BJ & MIGS Podcast 02-07-18-6A:Rob Gronkowski’s house was robbed while he was playing in the big game.

Wednesday, February 7th

News and sports. Today is National wave your fingers day. A man calls 911 to report a tiger scaring his cows but it turns out to be a stuffed animal.


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Well give big man you know why it's my life is not as glamorous as you know football player. I think at all times. You know we don't have the good life I know you always want to go on the ground crews because he's thank you Rob Gronkowski is probably the coolest guy in football. Coolest guy like calling my wild okay so I would I would love to go on the ground crews are on the could be a good idea about a month ago in the ground crews now you know it's not always figured. You know I was gripping Rob Gronkowski inside his house was rob Lowe's in Minneapolis for the Super Bowl I heard about diamond NASA. I guess if your criminal that's the best time to do it. Did you know that our son home and a yeah they've been they they knew that it was in fox from Massachusetts which runways where the patriots players well yeah he lives like two minutes from the stadium because the commute. That's awesome yeah. But it's not us some money for his walks to work. He's till tomorrow on course up lifted Boston to tell you I don't know why I'm picturing imparting to free adding he's tardy and I'm sure that's exactly what he does the no bacon wrapped make it you know grab and I'd stuff beer bong and it and everybody gas. Fundamentally a lot of yeah I play give a flip cup driver game and 45 minutes until and it's a way why not always. The Stewart on grounds damn dude they rock this house 8:50 PM eastern time during the Super Bowl. And if that time is accurate they're saying. It happened within minutes of when he caught that touchdown pass in the beginning of the third quarter hopefully. Fisheries and not douse yeah. He knows some guys so he gets home and knows the break in which I think is going to be the worst feeling out there who you are you know you walk into where you live your domain. And you see it was broken into of course he called the cops and now here's his call to 911. I'm one month devoted where you emergency. Hello this is an emergency resistance this is not much else you call him out while I was on my whole house got around. While the Super Bowl should not just got back. How weird if you're in the island when guys. And I love was gonna say oh he's a guy media attention it's not an emergency but I'm Rob Gronkowski and I just lost the Super Bowl for area. You think if they want this to make ya know its grotto at my house got broken into yet how wasted. Yeah I sounded like he was a waste it. This is Rob Gronkowski now damn dude. Now give an island dispatch and it's got to be tough if your patriots fan. He kind of wanna be okay now laughing yeah exactly why he has to Butler goods yahweh what's going on. I support Malcolm and how we can test. Police aren't disclosing any info what was stolen or any possible suspects. TMC they say the burglar stole saves from home. And guns may have been taken I don't know how teams he knows this you know everything man is under its its just not said the most powerful news agency in the world how how would that cost all they do is just talk about gossip but somehow they know these facts. They know everyone to have connections everywhere I guess every so like other just make it an up and they're like three days goes by enormous and I got a system confirmed no pride I guess it was take what some guns you know your rice. I wouldn't be surprised I'd say it's just. I think of those letters DMZ and I don't think I don't think of hard accurate news you guys figure that show that's on TV when they're always following people around and gets his you know them. His newsroom full of idiots making comments that's what I think that would DMZ private it's it's it's. The intensity they see that they're always on top of things yeah bothers me because you're right there's a day they're they're so docile place but they seem to get things right more often than not then dude guns they stole save spitting isn't his guns and Clara looking great Donald I would have monitored ground guns. How little kind of series because I you know you see when you cease tasting advertise you'd get the real heavy ones of high you mean you couldn't get him out of the house yeah so kind of saves he had a great and I don't want like my parents got me titled ten things that are all three number digit via the how about the book savior of the books say if we held him and I look you guys guys to buy those the secret spy book book safe. Perez pump like my parents got notices that look like their old fashioned safe. This is our scenario I have anything to really keep it safe are not trying to. Put your toenails or use the clip and save and most valuable you know we have to that I remember it well they're just all things that's fun loving guy in the shape they now value most Oakley brings I kept my money in average loses it all like price seven dollars and a pictures from that to crooks are getting my money BJ well I got news for your if I was in your house you you keep your money desire AI at a constant addiction and I would take quarters on my sister's payback to try to get them I run Texas a sports senators here a couple of series broken into. They said it was easy because this combo is probably 6969. Okay I'll. That is his favorite number is his favorite memory yeah. Well they go Rob Gronkowski his house broken into and he finds that I when he returns from the Super Bowl maybe they believe they was broken into. During the Super Bowl when he was catching a touchdown pass right Iran at times when a break and then. Bottoms and you'll stand that did it. All definitely out. No doubt about it when they always say I hate that don't promote that I got social media for just a Joseph public I don't don't make it a point to let everybody know that you're on vacation because that's that's an alert us a potential crooks who now all I can go. That person's house does not home and never think about celebrities I mean it. They know for a fact that he's out of his house. Mean you'd maybe you were worried it may be a