BJ & MIGS Podcast 02-08-18-6A: A 13 year old kid drove a bus after the driver passed out at the wheel.

Thursday, February 8th

News and sports. Today is fat Thursday. A plane had to be diverted because he refused to put his clothes on. There is a new list of best movies in each state.


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Now it's gonna sound like it's not good news but he really is a school bus driver in Texas. Had a medical emergency behind the wheel last week so that sounds like code that is not good move me you know you're. You're driving a school bus she got kids all over the joint and all of a sudden you're having a medical emergency yeah that's not exactly what you like how kids to be yeah in the middle of but luckily Carson Vega sounds like a great superhero name that Carson Vega was on the bus a thirteen year old students some of Vincent Vega. Grab yes you're right grabbed the wheel and drove every one the safety of the thirteen year old dude. Based league pilots the bus or navigate the bus or the terrorists to safety thirteen years old I would never thought about it because driving the bus yeah either way he got there. Yeah I guess is mom let him practice driving to a foreign easy even tried driving an eighteen wheelers so I actually see why I bust no problem Fram here's Carson Vega. Talk about what happened. There's an electrician in when necessary to have been left unturned in trying to sway enough so I'm comfortable seats and senate make in circles in the service. No he's gone off and it's almost every turn and we're about to go out and I was pulling on my dime. So under the kicked him over a little sucking its emergence. Pension plan and set eyes I'm moos is hands instead of spending extra. Awkward and sadness Laphen moves is handled the wild that is. I guess again he would need his people and get off the pedal so it kind of push them over a little bit and I can come in through though you wake up and there's a thirteen year old on your lap driving guy are you what are you doing here I do that's Tripoli. Wow. Yeah this is uncle has does an eighteen Wheeler and he got to drive those pretty much the same thing. Well that's awesome dude you know I guess there's something is said about the no. Having kids learn some stuff a little earlier than you think they should because that kid say they're his life he's got to be the cool kids for the rest of the year yet. He saved everyone's life no doubt about a year are you walk in every day with a cape bod oh my god you're hero. All you need a guy yeah do you think this sort of help you get more action in school I don't think so. No net now do you I mean maybe Carson Vega through at least justified me wearing a cape every day he and I think the cave would really just basically guy knows. Signify and solidify the idea not the guy who wanna get reaction to that he's where indicate this city needed a big coal malaise we're in case it quickly go from being the hero to the ultimate zero yes. Yes do you stand cave or shoot a less just crash has. That is awesome though Amanda and I today we have no word on the on the school bus driver what exactly happened him but it was a they just say a medical emergency I imagine he's all right but. Carson and hop on his lap and happy that school bus otherwise see woody needed probability of Dover and people got hurt. How about quit thinking yeah that's great as I was like I'm not gone back yet I know there are other us and everyone yeah. This Gary here and dined I would abroad and screaming going I'm the guy that would have been me because turned into a movie of general Reese play the part of thirteen year old. There's McIntosh. Thoroughly enough he kind of does look like gallery you know he doesn't. Oh man while a little bit needs a long hair and the beard. No what is the kids I don't I don't have a yeah I don't know that we John wake Keanu when I like your pilot's heads Keanu that's right like Charlie. Damn dude it is really bizarre that he does look like a look kind of a baby Keanu. Yeah immunity if they cast him as a young general Reeves how would I wouldn't be like go the end Keanu and speed. Three year four or whatever rotten runnerup to now Carson Vega. John Whitcomb the early years. Because he knows how to drive a car pretty well too and John with movies I'll yet. Man I got a question Korea what happens when a man takes off all of his clothes while on a flight to Seattle. Oh my god didn't happen this Friday. Tomorrow on Tom and I wish it would Alison you jury treated you know done that in the hands he'll tell you all about this he's got the news for you at 617. There Vijay and mixed morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. 