BJ & MIGS Podcast 01-22-18-9A: Listeners on the loose with Craig Gass.

Monday, January 22nd

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose with Craig Gass.Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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This is BJ thanks goes into our shows podge yes if you're sick of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcasts. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at DJD animation dot com. Your home is going into foreclosure and you feel like your financial rack and you don't know where to turn for accurate information. I'm bankruptcy attorney I was genuinely and there's talk about some legal options everywhere and quickly we can propose a plan to save your home modified loan or in many cases even eliminate your second mortgage yeah consultation is free and I felt hundreds of people just like you make informed decisions about whether to save their home or accident on a reasonable organized crime line. Jesse juices atone for the next chapter of my life it's contact news day choose the right chapter. Just choose the right chapter dot com. I asked him you know rock of Seattle and the guys from Iraq drove searches off for 48 team. That's right and just when you might be thank. Lets you inspired me. Seahawks and I'm. Against the patriots are going back and I'm just miserable well the rock girl. Search is we'll put a smile on his face there's just tons and tons of pictures we've put up for your enjoyment. And if you know some that make up the further rock girl or you think you would be the fervor Brock will go to KI SW dot com let's take an answer that's how you get all the information. It's very yes. They're big fans will still. Machine okay. It is time. Okay down mean hey mr. I'm not plummeted or Monday. You know I say because so. Jill what I like Lorena great to see how different an exodus do the song for us. So I saw jagged job Bob Johnson roof. Let's get pumped up for our contestant because on the line today this is amazing. Cricket in Olympia crickets. You could speak her killing at helo PGQ how are you. Oh my brain and fog delay on my favorite dog London Sunday got to play Marion torment me like this what's praying every damn minds criticize her I am not. Sure you're out of your mind Yahoo! crickets are a little bit of an over share of it's a welcome to the show. I think yeah I'm all I'm so nervous that I mentioned I had. You know you can I mean. Believed to have knowledge about absolutely Stephen King. Actually got campaign help Clinton get and. Well we're going to do throw a little curve ball on this because instead of you playing we're going to have mr. Christopher Walken playing for you today. So I am ready to take crickets in the matter how many tried to address. These guys changing date is on the same team all I'm sorry yeah only to win for cricket. And you both could play rev we'd let them play together so one doesn't know the answer yet Liza shot that we know we doing those rules I believe we can try something like that I don't think our a lot of freedom it's only moved Christopher walk you want to do it on autism is on his all right. Are all right all right critique your you know like Chris Evert yeah all right alone I served in the war. Actually award assistant hey Kristin what more deserving of our serves in the great battle of the bands in 1985. Lap in street who lived all that was they want to people that's there. And Stephen peace he almost died. I didn't realize the number you're firing spiral. Out now. Yes. I thought I. Not well what is Chris drew a walk of plague reported HT advice Glock from his opening cricket will get her some spare tickets take out LA guns. Overall yeah I'll do if they also competed in that 1985 battle of the banter in the battle of the bands it was terrible. I got to get the Clearwater casino a reserve and on February 1 good KI SW dot com for all the details and if you want to get to the city again to Clearwater casino dot com RD. Get bad hair I. Allies who say thousands say Christopher is playing for cricket. I know my game face on a movie due to fight. Well Chris you have sixty seconds to answer ten questions you can that's all you want but you'll only get three guests for Marlins with the Chris you know you're using your friend understood and right next to him I don't know it's okay you can call me Chris excellence. Seen see now we're friends I would not are you ready Chris I'm ready. What was the first medication to be sold in the form of water soluble tablets. Heroin now. Auto erotic asphyxiation robes now. Closer to exercise you know how many days are thirteen weeks. Certainty now is certainly want to know ninety once you ask what was the name of the Apollo eleven lunar module. Happy politics now do the snot rocket. I know how this race may be as low as what type of beans are chicks he's known act also known as. Good marks a big ads what was mark twain's real name is too good now that's left now double locks now for -- here now know what ways mr. freezes given first name and so I was so questions what is mr. freeze is given first name mister streets now. Community now and it would ask you now know why not supposed to now what movies followed Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone to what moves. Ron Jeremy in the bush critics to know. Christopher. The refill prescriptions no Adolf Hitler and the violent mood swings oh my gosh no all right there