BJ & MIGS Podcast 02-16-18-9A: Part 2

Monday, February 19th

Part 2 of our 9AM hour daily podcast for Monday 2/19/18

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We'll UT's gonna have a picture of Alan well it should police looks like something's on the Ellen show so but I know that I got to know until I don't I wanna know your view I do you get a shirt from. Target there is a giant target on it. I don't know if I go with that analogy and I don't know I was actually on how inclined I don't know dude seriously it's as a tad on the back that says Ed by Alan AIL himself as a star I want health said I want me I want to Babbitt on the generous. OEG Ed if I would have thought the same thing got to know an LN was on an idiot who she's making key close. She is really to see that swirled he had dude that's what you do you get celebrity and then you just got like I don't know why dog toys from Allen are something that would be better than anybody else's dog toys go we we bleep I am. Now you know celebrities a key thing unless your Kevin Spacey course then yeah you maybe would buy anything that would have his name we'll look there's moose sticking her tongue out. Happy I am amused and I am I I does that now make you feel better you know it's I am I should go picture of my ass yeah you wanna see that I have the same response to dogs I am I don't know why I'm this way. But I just I dogs do not do any informed me they they irritate me. So every time I see dog picture I get irritated and I know the people who troll me. Love that but that's what I was doing this morning it's either any DJ your show sucks or I just rifling through your stupid. Yeah dog pictures US people to send me some getting nothing done and look I really enjoy it but I'm getting trolls are enjoying his suffer for your happiness is really what it's like appreciate you suffering for our happiness. So you don't want people to send pictures that they cute puppies to acknowledge he's no Sam got a bunch of a moderate or enjoy anyway but I'm glad that I'm just gonna tell you that they've won these days when I snapped. I don't know away and you're gonna get a picture in my ass back. I I I don't know what day is gonna happen but you're gonna he'll hear a story I won't be on the radio anymore because you got to twig and berries the squirrel the flying swirl LL give you gonna get all that you think that's gonna make news. All the burst your bubble where you send me a picture you Don is not gonna make like. Apollo IC advised the flying squirrel on the font size difference now see if you went to let the massage parlor and inadvertently mirror and a an appropriate size nobody is extraordinary gentlemen you're right I've done my game on a scandal highlight of my game one match getting caught Mike in on prostitution a situation where there might have been human trafficking I got a hot chemists can look I do to beat that. Since you at least think about that no matter how bad your day's coming. You get busted for banging no wonder the guy guys that Dorgan may listen idol winner and I'm sure he goes on his Twitter I a study and get those comments here from people that dislike. You don't have that this hour him I'd leave the country go to a place where well. There are so well how about kittens in taxes that make you know I I dived again what I animals do you like I do not like animals that terror attack Orioles. Terry to hospitals now. Don't just send me any pictures real life he's Simmons likes Star Trek and Star Wars I like that semi stuff like that OK Lorena board game pictures and. Who people doers we don't even sure who's goes to move you book. What about a take or want to say thanks so few of them smiling without interior tear you up so these are themselves smiling and I bet some of them are attracted to make sure last X my own self fees that should be jail but only from women and now we are rules. Yeah we do I wanna see some smiling guy out of my chair but I don't Miss America won't any. Now I wanna see women happy AM ES smiling woman does make me feel Dicey smiling I and I am nights like. IPhone great joy Jamaican men happy. Okay here you just made this man happy without wow that was a great line item out so replays. Yeah. Her own yeah. I are great joy in little Abby and I know how I was his big stansted flags that are. And treated and treated not never be happy. I sauce is a Lucy picked that topic you guide to shoot 20642 on rock text us it's 7799. I could have brands in Everett right here on the right. Serve. Very good Brodeur was short term doing pretty well thanks as I told you not really well which definitely. Are they wolf last week you're talking about beat BJ were talking about how are you don't like when people bring her daughters to work. Isn't that Hanks killed he sounds just like Hank kill doesn't mean. But it savory but anyway I don't know so yeah. Pose wondering BJ is an opinion on people that bring their toddler urged kids to work. You know the answer don't you now with my backhand happens here sometimes and I try to be a nice guy in the halls because I see it. And I immediately go what are we gad damn daycare center I mean it that's the first thing comes and in my mind. But I know that