BJ & MIGS Podcast 02-07-18-9A: Listeners on the loose

Wednesday, February 7th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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This is BJ thanks goes into our shows podge yes if you're sick of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcasts. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at DJD animation dot com. Your home is going into foreclosure and you feel like your financial rack and you don't know where to turn for accurate information. I'm bankruptcy attorney I was genuinely and there's talk about some legal options everywhere and quickly we can propose a plan to save your home modified loan or in many cases even eliminate your second mortgage yeah consultation is free and I felt hundreds of people just like you make informed decisions about whether to save their home or accident on a reasonable organized crime line. Jesse juices atone for the next chapter of my life it's contact news day choose the right chapter. Just choose the right chapter dot com. I'd say I have come to Iraq from Seattle. On Saturday march 10 suburban and taken. Returning. The Seattle design center. He got burden from a variety of distillery is so that's good taste good and then eateries are giving you a great variety of vacant streets. Oh it's good distillery is eateries for Penn State game. Good razor and a day or during the night we got premium general admission tickets go to KI SW dot com a site if tickets right now. Suburban and they can fast benefiting our friends at three outs. Game. Hey down on TV and well why do because it is like it Wednesday. Steve you Marty lacked one opponent today you know it but we have New York Kryptonite. Oh woman yes we've got Teresa in Alaska Teresa are fair. Not sober overweight adult airplay is a daughter played over or not so very. Yummy but it. Well I don't know her looks 2000 union on Alaska and in strengthening our mass riots in recent he really did that it I feel kind of bad because they're the commercial launch. Search direction the lady goes. Your child has stretch and I like I wish to just let it as bad. I knew in I don't know what is. It's ordinary businesses. I'm not really take your candidate I'd be I'd feel guilty and yet you know what time it is it's a recent. And yes it or not and it changed. All right it's 200 trees what do you plan for the rest tonight yeah. All we got much liability. How amazing I love three's they all refer you somewhere in black you wind they're eight yeah. That lack any. You know I if she's crazy but she's won the announced the purchase it when I went in the back. No let's get. The car. And people say. I guess I enable real where's the sunshine has only seven years it's either the sunshine down there and I'll ask you really. That's still Lilly is gorgeous now allows us beating I mean it's you know losers and winners and wave it's lacking the I mean gunned down. I turned out you guys about an hour hour and a half outside of Seattle. Yeah I am really don't believe it's sunny down there man I hugged I don't robs. What do you do for fun now what it's like it's a bald eagle now account guilt. The reason I was gonna see what you do for fun I'd really rather not yet I just a constitutional studies done here I doubt I'd speed and it looks like so she's getting stone on the beautiful country that sunny day I think she's got the joke on us I really don't look happy Walters. Yeah I'm the whole big did not. Are you gay. And that customer based amazes don't know OK okay. Gary yeah email or later we will hear an extra seat. Perhaps an icon jacket it I didn't know Larry I know I see you it's. Always so we. And I loved Teresa thanks is that what they're telling John I don't know I'm on drugs after her name I think you'd kill I love the legal. Legal and take it. It's to have. Sounds like some great times yeah that is why I mean. Yeah I have ever won it yet the question I see no game is quickly went back welcome what are you playing today. All Manny should document soon. I suspect I us. So I guess you're usually talking emotions and now what else Steve Wallace is ultimately prepare to see a blue oyster cult which is a lot of fun to see when you're on should tot he monster and oh yeah. Good day. Already general queen casino on March 10 go to KI SW dot com for all the details. And if you want a ticket you know. Yeah. Carmelo gossip column you know I'd be are they easier now get out of this. Those playing it Algeria's civil as sixty seconds to answer ten questions three see you again that's all you law but you'll only embryos is her question. Are you ready this. Leo. And I hope on the Checkpoint Charlie was the gate that divided the east and west portions of what city. Again Checkpoint Charlie with these gates has divided the east and west portions of what city. I have taxed Michael Jackson was told that he knows why he's. Fox asked which ocean does Bangladesh have direct access to. It's India and yet as to what was Tokyo's father's name. Get checked out yet as to what