have lowered their. Christa firmed you are dropped to dues you've got RS. That's fabulous. I mean. You did you can correct so that is. For eight. Answers are good jazz is a good humored us asleep. Half. I'm sinking suspicion remains to give cricket or should I regardless I think so OK I think so mr. Christopher Walken tried very hard fought and I dated many many answers. And that big trouble or crack. I dominated. Yet he he had he played coma and Steve are you ready. Yeah. So what was the first medication to be sold in the form of water soluble tablet. She's not as an announcement. As friends ask how many days certainly thirteen weeks yeah. Sixties. To know. Well you know 69 now and what was the name of the Apollo eleven lunar module. Yeah Apollo symptoms until it's impossible to know top. Apollo I nineteen down Apollo eleven to know what type of teens are chicks he's also known as our bonds out yes it's. Wells was mark twain's real names. Steven king's nose to the top. Marks claim to know mark's truck timer to narrow. What is mr. freeze is given first name. They really a person who's well known Afghanistan there aren't I know I just I know Brad. What movies followed Harry Potter in the sorcerers and I don't Harry Potter and the waves hitting the world to know Harry potters. Harry Potter narrows metro we're down to. Prefer these aren't they don't carry the bang bangs. Now live I Harry Harry bank wow I love you we don't have to just give cricket the tickets because we got a tie I don't walk you can see. Hey you know I ticket runs in cricket so it's easy right. English race for students. Are pretty good job you going to be doing the desire a well and witnessed this spectacle and you get a propane and I'm I'm I'm hanging guy. It can't let Aaron you're very welcome news channel Laney for us deaths are usually on your dogs are armed with this car. She's not any dodges even. They're speaking do you West Highland White Terrier. Very adorable. You know the thing is this I mean crickets and I actually a very attractive woman but I'm telling you I would have to leave. Just because I don't I don't I didn't know you guys are dating. Well that's unsafe no other man I mean when I saw cricket ungodly hot on Twitter as like she's a really attractive woman and then of course I don't read their stuff and I hear her idea of Canada to go. And here and create dating somebody now. Well we get our trip thirteen year low while housed Angolan. Jerry allowed our end yeah. I have created source and it was pretty and I we both dead they wanna I wanna put on another no. And it would be just as much my thought the surface and you guys been together the entire thirteen years breakup at all in the middle no. Why don't. 80000 or allow you crickets. Sounds to staff yes all right quick you hang on line it's adding enterprise. On offer no we have some call him he is saying whether he would be with them in that they both be dead duck status on guys that nice yeah on number seven bring Eric back. Tickets go. Follows the name of the Apollo eleven lunar module I should really know listen I don't the eagle has laid off the eagle is what I see on the golf course it's eagle mark twain's real name Samuel Clemens bat. And that mr. freezes first name that's victim GAAP and that these girls is Vijay questions here today really aren't directed and that's our asset backed I would wreck to happen either in the movie that followed Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone well I know this Denny how much you. Chamber of secrets error has that he's a lot of secrets. And no idea how bad is that that I know that that's what you know we were on a new day northwest nobody muted I don't know we will wait to all the know Harry Potter and I till that yeah I'm. I'm obsessed with the game because. Even in my I'm a radio guy and I find myself still giving hope to every time I listen when he comes Seattle it's visit. Has anyone ever gotten angry with the results of the game and thought that the show now okay. Number never like that I think people accuse Steve of cheating but that's why he wears them blind fold because and I just always accused of cheating I just made a video of it may have surrendered so Ali G Germany's few feet yeah cluck that's blinders he had to learn that early stages of the game people just couldn't believe he knew what he knew they thought he had to be chief. And how often or does anybody ever come up you go oh you're Steve hey what side they try that's usually aren't quite a lot of new best that I can get a great trivia question pre game and don't give it to me. We answer and I'm really looking at them just like. I know how the game works. Out pretty much I had. I guess our daily email me. Like a list of these are some great questions from you may terrorism with a question and mansions like do you not understand how the game works I shouldn't either you or him to rev rev as the guy yet again and to pay and hear anybody come in that you're really a fan of that wanted to compete against you. I played. It's a Sarah Michelle Geller watch really and that was awesome and I can't remember if memory serves me correct she got ten out of ten. More low and then there was what's his name Jerry O'Connell. Oh yes he was working as a long as both Richard he was doing a movie in Vancouver. Canada. And was in Seattle and listen to show and his PR person say. Jerry O'Connell want to play this trivia game that you play wannabes like