BJ & MIGS Podcast 02-08-18-7A: What do you miss because it has been replaced by technology?

Thursday, February 8th

Beat Migs. There is a new list of the top things we miss because they’ve been replaced by technology. Luke Warm Topic. 


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There's a light at the end of the tunnel. Medals plus Friday morning is that comes called. The money and because it's kinda like this Friday. There you I've lost track while I actually did try to do your very yesterday showed tonight. Ukraine is a little scramble so maybe that's good bargain doesn't today may big game we've got CJ in west Seattle CG yes there. Yeah yeah. Excellent what is he playing forty days Steve did you see up primacy of macedon Ramirez the murmur park on June 22 courtesy of AEG presents gonna KI SW dot com for all the details. Your tickets to primus macedon do you tickets at any excess dot com our Steve I air. Those playing at home CJ will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions CJ he could Grassley want. But you'll only get three guess per question how are you ready. Good according to the song Marvin Gaye did what it through the grapevine. Expert yeah asks BMW was founded what European countries it's. Are ads typically what may include vitamins vegetables flowers to make no teams. Neglect no decent. Tasks. In its solid state what color is pierced hole perfect. Quite an adult. Yellow yet as to the 1984 movie Star Trek three with subtitles the search for Hulu. Box yet as you grow advanced movie Casablanca came out in what decades. It's. Sort of yet as to which on the phone means both a quick look at eight mountain top. He's asked how many vowels are in the word pomegranate. It would ship the sport is they sand wedge used. It's not a result yet as to how many people make me I'm look my. Hurried out 12345678. Correct do I have to tell you some demand and you and I am watching the X-Files. But I swell idea that there was members of the Mandela effect where you think something is I think and no one else in society in X yes that thing the same way yet you miss you remember it yeah I'm telling you Hamas song I do not remember that I only remember how many Emmys being words that are spelled differently but sound the same. I that is my Mandela effect and we both believe we had to look it up the last time this happened and they both essentially give me the same thing or no it was. There was something different yes I guess but I don't remember hum a phone ever. I die and so I haven't Amendola affect with that and I totally click with it because I didn't I took Latin roots in like now I do so I understand that you know the Obama means same and phone means sound so trip leader. It's. Yeah well you know your your face dredges up and Mike what do they do wrong and it's just you know old memories yeah and that X-Files episode man the Mandela affecting its real for me and I don't know the main gala generally everywhere and not just about and that's a recent X-Files does is back on TV again for another new season yet is. Steve. You're ready. And up according to the saw Marvin Gaye did what through the grapevine. You've heard it he asked me do something else so now she's really just try and do great product yeah BMW was touted what European countries Germany ads typically let Maine who died in this mixed with flour to make no keys to. How how well he's good. It's easy to know it costs all know it's. Our now our opinions are now in our solid state what color is pure salt first. The yellow yes I can't see 1984 movie Star Trek three with subtitled the search for blue Hans solo you know content now it's. Fox yes. He romance movie casts a long decay not in what decades sixties now fifty know forty yeah as gas prices which Hamas followed meetings oppose a quick look at these mountain tops. Yeah as how many fouls or in the words on the granite. For no spy yet as it which reportedly stands ladies. All you ask 2345678. It's that. Okay. They ask CJ good job other. I don't get to hear that song it's almost as does play in my own I had access to hang out my brother let's say out of your price. If you do it if you would have gotten to the last question yes Steve okay you probably would align and that question please how many people made up the pop band Hanson and masters in my hair you know so much time on some of the questions like you fool around with that whole prior thing man. Yeah yeah yeah and Spock that I could you know I played the game poorly today future day I'm suffering trying to yes. But CJ isn't he got ties so that's as good as the wins a progressed to CJ that's how it goes on beat Mason as high as good as the wind yeah but the idea why we have the ally Italy maybe later on this morning you'll lose a guy that. I also am I gotta get you as having a big conversation about common. You well yes. I hit a hollow phone. According to revenue there I guess the dictionary Oliphant is a word that is this sounds a like words that sound like that are spelled differently. And I always knew those to be common names in my brain. And a but I'm miss from remembering the prominence to words spelled the same with two different meanings so like wind and wind. We don't wind and wind may be on that too yeah. Yeah even read. Yeah exactly right yeah in this anyway I don't remember I I am and I am mr. remembering leave. Yeah yeah yeah so yeah