there's elements wall do. I went back element Jim. Don't know what the hype is always juggling 25 politics does exist is still in the eyes go with Keith emergencies lesson in Q with soaring gas price yourself this. He TNT Richards and it worked out together and out. And Emily Keyes said today does his millions and you've worked domination what got canceled nearly did it to come and how. Announced it will all work out to get America and its weights and I was a grad school that I and I went 2000 egos did you do nothing number 200 years old he just is it's only talking into little bit of burden those who just pitched movies look chalk this up and political rights it was like it was it was burning those whose every work I'm there you listen slayer you're gonna go slayer is usually just do not ask players. I will miss you know I don't and then I don't try and I'm I'm listing wait a minute. There. Yeah. And it. I don't know London and thousands and down from the moment so yeah. Turner and turn red and I just couldn't thank you need to stop. Just. Did I hit it was just overload you just had a three overloaded just crystal meth slayer. Trying to lift you know 800 pound weights it was it was still just slayer math. Nature's best for you know and waits apparently do that's that's the third that that's the trifecta right there hey if you come and Kirkland with crystal meth bust IKEA I'm all of the Pope will receive slayer life. Oh yeah many times you have to believe they're the guys and slayer of big comedy fans and they come onto the committee shows a few times and com but yet they are intent. Stewart I love his you know we do alas haven't the modern animal rescue. Crew they all know how come to like our concerts and ascent up above cycled. Puppies to adopt no bands play with them now and they have a picture of Carrie came from slayer holding make the small poppy. Unless somebody without a doubt one of the cutest and most terrifying picture enjoy receivers in Kerry and I intimidating look India's faithfulness he'll poppy you're telling it's hard it's melting as he's holding his. Poppy that's yin and Yang right there you know what his wife is a big pet rescue borrow so yeah he's really into that. I brought saying that he has a wife again you don't expect to have Chris Plante you don't expect them to have any other creatures they care about noting though that the that this is the great thing about that anti GM many friends that go. That you bring to shows and they tell you hey man I really appreciate you look at me you know I always appreciate you look at me I'm putts. If you can never get me to meet. So and so oh yeah yeah then I would love beef and has been afraid what buddy of mine. Said there's really get me to meet slayer and I said. Com I don't know at the time I didn't know anybody and abandoned and I said I can get to the concert so I brought them to this concert. And he got a house he aegis he got annihilated during the show on the AM and then afterwards. We were leaving the building walking outs by day as he loading dock entrants. And Kerry king was about fifty feet away from us. And Kerry has this giant. Sheen on the back of his leather pants and it's like it's like an industrial strength. Chain. That's hanging out and back back to his chance. And I go oh man there's Kerry king any news. Might my buddy who's wasting those who wanted to go to scary good terrorists players right there he goes. Yeah it and how how everything turns around and egos you guys are fabulous. I mean it any game a little one. Are now it's actually two aren't the only yet that was who you don't only. Matic guy from slate and it's not the thing you think that's not the move are and Steve shown in the picture of of Kerry king of the country. Now this illicit trade gas is going to be at the curtain performance center to show us now 7 PM 9 PM tickets and info. KP senator dot org or go get gas there's I can't get gas with US is that how you helped to sell turn live day doing face for Jonathan you know woman and of course I love this more with Craig guess what happens when a guy goes on social media looking for plastic surgeries. For isn't fighting he's twelfth grade gas and another edition of FaceBook drama that's gonna happen at 817 yards greats on Iraq. And made some mornings. On the rock 99.9 KI SW don't. I quite like KIS coming in the rock got Seattle Craig gases in town he's the current performance center. Shows or 7 PM 9 PM this Saturday even go to KC star dot art or get gas dot com to get your tickets then. Always a comedy show for the Seahawks and why you see. And I got a great Rodney Sherwood. Performing would be too great low comics from I don't know that I met were always makes me. And I always appreciate the media writing surely didn't show that this could be some great comedians. Some surprises as always end. And