BJ & MIGS Podcast 02-16-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Friday, February 16th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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I'm mobile fan of the leak out well you want more information just go to Vijay makes major KI SW dot com do now they are ready to run for window previews the first first introduce we did these guys just talk about how often they are their record. Into the Al shows off some pretty fly out jacket you know. And I checked it out I'm like yeah he's absolutely right these guys are fantastic have a couple shows coming up. He came out tonight you're playing at the finality you're the cobra another great band and then also march 24. What a bill that I would tell me down hundred loud Jericho hill. And also I'll well that's going to be all right the hi guys. And don't forget Sunday nights at 10 o'clock two hours of all local music so we got home on the local Sundays at 10 o'clock. You you're great fans like cop well. Mean okay. It's. And I mean. Made it this Friday. It's. Yeah you can go there now. It's Friday everyone's excited and I think our contestant will be excited Stephen King stand against Stephen Kingston that at FF. And Charles thanks represented there don't don't like your arm and people had that Christian males not have to review and Steve millionaires there. Why am I am excellent what's deeply important dates DR primus mastodon then marry her partner on June 22 go to KI SW dot com from the details if USC privacy Q what does he mastodon cat or girl hey do you tickets and any excess dot com RE ST that day care. Yeah. For those playing in domes Steve will have a sixty seconds to answer ten questions Stevie to pass all you want but you'll only get three yeses per question are you ready I'm ready for each of the guerrillas first two albums had a song named in honor of what actor come. Along the tools now to death. I mean 1779. James Cook was killed by the natives of what I Elaine. Why asks a derby trail BR types of why. Now it's reversed now to. Now no matter what US president endorsed the Louisiana purchase and 1803 weeks. You know. Now. Yeah yeah yeah who directed the 1994 movie true lies. No I don't lose. Tall it's what I months name is derived from the Latin word for aids. All right this is now terror. Know that tells lost to now what mountain ranges Camp David located in it's it's. A life. I'm playing in this morning. I know Lara now and I didn't happen well Steve value no one right so you're and that he had one right back around the LA never personally I'm glad I'm sorry I. Oh OK what is this his dog. Your poor dog he's obviously want you to be better so maybe yeah on my own little luck. Maybe the dog is excited because the other receives about playing another dog is like by my owner through so much better on humanities. Soledad they're always go like I knew I have a well he knew don't know how many do you might be me show. Not only does well noodles Saturday and I blew. Any speed news are you ready. Each of the guerrillas first two albums had a son named in honor of what actor. Clint eastwood's yes I mean 1779. James Cook was killed by the natives of what I land it. Why do gas hikes derby trail we are types of watched. There are some body out Bob Pokemon characters in a note these are characters in the show cars narrow cosmic. A horse races narrow. Yeah what US president endorsed the Louisiana purchase and 1803. All right sobbed tasks now. Stopped Adams no Washington no who directed the 1994 movie true lies. It's always this is my the way I know. What's your best you still work down there on the other you know brothels or Freddie says no winter months name is derived from the Latin word for eight. August notes are the number no it's June now moral and mountain range just Camp David located. And normally it's not just announced his. It is no 'cause I was aiming it narrows who provides James Bond with his gadgets. Maxwell Smart naral Steve you dropped to do. You can have allowed us to do whines. I've played this morning. Drop could do such again a very easy games then you I'm marriage for both of you yes. I'm glad I wanted to control and take its. A goat and a school and I given away on Monday. And so. I go and ask do you accept shafts. Police find your dog a better owner Clinton vocal or why not use Steve now yup the stock was whining because his owner did so badly MB Max gaffe during beat me I was like yeah. I don't know. Who's one of the dogs are pretty sure. Tamiflu is listening right now here's her reaction and a to run its sustenance. Yeah I don't doubt it yeah he did I'm glad I was able to beat I'm a bit tired I derby trail BR YX I have no clue I would say toys new. Very big on this attacks. Yes are terrorist derby had a general betrayal B yeah actually a lot of people think that there are those of the Fedora but they're like the smaller ones. That usually fat guys Wear an email or ridiculous it's a good question. Both audio and arguing how. And I I guess they're right because I was looking the other luminaries uncle Chris news touching his headset for your that's what usually you do not trying to CV give dad she got attacked it head back. I want to read his daily tablet sales are kind of went to Chris is giving you clues in the other room what is after workers are out there that's what we thought oh man I find. Yeah