commons like that would just on the same hollow phones into words spelled differently. I did get into words so different and it's on saint yeah and I miss remember all that I always thought that the the hominem was basically on the phone. And there was I talk of this episode of the X-Files when I yield is an effect. Which they call them and project where you've you missed remember stuff and I mean it's happening to me man I would I would bet my life. That that's what Hamas and how many minutes and not lose my life and you know I'll be happy wouldn't. Yes. I don't dye the a's coming Steve is any pressure on you do and anything. All we don't typically do a lot during Valentine's him he's going to eat I get a flowers. Policy do some sort of pro flowers. I'll nice that's a good idea I think I'm due on the same company out. Pro for the vote and make sure use the code word KI SW EC 29 point 8% off of any purchase 29 dollars or more solid than a than these commercials it's a great idea death. I love this place here a few bucks gat. And there are fresh as fast so I guess I go to pro flowers dot com slash KI SW and I meant that you've got it brother while this was not meant to be a commercial but it turned out to be one. But as we're professionals. Well I did do that and then dinner I really don't ever do it like on the actual bill with a date falls on the weekend so now your wife as a younger person yes she's this it is she still 120 note. I'll married 30 now gosh she's always similar to young person and MS Joyce is next to me the I mean your wife is as far right to marry me she still get carted she must get carded. We are hell out of bars manned and Susan drink so all that she never gets started so everybody got a we're on vacation to other drinker to get possibly yeah of course I mean I there's eight and then of course the waiter the waitress or the bartender the cards me. Because they wanna get a good tip now that I got out crap Dahlia or hey security guy gal guy. They're at least a year ideally oldest both leave here's to billow here you go. Well I bring up your wife's age because I mean you guys are difference it did you know a different and ages different generations and this new survey says that only twelve years and fight generations and I think your Generation X. and I think she's Generation Y. five I gotta go do the math and you say you guys are that far apart generation wire was talking about this syndication because. When it comes a Valentine's Day Generation Y. I'm younger people they apparently don't give a damn about Valentine's Day they got new stats out that surprise the hell out of me. Now we know the guys don't care I mean if you ordered the survey guys. 68% of males who are young don't like Valentine's Day don't really care about it and I think a lot of guys feel that way because he just got done with Christmas. And for me I just got done with Christmas and my wife's birthday yeah. I taught me to like got to be thinking about another gift so I've always been like I am I can't stand Valentine's Day puts too much pressure I have ever received a gift on Valentine's Day I get a card. The Mets who is more than enough I get a treat. Yeah what you would talk to her. Dear to roll over for that treats oh in oh so well definitely begged for it. Yeah that's tough guys on the street being given everything else say yeah that's the security news though for your mouth. Well. To listen buddy that's between me and Marlon Brando protect and not know it. Yeah it but here's a surprise to me. Half the women. Little more than half a woman though they don't carry the young women don't care about Valentine's Day either. We think he's he's really different do you get accustomed just as though the bill world we're in now with Tinder. And plenty of fish and all these dating apps and nobody really group. In this in a relationship. So like you're just dating people so downsizing may be actually stressful for a lot of younger people had died because all of a sudden you've got multiple people you got to figure out which one miracle on Valentine's Day way. I just go out with a bunch in one day. Not that I've done up the forehead and down like a luncheon somebody for Valentine's and then dinner yes and I booty call. Like the booty call was earlier in the day they kept the class yeah of course as you had the booty call for both for lunch and then dinner there was no booty call now because the first state. That. I don't know what I I'd never hear artist series to care biz natsios. Yes that just worked out I'm a busy girl I got a schedule and I got a schedule this is this just goes to show the generation gap he's never in my mind not that I would not a lot of dates but never in my mind in the seventies and eighties when I was sitting across for a woman having a date and I had a couple at least. Never do I think. Always am about to order some nice food this woman that she was getting rail Bob how is before the state I would just never think that was possible. Back in my twenties I the world has changed so much I mean I'm not telling the guy that's what I but I yeah I don't I would just think the women of my generation. I just there's no way he may Levy word but I Dow climbing if you're paying for it's he can't assume that they did great I just love them the whole idea of do you mean if this guy for dinner. For Valentine's is a guy you Davin. Okay