BJ & MIGS Podcast 01-23-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Tuesday, January 23rd

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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Seattle and on Saturday march can't bitch back Permanente confessed doesn't sound good right now you know really suburban. Civilians and they can I you know I'll take both. And you get both at the Seattle designs and in my step and judge Burton from a variety of distillery is and taste a variety of bacon treats. This is always a great event method we got some good further we got some good breaks and I enjoy a certain day or night your premium like general admission tickets either are available go to KI SW dot com lets you get tickets its fervor and bacon best. Headache heading our benefiting our friends at treehouse. Mean man. Gays. Games out email. And you stand down to her now. Ordered oh so it's. It's Tuesday and it is time for tacos also turn comes around my quell a bush yeah. I can't they deserve I'm counting the days I've rapport arrest we have a meeting today it's already nearly the meaning only thinks. Show you your reporting on a meetings yeah he sets of the meeting says hey ram come on news media Leo's family. Wall. I hope that I got a reason I am back to cancel the whole meeting with Emmy nominee there there wouldn't have to go do to me that you set up time but red nose Wednesday eighteenth he's fine look at that really glad he's got some he's a big boy now some some America great idea times. Let's Georgia doesn't get a we've got a show on an average date guns Steve Sean are you sir. How should experience Barack let's play four today Steve. BJ's and I quell. Very I don't know if that's fast and critique is still out there that LA LA guns and unity Clearwater casino resort on February 1 go to KI SW dot com from deep doesn't UNC LE guns do you tickets Clearwater casino dot com RA Steve. It for those playing at home John will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Sean you can pass all you want but you'll only get three guesses per question are you ready and these three names of the power puff girls are bubbles butter cup and watch. Expose our top ten's all you ask chayet Disney capital of what you west states. Why don't you ads which which is flattens my house in the wizard of odds to. The question now. Which garrison who wrote the lyrics for fifty ways to leave your lover. Tough. Ask to what African country's major seaport is Alexander asked. As what is Jane Fonda's middle Maine masks. I'll just. What guitar player when he last act to perform as the original Woodstock. Yet as what is the official language of Brazil's. Yet as to what kind of not do one used to make pesto sauce to. So Los what's the content. Aaron one G 345 or six Colorado is close one but I think seasonal in this well I put in some geography winds of hoping that we can get 82 glossed over Steve here in united John did really well those geography questions Jesse did but I think Steve's gonna get. Among them on tonight. Now losers socks he's a Smart boys here is a must beyond cold medications. Say nice things about me I just don't with a close do you think you've got to me and formula rev what is if I've got prior commitments column based Castano Dallas on national data which read you part of your meeting sorry that's okay we replaced dress. GAAP we demand that Powell yes racial Borough usually into our my red hot very hot Rachel rock girl yes on the list guess today she's a man that should be a video. I say yeah Scott's speech and that's Sam. Racial listen she's a videos are much and rev when you can't make it really replace you with the beauty that is racial Barley could be great if I was there and it wasn't replacing mean. I could see here and hang out Lara we did have a meeting. Sigh of any team are you ready. This remains a V power puff girls are bubbles butter cups and watch. Julian and adults Jack. Officer Leahy know tonight. Trailer park boys and now I he added I don't know each had a little I don't know what you west Wyoming to yet as to which which is flattened by a house in the wizard of modest modest that you swamped. Wicked witch of the east yes who wrote a zero or fifty movies to keep your lover. Tyler Perry now. Sally Jesse Rafael knows how to talk to girls now what African country's major seaport is Alexandria. Virginia now. That's really host all I have to. Did South Africa toast big country you know what is Jane Fonda's middle names. Is slated to Vietnam smells. I didn't know it. Sally know what guitar player was the last act to perform a do you read original Woodstock called Jimmy Hendrix yet as what is the official language of Brazil's. Fastow. Since he knows why do three seed and you lose wow I'm also a 30 wow. Noticeably different. Days at concerts there. I think yeah I DJ predicted wins for you which shell shocked that he didn't I thought he would get a lot of us. Shows the potency indoor ice cold medicine sort of tough girls. And you know Barack Africa yeah. The typical. The shot until now visit to my like the least known stuff that's on how to morals are at an hour I thought yeah yeah I guess I just I'm not yet you know what I'm I'm I'm on medication I don't know I'm talking about you're absolutely unmitigated treasurer or just girls Steve Scott powder not powder power power powder puff is the old female. Football league's. A good value our times. John halo got played and the third one besides bubbles and butter cup like I said Sean did to correct was blossom. You know that. I would've known either I don't I don't even know if they and I can't go they look like but I was there a powder puff girls know how word because they have power. Yeah. Fifty ways to leave your lover BJ you know this one I noticed Steve you don't know this slipped out the back he attacks Paul Simon. Paulson I'm seeing somebody I mean I know you know Paul Simon that's like a big song amid a wave every time I would Garfunkel I don't even if you know and I consider it but but but but but it's like knowing I pressure John old songs I mean you know exploited a hole on the second. Paul Simon wasn't a guy real or you really soft now he was I don't know I don't know who he was gonna I don't goes