BJ & MIGS Podcast 02-13-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Tuesday, February 13th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day.


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It's bad permanent vacant best just when you thought man I want some tasty imam mile. Well is there anything tasty there and other brown sugar vermin. Compared to stories of so many great facility to be showing you a way that you never thought Berber and could be. Distilled the fabricated. And thrown down your delicate. Then he had some eateries they go how about some bacon do you think you put that we have permanent top slot does not believe this and desserts and I think people will be shown you bake in suburban in a way that you haven't seen it before it is an awesome time is everything going to go let's see you a mile sling gun attack and so I if you like join us here now you can view our premier general admission tickets you can. Just go to KI SW dot com get your tickets for Berber and they confessed benefiting our friends at treehouse. Mean. It's a game. Me. And it's and it turned down more Chicago's. Gal or like I said earlier on the earlier be exact and comforts him. Today a very excited for tomorrow is because I have confirmed that we are getting tamales about auto we're getting on. See here's the problem isn't just confirmed we know you confirmed earlier eating tamales at USA we have confirmed that we're having tamales means that we as a show are having to Molly say yes because my wife are heard the entire segment and I did say that we I'm bringing you tomorrow he. How it is very yeah. Out of her comfort now tamales and I don't get to eat more tell her to cook a couple actually wants to molest a little doing you understand nothing changed have you looked at him lately was a couple of excellent just means more than he can he doesn't need doesn't mean everything's his. I want all of the tamales that's the thing no matter how much she makes he wants the mall and now she's making me share with you guys so you guys get to Molly's. My you're so happy about that morning giving wonderful manual that's my wife is a saints and yes she surely is she lives with. She tells unmarried men never there really might not the most selfish man in the world are always turned out burritos for me. Cool. Dude you get a bagel Brito was not very big garrido but it's in the refrigerator right now and I guess that's my lunch. He's this is a thanks guys. I thought I would get started turning it down for today I admire him for whatever it is that I would I Labrador who like who. There are relying I wanted to know I dropped probably gonna have like about protein shake you know Deb there. Let's give to our contestant on my goodness clean air keep you out there period there's certain. I'm merely want to there are monitored. What do what imported ace Steve mastodon and primus tickets are Mary we're parked on June 22 and go to KI SW dot com for all the details. If you want tickets you get them now do they excess dot com Aristide Gary I had here. For those playing at home Eric will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions airy can pass you want but you'll only get three S is her question how are you ready. Look Joseph Montana played for the San. Cisco 49ers in which other team. I'd do is do you ask what Texas Instruments prized product did you eat T used to phone home. To move lost a little while almost task was out how what sports lingo he uses the term Strom yeah. Well no bloodied yes which each word describes a tablet of some bears for sleeping through the winter. I donations you ask which state is nicknamed the sooner state. Oklahoma yeah ads on the ninety's sitcom roc could what was Broxton jobs. I don't know it's. He loves. To reserve now it passed Charleston is the capital which US states. I'll tell them yeah well you ask what is John's last name in the car field comics. All are. I ask what was the second major television series starring Andy Griffith. And the good social animal. 12345. Kerr acts moves. Right down the middle here a man who thinks he's on the other thing that hour of positives are that Hasselbeck move right there luckily didn't really where ever it needed it at times. There are players from all you can score. Steve yes I hear any doubt I just earned my hourly standard goal song that race. And my apple men. Our Lee senior analyst everything goes offices in Houston and and I discerned solid this is a good sign of the commander in Iraq you were you have you watched tell you understand FYI it's just doing it since day one I'm gonna turn the thing off to detail a breeze to yet does they breed every once in awhile. The guys talk and I love you and technology in the film that didn't doesn't bother me. It's understanding that he does is lets you loan daily affirmations and I were people like you it's nice to have a more positive idea in my life buyout. My watch your watch is good boy Steve you stood. Is obsessed OK and you did it you learn to another hour towards your stand goal it's a good job in my comes up. Donors congratulations and a special friend like you I didn't wanna give us a quick birthdays shall not only are our friend Donny his daughter attitude every year which are happy birthday our way to ask fourteenth Bloomberg and how happy he's there I'm so proud of her thanks bro I tell BJ. Thank you as well you're very welcome guys how happy birthday Kennedy which means one