and your head like what are not made so old. Great oh yeah I'm artist Phil I'm pretty good and then again may have lineup. Could out if the if things went the right way could there have been another another night of action yeah. The way with the first and the second the second act I may say I was amazed I don't think it was going to be. I would've done eggs I was apprehensive about the guy because he ended up. Shortly after becoming an intern. Us how does like. It's like party interview processor and I personally or helium in the NH RA should all know the golf. It's tricky you rank everybody including our former interns white boys usually real news really here now click I would do it all he would talk about on the data is how he wanted to be an intern and I don't. I don't change you so as silly as he was cool. If he was cool like let's just say he was an attorney was you know you would had not double and a doubleheader I miss him. Am I think yeah I can't imagine what it's like nowadays and how people really don't you date. So I'm not surprised that nobody cares about Valentine's Day outside and it's one about two Danny because you know you're your your way person and it's I think she's in her twenties right yeah yeah and do you guys care at all about this Valentine's thing I don't the issue isn't really. Care about that day however if I didn't do anything I think I would. It's not worth the chance yet know where it's like I think she'd been act like urges feel like he didn't do anything more about what about you we knew we do know you were assertive person not wishing you happy birthday and face all that's always she doesn't do anything for you on downsizing how do you feel about things I'd be pretty upset Gaffney ask me what does she need to do in order to meet Danny happy on Valentine's Day I flowers and then you flowers green. Yeah how are you. You know I think 20 my gosh I also think he needs FaceBook acknowledgment I all got a lot of parents say what a great boyfriend he has a degree yet how he senses says you need to write on her FaceBook posts about how awesome you are at least a paragraph yeah yeah I thought I see how you write about people's birthdays that are just friends I can only imagine the pressure. Your your loved one is feeling right now must that are near and others we're gonna hear about it. So you know so you want flowers and cards are enough. What chocolate. Not only chocolate but does she know she goes to pro flowers and it's just KI SW seeing get a good deal until dad taught her that Steve senator Obama's Internet message and they probably have a good package deal waiting at flowers and chocolates along we don't use my massage the system at all because I thought I get it twisted all of our Sunny Delight jars and are any you can get pick flowers and give me the jobless I don't know they have a service already nice message on FaceBook for you know that's the next thing we need at costs idea that can be extra well people spent about a hundred bucks that's the survey found out that's which is spent on Valentine's Day. At a dinner prop yeah definitely I guess that's not a lot of money anymore that's how long it's been hunter I think a hundred dollars us white but that was I would I dated during the Jurassic period so you would you rather than they were your wife I would imagine everyone's placed yeah I still go out to dinner together. How much you drop that. Hack it really out you know what I mean you can drop a hundred dollars if she but you know my wife this frugal. You know and also she'd want to eat healthy so basically go to the juice bar. And you know your duty to save money if you go to the Jews to pursue green and compassionate good jails many of them being you know options are healthy stuff I don't know I don't know how I just since the incisive and its essentials and Daniels is a great restaurant Kellyanne I will not go to Daniels to do with the Ganassi and I think it's no insult to humanity have her enjoy that he announced just Joba throw stake at her at that point oh that's gonna major round kind cheesy and state of Ramona Daniels because. That's what Genesis or you think that you go to the Maggie go to Daniels jury in the meat. Loud and Aussie having dinner would make. Say it but be very taxing and when and how they consent to be an intern so I'm not just good luck Tia yeah really does the interview process well. This is mostly horizontal but you know we'll put our best personal. Hey what do you think is the top thing we miss because has been replaced by technology. Oh Aaron who now tell your kids 7:17. Am on Iraq. And made some mornings. On the rock 99.9 TI ESW. What I did I ask them if Iraq does Seattle. Got a new survey. And they talk to people. Not of. People get nostalgic naming the things that have been replaced by technology that they miss the most and that happens man. You get this doubt you can go gosh we used to do this stuff but now we don't have we don't do it anymore because tech is really don't replace the whole thing. Feels like just yesterday's conversation about records you know CDs and and how he's you know I MP threes being replaced by technology with this relief services and see pretty funny you bring that up because that's number one on the list involving -- particular a subject. Making mix tapes are all don't do it anymore to allow playlist and oh yeah we Kerry put playlist