BJ & MIGS Podcast 02-13-18-7A: Do you have an odd ritual that you do for good luck?

Tuesday, February 13th

Beat MIgs .Celine Dion shakes a statue of her late husband’s hand before shows for good luck. Luke warm topic.


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Name's Doug he made this time now and turn now employ our gross errors. We're actually switching it up today was well the wife and I we're going to be had turning down for tamales. Do you. Yeah. Cadillac a Mexican song always so good bring summoned tomorrow. I come on man arms race and tamales. I'm. How often do it's a lot of hard work that goes into making them and I think we're making them are members gonna buy them I don't know what's gonna happen today you know Vicki bring stuff and for us why don't you because I'm greedy. And I like our place our remember that and our friend Augustine comes in studios and brings his mom's homemade tamales Augustine was it here I would totally bring him tamales. Well. I'm kind of like you know like the conduit to Somalis who have been accused of Somalia whisper yes it was heard you whisper to the minute you eat them. I know until tamales man parallel try your wife tamales primate. It's fantastic he's moms tamales were delicious all this entire world wide. All right we'll see what we can do a car that I didn't get started at that now yeah Alex's undertake Garcia Alex are you there's there. Yeah I am Barack what's he playing for today's Steve flavor rest tamales slow you can browse and take gives a brand name mobile a year and that's happening on top aides that the Wednesday night's show go to K I guess we don't come from the the delectable free cell thing I guess yesterday or some along those lines and not tickets do go on sale though on Wednesday February 21. And as CE yes he through Ticketmaster dot com RIC Gary air. The odds turned on your radio guy you got a weird thing going on their asking you to know written and now there are so yes we'll play at home how as low as sixty seconds they answer ten questions. Alex you pass like you want but you'll only get three guesses for questions. Are you ready. And I am what color is he central circle in the logo for Google Chrome Internet browser. Iran has announced it's agreed to know it formed now know who played the title character of the 2003. Movies at cat Mac passed. Too much admired you adds doctor pepper was first serve and what you west states. One doubts. New York now. Yeah as a cooking show on the Food Network he's beat tools. So now. Meat producers and out to do. So you now oh what is the official language of Denmark it's. Those tennis now it's. We just now. We lose now typically how many pairs of ribs as a human hack out. Those were twelve yeah as Harry Truman became the president has the end of what war. So war narrow win Alex he had he had at three correct so who uses some tough questions today there they are maybe Steve will do as well. It's possible if I highly doubt yeah. I don't hold out hope ballot it's anybody's guess you know I hope maybe Steve will not pay attention Steve never disappear Molly. He yeah you let Molly's again they go out in my head in. The same experience that Somali port tomorrow he who'll Somaliland and we have a barbecue pork tamales are due primarily to the barbecue. Florida you long been a chicken. And all of the above us who's. Lonely. I mean Steve company since I was ten sovereign has. Are you ready it's. What color is he central circle in the logo for Google's Chrome Internet browser more and she noticed the reds now yellow narrowing. That yet. Who plays the title character in the 2003 movie Cadillac tax. It's imperative now to pass to doctor pepper was first serves in what US stays. Washington announced its New York now California now are you cooking show on the Food Network is we moved. And snow skis yeah. These keynotes now to sign to narrow notice especially good to Denmark. Danish yet as I don't know how many pairs of bridged as a human Alex. Six now it's great to now the twelfth if you ask Harry Truman became the president at the end of what the war. World War II if you ask who wrote the dark tower series. John grisham's now. Peter Boyle no hitter didn't let us know a plague is a durable what insects. Are most guess yes warrants and switch atop our cities and what you west Kansas gas and steamy. We comply with the way and hard and three sorry Alex sorry allies. Love you on the subtle clues are young you know don't you definitely get together more critically depends on some. Going up another tamales that's about it go hungry and I'm all day or. I don't blame them for your mom right now he. So it's a good loser yeah that's good so. Ports all around the analog that's you did figure out the color of the central circle circle of Google Chrome is blue yeah little late on that one Mike Myers played cat in the hat. That game and announced pure excellence and that greater reflect fellas and I don't know people hated it and it was one of the reasons why deceased family stops allowing people to do movies are you serious yes all of that's like a nice claim to fame if I'm Mike Myers I was so bad that they decided to cut it all out between now no love guru look. Does a great film I'm getting okay for even an hockey in an easy to like any movie as hockey and didn't have to AT and it is well I think you did yes that does amazing things talking JT and Steve. National loved it. Didn't didn't the Food Network show beat who. I would be guessing like guy Rachel but I'd Bobby flake people