was Tom Petty is backing band. Top heartbreaker you asked what color is always on top of a single rainbows that's. Politics drags Diaz is what I only when mussina made nuclear accident in 1979. Games. I know I asked what type of Stanley had to get spoiled in a pot of water in the movie fatal attraction to. I'm glad he ran you ask don't Joes or are cowboys for what south American countries. And Argentina and yes you can't hopeless here stratosphere in the East Coast here all mixed up part of her ex wives. At this here you at eight out of my head after he got so there is doing quite well today is pretty he. She would have been my ass definitely added I'm not saying wow you know what's these. Yeah Joseph may be on you Powell is. There are. Favorite. And he's a like crazy people are drug truckers don't people but not as radio I'm telling you I think it I'm not crazy all right well you've been tested event. It's a non crazy eyed cat I kind of like you now and if you back data it. Aren't there and OK we'll Steve I just I stunt I'm Steve loses is my job how how how what else are you look how are you ready. And jetting out Checkpoint Charlie was he gave that divided east and west portions of what city Texas now. Top. Washington's nose to Dallas now. Michael Jackson was called up you know Wyatt pop yeah as to which she does Bangladesh have direct access to. Pacific now Indians yet as light what was Nokia its mother's names I just went out yeah asks. What was Tom's head he's back he's managed to heart breakers. Yeah asks what color is always at the top of the single rainbow. Too little doubt drags yes yes what they eyelid was the scene of a nuclear accident in 1979. Runs highlands to. Spot in sir it's no. Except Hawaii you know always got to now are what type little family can't get spoiled and a pot of water in the movie fatal attraction. My registry usually do disaster wrap things she did yes crowd Joes are cowboys for what south American countries Peru now brown do you know. Argentina yeah at 134567. You did great Steve which didn't do good nephew in law. Oh and good job resell. Yes that's right just yet slowed our. Dry and the dollar also loser power for Steve. Teresa you're amazing. I am a you have got to live through so. I gotta get surprised Texas and her decision amend term several times and only trade you'll say that they've been tested. Fiat I won't even ask if she does these elements are for a bit so I'm glad she decided not shared sometime with us as a lover. Wow. What island was the scene heavy nuclear accident in 1979 to three mile path could spare obviously there was a mile yeah. Right Eminem wasn't part of that have no idea. Checkpoint Charlie was he deeply divided the east and west portions of what cities of Berlin yes I don't Kazan east west Germany. Daughter knows a big thing you know the walls and an idea yeah the other I guess I was stuck on America to murder Murray knew then you also incident cities and a couple of stayed I correct myself going to Dallas you're just money. Congratulations. But actually congratulations to worry too to Greece out. For Kenya today that's right she gimmick good what I asked you if you tie Stevie and a prize so that's pretty cool thing. I'm exhausted from that yes she's this is how immigration. I'm Joseph she's got some sunshine I wanted to get drive does seem to be really down there that you check what's the weather like you lost right now I have I'm still question whether an Irish really sunny there I had zero if you're watching mega television Joan Harrison son and yourself and you know I know sequim gets a lot of sun then but you know that's that's automatic valve that's why yeah I don't even know that means I hear and of people say it's because of the banana belt I wanna be in the banana belt. Whenever that may not like a it's up 46 degrees and I'll ask and partly cloudy. How partly cloud area mostly cloudy in some believe in the part that she's in the sunny ratio some break yeah can be. Have a great time. All right. You know what maybe it's being stoned they'll make you better person because now they're saying meditation doesn't actually do that. Murrow would boo doesn't mean you're better person meditation I never thought that meditation may do a better person that's of people five days if you meditate you be a better person. I always thought it's time maybe release some stress. Helps you focus kind of gives you some direction out of its. Sound like to be a better person I had although I guess yeah I guess in a while roundabout way yeah I didn't I don't know but you know what this is what the article says it says. Yeah I can't make you a better person might be more compassionate less aggressive less prejudiced. But he can lower your stress that can help for depression can improve your health. I got to still think that those things make a better person when you're a lot healthier and year. Annualized stress let's say like you know I mean I know you're Tressel as I should say I'm a big deal factor into becoming a better person. I