I clearly got a wrong I held to what I could that is considered. Do. The US president that endorsed who Louisiana purchase and 1803. Society and who loses the second president we've had never announced it was Adams but you're right with Jefferson he was the third president while he was the one they did in Dorset. So even though year wrong with that putt at 80 you know what I'm math is so hard I'm mark nevermind I'm leaving the country. For some reason I thought 897076. Is only a couple of years away from the eighteen hundreds but that's actually like about when he for some odd years none that makes sense that you got through president's fight them there egos are okay. Who directed true lies James Cameron yes that's bush I think it right Nigerian name now I can tell gap I would be the at least. I this question is very deceptive because of the fact that the Romans added a couple months I know this one yet few months name is derived from the Latin word for eight yes October it's October I'm Joseph is eight. Boom and that's what we have what was it took them away at a ten month a year to well yes yeah exactly him that's like December dec is ten yeah that's how I remember on nine and then they were like well yeah we needed I don't think it was Caesar that ad in August and July for Julius and Augustus of course has no adult dramas like it's all about us where's where's the month of co regular until we don't have that America. Half in half and half beef the mountain range that Camp David is located in. Actually there's eastern and appellation. You go hey look. Said rocky revelations only it's like having your nose kind of want us open forum that and then who provides James Bond with his gadgets I bet you its Q. Actor who can just letter Q. I've seen enough bond movies now I don't watch them either and I know that man. Oh well aren't so Smart fast heart attack as the answers in front and various district well congratulations Steve you won with that wealth to correct I tried to go that means caller number two is checking out primus macedon Mary mark caller caller Ramirez to work you call number two who got yeah. Hurry up and everybody. 206421 rock color number two you when the tickets just like that. Well speaking of I battle and England it turns out get a study out there finding out that going on a blind date. Gets your heart rate up to about a 106 beats per minute which is right around where you'd be if you went skydiving. So blind dates are just as exciting as skydiving exotic dangerous. Heat off. They say quotas no surprises you heart rate spike before thrilling experiences in extreme sports however it is a surprise to see dating among top thrills. I wonder what daddy is mean and I never went on a blind date had did you. No I don't I don't think I ever did either I used to tell Joseph to go now most my dates just hard of hearing how Lou. But no I've never I've never gone online they have always known people I've dated yet no one has ever sent me up to go on a date with somebody and you do that anymore with with all the video that we have liked I just can't believe he's he's he's able to stock someone at least. Before you see them I kinda didn't want to but I sized picture on faith took my friends and hey this guy looks like you're tied you wanna go out within she set us up and I looked like we when I picked a mother we went to Lucy show and that was us getting to know each and you can I'm up yakking and a card could live in the city. How can they do in the city and sentiment that why you can't have a car. No yes I want you have a car but if you live in the city you don't have a need for an hour and understand and I think yeah I'm down and then we'll need some committee usability very hazy you know what he's loses he's lose a great opportunity I'm quite a catch. Yeah I don't know what it is I'm all fashion I think the dude you pick up the check. Yes I just you know I really got eight ER ELA over her if you do you're weird if you see a couple in a car amid the move did the female is driving in the geysers of the past no no I don't I'm not saying in general cinema dates I still like I it's just like how is product now because my wife drives everywhere where I mean I I love I love being driven around. But I mean if I'm gonna do something you're looking you Lou as they're driving a look at the communicator a couple that he's not driving and she is really what's wrong -- tell you that you are having when it comes to dating they demand should be picking you up the engine the man be driving all the time I feel like it's justice the old school thing you're right Steve is nothing really wrong with what happened but. I don't know man. I think there's I don't think there are too many women who do not want to be charmed I don't care who you are you could be the most empowered to. What ever woman you want I believe every woman wants to do to charmer if you're heterosexual I just believe that I I and you can't tell me I'm wrong in my head. Yes don't mind being driven around by my wife but option won't let me in or carcass of too much thought to what it that's she's right there dude I've I've sat there her twice and there are new car. And both times and I was read the riot act okay no far adding. Findings. No eating there's no partying in her car post eventually that goes away doesn't destroy these calls her car still smells brand new. And it's