BJ & MIGS Podcast 02-17-17-6A: . Customs agents found 13.5 pounds of horse genitals in someone’s luggage.

Friday, February 17th

Customs agents found 13.5 pounds of horse genitals in someone’s luggage. News and sports. A man and woman were high on drugs, stole a car, and got arrested all because of jay walking.


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And I think there's no better way to start your Friday and talk about well. He's lucky customs agents in Washington DC this found. Thirteen. Pounds of horse genitals and no woman's luggage a couple of weeks ago now that the lucky detonate up. I will never complain about how much my wife packs in the future yesterday that time there's never packing horse general while our. Wow according to an ABC affiliate in Baltimore. They they they recounted in a pretty cool report on the story. You never know what's gonna come through customs it's a major airports customs agents a dollar seized more than. 40000 horse meat from eleven to two women now the meat includes. Thirteen pounds a horse gentle surf it was down concealed inside juice boxes so yeah. When we're traveling from Mongolia and claim their genitals were for medicinal purposes. Couple years ago rumor swept remember that eating horse meat. You can weigh in the end one inch one or more mirror our agents incinerated the end meet. Mean. That's their juice boxes they orange juice boxes not having caprice stunt today now. Thirteen pounds a horse terrible so. Earth yeah. Unisource channels he knows Gustavo idea. I'll and it's dispose keep fires away maybe it's time hasn't horse generals thirteen pounds of course gentle surf yeah. Yeah he had he sells like you Steve he's had a good day yeah let's kind of videos or is he watching me and I liked echoing. Yeah many hands. And a against worries me for an. And down. That's wrong. You know I sometimes they grenade and a border destination end up and you open up your luggage you see that the little note that's from TSA Cindy went through your bag into the rolling out. Come on man. We some who do my stuff. I I can't get upset with them they have at at times go through someone's bag where there might be thirteen pounds a horse gentle so you're. Oh yeah. They are I get it I guess that's why it to go to our bag because you never know someone's trying to smuggle port city. That has so that there are people in this country I guess that daylight Ali Ellison when you come merry. Can you bring you some of that horse generals I really like. Good I mean you always wonder why I never get sick for work at a healthy diet of course test whether there is thirteen pounds a horse gentle surf. And I know you're you're picky you'll only have your worst genitals are there any juice box and we'll have the right there's that's been the best way to preserve puts plates was just box expect it. She he's. So do you mean that they said genitals associate think its I everything hitting it's like the that's William Barry's. We'll bring another reason is done some of these documentaries are seen over the years involving that you can cost story how in the hell you gonna fit the actual time. In a juice box I agree yeah I mean I do agree with that yeah maybe a wind box yet and might have to be aligned box yeah yeah. And thirteen pounds a horse terrible serve yeah. Yeah. The love that guy that guy is a pretty awesome man I guess that's going to be a new ad that's going to be a new thing our new mantra. Thirteen pounds of force generals I like it yeah and a spinning for about fifteen pounds a horse terrible secure yeah. Metallica to kill me to see I don't know along with thirteen thousand horse generals the that's the name for new met Steve the recall allow local people want that on about future Friday show okay. Maybe some Mayo Clinic a super group death. Members and thousands change Pearl Jam out. And they're run a combined together for one shell and they're known as thirteen pounds a horse gentle sir yeah. Yeah. That's wrong and the Celeron and submit a report on that that you know you come and work your news Caster Munich Tokyo and hardy. Then what are the stories that we're going to be talking about today you know they go horse sentinels. This is a very bizarre world we live and and so what does it for a bank to help keep sickness so I. Well that's what he said he said that at people or do on the horse meat for the H1N1 bird flu thing. Him. And you know look there and other countries out there that is believe that certain meats and certain herbs and certain some things are better than the chemicals that we used to. To stay healthy so. Maybe somewhere in some country they're like hey man horse meets the way to go. Medicine now know that why why do you have all this horse genitalia in twos boxes and she's like. It's for medicinal purposes yeah I that's why am I do know what I'm taking my fifteen minute breaks on a stock that is yeah I yeah exactly Sicily certifiably. And are we get there but there's Jay walking is and that happens Steve good gap in the great state of Q Alec. It escalated into a massive police issue all over Jay walking. She's got the news four at 617. On the Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI ESW. Point nine KIS coming in Iraq does Seattle play seventy rock girl