BJ & MIGS Podcast 02-13-18-6A: Snap Chat is becoming more popular after its new update.

Tuesday, February 13th

News and sports. Today is National Pancake Day. Jesse Jones and KIRO spent $12,000 to  buy up about 1,000,000 in medical debt to help people in need.


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It's just is the way it goes with life teenagers are always looking young people always look for a way to do something different then. Older people their parents their uncles maybe a grandparents' rights. And so that's what the researchers showing the teenagers young adults they are saying peace out to FaceBook they're done what that felt good. Now I should join there. There were earlier valid till I hate FaceBook yeah I enjoyed and I think you are you know you are very young minded because I know you like snap Chad or face button and that's exactly what's going all the teenagers and adults they Dave wants that Chad there rather dumb of FaceBook yeah I mean if I post my -- on FaceBook is there for a long time. Retirement to remove it yeah that's the worst case but I give a good ten seconds are usually six seconds yeah. He and leave them wanting more follow zealot LLC to the six seconds after and then I snap back from Danny's or taking you bumping up to eight seconds next time yeah its. Well I think it's nice you do six seconds because that's about how long you oil that's in the bedroom and I. And it's ready started ready this early. Though snap Chad is growing in popularity of people over 55 so he even you know what I prove even I must that Jeff. The sad that is going out we visited said that the guys struggle. Oh yum among people 55 a search wow yeah earlier that. I know my mom's inner fifties and she's all about to snap chat. Yeah. Now you got it IOC can't believe he's look at the story on. I'm sure because I I would not cool cool yeah I know I was very shocked when I read that too like doctor Schorr. See what this means eventually something else and as somebody should start a new app right now because of people over 55 are doing it just like with FaceBook young people are gonna go. You know right Vick they keep on trying on these new laughs not every app sticks firm was at that as low one I know I think it's stupid emails from them again a haven't been on your account coming nobody has set they get their hand at nobody's using your stick with social media page. Yeah I also a member of vine and knows he's not anymore is anyone around and I think that is shut it down shut it down shuttered down. I heard those guys I don't know what they did but the find guys have just created some smells really cool I don't know what it was I'm I'm very bad at remembering that. Yes so it's it's like I love that they create something make a little bit delving call something you contrast the other one is like yeah how much the last five years the Chrysler does somebody for it ridiculous amount of money you're right it was cold wind but he was going complaint against FaceBook and yeah that's it. I really guided the new snout had features there's a lot of people bitching about them I you know what I don't I don't even know if I know they are yet. That's just you never use. That's sad I read I very rarely do those are just takes your picture inputs like you know donkey horns or something army. I don't donkeys have horns when I last had taken on to put some phenomena that has Lawrence. Yeah sort of the new features do the people are not happy basic set up differently this time it's taken new format so when you go look at things on the story. It's not the way they used to be and people are don't mind so you you Barbieri angry about it you remember that was the same thing with Twitter and FaceBook when faced a pricy switch sides on things yeah. That's when you know. This time that they're they're they're basically people are going to be leaving even though there there it's surging they're saying but when they start switching things around I. That's what they know it's become more than just the places and pictures of you on the toilet or you really excited state gas baggage become a full on. To think mass media type of thing where you can read different stories on there I mean I was already there but it's a lot easier to find now via so can you actually read stuff on there. Or is it just all pictures. Well hey it's because I feel it's wipe out and read an article if you want gaps all really odd to check out snapshot it's the maybe you know if I start checking it out you know good children's book yeah they pitchers mostly but then I relentless attacks. At least in the new thing that managing is doing. You can take a picture of your face annual creed in it a bit mode gee that looks like your face yeah that's I got mine on on right now it like match my parent everything. Whoa. It's demote you doing yes. See just killing two tier character yeah he just inspire change followers about what I look like. Well I mean I sound like I have I like my bit mode you the way it is now they may have different home. I of the failure of limousines here I think I dislike you for edited there's a lot of not a female actresses that are on snack shack. How flawed the adult variety of course you'd asked me I don't get stuff on there like they say teenagers or people with a mind of the teenager doing really well I have checked. The reason they're saying is that they did they did it's the privacy that once low. And then just this way about foreign censored photos wow how'd they get jet while sly about it there's Lego gooders like did you spend some cash on. I'm. Hold man he had they're doing so snatch had no idea if they let you add New Yorkers say they have nudity these people it's. You there I think dead certain sense that have been shut down because about this idea that make anything you say people are complaining it's all a Twitter worst wild west