BJ & MIGS Podcast 02-09-18-6A:A 98 year old man found out his real age and freaked out.

Friday, February 9th

News and sports. Today is National Pizza Day. The Eagles victory parade was yesterday and one player dressed as a green genie.


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Got a feel for you check out the BJ may stage of KI SW dot com you wanna see this video. Awesome. To 98 year old guy. And he finds out his real age. And this news hasn't gone to a swearing trip he just he just can't stop swearing. How you think you are so. Fire. Yeah. Higher. Yeah. I have it and now now he. Higher. The only one iron two iron three iron or higher die piracy. Hi there Chad good hire me that says. They need only. Supplies and having fun. Here you're going to be many many this summer movie and I really doubt we're eighteen EDT. This then it certainly is it's 2018. Then you're only 99 us. Yeah. Yeah. I don't it's blouse so I don't know grandpa. Starting high he seems like he's got allows morals but has no idea what year it is who some think he may could be any suffering from some kind of dementia which is unfortunate but he sees just a great attitude yes that is it is that's created because you know you writes music dimension people on the holy site and are what kind of really nasty. Or agents lost track of how all the isn't even on the time for a long time. Yeah well they are putting a fraud and I I just don't forget how old I am numb I'm not even anywhere you don't need sensitive point what the same like a. My grandpa he just turned 97. And he has dementia and he'll likely get meaning of the it takes him like a good. 34 minutes to figure out who I am and you can see him trying to deduce remedies I mean about it he's just I'll lose it but he's. Are you sure there is no your is okay you like why my grandson wearing guy liner that's probably true yes if you look yeah it's like slice his hair spiked up to the ceiling on this police hope this is inherently good tonight. I think he is I think it is arsenal forget this case. Soccer. Two. It's that hot topic he mode so we choose their grandchild I've got. I do of these like I'm getting old thank you know maybe an old yeah it's still not getting old you are older now. 1919. Damn. I think my dad. Was born in 1990. Down times maybe so I'm thinking that he then he would be wow he would be 99 this year. That's that's quite a life man that is meg yeah I'd love to sit down with that cute. But of course you can do it on the radio because I you know. He's not FCC friendly that's a very your point but I got to hear some of his stories now what's being gone on his life. I'll make I don't know although although we have had definitely man he's. It's completely changed you know when he was that I guess we feel like there's maybe ten you kind of remember things but you can remember stuff for like 810 years old. Life in technology and all the changes. I mean it's just it's just that the whole social societal attitude of the world everything is changed that was a great line those BK said time flies when you're having fun yeah. Sounds they could cause having fun destroyed F bombs left to right if I do is forget some things what I saw have a good attitude and an and I feel like that guy up dementia if that's the primary he seems to be okay that. Maybe a theme all timers were people really just get you that they're just nasty and upset you know like it's it's not fun for people. To be around them. Yo I think would alzheimer's unfortunately elected there's people in their world that they have no idea who they are active while not acting they are their family and it probably embarrass somebody. Yeah and yet when that when that happens Lakewood who are you why are you saying you're my nephew and I don't even know what though you are. I'm trying to train my brain into thinking that when I get to a certain age. I'm not gonna recognize people black I'm still trying to come back I'm going to be called but in those situations and I remember how how are you train your brain. To remember that if you're not gonna remember who your kids are. Well there are I read about stroke victims where they retain skills sometimes like like to acknowledge they've learned things that they've learned they don't like remember the memories yeah but somehow they got like knowledge but I just so Lou I don't like maybe let does of this one woman who was like there's neuroscientist she really became a lot of stuff she learned. But she forgot who were my otherwise so I'm open that's what I can do is just trained my brain to go luck. You know be as a point where I don't know anything but if people are kind SP kind don't like to see except that everyone's cool and I won't. Afraid of people scared tattooed on your manners and that if you're doing great idea you put a lot of stock into hoping that you'll remember that part as opposed to the other stuff. Utter waste of time I got to make videos. Well enough so that's going to be my guess you know no matter how much awesome as you might have you priced a love watching video yeah I remember that's well Schwarzenegger didn't total recall paired go ahead you remember I was loud we're really got to regroup. Did I did in my eyes in the great movies 51 dates we understand our Drew Barrymore they made a movie data watcher mornings to remember reality was. Ties so I got to build. I should get to a new races says look man you got you've gone crazy just be cool hey hit hybrid seed just improve. But how to I know some and in tattooed I am I will give up that's why got to do a very I'll lay out the old guy I don't hale you anymore the other old guy yeah hunt thanks very yeah. That's what I Gilchrist are going to YouTube everybody's having a glass of