way more interesting. Did the cooler air data to poke your eye I doubt unless I'm completely misinformed I mean Paul Simon's considered the more successful that's all we ladies agree about success but I would say as far as cred. How I spoke Italian art and our our foes at the credit had no idea aren't used to sound warrior. OK that's it that's what Garfunkel mean since I mean sound warrior saw Barack and another. The. African country's major seaport is that is Alexandria Sean got that correct it's Egypt I forget that he just in Africa I think like you just don't know MacArthur that's. Now let's say I gotta remember that anybody know gene of Fonda's middle name anoint. Know now I've got here's the thing I'm it is nobody should know this unless it's got to be something that we could think about I'm surmising Henry know how does that suggest a name on them that's a plus why don't why like why do we care well known name is I don't even think it is it Honda is that Francis or grace note Seymour. And why is that question why is anything you question why is the question I just ask a question require only talking now why is anything mean anything climbing there are some questions that you can figure out that they have MB you know you can ask any and then you can take any celebrities go okay what's Oprah's middle name that's you know always had been you know I don't know what's no idea what's Robert Downey junior's little I mean how how he's no he's area if you're a big fan of him. And why anyone would anyone know Jane Fonda's filming exactly I mean and she's got a 102 years old like why would anybody in this world of our audience have been in the news recently forgiven in a fight with what's her now because of this ever Wi-Fi and file on your radar because she's yet been fighting with Megyn Kelly yeah yeah yeah and the new season of grace and Frankie destruct on Netflix had been ill. It's beyond enough yes she's grace had no idea but it takes expert not a good show. And Minnesota I'm happy that people like figure watching it because you know Jane Fonda's very old and so Lily Tomlin but I I I appreciate the Vicky still loves her talent is a very funny. There right concede now you know why you need to know didn't see we're gonna I I I argue that question that's all you argue everything I question I just feel is dumped well congratulations because that no one got that dumb question yeah. But Johnstone and that's when that's the important thing and I had to play and my son so you know another I think about it. Thanks rev. Now about that. All right so Sean one. So that's how that goes now we're gonna go to this woman named Burrell okay alright she is a sophomore student at the University of Florida. I don't know her real name is Steve maybe some daily trivia question I believe it seemed more votes Norman is Cyril Seymour. She says. That she's in love with tetris. Which you know I can understand people of the game. She so loved with tetris that she plans to marry the game after she graduates from school pago. Rod yes how mob. I mean it's great that we live in a world where you can do what you can marry Texas like there should be like there should be some we don't know. You know elect George wanna do in life through when he knew marrying tetris what the hell at the least I think the creator tetris should be able to sign off on this is that to ask. We created tetris is hand you know like you talked to dad was a woman. Are you get here get the blessing jackets information. She's. When she was ten years old she's a math major when she was ten she decides who's attracted to things like monorail and iPods since they Ed Smith like being in love and good guys some of a car from yeomen so that's the so that's for sure he's might be attractive she was like you are aroused by these things I'm assuming I I don't know what better Vegas she loves and inanimate objects all right yet there are people would do I guess you're right to Oregon moving objects mean you know. A couple of years later she began dating a calculator by the name of Pierre. Firma. Our Pierre de firma. PR Broken Arrow was single again. That's one of the tilt when a 61 or heartfelt for tetris the game she plays dozens of hours of Texas today and whereas pictures clothing hats jewelry all sorts of stuff. You're a loser tetris. Wow. That's from why what some would call problem. Fishy fishy like doing stuff whether it. I mean that's the thing caressing and then taking only you know sweet couple pictures wow. I wonder which. Sheep is her faith. I didn't I belong. Well Mario Elliott the long bar that in the fix square where do we draw the line between the that's how you wired and it's cool and mental illness CI. I don't know if we'll draw the line. I I I don't I mean I know I'm not an extra I don't know where. If we had a peck if you had to pick something in your world because this is tetris for her calculator broke to shed a move on I understand that no one to be with the broke calculator. What I object would you matters. And I cannot let. One on my TV I love my TV exemplar in my TV nor the curve you Dario I don't know I. Some do do you with a turf now. And people are actually ended at one point scene I I I'd like to be a poly amorous relationship and have multiple TVs. Okay why can't I do that okay you know I mean what I can just pick just 1 I am looking at this girl she's. She's up there well and again in other. That did that I struggle with this I struggle because we know there's mental illness we know that you know it's it's it's it's empathetic in kind to help people of mental illness. Iowa where does true love and and mental illness begin. Because. I'm gonna so I think we knew you know. Now nobody. Calculator. That might be when things go weird. The Volvo but if that's as crazy as she gets and that's all she does that's great salad they'll be great that was the only form of mental illness if that's what it is maybe some even happened but that degrade some people run around heard people you know she's doing is caressing tetris that's critics. Danny brilliant but will you fall in love with you had to pick something that's not your living moment. My desire you talked to ask guitars it but I but I just offender chat Seattle color it