CNN. Talk about my love to see lots of close look and not get flu outbreak that's nice that's the nice thing is nice thing. That's this Saturday to show 7 PM 9 PM again KP senate dot org. Or get gas doggone good. Lauren. And he joins again zarb did of one of the stupid people that are on FaceBook and there's a lot of them of course and it's an actual FaceBook post. And yet we're gonna acted out but this time around instead of attacking United's Craig celebrity friends say he has a lot of Slowey throws a Craig gas becomes an update so you think the Wu tang of comics he's got a huge entourage this conflict at this time around playing the role of foul whose original poster will be out of chino who here. Are playing a role Sam will be Sam Kennison and plane rolled Tracy. The cure and only did OK Tracy Morgan okay I'm gonna get somebody pregnant Plano road team will be Gene Simmons from kiss and play the role of Tom. Will be Tom Arnold I can located fairly. Once again original poster is Al so I'll pitino please take it away. Made peace. Party. Meets in mental. My wife and I need to recommend these 200. Through plastic search. WG. What we're sick are you really plus U this very latest he cannot. Boom. We don't know who's good and who's not just wanna figure. Who are on FaceBook. Could steer us in the right place. Dignity. Mixture of both before and after pictures dignity dignity. Accordions and we trees oh Tracy being where he. You think Tracy's name where you're on the you're one of the strangers mother effort is that is letting all your friends know that your wife needs. It's a huge strange. All. Al. Your mother went to doctor jewels. For breast enlargement surgery or possibly you guys come to Oregon and have been done here and stay for a few days. We could go CO winter hawks game. Consumer and a car. Okay this just get a lot we see your dad is now talking about this what is. And that the sure of since 2008 team and our thinking today. I mean think tomorrow morons plastic surgeon doctor. Oh man I. Wow that's. I'm so glad I woke up I had a cattle call CNN open up my FaceBook that maybe when I'm reading here is incredible I think when I'm reading here is is eight. While I'm just. I just make cheering had a Christmas dinner. Is like in this all the ladies and gals cheerleader shared moved jobs stories in Nazareth the magic did those images as really crazy. There won't you won't see me as materials do you. Okay. Us. It doesn't make you centuries. So all 3COM really stalled while I'm reading this so well oh well. Wow I again these are real face. So that's the thing that makes this just so disturbing. Well since when dad starts timing and says I'm a mother went to this person and kid goes and she did look good dad I mean IE I got to ice stuff he had tonight candy good. I seen those movies oh yeah I know you have Steve but that's that's supposed to step mom's that's not the real mom bought out I don't know I thought he saw the stats to be yet. Then FaceBook wonderful now I don't know if it's wonderful. Jim any friends that you secretly. Tell other friends like have you seen his. Post today you are regularly can only quietly watching not comment on but your gasoline by no attendees in the room we don't wanna and I got and so true. So true Danny is the over share on face you guys comment and an anyways so the matter I stopped because I thought well if I joke around some Danny's Emo friends might think Al like amendment. Hold your bosses are horrible god you're so I don't joke anymore because you know Danny goes on there and you know something happens somebody gave the wrong grocery item at the store and Danny goes on her talk throughout the world's coming to lose and nobody cares about is how would you like is Jim Sophie picture. Oh no I didn't see you welcome. Why I really don't want our tax our eyes and motivate each case is your generation and I almost wrote you're at the gem what more motivation to me I don't know if they're doing it since I was due to the community same gym. Yeah so most of the same exact picture on the ice. You really should ask him but I don't think pictures and a gym in the mirror so I decided when we're on our office. She got this seemed sure he was doing it's a rainbow assuredly if he had the same shirt yes the same picture of the same tension that would allow polluters are similar to FaceBook it's always like. It's like five minutes a lake. Our own. Good that almighty god is that true all that's terrible but it's just. Yeah right so many emotions I just was on here where somebody is wishing. The man of their demand demand they'll well as like. Because he's leaving her while I wish him well he's a good man do I do I follow him more and and and I feel like a cool my talents and I was a foot and I'm reading this might. What is happening you wishing him well because he dragged across the