thing and one thing only Eddie my parents are on the phone call you know announcing Kennedy happy birthday since it is your fourteenth. I mean married hey you're blue moon. I am really tired hey you move you move. These were. Aren't there any news. See you. I'm happy how I. Very well maybe you do you Lou will be back here. Tonight are always a mess on every time every time I sounds exactly the same or are you ready for the names. Are you ready Steve. Joseph Montana played for the San Francisco 49ers in which other team easy keeps you ask what Texas Instruments product does ET used to phone home. And it's. I got begins felt yes what sports we know uses the terms of drama drug meet. Yes what each word describes the habit of some tears for sleeping through the winter time. Hibernation yes that's what Steve is nicknamed the sooner state Oklahoma yes it's. On the ninety's sitcom roc what was rocks jobs. Hope she's note it's. It doesn't matter what he's down to what Astaro. Our. He jerks now turn. Charleston as the capital of which US state. Clinton's South Carolina now West Virginia yes and what is John's last name in the Garfield Comex. Garcia has now told us no. And I Johnston I know what was the second major television series starring Andy Griffith and Andy's. Dress Michelle snow and right. Now relief helps us now are remembered 123456. You away though old guys are Eric. None at all toward the wall did that I. It's easy money. No way. I'm okay. And you didn't get he can spell. You did yeah I was just decided I totally didn't realize you know I its console launches in the mood but I realized Texas Instruments made this beacon so yeah yeah. I had no clue I don't think they miscalculated that's pretty amazing that I thought it was a Fisher Price toy I know I had that back in the day. And it was Texas Instruments that are remembered yeah some good for them. Anybody know rocks job on the ninety's sitcom roc was. I have I was talk show I don't remember I'm have you guys who don't remember the 30 Rock no no it was an ROC was in aftermath well yeah that's yeah that is a day dealer what do you make a prisoner at some point there's like I was at the real guy. Might have been the real guy remembers that some kind of controversy or was it was it two ways if for men. I know. He has watched that show to using garbage men fall Mohler we're all right we we had a really was in and blue collar and blue collar worker yeah he was definitely that is one of the first shows that did he lives episodes I remember that all real I forgot all about that shall we we watched that show every week yes noted suitably yes fox show yes. Not OK let's look our right. John one John's last name in the Garfield lasagna. Now not Tom lasagna I should actually going to be a great name to have our buckle up oh that's right. Hey John are vocal lessons name wow depth and then I. Now Demi and I sailed out you know an old enough person because it's it's it's often feel boy yes I've never seen an episode I know the name of the show I got stuck watching I think is one of those ones read before Monday now Roth placated murder she wrote for awhile and those like Matlock before the Monday night Iran and those like you waiting for like the last fifteen minutes to and if you watch wrestling nothing better to appeal to a crowd like thirteen year old staffer while watching wrestling at that time you get all the Andes all the shows no that's why they did okay cool yeah. And regulations Steve you won with six correct caught every six you are checking out primus a massive primary mark park in June caller number 6206421. Rock. Nice day Iraq aka RO CK. Tomorrow's a big day Steve sometimes they thought we asked him and you know what most of us are pretty ambivalent when it comes Valentine's Day with 13% to say that is their favorite holiday. But I can't believe it. How can we O'Neal put that in my top five yeah I mean you've got you've got Christmas Halloween. Thanksgiving I mean most of the Big Three in my life. Thanksgiving. Of course is number one that's number one for you Christmas is for me number two is Christmas number two is my Thanksgiving okay I'm number three presidents day. This is this next week we have the day off John. Number four man after that I really haven't it's Christmas and there was an elementary yeah Easter. Only because we go to our hockey tournament in Spokane has nothing to do yeah holiday apologies are presumed the day off. Yeah I always do I mean we do do it Sunday but I mean go item we don't get out a day off that we should not okay that's vile excuse me Halloween and I do I. I like it it's okay plus candy I know it's not it's Danny's number one knows that we ask him. What are your number one Vicky. I'm definitely Christmas Christmas a path. Death so I got like. They ask Valentine's Day while this did you know that the gluttony that present Thanksgiving have a good Thanksgiving actually give more pass to be a pig Dahlia football. Seat I go back to the kids and you write Thanksgiving I get it the football does put it over the top let's let's my number two food and football my two favorite guests but when your kid you got candy on Valentine's Day your candy on Halloween the trouble is she had to go give cards to people released when I was gonna call it now get enough there was just too much drama involved to get my candy. And it was so stupid heart candies. I was drunk hybrid. Yeah there you can't those I hated that yeah doesn't