BJ & MIGS Podcast 02-07-18-7A: What ridiculous purchase did your significant other make?

Wednesday, February 7th

Beat Migs. A new survey says that 28% of people say their partner is the reckless spender in their relationship. Luke warm topic.


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Man and so or maybe Alaska because that is why don't I stay back at. Do you are you ready for some lack in flash LC reds whom. Whack at. Throughout the door contestant today we get Jeff is she well and Jeff are you there sir. Yeah very excellent when somebody it was a labor today Steve Simon is in macedon tickets are around marry more parked on June 22 go to KI SW dot com for all the details. Usually a mastodon if you actually got trying to ski tickets now at eight access dot com I have a question where where they plan to marry more park cost yet they said marry Martha's one of those words you couldn't that I Chevron I thought I hit the center are married more out there are currently obviously are arranged marry more Harry Reid's new carry more grants he always went somewhere in America more married more yeah do you know where I'm talking about the Miramar park there where is that. That's. Not that it does Samantha she areas and it's about northwest. Redmond it Redmond. All he said it. And opportunities that may corporate conduct I know is up north why don't its northeast eighty soaps will be easy. Focusing on how my and he's sound may use this is it a rest of the stuff I'm saying and nowhere Mary more or marry more part give I no matter what its revenues and as. No yeah it's northwest didn't. Are places accepting they're actually Brenda threw him to marry more hearkens us for our lives. In a concert there a couple of times I'm sure you have a Red Sox beat that collective soul. I know it was actually Michael front I don't friend Fred Davis Michael friend dealing anti. I think it's Francais. I think it's vital front in all its own experience from say things got frank he had married mar tar. Right Steve why are we doing now. I don't know I don't care and then came to play. OK. I went over there I don't know. Hey dad 00 boy you know Jeb will add sixty seconds to answer ten questions Jeff you can't pass all you want but you'll only get three guesses for questioned how are you ready from them. Quiet yeah. What is the name of why new grad who serves as the mentor of the teenage mutant ninja turtles as I wish you west east is nicknamed the tar heel state. No no no I know you adds to what scandals forced US president Richard Nixon to resign in 1974. Hour. Observed two to three times now. It's. Jason adds to what was Superman's love interest lewis' last name's. Lane yet as well. What's former baseball player was actress holly Mary's first husband who has no clinics no penalties. Aren't. Yeah I. Just didn't just ask which western actor played Hingis caught in the conqueror. Who that is what color is an adult bald Eagles beat. Yellow T asked you what Asian country did this domesticated pot bellied pig originated. China now it's just an adult for Korea now hockey legend Wayne Gretzky was born and what decade. Cool. And we're gonna go as. This cease you know borrow any. 3456. Guerrero that can be the difference magnate death I know yes you get to that I'm pretty sure glad she gets a specific date on that you know there's a couple of didn't. Our Internet we'll have to see how this works out. Season can pronounces the word correctly. Because you know it pronunciation counts and beat me and it's sure does tonight each of these yeah. Are here for a cease teeth because. What is the name of the mutant Pratt and serves as the mentor the teenage mutant ninja turtles yes I wish you west state is next man in the tar heel state. All off Oklahoma knows how her little team the Tar Heels I know there's a team how that must know it's not. Obviously it's narrow little scandal. Our president Richard Nixon to resign in nineteen Diaz. What was well oh well what Superman's. Love interest Lois his last name's Lois last name is Ty he's asking him what former baseball player was actress Halley Berry's first husband. David Justice chelation. Which western actor played game gets caught in the conqueror Tommy yes. What color is an adult bald Eagles deep yellow gas going to be used in what Asian country did the domesticated hot Phillies dig originates. Loans. I like ourselves and it's. The optics. Giant now it's Japan's knelt to Korea now oh times hockey legend Wayne Gretzky was born and wasn't decade. In the sixties yet as well what you want I think flowers yes or what was the first animals sent up the outer space. Monkey no dog yeah to our our own and own 1234567. But it doesn't matter you are so. Sorrow and Jeff cook it and you'll hear the news. Actually what I see yeah you're great today. I saw play any jobs. Does indeed thanks man have a great day ask your knowledge of two Wayne's Jon and Wayne Gretzky. Got Julie Allison and I insanity I would have never guessed he would say that western line I missed the western line because I die I just heard who played Deng has gone silent I totally I don't the only John Wayne anyway but. Yeah that was the reason why third out through the western and holy if you win four or do you got written Steve you did. The one that you missed did the tar heel state I just got correct is North Carolina Satan Michael Jordan. Was he. It