blue. NASA to alien stuff I love that he had of course you know what's gonna say Pete said but it's like nappy to go Ryan gave any heated M right now and that's just this is we that's not acceptable in society the thing you love. Right yeah well I announced. No. I know I didn't. Yankee thank you Tony on that note. Bob and Mike Bob but come on OK fine my bed. And I. Usually is the most comfortable saying who I met her in the mornings I got the best pillows the Ben Sheets. Everything. It's nice and it killed me that don't have a right now claiming huge volcanic such a story how I feel hopefully your bad what would you follow along with the enemy that would be better than a bed. The press like Iran or any sleep with him why buy the milk even while referring. Then you go about it how we need to look Haifa had the true love scenes for you don't judge me as. Susan's the other guy and ask the question and then you put this down for our answers how kind of guy are you. I'm Steve all right let me see you so what's your fancy yes I can't wait to hear this so you'd tell you an idiot you are why you come up with something so stupid. Exactly what you said we're daughter char you're supposed to participate you want to come up with one my shoes. I love mice whose policy you really do and I look forward every morning I put my feet my issues. Is is your sock them part of their relationship season you love your socks. Always good summer and Osaka connected so do you smell like never mind anyway so I got it offend the united do you put any housing images they've. One simple putter well and you put your feet and he put together and on entitlement drums. Major arms. Well I'm about to get new wraps for them so they really a new lawsuit he's a plastic surgery for my drums do you think you can have a relationship. Talk that's just like what do you love so much really you know look what this was kind of relate and I just did their techcrunch a nasty stupid questions when you're used to the medication. Well I mean I think that's why I think you have as I have to of that idyllic days not really gonna make love to his guitar and Vicky as she sleeps for their bread which is not prime making love to it you know nine no not now but that's him next level you know you gotta just seriously you know you take it to the next step right grabbed do you have anything that you love so much that you marry. Maybe my computer. Play beyond that no look at it. Really no steam punk these things or anything like that now all that stuff is just there's no real substance to Obama couldn't really hang out with him for two other shallow Uganda needs somebody deeper in your life absolutely. Isn't it this is. An amazing world when you think about it seriously underestimated Mary's T shirt collection. But that's all we but then that becomes like a poly amorous. World yeah you could never pick just one I don't hardly a time like get rid leg not a good you do my drawers you call. I'm so whenever they get to Floyd purge some shirts and dome in the closet all pseudo Rossum and Tom do you see you don't do your loves. And that at some point I have to figure that out yeah. You have to really tee shirts with the policy you know completely double me just move Royce is removed Saddam like this and see him. An image issue was a closet single this is where they are yeah Eric fein the political goodwill. And that's a tough one isn't the only let your past loves ago. That's awesome product sources particularly for bad habits in ten years when he gets old. I had to go for the younger and you remodel yeah. All right here's the thing Vicky pay attention even though he had a team new study found that teen spent a large amount of time glued to phone and computer screens. And they are markedly and look less happy than those who prefer real world activities taking. Coke. I'm not a teenager anymore I like you feel like. For kids like what what does make you happy you're eighteen you're just roaring hormones everything just not. So what teenager is actually happy. Well. That's hi I think of us who saw it didn't pass them on yeah. And wow. Well they'll ice data found that playing computer games using social media texting and video chatting or all associated with less happiness. Adolescents who invested more time and no onscreen activities such as playing sports reading newspapers and face to face social interaction. We're significantly happier which you know I've been me not to do some reading and I've seen studies like that about people really think Derek. Socially interacting with people via social networks but in fact face to face is better. It's feeling a lot of my friends and apparent post on FaceBook are social media asking when's a good gauge just to let their kids have a cell phones. And I think I see the answers and I'm not a parent site I get it down I don't really know you don't come Lulu and when universal blown you know doesn't need a cell phone she doesn't believe in technology actually just kind of just hangs out men. Barks yum. But. Some people icing is such that I am I would think like 1617. Seems to be ready to give so my guess I'll know her you're way I'm way way outside people I think like eleven at twelve holes. I think that's way too young but again I'm I don't know they're interacting with technology I told you that three year old kid my in my you know our 'cause in my in my nephew. Three years old the dude is navigating his way around an iPad in the Apple Store and buying things I mean it they just know stuff you can't keep it out of their hands it is more more sophisticated these kids put. Do you want your kid then thank you are we grew in him right off the gas go to like be obsessed with technology where they're not having any kind of social interaction. It kind of quit because a lot of this technology you're going to need an every day life filed for work or just to communicate with people so what aides like my parents and him Jack hammer when I was three. Yeah they do daily and annual record I can say I'll explain a lot of investment Danica. Did you feel Amro put it a nightmare it's just gonna use it at an older age take away easily today knoller is unsure of the restart of the figure it out now that we're debate it's like