I have put the phone down for a second and like look at myself and I've what. If you still lighting that was right up there have been booed the time let's keep you from family ties once called trying to get booked on the show and I was pretty awesome. But I might help you don't know and I and I don't see if it feels hi I'm mark price I'm TVs. It be from Panama I know you are and what or even finished. Mark price that's right they're great idea ever going to be around it's an economy excited they Jerry O'Connell once and I can't remember who won I think he beat me. I shouldn't share this story. Music has nothing to do anything. But that's why you're here Craig guess Clemens nicely curtain performance center shows 7 and 9 o'clock this Saturday go to get gas dot com to get your tickets look. And when he was here mark price he stayed with a comedian friend of mine Jason Stewart yeah and he didn't like wearing pants. A lot of from our friends and yeah underpants he liked wearing a sweater. Well I know parents had an Emmy them completely bottomless death. That's an interesting. The berries are showing yeah actually I got interesting how wardrobe choice they did not like going to just let guys like mark price more look at. So skipping skipping around 'cause case letter nuts out OK so what is your friend do business lately I think it was like so. I think he didn't think elated to be fair I believe it was late at night and and mark didn't think anybody would be up but he was walking around my old. Sorry if that's how I would ever walk around but our bottomless and unless somebody's house yes I know there's somebody Stanley made it's not my wife's job I do and I yeah you don't want to history in his house and winning the cooling it you know yeah you really don't it's that's right that's exactly and only when he can get really bad wardrobe joins us and I know Jason Jason is great comic yeah. We don't must've been like a weird dilemma from because he's probably thinking why when I opened for the yeah and that guy is opening for him and I don't like opened it yet but I don't necessarily really opening for me from her how I actually tell this guy Sergio semi place you wouldn't answer your I signed yet is a mixed bag it's kind of that's your. Best. Did he tell you out of the pack and if you know I usually and I really goes as it immediately I elevators had in the immediate well if you're tea drinking your switcheroo coffee right to have gas you're done. Yeah I if you are look. I'm not saying he's like he said I'm not gonna try to start a rumor about mark price in this package size but if you packing some heat I think Jason and I block. Dudes at his home. When you when you well as probably dark and you know there -- -- slapping their cars and showers in and I mean but I will say this if you feel confident up there are around with a bottomless you ready you better give me give you better be a gift of nature you know wasn't even the question even enter my mind that good to ask but it just the idea of him walking around though cancel its own debt that's a horrifying vigil that's the thing right now. And us kitrey. How mark Christopher gone by and I was about right I mean yeah I wasn't I just just like to Wear pants for blowing you know here hey everyone's got their thing. Yet it's not my thing Pasadena that's yes the comedy show is. Saturday night it's going to be for supply could come to show foresee our fans. By CF Kansas Saturday night on. Keep Peace Center Aaron dot org or are you to get gas dot com get gas and US's. You'll see other weeks for all them yet to show us whether or 7 PM 9 PM it's it's a great show and it's gonna great Seahawks team to a which you know Craig loves coming here because the only place you really have a seahawk friendly show and know that the Seahawks fans will be from the back to home yeah that's not get a good grip that's a nice things around now yeah actually says when there's eight. I'm a personal note anyone from the Seahawks go to their Seahawks front office or listening to Seahawks have provided me. We better memories than my own parents did an excellent thank you for now that's especially at this it is necessary you don't. And they really have I really just and John Schneider is like sort of a certain amount you. This I am ready staying this season and I didn't watch it still wasn't a single yeah the Seahawks played this season where I was like all right every game was they. And like every game I was on the intimacy and it now I'm sorry I mean congratulations the Eagles but the way we handle them. I just feel like if we had that team intact the team that beat the Eagles yes without all the injuries we'd be going for the better yeah I mean eight is I think a good about this season because we didn't beat ourselves it was a hospital that beat us because we would we be the conference champions that feeling pretty well the cool thing is we got some key players around for awhile so we're gonna be great for a lot of cats is going to be healthy that's the whole story the NFL man Jesus. Stay healthy new coaching crew I'm excited unless Tom Brady apparently not to stay healthy you know did you yards and joining us now I mean when the ref to celebrate with the patriots and people thought the jags got screwed a couple cardiac arrest him and senator Dick Parsons dual sports and as finite look at the first player to thank god that can gradually Brady on the big win was number 34 and