round yeah but the mix tapes I mean. That was the big thing guardians of the galaxy was to mix tapes that his mom you know made for him and out of Denny just don't do that anymore you on the cassette with the VO you because you had a goal and get ready memorex cassette in the label and then like rated all owl and you you mis hit I don't imagine Danny was a big enemy can mix tapes for people got tapes and CDs yes. The only saving gas Hugo hold I think his generation one billion do you mimic cassettes Matthews you and I did the cassettes the because I didn't have money to buy eight. Hours CDs I would just ripped a mock radio. Sorry Ricky so I just hated it sometimes because it was just like. A little uncertain and I wanna cup. He's had a quickly go on record at because I haven't somewhere I ever made Lankan citizens have anyone that I felt like me. More hopeful as all of you're the one chick in high school that they are making her mixed tape I really dig here. And mediate and I had it in my bag in every time I see right chicken out and never they never gave returns are usually think assess how music for. Yeah yeah yeah yeah worst I had nobody immediately say yeah and then mixed McCain won mixing my entire life I mean everything Davids and I personally love to. It's a check now. Tracked her down is not the race like this and I uses and it's sad that my. The only man for six mix it on somebody you got me yeah mysticism except player so he throws a matter yeah so this is where you're at a high school. There's there's a lot no lot of things on this list of course I'm making mix it's never too. It's something I know which is completely gone and that's putting photos into albums I'll be I still have all these columns of my out my house and is so yeah I can't I cannot tell you the last time I put a photo when an album I. Facebook's our photo album now idea that sometimes to you actually have a photo album and I printed off a bunch of pictures from the radio station and I put it in the album that's cool but I missed I haven't finished and it's been like for years to make a great kids. And towards the Internet. Has no friends to finish your photo album for. That's almost like a retro thing these days that because I got a Polaroid camera for Christmas and I really I take physical photos and I've been doing pictures of like a Polaroid album itself. Like visited is it that digital thing that we are you print out right away no comes out right away it all right so little school Gloria Tara. Yeah they Mike that Arabs in screams still doesn't it for awhile that you can like pick out the pictures in Munich almost a guy are a little flip book. Free that follow that's cool I I toyed with doing that but then you know lazy in DM better ideas he's my money on. It's I am it's so true but man you know that was the biggest pain in the ass is doing photo albums and Al technology is definitely replace that one last photo might have is from college. Well I think about is how long those. Does that on them. I was 101006 decades 101000 yeah yeah ought to without yeah. I feel he should be longer the Mets traded yeah -- yeah I wish you -- yeah and why I say 2000 you I hear what I don't know I thought I was a freshman in 96 I graduated and he sex offenders are trying to go with the latest possible year not to sound out all I I do ballet for years that I am six to 801996. BJ exactly two decades I thought I was right about I doubt you're 97 nation to adapt. Or sorry about a two decades long time ago. I like to strike this conversely OK but I don't mess try to give from the record plays. So. I'm. Yeah we've got this list of the top things we miss because they've been replaced by technology like making mix takes putting photos and albums. How about you what do you miss because it's been replaced by technology. Or. Maybe you're somebody can't wait for technology replace something that you don't wanna be doing anymore. 206421 rock Texas 77999. What do you miss because he's been replaced by technology. Or. What is something that you do that you wish it would be replaced by technology. And they eggs mornings on the rock 99.9 KI SW. I do a boy Dice-K I ask you the rock got Seattle. Got this list say the top things we miss. Because they've been replaced by technology like making making mix tapes that's gone putting photos and albums about you. What are you miss because it's been replaced by technology or what is something that you knew that you wish. Would be replaced by technology to a 6421 rock Texas 77999. Let's go to pat in Olympia pat you are on the Iraq. Nurture. Hey it's just horse funny. And that's. An airplane Serbs you know straight game at a bar nowadays. You're never gonna be special you have to be short short period or a woman who really. Beatrice did you have barred because they can just get on their own they've got thirty other options they can you can exploit it is. So I have you know I have an experience that so you've been at bars and there have been women. And literally you like you've seen them on their phones is going through their apps rather than it's the season so brown what's around them. How well you know it depends on how drunk they are how late it is but yeah I mean if they get short handed and I am and they haven't found children the guy that there's super interest and yet you Jim on their own looking hurt. You know all of their last ditch