the by joining dads are you now old like making them dumber because everyone else had the phone at like four. Please give parents Steve I cannot win a world will be a better place your head's gonna explode he'll be our future present I can't wait for you to be apparent you'll be so frustrate. That you're yet everywhere you think is wrong. Human so Fresno. Though we know are we we know our agent Paul there's an agent of the stars what you know that the guy is one of the smartest guys they know very bad I've always consumer broad minded person and his own kids comedy stupid and doesn't know anything and that he's actually quite narrow minded which is sprint doesn't matter who you are. You think you know what the right thing is in your kids we'll let you know it's only when he talked to you as a client know like why do you have just these guys every gallon that might be the best and never have to. You always think the you know until all of a sudden you get in action and then you know you've goal and you start when they're young and then when they get to the age of ten and eleven. You are so done dude like it's society is because you get insulated and you just have this world to take his little creature you kinda don't pay tens what's going on the outside world and all of a sudden. Then they are everybody's door and you go and what do you. Elegy for what they were your kid I next ten or eleven now whenever Syrian half okay. I know whenever we give you get a cellphone I selfless charity has an iPad. But it's because it's her her mom gave to her because her mom's a teacher and dared preschool they have iPad that the police because she wants her to go to says she wants her to be ahead of the curve. Gotcha and there's some really learning things on it says she knows how to count till thirty like Audrey she's three IE when she gets to school I think middle school is when she's gonna probably get one because people will have in the middle school that's all right Allan I know and in some they're some progress while young that's a basis freshman year of high school actually on my phone. Yeah I think that that I got my when I was 22 feet. Yeah I got I got my first portable phone whatever you like cell phone money for actually itemize for cellphones on my way here are taken this job yet when I was in my forties I mean I offer you a kid a beeper pressed about it being heard about being perhaps the we'll take your really I haven't felt like Sarah's just makes calls and text to your parents. See I think they need a Smartphone because of the stuff they do in school may need to be connected to the Internet I mean that's the problem is that. If you gonna give him an iPad that's the Internet connectivity muzzle have the phone to the same thing will present my son's nine and vehement getting a phone but only have four numbers on it for emergency contact for before and after school no games just for emergency situations. The person easy once the kid is old enough damage out there'll not that a phone and pay the bill. Yeah I know what's right back try to stick to that buddy that's going to be over especially if you've got you know. It's tough dude it's tough you know most of us who and everybody if they did did when their friends have a phone how about status and etc. Yeah I can imagine what that's gonna be like and if you have a daughter good luck to you because boy those daughters know how to make your life miserable no matter how hard line as father you think you are high terror yet they know how to do it next thing you know they get me another set fires inside of a drugstore with some really near do well character was volume in up in jail amended and they're dating them you do not want across your daughter over this issue resolved fictional character sorry and that got yet none has ever really happen. Artist ever listeners on the loose. It's not good you guys who showed 206141. Rock Texas it's 77999. Your calls the attacks of 917. On the Iraq. And they eggs mornings. On the rock 99.9 TI ESW. Where you pick the top make you guys show this is only just brought to buy a lot of cold medicine I'm on Jackson right. I make those big twelve. Every twelve to the feds yeah. Sarah pandemic emergency running drank. A social populace is a problem during a full service and no I think BJ it's crazy yeah. I still have more than 50% of my coffee. Oh what got everybody's. Desperate Seattle I think almost a coffee buddy's dad is going to be a fun. Listeners on the lease is a great is that solid amount in my mind's on my fault of its infant son of the late Sunday. Okay and I'm going to be here all week like this it's progressively getting worse yeah and I'm not so I'm not staying home until an M and is subject to Alter this nice you know you go home after the series on your dinner right you know miles in their own sneeze over everything bother Tarrant I had a shout out to Aaron I disarm she posted on not on Facebook's is going to be a new day northwest today so I guess they don't want to. Yeah today Carter Larsson in the crew over a new day in northwestern Q five I think it's at 11 o'clock she's part of the hot topic segment so say you DVR is or watch it or whatever you do. I'll probably be a mine as well but that's pretty awesome yeah. That's fun. All right it is this is a lose remembers Steve does have a rule Phyllis knows what you wanna talk about 206421 rock. Text is 7799. But remember Steve does have this rule and you get a call in on day quell unrest and that's their hero yes. Cold medicine can call an otherwise you get congress. You say goodbye to get bottles and possibly Texans think there was a name of that show that BJ and Danny are watching it's called end of the F and world. I guess that's on Netflix Netflix dude. We witch hunt on a movie over the weekend we have an American made which is fantastic but we are confident with my host that's it. Netflix and see what they've got we have it we just never check in now what extent India so much easier just to get to it oh yeah you're right and we're just flying to. It's overwhelming. Khomeini. Original television shows Netflix has a nice I counted at least five does that we should watch that and now I realize you don't want to on the TV. So we're not