I'm looking like. I can't find number thirty forum it's looking and everyone is saying and now I realize everyone around it in a look and say most of referee with a number 34 days you studied him a pat on the butt really yeah oh yeah that's not good that's how you you can't you know rescue really a fan and I knew you wherever you might be you can't yet you can't in college the game's over until the ref would do that no matter who wins do you think I don't know I'm not part that Cole conspiracy theory I know some people are but. I don't wrestle got to stay neutral the entire time. Or conspiracy theories the end of that Minnesota New Orleans game there is a video they came out of breaking down how that last play was rigs and and there's that weird moment with a definite saints kind of cringed because he didn't want to get that pass interference call so he kind of buckles a little bit. I'm gonna find out a lot of conspiracy theories and efforts to support staff in Minnesota one alerts. So but was trending was a guy who which we did that the guy buckled because the ghost of prince had hit him. All okay. I'm not sure when I believe that was. This ever listens unless you pick a topic you guys to show what you wanna talk conspiracy theories we got the right guy here 206421. Rock Texas 77999. U calls and text to Craig gas will do them aside seventeen on Iraq. Nine point nine KI DSW home. I think I played nine KI a comes in Iraq from Seattle listeners on the loose you pick a topic you've got to show its lows 6421 rock. He also Texas 77999. Doesn't matter what you wanna talk about but do remember Steve as one rule for listeners on the loose message just imagine bring in another way for me to come easy day thank you. Somebody that I can say goodbye to borrow money there have been times the past we've gone me Steve actually though I think about it and SS I'm on the myself. Yeah Craig gas is also there's an audience. Has hit but he's a young Arab himself. Okay Craig is out going to be at the current performance and this Saturday is seahawk show for fans by fans. Tickets and info at get gas dot com with 2 passes at 7 o'clock 9 o'clock this Saturday. Craig gas is a great great guy and of course he's a local dude so you know it's going to be a great Pacific northwest themed comedy show. A Craig loves coming here don't Craig you love it because you don't get to do a lot of the stuff outside of here that you do when you're at the card reforms I do it right they just hate it when they had and you know I do it anyway yeah and I I've had people throw stuff at me in San Francisco and in. Been now Boston. Fossum I can understand Sampras gone surprisingly given the energy Boston yet they. Yeah we are talking to Super Bowl is gonna be like two of them basically a whole fans concentration Philly and Boston fans of the worst fans in the country and they're gonna it's gonna the whole bowl. I don't like in New England Patriots I don't want the dogs on the patriots took from my experience when I went to the Super Bowl in Arizona I had nothing but positive experiences with the the patriots fans are so aggressive investor when I got that bid -- device to broadcast live in Arizona when I was there so did the team loses I'm devastated raw devastated I gotta get up in the morning and I'll go broadcast and now to a radio show and I get out of the hotel and movement picked the wrong hotel to step because as I guess them. As Craig warned me if you're staying at good through the patriots hotel so a lot of pages and that's as I'm leaving aplenty drunk. Patriots fans are coming in and I'm wearing I had nothing but Seahawks here salt water and I'm thinking. This is going to sock on the lead in my ass beaten her son's gonna happen. And they were all just drunk and stoned in there like. The first Helio why why they run the ball. And I was like I I know he and we just talked for a minute and everybody I met those of the patron stand there was nothing but grimacing that there aren't idiots but I am critics creates meanwhile watching all these videos of these Eagles fans. And they're out of there for tomorrow and they won. And they won and they're fighting each other in the parking lot they're fighting cops last week. I believe from cans being hit in the face yeah there is a guy last week and Eagles and tried to punch horse. Trounced the polluted police sources that sends a test stemming and Philadelphia's got that reputation it sucks to show that not everybody in philly's like that but god the idiots that show up I did they show in Philly. At a place called the electric factory and I want to say electric company vetting of that suggests that's a great shows on PBS and is eligible removed good movement on Morgan drew was on hi I'm groovy hippie guy yeah and I think you're right about that for a lot of clothes. I like the smallpox now have an answer for. But it was the electric factory additional that there are there to see me. And I walked out on stage and I said he is doing. Well my name's Craig I'm from Neil Erica. Boot just and I never recovered just saying I'm from New York how they booed me and boo me at one point a pretzel fluke but might as tough course like regular country. Aren't. They were there does seem neat at these guys and yet here amid glorious. Well. See the video of after they won people or lose their minds it's so bad that they had a grease up the polls and of people you know I'm of the poll's top cop for going