this guy is the best he's the box this is awesome. Chris you're the one guy. The entirety of this man's life is summed up in one video for a punch a soulless Internet addicts to forget about him in five minutes. It's likely that he'll tell me quote it's no big deal or just jail by a what you ought to seriously think about my perspective. I know that at least two more empathetic to a person the Internet dehumanize is people really. Wow. Fact you know in some cases I would agree with that person but this is a flight hearted fun video no I mean I I I can send a sentimental men a man's life editor thought it was a waste any video sustain this yeah I mean there's a lot of nasty videos out there and nasty comments is why should go post there. It's a happy video of a guy who. You know there's a son there's him it's say it's a real sweet moment plus there's a dude it's going to be 99. More present as a better are you 98 year old that way better shape than me and I'm 36. If you missed it we gotta you gotta hear this against his old dude who finds out he's nine years old he doesn't know how old years and it's awesome when he finds out. How do you think you are some. Hire. Me. Higher. If you can. Yeah. Not even. Higher. You wouldn't fire truth I have created. Hire or fire back a fire station and hire staff and hire me said. And you always. Time flies and average not. Yeah I mean and you may this summer don't worry dad. We're AT&T and T. And it's and it certainly is yeah 2018. Pounds. And your immunity madness. Home. She's out of the hole. Love attitude that's awesome why would anybody posts like that stupid thing about being a united people. Love that dude I think it makes him more human and makes this makes this mileage like how cool is that guy. That's awesome. Title question why. Was an NFL player dressed up like this genie. While cursing on live TV yesterday it's all about the first since these higher she's got the news stories 617. On the Iraq. And makes morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW. Nine point nine KI SW Barack Seattle. That's newscaster. Named seems like and there is room. Right now do you steam aids let's do this. Well thanks guys thanks Oregon state university and I dad telling you it's every month it seems that this is a yearly holiday for some reason happy national. But again we allow pets crazy. We should keep tally of how many times national pizza day I think a lot in a year makes sense 57% of people say they love pizza. Now 41% say they would go as far as they love it but they like get a lot. And then there's 2% that are terrorists and they sit itself. Yeah that's that's pretty was I was gonna say the 51%. I thought should be higher for now I get love and wiped off the together McKnight soft on this 4% of women sitting rather eat pizza and have a boyfriend just in time for Valentine's Day yeah. And 3% Ahmed would you eating pizza over having a girlfriend. Enough ago that fire them for some pepperoni she's on her. I'll value accident never get the best of both worlds. Pistol at the Eagles Super Bowl party that was yesterday at their big parade their big gathering lots of insanity going on to the feel like they there was an ongoing theme. Throughout the game that was people scattering the ashes have sort of loved ones out there during the parade which makes sense not long suffering Eagles fans. One person flow from Florida city to scatter his I've grandfather's ashes. Another person has learned how would his dad's ashes and credits and a parade. Another person had his uncle's ashes and a small file to us spread it out as long as they followed along. And you know but the highlight of the entire parade will is. Could go to Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelsey. Who looked like he was having the time of his life and also sounded like he was applying to become a WWE superstar at some point. For some reason you stress is a big green genie out of UC misty did I have an I have an explanation. OK it was destination the explanation is is I guess it's a New Year's tradition they call the mummers and that's the albums are they where in Philadelphia dressed like come Marmara I don't know what the hell mom or is quite. That's what I found out online is why he was just that way it's it's a film tradition at its immediate just look like a cast Elton John is alive and it's so true yeah I have created such a bizarre often but I guess a New Year's thankful he was definitely a highlight because there is at sixty city gave over the art museum steps. Where and I'd like I said. I imagine this is in the middle and wrestle mania here is adjacent Kelsey talking to the Eagles faithful. Okay. Do you OK. Okay. I. How did you show you can talk you can I don't know I don't know who was hired was rated the worst. Hire a lot of free and I analysts out there in the media. Oh yeah already. Dry all around. It's. Coach do you. Okay. It is it's. It's. There. And the best part that is there's listing off all these. Complaints that people had about the players' minutes guys to slow this guy's too old and while he's doing at the crowds to anyone like you visit WW we event which it I was pretty hilarious. There's also kind of funny there's an every and I kind of take a shot of one of his teammates did so that's why don't I. Yup people did say that about me being his team was loving everything that this guy was going out there and their live on television. And that's when he decides to drop a couple marathons in the middle of these WWE self promo. Ordered more all the players all get to. Everybody wanted one Philadelphia Eagles aren't the nicest yeah. It's no disagreement when nobody lives are very yeah. I gotta say all you Madonna. The real good job of double and