do we were more I know everyone else column believe that you can feel I can. But now doing time for you didn't get some principally because I got from Boston. Derby time until you're not general like to some of the girls are not grant that was an a hole so I understood but still some of the goals of legal right by my guess you're not yet. Ceiling elementary school we get a list sent home with the name of every single still problems. See it right L allowed now's the exciting party like teach the little teeny tier car didn't yeah we didn't have I mean we had that except that the in Boston if you like somebody you're like yeah are you scratch than a month to let -- imagine that guys not to harm everything Christmas cards now you're remembered for next year take that person not the Christmas card exactly yeah ho -- attacks of course sub. Fourth of July favorite holiday USG commie bastards I forgot about a fourth of July you're right that's good looks. We get a day off that. Also are coming up a lot is on New Year's. Yeah new years yet they are set to you know I've never been a New Year's guy because that's all about drinking and trying to find somebody kiss and you know something I was not good at the second part. I still think Thanksgiving over everything. Yachtsman number two yeah yeah and I mean to our fourth is is it's it's fun because it's in the middle of the summer you get a day off. So July 4 now is got to be Marbury you move nice weather you gotta put over calorie free download an adult I'm you know on July 4 and number three. What about us and ask states. The somehow I mean it's a day but it's not a holiday we re efforts you know they don't get today off it doesn't matter. It. I can drink all day I get that it's a great holiday but I want the day off. On thing I never gonna see Patrick stay out yet because again I'm not much of a drinker I mean I like to drink but not to get after it because. Thank you stupid stuff I just like pinching people. Well that's kind of not for that's not it's frowned upon an inning. How can mean OK somebody having an HR until the Danny kept interest on the day. Do you really into people into a taxi stands a good issue sure it no you Williams and Tom hit. In his debut at we would've known if you think Steve I don't like being tied Steve you can yeah I would have a serious front touched America. I can't touch me thank Danny's totally fine Steve see what happened I'm going to hear any honest people on their backside is that the idea no just where and there are. I'm not going green in. And I wearing it's right okay are fighting a potentially going asked all right well I'm glad that that would build those who did I think I'm human resource is my hair day yeah. Well they go that sits easily pat mean to back. Valentine's Day is never been a big deal for it thankfully my Wi-Fi there like there's no there's no ha I expectations that I roil the red carpet how many thing over and how many guys do you think out of the 13% holding the lead I'd love it how do you think are guys. Yeah I don't know any guy I mean I I know a lot of men. And any gay or straight and I've never heard any of them in our conversations go I can't wait for Valentine's Day I just have never heard that in any of my anecdotal conversations and email I know honestly the only do's and I know that you really set about its impact I think Patrick's sixty stopped drinking we Hess. And it's extraordinary and it's your fault yeah I don't even though did you that I know most seem that a team I'm playing sank off the colors are going to listen I'll ask my message and his saint Valentine actually are did last time by you guys bunch of haters OK I think you know it's my single buddies. Because they're like go and hit the bars and find their desperate women I just need somebody to get blown if I I'm Valentine's Day makes sense because I'm proud that nice idea. 5% of people say it's the most depressing daily here and I've been a lot of those are women as well who's on your boys know what's up. Go down those women and try to put a smile somewhere and yet as to say it's a party night you know the single ladies are going to be out looking for good timing and another single Fujian a follow. 20% of single women. And 7% of single man say they're spending the day tomorrow and they're happy about it with their dog and cat instead another person. So that's approach I got Lulu Valentine's Day gift you did not do that yeah Hawaii saying this on the race I don't know I really regretted it decides this matter right now let me first overtime on how no guys even care and you got your damn dog goddamn Valentine I've got my wife round please. What is Linley of old full screen you joy. Initiative Nardelli I like the one they had clothes or your screen you Joyce amount gets a little byline and breath about. Mean do because he's too all I have no cute things like we're going out for dinner but I am not getting like anything for damage Carl or Franken accounting did you get them anything for Christmas so yes I vague each got their own stocking yes so you don't you can't talk you see with a moron over here though posted on my FaceBook who's the moron we work tomorrow now typically are you doesn't let me play golf here right gaming the morons we we do now all of this excitement when he found out what's happening on Valentine's Day with the hell's happening around you posted it the only man what you posted I don't know what a -- the