recently you do whatever the hell you want but then there's people who do premium snap chats. So. Like email that marred by somehow send them money. And then you're I you have access to your secret sat chatting count. Who where they figure that most people that are going to. They gonna drop 506070. Bucks whatever it is to be a member of that tonight and the age are going to complain okay that makes sense in our own C secrets that chat page of Riley thank you probably read about that let's do it. Well maybe not us yeah like maybe executes are going to be in charge that I'm and I think people wanna see you topless I'll ask that's premium. So they go. Yet I think it's a privacy temporary can't temper that's why teens are big and it may they can be themselves without having to worry about being judged as it doesn't say after two long FaceBook of course you get judged all over the place plus their parents probably not on snacks that manage their parents aren't snaps that that's when the transition goes to the next. Ice immediately check to see it Steve I give it two years and I'm probably even very conserve two years before there's a new one out there that the teens flocked to. All I think it's I think quite they were in a less than a year or less than a year Libby knew something chat a FaceBook I think he's gonna continue to be around Pollyanna still growing because old people are actually more more moral people using so FaceBook has seen a bump up there and usage as well. Papers it's kind of become people's new. Email gaffe and I think until last for a long time I don't know I mean I would have assumed that. It would just kind of went by the wayside like MySpace at this point but it doesn't seem to be mean to keep evolving in the keep changing now they've they've created a hit TV station on there as well. So they're always doing different things to kind of keep people around Twitter on the other hand I hear examining issues and I don't know that that may be something that could go to MySpace where we'll see. The misses are giving up also some media as one of my sacrifices from one this year really telling its a good time the if that's a legitimate sacrificed. Yeah I just posted on your FaceBook to get lights that's a Droid you've got to area. Yeah yeah but then how would you know to get licensee or given up Lewis a tough one. That's awesome thing you know of a tree falls in the woods. How about that and that would be legitimate thing to give up for lent for some people social media because Emmy for a lot of us so we're addicted Dallas so that's a big thing to give up. This is somebody that it. If I remember him did talk what it's a while though and news say we don't get a sesame when our friends on I think all of us now okay post something on FaceBook in saying basically saying that they had an awesome post. But they pulled it down because he didn't have enough likes. Danny's there wasn't Danny he assured because that was sounds like you do any proof. I know yeah it definitely sounds a good day pull that they thought their post is really really awesome but it didn't get enough license so they took their baseball went home. Because there's nothing more deflated having the lead Larry's proceeds are we to a simmer an obvious no reelected in the first time and I'll chaotic. I mean really. Come on man we know that person I'm seeing that person. I am sorely disappointed that in view them as being the guy that would be that kind of guy he had dude. I mean I ass is used to host. Now I'm the guy they would say hey put your big boy pants on what you'd expect Jeffrey I think he needs a talking to. Oh we we're gonna have. A learning moment with how he says I'm therefore I mean I can't I can't wait on social media. Nobody isn't a learning moment hello Chris dumber not poster you have no learning moment with them because we're we are respect Foreman now we can velocity and way. I think guys think he's now one of those guys on FaceBook stats let's say you basically just said the same thing you Russell FaceBook respect forum but don't expect anybody on FaceBook might well our current. I call myself years ago yeah Obama does a good move by the amount and on fall into that way he can deal like him dad now alleges FaceBook posts jays my opinion of him as a human being yet. I excited about the Seattle news reporter well aren't I won't tell you because he's got the news but how about a Seattle news reporter and TV station. Just wiped away a million dollars in debt for their viewers who did this Steve outside got the news for you at 617. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. At nine point nine SW the rock. Seattle. Well he's no Pulitzer Prize winner. Go yeah he's getting them to renounce bullets and this is news with Steve made. So thanks guys thanks to give golf for giving us news and sports it's a huge day today. What value can case people have made international pancake day and I asked on a euphemism no no no euphemisms here just enjoy some. Nice. Pancakes. Now there's only house I go celebrate international tension that has your I was faced with a Waffle House that's it this investigates ahead offline after they've now. So congratulations everyone for your pancakes without any guilt. Okay them. So c'mon man out there and I advice just Chinese can't take it blows offshore cafe and that is very guys you never had a it is awesome. Scott Hammond. And it's I know you think the Chinese frankly I don't know why because I think it because it has ham eggs and pancakes all rolled together yet and it really is delicious. I don't mean to be distracted what's going on we you know as many like losing something and you know from my really good things. The gritty stuff coming that you know I side. Oh no that's that's lotion help what's going on only lotion he knows yeah you know what you want near you wanna go the whole story. Yeah I'm