everybody. Did not know what my major is junk justice and he. And represent a feud everybody a a city of brotherly love. And they got the crowd to chant and sing their song though we're really egos are from Philly where I think Philly we don't care at all about Soviet news. There's definitely a child friendly offense measured plus. Why she's got to blame the guys live in the moment I think he cemented himself as a legend in the city of Philadelphia at this point. Yeah regularly eat drink and do it every once for free for the rest of his life to be never leave that city you're right thanks guys who hero and the WW he's got you game of golf Dillon Texas consensus like stone cold Steve Austin. Big you know football about out Jimmy probably think he's happy that he was off trading away from the New England Patriots yeah he just signed a ridiculous deal with the four united a brand like what's. Should start with a point nine million lose at unbeaten. Out of the day when every game and in December when he was their quarterback and they agreed to terms on a five year deal. A 137. Points. Five million dollars is too bad that you do all the math that comes out to an average of 27 point five million per year for us what the guys you inside the backup quarterback to Tom Brady please fourteen million upgrade Tom. There's always taken a pay cut their way they can have good players around him but still he's making 96 point 4% more than Tom Brady and he's sorry for 22. Never he's he's got to figure that out if he wants everyone continues to discuss this you've got to have good people around your clone we know now find out I guess that's good I mean hey look. Damn good with him at the end of the season the best it's that's a lot of money that and this might be the dumbest criminal. Of the week for this month or every premiere at least from Spokane and hi this habit of 46 you're a guy named Jason he called the cops on Sunday afternoon the report that is TV you can still. Calling the cops showed up they found out what really happened. Jason stole the TV good news complaining about that was stolen away from him glad. He broke into his neighbor's house the day before and took that TV plus Xbox and some other stuff as well she's been here for suspected that it was him. So even hinted things could they miss out on Sunday. Because his daughter Lotta men and took the TV back. And then Jason came home saw that it was missing. And he called the cops. Yes why doing the math. He called the cops report that the TV that he stole it had been stolen from him okay. I don't know exactly what he was hoping it was gonna happen from that but he was arrested for burglary theft and malicious mischief. May I ask as far as whether 46 degrees is going to be crowded. And you're the daughter of Mike that's my dad yet. He's fodder of the year because even explain that the cops and a gap and I stole this TV it's mind now he had stolen back idea arrested finders keepers are now I just stumbled into his house founded a guy that's how that works right. While I so we heard Jason. Radio from the Eagles swearing his ass off during the big celebration parade. And there's a great article about swearing at work and how we feel about people they do that. I think it's nothing fantastic. F and also yeah there have been studies and a Kamal that we've read before the show saying that swearing actually helps you would Payne helps you with stress. Hello in the gym tells Jimmy Jam knowing that one less revenues dropped the F bomb and industry everybody out of the gym that you that you intimidation no you don't want that my Gosselin brings a ballot gets read out now you tell us Vicky there's a dollar people ring insert and James yeah you and I would know that well I would know because I don't set foot gym. I don't have access to be spent here because I Hillary can't go to legitimate threats like that had that moment yesterday and he's hurt us. I yes so embarrassing I didn't mean to do. But as a trial of more weight and usually do it I would say and I safe safe visualize what is it. So I thought I was cool it's a look over at this lady who headphones on and she just looks at me starts laughing. And I'm like yeah I'm that guy sorry Jim Jimmy dating guys up. The next waters on me hey wanna break I don't know are there is a water fountain yeah they'll all just pour the water and dad and I figured that guide the direction Ohio. Yeah I got a new survey and 44% of people say no. It's never OK to swear work. I think you know we just we're gonna different worlds so we don't know what a regular places like. Well yeah since like there's customers or clients coming by I can understand that happen I think if you're register co workers do you see day in day out you're comfortable with them. And if everyone scored they would as a matter I guess so you don't nowadays with a HR yeah somebody goes in and says you know what I heard Steve. Use this word that word I think gate charge got to do something about it. I don't know like as a customer I think I like it win like professional people swear like my doctor. Chet dropped the F bomb like she is kind of mad about Tony's like at ten days so I'm so sorry and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Because you feel like you're human he yeah they're human. Oh that's interesting I guess she got to feel the customer out oh that's also looked down upon yeah. How he can't do any entity get actually prefer you curse BJ at the router is fine 36% of people say yeah I okay in certain circumstances just like Vicki said you monitoring all the time Vick you're just once in awhile. I think until I think if you do a way to much and it will get a little tedious nights a year in the 36%. And then there's pretty