Titanic is being round yeah yeah he's excited he's gonna watch that I'm Dante did call millions of welcome to come he has -- There marathon you don't do that you girlfriends don't watch it oh yeah and she loves we have our matching a Titanic shift. Obviously the door unlocked OK enough. That's the thoughts creep its Baja gas release doesn't. Pass for the alcohol oddest stare next. You don't windows tea a lot of our I really appreciate you ordered ten finishers in an unlimited number number I go to secondary carrier sale allows herself from a friend went on until I have to answer Clinton he's our access to. All right well we're exciting people we gave everything we they say Todd you say he's fine dust Joyce Littel ice. We are the most hip morning show you could ever listened to whatever man excited about its own mistakes at all Lou warrior princess and and serum last night Chris from morning thank you Chris she appreciates you via that's good I'm Gerri Willis he would do she got a mound Wednesday yeah well most of you will Iowa of course a Libby avoiding military yeah that I would remove tag your dad I know that has anything to do experienced a Rampage all my god look at the time listeners almost as attacking. Please somebody called change of topic guide to show 206421. Rock Texas it's 77999. Your calls your Jack's a night seventy. On Iraq. Nine point nine KI guess W all. I quite like hey I had coming in Iraq down Seattle. Listeners on the loose. Plus you by deacons plumbing heating and mechanical stuff preconceived. I'll beat. This is others where you picked a topic you've got to show it's 206421. Rock Texas at 77999. Talk about whatever you want but you'll remember Steve has his role big disappointment to show us some energy and bring it otherwise. Say good bye good bowl trappings. And Anna in Bremerton and how you are on the rock. Why each morning and welcome to the show what you got for us. My husband and I don't generally celebrates Valentine's particularly boat pretty much cheap holiday much. Only reason we're doing anything nice to hear it because I'm a lobster tail on it still works well we're. Call not release a three course dinner with two what are the other courses. More laughter top. Ers are going to be huge shall. The courts and our our split postured all broke blaming John. It was very topic much the hat to you happy and AP. And it started going to be eligible and. Why holes. That does not mean that I really can't the sunsets I just ate here it's Saddam or your burrito for lunch Stephen yeah it was a big thing but it's OK this sounds like Yahoo! stake in VJ day so I'm wondering is there and after desert desert. I. I don't and we can't honestly he. Rob I would imagine. She's just used to doing all that he's got some. Yeah I mean she's retired does a lot of work you Nancy what I would do if our names like clean all the dishes and like you go relax on to clean the dishes that would be my best shot of being able to make half mistaken BJ did and the other half yeah. Tell us on the bed with. Yeah standard and we made out like we made crab Jake last night until it gets out of cranberries. CUR. I you know what and I did you guys put together or is it just you. Sometimes we can't together and sometimes she can't sometimes all can't sometimes quite aren't such. Man do for you well then see you know I feel like such a loser I don't do any cooking and alana Johnson let us know we call us back tomorrow let us know how it went. Ha I world. Is the tomorrow evacuate. I mean god because I mean Thursday's dramatic yes how are you expecting the only news that he was awful he dumped me no I wanna know I was able to do the other half a hall from me or if he was able they you know do the other half her I mean that she's she doesn't know yet she Sunday and I think probably because you just don't know how they wanted to going to be you wanted to go back to save the banks again. I think you should get banks don't really seriously everybody lawyers and a view the right. Hey if you are recorded intended to BJ I don't want to record in excellent health and I had a nice time it's all tennis they already have the meeting the laughs no tolerance is that your porn I forgot. Well and you don't have to call back but I mean I so and that's why you have the sex first. Get 00 hadn't thought about that and enjoy the meal had done about that and I is that your strategy before or after the meal. I'll probably after this child goes to blatant. Now you have got to armored if you're doing a lot of kids away how well the kid could tell Bolger kid. It's your kid is ten years old cooks for you guys how to make you feel we just got to listen to answer. Western cooking maybe even younger stand congratulate you and I and attend I would make a big split Deans and wow that's really the first thing I learn where scrambled plagues that I mean none and then I'd learn how to cut beans because we eat a lot of it and so your mom would be she's like you get over him a two time you know I wanted to learn and like I learn how to do this show me now. Damn good for you while we're on the topic you scramble legs has been the big debate on our FaceBook page and noticed on. Why. As his love and we're back the food again. Well I mean she's right and I know she about it and I vote whereas where the food shows that that's just what it is it is what it is managing our kids I felt like star Scotia. Starve a big argument about whether many potential