on this leg while Ohio and I know I show I guess I don't know. The wind and our Eagles try to do that and entourage. Diddy now that's right now. Because usually you know spoiler. Usually I would die hard goes woman told Lou we can't do that Seattle. And then the last one that she did not give courage who wrote the dark tower series this image I guess it was all right so once they just did the movie okay it was awful yeah. But I may end its Acela right warriors almost. Yeah. I was an hour I think the pair would have been better and Ireland and I congratulations Steve you won with five correct caller refine his second out Pearl Jam that's pretty sweet caller 5206421. Rock. Call number five and more probes into its tomorrow to start you've mentioned BJ all right thanks. Our IR lab rat the okay one and that plan. I so Steve I got a question for you because this is something you like to do something I don't like to do current excited let's see if people like to do what you like all our people more in my camp I don't like get. Gonna go around the room new survey says a percentage of people. Feel comfortable walking around totally naked. In the locker room do you think it's you know higher than 50% are lower than 50% of people who like to walk around naked and locked I'm. Almost certain that I am the only person in this crew that is completely fine enjoys being. None of enjoys her work I had. Joseph has the right or I've got no issues of being naked in the locker room and walking around sometimes. The other day at the gym I don't know why the people work there seemed to be really slow and replacing the towels. But today nose to go to the same gym sometimes you just in the is like oh crap what am I gonna do sides available and clothe. And I walked into the shower which is that I thought I dudes and ends like yeah this is one of many used in. Write offs to mouth. Okay here that would be able that would that would bother me. Currently I'm Lemond Arizona meltdown and where it's owls and I wasn't just Powell's my golly I gotta tell us and how Libya work. Israeli jails is comfortable being naked and a lot drama is Steve I mean if if it's a fun with people that I know then yeah I'll just hang out chat you know when Nazi insurance option everything even worse for people but I know. All I like join him if it's like somebody in the gym is annoying me. This is it is a bunch of idiots there where you work on and Jim and there's there's salons and that this it is we read the lockers. I I won't purposely not even wrapped the towel around my waist and just be right up to their face Don nice I don't care they don't you like the captain Morgan on the bench and everything stray. Are you guys have done that you guys do Morgan you get a clean the floor likely the floor and I do that which is why I can't tell you I'm I'm you know I'm whereas if just happens gravity. World group world and we built these body parts what does it matter I would guess Steve I can't argue if you are you're absolutely right and yet it's. I would say probably because my entire life since I was different yet in people made fun of that I bet it's just you know up but I still I am not comfortable but I do it. Because of me but I'm not comfortable and I'm with people I know. I've never seen any of you naked soul be really weird to see you naked C when I ate and went to the gym three brief amount at times I wouldn't worry about naked to the shower or anything can that would make sure and I wouldn't have my glasses on so as long as I couldn't see other people looking at me I. Yes I was just assuming maybe they just wouldn't be looking in my junk radler and I was really hoping so yeah CIA had contact lenses ruin that for me because you're right I used to have that same blurry look to read but the contact lenses like NC and somehow I CO. Do engines and yes say some guy was cannot pass a wrestler of the fact I like our showers just recently put now shower curtains and leases be stalls Somalia. The things I don't like feeling construct and you know just like they get claustrophobic it is damn thing I don't like this again get my arms a live around here that so I just kind of like shut the curtain into like wedges into doesn't close on me. Some guy lost by n.'s cal looks him because like he can walk fine and just like look annoyed that I was Sharon without the curtain closed and I hear my. We close are you doing making it really loud like that he's doing the curtain I don't know who's ready sir captain hands. Think mom and notably what do you we care I'm not looking at your Don you'll need to look at mine like to run for anybody I said I don't really think about it. Dennis same here I leave the shower curtain on complete error like opening completely out nearly ten that I have come within the stranger who tries to talk to me and when I need naked how to initiate me like he waited until I took my underwear off and then he started talking to me would you just talk about he was telling me about like some how issues are messed up every day music did you see anyone in here they stole my my shoes the other day and select. My odor eaters and I was like Karen no deal in place. San wanna have made your conversations with anybody I mean I'm the I I just I mean I it's uncomfortable and I try to do people engage in the attorneys are only but I don't start doing. To get stuck in a new one there are restaurants and stuff was easy after coach can we can be through the tweets and I guess some grape leaves. I guess and sausage. If you don't