99.9 JINSW. Iraq Seattle. Well he's no Pulitzer Prize winner well maybe getting them to renounce plus this is news wins teammates. Thanks guys thanks Oregon State University beginning a seasoned sports it's a great day today happy. Back seat at Thursday's. Back Thursday there's none of you guys know what that is what is that I mean here idiots who don't know what's happened to. Two days before Easter of course and and it's a day dedicated to eating. So friends and family gather around the large quantities of sweet cheeks. And meals usually in nineteen during the night. Today's date you don't next I don't understand what's Fat Tuesday that. Let's dig it weighs in chief who should be. Hair Paris I was and then there's a rule Sunday where we run the same damn thing really today he's a good day. Because this this is the reason why I've always the way it's. A way from the days like this is back Monday. That's Tuesday when there's that Friday Saturday Sunday and we repeated again and every damn week. What's so what this person who hopefully wasn't too fast it goes out via Cyprus our eyes there right now Alaska Airlines flight to Seattle and had to go back to Anchorage. Yesterday because of passenger locked himself in the bathroom. Tip off all his clothes oh boy and then refuse to follow through instructions. Goals. Popcorn of one passenger on the flight day seven days they needed some good news from just a flight attendant kept going back and forth from the Giles about a foot on. Whoever loves old. That doesn't sound head no and then they turned the plane around they landed the top shows up ten days to come out the back door close. Wanted to flies and said that they that he took off all his clothes and he just wasn't in his right mind you the big surprises that's. Down man I'm so pissed me to do I think this. People walk in the bathroom until we landed Seattle. And it takes care of America what do I beat can be expensive naked. Next guest makes it nick wouldn't bother me if I guess once I get to my destination. What say thrillers just about a list of the best movies that take place in every state all okay. So what they said is that they did try to pick movies that took place in any given stage in their represent the State's place. And the nation's collective consciousness. We give you an example in Colorado I think it's pretty awesome South Park bigger longer and uncut. Okay. Idaho. Napoleon Dynamite oh that's right they sent to Michigan the greatest movie of all time Robocop. We're somewhat of a back. So we'll fight you for your cooperation Nevada yet ocean's eleven. Oklahoma no surprise that they frail and I remembered movie twister. All right off Pennsylvania's got groundhog day's events give you five what you're going to okay any guests on now Washington State. I was I would say sleepless in Seattle W great guest BJ fight. Wrong and Danny. Did DJ the break wrong. Making all I'm yours gone I was gonna say. Because in Seattle how wrong. I have a killer doesn't tell you Sundance and now I know what it is brought. The list below and we'll help what's the name of the moment. It's now that's that is the movie everybody hates full movie Zack. Twilight long fall while I'd rather be twilight. Wow. Eight dead though why the ways dad dad Jerry miss out now a team in Seattle went no it wasn't trapped and had no idea wrong. Mickey you're on the right path. He said Sylvester Stallone. I. First why plus what's Seattle. Washington. Know that now did you like Washington. To how about that well first was based on what not to be on singles. Like I said yeah I was in Seattle sea or in my opinion one of the greatest movies of all time walking tall the box version I don't know the original versions based in Texas. Plus the rock version when Chris Mon AKA the rock returns to a small hometown. In Kitsap county Washington I want a frenzy stripper and his other friends now as you can see nobody can also kind of selling Mac spoiler alert. So hundreds of Iraq's gonna do something about it via a takes over for us walking tall he's luggage. That's right and video think you know all the facets. All that I got my eyes is for you guys like why he got some lessons for women so close yeah. So that's why you're one mean the movie wandered away and looking out for my friends festive season. It was the closest rescue us. They got that was I think we've we've got a list. How first what is now and Washington State I do not remember that I honestly remember that it took the listener brought it up awhile back but otherwise no I didn't know that I gotta go back to watch it. How gift cards close above ground. Rob Gronkowski of course you win the Super Bowl with the patriots this year offices in new reports say that he's thinking of calling it quits because all the mean guys could do. The ringer when it comes to injury. So off again apparently he's thinking about pursuing an acting career full time. He did told buyout shop for rock Dwayne Johnson and also Sylvester Stallone did you make millions of dollars an action film. Imagine some of rocky its ground team. He's there actually right used for his name on film we know some of those Johnson films he's done I mean they're fine but they're not like blockbuster. Kids but yeah money via people go see it sort of ran coach bronco. Bronco. Chase the grunt in the furious. There drunken furious or a stake in a movie dads and lessons on there are the rocketed northern Shiite wrong. GI ground yeah I groaned because Dave justice today. 