was me I don't know yeah I haven't looked at upside no idea yet he doesn't know what he had so it's asking him for doesn't know what you can hear from your announce the don't ask -- -- -- when they -- to chip in your brain we won't even need it dude I would totally go for that or you think yeah Adelaide in south Smart yes sounds Smart and probably when bar trivia yes but every everybody else can have a chip to view if you're gonna have a chip everyone's gonna have a chip now. Plus a fun I now know more of our tribute in the Asian country that that domesticated dot pot bellied pig originated from. I have now. Vietnam I was called to his wife Nancy Vietnam I don't know why you didn't thank you forget that that's an as to forget that country like guys keep getting it's a country and I should because we were there. Who like you were there. We were there all as a country if he wasn't there okay when you go to Vietnam I have not been to Vietnam limited announced that or any torpedoed the our congratulations Steve your what was sort of correct caller seven you are aware unit should go primus and macedon merry mark park. And Harry Mark Parker married Narnia. And that's to be back in June so check if you wanna be caller number seven just 206421 rocket and hope that that's you know. Big news just stay from Lucas film they announced that that folks that do game with frozen creators David. Denny often DB Weiss are gonna write and produce a new series Star Wars films we heard rumors there and you know the new three near yeah. It's going to be like marvel movies who's gonna haven't read. Inundated with Star Wars movie has no we intent you'll need an up we'll hope we'll incorporate dragons and boobs. In Star Wars who who spaced arrogance yeah it's based movie space food assessed based drag ends. A lot of folks are excited about this because people have loved what these two dudes have done with gamma trounce. And I think that they'll be part of the Star Wars universe EA. Again you're either you right Steve like how are we gonna get more more these but if you get good writing. Then you know what you don't care and I guess is not going to be any about the Luke and lay the universe all the movies we've seen so far one through nine basically. Well there will be nothing about that'll be a whole Italy said the Star Wars universe could really have nothing to do it any of those. Folks so is banking on the name that's sick it's continuously going to be scifi movies. Yeah I just listened and learned about Spiderman Spiderman. I mean they are well when you're younger like how to hunt in the U minus the crappy seventy Spider-Man movie star would that be awesome when needed just make it. Cool Spider-Man movie and then they did you like on misses and this is fantastic and Nieminen on all this is corn and another one another one on me like I I've lost track. I feel like that's a seemingly Star Wars after the seven he's ready eighties whenever they finish in the tonnage and I think always they gonna come back to give us some more Star Wars and it was except. You wanted to so bad only David do you like yes this is awesome and Elmo worry that it's just like. Every year revenue Star Wars movie it's gonna get will be that's going to be too much you might have been the only one that thought this is awesome and they gave us episodes 12 and three there are too many people thought that was awesome but I completely bypass those and just thought about the more recent all the more reason why you know those socks Pacquiao REI. You know I om I Dicey what you mean when there's fatiguing. It just depends if it's a good if it's really good then you know you go you know what it's like its Mission Impossible I'm looking forward to because I saw the trailer for the new Mission Impossible movie. But at least faced a mallet to more accurate to say every five or six years you get to a new Mission Impossible is on every year I agree with you on that respect but you know it's been a long time you think you wouldn't care anymore you get Tom Cruise fatigue you may be a mission possible fatigue but you may be right could be the five years. Tom I'm looking forward to this because I love what those guys have done I'm gonna miss their collaboration. Because Gingrich runs or less he's gonna happen next year and that's it. So the fact until you know take part the Star Wars world. It was just is exciting for me when they announced that Quentin Tarantino's gonna do a Star Trek movie is like why are all OK I can't wait to see mr. pink in space. I just hope that they space now little sister can I ask because that. I am desperate yes. Homers is updated includes video to. Hello how funny would back me. They decide to bring in some of the argument drones characters that would be well you know it's interesting I eighty I wouldn't be surprised if he brings instant game thrown actors. I'm I'm you know live there there's a little British feel actually to some of the Star Wars daisy released British. And so there always has been some sort of British feel to some notes of the Star Wars movies all of the empire has British accents yeah I'll and then there is turn Gary in a million Clark is going to in the console moving. Oh did you realize you do in the trailer I didn't know that was her well she doesn't have blond hair and that's why I didn't recognize her she's the woman that was a lie and