have good good sauce is placed eighth. I think it's funny that guys are more worried are like oh my god I tired junk when he legal until girls' locker room your way to the other girls are looking at your flaws like. Oh my gosh you can MM often Wahlberg clearly your jiggling but I don't really mind because I'm covered in tattoos so. I know they're looking Emmy but they're sitting there just kind of staring at the pattern so I know my blog Osce distracting and we did a DNA is that why you got tattoos so you'll be distracting. That's representative Austin back that's a great that's a great idea there is some parts of New Delhi very painful way to get people lose distract you. I did get slick on my league's first militant I never really like to really try not to their early stage from soccer so I got them there and make kind of learned to look myself there has. And I asked. Some I don't mind being make its OS three out of five people in this in this room don't mind being naked in locker room you are the minority only basically one guy I would say one out of three. Really yeah that don't mind it. Men are twice as likely as women to say they're cool with taking it all off at the gym and I think Nicki makes a point. It's not a much a senior jock it's about being judge Roy your flaws I don't we don't look for flaws another menace is one place you don't wanna be judged and that's your package does that. You know if you judge by your package if you're George to stands dot. And yeah. I never once have had been in the locker room where I'm looking at reduced package but yet that's Howard judge would I guess I experiment probably catch in the corner I may be but like a lot like. Stereo guys Dong wondering what's not see that they don't you don't catch him now on it but people say stuff so you know at some point they caught a glimpse of me. Because Sammy people said stuff sorry at some point somebody is an MI John that in no way you did it by you did it. Right ally also Janelle you know blog about it I know you're gonna blog about it yeah exactly standard. Morality you know so men more than women twice as likely morals don't mind jamaicans jam but still one out of three of us are only comfortable with that. Here's a question anyone's been listening to the may cast it typewriter to do it had just been an ongoing theme there's certain guy called the locker room to go to the locker guys don't get me. He's the ultimate passive aggressive guy that apparently likes this once or marker in the locker room and wolf. What when I first started going to the gym I apparently must work on the same schedule as him. And how we get to that locker first. And he is like we're going to that's material locker. Yeah that's the best locker in his locker room and I'm sick due to a really like it's just a suspect. Forget the author I do think that way we can't tell somebody because that's the prime location the census the first locker to locker to decide if it I understand that the lake. And he's making a very apparent that he wants that locker what the other day. Yes actually I went in and night I saw that locker was no lock on and equate grab my locker I know it's gonna what sentence I was excited about that. So I open up the locker and is a towel hanging and it and I'm just thinking. This guy has he reservists rises weigh Dylan and I don't care so I close it and grab another locker like a normal person does this is plenty of options. He shows up after me he opens up that locker. And the towels and there and he just starts PH should let them. This is how good he means blocker and a half what it was coworkers I'd assume or Sony knows that he was made birdie. You think you should take the slot could dig a stick to fellow Oscar when he gets the help usually isn't he calling on is really a conversation. And many touch you know it's damp towel as he takes is how I do locker. And just takes over the law firm while calling you gotta be kidding me man while I was hoping that the guy who I. I don't know maybe that guy loses some you lose the towels everywhere and is slobs and in the locker is that I was hoping that there would be confrontation between him in the towel guy. I do that here's what I bet somebody saw that guy interacting with that guy who and has a worse reaction knew what an idiot he is. I bet they rubbed all parts of their body with the wet towel knowing he's got to grab a two yours right laughter I'd like they did that's a lump I don't the only guys had this conversation you have to like it is it. Every time because of the nominee headphones on but don't have music playing. And I heard him go Scot to lock them. How can I half of fast we do our best sellers like it would be so much me and yet even I wouldn't sign of old episode in areas like I'm tempted at and the first thing in the morning at 5 AM in the gym opens to go down there and lock the locker with my life just to get out because they are all you guys in. Do you should do something really put something increasingly discussing in the locker and see feel touch it to remove it. Oh my god god does sexually. Hourly are now almost like he used prophylactic. OK then. Still for it that's it's awesome it's weird how some people are like these it's still like territorial hazard. Over a temporary locker. There are blockers that you can reserve and have like a monthly pay five bucks a month so you have your own locker you know why are well why would you do that why do why would you pay out money we get your prime blockages by doping everybody intellect