think I like to study. I mean because I think you've got a date I do now I never did before and after I did my thing last march. Byron Katie yeah hey you know that's the other thing I think you also have to have a philosophy behind that works for you. You don't just sit and just sit around just meditating I think you gotta be meditating on something like being a better person not easily starts from a philosophical viewpoints. That always made maybe I'll. Finest of the flow style meditating as I've and I go right. Flip Seattle that's gonna tell have you and and yet all knowledge is very it's very meditative wanted to there but he shot and he's the guy owns the place. He always says if you think of anything just let that stop packs. And so I just assume that's how meditating is that you don't really come into it with an idea what you wanna think about you just telling your thoughts coming go as they as they make it almost like it's kind of like passing through your brain and you have to focus on one thing's kind of give yourself in your mind some peace. Because not dwelling on anything that thinking about anything. Well that's indeed there's actually a deep philosophy. To what he's saying. Okay yes they are which is basically that you know your thoughts aren't real which means anything that you believe in life really isn't real. That's why they say let your thoughts go because they're not real and you really know nothing you can't know anything you don't know any facts many different. Cultures and and and spiritual works over the years you know eastern philosophy that's the idea you know you just. You go you basically go finalist spots are not real and so this thought that I'd like did achieve her now is not real that's right apparel and seems real to me I now. But that's that they would do a death I'd go. Now why did you see how soon so cheeseburger thoughts Gagne got the dates and Arab now one officer Tel. And then CA go buddy if you do more meditate you won't want any of that or maybe he'll want all that I know there are really hungry now yeah I'm with Jim Allen. So that's the ticket right there are some meditation. Does it make you less. Mean but I feel like you meditate a lot and you get healthier stress if you eat better get stress free you probably won't be as mean anyway. With Yucca sub paint a picture for me if I'm how do you meditate equity dealing at night every morning owner and I saw my clothes are different in my office I get up in the morning Baja first thing I do is have Alexi gimme some news OK then I relax guys she can I have my flash briefing which Alexa does and all of the non organizations like AT and and sports center and all that including king five. Shall tell me all that. Then I go put Alexi in the room tired in my song go elects you know pair my phone and I put on one of my meditation from Byron Katie and I sit there for about twenty minutes so what is the meditation from Byron is it hurt really KE. Yeah how you do on their behalf close doesn't go sexy meditation that's not Tokai maybe that would be the meditation you want from Mike I was picture meditating in silence CO song talk continuing meditating yeah but she gives you lots of silence. But she teaching coach June 2 thoughts because thoughts come up. It's just you know you think you know if it's console SM have done is pretty amazing this is you. But in our thoughts come up and she just has a process of how you can let go of your thoughts sites like 45 seconds is silence and I suspect. Stop thinking yes okay pairing came out and and how this guy that. Yeah she gets in the right mode behind it should you know focus on the present moment focus on your breath that's with a lot of medication does focus on your breast. Focus on the cool things in life how does this go for twenty minutes wasn't her thing goes for our violet over twenty messages put on fox. I'll still you got I'll go from you know I'll start I'll Dow started beginning amended tomorrow I'll start out to five minutes and onto ten minutes and how aggressive the whole thing done. How can execute fidelity as various yeah I guess I did this story as the end of the story is a pretty cool dude if I meditate that's the and his Turkish and you announce your Medicaid. None of Ricky no no definitely had to spend you know it's one named Tony thirty minutes Annan deal toilet that's. Yeah that's is that the announcers after minutes in a moment is and yeah she's now for the toilet. I it's time for listeners on the loose you pick a topic you guys to show 206421. Rock Texas it's 77999. Your call your texts at 917 big bomb Iraq. And they X morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. Rocked by cards joys Lester goes where you think it's off eight your guide to show you know six ports one rock you can also text does. At 77999. Doesn't matter what you wanna talk about my friend. You picked a topic you guys that show but she does have a rule can be just a simple one this is just a minute game bring an otherwise. Bold he's blessed are roughly