gonna have the time or be able to make the commitment to do that is a much at all that wrestling you watch a unit of time for that this right and that's all I did and gasoline Grey's Anatomy otherwise why bother I mean he's really c'mon yeah. Yes they have and it's amazing amount original content they also yelled get some stuff imported at the end of the FE worlds a British show. Tom and I like British television because they won't cross boundaries. That American television walks and it'll be cringe worthy but boy oh boy. They really right deeply that they're more reeled it feels that not sending this this this and the F two worlds about basically two teenagers on the run. Aaron from a religious unhappy at home and he's gonna make. The last home. Well we dubbed I guess also went on American nightmares I think the premise is actually right at the beginning if you TV if you read the let the little blurb about what it's about they tell you what it's about a guy and I know a Danny's wanna turn me out to Sony toll free tells us what just about these two kids you taken kinda don't fit in and they kind of just are hanging out and one thing leads to another and they have to go on the run and that's a mostly united gonna talk about the kid and what he wants to do area are you think she's a socio path yet he's I think the cycle pass yet. Any meets a girl and he meets a girl he wants killer. Yes and yes she is just like guys she's just say hates life because her her you know her her stepfather is at. A slash jerks slash had a file. And muscle hilarity ensues well yeah I mean it's a dark comedy but it's also really very heartwarming as. It really relates to just two people who are awkward and licensed certain adult in this bad and is trying to find. Acceptance and fitting in and love and what is love them because they're young and they really don't know anyway. And he faces a psychopath she DC could be a boyfriend. And she has no idea he wants to killer but he has no idea that she's gonna make him not on a killer brain. And it's it's just so and she seems easy sale hilarity ensues kind of does actually yeah I guess in a very dark wave it also kind of been a very funny what I'm comfortable funny the gas attack there's only a prison is only the brits can do it ace episodes and they're each like twenty minutes long yeah I don't like when Roman Catholic says it's kind of quake in the US don't like it. No (%expletive) like much of there's stuff that happens and your wife object. Okay yeah yeah yeah and there is stuff that kids do in this speedway these doing these kids stock in what they do. Is disturbing to Americans because you're not supposed to talk about those things with kids that age even though kids that age talk about those things and experience those things that's right love about the show. Is it it it it you know I think if you're a kid it's like the only honest exit AA you know really calm expression of that. And damn right into his way but when you say again teaming up what de adults never have he's gonna conversation with what these kids are going to because they think they're too young to go through them I agree completely and especially being like a thirty something girl for me it's like. That's how I felt do most of high school just this awkward kid who didn't really know with Basil and not only built. Allen having those thoughts in and mean delta school and a the F a were there you go on Netflix. They're gonna mom works Ericsson Texas came into mini series here at their rebooting the Mighty Ducks. I see that and the movie's gonna say they're making big there's a potential it's nothing confirmed but they're thinking about making it into a television show. Well all the windows would be the greatest thing ever it's got to be Disney's doing right Claudia yes of course on dizzy right now I mean that what makes sense because it is funny foot and a dark one LenDale White alcohol they join a Buehrle gets fifteen and in the Mighty Ducks world yes talking about. Well Disney wants to do their own Netflix so they're gonna need original programming. Well that's what is and that's where your show's going to be if you wait you're there I don't care enough to to subscribe to another. You know what's gonna happen they'll be bidding wars and any use your great Netflix is the only game in town and Elvis on your favorite Netflix show might jump over Hulu or my jump over Amazon prime and you'll be like. Are crap I can't afford all the reasons you your bills beginning cable I was bought. I was a simple podcasts and somebody brought to the point as I was I actually kept the mental look so one of the Droid in your direction to your way morbid TV guide and I am slightly that you knew truly enjoyed sits down just a short and right. And he said something that they've guided user in the pockets within the grief he said that 2017 was the greatest year for television hands down. The womb. Wow and it's like I don't know how to argue that. I Phillies over saturated because it's just so much. But because it's over saturated there's a lot of great stuff probably out there I just don't know I don't have the time. To even give some of these it could you talk about all these incredible shows in the Asia and the way to describe it sounds great. I still wanna win best. Even though it doesn't seem like much I don't own best eight episodes into something I still had a right it's tough it's very very tough 2017 pussy that's something. You know when they said that 1999 was what the greatest year for movies in 1992 as a producer for music. Yes me OK but see and you and you know you could list off all the reasons why right. I know it's when he seventeen I'm trying to think of all the great shows are out there are because the what I think you're great shows I think a breaking bad but that's not on TV anymore but what else is out there I mean I ever want to hand maidens Taylor handmade still but I hear that's pretty things about that on Hulu we had game thrown schema throws is out there Walking Dead he may be right because. Star Trek discoveries Tony seventeen what else came out of time when he seventy million a reason that just came out twice and he just had delegates on stake they continue to exist yeah. There's big