country and dump Joseph what I. Why do you. Well there's always girls on FaceBook that. There always it's always like missing girl posed like a motivational thing every day like. It's always a it's a picture Maryland wrote if you don't want to be worse yeah he accidentally. Yeah. Are we all renege on mayor and as I always felt that okay I dumped that I. Necessarily that's a wise is I did but I don't you mean did he they're not making good choices in the Oakland. It's. You don't think it'll save you always see that right it's the same girl but as always posting like motivational stuff I hate to type cast girls that used to Marilyn Monroe. Mean yeah it did agree I do you think well macro like sax yeah. Lamar Deaver yeah what you just yeah all of rather pass I think there's some yeah there's that yeah you definitely. Talk about profiling yeah there's there's definitely. Something's eating lean muscles. I asked somebody posts Facebook's a beautiful place. Do you want FaceBook right now an M fill up your post mr. anti MT about this comic did that all round. Early this guy is that I saw when I got up this morning there's this crazy story coming out of South Carolina. Obama and I never really been to this comedy club but. It's it's this guy got this guy was doing comedy and some dude in the crowd I mean some people on Twitter also posting I guess Steve Brown's known for roasting. The that the people in the audience I know that and that's. That happens a comedy show does all the time all the time if you're in the front row or he can see you you're probably gonna get roasted especially if it's like an MC where you know they're there every week and I can't use the same materially I'd do something and have some fun with the audience full apparently he upset the strong guy. Super with a guy she won the Mike stand. At his head this video is disturbing anti MC has it Steve showed in the video and I've done stand up comedy pushed Craig future career. That is I can't imagine more frightening thing that somebody picking up on mice in and trying to hit you with a I don't know Steve prosecute comic but he's really good at dodging weapon is amazing guy and lay ahead the video is Larry it is this guy's onstage trying to hit the comedian with the mighty stand with the share. He's trying to throw fists at a minutes it's complete insanity. And all I wanna know is what. What happened. Then it got to exist like what was being said that it got to this because. I can't understand what would make something launched into that sequence yeah I I I don't I don't understand either and Josh but the end he would he must have been really do we say the guy tell him what the Mike's still not talking about like them to absorb fraud part like he used to have that bottom and you just swinging it as no one's ever sniped at held one of those my extent the bottom plate is heavy and that is out of bounds yeah past and when he swings it thankfully the thing wasn't fully secured to the stand. So that the that the bottom part flies up and it's like the top of the wall. But I don't think he's dodging the scam that chair and punches in the Mike stand and watch him make whenever I see a movie where people dodge stuff. I'm that's not believable yeah that you're gonna get hit yeah this guy did not get hit it was unbelievable he way I don't know if he's if he's trained. But I would have been hit so many times faster that's not a comedy hours ever been. Yeah. I'll I don't. Because I'm blue like a minute and then eventually somebody tries to calm down after the guy's exhausted all the weapon options yeah finally his friend of them as you know we should leave. Yeah Charlie Murphy would do is saying you didn't have an on the Chalmers who would you sing on stage where somebody can tackling him he would go Amanda tacit. If you want to keep talking and I'm gonna get other states and I will come out there and how will lead Jackson imitate them. And I come out there and beach ask comedy and tragedy are both entertainment OK so let some other states and beat your ass. Everyone in this tomorrow's gonna go to our dome in our subs are mermaid last night. Don't wanna look the same who are out of that Democrat and that is the craziest way to handle a Hagler did it is it works. You know but I mean that's the closest. Place Charlie's doing it obviously for comic effect well attorney who gets them to shut up. But there is just this safety feel unsafe do you think no one's gonna violate us those who get on sleazy it both ways because I mean you know mix Apollo here in town actually when NASA listener yeah he went off he went after somebody off the stage he was supposed to some dude what is set for such giggles back in the day really Higgins giggles or one out placement on -- around I I don't know how I got to ask him or Aurora Kat Williams to a microphone to have somebody