over a year old now has amazed how is she living with you because your wife don't know she's so meticulous he's so clean how does she deal with you around I mean it is amazing to me it's just so charming she's I would my son and that sloppiness to Sheila Alou in the car. Yes suck all of the DNA Carter who bit your wife is going on the Cuban acts not his family they're best friends on the third we don't yet you are. Yeah and I'm not I'm not allowed in the car pretty much arm allow that they've got to be told what not to do what what's two types include haven speak English as you know the rules more than you probably read out. So here's the thing about dating I thought it was and site level but now they're saying no this is about being brave apparently they're saying. That you actually have to eat pretty brave to go on a blind date in this studies show that maybe it's you you pay its braver than we initially thought. You know if you're brave enough to go skydiving then you know what you're going to the same kind of you know palpitations if you will when you're gonna blind date now requires bravery. That makes sense discuss live when I'm when I picked up the guy in the car I I didn't know when I had only seen a pick a couple pictures of him and usually when you go out with somebody you meet them somewhere like. Can I take you rally at a bar aligned or something before hand you're going completely blind and naked into the is well not naked but. That I cannot and a decision on do well if that's outside of Vicki yes or most people are doing we don't know anything about his Jersey never communicated with them and then right there you're stuck having to me I guess that's. Kind of blind even if you see a picture you're going implying with hardly any in Taiwan if anyone is now has gone on a date waited so I don't see sight unseen. Just based on a friend's recommendation. You meet up at the person and that's the first time you see and I doubt that's even happening that's unfortunate because that's what that's like I think that everybody gets to go through this kind of a rite of passage doing a blind date at least once I always felt bum but I never got to do it. I was I don't dump truck gonna go back to a woman driving a man or man driving a woman debate. I work all the time driving so when I'm not when I'm out with my girlfriend she drives and I love that members of a garbage brands are twelve to fourteen hours today and I LifeDrive Iraq can understand that in your prime Aldridge and driven out you know they mean well and kissing allowing California she navigates those rose a lot better than me some my honey you drive you know this joint and then when she comes up here it's like I drive because I you know like I drive these rose more than her now. So to me it makes sense if you know the roads dry. The one thing that it is that not that legitimately bothers me it's a silly thing that gets under my skin is when somebody's driving a car that's obviously meant for female. And it's a dude I mean I can't even count the number of times because he's on dry racing. This French and silly boys. Chiefs are made for girls are some like that like OK pull up alongside us you can check this is. It's a dude dude dude beard trying to light on he's clearly driving his dad's girlfriend particularly like. From the tough when I know it's stupid there's always funny he sees habits it's like it's very specific like. Bad girls love driving cash U mustangs or some ridiculous and adapt the car so what you're saying is the cars tricked out for a check yes and guys trying to yeah. Are at what we did that or when you see something like. If you're gonna ride mass tonight as we'll pull my hair and then you see like the kid stickers that's like the money that daddy Indiana bats that are free beer you got to take that off your card you're gonna have accused stickers or chick driving a truck that struck not sign it feel like what's going on here how she's got a surprise or else they're pink OK I that it got because that's. That's mr. All right so we're getting close oh I'm Alexis just told this morning. When the first Mariner's game is because I have a sports update that I do exactly all the scores. And she said and in baseball on February 20 somethings the Mariners played their first all your own account those sides but she's talking about it so I excited pitchers and catchers are gonna be there and I think that they might be better already I mean that's how we fear of people down they're actually working out I got to sit like you know me am I forever going to be the optimist that the Mariners I think every year and are gonna go to World Series or at least make the playoffs I hope. I feel very optimistic this season because I really think they've done much in the off season it's a bummer because they said the new tax laws by trump we get a lot of athletes to come to Washington causes no state income tax. Because it's they're getting they're good they're that a lot of these guys are gonna get raked over the coals with their state income tax. So I thought I did JD Martinez might wanna come here but he hasn't Simon anybody and I was like man. I was holding out hocus ever let's talk all he should go to the Red Sox or should stay with the Diamondbacks in the Mino maybe the Yankees don't go crazy. And I might note due may be Seattle we have we have enough money assign them and