a little lies twin peaks came out this year stranger things master of none mine hunter below and I think he's writing that he may be right now yeah he may be right that I do all those are amazing amazing shows and then you got black mirror can do yeah. He might be right about that that he could be the best year ever. Wow I mean Grey's Anatomy of the gun China episode I forget the giant episode west was awesome. The gunshot episode was Austin area though I Grey's Anatomy to respect that got to respect and angina. It's way to get stopped because a woman brings a gun and do something he's she's muggles and in the you can figure it out yet. And hilarity ensued John. It's less is on the list you pick the topic you guide to show. Those exports of one rock Texas 77999. More recalls and your cats tonight 33. On the rock. In the case mornings. On the rock 99.9 KI SW. Yes quite nice KI SW Iraq just CO listeners on the loose you pick the topics you've got it shows and Chris in flight. Chris you are on the wrong. So full year are more the. And you know what's up. Yesterday you guys had great gal on New Zealand and get an up and Nikki and Danny in there I had no idea what he was well did you want docket entry I am an arm. I think that would pretty much. Explain how he was and you know could not be don't know yet especially young generation. What is that on Netflix. I didn't dot com central okay out the checked out his welcome his back stories and said he yeah and yeah. It was logical it was pretty good I mean I thought I eighty did that was pretty outrageous and people like. He took he took a look at Dark Knight Ridder's brother died and then all of a sudden he likely due himself. And was a person that he wants wise and any guy. You know here's a thing as Chris and I and I appreciate the golf thank you decided realize that documentary is out there. And this is something that I'm trying to do in my life you got to know the room. You know I don't think Danny Vicky or my son my daughter gives a damn about Sam Kennison so tech to tell them hey go check out this documentary. I don't think they're going to care to do it now I think it's a great document are the people do care like me you. I mean I mean they keep hearing I gave it their part of the show and here click gas who relies on it Sam Kennison an impression so much he's so great that it. There might be a curiosity I won't always this guy that he continues to use as a voice it would be awesome if they felt compelled EST well. I kinda whenever Craig does that voice and I out you know do you ever have low like those little thoughts we use any else's voice when you think of something like what. Whenever I think what DS I think I think Craig gases voice doing Sam Kennison so you rate it lets you know I'm Mary SE I wanna see what the skies about what's your rendering that you want to document ICC watches it by next week. When Chelsea. Yes napoleonic well here's a thing if I put money on it she will pursue wanna make me Iran and I'll give her cut yeah exactly yeah. And all the Internet I don't even have to talk to about this we are in yeah I think so I'll put money on Danny how would you ever be do you do care watch educator. I did because they use the same bodies like sign tells ought to Iowa sent though because I'd always heard references a sign though glad I had never actually watched it so this guy. Sam what is Austin. Jamison get tech actually out watching because only here. Like you said what twenty days I feel like watching his standup would be the first thing to do and Nancy if you wanna do the documentary all I would do the other way yeah you'll be cool just to know what though this guy is all about and then get to witness I love watching documentaries on bands and I'm not even a fan no really and then a debt although some of my I need to check out this band and and and pay more attention to a lot. Especially dad dad dad flew fighters are Dave Grohl and everyone to call it does does the Sonics highways all we yeah theories that he did. I think I discovered a few new bands just because. I didn't even know about them and the back story and in the story that he told him that documentary was pretty riveting sonic I thought I should give the spam that. That's going to none of became a my favorite band but I thought it was cool to just take on the music that was actually old music rights you know what that that he may be right now once Steve I I had that phenomenon hadn't actually enter my brain that might not. Does that. Oh sorry because it's funny see that because I've actually started liking bands that I didn't like before after watching like Ted documentary because it's like wow they put a lot of work into this album. And so yet I respect that he does that's why I'm a huge C. C. Music Factory fan. Well I had no idea that's everybody that's well that's right all right. Yeah. He was an amazing comic I was fortunate enough to go and spend a week with him and an ice are knee. It wasn't even me was you know a guy work with the Rochester who he is saying we're great friends and same with super loyal super customer service there wasn't a nice serve performer ever I I his act was so much not how he treated people when the show was over. There's a he was a gentleman he was charming he was fun to be around. It's just statistically I I I learned a lot from just watching Sam because I wasn't in his. You know I I didn't -- hang with him because Wii's might come my partner hung with him and I was like the low but the psychic guy I hung with some of the psychics accompanied the outlaws he brought with them those are my buddies. But I watch salmon thought wow here's one of the great ones man. But it's still in the outlaws of comedy that's right I mean he's Australian Jimmy Shubert if you know that comic he was one of the outlaws economy back with Sam was touring and we were we were sort of in the back on May someday maybe will be the headliners maybe will be the host of our shows. And that happens for both Jameer myself. It's this is on the loose you pick the topic you guide to show a 206421 rock Texas it's 77999. I getting your sentiment what Munson who I sent me this link to a rented thread and I that'd be a good question asked arrives receive such