around that area yeah in that neighborhood and it won't they put Micah Crisco oil yes on the polls to make sure that nobody Clinton pulls but somebody decides he did dune buggy. And driving up the stairs Iraqi grown they didn't already out yeah it's been pretty busy out of you sooner you know the Philadelphia college did you guys like. It's good. Very proud for our users that John don't have to depend of that data that's hysterical votes split there there there's yeah there's good. You're not. Yeah. Yeah. And he's going up. But I you know out golf and football always a great come on Philadelphia. Paris snap sources on Lucy picked its copy guy the show Craig guess who this again. He's at the current informant senator get the tickets and get gas dot com to ask is that that's this Saturday to show 79 yet we added a second show do and 930 show we'll 709 and thirty Garnett right and that's our no rice no it's got its you money -- aren't on. With Kregg Ghassan Christmas listeners a loose on Iraq. Graduate to get back to bid yet it. Didn't you I mean what do you got coming to. Oh yeah Craig got that we are you weren't here we talked about it but the guys that are wind bring hockey team here have put out a list of names that that could be the names for the new hockey team we get what they found a bunch of domain name's Leo than I did when whenever when the time comes that they have a team their polity and I do I got a fan vote but the price narrow it down to the once that daylight commend. Going out there and they already registered these names these on the knees don't last day at thirteen names. Declares the Eagles the emerald sea ever greens the firebird to crack in marine years renegade sea lions seals soc guys whales and told them slight correction. Are you like crap and I I ever. You actually had a good game three guys I have different and you don't you know hey Tyler got hooked. I would think it doesn't have that Seattle Seahawks and the cheaper oil we'll do it up until October that he Catholic electorate talk. Boy and a thunder hawk eye like that name thunder Hough is that is that the cartoon. Moves a cartoon I'd still thunderbirds mainly. Oh yeah ultimately mean hail Mary first they thought it yeah no to turn really hot file that was set up under attack and attack as Stephen hunter cats. How scared would people be of the Seattle. Skip peanuts. Until this gets Arizona okay. Story in the last decade ago the thunder cats really good idea to hold them or catch hello little. Feel like it's under dad's death I like I don't know what it and I only recently that cartoon. What's wrong with that cartoon fans it's a cartoon in five patents to Chara was my girlfriend if you don't and you are well. I did I did not exactly the mascot yeah I mean well I mean nine tonight on now I'm now thinking about you and I don't think about I still like the firebird and at Rainier is you know we have the Tacoma Rainier I do like. I'd like to fire birds. And we were saying earlier I could call the F birds the F. I believe you have information about the Rainier it's. If I remember correctly didn't do need to tell you where they have said about it but it's not even like it's not even named after Mount Rainier it's like gets to German words put together give me it's like I'll find Iraq. Well and LSU are my armor and you got its name because it's exactly the same way out. But that's criminal cools I don't I did so funny if you look at Rainier it's a rainy here if you just think about the it's raining Americana thing you lower entering your area I thought that's just because look fifty times the grand tee times in Wyoming and where named after breasts I mean that they really hit it doesn't look like the T dons and they literally says that's what I gonna call the place. So I figure why would we go aids Rainier here let's go a mile Rainier I mean it's no dumber than the grant you done I never thought of that. Eight state it's true the grand teach suns really were named after boobs and that Rainier comes from the two German words meaning advice and army. You all know what's in Seattle hasn't if you're rejected the underground tour learn about the history of Seattle doesn't reach orbit right in and we learned that hookers really ran the city kept the city a life or yeah while he calmed the Seattle hooker stand back like that idea general eskolaste I. Teams stresses and do you take the tour they Wear seamstress is Steve yet and who wouldn't want Iraq hooker Easter I know I would have Seattle real girlfriend experience yeah so true Stella picture that I mean we forget we have what went well we bring that back. Homeowners yeah we bring back baby or are they could be the blue rats were a big issue batches. I easier logs an orderly and I. Notice John I know you're. I don't wanna hookers I mean there and abroad fan I'd be a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen my own but what about bringing back to Seattle pilots. I you know what no. Both dole and now gives us I'm sorry but the pilots was and I ended up that whole that whole experience in baseball. Carl what the hell happened there and then they left him at the Milwaukee not that that was just an embarrassment I'm I don't even think about that year that your socked with black people are asking for the C attacks I was guilty coma hockey team. Sarah Jessica name. A silk thunder cats seem like thunder cats I like thunder hawks because. There's something about have a