the hopefully it will and it still who have just given in the hood I didn't turn it. You run any more and more money more guys which. So our last week and I guess it was touched on briefly I'm this girl connection tonight Linda wasn't she actually got our own. So they're customer data access these we O'Toole yeah I was third yeah. Obama or some India that Richard area where. Yeah yeah exactly and they and come geology BJ I'm sorry that your peers so many so. Danger regarding your daughter. And yeah I know your position you have US that's got to be well. Hey everybody just a friend like Steve should may just a real good but he likes these as I mean your daughter and opportunities and on the radio on my hardest things that she likes the seminoles in my opinion is yeah you know I mean. Smaller tiger call you. Oh it's still a great kid out who I. I. Have my bedroom. Late election whom might catch Doctor Who career and the general hallway around end. Shared a wall. Yeah and it was leadership quickly. Are you there were many acknowledge. That I just laid in bed. Crawled up in the fetal position. Just. Crying. Because like I look kid you're talking like probably between the ages of like five billion to eight. You know then. And I came here. Things going I mean. Specifically might shut down at school spend that time I don't understand exactly what's happening and I do but I go right front com. And that's our group. I'm wondering if you like somebody getting hurt out how. Yeah I don't know in my life that that is not a quiet one block you know a little boo and it was like I remain. One day I got up in the morning and I asked my mom so don't like if shoes OK air it was all righty you know I didn't. Whenever I'm around I'm like oh yeah you know. Blood. Yeah that's it's it's powerful a horrible thing and I'm 37 now magical stick would make. It's very tough I'll do when when that happens because you you you don't know that debt then those sounds can be sounds of pleasure they sound like sounds a pain right mom I heard you screaming and then stepped I think you're a bad girl I understand always got time. Yeah yeah I you know and then there was the 1 morning and Tom. You know I was a kid you got up first saw no reason you'd get up and go to your parents Jerome C knock on the door and ask if you were trying to get how long were you know my. Com how little we do this. And I don't say again like I was like probably between tribe and we know that that age where. I'm bill you know like asking for permission. Not allowed to get out until my current journal stuck under there and yet still there was no. Answer and I just cracked the door open I might have been movies. And up and they're all asleep. Like you. Income group and whatever. Truly gorgeous fair. Balance sheet from where nature and you. Oh yeah I am very. Well at least another eye contact. He anybody got a right it depends of what he saw there were naked it was a well as so did you get to see cops on top her mom on time's gone clutch in Baghdad this question is that BJ I'd rather see pops. I don't wanna see my mother -- I mean guys seeing guys make it yeah if I had to watch yeah Jews. Right I. Now if you live my mother. They had no let up its flights have been wanting to play international satellite dishes come up during the game yeah previous topics from whether Alicia lower demand you're actually I'd never. Anybody bring this up which is like crazy and like I know I just be the only one that I. Yeah this Kevin Walter I believe it's been such a thing that happened to people like you and happened to people like me and this is why the master bedrooms and a lot of homes are put on a different floor. Curious at the other end of the da da yeah exactly one way or the other day I really believe a lot of us and hey we don't wanna do this to our kids and somehow that got to Condit talk contractors. You know and architects. And they make sure because we are Grubman a house a lot of escrow by house where all the rooms right near each other. And they decide yet we're gonna put the parents master bedroom away from the kids' bedrooms and I think everybody walked in once and then he never wants to do your parents who never ever again you learn. Yet I saw amazing icu at a skate Bowery Gig Harbor over the weekend my wife and I were walking and as you're walking around I think Jackson did I went wanna escape rooms again. All nicely done it before I told you about I give the woman go to the Stanley runs like supporting a family run business it's not escape powering Gig Harbor. Last and we did the cabin what you think did you know rue get the solve puzzles to get out of this room given our time it's one of those fun things to do with a group of people we have like eight of us that went. We undermine her wins this time pool it was fantastic highly recommend anyone if you haven't checked it out do I think we should all go at some point semifinal a bit of a hike obviously negate harbor but now I really love how they set it up it's all. They'll come up with it