much one in ten of us and say you know what. Swear all you want people this is America that's right while they say yell at the curse words fly so pretty much the majority. I you know bill late. Now I now know. There's certain words that he can we like our I would imagine there's somewhere is that like people aren't going to be to a set the S bomb I think at this point. I mean how I was viewed being used on CNN rather frequently when yeah and when that young yes storm word was being brought out I feel like it should be taken off carlin's list. Yet there's an ever watch a show now I mean on cable obviously not network TV. If somebody uses the S word I'm not really necessarily unnerved a bullpen surrendered but it's it's like okay. It doesn't just it doesn't seem shocking anymore people use it so. Often now yeah. Yes no doubt about it I doubt I'll when I hear F bombs fly on cable that does shock me like on television shows yeah. That's like woke Kayla let mad maybe flat so at the workplaces and F bomb too much. The F bomb is also pretty commonplace granted. At because is about sex. I think that's why it's still like considered the known as taboos that is were s's just as we use S for everything right seriously you know packed dressing go. I get your ass together time to go take. Well yeah and you still frowned upon yeah COM if we're not using it for the real word. I think you know people men are just disgusted you know but if you're like where you'll not believe VS that I just left in the bathroom they feel like I and now I don't now. I gotcha yeah he got me jar you out because I go to the bathroom I assure you and I mean when you were in the eating lunch and that the kitchen take this ass is awesome yeah or sometimes even this as this case I guess. Yup yeah. So they go we've we've solved the world's well without the C word Jesus see where to know her place. If you're England you can use a lot more than we do and I am so like I'm so envious of Britain a Britain for that reason Great Britain just like it they use it and the T word. In which rhymes with watched. All I love that word of course they should they they pronounce it differently they dates written across it like backs and so they call volume bats yeah and I just I. I love that it was an arm and I would love to be able to call people that 'cause it's such a cool sounding word but yeah he's gonna move to England and I'm so obsessive that area got to go to England you're right it's. Scoop there I. Though they did and really the weather's like Seattle from what I understand most of our most parts of England you good side to let caveat that I am home. And a perfect protects says I was on a big union job downtown Seattle remodel on the huge skyscraper the owner of our company agreed that there'd be no cursing on the job. Job site if he got caught swearing you were released in your duty this multi billionaire guy paid money sick people would come come to the job and that's insane. Wow. I feel like if this somebody working construction any kind of job like that. I think that goes with the territory. Mean you get you try to be as cool as you can bet my gosh those guys are working hard I did not let him swear once in awhile yeah I learned if you're enemy missed obvious part of the job when your three out of part of the jet and it's not going right I'm yelling out. Mind you blanking blank. And again it's studies and science prove it's better for us to swear and do stuff like that helps pain go away it like it really helps us deal with pain. That's why in a we human beings we go against our very biological nature for our own healing. They did it bothers me we should be able to swear they say it's good for us. So I must start do its current effort. I'll be so weird. Yeah just really just naive enough to think about. Keeping curse words out of your mouth flew around here. The trouble with me is is that when I'm nervous I swear it's at the microphones the only thing but it's a radio microphone I gotta be in this room you know me when I go to conventions I get nervous yeah and if I'm jacked up on the caffeine. I can't stop swearing I have dealt with you and now he's doing you can post we are telling due stage announcements. It's a hold of microphones we'll different environment you see people my nerves get the batter me the only way to feel less nervous is if I drop a few F bombs yeah even there I'm walking up there and saying Steve don't say ask don't say apps out ultimate on at this internal dialogue. Do not curse. Pretend you still on the radio and then my first thing I think. How do you ever do it. Crap I hurt us. Yeah I don't concept. I don't I talk like Paul Stanley to miss them up there but I do you do we you become OK if Powell had said. All right yesterday Paul Stanley over here he was stumped on this one let's Maine who died in his mixed with flour to make you know he's. Our what do you do. It's easy to know its top us all know this hour now totals aren't in its hour now owns yeah I AO and ice and now I couldn't think is either. Now I. Did you remember the next day. I just I just remembered it because I remembered. Okay. How he's a really good shots apiece the 20642 on the rocks the play. 647. On the rocks. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney here's another question from listener. If I can't afford to pay my bills and how much going to afford attorneys and bankruptcy fees you know one of the things people ask me all the time the bankruptcy lawyers said. How my going to tell these fees and costs because she knows I'm here because I cannot afford to pay my bills. Of course we understand that I mean are being inconvenienced. And everything Crissy field. 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