she's everywhere. Tonight and James Bond movies did you become messy again though they get any peace face amount enough. As I'm worried at every year I feel like we're gonna have any Star Wars movie every year it's it's it's like that right now what this console is coming up this upcoming year I know I will tell you this. It's a different movie. With a familiar backdrop shark is what it is you're right but you're react if you know but people like you don't you know you think it's just the same crap but. What they're doing is going hey here's a scifi movie but it's an universe you know is opposed to here's a whole different scifi movie don't know me about. Is why this is well done that's all I care about. I am so they were about one and a bad ones and and then Monday at this this that I can go back to Spiderman but after a while I was like. They kinda current iPhone like the last couple. Led the the last one was really give a type with told McGuire an enemy that switch it was all and Garfield yeah there is nothing special iconic. Dismissed watching any Spiderman movies in him reluctantly watched the last alike dammit why that we saw on the watch this one's from San task. Yet people in the know blame the fact that it was not controlled by a marble and see you so that's why when I was they made their deal with Columbia and Sony and say hey. You know what will let you have iron man's shoulder to Spiderman movie if you let Spiderman show up in the Captain America movie and finally they're like all right fine. And that's win marvel got a hold and said will show you how to do Spiderman movie and that's why I mean they. They made perhaps the the most likable Spiderman has ever bent. But you're Steve this fatigue and no doubt about it man man's coming out I don't know I I every Chick Flicks and they start to examine a black cat there. I never cared about them the comic books I just thought they were minor characters still marvels on a great job making good movies about these minor character is my galaxy Z yeah employee I didn't care about the Ariza galaxy is a comic book but I know some people did but they weren't the big ones for me and so it's like Marmol could make a movie about anything at this point BMC unite and I'm not Sony and not twenty century fox but marble themselves. One person arm but he returned under BC's the sing guys need that dead pool trailer 10 month this morning did you check it out yet why we've seen it yet. Oh my god it's amazing it is so and why that movie coming up eighteen yes only got data may is the best month her yeah you're right do you got your avengers coming out yeah yeah yeah well alone console comes out on the 25 this okay yeah. And an entity your comes on on the forest player you're right student may is saying to Disney's gonna own maiden. I heard I was watching the trailer with Brad and he was making some some noises like things that are only reserved for his wife. Okay I'll bet I can help me I think my favorite character my theory hero okay played by Josh prone as cable and he's. And John Boehner is also playing panels and and I gotta give to our phones having an orgasm over the area out sorry he's out of the guy when I was at the Star Wars movie and at that moment when him until the war steal whatever it is hyper hybrid drive their own social or and he got all quiet and the guy beyond just slip. Yeah how I like Amanda didn't have an accident pages that next time I amaze me that noise as well take got bucket of popcorn away from the guys that's a fact. Try to rev yeah. So I have a question. And this is going to be great to talk to Steve about this who do you think is the more reckless spender in a relationship. Mowlds. No answers Norris. You might be wrong yeah oh yeah okay we'll I'll tell you it's 717. On the rocks. Yeah it's. Yeah. I guess helps you. I got a point nine KI SW Iraq gum Seattle. Got a new survey. Turns out that 28% of their people saying. Their partner. Is the big game reckless spender in their relationship plus plus. Yeah and only 13% of people admit that they're the ones actually blown through the cash. I think I had been taken about this story have you had to have had an event yes. And I'm trying to figure out who's more reckless in my relationships well I don't know much about your wife but I just know that you have a T shirt collection that's insane crap from. All right this must act throughout the T shirts the drums. The center of the turn whose hockey equipment that I mean these are exciting hockey equipment and while I don't apply very expensive hobbies that you have now. Probably you know but she gets these shoes. She's a super healthy I think. I think healthy person getting all this healthy stuff and it was good she's my PayPal account to get a lot of stuff so my I would note this is why and stories are list. From protein this and that so yeah I guess the things that she's buying aren't necessarily reckless like it's for health and it's for but it's not cheap. No all no sonus powders like it's. I'm looking at the Belmont might she's ran my quick battles going on here and it's tastes like sushi mind if a company that technically you are kidding man it's it's so sad that like all the good taste in crude yet is the cheapest fruit now and I'll be healthy food. It is. It is video around all the treats and all the stuff used to be more expensive than healthy food now