you have it yes he doesn't understand there are people like you in the world that will make it they're fun to take it from them all I look forward to every day yeah every day they get there before I release my mind worked out. We must that was a lesson I learned early in my life is whenever I was trying to be in our attention about anything I realize people not only didn't wanna help me get what I wanna but they actually wanted to hinder me for their own enjoyment. And I realize I need today and stop being that way and because otherwise I'm frustrated they're having a great time. So this is from Vicky in that locker. Obviously there are a whole list for Steve jazz is these live here get out. Get out Iraq touchy for emergencies as far I am. Yes the that is surprise only fair to everybody else follows studios see that's given the rev which is far by yeah. He wouldn't care if you like the guy for remembered for a pilot course it's a sign of affection policy and it yeah yeah it is very hugs I think they call it a fart oh I write every device and a far action I don't know. Bloomberg is and has already taken in my gym I would cancel my membership dad died that rude I. Usually does sign his life all right adding I don't know why don't you why it's. Such as happened. Could say about this populous and there's a strange pre show the world. For good luck. And that involves a dead person's hand okay. But they all about a 717. On Iraq. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. Point nine KI SW rock the Seattle Steve's favorite performer in the entire world are Celine Dion Leon yes. Pat says she's just shares are caught ritual. Tuesday's so I handed me free tickets I'm sure her constant fine but Sony had to be free tickets and Allen always may be seeing that. Yeah I think I'm with you I know people say it's amazing and she's an icon and she won the greatest singers of ever. No. If village resident David Hasselhoff perform life yeah I mean it's such let that nothing against him but there's a cure in Vegas to so many. Awesome shows to watch I just wouldn't pick her first like a magic chip yeah I don't see Penn and teller. All parents know shows great I did get to see them live in Vegas it is it is fun they're good yeah yeah. Say there's so much else to do make your circus Alam and although shows forget about it yeah eight it's been a week just don't see knows the nice to be budgeted at over this. But I know people love. Somebody until. Yeah I wonder what percentage of the people listening do. Who I mean I know that people do but I can't people in the date guys are good Titanic sunk yeah that's my favorite thing ever about her yeah. Well she's a share and on ritual that she has before she performs she shakes his statue. Of all of her late husband's hand before taking the stand. By the stage or other in each of her concerts or she does a statue of her late husband's hand and she shakes it. Since we have I haven't molded after his own candidate is kind take. You know it's close enough it's a replica I guess I thin and adult bone kind of a thing yeah I think plus and yet I must be clone a hand I mean it's it is a replica which we somebody had to take a look at his hand and that is really interest thing. I'm like why did you decide to do that like after he passed away say before we do anything could Jamaica. A replica of my husband's hand. Yeah I think you missed it she's gonna do that much do you think she might have a clone Willie. We do you know I mean. Well says there shall some knocks on wood don't know yet if there myself. He has a call will answer my quite nearly every night is that this is a weird it's very aware it's it's he had some weird I mean I could see like a picture maybe a touch her picture. And but to shake. A bronze replica of your most charter the hand. Generally hold it like it's a hand in that iPad that awkward moment where you're like pretending to be shaking her hand have had a guy right you do you yeah you're on man. She's a quote I shake my hazardous and knock on wood with him every night before every show my husband wanted to go back onstage before he passed that's what we wanna the most. Mean it's really cool thing that she does now it just the majesty ritual it is yeah it's a little bizarre. And I never got their own rituals and again it's wonderful because it's a rise of her relate husband that's a nice thing it's just the way she's doing it is just weird to me. We have got to really lose is that hand. Yeah oh yeah but you know what was she doesn't talk to the hand there really is the head you know doctor if her husband's aunt she's talking about and that's nuts. I'm. Okay very odd ritual if you ask me Celine Dion. Basically shaking a statue over late husband's hand before. She goes on stage she does it for good luck and look we all have our our rituals I think this might be honest but I don't know may be other rock cause can do better. And depositions over someone holds a lot so it's a high 50 yeah job volley definitely shake high fives and maybe keep her warm I don't know there. So based on this do you have an odd ritual that you do for good luck. 206 ports one rock Texas 77999. You have and I'm originally you do for good luck he calls and text after a chili peppers on Iraq. And makes mornings on route 99.9 KI SW. Good boys nice KI SW Iraq in Seattle so we find out that Celine Dion shakes his stats show. Of her late husband's hand. So it's just a hand prints get a rental cover husbands and made statute and Sosa's statue of his hand as she