BJ & MIGS Podcast 02-08-18-8A: A couple has been getting free mystery packages from Amazon and they don’t know why.

Thursday, February 8th

Lenny Dykstra has accused Charlie Sheen of murder. George Clooney went to In and Out with David Letterman.


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Was that a lot of just insane news of Quincy Jones interview where he basically just talked about everybody haven't section people all these old movie stars like Marlon Brando Richard Pryor Marvin Gaye the musician. I was involved so then of course Michael Jackson says stole a lot of his music from people like Donna Summer and and so it's. It's another day where we get another person who's a celebrity coming out seeing some pretty so I mean pretty damning things. For baseball player Lenny Dykstra now say I remember nails. He's you know now abated the Catholic religion and as K grownup and when he owed confirmation. It was a twelve whatever you hold yardage part of it is amenable to confirmation name. And I know I've picked my uncle Ernie. But I don't wanna have my confirmation muse you would have whoever you picking as major guy you need you to go with that name is while I wanna go and Ernie and Mike did they learn at this does like I wanted something that I want and so I went with my. But Leonard yeah all because of Lenny Dykstra. And there was a saint Leonard I imagine you yeah how depressing right here is an area as well but I doubt I buy a satellite earnings. Yeah you know I was I was your Myanmar say it was like what your godfather or your yeah sponsored by gap that is pretty Lou you're supposed to take his name that probably to go over well. Plus if it did I was I blinders on I notice it because it's a hell bent under mine from I was obsessively texts emails. Yeah I am going Leonard. Well you don't time has got Lenny. Lou well. Think it's a crazy things he's accused Charlie Sheen of murder Lenny Dykstra you see very tight with Charlie Sheen back in the day that's a shocker there's two drug he's yet. I was banging and seven gram rocks and finish them remains anxiously happily you know those those those old ball players men of that era. I am one seed everyone here got over gas oh does nails yeah. So in this interview since they're falling out they had a few years ago Lenny Dykstra has been saying a lot about Charlie for starters he thinks the feds are about to put the hammer down on them. For tax and wire fraud. And for knowingly spreading his HIV this again according to Lenny Dykstra who lays off his rocker I meant to say that and saying. What if he's saying is necessarily false but just take that with a grain of salt Fiat. Does get worse dykstra also accuses Charlie are murdering. His former assistant Rick kell tomorrow back in 2012 I expose people to magic I'm just forget about them tomorrow but don't limit the tremors from the sidelines against man the the mustard dead well and that Murray says you'll explode I mean so if you're really his personal assistant you'll eventually you know exploding around I'll let tiger just when a relative tiger blood. Crazy dust I don't know what the hell Charlie saw the so different brand of heart I've just turned and now it's our blog and yet that's what it is Charlie thank you for clarinet and I appreciate it you borrow my brain for five seconds and just feel like. Analysts unplug his master. Here's what happened or column are there I guess a court tomorrow if it's to condone it. Tonight he's woman doesn't say just try and not just to mend including murder that. I guess they're saying it happened shortly after Charlie fired him. But you fire the guy then you allegedly murder of a guy. I think I mean I've heard severance package well maybe that should maybe Charlie determination to heart really thought welcome and exterminate you really need it terminated view I am on a drug called Charlie Sheen is unavailable because if you try once you'll die your facial melt off mutual home we'd all I guess everybody. That's what happy fire him but it says a parting gift games and Charlie Sheen. Paerson drug Charlie Sheen no help Pia you know the smooth over year termination it was a murder is just an accident and accident game to watch Charlie chic yes. Played Clijsters says that as he used to tell Charlie to fire cal morrow because he believed he was trying to write a tell all book about Charlie. Then Dyson did three years in prison on various charges. It's like he's got to elect on form and when he got out. Telemar was dead. So we said he asked Charlie what they'll have an array contrite tone quote you mean Deaderick. Consider what if anything happened is the mother effort try to blackmail me just like you said one in five million. I had him and I think I east. Shut up. Well. OK so Charlie may not have actually. Done the murder as some would the first headline alleged to have all this is true but he but Blaine dice is alleging that basically Charlie had him murdered. Now I don't I'd like to think it's not but I mean if anyone you're going to find you we found out later and it was true anywhere and really be surprised. Yeah I so we've heard associate these states have