someone's house sitting but for the most part like any celebrity gets on live television you know for a fact they're not going to be at their home. Yeah I would think you with something like that you'd think he would hire security service started to watch his house for him. Maybe he will not go with that kind of money you're right I mean everybody knows where he's going to be. When I won't budge man did he tell you there are a couple people on the ground posse that would be okay were just hang your throat tried going to the game that's the thing yeah. But they make you -- level friends and Elliot B level friend I'll go to ground Johnson just hang out there are always playing football you're not going to be mad that you warrant like invited to this rule the halo frenzy the year and maybe trashed the place yourself. And that area. No I think god UK okay yeah there is a lot of fun stuff to do in his home I I don't you know that is the second best thing if you can't go watch rock in the Super Bowl or anybody Russell Wilson Richard Sherman remember you get to watch and Super Bowl. Deal how sit at their joy watching them on the Super Bowls probably because they got a sweet I honestly pat I'm sure markers there why is there no alarm on his house. I would think that. When you think that he has an alarm or did the alarm not go off for a nice or buried the crooks getting quick enough to get out I mean obviously they must have known to know what time that the crooks broke into his on the enact some kind of security system yeah right or video cameras let's call TMZ they probably have more info about a minute right now yet they now. I have a question speaking of the authorities why would police have a 45 minute standoff. With a stuffed animal. Buenos he's gonna tell you why because he's gotten better news than GMC and he's got a 48617. On Iraq. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all the had a nine point nine KI NSW Iraq Seattle. Most this graders have a better grasp of the English language unfortunately there are. Any available this early in the morning and this is news quiz teammates. Thanks guys historians say universities are giving us news and sports and happy to waive all of your fingers and your neighbor day. Really got noticed so finally I have your your neighbors Vijay can waved. The other nine years are okay dangerous side yeah yeah good Mastny did. We don't even wanna. I'm doing a double header home we're always going to crybaby Elway you again I can't prevent and I try to find the reason behind it. I don't buy like credit as I spent a total of 45 seconds looking but I can quickly find a reason behind. Why wouldn't waive all marketing your that your neighbor today they have families when you get up and you get out of your house wait your fingers and you name it. Okay. Ten that's the most something even dumber than that I a Scottish farmer how to call the cops because noticed a tiger in his cow sheds. Any free galleries that oh my gosh I got a bunch of pregnant cows I don't want them to be devoured by tiger. So he called the cops. The cops show up. When a cop sees the tigers and I'm not getting out of the car I'm sorry I'm not doing anything instead of being a 45 minute standoff with his tiger. Only to find out the tiger was just a large stuffed animal. I can't claim that picture that I seen yeah it looks pretty realistic the only from a distance they understand that but he wasn't moving and all wasn't making any sound. I was tired tiger's playing possum that's all that's right you don't upset it can come plunging Najaf exact. America and its ferocious. I just love them they're like yeah you know what they give them a hard time about making this call you know they could have probably gotten into trouble for false cult and LK was genuine good intense. And even as the guy at the house Jimmy keep this stuff tiger as our mascot for the tax cuts to tiger. That's tiger part of the season just one who's today's day what they just wanna miss and make fun of those costs to rest the guys in the precinct. It does seem like an episode legacy from super troopers who really just. Tall man I love this story to nine year old girl and she just decided. You know what I need to sell some Girl Scout Cookies I need to sell them effectively and sell a bunch of them. She sold more than 300 box of cookies and about two or three hours whoa San Diego now why. She sold amounts of marijuana defense and add up six 'cause I don't. Outside of Urban League table posted on there is a grand come get some Girl Scout Cookies. Until 4 PM and now here's the thing that's a few right well that's wrong you can't be doing that kind of stuff. That's never tables set outside sent up outside of the story now would have been don't know what but she did have its wagons and move on site. So hey if it falls on the rules and everything's cool. And you give himself a bunch of girl scout cookie. He because that's 300 in just a couple of hours you know I'm a little frustrated with all there's another cell and outside their minera outside the supermarket to supermarket sells liquor I think mark when I was in Arizona for the soup Rowland suggested the patriots. There were Girl Scout Cookies being sold. All hours of the day and night and they were crushing it as you know after a few drinks. Nothing sounds bad and if you tag alongs I agree that well you know saw a year ago tomorrow it was a little. I belong to definitely the Cadillac goes. Girls got you I would say the Cadillac. That their Toyota they're good they're good model but the caddies yeah. Speaking of cars congratulations Seattle here in the top ten for the worst rush hour track. Thank you and he just got my number one. I'm gonna I'm going this well I'm I'm Imus in New York long debate. I think I sides I'm not gonna answer proud grant L day. That's right LA wow spent a hundred in two hours sitting in rush hour traffic last year. New York whose second go 92 hours Seattle at number nine with 55 hours wow that is again where my where smaller city in the number nine city and we shouldn't have traffic is bad that's not good. You know after the Super Bowl a lot of people's offices awful the people of Philadelphia could be when he comes up. How they celebrate these but they're also pretty