a big video game guy. Column it's an incredible thread dead somebody asked this question what is the most morally corrupting you have done in the video games. A move. That's right I call played Grand Theft Auto okay so like yeah out there's a lot of Latin community Google search on this Adobe he followed similar was it like one guy I'd be a cal mercilessly until it groups on the villagers convince me that I'm probably unfit to be apparent. Another person I cheated and dot com by putting the gun up to the screen that since team to criticize the facts. I threw a party for which Sims. And the system Locke came I chapter and yet decided how she died eventually there while the wife would that work I would cheat on her with a sister in laws ghost. So yeah. Allow OK say don't go fable three I married a woman and a child with her for the achievement I then killed my wife quiz and and then send my kid to the games orphanage which I later converted into a brothel. I know you can do all these things in video games I would say and so much more onetime Super Mario 64 right through the baby penguin off a cliff brood. I guess when NHL fourteen IMAX stuff physical defect defense backs I checked Sidney Crosby so hard that he was on the out. I use it here concussion symptoms for three years in many retired. She eased arrow out of play pole position at a distance I'll bongo this and I purposely run cars off yes. That was fun but red and I'd imagine you probably could topple the playing evercore last a wisdom which is with real actual people I held an entire. An entire game economy hostage. Because I could go and use my little cruel wizards and kill all the dragons. And there was a nice rotation where everyone got their turn to do you to kill the things to get their stupid quest items and I wasn't waiting. You thirty weeks I think I was gonna have to wait in order to get my turn and so I just told everybody I'm taking it. And I took it all night basically completely and is utterly destroyed. The economic system of one game wow. Yeah you're that guy you would do desperate Billy's girlfriend iron there's reporters in grand theft on the. Don't read what he went to our less diabolical. And here's the funny thing man you know we never think about what that says about us. And in the first had the first episode of this season of black mirror they talk about what about the people we hurt in these games. They actually talk about that in exploring the faith will carry your bag everything that's Black America great episode about that hey I'm not helping me show you just want. I had this week it's a great episode and I think pretty watching movies or videos about what happens via the intricate contract Ralph it's all happy and fun that's all you need. Well now worried about. You've got to be. Kidding let's do it it's an interesting thing you know I mean again it's historic conversation. But you know we create artificial intelligence and robots you know if you abuser robot kick the hell out of and everything else like that wouldn't be any -- we annoy you a bad person no they're not alive note you can just go I'd do that as much as you want who cares about the NBC's. Yeah what is there about the all he obviously worried about now about to die in pitfall that maybe glory days to crack thousand jumping on the head of I don't know why I'm using pitfalls are referenced. Other better I think James Chris at least Chris yeah tracking with Jack got the better the games get. And the more artificial intelligence really really becomes intelligence when and why are we crossing the line of destroying real life than what I mean right now about Pacman may work may contribute to obesity yeah exactly you got to think about that about our coasts manned add to your your public hearing those ghosts come of this when I was out from Sims three introduced myself to a rich neighbor seduce the wife and move dedicate the husband out onto the street and impregnated the wife I kicked the pregnant wife out onto the street rinse and repeat were richer neighbor until all the money in the bastards are mine. Yeah I'm just on demand. It's a funny episode of black mayor discuss it it shows you the other side like what might might yet decide what's what I love about those kind of shows it's like till Twilight Zone it's like. What if you know what what do you know we don't know what's going on in video games we shut them off and they actually explored that first episode of the season I'd imagine anyone who's ever played Grand Theft Auto. Has had something that they've done some resilience and running over cops are paradise deuce committing a crime and and just looking forward to when the content showboat and going crazy chase it down. I've read your favorite show is about what we're talking about which what was world. Oh yeah absolutely it's where you get is basically go hand wherever you want doing Disco knots and you know that it's if you don't know Wes world let's say on the HBO it. It's on the HBO Italian. It's basically where you actually it's a theme park and you get to go to the old west and you can be is mean and is horrible and is jerky you want to these robots that are made to look just like human beings. And in the show explores. Well there's supposed to emulate real feelings you're you're supposed to really feel like if you wanna kill somebody Wes wrote this song you you're supposed to feel like you're really kill somebody or you're having sex is somebody. And at that point. What kind of human are you that you're doing all these horrible things to these robots because a not a lie but they're reacting as if they were alive that's what the show's about to vote. And rather go to west will you be that guy wouldn't go absolutely absolutely black had to be very valid criticism killed a bunch of CEOs and Jeep Grand Theft Auto five while investing in stocks and make some money. I can all agree that's a good thing. It's listeners on the loose. You pick a topic you guide to show 206421 rock text us at 77999. Players Texas makes you need to stop talking about places ago he talked about Dick's birders and I went. You telephone Kos I took my kids and spent way too much and you talked about the four DX theater and I spent over seventy dollars