sirte we have these we're on we're searching. If you don't grow that would be the perfect rock girl if you think you'd be the perfect rock girl. Get to KI SW dot com that's reconnect to that feed all the info for the Tony seventeen rock girl search. That's newscaster. Named seeing. And news we're. Right now do you Steen made slid the news. We thank god thinks of doing lanes. Auto family for giving us news and sports now aluminum weird incident yesterday afternoon in Puyallup. They're all started with a simple jaywalking incident sore lady was Jay walking. The cops show up no IK. Can't do that and when you were talking to the lady that's when some other person walked up to him a manager from a nearby bank to today officer arrived in trouble with the guy. Who's in the bathroom and won't come out. I'll play all right we'll check this out. Walks up as the guys exiting the bathrooms turns out the man and that woman that would Jay walking knew each other. Both under the influence of something okay described it to be heavily under the influence of something. And that's when contacts began to escalate or. Then escalated quickly. I mean that really got her and fast yeah I guess at some point the officer had to try and detain the man for his own safety against all started because of a woman Jay walking. Then the men ran away jumped into a truck that wasn't his. Whose luck running out the door open in a parking lot jumps in the truck tries to get away runs a red light. Hit some cars entering the south hill mall area and then runs off and that's when the police were able to catch the guy. Why. What a bizarre situation just have to have a truck running musical take off there. Right I where I live I never get to see fun stuff like this snowman or popcorn now but I need to start going in the mall more often yes you do yes. I thought about this us this this picture that is spreading not only here in Seattle which is my early across the world. I was already in and yesterday it all stems from a photo over at sea tac. It's outside of a restaurant outside of an I hop they put up off a side that's saying hey we need new workers and the sign is priceless. There's restaurant workers needed against that guy out to sea tac. And they give you a list of things that you can't beat if you wanna work there. Please do not apply if you over sleep. Half court often do not have a baby sitter every day how to get rides to work later in our workday begins. Experienced flat tires every week have to hold a cell phone all day or become an expert at your job with no need to take advice after the first day. Must be able to talk can work at the same time. Must also remember to come back to work after lunch should not expect to receive a gold star for being on time. All my wife knew your name and you know that's awesome. They should think. All those things had to happen at some point for the manager to close that. Here out of my god branded it it was everywhere suffered through voicing on FaceBook as well congratulations sea tac. See dad that I normally tough. Our yesterday was so weird day for all those landslides that perhaps they actually witnessed. The after effect over in the maple valley area and I was gonna play hockey. And rented. I Soledad road shut down and it's just I never seen a landslide of quotes it was weird. Yeah I thought I got say OK if we heard that I was weird is that crazy legs coming down. Death of their first hand account and app but it's taken a picture but you know that's so my phone and driving. We'll be back knowing that it wasn't what it was we're here advance we're man across I ninety of course the west felons finally reopened the little after 3 PM. Odd that there's another one happen in woodland which is like right by the Oregon border. That they had the roof shut down until just after 4 PM Puyallup had one as well too crazy stuff in Linden there's a massive sinkhole. That's not. Dad I see that's weird man that's very aware that our most critical yesterday was a bunch of people who set to meet with some other that the council members. To talk about the Seattle arena TI now Wally walker. Yes and Chris Hanson got a fast spearheading the whole. Our Seattle arena plan and trying to get the size to come back and in any NHL franchise. Also Russell Wilson went with them and they all met with the Seattle City Council member Lorena Gonzalez. Which they call bringing our Russell Wilson saw the pictures you're smiling from the unity here I mean what a great ambassador and hopefully his charm could lead to her. Voting in favor of the Seattle arena she was one of the people say no to that out to vacate the one block stretch of occidental last time around she wanted to meet with parents see if maybe could change your mind. And hopefully Russell made that you know I'd be pretty cool. You're what happened with god Darrell Revis Ahmad the jets jets yeah same story he's facing two counts of aggravated assault along with charges of robbery. Conspiracy to commit aggravated assault and terroristic threat all because an incident that happened in Pittsburgh with him. And a couple my twenty something year old dudes that's when they realized who he was they went up to him. And then they pull out their phone and tried to film him and I guess according