shakes of a four shows for good luck. And it's easy a moment at some point somebody who could who thought they lost at hand here because the disease she must have backup hands. Yeah I would hope so Olivia idioms he made one replica yeah I get as a Bagger Vance. And its biggest things they seem to capitalize and make money off of everything a low point now the stories out there did she start selling. A commemorative. Lucky hand and it shows. Yeah I royal we when some Britney Spears written dim commemorative lucky there but those come those cops yeah I think Tony some dollars dispersed through plastic cup or did you ever hand at least a hundred I would think. They are rabbits foot teriyaki ritual. Yes very very odd ritual I mean it's I can I get the people have rituals for good luck but the shake up a statue replica of your loved ones hand. Just hand it's called bizarre race. But I think about like it and means it obviously would have you lose someone that's important your life like I know sold at different and Susie husband losing a dog but I went and Lucy die dike as a way to remember and it's a good luck for every day. Every morning it's gonna give a kiss on the pillow naked and tactical that's what she would at least you'd always sleep on my pillow. Says reggae you know I've put up my guy rightly see they actually do that every day yeah away from me to remember. My dog every day this kind of nice that way I know every did do in the data goes by where I don't think about her and it's it is a good luck to. Yeah and again you don't every Doug Sanders a statute we'll be appalled BJ LC is when I get my say never in my guy you know you're right when my taken a very weird or any other part of your dog for that matter I mean that would be very weird. It's kind of like Kyoto pact. Yeah but I don't know much worse than having a stuffed them like a stuffed you know taxidermy kind of thing I'm ML yeah I don't know if you do that I couldn't either. Very weird our rituals how about you I deal have an odd ritual that you do for good luck to 06421 rock Texas 77999. Let's go to Robert in champ Robert EU Iran Iraq. All allow Bob all I don't forget demands from afternoons right here in Iraq which Jeff was ready. About seven years ago whenever it started when Greg go out this year on the ocean I always fight and all I care. Yeah I know. They do then the beginning of out crab season or ours at the end I can't remember I watched the Deadliest Catch where or maybe it's the new people that have to do that they have to fight to head off a fish before that another new person goes on on both the green horn but. Is there is that a fishing thing. It would mean more. What a joke it was my first time out on the virtual world like 16 am and the captain said the super good luck getting that at Herring. Then later that day that storm rolled in and it was really bad. Oh yeah had a big return back then when we got back to catch that hey we barely made it out that it ought to be our right now guys. That scared me. And they look at me like I'm glad you bet that I cannot airing coast I'm I'm thinking here. And so every single fishing trips since then I've been fighting about pairing and we've been having very good luck. Neither of us. You're the most savage person I've ever smoked two on the radio yes dude they had a good. This is Ozzy Osbourne put the host. I hear ya I've seen like I said I Sina Deadliest Catch a new those guys that have a fish have these guys are hardcore but how big is Herring. About sort Biden's of that state spell your bye and head out though that not to bring America. Now they don't go out you know and I feel pretty big blimp in from the storm but they actually gave him credit for surviving the stars that you know what no more Biden had other Erin we ran into a storm. But they get credit for its so Robert and so you do every time now. Every single edged I'm not saying I enjoyed it got. Okay good fight you know it's over into salads and I don't like doing but again if you go anonymous sees manner I mean admitted that that can be an aegis that that. That is how not a forgiving ladies and so whatever you can do you do in order to come back alive I get it may face a rebrand breath mints with you whenever you opposition. I'll leave a note about I don't know I don't call and I'm not quite knowing gets near you and senator conversations. Oh Robert Herring -- yeah now or is that is so much of so else going on on the boat with everything that he didn't even notice them. And that's hard core. While 206421 rock Texas 77999. Jeremy in Lynnwood do you have an odd ritual that you do for good luck. I do so dash. The last ten years that changed jobs saved. Band directors shall i.'s goal in a trillion breaking into the deal but he got a burrito that's what the other via bat. That I got a job led the way it all I did it work now. Every time I changed jobs good when he got every other board. Wow didn't get a from the same place serves there's. Do you look around a lot so no well it looks like jobs that'll talk Korea try to avoid the big chain restaurant but a bigger quite a good good depth now. And it's worked for you today garrido every dime. Every time a 100% success rate you have the burrito you get the job. And do I can't I mean firstly at a marina which is awesome and it's a win win that's a great and we got the fight ahead on my Harry you're gonna have a tasty treats. Yeah no look I think your next opponent what Robin birdie yeah. Mexican CEO. Exactly ten dude boomers is Larry's been there