69 year oh OK TI graphics here now they just come on this cruise I think that. I'd pay good money that also for the red hey what about Harry and Henderson's. That's right. And none of those may have well first floods and a good flick I can't complain about first tell philosophers coastal minority but it. They're different than now walking Paul was filmed in Vancouver British Columbia but they said it was safe and keep. It's. Category makes sense because they do a lot of movies up there and that saved them cash makes sense of the sale of Washington. Gotta love all love the sport city agencies news agencies on the web sites. The Sox trying to click that you did finding out that Russell Wilson was traded. Yeah pause pause pause pause pause to the New York Yankees. That was so. Still Russell of course he's not he's not delusional thinking he's become a baseball player but he likes going to spring training. They're doing with the Texas Rangers for the last couple of years he enjoys he he loves baseball what's keeping fallen his life. He had no. You know he's got legacy is big he's going to make Major League Baseball but not apparently yeah. Texas Rangers traded him to the New York Yankees Agassi's always wanted to play with the Yankees and that's. This is lawful called my passion my livelihood baseball remains a huge part of where I come from and why and today I a year it's a lot of fun for the players welcome to obviously Russell Wilson is up. Just a leader in natural leaders so yeah some of that rubs off on some of those guys that's a good thing but don't because he was a mariner. Make it a mariner. Think about the Jersey sales I agree it's just it and that's why I wonder why the Yankees went to this troubled where's the Mariners wouldn't be our. Okay and that's why it's likely we'll probably call whenever Russell wanted to play with the Yankees and Wear the pinstripes so fast I see my foot and I think eleven or number three. Probably not now they've refused got that have been who's got them on knockdowns but it is Russell Wilson maybe a lot of it's just amazes immediate right why wouldn't management staff. You know I I I am five baffled as to what the Yankees game the Rangers to make this happen and happen. I I can get more resistant kind of went through the Yankees I don't know if I I. Yeah that's all you are obviously. Also attending to him about uses tax it and that's a good one for help Washington film all there's a gentleman and you realize that Seattle. Yeah no I didn't. Plus six. Did they get paid for for himself how really that was here. News not a good stuff OK we and they did they have against first it's. As far as whether it's 52 degrees and cloudy all right. Big news knows Russell Wilson traded to New York Yankees enough big news. Yeah I tax everyone the sports stations are talking about and his people some what does this made you think he's really gonna try to be a baseball player but all I'm residing. Yeah c'mon it's just me says he has. Time during the off season to do something that he loves that since. And you know who's not like Jason's iPod Touch that guy because he is a great leader great also a great health regime I think if I'm a baseball player why sit down and go do it. How did you play football with your knee wrecked the way it was how do you go into attend pretend you don't have a concussion what to tell you we may you're able to go out there make stuff happen. Yeah I remember I'd go back to couple seasons when we watched his knee bend in a way that it's not supposed to be bad and I'll put. Puts most people out for several weeks if not months if it I mean obviously didn't. Fully terror it but still like that even just a slight. Injury that's gonna put some most normal human being down for awhile the I would definite wanted to come assays with him you know the way he leads the way he. He keeps his body in great shape when he puts in his body as far as food wanna know what that's all about this adds to the fun of spring training and a lot of people love going to spring training because