to some reports he grabbed the phone trying to delete whatever video they were trying to film. Then I got a little Villa looked a little bit more heated he threw the phone then apparently according to these guys they got knocked out by him. His attorney says that he was physically assaulted why at that location. By a group of at least five people and you feared for his safety says why he said. He said yeah I'm off on this one the jets jets aren't commenting right now they sent out there where the incident and they've spoken Revis but issued no further comment that said. I doesn't sound good. Hi as far as whether 53 degrees and cloudy damp rain all weekend and thank you inherited distilling companies brown sugar verdict. I wanted to terroristic threats war that's. What's got me can you like you confused with that whole account wanting to get to an altercation throw phones down beat people up knock him out or whatever that means that that can happen data knowledge terroristic threats I mean I'm annoyed that it means. I don't imagine that visited the attributes of the minute he said Megan and a track you down Stanley I don't know terrorism are ya made its domestic terrorism I was just thinking that he yellow some threats like he was part of vices are some of the that's what I think when I hear terroristic threats. I don't so weird word to use yeah in a match situations because of how I think we all immediately start thinking he's. Revis it's really silent film with not terrorists yeah I didn't notice I had no idea. And even a freshness and robbery might want to hold the guys doing music and of mind and realize you grab a guy's phone it's he has considered robbery. Yeah IE two and we win that this is going to be very very interesting like you said a lot he says she said yeah and of course the jets like yeah our I would say Yasser. Yeah mineral talked to you about your Ellis is another chance Roger Goodell do the right thing. We saw Todd said Texas they saw the aftermath of that Jay walking incident they had used the jaws of life to remove people from the car. Wow these 200 what they died I died it took. Did Truckee and into another car all the damn that saw so the other again innocent bystanders because some idiot that was whacked out on something like you said they were both under the influence heavily under the influence odd man that sucks health everybody had it. Is involved was okay. I really sucks. I also you know I am I am now very very dubious when it comes to the port of Seattle and has sold because they've they've been one of the big bro blocks. For having an arena built downtown and so an and so area. And of course yeah you may or may not know what they're called the big controversies some bonus controversy with the got to rise it yeah so it all of a sudden now I'm like wow there's a lot of they were saying come on port of Seattle what's your problem. And you know they've been that day they've and then did you see this with a high ranking dude and did at the bonuses from all of the big wigs and just like okay. You know I'd. I'm so and so dumb of the port of Seattle at this point. Yeah I rhetoric aside from seeing something where one enemy guys and I do know that it was out of the ordinary Jonas yeah I won't go on its site to the UK gets millions of dollars just fur you know what better. Why right I read that member take and I thought about my own personal experience of when they consume my primary talk throughout the company actively game you win more money they're supposed to and and it was probably I'd give it a witness. These guys are getting as a bonus I mean this pale in comparison but even I was like. This doesn't seem right yeah I should probably Al yeah I exactly ago this that I have no really there's no reason for me to yell as much as I would enjoy to keep this money and yet and I have a lot of great things I can spend it on. And I was like this doesn't seem right so now I'm very I'm very you know I question this hope for a Seattle thing out as far as whether or not the arena would be a problem. So they are right now I'm like what is this the problem and it's like is this politics. It's just hard to trust anybody and it really really is which is why we're in the state we're in right now we just can't believe anything can't leave any news you can't believe any non news or do you believe any any political that we leave anybody now. They believe Regis Philbin do it. When it hit winners are read his fellow might be a liar great from an estimate because yesterday he said he was in the yeah that he doesn't seem. Calorie calorie when millions on Larry King show says he has spoken Achille ripper since he left the show. But either hey he's losing his mind would be he's lying here's the audio from radio off re just talking about this. You human judge with Kelly we're plus. Not really golf there should go back to him for days never once and they asked me to go back you can she got very offended when I left she thought I was sleeping because aren't. I was leaking because I was getting older and necklace wasn't right for me anymore Jimmy she took it personal yeah I think so I was eleven years ago I. I haven't heard that perhaps. Season was eleven years ago we said we saw somebody said that when you are