ever fish every year the Iranian fishing season. Yeah they go I I think it I think it is a Fisher thing are fishermen thing I should say I'd rather do the burrito thing. I think I episode I Steve. I I don't think anybody and I am a burrito. I know I would rather have the Harry that's not what debris out disgusting how literary go to Robin C tech. Rob you are on the rock. Marty DJ your Iran welcome to the show sir how about you yet not ritual you do for good luck. Yeah every time I board an airplane and I may get the door jamb caps as I walked out of court tennis. Hey mister airplane. To avoid they're used to usually got their phone did you did you Richards have hello hello will boy that's better he's getting on a plane there. If that's not good. Pat's really. Really master. In the series I don't wanna I mean who would have let's the last time we are here from this guy. All the way I did data from the finish earlier this morning anyway root cause of today's experienced good luck OK perfect what the hell. I have an exercise. For every CR estimates put on all my gear smoke ball out of my Seahawks pipe that's indecent because I. I'd hardly call of duty I have to look up to make love to myself why. You know sometimes got to get ready. I wonder if that's just so you don't get to overreaction Ariane controls I mean sometimes people do that's so they're more calm. I know in sports sometimes you need to amp up you actually know yeah it's not good for you maybe that's why good hand eye coordination is that they yeah okay you I guess what you have to before you worked with VS second joystick you got to work the first one writes Dave. Such hateful verses couple years ago my body had I played softball which he died in a car crash every time I learn to feel that right his number number 34 on the field so he's always here mr. Dylan O'Brien. I'll that's caused really cool yes see. I don't know if that's good luck I think that's more honoring their memory and I might I don't know how many games they won but it's it's definitely a nice ritual honoring a man dad I'm you know I remember somebody. A big debt. I Danny says he's got a very odd one ball I can Airways jets it's is that to do with are you for your makeup on. Kind of yeah who I first all the time I always Seattle all right minority superstition in that sense I have to put my belt on before I put my wallet on in the morning and it's I've done it since high school because any time I do my wallet first. I would have bad days. How do you put your wallet on me just put in your pocket as I have mine because I have my dad my career I was gonna change clothes I have on my wallet chains I have to put that on and connected tonight yeah. Tampa my wallet in my pocket before he says something bad happening is in the back in my view you've got yourself. You know I might have put my wallet on the front of my belt on every single time every single comment from my wallet before I commit delta through tomorrow adding it's find out. It's funny that you would even notice that. Now you know I guess I wouldn't even notice that I mean did he use you you really notice that all we got today was Deborah my wallet in first yeah. And really just happen after that I did the whole day goes downhill. I thought I was like really mean a return to but I couldn't tell you if I would know if I had a bad day based on how I put my clothes on wow. That's our core. And slightly stupid. Since he teen who still doing the wallet chain then I was not good as we are big god USA as I Don Imus sound like the old guy if I ask him but I haven't seen a launch in forever. I I lost my wallet four times when I was in high school wanna start wearing Wallace had had a lawsuit ever since. But he also had bad days that William. Maybe if you never had a wallet Jane you're likely be amazing. Maybe yeah maybe you wouldn't be working here I guess that you like to be amazed I. The wallet chain that's the thing Steven. And I'm I am I gonna watch Danny do you think his his look is more balls and like. Five to ten years because as that I feel like all the pictures I've seen Danny. He's looked the same for decorating my (%expletive) he's really had development yeah yeah yeah exactly Danny did you gonna change and a ten years don't like this is Texas still has Wallace seems San Diego billion hot topics they have to re sold a college and I can't believe and I got this day he came from New Mexico he's bought one he has our current charge. I've had the same all achieved since high school team so does that cause awesome man with a series and you gotta maybe you have a okay. Let's I want this woman who went to bed with a headache. I'm mentally get a headache error out of alignment well let's see Steve you're getting headache if you go to bed. You might wake up with a four and actually because that's what happens when Jenna headache goes to bed wakes up she got a foreign accent I'll I'll as she's never been outside this country. You hear from her at 747. On the Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney she's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy I have lots of tickets that I haven't. And those who just charge through bankruptcy yes there are some limits I'm Don what we can do it against. Tickets cannot be discharge an awful bankruptcy the chapter seven case that won't help you get your license back and just entered Jeanne we organizations. I'm tickets or discharge a poll most precious tickets or discharge of all. 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