curious. During shows up next top story news update. Well I mean yeah I mean using these now these these notes troops my entire life. Probably for like a decade maybe more a half and then I switched to the ones that are for sensitive skin picking up maybe it's a good idea oh ironically the census can ones. I'm I I'm allergic to. Plays an initiative to help you sleep for exactly all of fairways and you're playing football you're helping you know I played football night to hide out at castle Leslie and a lot of people where the mislead doctors from football player yeah and so I've never like I am maybe over a decade. It's just the sense that's on the sensitive ones came out there clear plastic and I guess I'm allergic to that end. I didn't realize it at play here if you're looking now I have a red mark on my face in the shape of one of those no strips you can tell that that's what it is in my day. It's. Hello sadness of losing losing and your nose on my foot hole gonna Wear them on and I put some stuff on the carbon apparently I didn't really reverent and very well. Well you know you shouldn't be doing now in the car anyway and you're going to do their privacy young Soledad thank reveling in the car is not a good thing selling their good this initiating what was the promotion my my you're shaving cream works five with the one for sensitive skin makes you break down it's great interest Danny took good I did a good video meanwhile weren't the pizza place and then I was like holy crap I looked like Rudolph and that things. That's I think is an alcoholic season. Well I think everybody's good game guys so I've got the new I I went back to the old version I hope that works otherwise I won't do debris that night men doctors in the matter because it's like he's got a breather enormously. What doctor oil and lay an alcoholic you know what a breathe while I'm Alison she's such a game like brain NN Athens Georgia man my nose is just basically I like yeah O Carol glad you're and I Riordan was going on over there and there's a big storm. And sans is not sure he gets there. Thomas Mann for. Let's talk about somebody you a lot of people so we added that cost if their man and a south Jesse Jones. RO seven politicians jump your king five you know I think Kyra seven he's always trying to stop people from getting screwed over and this that the other things certainly get a big piece about people struggling with medical debt. And he wanted to do some and help them out so during the good news story he explains how collection agency defines people's debt. Preferred like pennies on the dollar and then turns you owed them forever basically they Jack up the our AM that's a saying there's Jesse twenty you'll hear some weird sounds of because they're doing like you know visuals to go there were things being standstill. And votes are being thrown into a mailbox so did you hear your sons that's why. See in many ways this kind of debt. Can live forever if you can't pay it down dead dead can be sold collection agencies buy it for pennies on the dollar. They'll send bill after bill if that's not pay you this cycle continues newer pennies for them more interest free you. It creates a life of its own it's how medical that is sold that doesn't help consumers experts say. Medical debt can be sold multiple times a 1000 dollar bill could be sold to a collection agency. For as little as ten bucks game however the amount you hope can grow at 12% interest annually. In six years the debt almost doubles while that agency still pays ten bucks for it. Now Jesse saying I'm not feeling that that's not cool we need help by the people of Seattle simply do any arrows seven. Spent about 121000 dollars to buy up a million dollars worth of medical debt. Forgiving all mixed so we have Cairo's than 121000 dollars in purchased. One million dollar stand medical dental school by viewers and our region. And then we are now forgive me every single senator. How about that I don't these people be affected classes are getting a letter in the mail that tonight Harold said RIP medical data on it save your cold. That is you know what that is a great idea you wanna be like helpless people on charity. Instead I like given to charities I didn't know anybody could just go by medical that I fight had to be accompanied clues come via. Anyone can go and do the exact same thing man not to carry seven people and Jesse Jones is our I team medical debt dot org. And you can help by you can donate X million dollars to help somebody who's struggling with other medical bills and if this sounds familiar it's because remember us. Classic tonight host John Oliver he did this what may you know peace on 00 that's right now about 660. Thousand dollars on fifteen million dollars with the medical setback in 2016 that's. I know you have Jones feeling that idea of the needs of people get mad at their medical best that's Friedel mosque yeah. Five guys that's on the flip side about being awesome he's actually at their bag he's okay Bellevue and I'm not calling him their bag tonight Mondale if we hear this are you probably everybody yes the license plate on his car. And it says dirt bag which I think is hilarious because we always goes to like things that calls for. Got Washington State licensing department will turn down but apparently they're OK with it a car having a license plate. Dirt bag yourself and while he lived up to wait as police called it a series of bad decisions he's forty years old around 3 in the morning. Top of the four road rage incident that began with a minor rear end crashes into cars including the guy with the dirt bag license plate. The driver the other car got to take pictures of the damage and then the owner of the dirt bag cars to come marrow he's got output and it's kind of the victim and made some threats. That's from police showed up. Not a suspect would get his car when you when when