Mike and all the hawks in there in the football connection like you know how Pittsburgh they all have the same color uniforms alike are reducing Louis cardinals for both baseball and football I know that's actually moved because you write that would I thought that was cool that they have teams at the same names in the same city I think that's kind of fun OK then what about color scheme from jerseys. Are we thinking if what it has with the team in this regular inspired birds then you know. The world and I'm like discredited. And he has since I'd like to see it more it's gonna have green and and I mean I feel like green is our state it's our place greens gotta be there. Would you go lean more towards sonics type color scheme that Golding green or would you lean more towards the glowing green with like the hawks the Mariners are my kind of a little bit of evergreen yet an element of a green America. Yeah it's a TL yeah I almost would like to see it they have a some sort of I know does the action green and hockey right no one's got that that the does that the election know is my only team in Edmonton oil kings their alternate jerseys black in that kind of fluorescent green. But that's just an alternate Jersey needs and gentlemen it's weird that I noticed an idea yeah the Oilers that oil king soiled if you think it's a minor league team had a good W and tell them so we can we get that we can adopt that out here. I don't wanna go sonics colors. Because his are a big allied seems to have blue in the grip but no one has exact kind of a couple right. You write this is all hypothetical question at all and I'm not stake isn't a good. California golden seals I don't know current price yeah similar similar yes so don't knows got a nice Iraq when not. I owe him a solid colors aren't bad I'd be great is if you have dishonest come back and basically told people to play an enjoyable have very similar uniforms I'm not I won't be sent and when it you know could he do it in hockey of course you do have breast cancer awareness if we're called the Seattle hookers pink they're ranked would be a really cool promotion has surely mean a whole lot wouldn't tie undone Seattle hookers and bloggers like Seattle August all right and brokers get that domain name reserve it. Kleinsasser some of those you pick a topic you guys that general and then. To host six more to go five hole with the Seattle hunters. He doesn't Texas 77999. More because we've sex with Craig gas supplier countries. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. I just don't give Iraq a Seattle unsolicited come over your stick to stop right. You guys to show it to 06421 rock Texas is 77999. Also Craig gas is worth. Be sure to see shell got to actually seven and 9:30 PM Saturday at the curtain on performance center. Always a good time to go to get gas stock comets US is get gas dot com I love you wonder who were taken its value go Eagles or patriots lose your ball huge underdogs in this for Saturday and and I don't know what to make of that I. Honestly Steve I haven't fallen enough to know how good the Eagles are. And it's you know the patriots always just seemed to be the patriots it's it's like I finally went all the time I can't get past the fan basis. It's it's tough for me it affects the fair basis. Judaism which databases must obnoxious. DA had leg I love having I go every year I'll be there a week from today I'll be doing silly stuff was done. The Eagles in the patriot zealot trying to get funny stuff from the players last year price I was really proud of asking Tom Brady will just. In general IC admire the guy for having at all you know like I wish I was handsome. And and that guy he beat out with successful and and then I was banging someone that I was proud of the LA other ways well it's my new revenue there aren't riches after Baghdad. So I'm Jenna pretty good light but now they put it that way yeah you kind of miserable person I loved asking Tom Brady like eighteen when you look in the marriages here reflection averages went begging you later that. That awesome and and may I introduce him to a couple of my buddies from here in Seattle. Who laboring with meetings similar a year and I say Tom main screen Ghassan cynically use nobody T send. There's nobody here and I'm we all linked to the four of us from most handsome to leasing and some obviously your number one but who would you rank as number two. Number three and number four and Tom Brady actually. See the X he's he actually eyeball that's a month. Dick makes an IRA. And I got out and so I love having fun with the players you know but the fan bases are really tough from the past yeah yeah. I am and I you know Elise Steve's saying he had a good good run in with the New England fans now would have been interesting if Steve had a run and had the patriots lost the Super Bowl two point now would have been an interesting situation now. And by the way that all they should run the ball late. Debt I I don't like that argument it doesn't make a lot of sense because. Every one was expecting a run. Everyone was expecting a rise. And it. Two weeks earlier. We gambled at a game in against Green Bay here in Seattle where we were getting our asses kicked for two hours and 45 minutes. We didn't put anything on the board and we finally sent up cystic kick a field goal. And they had John Ryan takes the ball yeah run and throw the most awkward pass ever into the end zone. And it worked and it just showed