on their own it's not like some franchise business which I think is really cool. But this hole was really thought it was not scary but it was really like. Lot of puzzles get a solve a lot of things. Don't have problems abroad Munson with us these are the eight ball ever try to escape from the room for different results god that's horrible. They're at a Mexican referring unity escape tower that's very importance you know it was delicious you wanna bring rabbi you're sure you wanna do that and that's you know what that Senegal Munson bring your revenues gonna be like our yeah are here to be the combat yes but it's so much fun and outside of this man if you haven't done this the last season of the TV show part landing about one of the latest episodes was imminent escape from only did one there was a great debt they can really got you can catch it on IFC Iran demand. You'll see George just to escape from. I think you really love it was very very funny is you know Fred you carry crude to play a couple who. Well they just go extreme in the escape from its awesome the first we do we failed and we got killed. Yeah okay well I don't have to do at this time. We did it and yeah I mean it's it's on second just a little over two minutes we solved it and we saved the day wow all right sorry William we got to go near you circles he is. I don't know I only got out I was only helpful to one Claire low damp is that our oh you're not going to be much I saw the one thing and that's cowboy. I can hold a flashlight like a mother played very novel that's good yeah. You can get topic you've got to show its listeners on the loose 206421. Rock text does at 77999. You called your text tonight 33 on Iraq. In the eggs in the morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all. I'd like night hey guys. Seattle listeners. On the loose you pick the topics. You guys to show it to 06421 rock Texas 77999. So I tried. We heard this guy and I think NL YC's. He's in Montana for some reason it's erratic all I shouldn't. Lowell each morning we. Let Marty rad rush it's been awhile my friend or my comrades. It's snowed government pension gritty guy right now BCA it blew it gave to the vote because it. I see which is saying yeah you're right with all this talk about whether we there was interference or not and it turns the election I mean yeah. I you hope to recreate the work I've seen from rocky four when he was unknown in the snow and carrying things and get involved. More of this deadly you know like fill that seat third it got real fear Montero limited you'll. Almost exactly like Russia and its do we determine its local. And I and how are you living in our temporary. Distributors who wore my threat well it's good to hear from from what we do for Iran rush. Think you know I I looked science degree I looked like so much I'm always watching me are you one more can you rocket launching book tour yet third day here. Okay only thing that Tillman undertook that the elephant in the room that nobody you're talking about. I look at both you know only thing that's going through my mind you all empowered and doctor reboot you do rocket that would be you know look. Yes yeah yeah I saw somebody say that ER must do is one I graduated from being an evil villains side I felt so true. Can't figure could be darker evil little we don't know this you know people are seeing a car in good faith make you larger mentioned into space. Mixing because the base on the moon and next thing you play good. Go wolf yeah. Right TI you're right we're all suckers for him and he's I mean I know I'm my son Joey. About SpaceX are a lot of launching a rocket and I am too because really our space program is kinda. Just really and just in this state or vacuum if you will they bring him back to life the and where you were you impressed because like you said. They launched that they launched a rocket to Mars with a red Tesla are the cars so the car will the roadster a 100000 dollar Tesla yeah I was frozen as they wanted to thank you caused millions of dollars for the bloody call rockets and carnival like a 100000 dollars in the falcon heavy rockets became the most powerful rocket and use falcons had and it was successful from what we know were you impressed my son was impressed. I do a gritty and grit but one I want to go to school I want to just say look there's somebody adjusted. Yeah yeah. And Carl thanks appreciate wrap ration out your brother. The cool thing is that the boosters came back to earth and landed now and that was impressive so that. That's what they talk about the expensive part of space was that you just get rid of those rocket boosters it's too bad they weren't reusable and he said well I'm gonna find a way it. Well you know what they landed in and you can use and again that saves a lot of dough Bremer is speaking out about it suicide among FaceBook talk about how pumped he was this the other crowd reacted they three million people watched it too yeah the crowds that were watching it go wobbly every always cheering you couldn't