to take my kids to see Star Wars sorry. How about this man I say win of the ago no one ever goes I guess he likes you better know. You know maybe he just does them I'm recommending fun things today yes he would save money if you listening to people go to therapy we'll find out yeah but aren't people to receive funding like uncle pops out and Star Wars on a roller coaster I'd rather and actually your way is still cheaper than therapy. Sony on the way you you do win moved my insurance doesn't cover Star Wars I wish it did I go every week yeah. I don't know the next movie's going to be in for DX I think they're like Jurassic world or whatever the new one is and I heard black panther might be forty exit Ariel that's coming out next month Olga. I was excited to see black panther when he came on demand but now I'm excited to see in forty X you're so hot how all four DX is change your life you never saw movies and now you wanna go see movies in the theater and it's been years since they send a movie theater whatever movie we went to see what we had an interview with celebrities price several years ago was the last and went to a movie I hate going to movie theaters keeping around people that -- most insufferable idiots that go to movies I'm sorry my diet I was actually owns and what they're trying to be different just trying to be quiet and opening up can people what they do -- next ten minutes plywood rapper whose are trying to be so new it's quiet about it to just African open candy. Let's get over this how the band aid off. There are no one loud sound a little small crackle for life and tennis. But forty axis two loss and I don't care that I wonder then if every once and go to forty x.s and we businesses trying to figure out how to get people to go. And in the this year her was really bad for the movie business as indeed they they really had a downturn in the money they made according to the words here website it's sums up. Movie called twelve stronger right now. That's in forty acts. Don't know her strong grounds that John Sina that's the Chris Hemsworth one where he's like in Afghanistan. And Afghanistan as an army warrior all right and they've got to go in twelve of them have to stop she's and I want to everywhere handsets that sounds awesome Iran and horses so that's fun hi all and I'll be fine how Terrell shake. C forty X about real life events like you know real I don't know if I go for like if I'm watching the punish your forty ExxonMobil does. By the way that's another great Netflix shuttle punish or just finish that up so. We'll present China forty XDS talked about it last week as such while strong it was amazing I'll definitely go again okay so we had very don't know under. Elissa this forty X is the way to go to twelve strong as Star Wars are two different movies and yet if he had a great experience and you love Star Wars Rampage also is apparently going to be between the rock Johnson. I'm gonna talk about it mine and ask. And I have no opinion for taxpayer and that is you know he doesn't care what I think you know the rock is. I it's labeled as well known actor. Spent a quarter of a million dollars. On a dinosaur skull yeah. How often have little elements. In my dinosaur skulls and tell you who did this at 953. On Iraq. And made some mornings on the rock 99.9 TI ESW. I have point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle. Well we talk about Nick Cage before and what that guy's life is. I had some ups and downs a lot of it due to the fact that he's wasted as cash flow if anything he has a future as a financial planner photo I doesn't ask Heidi I'd let him handle my money. He was once worth a 150 million dollars of ten. He started buying a lot of stuff fifteen homes including 25 million dollar waterfront property in Newport Beach which I know when I mean though that means to who'd. Yeah I mean I aegis is seen yet out 3.5 million dollar haunted mansion in New Orleans. So yeah he just twelve million bucks on two castles in Europe or even better and nine foot pyramid shaped tool you moralists are residing in the next life. 61 is a bunch of the tomb. Feel seizes every easy. He's been out. Over 200 save five grand on a dinosaur skull and ended up being stolen from the Mongolian government we have the returner so he's he's out that money. I just stole from whom I premature Harrison Ford fan favorite songs and a museum of these days. He's only worth a mere 25 million. Still 25 million I mean for you can't afford any data source tells you that kind of money fast. But he still had some fun and had a great time yeah it's Wi-Fi moves and stuff qualitative. What if they Sampras sitting here watching the show thank you also listening right Cassel he's up next two to twelve back. Gigs. Finish the sentence I know it was dumb. I will never use blank again how legislation nose job that was never sleep with my best friend's girlfriend yeah. Yeah I. Oh that's your best friend to see this is your messages and your friend's girlfriend for your best friend's girlfriend. He can't put yourself in that position and and it's hard which traditionally there. And makes money. Yeah. Point nine KI SW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney teachers and other questions from a listener. If I filed for bankruptcy do I have to appear in court that's makes me nervous. Going to court is never something we something receives you do however when your file bankruptcy. Usually only after 101 hearing at the courthouse. Ourselves either way few and when you go to court it's not only for the judges actually with the trustees are the trustee's attorney. When you visit one of the things it's critical of bankruptcies if you give your attorney in the horn all America all your information. This all your assets and all of your predators that's true we're trading for your discharges your truth and honesty and disclosure your assets and liabilities. It's sort of court hearing it's just usually about a five minute deal please show us and then we for. That's where there's all the information you're given the port New Year's earnings. Flash thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis anytime head choose the right chapter dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.