when you scramble leg full well we've had this argument before us on his FaceBook again right now and these people are stupid there's only one answer no it is as yes yes OK good and WCI and I all sorts anyone had opposed to catch a bunch Campbell legs I'm not necessarily opposed to it but if I Tabasco. Or did I get TO are available on rather north knows how. Yeah I have almost saver I have developed a taste for Saul saw as opposed to cats outside a gas sauce is it too is also is available lobby like they throw that I might expect. It's ketchup is there I mean it sits you know c'mon it's an American classic I notice on our FaceBook page is the B Jimmy's case stereo and Danny. It's non B and the jimmies and knows that some people are very passionate about this not. Do you do not put ketchup and scrambled eggs I I want I don't understand that I'm and I don't know if it's synagogue you were you when I from the East Coast so I don't know if we were just raised that way is it a Pacific northwest thing not to put catch up next is that you guys that grew up there. When I grew up I didn't know about putting ketchup on aids and tell I was like seven or eight and I thought it was a grosses thing ever Intel actually tried it and it's amazing and I went for a so called Larry at Texas I catch it actually goes on scrambled eggs Malia OK a person's an animal you guys talk about food at least not talking about a mood geez. That's next though they have this new modes he's coming out got a kid actually we're good we're good hole never we had to hold the they would promote you this morning no oh boy you really have to go to and I would have to go down there we'll see you talking about food all right food is good or you know what you could pick a topic you can guide to show. 26421 rock Texas 77999. After all it's your call so you know like technologies food orderly house to talk about change you pick a topic. You guys to show you call XX 933. Camera. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. I I've played I think I got a Iraq does Seattle's listeners some of those you've picked a topic you guys to show 0641. Rock Texas is 77999. My goal in Seattle you are on the Iraq. Since you were talking earlier about the female centered plots and discovered. Yes us archer discovery just wrapped up their season this past Sunday and I won't spoil anything but tell ya the pretty much it was all women that were around every pivotal role. In. In my opinion the last episode and pretty much leading up to them a whole series. Right which also prominent structure Voyager she remembered. Still a lot of women as Star Trek Voyager I don't remember all the antagonists as well as protagonist being this. Involved in this season the way it wasn't discovered for your right I mean they had Jane way and they had double on tourism and the Borg queen and they 79 and so. I mean they had to act the year you're right I I feel like this was even a little but more pronounced rewrite Voyager also did a great job with that. And just seeing. Anybody didn't mean old enough to remember the original Star Trek pilot with captain Christopher pike. Todd is you're not gonna will be the first officer. Was a woman that's right played by major bear it. Called her number one by the way which is where that came from that's right she tells an interesting story about that being shown to a test audience she says that was the women. In the audience who had a huge problem with the idea of a woman being the first start Serb starship so. India that is very interesting a lot of a lot of people don't remember than in those times. You know women were as almost a bigger problem to their own advancement as men and if you watch the TV show mad men. They do really good job of showing that since that show and I appreciate the call Michael that show takes place in the in the fifties and sixties quacks in the sixties. And it showed that women in the office were not friendly to take his character when she was trying to do more than just be I'll get you coffee she wanted to be an involved in the major step of the ad agency and be part of creative in making commercials. And a lot of on any artist didn't treat her well because of that wow yes so wasn't just men that we're treating women badly in those days this is practice changes different name there are news that. Yeah I it's it's it's a fascinating that's funny that here are scifi show it's created a whole new fantasy world and India right now. Seattle woman running things well due date they also told them that they didn't want spot to have devil Lear's because they thought folks who religious wouldn't like the character and there was a deadly years well that's what they thought they were. I thought our police here while they stated they they took that to be the devil I guess devilish character is I don't know some early pictures of all of Satan my guess he was he looked human would double leers and so they were like Sparky around the make it although like dot you know all the propaganda without the publicity stuff they rounded his ears and she runner was pissed like what are you doing and Kawhi. We want to showed a fly in the you know in the midwest we can't show a devilish looking guy can't sing on this show. Well I was really I mean back in the sixties it was it's weird how people were we were I mean we've we complain now about the restrictions a life. I was alive then let me I lipstick. Let's is on the loose. You