it's a fun atmosphere the players are a lot looser so I must follow that be for Samir go. Two got the Yankees and there's Russell Wilson just kind of playing ball yeah you're actually right yes that would be a lot of fun you know you first why you think a trip to Florida so your -- out of the cold weather and they get to see Russell Wilson hang on the pinstripes if you're Yankee fan that is fun. And Fran I'm I'd imagine get a chance to win whether or not you're yankees that if you're a baseball and the idea of being able to be a part of that organization even in us a spring training level. Is up quite quite an awesome feat. And maybe and they made some big moves this off season as far as I know they're the only team not made a huge signing. Yet as opposed to visited their Sanders collusion is a lot of big stars that are still on the free agent market and usually they're signed by now. And so the union and in some players are c'mon said there's collusion the owners wanna pay us anymore. But they you know the Yankees have that's not true if you were we will now we got Giancarlo Stanton we made that happen. So Tom building it seemed to see you know him hang in as the Yankees wanna get inspired because they think they've got the best team this year. Syria and yet ability. So Quincy Jones I don't know if you heard about this he just didn't hear it all over the news yesterday in his past insane. It's this is very very now of course Quincy Jones is legendary. As a music producer legendary guesswork and everybody everywhere we've got. Yep Bob they collaborator Michael Jackson softness and get on any records up and heat in this interview and admiration between God's label and Michael Jackson's Elian but there was a problem. But you know Quincy Jones and it doesn't matter you know he committee he. Except that you know I had no idea that. He might be loose and it. Or is that he just be may be just losing his filtered sanitize everything I don't know if he's gone crazy or fees at a crazy life nieces kept under wraps I think he's at the point I think probably everybody does when they get older I'm sure it's maybe just around the corner for you to it's almost like you hit any aspect. That is like to zero has given phase of your life all I got some stories about forever I'm when I'm like yeah days. Well it's out of my next year death passe gotta register anymore yeah I just don't care what you wanna know I'll tell you everything rude. So Quincy Jones did this interview shares some really crazy stuff. Here are the highlights okay now I don't know if Vicky and Danny no Marlon Brando the actor is no longer with us. He no doubt you know you know the name Merrill picky you know I know the name Marlon. Know the name I just cannot ask how I was and on the day of my daughter is whether you can come on man okay. Wow dude I don't uses. The godfather RI here in America and we are so afraid you know Marlon Brando was a legendary actor now I know he's been dead for awhile but. While Vicky Danny in their twenties don't really know. Are you guys know are an assistant Ernest goes to. Cantonal and that's okay that's more important okay permanent there Jim pointed our his job on him Girardi tell you camera we can't forget the greats like Marlon Brando and Jim Varney grandstand okay sort of make sure of may he rest in peace some. I would Brando. What we really haven't heard a lot about Marlon Brando as far as. It's and sexual orientation and end you really didn't hear about these old celebrities in these old stars and named everybody was heterosexual. Didn't matter because that's just how Hollywood was. Well Quincy Jones is coming out saying Marlon Brando actually liked to have sex with a lot of people who we thought were heterosexual. Including himself apparent. He said that Marlon Brando had six who Richard Pryor the comedian who. And Marvin Gaye. Witches I haven't heard anything about Marvin Gaye at all. I don't ever pay attention to anybody's. Love life. When it comes to celebrities I just I never do so I don't know he was getting was interviewed Susan to chase season to both Jews and six and so they may be all three of those guys. Depending on what's going on their world that's who they're into. Yeah I enjoy your generation is sort of just was like yeah yeah we know people get to have such a that they want my generation. It was salacious it was you know it was scandalous. Basically gave people we're just trying to come out and say look can we just have fun with the warmer whomever we want by. If so kudos to you were doing that according to Quincy yeah as quick to say called Brando is the most charming mother F for you ever met. He'd F anything's. He'd have a mailbox. James Baldwin Richard Pryor Marvin Gaye a melt logs yet