both of them when you think about it I'm one dude spent time in prison the otherwise Charlie Sheen. When things do this is I mean if this all of a sudden opens up any kind of cold case. Damn dude this is nuts. I mean you know Robert Wagner they're looking into him again when the death of my camera Natalie wouldn't go yes yeah which I know Danny and Vicki have no idea Robert Wagner was the father I honestly don't know William and on the Heidi I know the name yeah know the story. But I don't know I've never seen her in a movie or anything you have actually just had no sir oh you think yeah have you seen Merkel on 34 street. Are there and she's the little girl. And of course you gonna do other stuff but she's the little girl metal black and white Merkel on 34 street at Christmas movie. Of course you know our Robert Wagner was an Austin Powers you guys may remember him from mapping the eye patched here. You get a number two and yet so that's that's Robert Wagner so you guys know America and years ago there was a big garden knows he's she basically drowned in the RA what the hell have you and your wife was on your vote to come back she's gonna vote anymore. And now we're looking to him and they've got to look into Charlie Sheen with these allegations coming out to at least have to take a look I'm fairly well how do this is knots. This I mean. I two things get weird bad pillow your world will tell you why you know all I wanted to see him do you Rahim. Wild thing bond is not gonna happen he's going to be Ricky wild thing imprisoned. Who say if this is true. I seriously do this did the idea that people coming out saying the truth about everything no one's putting out of the right to hash tag me too. Everybody's coming out saying everything and we know god we know that. That you know the more power you have the more you try to hide things the more you thinking get away with murder literally. And the more you're about what you sort of a cultural thinking OK no one's gonna completely go find me if I see something that's somewhat negative about their favorite celebrity nowadays are once wanna take things with a grain of salt as opposed in the past to be like. You're just trying to cash in on this and some people enforcing probably still are but there's there's more people willing to listen to somebody who has some pretty scandalous stuff to say about a certain celebrity. All dude it gets worse have you heard George Clooney knowledge of what it's all week how do you heard about Brad K he's got no car accident that rocked my world this morning that was that. And Angel all clue what happened are still are this city yet Clooney this year is probably the biggest story of all. Apparently George Clooney. Went to went in and out and ate hamburgers shakes. That's all we are facing off for a long time so it makes sense that actually is big news man I didn't know George likes the in and out. And also like burgers again. But I do you know it's the next episode David Letterman who Netflix show it's coming out tomorrow. And my next guest needs no introduction so that's the name of the show BI and so used to say when he did the Letterman show my next guest needs no introduction yeah. I need to watch that show I haven't gotten around to checking it out yet either and I. I hear it's good I mean the clips I've heard a pretty fun and I love doing David Letterman used to do interviews I'm afraid it's going to be boring but maybe not I mean I mean it's I like Seinfeld's cars a copies with comedians Zemin and and that's a fun thing. And I give this a chance men gone in now version Clooney that's because they can't Netflix keeps putting on cloverfield paradox and altered carbon shows like I don't think about osu Donna watch Letterman there's another cool show they throw on in my facing go and now Jessica Jones is coming back in April I know trying to watch Letterman. Netflix has just been inundating me with stuff ports and if you watch it and tell me like it. Don't I don't watch it putts that you know why am I watched this and it's all because it can be in and out okay because I live love their sakes man and I might want to because the yeah so I he took clay tuning in now near LA exec is a little bit how that summon up. The guys though from pocono I ought to top six you'll rest a little time with the press woods literally you're Rivera struck when it's Travis. Travis let's say you are Travis. It was actually. That is that a healthy chocolate melts again all I say it again. And if she didn't dig down to give again gratuity. Well apple apple apple outright lie all right I am I have to watch this. I endorses this do this this could be some fun stuff should do the show out and now all the time student in our Dave Letterman that's that's a great idea. And and and they're not kid and I'd tell you right now people talk about the in and out burgers but I really believe the shakes are linked are are the best sheiks in fast food. In and out shakes and and that's analog to Steak N Shake that you know half of their name but I'm still say and I I really believe it shakes I really don't I don't know what they put in their dude but he's so freaking