help might just have they I don't know like a sense of pride even though I had nothing to do it there it just it looks really super awesome and do it I've had a good fortune because I used to live in Jacksonville and so I don't think Jolie diss remembers this and this is why its interest and he loves this. Joey you remember I took it to a rocket launching the space shuttle launch I something I think I think Tokyo. I hear answered in my there are Tokyo but I don't own a dog got a red rocket you know kind of wanted to got shot dude I was so I was that old I'll launch in Florida Jason Gore wanted to shock. Dude is so loud I sat and we were so far away and still it was sold winding. Coming in live being a bad thing I would tell you why you're crazy to go why would people do our would have went it's amazing to be there in person to see one of those I was reading about because he's an every night why would you send the card is obviously you just -- did you know bid adieu about carrying like large weight that is a wall exodus and able to cement one I've sent a card at mechanical haven't flown into space yeah but apparently he set it up so that David though we space oddity. Is playing armor Pete. Oh goodness now. On up in the car awesome saws and I got me thinking on what song if you only one song playing a repeat if you were stuck in a car. What song would it be of Wasilla so well you know let are you go homer Boston stuff again now but you're gonna it's very Kiki I feel like it would also be fitting. It's what it's going to be close Devo close. Bob Stein who had no you ulyetza it's just about it's not just from the same era of our craft work in Devo. Gary Newman's cars all have released this as I'm stuck in the car right. That's funny that would be the car they hear read my cop I feel safest of all that's the one I'd be playing Kerry's I was wasted in my body tablets to drive me home and I put on non. Jane station's three days I got to me is still hands down one of the greatest songs ever written what I love about it think an eight minute epic. Saw it takes on a journey it's a so many different parts going on the songs like Felix I would never get sick of that song yes good point and it goes the oh do so much to pay attention to somebody cool moments in that song that I feel like doubt be the perfect song to listen to repeat. That or any meatloaf song of course yes looks. Yeah well you know we are perilously dashboard light that's the one you put on repeat Danny. Pro leaves self esteem by the Austrian. You hear lie that I love of racing Lorraine yeah you know well it's a you go to Mars ally Jason dictates it's like I think six months to get the margin you have for six months on repeat I think they'll listen to that's on probably more than six months and you aren't. Maybe if I'm in a car going to Mars a nasty V William Shatner is rocket man all I got rocket man. I it's perfect we're going to Mars I can't put. Brad. I was thinking and even though it would probably drive me nuts and I go on him at a time I got to Mars I can't drive 55 by Hagar. Oh that's funny I won't pretty darn good class I love that want to act that is fossil gruesome region during the in the vacuum of space so. No atmosphere no sound. How my headphones on Pradesh. I Qaeda off that's alligator down somebody brought up a good one I think I'd also be really good. I would ask you tell us. I would die it's the frozen clutches of space and even 801 round game. It's. No she is now. We put a moratorium that does not Christmas nest I was about looked at our Pete Dominick Christmas song that's because they're trolls just like the people rock called me yesterday all right. Bloopers Jerry was a racecar driver primus Karen Wright are Aaron and you can dude dude dude. I thought I was there and thank you you know what I could listen to that stage version I could listen that none of us. Parents go to Tyler liquid Tyler you're on the Iraq. Biggio and see eight the. Maris. Son Tyler what I got to act. I don't think you can't take before it's what you're gonna talk about war we would what would be the song that you would listen to a repeat. One play regulatory cure Ricci like all the way to Martin Beck yes. Every time we catch attached aid. I don't know hundred another one physical life. Like every time we tend to stand there and get that song it's. Are you poppy wow okay that's a surprise of the day not riding shotgun into postcard. So it's a good. All right so what's he got buddy. You guys don't want to topic earlier the topic of the day away interaction between your spouse Hewitt the most reckless spender crime so ringing in my ex it was most definitely. I'll really. Is that why you guys are oh yeah and that's that's an abuse and you don't. Ginobili gave me a whole arena limbo. Not letting your natural when you there so low is still a long way they do a reckless spender when you were together. Oh win I don't know when there are other college is he going to be an image imagine exploring and that. Aren't aren't blue. Damn near 