awful when it comes to how they watch the Super Bowl because a couple. Were arrested. Forty year old man named Robert a 38 year old woman named crystal. Because well they left their young son outside of the bar. For about two hours as they watched the Super Bowl congratulations. That's right the six year old son was left to wander outside unsupervised the cops show up they confronted the couple. We started talking McChrystal and she said look it's a very big event. It's even try to fist pump but cops telling them how much he wanted to team to win I get that's great and your six year old is outside and out. And she told them what the bar didn't allow kids after 6 PM so they had to leave the kid in the trough. I mean is watching all you have scores anyway they simply went up periodically check on the boys but they were charged with child neglect and beds. I I guess and the you're watching on showtime and inside the NFL and dad microphones that caught the conversation between nicks falls. And coach Doug Peterson. When he came to that reversed touchdown pass that big trick play all yeah it falls ended up catching that touchdown passes and pretty awesome. Lot of people whose figured all of the coach called the play. Turns out that backup quarterback Brennaman Nicole is now the MVP for the Super Bowl. He's the one who decided to go for that place he'd actually ask the coach K can we do. What they called the Philly Philly. Wow and and we have the ideal of it now you'll hear. I'm the coach first union to foals and then there's a good eyes and it's kind of cool you're the coach is gonna think about it for about two or three seconds ago. Al lineup let's go for it check it out. Yeah let's do it why don't guys and yeah we're ball go ahead have some fun. Staff I know why go a lot of people have a lot of respect from the falls I don't know if you heard this story I guess there's a story came out a few years ago but it's resurface because of him being. The MVP clearly has a very large golf ball I didn't know that this story is putting on the mall wide. I guess back in 2014 years old days teammate Todd Connor bar when when I was Eagles. Hobbs told reporters that he had. Well the biggest package in the locker rooms woe another member of the team said I don't condone this conversation but also did debunks the conversation as well. And apparently in college nick pulls mix needs. Okay. It was big. We feel like this one foot long poles all my car while. There you go and take. I give them life can be even more awesome for the guys James didn't cause this is why I don't wanna be in the locker rooms. Hey speaking of that how about other New England Patriots fans slow you don't present tough time with the Super Bowl. And just like we've heard in the past download Spiegel I mean take his fans. Turn to porn to ease their pain. In Massachusetts traffic to porn have jumped as much as 26%. After the game ended. John Philly viewer ship went down about 58% no no surprise you to regime said the city on fire yeah tonight's contest. Enjoy some good stuff. Put their foot long hole Soria and how about the long pulls the I've driven he can be in the form for the patriots fans as far as whether fifty degrees and cloudy. Big break Minkow regularly anyway you once in Rome go to Disney world with my wife and she's gonna enjoy a foot long. She's serious does he extended hand so I was as you guys had a kind of sad part because the Stanley thinks they are again that's just not right with what. That guy gets to be a Super Bowl MVP and be told around how that kind of lumber that's just not fair so what do in order to be a good athlete he shouldn't have good. I just say that you should have one thing he really really good at them for that propels you to great stardom. And hang in no way you should not have two things because he could be a porn star with what he's toed around apparently apparently yeah that's not right to be a football star porn star. All the ladies love him anyway and then they and then they get big Rick Mickell NA when they deciding it'll rule that's not right earlier I guess I've read something college for gifted whenever he would score a touchdown that the booed the sidelines and his team Richardson Bigby miss. Okay yes see that's. That's. See that's why I'm so happy. Then I don't go to locker rooms because if I was if I was a great athlete. There will be different chance for me and it would not be a good one TD BJ reality T didn't get down and either BJ yeah I felt that we can be better yet thank senator you're welcome yes isn't an uncertain so I'll take the I was I was a story all I don't know of anyone understood yeah RB thanks you have that morning driving to work series around the room locker room you guys sign that he may be so good fun no it's not good fun when I'm the one that's getting funded. BK and honey that's all you could dish it we can't take it. I'd still alive now and I'm not when it comes to big rig mix now stands as volume we have big rig American men I'm dismiss me like you know. Little knob Bob or some whatever you guys come up with I don't know in the whole Bob Hope yes I'm here that BS. I guess they Steve. And I lol love Bob we expect yes it's just doesn't make full communion spokesperson for subway. These good that I took long pulls here so long balls. And it. Yeah that's now that that's item by money here that today another reason we hate that guy. Good acute care and it seems they're great guy has a great story and now we see every ring connect I don't need it now I know now. Those early especially foot longs and silly games now that definitely. And you could be a spokesperson for new attacks are for I talked at times Peter taught sex. Yeah. That's great film Bob Bob yeah I'm. Thanks glad I came up with that might say you know my mouth USA Steve. Not able to figure this one out there as you please stay off what brand of car falls into the routine. Merrill now it's chargers though it's a hole was it all man I see it I don't it's. The Red Wings' Jersey on its. I do. We're ready Darrell. Know my friends from Murray it was a flu are you remember he had made news and your shot at BC you've got a 206421. Rock and well played beat megs at 647. Camerota. 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