it's flipped right it's hard to buy vegetables and it is to have big Mac and I know man it's not right to. Probably yeah you're right I'm definitely more reckless embalmed until impulsive man make a bomb now. The author as I once of the new lumps like won't want to look at my uncle my savings account makes economic you know doing okay are now we get the bills paid. Well despite this my favorite thing is when you're looking IE fine it's he shared on sale or anything you can dine me out no sadness here I think I'm just a moral dilemma yelling I want this mission I he starts sweating a little day you know rights which is that you really want and I leave the page open for the entire show yeah as the case may change my mind. It is amazing because I'm looking your teacher now and I mean I EU either you awarded very little or I've never seen it before. I want this I get Assange and its I'm not too by the old us Seattle semi pro wrestling crew is that they're now 321 battle guys that error. Seattle semi pro wrestling and so it's. It several vintage at least you get those for free I think for the most part yeah that's right to my wife. Oh OK then the committee on how good wrestlers guy policy your peers and we I don't know if you pay gap got lunches to eat got about that merge. I'm I'm a supporter and whether he stands are wrestlers if I know yeah I'm buying emerged. Survey also found out and about three antenna couples. Have separate bank accounts 30% of couples pretty much have separate bank accounts. 17 people and actually ended a relationship over money we know it's a huge stress or money is always a huge stress or any relationship. I'd I'd I'd make it a point I refuse to let money ever be. A source of an argument like we want conversations a crusade I think you're spending too much from spending too much. But I I don't ever wanna be hammer my parents sometimes it would skits and he's like screaming matches over money I remember did add speed like I never want to be that person. Even if it's a worm we're going check to check sometimes because we make it's bad purchases I still. Try it in the back of my mind don't let this get you nuts you know it's it's gonna be fine by your better men remain yeah yeah yeah and you pay some money. Well hi I'm the one that I'm the reckless one and our relationship so I I would fight re talking about the board games. Well now I mean I don't need to buy lunch to end well. Yet now I mud I think I'm a lot more reasonable and my wife has always been good with money she's been very thrifty. It's it's it's tough for her to actually spend money on herself I got really lucky in that department she didn't because I have no problem spending money soft so there's always supposed to do it the money. I spoil you supposed to save for retirement so that when you quit you would wake you get to be 65 you can actually not have to work anymore I mean like. We saw some twirled do we were at the supermarket now us thinking man and this guy looks like he's in his seventies and he's still got this job can't let a lot of Americans because he probably needs it. Maybe you amazed pride does need the maybe also he likes having it. I know that's the case you know I hope you're right it I hope he's able to take care of himself and this is just a fun job for him copyright might come justified so I could be eighty years old working and still buying T shirts. I had that I mean I know people would do that man immediately you know they'd they'd they'd like to. They like to keep up their lifestyle and they feel like they're doing OK if they're spending their money that isn't invading your retirement money either way though. Yeah you and I both are a problem and it's tax break of a great point words to live by agreement isn't he great hole isn't any bigger he had more money in your pocket. All look at that right yes it does those kind of words get me in trouble they really better than we always a make a bad person exactly yeah. I. On W dot com right now Byron do Dem on the roster certain guys don't do invited all right. So pretty much 30% of us say the partner is our partners the reckless spender in their relationship. Based on this we wanna know what ridiculous purchased did your significant other make it in fact that they are the ones that other reckless spender or. Are you gutsy enough to say yeah you are the reckless spender and why crazy purchased did you make. 206421 rock Texas 77999. So what meticulous purchased did your significant other make or maybe you made that crazy purges. Your calls your text after Green Day. On the rock. And makes it more news on the rock and 99.9 KI DSW. Guys quite nice KI SW the rock of Seattle so about 30% of us say that our partner. Is the reckless spender in the relationships are based on this we wanna know what ridiculous purchased as your significant other make or maybe you more than one made the ridiculous purchase. Let's go to Josh and Seattle Josh you are on the Iraq. I'll be going that's about Josh would you enforce anybody's. On the reckless letter my religion to ferry Gaza. Which do which in my. Aren't plugged into a vehicle performance I'm all go and off roading. Are all broad ridge are not really closely to pick up to tell. A blue transmission in my vehicle coach Rick. And I couldn't tell my caller to the woods went out and bought and got to buy another transmission and went on