when I walk ons the out of this room Steve when I opened that door I walked into the real world. I know I can't say those things right I. Yeah I did exactly. Auto maintenance. And my supervisor would bring his. Is to talk very poised to work early on wall sounded just drove me absolutely currently and there are currently running around screaming oh yeah. You didn't seem to have any control over there. And it's like dude come on how unprofessional just ordered a good job and out of their ridiculous starter. Outs A-Rod Brett IDC is put in the work. Yes frankly that's in LUB breach his story can now get a lot they're cleaning the toilets I mean I am sooner or same but don't you remember when you're a kid I I'll never forget can only go visit my dad or him taking me to work and it was one of the coolest and most fun experiences as a mile. Feel like I'm in the workplace environments seeing what my dad did leaves us. For. Eight to ten to twelve hours a day. Think inexperience with an end for me it was that he sort of the World Trade Center sides I was reg you know additional losing a high school buddies because of 9/11. And a weird way I felt devastated by losing a piece of my childhood because the World Trade Center was such an important part of my life like I remember just being so. Palms to go to work on my pops. So I am with these guys made it sucks sometimes it's a you know how long the conversation she got me high fives can you give akin to the import of doing it but it's a cool moment for most kids. Yeah that's why you know I think you know you liaison work everyday I do like to bring my kids to work every day and you know I just as Joseph high fives yeah. In the eggs more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW don't. What I AI XW rock don't Seattle listeners on the lose. You pick that topic you guys to show let's go to Mike in ten more mice you are on the Iraq. Say yes semi plugged in the show what you are pours money. Thanks. Yeah I get a topic about stupid thing mediate couldn't believe you do when your kid and allows the 06. It transferred escalators that he had Norstrom and they'll square. All I know those escalators dude it's. This episode you you can huge jump from one escalated to another. I only really due until my mom and sister were shopping at old board. Taken they would delay kind of vanish into the correct sir Stuart and I had the normally they're day data transfer or Republican or so I was. Coming down from the search or to the second they were going up from the second to assert. It's really see and that's surely I'll think yeah Michael. Now it Iraq railing. Conditions XP is called era upload glared at some hanging around this side unlike Al silence. And a low. I did and dues. It's a little Otis yeah and and I remember I looked up but I thought they'd just gone to the top and turned around to see neat. Paying enough aside and never looking down and now you know the escalators that gap yes there is. Yes so I could steal it and the base legislature force are down and there's this big glass structure blown. Our she's just yeah this state because they've got more floors and endorse amendment does normal elsewhere does for escalators they got a few more. So yeah I know you're you're gonna go for a ride. Yeah I don't doubt until it and then I looked out a narrower lose all coming at the chorus. So I can tell that's not only do we know or don't eat. Yeah I can upload so I I I just the last leg and pull it so welcome and only kind of lying down straddling that that little railing. And that is casually hop off certain. Lowly real disorder took my mom's. I'm not the only thing I don't think there's really. He actually or either I order a climate. They go courses new deaths how can see how guys. Don't so epic to see somebody appreciate the call Mike or somebody you know because I'm at the mall it's not a good sequence of like that Ballard an awesome. I have buddy Ed when you John very kind of falls on this guy doing stupid things when you're a kid he had his shoelaces drawn tight anyone is you'll matrimony would go over the escalator with issues they sent out what happened was. The polish. Shoes. And. Could have been really bad you've heard I've heard stories I seriously hurt from that he was nearly had his foot off but the shoe got wedged him. As scary as set down his parents aren't happy all because Jesus was curious to see what would happen number even as a kid having a conversation with him thinking. What did you think was going to happen you she said then that's. Those villages like to see the world burned because yes you know. What's going to happen and yes they wanna see it play out absolutely and he asked up the whole asked an out of pissed me off because I can't stand in the us clear doesn't work I don't you use the stairs ha yeah hours and so much anymore I think it's a big yellow barrier. Don't let CN Joseph Schwartz who won rock Texas 77. 