that again on football fanatics because there's a dude from around the country trying to pick a team to be a fan of and USA is a TV show and they show that very John Ryan played you're talking got on that out of the Seahawks episode. Elena words heroic. And CN. It because it worked and when it doesn't work it's like our what did you really emerge via that day when it happened that we Rihanna had time to really analyze it yet to break it apart and understand the logic behind may be why he would do that at that moment though I think that's only do all of us to think is. Why he's in the ball over so I was like fresh in everybody's mind yet but when it went down and we forget to give Leno we hate to do it but Bill Belichick man practice for that play and there was a dealer Deon Grant was a god and how bad are saga about a Malcolm Butler. That's what they claimed. They claimed what I had to do it was saying to do was say I can't believe I'm impressed insolvency line about that in his initial reaction was that. Out in the right place right time and then afterwards he said we'd practiced that. I'll see you think he just made that up then yeah I don't I'm Obama for riady and act like I'm the coach of the year that dude I believe. We worked to act like a pulp ice chicken earlier that year. For real and not make your job you were to publish an earlier and as a guy that makes the biggest player of that so amazing is a place people go why AG throwing because. You know. Nobody. I'm planet earth was going to knows when you throw there's always going to be a guy he sort of took place chicken we thought. Check out I suspect that's what happens and that was all there was a random thing and that's why I love football especially playoff football. They affable as amazing EC guys. Making. Just he just he played the most unusual stuff guys. Forgetting just to hold the ball. Took forgetting how to utilize the clock it's it's I love playoff football and I I hope it's good game. And it's hard to root for either team but nobody can game and gradually right isn't good commercials and this. How I guess yeah now they're just he really kills a during halftime yeah. This could be the last time that we'll see that this this form of the patriots in now when I say this form I'm talking about Kraft and Belichick and and bradys they could be the last time we see them if we believe the rumors. And the Super Bowl could be the last time could be the last hurrah. I got to imagine that whatever your issues are you going to Super Bowl again you're gonna fear and a way to keep this going he's forty. You know I guess I don't Wear masks Thomas forty he's doing as well I had stitched up some good insane I near my wife all but every time we want to meet patriots game so I can't believe he's forty yeah look for an like I get it. I get what you're comparing entry. Yeah -- I don't guy not to go there for I don't know there are usually let me -- you -- he had me I had asked got tons of money and he still can do his job go well and you haven't I mean even a minute I'm still employed now this conversation -- you know -- things -- I'm just saying you know -- every Tom -- kind of makes -- all of this look like losers like I agree he looks amazing for forty Louisiana that's when you do his listeners on the loose do you ever have violent -- is our hall of fame for sucking is a caller later they're guys that have consistently sucked -- we just have one last weekend but that's up -- that's of the -- -- they're saying it's all active man because the ones -- of the worst in my opinion the best the -- drives him trying to -- -- -- US and not -- that's the roll -- well that's not necessarily -- with the -- turns -- we find out that it doesn't really do much screening in there really I. I work very hard over here it's the listeners who have the issue and you know when somebody puts the figure of division of the people who really aren't supposed to have talent there really aren't supposed not a do radio when you point to them and go you how discerning Israel would be just I just don't what's your name are we are told they go I got a great story goes and doesn't listen to the story you're gonna get right away had a lot of time the entire story I'm pretty sure it's going to be great who's the best color you got right now rev. Yeah it's an announcement the band's success one they just lose it really crush it right now it's. I go about they always pay to play a murderous assault awareness about beach balls. I had these folder on my wall I am thankful for a restart. I keep these clothes my dead Diana may well Lama is. That's the kind of calls for the rest she and she has a beach ball collection she lives like in a sea of beach balls at her house and that's the radio edit the other the real version went very firm and make another minute there's just like Celine same ready any dumb beach multi mode and unfortunately. No beach balls. Are a long time I know is only heard from her once yeah I'll just on. And she lives on in the state. That's telly. Yeah it's things like that people just their memory makes them think that things happened that didn't happen I tell who is our beach ball caller now that we have got. Be Smart Car stereo wants some advice there a beach ball text her deathbed. Recent essay dating again after a messy divorce my girlfriend of two months shocked me the other night when she arrived for a date wearing. A giant diamond ring on her right