bought another offer ordered to illustrate legal that there. Cut a nice. Say go. Not to worry about Tony anymore Barea. Yeah I know go back a bar fight I'd go look belly up the three little lawn and then the they've won eight we call the big Toyota now on her duke Meehan boy it. So and how do you get and so you don't have any they've told anymore how do you get an opera you know we got to get it legally. Well a friend Billy. Offered to borrow a drug. But I government regulation back. About three weeks ago started on both Orton at the. How that's so basically so you've got your transmission cake and any new aided through the new rink that's awesome. Yup and elegantly burnout little can I ask you how much the new rig costs than than the new legal one. The newly all of the Dow the lord fighter I'd say us not to very low level what does the opera on one card is that. A lot better than those fifteen and oh man yeah I'm 29 now so it's been about it's gone through three different renovation. I'd probably say I had to get made that probably got upwards of thirty to forty don't know that I want. Hamdoon. And how much why or how much grief does your significant other get beyond that one or it did does she realize hey man this is what he does an easy cabinda he can be a truck yet excellent do this. Exactly that that's putting it could help down ticket didn't do a lot more than that put us. It's a truce and I don't go don't go all you're gonna do it gonna do anyway don't. I like that up you just spent 5000 dollars on a big Greg. Who ought to move. Could North Korea heroin addict a stroke. Yeah I don't know that was our way of getting at these things if well you know why are these adolescents and however just in 400 dollars on drum wraps yeah you can blow a lot of money and then you give me Dead Sea at least he's still alive and he's not blown as much might you be there you value those drugs you know you the most and Cashman. Parents don't and I doubt and a Muslim reckless when I just recently that is spent their 400 to get these fingered their code from wraps its bid to change the look of your drums so my old drums. Did you ever seen problems like retracing your kitchen cabinets pretty much so there were these old like red blood we kits from the seventies there's beat out Southern California kid but I really love my kids so why just give my whole new look and just be wrapped them. Well that's not cheap because that's a guy I want to silver sparkly looking. Warned about Slater a little tart up pretty well do they look great also yeah. But of course you know well as it was now 400 dollars you spend on this might want could be heroin addict and that goes I go ahead. How much is and now if you want to get a brand new drum kit how much would that have been depends on prices but probably for what I have if I mean I was at minimum. 15100 are criminals but every and you cannot like the old kicks could say hello savings though do yeah 400 army units a third of what it would cost get a new kid. And I like the sound of an old Kim way more than the newer kitchen gas Sosa got the new look but still that old sound is that the one you use when you were bruiser Brody and yeah yes that I'll get. They know what you put that seems that as CD gave me OK and say look how this outside interests are amazing you can't put a price on this staff. An amount heroin guy and you're not on her own right that's an important thing post go to Joseph an average Joseph you Iran Iraq. Shape Hulu Paris. In the car. Too bad you don't. Get. It side by appreciate it appreciate the love my friend now are you the reckless spender or you see this and another. Hey yeah. You're right I knowing what we think it's always the women I mean if you were to ask anybody go to the either reckless spenders but I skies with our hobbies. We it's we can sink a lot of dough and our hobbies we really can't. Yeah yeah tiger is great but my outdoor. Yeah so what's your yeah. I saltwater aquarium and Euro bid for a little. Oh I I I spent a lot big. Outlook. That I got it out last month. And yet they are light or light side it I'm rules on the lines. Really cannot do that they had you know there's this bit got out that these dark uninsured. Or. Do we do me a favor you've gotta you gotta send us a picture I'm not out as they location velocity of your whole setup I got to see that if you got a 500 dollar light for your tank you must have a pretty sweet tank doesn't come at a Disco ball for your finishes every other. Actually pay extra trying to get away from the get the ball back but. So what are how much what's the most expensive fish you bought the. I don't I don't spend much money on dish the most respected and shot is probably like. Forty about yourself like I am really not that bad in the world daughter bash coral where at bat and I like the oral you know there. Yeah I yeah it's like are in the cents or yen to home. Early. It yeah. Parliament that giant wall sized fish tank already tuned you'll I would not wanna take care rewrite to write love that man did Jody may have people they'll like take Jerry Chris thanks for EC don't gotta go dang thing are already had the least throw fear of food in their everyday. I know they absolutely have people that'll let somebody like me and Kate yeah. In a cabinet each year teacher say there's a lot of local bed sores that don't like that and make giggle