good I'm trying to. Think the bottom I love the strawberry shake it ticks that's pretty damn phenomenal but I think my favorite chic might be on. Know what he's. Does the shape that they need these Molly moon's ice cream yeah and that's a good shake but there's some pretty JPG I know but there's something inside him in and out shake because it. You rightly take a little woody shake it surely by far much better than your average fast food because they really put an excuse some stupid machine they really do a good job. To try it but yeah. Ice it's it's it's like Oreo Cookies you know they're not the best confectionery when everything dessert you can get why you use big words are to a food gap but did you know you want to ordain all of a sudden you know I kind of an expert. But there is something about Oreo Cookies that you might want them over like the finest pastry you can our job it's the same thing with the in and out shake. I don't know why put it get a guy and it's not like it's anything you know it's looks very much like a McDonald's shaker Burger King Sheikh but there's something. It was like the birds in and out and Dixon I gather like they're fast food burgers there's also like high end burgers that are just ridiculous that army sets and special type 2000. There are fed certain types of fancy Grasso was plated in gold or something I don't know what good means but there's also some good greasy burger and at places like guns and why I shake could be similar. But you try to shake it pop out. I think I actually yes I have those damn good they're good. And I know I wish I could I don't like how do we make a trip and now right now while you can take a please send Joseph yeah you think you. Is it a pleaser there's a plus plus in my power again I forget yet but yet far. All right Joseph get I get going on look at the video clip of odds I MA you know George Clooney David Letterman and then dump our worries AK unit from the restaurant. I'm looking at divisional and of course he's wearing the paper and not hat in the eighth person I think he's the guy yeah yeah I am and Letterman so rock that's Santa beards. I wonder how many celebrities paid up in the now like I wonder if you talk to a personnel worked and because I did a person from Dick's burgers did AMA on read it ask me anything so that Russell Wolff Michael Moore do you come to decks. Do I what are they come together but when you're down California. He it's amazing how who people you run into because some my wife and I we're we we know we just went to this little breakfast restaurant they've done an Orange County. And Mary Steenburgen comes Walken and sit there and at the next table next to listen and the whole time I'm trying not to be the guy going oh my god. But you know it's Mary Steenburgen right there next to me at the table the media is it it's just I didn't California it happens all the time. Not to others got up I did so every stone and wanna enjoy. In and out burger. From time to time you have only go ahead and now without really really waste with you Ted Smith flew into California for a bowl game. What's college football. Ever be really good and it rode my fear part of that whole experience it was Ted Steny wanted to chairs and and proclaiming that he was going to buy one of everything. I guess gangster tough test and you realize is not really many things on the menu yeah but it still is pretty awesome and I can just proclaimed in front of Iraq. I am buying one of everything you know. They get the city now does he know what the secret man you can do more than a match we did nobody animals. The time yeah. Welcome back it and we actually when you travel with Ted it's always animal style stupid of course five guys it's on to sex and as the best shakes. There's an Ben Gurion seem to be Salem as well I've had five guys shakes by the way they're good then. And I am now to do so I thank you master have you ever master shake pool boy it's been a long time I I went to burger master early on it when I remember I came here to Seattle. I know it's crazy. They shouldn't be be like some of these places make really amazing shakes but there's some type swear they put in that they're DM in and out shake it and they got to put a drug and we'll sprinkle sprinkle of it's beat yeah you just saw that. I had to say about this couple who. They are getting nonstop packages from Amazon mailed to them I don't know why her. Because they never ordered any of it and the packages still come and why it well we do have an explanation I'll tell you all about it and 817. On Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all the. Nine point nine KI SW Iraq. I was Seattle. A Massachusetts couple they're getting annoyed which is not usual for Massachusetts couple their own they're always annoyed. Rears everybody I know from Massachusetts is a stuffed full of our ponies and rainbows of happiness save. Beth you're actually right but he's had at their atypical okay. They're getting annoyed because of the free mystery packages are getting from Amazon and I guess to begin have you looked. They haven't ordered anything but they continue to get these mystery package Israelis