our state income tax might make the difference enough sent. Tonight now must have been almost a feeling. Because of injuries and just the parity is for me be me did think that the core of what they have is good enough and it's obviously great hitters good pitching still concerns me we did a good thing I forget we got a good center field a good outfielder yeah noted earlier we did a couple early or late you know when the season ended did make up got to have a good couple acquisitions but. Not not to the point where I'm like man I can't wait it was alienate a big overhaul yeah maybe they need a big. Overall I do I do like they signed a name's Steve this season that psychic. Yeah not a big menu nobody's a decent player or maybe we trade front I can't remember. I but what I'm really excited to have him in the lineup and I camera guy I made it's an option if we get the kids. I think we got an Upton. Com I don't know which one because that was at the Brothers confused. But simply we know yet we have a decent line up and I'm all I'm worried about our pitching that's the problem yeah yeah yeah dad and my experience and and also Felix and Paxton are scary because are they aware of the enemy we just don't know what they're gonna be this year and you need pitching to stay alive. Especially in the division because the Rangers beat the angels made some big moves. Knew they you know they got that dude. The other Japanese dude that every 10 Thai jail time they got him yeah oh yeah. The reason talking about it is because I've got the ten most ridiculous unwritten rules of baseball. And I'm excited I love the season I don't care I mean even if in the Mariners don't look like they might be anything I'm taking it. Because I love watching teams develop and I'm really hoping that they can figure it out the Mariners on our Brian Healey guys they picked that guy out that's the guy I don't know that that's the first baseman that they've got big we get up to last year because while we got a good view. Is Justin Upton sound familiar yeah that's that's the guy yeah yes so we got him that would I don't know what we got to but I live I was excited about that acquisition because he's got speed and sykora is good I think we got guys it's just a pitching is bothering me Aaron yes all right so calm. Here's a rule that everyone gets mad at if you do it and the announcers on average over dot not talking about a no hitter in progress you've never mentioned it. Oh yeah the and people think it's a diamond one on what that would tell the most and dumb unwritten rules of baseball when a mine and I didn't do one beer plays hockey is you never tell when a shutout when it comes to goal. Oh and so you never see it on the ice and obviously I'd I'd I don't watch a hockey on TVV announcers also say maybe announces move in amongst the players are generally relate to see in direct level like general we have games that I could third period and it's still had no goals are you another one of the damage you may god look like you might get a shut out tonight are. There's a timeout with five minutes not to when I got to use a notorious for the city needed a purpose is to say happy. We have five more minutes because Steve the shut out. And then next like the whole country and everyone looks like again CNN is your thing yeah I purposely doing missed. I do Gordon Woodside I think or yeah that's it and I finally got somebody EI we got up to last season. Yeah. There is so we don't have update at all now okay Dee Gordon I'm losing my mind. Here's another one don't shoot don't show up your fielders. This is you know baseball's got a lot of unwritten rules that you in other words. So save your pitcher and your dear dear you're really working hard to play your game and and when you're dudes behind you makes an error. You're not supposed to show frustration you're not supposed like goat cheeses body seriously you'll see some people till it. You know who finished just they Randy Johnson everyone solid if they should they put the camera on him. Even like are you kidding me as I was on in football when a wide receiver doesn't make it I simple catch and always go to quarterback in you can tell what kind of a leader black quarterback gives for the most part the quarterbacks are strong leaders majors act like as if it's not a big deal. But every once awhile you get back got to just has a full on tantrum like you mother bunker at sea well could. I don't rub the mark after getting hit by a pitch. So you never get watch it next time they never ever acknowledged would they've just and they don't I think yeah a 97 mile an hour fastball just hit him in the gym jam. And they went home wherever and they will not even acknowledged the back part of the body they got hit. If a pitcher hits a teammate retaliate by hitting one of theirs that's still roll them as a matter fact players get mad if you don't. Like there are some pictures ago looked that I I can't afford to put a guy on base surgically whatever and still no you know her and the other locker rooms not happy about it chairman. How everyone's going to be involved and on field fight I think that's the funny think every bench empties. If I'm a guy who's I. I I don't want my star pitcher going out there stay on the bench I don't want you go out there have been involved in the scrum you go after the other guy other team's star pitcher Nikki tonight