I don't know who James Baldwin is he's not related to the Baldwin's are there is he would like babies they're that maybe isn't dead I don't know that that that was in show business if that's the case. I know James Baldwin is I I don't know that do this. Pryor's Goodell told CMC that Quincy is telling the truth to Richard Pryor's. Only way. Firms this so he just doesn't care anymore and they're all probably no longer here yeah reasons I won't you know whatever. Yeah and she says Richard would have cared if he told the truth about that yet Richard Thompson into Richardson's own hair on fire. Richard was you know he was the cringe comic one of the original cringe comics and brilliant comic the today they got I think of all the things he's done from cracked. Other crazy stuff this is probably no lasting he's gonna care about as far as image especially today stick our heads home shares everybody's having sex and everybody we had an hour away with a mailbox it was awesome is. Also own. He has some pretty powerful who's to say about Michael Jackson and it's not what you think you think about the sex stuff coming out you take our quiz is gonna drop a bomb on Matt. Didn't know he just about the fact that Michael Jackson actually. Not as original as you'd think a matter of fact he calls them an out now thief. Ha he said Michael stole a lot of stuff. He stole a lot of songs including Donna Summer state of independence and Billie Jean he said the notes don't lie man. He was his Machiavellian as they come wow. Here's Donna state of independence here's what that sounds like. I who don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't. No I don't. So now here's here's Billie Jean. Your right Gary. Both there's there's a lot slower. Hi this is my its bow there Saul yeah. Figure your stadium and tennis against any is that possible because I I don't know my yeah you're better musician in me but I don't know. Imagine going faster does America have obamacare now who don't boo don't don't don't don't know best and that's slowing it down from time to come home from blow out Max. It's just stretched makes a big stretch for me say yeah I guess I. It's I would never confuse these two sons I don't know music remember if you quickly find it but it was at that that Chaka Khan song ain't nobody. That sounds more like the beginning and eight nobody. Then that Michael Jackson but no no this is because it's so different and spin tempo a had a hard time hearing that but Quincy Jones you know because he knows house. Yeah obviously you guys have music. Genius blacks feel like that's different enough that you know I would have never picked up yeah I would I mean I've heard songs before we talked about before there's a collective souls solar riff from from Metallica but they sped it up you still could hear the same risk again he kind of they knew when its plant in your head I hear pled. I would never ever thought that those two sunshine fading like hi this is my coach since I got Tucker con okay there are those who that we. Oh yeah and I'm definitely sounds a lot more than more like it's. It's bands ever. This is old school alumnus. And oh yeah you're right now only the beginning and act kind of remind you that Donna Summer song from now. Quincy also say Quincy Jones again a huge revelation of the reviewed them he said The Beatles were terrible musicians. I said they were the worst musicians in the world they were no playing mother reference. Who said Paul was the wars based clear I have heard on he said Ringo don't even talk about it now this is it to sink is that it fights with hair club about this yup. And now it egg donor club civil America's ice I heard Ringo is a horrible drummer and then hair club came in and file because you know running on music actually a lot of people firing goes a great drummer. For certain though was served Ringo was perfect for The Beatles. It's it and it's hard to say who's bring who's not obviously was very basic drummer about what Ringo did for The Beatles was exactly what they needed. Let's not forget Quincy Jones is very bit. His world was jazz. So bring those are terrible drummer in the eyes and anyone who's a jazz music I can see that you're I mean yeah jazz drummer is. He's like. I'm I'm a scientist behind that case and also mean Paul's great basis but it was a rock band quit he'd probably like it because that's his style of music. The T that's an interesting thing. You know we elicited some of the music Baghdad I mean I I I look I I love the Beach Boys but I listen to some of their stuff musically you know like the instruments and I wonder how well these guys to play scenario. I mean other Beatles the Beach Boys I they they were more there were a boy band and actually he's played their