on Mike Kelly say the first package arrived in October. And they've continued to arrive at a rate of one or two a week so they've got about 25 and all. See this is a typical person from Massachusetts to me. If that's aren't having too many days is are some say Christmas every couple of days but of course. You guys can enjoy good things in life yet the bitch about it they say it's mostly cheap stuff though like classic fans phone chargers. I'd like free plastic cans and phone chargers and the mile away. And and there are told today you know almost confirm phone charger forget the preeminent right of traveling and I have to meet him phone charger so you really he wouldn't mind and fans are always a fan right. You know festival seasons coming up am I gonna summer melt down again with the Ted Smith. It be great to have one of those Kansas ties around your neck and whenever you need to get a little bit about first of air. In the face all right right in the face yes. It is funny there are people like you that we go I don't care how many phone chargers they sent me this is awesome I'm getting free stuff I print or communicate who leads a phone charger to be that guy. Amazon told them that the merchandise was paid for with a gift card with no senders name. And Kelly says quote we're just plain ordinary people we don't want any part of this for the packages just keep coming. Two experts say the couple is likely being used in a ruse to manipulate Amazon buyer reviews. All interesting. The on the anonymous sender is likely writing good reviews of their own products. Then cool you do that and I'd get dropped now how does that work QU I yeah I send you something anonymously. But then I go on and it's it's you purchased it I persists today as came when you read you this our call me yeah I'm sure you get that all the time because you're on Amazon when more than me but yeah the few and far between times I use Amazon to buy something. I will get an email we'll keep bug communique. You're here and it's like always like oh yeah sure Feinstein I guess at least easy address they'll know that I'm not a stupid person and owns it. That's an LC OK because I that's that's no reason why you do it otherwise why he just might buy stuff for yourself send it to yourself you have but it must be that that way Amazon can see that await these reviews are coming from somebody who did not actually. On the product and you're buying it with some iron to cut a gift card basically yeah I don't want rose prepaid credit cards so there's no way to Trace it. Well as I did they know what's gonna hurry you're getting free stuff when I've just been happy sister why won't trust reviews I don't trust items such reviews anymore I mean never I mean you can't trustee to reviews because I heard that the your you're basically if you. You know you're almost blackmailed into giving everybody five stars they might lose their jobs I heard those allegations. You know and and of course I don't believe any goes on and Yelp because there there's always been allegations about you know there's this sort of like well you better give me good review or yell point of which I don't wanna pay a certain amount you can have certain reviews removed he had some ridiculous so they're doing so could send enough stuff to eventually become a verified purchaser. You know I mean you know yes I way that I mean up until now whenever I would see your review by verified purchase or I would just think. Okay it's just that person because there are verified purchaser exactly but now Holliman now we can see there's a whole mat system as well. Numbers the same thing happened to me actually called the show a couple weeks ago about all that's right member that person cause about getting a package and it wasn't bears. And Jarret now did the and now I get on this less so that must be what's going on we get the time we did know that's going on that we might assault that listeners dilemma how much is near says dude Sammy up for free anonymous stuff winner winner chicken dinner I would love that kid what you have the service is legal by like. FaceBook friends are into Gramm likes why can't they have a service that says hey would you like to be a part of this scam. That makes it so that if we become verified purchasers Idec are mall and hear address they just call like free milk crate I mean because that's what Lou yeah any messages sent people stuff you know what's in the genre like we have no idea what you're getting colleague review the stuff you send me. I'll give it five stars I ain't too proud to have so much soul from. Amazon how we know verified purchasers all right I'll give the best review ever object that stand there and air conditioning it'll way to thank god relayed. Way a company that's willing to give away their stuff in order to show that they're really good company. Kinda think in a way it's guy that that maybe they are good company because there are people who don't believe in giving away their product. In order to be able to do good customer service we've seen now to where restaurants something goes wrong I don't want comp your meal they don't even ask you you know