60700. Rock. Shows conventions are dangerous man I mean. They are so dangerous because of all the march I mean all the stuff you can buy. It was that was our merchandise or did you go to show is what did you blow all that money on our all and merge and I had so dangerous kind emerged as a retired nice words and stuff. I don't I had three senate can't understand what I'm turner. Got a bad impression I got my best friend they gained by the Pope. And you'd see the Internet that didn't sell. Yeah I did dude I hate you gotta be so careful with these and 600 dollars is a lot of money to drop at a con I'm because it really really isn't it high gotta watch myself because he you know of course I am mostly comic cons coming up a couple weeks and I don't watch myself because you go there and you can just drop everything there do Dodd WE forward diva -- is going to be there oh really yeah I think revs even hosts in the panel for her yeah I'm going to be moderating the panel issues on so awesome for the comic book had locked that is a wrestling comic book that is outstanding odd to sit there and and and heckled reveling in the last night oh you don't need directly just need they have thought out there out Lisa probably better I will be speaking of the be too busy drooling looking at leader yeah actually gonna go Steve really got lost in a headlock RS. We can do got to watch those merged I mean you know and Dickey I use led Vicki buy me stuff she that's the only time Dickie gets me stuff she finds some comic got to go well if you wanna buy it Vick. Yeah up. It let it be discussed. We just how like my child and I forget he's fifty something years old. Some kind of I guess from my one year old niece a sister my five year old nephew. And then my other son BJ at 5000 as our allies or those that I still get so many great complements what that's when it started sure you've gotten from comedy how I Wear all the time and people go do I loved that church and I love here Adam West spam and shared only a few dude one of the best game designers ever who was like I couldn't put everybody thought Mike. Well you know like rock stars assumption that one dude some my cousin state has the bad man logo what does this has been so bad man it says west you know the old SEC's. The duke saw this and he's like people trying to get his attention does he's a rock star of game designers. And he looks at me and no don't notice a lot of what I did not and he looks he goes to lose I'm sure that the and people are elected. The road often given to him you know people really usually good people worth it to maybe you should do that that be funny and I beat you up to discern gave it to. And so I mean Vicky Goetz legit shirts while those I gotta I just got to start dressing BJ yeah I I expect somebody from the stomach content. This annual you'll find some thank you. A still from your wants Cooper all right here's a question for you what to rank castle and a toilets have in common. Well you can find out. At 951. On the right. And made some more news on the rock and 99.9 KI SW okay. He. Games jarring action. Having come on. Your taxes coming in a straightforward today we'll look clean from the outside but they're both full of crap yeah. Steve takes that's up for instance on either OK. And the rest of some both at least twice before 9 AM. Truth yeah so that's that thing thousands contract or something. Chances are both give you dark hole to hurt you can't get herpes permanent. That's right yeah so if if you have heard these and that's what you're telling people you're why it's played on castle. You can't get her just let's look like castle plus crowds on the other hand you can definitely get from the told our access. There's a guy chicken and a toilet and strip club and floods the place until Pedro what happens at this strip club that got to have what we needed the toilet okay. Oh yeah I gave you ran out of money and you don't have. Yeah he tossed the plumbing too few tablets over ahead Kenny said to treasure club in South Carolina Sunday night twenty years old Pedro tomorrow. We're not gonna vote for Pedro in this one because he was wrecking the place makes. They found him though he was hiding behind a storage company they arrested him 4000 dollars in damage that's been held a toilet. Cleanest the floors gonna not strip club in years. All right here's Amanda cleaned floors and twelve pack right Kessel. In case. I side FaceBook posts from our friend Barbara and as the case yeah oh yeah Barbara Ann Kim she's awesome so I commissioned her to make my birthday cakes and I hear. We had some of barbour's case before and they acknowledged they look amazing they're delicious yet she's super talented yeah and Alia she makes you know you can play outside amend it's an occasional. Hey my Seychelles is awesome and my face actually was Jason and I expected yeah I'm very similar. In case mornings on the next point nine K I guess stuff. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. 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