they try to get him he fought them. One officer was punched in the face just made disparaging comments about god that's about their ethnicity golf course it's Erin and I daddies of taser. To arrest a guy so shocking for the guys that drove the dirt bag cars right. Did the 64 year old guys have worked with Seattle city light was a former employee because well he's been charged with attempted for tourism. He's put a girlfriend Cameron a bathroom stall nearly a year ago wise since Brent. Apparently somebody noticed that there was a go pro inside a toilet paper dispenser there's an awful cut out. And zealot with the hope going on so much people like trying to figure it out to get Stanton bray and guy he looks surprised but also I figure it out to eventually admit solid me. But I wasn't trying to film anybody Mo really. He says that he did it. City you filmed himself and typically removed it from the restroom after he did so well I don't know one time he didn't nicely god yeah that happens he forgot. Probably biggest sixty bucks an hour. Sixty dollars now Arnie goes and blows it on. Career one more time but the biggest moron in the press headline today come from Oklahoma City. The headline says a woman was arrested after police say she assaulted a man. In a fight over chicken followed yes. The woman 69 years old her name is surely. And apparently officers should not that guy had a cut on his apple led some I'll cut on his guys well know like what the hell happened well apparently the guy we've been very true. He offered us Shirley a piece of chicken. Which he won it all three pieces that he had. When you wouldn't give her all three pieces of the chickens doesn't she hit him in the head with a copy about how well I've seen that's reasonable town of mussina and nearly every position early on her mug shots and passes polish LA access you have oh he had teeth in the section every season is about horses is trying to gear unless. See I'm not sure what's going on how she looks honoring. The Winter Olympics of course are going on aggressive close we came to Christ everybody in the women's half fight to win the gold last night. All but Norway still crashing it when it comes to other medal count with eleven photo Lindsay candidates tied in second to attend a luncheon of the intensely because they're more cold. Germany is in fourth and nine medals in USA in fits with the six and according to Google Trends the most popular Winter Olympics forces. According to Internet searches across all of the states gas. No big surprise. Figure skating well of course it's not my world now. Not enough so guy. Who ever watched Hillary. Now you know enough for me as a puzzle they catch it's not sold off and they just say I think it's an outsold cars triple Axel are actually Russell. Another easy for Guns 'N Roses. As far as whether forty degrees and we got some sun today. There you go primarily you know I echoing Kim she's seventeen she's already accomplished so much more agreements than I ever well that's not right I mean there really isn't. Pensions of death bobbled Suzanne doing herself that was disappointing yeah I really thought you know Khloe Somalian is stepping up maybe throw even bigger bombs and I would say yes down. By the way speaking of bigger bombs we've talked about on television shows. You know grand it's Netflix. But I heard a C bomb for the first time on a regular Netflix show. Also yeah upset yeah off hole I was shocked I was like I don't think I've heard that was on David Letterman shows I didn't tell our guests on the show because Syria is here's George Clooney otherwise known as C bomb. Yeah our show called alternate card altered carbon which is does a detector show set MM and the big future you would love the show except. It's it's in the future and I'm okay what future all your eyes only I don't live in the past man plus you like nudity I do like nudity and it's full frontal for everybody there's a lot of that Cheryl don't a lot of people of Texas into our our text sign asking if you watched it what you think your to your big TV guide of excise hi guys mention it I guess they BO -- kills all of our show but I I I pretty much was saying I'm gonna watch the show right before was even on and Brad and I are both watching and absolutely we'll talk more about it on BJ Shea ski nation now you know probably on Friday. You know it's funny because obviously there's talk with the red lights in the in the kitchen about wrestling of course that's all I care about but I wanted to wrestlers are wrestle that defy recently used to UW has ever Borbon is now Matt hideouts. We had this long term but eventually gentlemen may burst the Roman wrestling podcast we had a long conversation and not endure Grassley just had to do with. Stem cell research because he's thinking of going to a different country he's got some back issues we have in any brought up the fact at how all the rich old people want in the world are probably no live forever because they have the money. Tool for a certain procedures to keep them alive. And we're having this long crazy conversation on time read about this is like dude that's pretty much the plot to this show now marching. Yeah absolutely. Yeah. It's outsider its so well done show it's got a great budget 'cause they're great special effects. It's very edgy because the fact they use all kind of language they want as well as show a lot of nudity and it's on Netflix which pretty much everybody has called altered carbon. Com it's you know I AEA is a good show but he's right day they call people mess and usually you think amassed in our society a thing of you know obviously blue meth Walter White. This is from meth from a socialist because these are the people that. Basically you can download your consciousness into oil like a little hard drive and therefore you live forever they just take a hard drive out of one body put in