can't. Dumbest thing they should do they gauge data did they really should so I won't come back to. Yeah I don't care what you do to my food if you gave me from the meal for free I'll come back to your place so I'm maybe this actually isn't so much of a scam as it maybe these guys do deserve the reviews but then I think about like you know you sit there review I was looking for something and I was reading your viewers greatly Joseph Mike while based on the street view maybe I should check this thing I mean I'm an excellent over the ear headphones or something like that. And it's the the bottom. This I do not purchase this product it was given to me for my review is unbiased a might ball crap. The sun gives me something on some saying good stuff yeah I fear the worst reviewers process I see that the board game world. Yeah you know and do that and it's the same thing you'll see there you see the dude c'mon go OK I just wanna be clear with you guys can sometimes the guy will we're just getting himself. Here review them without any ties and other times ago. I've been paid like they get paid yet late and I've been compensated to review this product I'm gonna be fair about it fights why you know they've. Because he's so popular that this is something he'll never review unless you actually pay him to review it otherwise mostly to the top of the list because there are other better games online revealed. I don't get to be a drum set reviewer I make my wife happy. An Arab and I would view that got into office. I'm right news review because I got it for free. Even if -- sound like crap it's the best on drums ever had in only keep saying nice things until he keeps it to be more stuff yeah but if you're gonna be legit you're gonna have to look I won once and while he's corrupt but in order for you to look like that you are legit you have to throw bad review -- months and -- but I am saying hey guys when you also think it's the best sums ever got to the free he said that's not the kind of review we're looking for Al hunt for Ireland the only I would that's not the -- in the control there'll be one site some of these calling you on your hold things LBJ let's says the decision doesn't trust reviews that's total BS we've heard him say he won't see something based on a critic review which is the same day. All but see that's just something I I won't go see but I'm not gonna try I'm not gonna trusted on Bob black Jack and yeah that's because those people would get paid to do for a living as opposed to Randall cal receipt and I yelled I'm just not gonna you know being paid a product. Well that's not seeming like two guys he yells like I don't like some you I tell you about the idiots who go on just review everything I now yes yes I post your yard Tyler just extra hand all right time. A prisoner to receive the very Euro and yelled we have proof that the customer was full that we called the open they said they'd be tried to help. 36 dollars a month we'd be happy to help home. See right off the wow that's why I don't know if that's true that's why I'm not yell fan or any of these kind of sites that do reviews outside I don't believe in any event anymore. It is it is it's. You know people do that's our problems people base whether or not they go to a restaurant on Yelp review and look what's happening. Well. There was a great episode on. The affair pissed off they're gonna put a bad review up there they like to have a bad day there has nothing to do with what really the products all about. I can't trust that anymore I want some of the that's their job like you're really a food reviewer may be worked for the times. Something like that but he would not just you know not just some Jenny shouldn't joke. Who's just earn our current order ID like you Steve I would trust you why. Well I trust you you'll be happy I just that I saw myself but for whatever you give me for free. I don't no really enjoy have fun entertainment. Go and read doctor reviews but if your plan going to see a doctor all the there's there's. Yeah I never about not a guy or whoever my knee I remember right that was a on the to read the reviews about this doctor. And boy oh boy do people hate this doctor it was. Funny want to eat such anger and I think about my stomach will Wear any man who won nice if you like a billion negative ones of them taken mainly going to the right guy. This is a bad idea but I'll block. I go to Houston procreate the everything that these people were saying he does the opposite horrible bedside manner that was great we had fun conversation. But I the think he had one or a couple bad experiences and who knows this is just one person making multiple reviews just trying to bring this doctor down. Yeah see that you're right I don't. See that's and he's not the way to get doctor reviews so it's not good I went into it like I was ready to fight the guy. The thousands of let's go not like physically fight so yeah I can you really believed all his bad press club may have little weird taste in my mouth on like some base he's only got am and in the network. Some stuff going man that's a good song like on like among the defense when I walked in and he