just kick each other emotions I Soledad and you stage I don't know what happened years ago dude and that one of our pictures of the team now is pagan he heard his arm. David out here. You see him out of the pile holding his pitching arm like this and it's like the dead arm thing and you go what are you until end credits why could man the guy got a backup your Brothers yeah. So those are just some live at the unwritten dumb rules of baseball. I don't know man it's nice to see that in some way honor is presence with men. In this day and age where you know you kind of go accidents things that we won't do even though they cheat like Helen basically taught me better today. And whether Don turner yeah I mean really they really they steal signals like us some of the B and one team gets caught you see the other teams don't see any because they're cheap and they just didn't get caught. It's time for listeners on the loose. You pick a topic you guys to show it to 06421 rock Texas and 77999. Your calls your checks at 917. On Iraq. And made some mornings. On the rock and 99.9 KI SW hole. And five point nine KI SW rock does Seattle its listeners on the loose you pick that topic you guys who show. Listen some of the structure by beacon plumbing heating and mechanical. 206 fortune one rock Texas it's 77999. You can talk about anything you want to. But you remember Steve as a rule for listeners on the loose as simple on the issue as a manager Embry and otherwise we're. We have gone. And say anybody could borrow from them just like that size first Texas firms. I say I know you guys love Walking Dead did you hear about the zombie just gonna show nudity. Yeah they gotta do something I'm really they've they've got a sub and get our interest I think did a lot of people. At least people I know are kind of getting fatigued with a Walking Dead eye as they chose eight seasons. And say you know they kind of do drag things out so Greg nick at Cerro who's a producer. And also the guy that really is great designer of special effects are you know release its creature effects knows that he's he's really known for that. Says yah there's an episode where we get our first fully nude walker we've never done that before. This year like playmates to be the new lockers. You want them Nouvel likely new newly become walkers because when they start Dino decomposing and stuff today not so fresh walker timlin and we're not gonna see full frontal walker it looks like it let their saying maybe you we'll see the backside we're not gonna maybe scenes so you just babies like some walker but. Zombie yes zombie that's coming soon to ANC so I don't know if it's gonna be on the first. Episode of the of the the spring season winter season which is a week from the Sunday. But it's back the Walking Dead back so do you think it's time for them. It's eight seasons I I just think you're here there's gonna be fatigue and frankly I back. It here's a thing. The storyline will never end the comic book is continuing to go on it so as far as I know they're never gonna cure this thing which means this is the world and there's always going to be adventures. But do I wanna continue to go on this journey I'm not a zombie fan then. That's why they show is so amazing that it's still it's still captured my interest. Steve I I know I I and I myself oddly timed and for me but there may be people still want it on TV what about the red uses art and this almost seems to me like Darryl is jumping the zombie shark with his motorcycle at this point. It I love this show and it's like my soap opera. But at the same point. I am and I'm not actually like excited I haven't been excited this entire season to watch it may almost like it's a chore at this point when he gets to that point I'm kinda just. If it dies it dies and now I'll be fine with that tag and it has a zombie can hang the guy yeah it's. You know I mean I just think that's the natural thing for any great show I mean they are breaking bad was only five seasons I now I would sort of want more but I admitted they ended at the right time there on the high end and it was great it's not like you know selling a sitcom which a note goes for seven seasons and if it's being very Big Bang theory style can go any tonight but yet some would sit bachelor's run its course. I still might get the act it's you know it as an adjacent television apparently and it's only a half hour and it's a light show when you're talking heavy heavy show where they're trying to draw it out and create drama and and you know sometimes you get fatigued of that we just started watching and I should I think you would actually get a kick out of its tiger quirky. Weird comedy in a sense that it's got. It's a AP bio. I don't know list not a professor I got his dream job done to move back to Ohio working as a high school current Arab biology teacher and it's zillions hobble Cassel leads kids may get annoyed by him and he sees it say if he's out Barry did he's got like a weird way of being he's kind of a bad teacher and a sense but it it's got up and Oswald senate all of our Keizai and England our tempted to starve yourself all that's right Glenn how lab well I love both those guys yeah okay and there's the president kind of like a push over principle and it's a comedy but it's not like. She's the last track comedies are big time nozzle can't do I mean seriously that guy who's with us well