effort they used to just be able to jeopardize REIT opportunity got to go home now. There are on the fight anybody. Lisa called the two minute drill when it was like right when he said like last caller are to put the lights on saying okay we only got a couple minutes to make something happen. Yeah and that's where you would get rewarded for staying there the entire night while Ernie Els last. Yeah I'm guitar and not actually she made a ought to take the amount they needed to go. Yeah MM then I got a B on tender at the bar open you're swiping on someone that's at the bars while. Hadn't thought about that appreciate the call Pacquiao that is that is a complete game changer isn't I think cellphone technology he's gonna probably odd take up a lot of these calls about what the focus I think if we all do love having a Smartphone but I also think it's kind of a impacted us as far as society I think about my the one I missed the most. Is going to a bar. And arguing over something stupid that we don't have the answer for you have to be about a movie the Yuri came out whether or not this team won a Stanley Cup or not. Whatever it may be. Just that he didn't. Find conversation where it. Both of you are possibly wrong one of these right who knows you never know the answer until later on me at the track it down and now it's a Gavin argument for ten seconds you are ghoul in you got the answer always 1987. More on the conversation on our. Unless you're at the bar would like uncle Chris who knows everything he's like living Google but that's great though if you want that body senior crew the I don't know I mean he sits back watches to Wheaties arguing that just kind of comes in likely played good nationally at that probably went over everybody's got. Clayton everybody. Wow nobody knows his name Omar. I hear you're out do this is that if he 1982 again the firstly fund IU graduate because a long time ago I don't know I forgot about that would not talk about valuable clues clear and imovie the old cheers there are let's go to. All hate this is exciting happened we can't get goes crazy Jerry anymore but Jerry trash is really crazy Jerry instead Leo and get ready for him scenario. Crew although we are off. These concert. Pure technologies. That. Yes it's well I don't rich try to do you know I'm glad we got word trial she dreaded. Yeah it's very idea remember typewriters I'm with you do I'm so glad they're gone they were such a preliminary tests. They're out there working in the past but I wanted to pitch a better typewriter has that hasn't been brought over to word processing which is to you or function. When you're tight you can try to order character backstage. Like another character over to create new. Here widgets. Hello welcome there will rule out that one ha ho ho hopeful. I you know what I didn't realize I didn't realize that was the thing yeah I mean I had maybe yeah okay and what's the only Jerry who. But you know I'm good mushrooms and Irish. The capacity of touch screen. That is on my 2009. H huge huge huge cash any Smart for you get now has a resist your touch screen. And other resistant to a street response to chief of staff and if you're outdoors on pole day you're traders don't really worked so well. All excited about the pressure will when they when this morning pressure relief monster treasured Josh yeah and it can. Depeche that I have now here's a note which shall assess electromagnetic style much. Which appears so I just needed kids. Well you know I've got a car that's a lot of talking about touch screen sensibility I have to say this I I love Jerry three years that I was out of his mind now I just realize he's really super brilliant. He's Smart and all of us he doesn't look like he's using it for good I hope he's making a good living he should be. Because he's a Smart guy but he doesn't look like he's making me go live today I guess that's why I always thought it was great how look at you just judging a man by how he talks the yeah exactly I mean he he he always look like that he was gonna ask me if I can buy him some food. You know I give you never know I mean it's it's Washington the millionaires don't look like oh million writes Iraq what does Jerry is a millionaire you write and talk about damage distracts from conflict and I think Fred Jackson I did. Joseph Schwartz who are rock Texas 77999. Got a jewel and Port Orchard Joseph what technology do you miss or what is the technology was to replace something that you would not do anymore. I wish we try to go back pew how it was an early nineties we're told she wasn't so currently it. You thought I grew up at 8 eastern and raised. And it all I had about how our. I'm sick Genesis as our own song hurt date rest and we are kicked out. And we played in the street by where are our cultural call. Come back home a dark that's my mom would already have boy those Joe's for the good old days where there were no helicopter parents or you could even if we didn't have always like tracks is no way you can stay out until the lights came on the ended the helicopter parents would never let that happen anymore. I don't know which I mean I have a three year old daughter is sure how to turn off. On her moms are not Saudi Garnett Netflix. Though it did its lagging gain net. Guys just aren't you videos are watched Joseph shows up next. Yeah I do your rise as EJ yeah. Real high and basically we're