ring finger. Her ex fiance gave her the engagement ring in Tony keep it after they broke up plants she told me she still wears it because of how large of time and it is enormous attention he gets. I told her wearing the ring is disrespectful she disagreed and says she no longer has any sentimental value to the ring. And she's no plans of stopping the wearing the ring we've we haven't talked in several days is it wrong hooked my girlfriend to Wear this ring or am I in the wrong. There's no I don't I think it's fine with you is that. I'm value no question you take a ring off Marcella and so all that bad boy gets in cash yeah girls like playing I know and that's the problem I mean it yea. She's getting some sort of attention out of this and she does have no leashes no concern to the fact that a web ring like mad. Signifies you are somebody's mate. That's what it signifies that you put on the other thing that doesn't mean that somebody at some point dingle you're mine you know do wants to see that that story really hurts me personally to dated some horrifying women who I had a feeling. Something was wrong and. And that it specifically this. But this is how. Kind of like what I would put up live and I go oh OK I guess you have she says it's not really it's just too is leagues do we Luke's is on the right hand and then you find out a couple weeks later like holding just a moat and a gun right now and then oh well. I guess they did see you can looming with somebody like no no and mean what I would Sam Kennison react to this text message I think I just wanna drive my car. Car and show all wall and. Oh six well. So true. Also a major attention toward dump earth did I eight I remember when Bob Costas he's to have that show after the Tonight Show yeah yes he had to see and Kim is on his show and every time we every guess that would be on the Buckeyes show. Wouldn't it always invariably go oh my god how did you know that and he had Santa's not he's at him I used to watch it a comedy store when your entire act was based on that these obituary it's. And CMX wave like oh yeah I used to get on stage back in the day before it was famous and a he would bring vet these obituaries onstage with him and he dumped they guys named Sam Kennison I want to thank you for coming up thanks for supporting standup comedy. I'll tell you a couple people that you won't be seeing here tonight and he would just start reading the people who just die in car. Answered Goldberger. Yes she didn't catch the bus she's not here but if you wanna see her words shall be displaying it on Sunday. Is such amazing. Really dark I have hard questions are good performance and everybody it's carry cargo and reforms that are of one super quick question that feelings and make us all feel really old volcano. Do you know who symptoms and has no low hanging Desi don't know either very. I know but it's done I mean everyone doing these example what is he been dead for 1520 years Lou Jennings twenty yeah five I think you know what they call do you mean of course you would know who somebody is if he's not been on the planet for any idea you know what he died before in any comedy in this year's may 25 you're doing okay so is 25 for years now while I'm not saying he was the biggest thing they have Crimea until dice clay sort of you know eclipsed him and there was that big feud GAAP but he was he was the biggest thing CN Kennison wasn't former preacher. Who really took a hard left turn to god I'm not a big cocaine and hookers and stand up comedy and he would talk about the Bible on stages and about seasons. I cracked everybody says Fuhrman sent our 7 PM 932 shows Saturday get gas dot com as we get the tickets to ask is now one. And now here's the big question of the day what to write castle and the Wiener mobile have in common rule I'll tell you at 953. Yeah. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. He. Game jarring action. Ryan castle and the Wiener mobile have become well I've traveled across this great nation of ours. Sherman. OK okay all giver all corners photograph these great United States I visited. With my Wiener. For your earnings nice to making small donations to people around the country. I wanted to says both are always welcome in Steve's garage and oh yeah. Most harsh in the arrival of dirty free needs are very dirty deeds are and that's it. Then vote only did one man operates. I'm an isolated until the Wiener mobile one times they're all actual Wiener mobile. No I don't know what that thing that could be other taken auditions right now tick in applications for new Wiener mobile drivers but it can't. Their salaries competitive. We driving coaster for other Wiener mobile drivers via competitive effect. Competitive benefit package and Wiener. How can I also like moonlight at number driver's. And that's because I know all your Hoover was the winner modality gossip and fight starts securities every time. Ronald Johnson he's got a small donation and the twelfth next week coming up next. Makes. When the conflict constantly want to couldn't let her. It's cool it's. Unlike Mac. So you don't like rob Alford from you please. He's well and kinda actually. Imagine under our offense. And then level off. I won't probably be less bloody. One I'm most important. Guy involved dream. I've always found a way to be cruel to animals even when their dads. And made this morning. Rock. I'm 49 KI DSW. 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