besides your. I mean Stacy ever everything patent does he's so good at the end of world of acting I'm honestly and he's like he shows up like everywhere to that silly he's like an almost every damn show I watch. I think he's trying his opinion has changed forever back in the day the only reason why he was acting he says was to be able that way to continue to be a comedian. Because being a comic who is you know it's financially not necessarily always. And something that you can make a good time to catch out especially when he was first coming up but you love being a comic and he realized if I am an actor. I get a job I sit com hopefully make good make good money and still do what I love to do which is comedy. He's a good actor I mean he's if he really does a great job. Yeah I loved I loved him and justified I really you know he and his character you really. He was a goof ball character but he major feel some for the dude which is it is good acting for a comedic actor. And AP bio show when it on NB CNBC they are three or four episodes so far produced by Lorne Michaels all eight. Yeah that's myers' wanted to produces while the muscles like an updated welcome back Cotter. They can't wait wait wait yeah I've had yet the teachers just kind of a jerk but of course there's moments of like ability to whom but. It's it's it's fun just to see some of the jerky things that the guy and Glenn Howard Tim from always sunny. Of course you know he's. He's Dennis aren't always sunny. She's the perfect guy for that 'cause he's just great blaze say jerky kind of guy very well and always sunny in Philadelphia so that makes sense. All right AP bio I'm a check nasty night data you know what I go check out what you say about Julia by. You pick a topic you guys to show listeners on those 206421. Rockies and also Texas it's 77999. More recalls more your checks at 933. On Iraq. Nine point nine KI guess W all. I played nine KI don't get the rock of Seattle listeners on the loose you pick that topic you guys showed 206421. Rock checks that's at 77999. Yeah we bring your daughter in for a second you know what she's if she's a big kid now she can go early to break. Came I what is this canal I mean you embargo last weekend and I wanna have a nice weekend ultimately won't song weekend I'm excited about I'm going to be doing my favorite activity which is you know more gaming and ice I even you and any wrestler for you come in the form we said no no I'll -- and actually celebrate Valentine's industry in glass in my nice to eat you can do and just take it easy out there and relax for a change going out and really spending the weekend with a woman you love know is what your wife gonna do that Russell will be with Lou I guess I don't worry Barack. I see. I might have misunderstood or miss all I heard would you invite you were talking about but are you taking. How to pass of food water good liar who Anwar pictures. These grainy pictures ahead. Hair yes you are on them. I am yak. The boyfriend Brian's a year is next bond Beaumont is a year since Johnny represented July nearly examine the in my life as it is a year ago right timing IRA has taken off my hands on ha so yeah minute duel all sexy photo or share it. Steve so I can I like I got to know who's warm and Diaz just ask you is drawing my we can't she's doing it Vicki for some reason doesn't have a studio so we had to do it at my house will be he's taken me. I animal farm actually and I'm not bad. As I've seen some some of that fetish she's taken she's not bad I want mine to be a little bit more. Strategy and raunchy and how anybody Iraqi Renault war Kelly Achtenberg Mario and I like kind of sexy but it gladly donate the details you that is what I got pictures who wore yeah. That's half its enthusiasts exactly a little less club playing a little hey thank you different poses you sound like did you Brood War futures for all of us. I'm all eyes and it's not an advertising though let's a lot of sun on my hand you wanna have Vicki taking sixty pictures of you for anybody actually. Actually got on the web site that is Paul Boyd door. Do you joke it's what you are really I was doing some pictures yesterday and they have like the guy is imitating what the girl's Gina and arched back on the bed in their boxers and it's pretty it's great speed because have you heard on your outfit for this and everything I and a few different outlets actually we went shopping and Regis that's what I got Fisher island then I don't see any official religion you don't need to know the course ahead sorry I have no comments pretty bond lawyers who we later. A room so her brother and I cannot hear this are you and for voodoo are pictures out in the student you can't get out of turn oh look good so does my house is not clueless to me is laid out on the house so. So I don't know whose I don't wanna be in there any way necessary resilient yep early on Monday and get out of. I'm putting you gentlemen thank you I I I would pull our home it's like the perfect scenario for might ratchet glued to our shots currently the largest gap. Some of the poll. It was totally sign it by tends. And we'll see how did they turn out then great then maybe you can not OK my question to you gentlemen as Powell direct present them to hit. Our photo album should not far. Absolutely really thinking you can get those books printed like an actual ball you know it's pretty cool