both emotionally the same age age universally right schedule I've man. Obama's economic data I don't know that I would Ito let my daughter out insult dark yeah that. Jane's I don't know that I necessarily tell a parent. This is seeing exactly. No doubt they're. But I'll tell you this enjoy or appreciate or call Internet is now letting us know that there's all these Ritter's there's probably although Israel's academics and know about you are right I mean it would last few years they're all dangerous stuff and I watch the History Channel and did they would they talked about how. Then did they do they did the instant access to crazy news and horrible news how it comes at a so quickly really just blinds us to the fact it is the safest time to be. An American in America elected like you like you never ever had such a great opportunity not to be harmed as you do now as opposed to years ago were actually you had a better chance of having bad stuff happens you even though we thought we lived in safer times. It's all this instant news showing only the bad stuff. History shows that you never had a a better time to be alive and be safe than right now and get Americans do not feel that way. So quickly address of the from the techsters at a freaking out right now are about I must've missed exactly are you said about the rich I would Gerri I guess not like crazy Cheri some people are worried about cliches wellbeing. I see okay I hope she's okay what happened appreciate creatures find she still calls in just doesn't this crazy pictures we just never know what she's gonna caller you're just saying that Jerry trash is on the same level craziness is great layout crazy I think that is happening crazy Jerry. Well nothing bad recently by mean probably some years ago something bad happens they were glad she's been fans has he's been here and while he's out government I mean yeah. You know crazy series just as crazy as ever. But see it's been a while she sees calls a little bit send me a picture her wearing nothing which was to star who's applying to be Iraq or citizens do additionally she sentence national picture in the mail you it's rich maybe that's another thing that people miss the days of sending letters as opposed to emailing. Stuff with a PDF and it yet she's an in she's in her sixties and you're right she still thinks this is what you do you send letters yeah that's what she does. You know CI which he rated normally people would just basically put it on you know FaceBook material whenever I just one I thought Texas senator and undermine the ability to slam down a phone receiver. You know those old rotary phone tick you can't really express anger when you're done talking to someone yeah I'm so glad you put. Yeah I. Yeah was that you that said we should have a special but I was young and really doesn't slam in an doubts on. Let's go to Lucas in Renton Lucas you around Iraq. Tiger did not demand that this would you got worst and on the power. A handwriting and actually how little a pin in your hand to any regular paper that power I had a look at it doesn't require electricity well uncle strategic and I I really enjoy writing results and they. I like our Portland novel personally. I have to take to actually get like started writing in his reading in books and it just. Do it yeah you heard there. Well little writers you guys you guys are used to banging on the keys you know what the typewriter Mia that nobody really did handwriting to grab at least for a pork like writing a book no one's done that for ages but. I know you're saying. And they're thinking about phasing it out completely because really the only thing you need to learn and know how to handle right is for your signature and now it doesn't even matter I mean at least every electronic you're not gonna not a curse at him he's not going to be needed at all I was good at the right nasal node and card. And sing on my hand cramps up after like three sentences it's I just can't do it but you're left handed and so you guys aren't you guys have been wanting to be free hand running for a long yet because we always just scrape up that ink as this and it hasn't tried to isolate time you're done writing your whole side of your hand is black or blue whatever color you are using DIA it's always been VS for you reporters stationed at keyboard and you know they probably do him give women stupid ideas to the community created. That feels and sounds like a typewriter. For Sony's old school that wants Iran and nothing I haven't heard that they do would that be kind of cool thing to have that feel an old typewriter as you're typing if I judge so when they go artsy for RT novelist yeah they do have a nickel and retro classic mechanical holes. And they're also yet they also I mean when he gets on your computer yes absolutely NIC people who have done like steam punk keyboards that are like pure brass that seems actually really cool yet when you get the job returned by a medical. And tonight there whether I'm sure you can make an African great impression Steve that I know I Teddy doesn't matter worse now holly if we really yeah yeah that's definitely no animal he had thrown out there. I'd. I hope you've heard this a well known athlete has claimed. Apple added Charlie Sheen and murdered his former assistant. Who said this and I'll tell you a 747. On Iraq. 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