999 Jason in lake Stevens you are a drop. They were going to let you are brother what you got forcing him. Are well then you're really need it every day for probably the last allowed 45 years. A little put out. I would go to bed because I want to assure my creation my mad sorry to his creation with you guys are you still can't of the liquor. In this league. Yet and I like moonshine. There's no infusion of all of this still all natural. And rules seriously kitsch who built and where you need to go or how and drunken stone is that what happens. Yeah it took me about six months to come up with a perfect recipe. To make it to where one side doesn't power over par the other side so. You know shot by shot eventually you're an appeal Moodle is in the stone into the scene tomorrow. That is really interest in so well what do you do do you what do what firm man stood though the leaves woody woody out what do you do. So do what I I I started out with the bug in the leads. Are you doing that and then out of fuel careful consideration of all the different things towards the medically inclined still to get like this dvd knowledge out. Yeah I'm gut. It just wasn't even born cost more. To use blood. Permitted here like that loyal I'd start outward the base mesh of blood sugar in east. And then when this distilling process content I introduce our hash oil to. And how's it taste what's it do it can you give us an idea what it taste like. They don't need them would you like oh I'm sorry I belabor it the worst natural flavors from team or I just go all natural which is just a slight. Fire or eat hash and mouth. Hi this is an interest in this guy's doing the lord's work yeah is this how you is anyone else ever done and you might just afford never heard of weed you can drink. I. Here and there and so when I first started I'm. Oh I don't know ten years ago I started out making Candice beard and came up with my first one called us donation out slowly step up. I was the bartender at the time and my customers via it to me for 65 to six pack. And then I went under siders and eventually I just like I'm wasting my time liquors the way to go. I'm now sixty bucks a six vaccines are in good health food. Out to a gram of flour every twelve ounce bottle and what I did so now all I'm up to a gram of hash oil for every bit. A liquor. So do you think you can make a business out of this is anybody like one Abaya mafia. Definitely definitely it's just about the legality issues they are older they're kind of gray area with marijuana and out. All did you fare better way to infuse Wii with four Loko all I'm not knob and that's fine. I can't. Well the local conditions are sitting contrast their tennis and then. It and I get caught a bad idea it was Jason keep us posted man America's we I think I'd like to try some your product legally of course some I don't think I've ever been stoned and drunk I think guides I wouldn't do either way like I just family into one of the other don't stated no I don't think I've done that's. I don't know heroes were caves technologies to hide it's it's it's that it is the lord's work. You're dressed in some surprising you have imposed drunk viewing on like drunken and decided I need to get stoned to know I don't I I kind of makes it to hybrids like I am really methodical because it's like you know what I write what am I gonna be like I'll do my I lost go with nothing else I was like when I went decided knew that it's not gonna have any other evening news is on undo and when I think I started smoking. One now within that time somebody covers and I was like all right well I'm not gonna have any alcohol because I don't know what this is gonna do. And I think I've ever mixed season. My days of partying I was complete opposite since well OK I'll try it 'cause Mikey from the life cereal thing but yeah that a serial was whenever. And now Gary can the next day and night Sox. I don't remember anything doesn't waste of a night. I heart you moron lol yeah definitely scary you know remembering because and to look it's I say you did stuff you might all the money you're what I didn't go in the bed with me and as well actually we know public. Okay. Well that we expect not yet. And I liked I liked what they infused alcohol on the I've gone to like the forum into coma I really enjoy it gave up pickle infused vodka name doesn't sound like you'll be a good idea until you try it brought a halt pay you infused I tequila. And Morris I'm not a big tequila guy but it all man that's a great way to do it those are the best and there's this place and Ballard called Ballard station where he played game. For twelve dollars and Broadway gave yeah I you roll three colored guy. No one's gonna be for your drink. One's gonna be you're shot I want to be very chaser one of the options will halting its keel which I got was delicious. But the problem is sometimes you chase is could be like you know salt water or horseradish. Move more and more strategy out you might get out red ale are grapefruit beer or a new and it's just that's why you to come back and yet it's a fun game we are drug like. A dollar and good. And that's just my stomach already saying no do you like your group here Coker I even still I an idea how NASA the fund fund game but the holiday you tequila legit. That's. Take it over to that place yeah yeah yeah. Yeah I path. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy after another question from a listener. 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