at the Paramount right yeah right and that viral yes he hits and it did did the wall that imaginary safety while you're thinking about Craig when you you know you do come because way back when I think comedy. I never thought anybody would violate that wall well there's a moment Zach I try to do that the Carol Williams doubted an awesome oh my god dad there's moments when you're on. Stated something goes wrong in your religion even hurt somebody's feelings I know I've told this before I did a show and Oklahoma City. The guy who is opening for me was onstage and he seemed obsessed. Wins this side of the room we kept looking over on the left side at this site and listen in the room and he. And many he finally while points. Admit I am in my. Amid uglier you earlier look at me every need every Julia Louis in the very easy it and will you for him blends them. Only she blind umps aren't. The US and hope I don't let when I'm angry actually tried to go anyways. Yeah is there have been a Wal-Mart there when there goes. A black woman nobody's laughing except for me and the comedians know I don't know it's like I'm beating this. Know how awful that is how do you recover and how and why do them so well is hilarious because comedians we've all been in that spot before it. But this video. Is something that I would scare any comedians yeah economy. Into Grammy say he's a saying how I thank you as if she's with this they do need to be better security act comedy clubs that's for sure never seen one time it was incredible like size of videos for quite sure when he was affecting the parlor and offend just walked up. Crushed the bureau that perhaps on the on the stool and then walked right off before the securities and security got the guy and outright without any hints we've seen that ourselves Steve yeah we've seen where you know there's a stage here where we're supposed to beyond their and then people just have access them. People don't care anymore it's like their living room and it's it's it's not like I remember when I was young watching shows you never thought ones. Each idea to remember other girl who way exceed. Had met at my hotels in Portland Maine. And there that's a shocker I can't believe that there have been through this girl all. Like nice and charming he says I'm mad at the hotel yes sending her in the bedroom I'm literally walking out. CA in my car to head to my show and these two girls I have a case of beat her. And they say hey what's going on tonight and know what's going on I'm gonna come to show what's going on you they said what we're celebrating her divorce. Who knows how resilient wanna come and I don't know why as I said I'm I'm doing a comedy show but they only have room on my late Shah of and I gave them tickets to some giving them. Four hours from now with a case of beard to come Malaysia yeah nothing bad happens then they Natalie may get absolutely show they are in the front row. And and they're just they're hammered and they keep trying to talk to during the show up and I go okay. It's a. We got a cash I know that you have to shop because everybody else trying to listen and he would cheerleader and they're just every it's a now and I turned around at one point. To do something with the stool on stage when I heard the whole crowd got up and I saw a shadow. Coming up behind me and I turnaround in this girls on stage of me and I go. Hey whats gone he has. I think you're cute and ago. Okay. I'm working right now Tom the problem I'm in the middle of I show right now so you you need to get off the stage because I don't really know let me help you this isn't a good safe. And I try to help her and hammered she just started to fall and I held on to Wear and man that I heard her say well I had an accident and I don't know you're good you're good. And then I smelled. We all know didn't know sea brat who are only greatest show I've ever title and every one of their money ten tables of this it's I don't smell it on again so funny you press this. IR cell I've ever done how Mandela who is you you wouldn't it. You pray it is a really bad could happen it is sure Obama yeah man yeah it was stance she she got up well and my guys security helped drew walked out. So everyone and as she walked out every book the late smelled it when I don't win when she won by all the tables. It was amazing EU chants. Each play everyone knows like this is this really happens is is seeing this wins it I'm smelling proof. The sixes and saw comedian Gilda heckler and and all the rest is table. That look like they need to get to be on their chest Menem wanted to do you said that this is his first night out after his wife passed show over. Wow her move I don't remember doing a show once in Miami Florida there's a small town called DV just north of Miami Florida and it was a comic other than those books that. And at the beginning