actually evidence that could just give Mike a flash drive and I Garrard were or email on to imagine you've got to yet remembering did I was thing you kind of like a fake Playboy magazine that's I don't doubt we got a pool are churning canoneers and it was a great idea. PowerPoint presentation how. Yeah. And so I can decibel Liggett Liggett teacher. You can use our coverage from your work there that's wonderful. I've done for sure you Neil wallet size is a couple of those to validity of a city that has a solid list of hot we should still give Michael I'll file that he's like you know seem to his phone or whenever I hang. OK but I think I don't I column but I think this actually be like our hard copy and I don't think you use that gap a physical copy let's not Smart enough. Looks not. Yeah I don't know if somebody says Vickie too sexy photos of my wife with a new shotgun she bought me at best birthday ever I saw those are what shock fire only talking about so one of my really good friends bought her husband and he ash shot confers birth all right a real shot a real shotgun all evil she wanted to Wear his team's bikini move. I got to think I cop pictures that are booty would think for the logo of the team owner but I know was really cool. Now even with the team name it was Duke's. I'll okay. To him since I mean how does personnel by you they just 80 she's so I difference from your friends so yes there OK so IG and she was commonality sixty voodoo are pictures too are you really I guess I got the best phone you can ask for its iPhone a guy your portfolios and is camera. Yeah guys you know I need to portrait mode VDT use the iPhone I got into an era. Cameras I don't know I ask Janet I actually camera you plays and throwing around member now yeah how migrant community doesn't. Hi well this is really fascinating about ideas presented to him while you're wearing one of the outfit. OC BC he wants mean being a cheerleader and where you are mixed so I got I got the Seahawks cheerleader outfit laid out there from lovers always so I'm gonna take pictures and I'm the business the aisles where they shed oh this is. I am presenting this why in my house you know presenting him man and her house to know not our house know where it's not our house this is a song by madness it's not our house. Okay area it is a very kind of gas is not your house CU or a creature that we brought into this world you've got to stay there why can't be like your brother and get the F out at that a reasonable agent do you booed why somewhere else. Nope sorry your bank kicked out stories as they can we truly pictures of this stuff. Now all of get a I don't know guys I have never done sexy pictures ever for a John Lennon and Johnny revelers you don't make easy ones and whenever I hope you know and if he's not and screws me oh where I told making yet we got to just make sure the shots look. Great seven of it's out there for the world I'm just like you know young show NASA might be I'm gonna show any closet you know essentially bits I refused to let you know no interest me really like a little big east. No bits are Ella you know. And no no no I don't think so no I don't know I. All good things do you have a job at the pictures get out or yes it was you don't lose your job and radio she's gonna gamble our offer yeah a lot more followers how. I don't Rajon how many people radio have them outside and agree Rachel who you know goes on your podcast might be we'll have pictures like that I'm sure a lot do. I don't know until we looked up what kids do these three there was a woman of radio Playboy edition. I so I've heard. CB timber not suppress her we could bring up Steve can you have my back and say no you've never heard this before at least once in my life have the parents back a US stimuli yes no all we should talk about this before we went. That's why it seems like you would know my mind. We'll react is gonna make sure they look and son found no no no doubt Big Ten Iowa senior but I wanna see but I don't see any good but they should yeah. I shouldn't be any good snow Dixon putts. Going to make her look very elegant and graceful and an awful like trash you or know hi I had no Sally wasn't was always on the rock shopping. No because that's our calendar and I was actually think he acted like prince. Mike and really cute picture my diet as artists aren't too and I and that tip him now like I wanna get I don't know if commissary and you're at your door you're gonna look like in my face when Vienna so many relatives she was really cute girl we. Are where's my shirts he does no one was he wasn't my shirt to give this one's sure with these three chicks on landing you can pretty much see everything gone on what kind of Sharon's back in the grand shirt I know. Honestly YouTube both of you I don't know what to do know that much time I'm not sure bets while refusing to budge shirts or maybe it's not I don't know why all his army guys that are into but sure I don't care I don't want our black shirt. If there's a sexy chick on them a share EV like nation not around my daughter. We know. Some I think now I know. All but any other guy does once of Merle Black or white lettering on it and that to me it's the ultimate teacher yeah exactly what happens when someone asks them who's bus on the Sherlock girls. And I heard on the radio thing you don't have that hey no mic stand she got a nice