pick the top and you guide to shows go to may not make an Intel using California whose native Reno and California why you president. All he would actually sheik hey Nathan. Lowe. Editor so you so yours did you go from iTunes to go from here down there. Yeah it scam you that's a long haul good for your call for you see guys out doing stuff to themselves boy on the road a little what. Never. Yeah will not comment on. And it worked for. Hopefully a rite of passage for extra treasurer yeah yeah yeah you see fine how about this have you seen any cool women doing stuff because initially browser itself South Korea. Actually I hatched in case they got the Contra war racetrack and IPO sly about it. You know alerted. On the end. How I'm sorry we ask these hard hitting question yeah it sounds like he's actually relive and them as we speak good all right Jason what do you what do you wanna talk to us about. I just want to. Secure help in your listeners should this one issues I'm just. I wish you got a card companies turn out trucks only ambition we need our. Rush hour situation. You know Gary about 80000. Pounds in the trailer gear and it takes about. Two football. She'll choose stock. All really tunes for you get to a complete stop you people don't realize that they don't. They're stupid are we sure we have talked about it before Nathan is there anyway just for I think it was a this week last week was that wide a people wanna cut trucks often. It's just it's now so let him her whatever it may be a thing look he's he's maybe you'll be a couple more minutes later to you earlier you were hoping to be. But man zeppelin people at risk on the road. Cherry risky are you. Got into an accident in San Jose. And she always annual credit of rich being GNP mark out the door. Until Sri litigation try to Courtney Walsh on an unmanned. Came we came into we'll contact. You release that it wasn't. Sardonic. It was only ramps are you guys were on an on ramp going on the freeway and chi chi chi hit key. How did see that's yeah but supposed we supposed to be paying attention on the ranch honey give it an accident on a ramp chooses. What an hour join. Seminal sharks in general Jerry issue has come nonchalant. Postulate yeah. And I started playing games. Sorry everybody on sorry about that Abramoff and iron in them by the how we interface presents the so I read by the way I tell you scream their color well it's okay thanks yeah yeah Texas is while the revenue is wonderful call screening once again. I just expected that to get my so much better and they really didn't and they resume off. Those are Taiwan cranking yeah. Yeah. The Australian Craig who suck my rank castle OK I think it's a good thing and it. What do right castle yeah no free ticket haven't liked it when I spoke here. And it's thanks in Revver and oh yeah throughout tell you what they have a common Brian castle lottery tickets 950 on the Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW. He. Game she aren't sure. With the right cash flow and a lottery did you have in common lot of threats. Lot of guys there is scratching. But if you scratch just write like get some money from. Thanks for coming in camp neither one's a winner. Oh rules. DJ is about fulfilling his fantasies are both from gestured. And potent power balls. Yeah. That's right yeah. I like that that's good well here's a lovely story about a woman who is suing her boyfriend. When he suddenly vanishes wins and their winning lottery ticket oh here yeah. Last fall many Denise was living with a boyfriend Maurice in Ontario. Momo. And they've been living together for over two years and they always play the lottery together well plus September 20 he's heard on the radio that a winning ticket had been sold in. This town. Maurice had busted their tickets that we so she asked him if it was one of the ones you guys have now and I'm now we've lost again now another us. Well packing his bags yeah. She got home the next day he's gone close to question everything passports out. Can respond and Ebert calls or messages. Because he had bought the tickets won the four point nine million dollar jackpot did not want to share whether. So she's filed a lawsuit against them to get your hair off. Media more stores is not an ever had no deal like that now Dan Ryan castle while he's he's somebody should pay off because you know twelve pack for him. Thanks to this day she went back and you are like here we are you make a living week. Yeah of your boy I don't know was some stocks overnight oh my gosh I don't know how you handle move. They read this is so weird I know where we all do the first yellow reuse and got a headache you woke up the next morning we got our sons. Then journalism you're the only one they would believe it because you do horrible. What are you talking about how yeah. I rest my case with the Australian I don't know rest. Yeah. And made some mornings on the rock 99.9 KI guess stuff. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. If I called Travis will actually see him or someone who works for him. I'm suing when you come industry in my in my office when you first call and myself school trying to help you. Where there were any basic questions that should have. I can get your car back. I've been they'll schedule usually spread a schedule you for a free consultation with me because the attorney. I don't mean would you personally we'll talk about true. 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