own instruments they would today they would not they would even had a play. To answer sixty dancing in front less likely is it different do a great songwriter and a great musician I mean I think the good looking Iran I loved her Ron I love Kurt Cobain but I mean it would you say he's a great guitarist. I mean. If you don't like pound for pound him for 65 dollar react our union are fewer and fewer of no but. He did exactly what was needed to be done to write a great song yeah that's a good point and go now and you know me I love I love love songwriting so yeah. I mean I get a lot to argue Quincy Jones guys incredibly talented and you know and I to a jazz musician I can understand why he doesn't think anything special about The Beatles. Yes is does he knows who killed JFK. Audio sobbed I've Richard Pryor Deb Richard Pryor carried out one night a Marlon Brando no exact example Ross say go right forum I. This is Michael. Jackson was with him tooth yeah he says it was a monster from Chicago wood which I've heard that story before. Also he says YouTube not making good music anymore. And they asked okay Quincy wise and he goes I don't know I love Bono and all my heart but there's too much pressure on the band what's interesting though at some point he did think they were making good music. I wonder when he thought they stopped. 'cause I'm trying to think of Joshua Tree ever yeah yeah okay I wonder yeah I don't know I mean did he liked Ike could that the pop stuff you know and they had that pop record. Yeah I've got heavily Leo what was the last thing they mantra think in my brain I know what I have in my iPod but yet I knew they put that free record on your. On oh that's all I did put out an album since then I was pretty good it's just and I'd. I'm never been really huge UT fan I mean now outside of boy he wore announced the Joshua Tree I really don't listen to anything by you too yeah. Well our I've that deadly look at it's interesting is he getting old and crotchety. The trouble is is that he's got the cred in the reps Tbilisi when he wants about the most of these things and he's almost a nobody's really gonna be like golf. Stop frequency that I god Hillman is just talk in the truth in his own head yeah I hate you ready must meet that this. How does he benefit from talk about all these people haven't sex the music stuff I get. But the JFK thing and the Marlon Brando every senator Richard Pryor Marvin Gaye it's like oh I guess Marvin gazes the musician out of all close ties and I think OK I want this is like a result the legends rest in peace man yeah I don't know why he. That all came up like why would yesterday nor why whenever the most recent interview. They decide you know I'll let everybody know who is dying and do a good thing iced The Beatles the good thing I like about those sharing the sex stuff is that. Maybe we'll finally as a society realize it doesn't matter who you have sex with who you love whatever maybe we can just all hang out have a good time and whether you like boys or girls you know our I should say men or women play like men or women doesn't really map this is my conscience. We on and on that road but I you know that maybe that's the reason you know maybe we'll more more just. Teach us that does it really matter and in my I'm Brenda was a great actor who cares who he's banged him for maybe even his head Dodd no this is the now. I don't think people are gonna cares misses they would have twenty years ago or even ten years ago if I say this and out like that Howard talking and I thought I learned was like oh my gosh how dare those thirty you know it's like okay well. I'm just happy here's somebody's having sex damning. Not Yuba plus I'm saying I'm happy here's how it's all good for some dedicate Marlon Brando Richard Pryor. Or Marvin gay or yup which would you have to I don't know Marvin jackass I can't picture what Marvin gay looks like in my head so I got no. Men Marlon Brandon funk has to be like to god for you talk like that god prosperity nobody at the end marlin was huge in what ways. I Marvin gay AMR gays and attractive man all right I mean but Richard prior to super talent I'll go to Google image of Marvin gay and Lenny Kravitz as well. I know why is going to give us Lenny Kravitz and there's are some connection I don't know about Paris. I SA Steve he got this one right but it was too late tell us the first animal says the doubters say it's. Monkey no dog yeah. Saw I did road he was sodium close you are so so damn close. All right well you are shot at being Steve you've got a 206421. Rock who played Pete makes its 647. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney and here's another question from a listener. 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