reluctant twenty elevens and I have a lot of his facts right. Do you think maybe he he he did send that one part where he's getting old yeah I'm getting older you think his memories this kind of fading. Well it's very possible that that is an issue or he's a liar. Because at that audio came out producer for live with Kelly MI and in Gelman himself. Release a statement reminding reads is that in fact he was on the 2015 Halloween episode and that he's been invited back several other times. And here's here's a 2015 backstage clip where Kelly welcomes respected Asia oh. Yeah do you wouldn't give an example. Yeah. Yeah yeah it's. Pretty if you my mom OK okay. Okay what the hell's gonna that's that's bizarre Mans his with the thing that is very weird that's a detailed two completely different stories. Yes he's kind of he ought to change my opinion on Regis and in my in my stance on the told Regis Kelly thank you very strongly thanks Kelly might have been the problem but now I take it all back man and a tally all the way. Sit him you got it. I wanted to get old because I'm already like I already forget stuff or remember stuff wrong already degraded he responded to walk. I forgot. Yeah I just proved my chance. Upset ego and our comptroller. Al Roker as far as I know hasn't forgotten a lot but Al Roker did prove its stance that we know we we we have covered Michigan's a guy that's our cover measure there that the clintons. Al brokers are very announce broker oh boy is getting blown out the outer banks there online out. How good morning. Katie is never really she's never ever actually get Benjamin is any evidence has corroborated that anybody that's in Clinton's yeah I think it's all fake news. Alternative facts is what I some you know yesterday's press conference. I didn't listen I'm diapers at all. Was it would I you know I I it was entertaining before he was president. This always pretty entertaining yeah there's a pretty funny moments here if I'm OK yeah because I I I you know I'm of the mindset where I don't know if I really wanna listen to this anymore I'm getting very frustrated with both sides of politics right now I have hundreds and agree with you but. The regardless of whatever your political affiliation who still entertaining you watched it yesterday I mean it was it it was like the greatest train wreck like it was just. Make everything about it was is do all they felt like a legit SNL skit I really it was not slot while it was higher level even if I. Now I'm bummed you out on national assess. I'm all USA of course we have a highlight here this is good for me president trump gave Alexi says pretty wild press conference yesterday. And this was supposed to about his new nominee for secretary labor. But he spent most of it attacking the press and denying reports about Russia and one reporter questioned him about how big his election victory was there. Did you sense any I didn't like whoa are. Ball. 43. All I really everybody loves about Republicans. Yeah. Water inventory. When you see why house presence why Americans when I was told I was given that information I don't know I was just give you had a very relieved margin. Did break. A lot of the law I was given that information. I was you know I've actually I've seen that information around. But it was a very substantially did you really bad. You OK. So yes. Why it is. Any anti terror. British film in five years while. You listened to that and I mean basically it's like. Everything I say I was wrong but I was given ballots to those given bad information by seeing that information a celebration everywhere yet but. It's wrong immediately put what you said is not true. Right in this there's no answer to that I I don't even saying new lies and emanate come back with the next thing and in some new eye in the system one unpopular every other. I mean I I don't moderated saying it's it's it's been yeah and he's just he's just like I'm I'm not going to. No I'm done I'm done now and I a dot US and throughout the same wrong it's like he was these rises like yeah well you know I want viola you'll usually submit that right and let's. Merlot or your the president yes I thought I did so that was a great line I love that you're the president good answer. Yeah that history he. See it's gone from funny to me gone all right I don't know what to I don't know what to believe anymore I really don't know if I can I mean if I can't trust the media I can trust the president they're both saying I can't trust either one of them can't treasury to film an actress Regis Philbin. The act interest Kelly rev up. Then I don't know what to do what I did a state. We can continue to trust and Alan. Yes so far Allen hasn't let us down you know somebody tells me that that's not her dancing but it's a stunt person then everything that that would dot. OK seriously if they if they do some sort of CGI will be done Steve. RU SF boy Steve he did get this one right the imperial march is the musical team which. Zillions a little turns. Out it's. My. I was happy. Rob I stuttered and I think in my BYU I didn't lose those you could've spent a lot of sentiment was just a couple sacks himself. You're shot at beating Steve you've got it 206421 rock rocky is 7625. 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