out of there. Let me just going out it'll air tanks or. Wow that's freeze we are I might have Diaz Steve we might be able do this and I appreciate the call buddy you used to you BI. Parents to a finish yeah that if I have to take care of and I and that's my thing with animals is I don't take care of this feed it to mean ideally for somebody said he said that's a market combined do that Foreman oh my gosh yeah how hard is legal visas for his food didn't. Who has a great impression of their own you know cleaning part yeah IE I don't know anyone if you aren't your kids online is that's a very good question. I was so happy that Cathy was feed them and then when they were old enough that you're on your own kids on number via feed yourself yeah I'm done I'm done with take care stuff. The I don't wanna have any responsibility so I'd go chase take a weekend do what I wanna do I wanted to be beholden to an animal I love it man I love that freedom. I just text message tasty this is by Cabrera did spend 400 dollars for repairs to keep Danny's. I could very well I can't stand her her husband Bobby keys and these small let me where them. Instead of really it's no it's a joke so now they're the first ones from by derivatives financial announcers who brought I Cabrera in their tax on so gullible I thought his wife really wanted to Wear big east standings all you'll appreciate this on because it goes back to our time in Vegas last year I was in Vegas on my boyfriend and he gave twenty dollars to two girls dress like sexy cop to get a picture with them. C and they think I'm that guy. So I wouldn't do it I would not do it. No not gonna do that I mean I only women that I did I get my hope is taken picks for free come out I was at south that's out just I didn't realize that and I must've missed that hard to Vegas reality Alan you know you've missed that part of me. We've boxes that you ought to see a picture I know dude it's but again you know your drink in and you you don't make good decisions in Vegas she out of more than willing to spend top dollar to get a picture with the puck all the vendors. Oh yeah of course that would those guys have worked completely out of shape yet that would have been fun yeah yeah the avengers on a Bender yeah. The vendor the avengers. 20642 on rocky and also Texas is 77999. And we're looking for The Who may be ridiculous purchase in your relationship with the U or was it her back and whoever is very Torre brought a 500 dollar moped with our last bit of money without telling her I never made that mistake again. Oh boy. The rev I the red is raising his hand I'd like to know it. Cool you know what rev I've talked to yield my I'm not sure out of the both of you who makes the most ridiculous purchases because I know you both like to have fun in life. We do like to have fun but usually it's on my dime my wife is very cheap when it comes that sort of thing all of reckless spender with your money yeah exactly he's Smart well. I actually know it was me and it was a bit of an intoxicated purchase eyesight FaceBook posts from our friend Barbara and who does the cakes yeah all yeah Barbara and Kim she's awesome she's outstanding so I commissioned her to make my birthday cake that guy here and I'm getting. And infinity gauntlet cake made. By her. And at what a terrific idea yak yak and 8000 a fitted bed and didn't need to obviously you have not been paying attention to the marvel cinematic universe with the house. I dad showed a movie coming out Steve they are my birthday. Is the infinity war which is the infinity gauntlet. Which is this giant. This dying glove that holds all the Infiniti stones obviously a glove and a bunch Eminem's on it. You gas eggs. Eminem got to let you know and Eminem's there's a bigger job they look at and actually value as a European Eminem's wants and so I'm getting one and made that is a foot. Foot high and I made out of red velvet cake when little green cheese frosting she. So she's she's here and Eminem's at the gauntlet stealth. To probably well. Why that was Nestle crazier than golf exercise like you know what incredible idea for your kid he's not crazy assists I wasn't expecting you to say that pat I think every great about what that part of the create two well I don't know if you're definitely if you're going to be getting any of Mittal I don't know what you did at that point you've got two beautiful now he. And then needed anchor this guy we've had some of barbour's case before and it has not only do they look amazing they're delicious yes you super talented yeah are you superstar for that I'm also drop and 150 bucks or debit reward pick absolutely she makes that you know you can outside in men is in the case of our face yeah I don't I don't face sounds awesome and my face actually was Jason and I expected depth I was very telling ya I. 80% of people have been caught doing something being at work a certain something. While about 20% of people have caught someone else doing this certain something what is it I'll tell you at 747. On the Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney she's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy here's another listener questions. How do you rebuild my credit after filing bankruptcy. How do you rebuild it you know from one credit during good times might make your payments on time. 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