comes in smiling these super nice and Mike. Tournament for us to do right now lives expecting worse. Now see again that. Whole review thing man yah I think people are just too subjective. When it comes to doctors do I don't find the richest person I know. And you know find the richest person you know and say look I got this problem do you know specials 'cause rich people. They go to the right doctors them you know like if I ever get by every cancer I got a couple of friends of mine and I've dealt with it I immunity and go to them say so okay what process you go through now luckily we live in Seattle where we have great cancer technology researcher sir you know so I should have to go too far but and other things. I called my dot com I people who are who have a lot of money or older though what would you do. Because they go big go find the right people I wouldn't review snow wave and. But it's just like you do it's what you do you've gone in there on the Internet you type in the doctors mayor Michael cook that good reviews Julius two out of five stars why do you read me like huh. All this is going to be interesting. Don't worry man accidentally and became like. Based on the street view shot exactly grandparents just had a stub my toe next you know on the missing a foot. See that's you know it's interesting thing we're all part where we we're all getting to the point where we just wanna go online. To get our information and get our referrals and or an end to get our recommendations. He used to be you talked to a guy or do you know a guy that was always you know you want me grown up. If you need something Haiti you know a guy yeah. Now nobody does that might think even the younger you go all the more you just used to turning to your phone and going all I need this let me go online and see if anyone. And I don't believe anything got the Wii just recently you know I went and found I needed my printer repaired. I want to and he's list Y tour guide and Andy's list. Not only dean not fix my printer but he took my money and I can't get him back on the phone and he's into useless recommend it. So I have done I am really done with anything online because it is a wild way. The weirdness out there where you can't trust anything the future subscribe to Steve's last. It's only in the easily three dollars per referral and whether what he would you recommend. I go to and you listen legislation I think the course of the PL a W I filtered through for you you all coming back either well you know probably not now do some users started that the new bike robbed from them. Wouldn't say be it would steal from us got caught we were and then that person wrote a bad review on how horrible we are. On my delicious fresh are you kidding me. So somebody tries to rob your restaurant and they give you bad restaurant review for basically catching them return in the man this place sucks I was trying to dine and dash and they stopped me she's awful customer service never go back again to half awesome in jail right now. Here's a great tip of a great piece of advice. Find the richest person you know I know society hates rich people at times especially you know determine who you talk to but rich people have a good network of whatever you need. Find the richest person you know and ask them I need this time would you what would you be surprised how much they want to tell if you sound sort of do she. Paul fund the richest. Person whoever might say you everybody knows it like you know your being your friends' group Steve you know his French group who's doing really well I mean everybody's got it I have a guy that I know dude that guy is way over my head I can't believe he has lunch with me because you know he's way out of my league. And I'll tell you I was afraid to ask about sexism. Just is not a my financially Dubai I go to his house and I go what am I doing here on such a loser I mean really matter if your friend referendum but there are saying you won't you I don't know somebody that definitely is doing well OK so you go to that person to say do you know anybody rather than go online and read all these reviews. Go to the richest person you know and ask. I like this guy do he saved me so much I almost invested in Ponzi schemes and everything. Because I was you know and my wife heavy hand and I'll always be people who are all all Ponzi schemes all these seminars. Hey go by this go by that we'll check this check back and I always bring it to this guy who used to just say I mean this guys used to managing. Big peoples money like a big east or for Paul Allen. OK and so I would bring with those differences Russell Wilson yeah I was very out and I brick so many and he was always nice I hit that's nothing would surprise you think they look like your immunity would don't get out here tonight at a time feel. He always was nice to say you know what BJ I would invest this I know you have a lot of money if you would investments I guess I shouldn't. What does a movie where I all those people that they they B crew able did a society way to bring like these weirdos to the dinner and I think the most interesting look. Oh god I remember only you actually