but no that's not what number of these comments no numbers is Malia way to go Sarah thank you prisons are looking graceful good luck PC DB. You know now I know she managed a lot of photo shoppers some get everything you get a dual voodoo are as well yeah done one before a rule that is spread but it's supposed to be booed while for the people you might not for everybody else to see that's would have booed wash John sometimes this all the time mom faced of course you do you steal bogeys and a liar ever to be used to beating on boot non. Yes Lao a learned non hostile veteran ahead. The things you say. Down 9% that's it I'm reacting the camera takes a picture that Mickey today you know now. I'll let you Graham you're making just a little this is happening in London and now I admit I'm friends president Dan de. It's a city that hasn't got a whole day and you get a powdered wig. Like George Washington or just a good President Bush who. I get it. Some I don't think you can think that's like saying now or I don't usually ask you need to be you know I'll always. Leave it old Jesus ideas man did not do you want earliest ones you think actually she resides. Figure out yeah it's. Yet another yeah don't just come to say just a lot TF now okay. So I mean also are you download the finished product you won't know I don't wanna see you know get out go to my. That's a somber words here my friend in my court I don't miss your sexy pictures they took for your boyfriend how you're seaboard while lots what is why are you may ask your eyes. What effect if you did to. Not bad clearly not apparently I was absentee because this is not what I would say to my kids or wife phrase you know I raised Joey good I guess I'd put you in charge you with your mother and she wrecked everything Joey I did you in favor our posts that your daughter and your sister taking leases. Tough tough to tell wanted to pictures and new Yorker. I'm worries yummy through Joseph what do you do in my notes I members of the good did. He only comes right and actually give ya know all the photos so that we can never blame me yes there really all you're gonna come on did you call your aunt's like hell on a master necessary you are the dumbest person on the planet if you show bits bytes are our habits are bots dumbest person on the planet sort of oh playmates out there they've done that that I don't. They know what you're doing at that point aren't rock girl shows bits and that I am in northern rock girl doesn't actually work on this show. Okay that that's her job she's a model your job posted I actually don't know you're damn job and see if not do you think that you wouldn't make him. If that got out either you do it costs are in the job on a rock radio show I think did a lot of places would be like you can't work here I mean you would like that I'm just MM maybe not maybe not here I don't know job for me down. That's not my America Sarah you'll talk to have a job that's a problem you can't get a job. Classroom. I was bird that was re already. Does he want why you say any at a job you'll want me to take pictures from a man. Courage because they're all against me. Yeah we're all against you know you're right the world so just treason should integrate these turn now. Moved high here is here's a question. You're dancer yeah. So races due Torre and Ira Packers so I can get these pictures the thanks a failure really big break apart. You know. I wasn't with us doesn't make you grumpy happy day and nobody's gonna happen today yeah. Gore gone and what's here. Puts a write castle. And an X ray have in common. That's based on my experience let's say at 954. On the Iraq. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI guess W all. Gain yardage. What do Ryan castle and an extra. Soiree have in common. All these yeah yeah. But thanks says they both show double owned lots of bounds Steve likes looking at the bones imposed yeah out. Can go to bed you're out that the repeated exposure. Ryan castle I've noticed an MR ICM the market goes down there. It's true yeah no knife he's just you have lost the will to live on this Friday whatever bad health is radiating from me. This is a very of man this was out of reminds you climbs into an extra machine to stay with a person's. Happened in China she's not gonna let people just take her purse away from Manila lady we get a scan your version it was a machine. So she hops on the conveyor belt and road with a reverse your check through the X rated show that was conducive picture. No we have in the flew the next page all the greatest 60 well. Larry Ryans. Put that picture do. That's tripped me then awesome we'll all Yasser just how hot down. That's that's weird sort of stomach or who knew him well okay talent doesn't matter post. Your bone mineral oil bones as at six FF I thought wanna thank mark for sitting and watching the show echo is cool stuff right Cassel he's up next with a twelve pack. Made some. What does that one purchase you made that you absolutely regret. Thought a laser Vermont. Okay. And no calls to each candidate temperatures everything and how so now I'm checking my stick there leg doesn't make coffee in the morning and be honest with me have your tickets for June Don. I'm Cynthia doesn't serve my hardware it's. Why did you put underwrote when I did register I just heard. Now. I'm 49 KI DSW. 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