of my set I said Harry is doing and had a really angry guy in the crowd shot out win votes. It. Illegal blow wouldn't what do you. And everyone there was so sharp and so angry. That nobody laughed there was like wow what's appealing guy and I try to defuse a regular and man. You brought them hung energy to a comedy show what's going on I tried. Late in the mood up a little bit and then as my set went on I kept Blake you know talking ground he is doing mean right angering guy knows what I mean right angry guys you know I mean. And he yelled out just your each. And Elena are but I don't but that's not possible sir I can't. I shut up and so I continue on continue on and along when I go he is talking about right you. They're as a direct. You. Any guy. Is still there and someone in the corner instead he went to us. Hey welcome our President Hu and I thought there's no way. That just sounds too crazy. Again I'll say sake you good night I walked off the owner of the club residents don't you know we he runs we think if he does that he met with a gun he's got a got a real we're gonna lock the doors. And it wasn't me. That he was angry that apparently that last time that he barked someone at his table turned around went. They want to shut the hell up and the guy said oh you mean shouldn't you be shut and went to his car. Got a gun. Showed the balance there and said hey I'm just letting you know that face either guy and I'm sitting with. I'm really shoot him in the balance of your the phone went. Nine for oh yeah she says that I am a gentleman here that. And everybody was like oh yeah he's over there self and what's funny is that the cops show up they locked in the lobbies they kept everybody into the comedy club. And there was an armed there's a government in the parking lot. Of a club called uncle funny that's that's much different from other economies the name of the club was uncle funnies in. Can do Miami Florida yeah. I need some current and former senator Gary and I don't bring any Pope don't bring any guy. Just just just show often have a good time it's. Can't get gas or he'll never say get gas now I'm glad I did yes dot com get gas into us dot com or go to the Kirk informed senators. Website which is keep he was it. KP centered on org PP center that's to show Saturday's test 7 o'clock and 9 o'clock to show's Craig gas it's a show for Seahawks fans by Seahawks fan always extend now IC you know NASA now Seahawks in the songs is not for Eagles fans got to you have got to go on about offense in front of you see don't get I hereby know they really are the worst they are the class of the NFL there really are. Yeah that stuff they just check out what they're doing right now is that old lady Millie from Minnesota went viral last week the vikings fans in 99 year old vikings fans here that the vikings have been taken care and those who classy Philly fans with their big sheet in their hash tags you know pass tag F movies yeah finish actually being that's haunted by other by our heels fans stay classy Philly stay classy Philly all right so again get gas dot com to get you tickets Craig good to see -- money to see two men on Friday Steve and able to get this one right what's dessert is commonly it was a lady fingers dipped in coffee. We'll plus ten flights deserve apparently date with your resume to ask. If that's the idea of how familiar France I think medical more for that yeah hunches. Song powerlessness within the game and beat Mitt missed my shot at beating makes you got a man I know what Craig guests now I think about you wanna you wanna play. Sherrill our Craig Cassel played Korea aren't they mixed Craig guest Steve 206421 Iraq. We'll play beat me today 47 on Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorneys teachers and other question from a listener how long is a bankruptcy going to affect my credit rating. Of course most of the time by the time. We're we're talking about filing a bankruptcy that credit has army chicken and you've had not just your son's going to factor more negatively than chapter thirteen. Chapter seven stays on your credit report for ten years from the time you while they usually takes seven or eight years for your credit. Scores to get back into the normal ranges chapter seven case. I'm your crew will start to recover even mention this summer and after about a year. You'll be able to get credit again rendering usually before how are your case is even over. I'm chapter thirteen stays on your credit report for seven years and usually takes about 33 masters for your crews to get back in the the normal range of chapters or she's a looming your credit gets better. Much more rapidly thanks travesty if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can always just address any time at choose the right chapter dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening and.