another body which they call sleeves. And basically they make it they grow these sleeves that are imperfect humans she always look like the most gorgeous guy the most gorgeous woman they put the hard drive in this body and as long as the body dies and they don't wreck the hard drive you live forever. Czar like every curse real type stuff too that he's been predicting top. Go up. The guy he's he's done a whole bunch of futurist yeah I know I always thought you don't forget to move synthesizer and as a player but he's done other stuff that's even from way over my head but apparently he. Truly believes that. People are gonna live wait longer because of some stuff like that where you basically you're your your brain can be put anywhere. Yes tell like that Arnold sly Arnold Schwarzenegger asserted that it was the six day seven days errors today yeah did they talk about that movie too but that's pretty much think the idea. I I dig the show a lot I it's it's it's incident and it and it is a detective drama so really he's trying to solve the mystery of a guy who was killed. But he's still alive because he's got his conscious is put another vice is trying to find a guy that killed his old body basically so he's still alive trying to find the killer of himself so he's placing his brain in different things as well this'll status a look at our guys yeah. Weird and the real rich people. They're hard drive up close to a remote servers so that no one can never racket is if somebody goes in wrecks the hard drive. For regular people you're dead and you know they can't bring you back because the hard drives damaged. But for rich people in game over. I but they have the people they call the Mets there's super rich so they're hard drive gets uploaded every remotely sort of Wi-Fi style every day. So that why add that that way even if somebody kills everything they still get to basically be downloaded again into a new body. And that's a non Netflix Netflix yeah we just tried out disjointed. Oh yeah that's a fun show the Kathy Bates won it's it's a semi fun show I that. Kind of that much. First episode was fantastic doesn't help new show wherein death seconds just the second afternoons. Trying encouragement there after some others still doesn't have a Kathy and I would like first episode and and I think we dropped off by the third yeah I think they kind of like you know. Who have been visited blew their you know what's these neighbors got a well that's sometimes happens yeah I was really excited about the salad this is great this is funny it's unique it's different I to it and that these weird stupid commercials. Dad all Latin managers like you had a third ever summit kind of don't look to settle down. How on to the next one on the UN to watch altered carbon you have to watch it by yourself you think. Dude there it's this bad language people getting killed everywhere and they were all that and things like super nerdy stuff funny she's gonna if she lets see floppy I know little flop into the mail floppies are gonna see that why I mean that's how we watched television anyway comes in naked on the couch yeah I mean these guys you can give game of throws a run for the money for as much penis they put on the strength and it to about his glory is like an NC IA show so that's actually pretty gory. Contact yeah my do worth a shot if I haven't sex a lot Simpson. Now if he can't show all right we'll see I'm by the British I predict your wife will be like. Steve and and not wanna do it now it's just a scary stuff. Oh wasn't I just super scary the overly gory scary stuff and it's a highly suspect source that's the scary stuff except what I've read I'm I'm only two episodes in rev of course I'm one of our boys and I don't like you just watch the entire season I don't ask how much you seeks out our remember drop in that big bad swear word on it and I don't remember the love seeing more she talks of I'll oh yeah you Al you guys. Jake he did reality for episodes in and did you know they give super deep it's a lot of fun though club bread actually apparently he got super deep in the second bogey and everybody. It's a fun show I do to get our act. So they other major there's there's your show to watch that's really not a altered carbon yeah I it's and it's I'm not a show it's got I mean it's it's awesome. I just simply too much and I'm my TV and it's just on a rail and I mean on Netflix like. A candidate who I SA Steve yeah. He's got he's got perfect he got this one wrong what is he's very flavor of the tour sham boards. Strawberries and asked its Blackberry no. It's fumble Barry's no. No merit and no yeah I I am shocked because bumble Mary of course is everybody's favorite because seasonal that's just the prop that is the problem we were looking for raspberry though you are shot at beating Steve well bumble married 206421. Truck. We played Pete makes for Pearl Jam tickets so this is legit people can give us call plan B makes 647 on Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. I know a lot of back taxes can bankruptcy helped me. Bankruptcy can do Sharon to back taxes under certain circumstances sometimes just actors are never discharge a bow like if you haven't. Taxes from an employee if you have a business and be paid employee taxes. For sales taxes those types of Texas cannot be district bankruptcy. Our most people don't have those kind of taxes those people are just regular income taxes. If you owe income taxes and you found in actual terms we just weren't able to pay the taxes. If your taxes are more than three years old and you found it actually turns and those types of taxes can be discharged in bankruptcy. And most circumstances especially through chapter thirteen case. Thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis anytime you can choose the right chapter dot com lets you choose the right chapters dot com. Thanks for listening.