realize an extraordinary gentlemen there's a lot of other holes that from who hasn't. Do you are you are there may be years that that guy for him all you mean like on the on the loser laboring right this the biggest autorad you know it's a dinner for she marks down first run your terrible I'm pretty much you might be shot I'll definitely a yeah I feel a fact of his rich friends that you hopefully we'll my Smart kids. Do I go play poker and I am the schmuck. Everybody in the poker group that I got invited to Baja honestly do these guys are still your manners and I sit at this guys house I want this guy's house one time you might be is there anyone else is kind of like you. There's no policy you're not the only issue. Well everybody else's guy like everybody's like I do this reminds you how I know much much they've all made some big deal on the golf course and I'm sitting are going EI diamond I am playing golf. I think we author once in Los I think I'm there for entertainment like on the schmuck I did you rest. Yet enjoy almighty you should lucky it's that everyone else's through and talented you don't know your bring in my shock we're all gonna adopt DJ as our shock. Do this I was I think she mock via our dude yeah. You are how out of my league I was. So this guy goes hey were playing poker and a different location since I guy I am I got a new house with his bottom piece of property and it really swanky Claire part of town that I go to guys Ellis hey John you bring your schmuck friend Jeff. So do. I know you go to somebody's house right you wanna be nice and complimentary so he lets me in the house knew and I'll take issues off I took my shoes off and all that. And I go I look around I suck compliment him because that's he's supposed to go do I love this I love a ghost. He does all this is all crap we're not in the whole house I'm building on its way I'm just my my my wife doesn't live here right now because she's in the other out. Do he would so the house I walked into which was beautiful. They ripped the whole got to put even more about that assault got so much of us should not get out of my league I was is that I would I would take in the house he had. And it was like now this house is for losers I'm not gonna keep this sounds. That's I mean that's ought to Miley got him but you know what. I talk to that guy is give me good advice. On stuff that I wanted to know Coleman still finding the person that has the most money you think asked them they will give you better advice than the Internet. Telling about everything. Now you can still do she move. That's. A stilts Dahmer even just having this conversation do you. Ron why don't look at it reviews when you bring entertainment. I enter your doctor and yeah old. But you're Bjorn you have no idea I hear you sir you're the richest from a have let me ask you some things. You'll sink that we won't die. Danny do you know I mean you got to know people and life we go hey can I come to you guys I want you to agree with me Danny had a running rich people you don't know anybody is doing better than you really law. Maybe even I don't ask them for advice I don't feel like well why would get an idea that this is completely stupid yes yeah. Thank you. I he's gone on and on about befriending rich people or that's what they're dead they're a little monster that you're you when you have people that you use that's good. You're lied about. And they actually like to help is on sale of I find. Don't ask me for an thing of course I'm not the guy go I didn't Antonio my rich friend as my Syria talked to my best he won't get back to me he really showed you this before you talk to me all right fine. I I guess they Steve he got this one wrong Checkpoint Charlie was seagate that divided east and west portions of what city. Texas now. It's. Washington has no Dallas no. No Steve come on we. You could talk to your rich friend he was told you we'll answer my emails man yeah. Did you tell your friend and made him such a lucky enough for guys good good looking he iphones get returned to restart Toyota video we have Bozo c'mon over. Ya I wanna judge DC 20642 on rock but think he makes it 847. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. Here's another question molester. I'm getting my wages garnished from bankruptcy help we're back absolutely no one of the big reasons people filed bankruptcies because they happen judgment or a lawsuit against them. Their wages are being garnished. And so they can pay their other regular ongoing bills. People sometimes things you can file bankruptcy once they have a judgment against him once a garnish the stock has started and that's not true. Very dangerous to immediately stop any garnish infantry I'm going except for child support. And stop your creditors from continuing on. Which versions of your bank account your wages I'm and in most cases will just yourself liability. Out through the bankruptcy process. And we can file bankruptcy. Case. For you usually the day you come here and thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time at choose the right chapter dot com that's choose the right chapter two dot com thanks for listening.