BJ & MIGS Podcast 02-19-18-9A: Part 1

Monday, February 19th

Part 1 of the 9AM hour of our Daily podcast for Monday 2/19/18 

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Point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle and have a hard time getting stuff done around here for speed he's deadly and hard time. Chris Vieques Salinas rock girl voters on which means their pictures are off the women that want to be part of the rock girls. You gotta help book form because your votes help us decide I'm just trying to help them. You just on healthcare yet you voted into the hole all three of them don't forget anytime you're you're you're trying to follow the web traffic. I. I am I know you vote early vote often don't get really take used to fire voted for Erica. Yeah go check it out man. Today that it. This group of girls man I don't know who I can pick from its say it's amazing every year it just seems like more more awesome people say we wanna be rock girl. We'll check it out to go to KI SW dot com Stephanie just voted for her holiday village that company. Monique helped us I don't help but besides Steve help us pick the new rough girls who rent hotel motivation now. Well I won't tell everybody yourself yeah those are. Don't doubt that session tell that's my kind of look but I just learned something about her too well what her tongue can touch and knows something am related to Gene Simmons. I can tell you're a winner. There's some dinner. Wanna know where the beef is right here right there. In Boston yes. Go to casualty dot com help us over the rough girls now. Mean there. I. 10 OK okay. Apparently yes and is caught up for Monday Ruiz spoke to. It's still school it's awful it's the money on her career a well can you always adding that they sound almost as it does sound almost the same. You get a you know on yes and a pretty accurate. So little by my eyes a little quicker. Yeah I like money better younger by the slow version is definitely acts this is version. And now with a double bass. All great for us. It's our own amazing and hopefully that. Edgy sufficiently pumped up and maybe our contestant as well we've got Eric in Bellevue Eritrean there's sir. Yeah there are an excellent what 2.4 today Steve up for grabs battle of the boat tickets at emerald queen casino on March 17. Go to KI SW dot com for all the details if you want tickets are available now at Ticketmaster dot com all right Steve. Again. For those playing at home or it will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Eric you can't pass all you want but you'll only get three guesses per question are you ready. And I already ending game of Brown's Ameristar gearan is known as the mother of. Why it's. Very good to ask in social media abbreviations. Like this as and H I mean it's. What did you ask the Suez Canal is located which. African country. Don't ever doubt. About it now it's happened to what these second and to set foot on the mood. Are there armed. It told us the ball there isn't no no. Miller tour now its asks what is the common names for many species of burrowing mole must. Beat. Those guys are making now. Which two US states have they shoreline along Chesapeake Bay to. I think now it's. I would no I don't I am asks. That's in home alone what creature didn't buzz keys as a pet. Wow well for three correct cousin says a tough ones are due in some tough one yeah like I should know them but I like my brain can't forgive amount a lot of the tip of the tongue ones there and yeah or didn't do that great so hopefully Steve will do work. This Caribbean island database he's gonna be much of better score yet as he got a low scoreless once he did. 01 it was too much w.s at W thank you and maybe it'll be this way this time and why another victory soft let's hope. It's you're ready. In the game of groans today Aerostar Garin is known as the mother of why it's a mother of children and adults to mother nature knows if he's mother of stern has hurt. And just burst into social media abbreviations. What does it as and H meetings take my hat asks T Suez Canal is located in which. African countries it's. In South Africa it's. It's I don't know Zimbabwe you know it's. African city you know who is the second man to set foot on the mood. I'll watch Gary Busey and over and all the Buzz Aldrin asks what is the common name for many species of burrowing mole that's just it's. I am's yes yeah. Retreat from which two US states heavy shoreline along the Chesapeake based test to Philadelphia and receipts are Pennsylvania yeah. And massachusetts' announced in Pennsylvania new York and Pennsylvania and New Hampshire in home alone what. It's a matter despite her her torrential. Yeah. And I don't know what and I don't mean it's a tarantula fouls I think it's Linspire is miners in Iraq did dad doesn't matter yes it has because seemingly up for correct Paula nice aerial three. Plane that's later is I'm not sure if I don't know so I say we just a lot of direct and you know it's a wrestles a spider that's true is what you mean. If that's true I don't all over after all terrain to those are spiders but not all spiders are terrain in July until I don't know if that's true since. They can you help me I know it doesn't miners are okay I only did he got a right. Steve you grandparents are glued to the judges and Wikipedia it you lose its. The author and you said Buzz Aldrin did you say yeah you said all right I'll purchase might. Our bodies Lyoto tourist countries that are really get to enjoy my son's. Because it felt like the NBA Academy Awards the way we have there's no. Now we're ready all the unborn babies like 1000 I guess why. But we bodies set that was it wasn't I thought you did say that I do nearest our Gary and as the mother of dragons season when it has all the dragons. Thanks soon and I'm not stand then Leon we're going. The. Suez Canal is located in which African country he it was weird because you both said South Africa and Zimbabwe. And guess only two that anyone ever knows the I don't know a lot of carriers in Kenya know it's going to be Egypt Egypt's oddly for getting the juices Africa North Africa. I can forget nobody just for some reason I think it's over you closer to Europe operators American prince effort. The two US states that have shoreline along the shoreline along Chesapeake Bay than in Massachusetts and Maine new you know I think a little more south there Maryland and Virginia are solid Y off yet she's what I think it's a Massachusetts. I don't know how well I sock okay well thanks for that act regulations yeah well you wanna shot idea and it either you have to be Stephen memorial prize. Got a man and you tie he was wanted for an alleged attempt armor attempted armed robbery. And where was he found hiding from police and a very interesting place. Here's the police officer explaining where they found this alleged armed robber. He attempted to hide it in. To corral where there was what that are like common or. Oh while old why I can't come on man nearly died on the comes out bad just take your lumps but I crappy placed. Yes and I created an S storm as sure did it. There and wow well handed. I expect that that comes a little delay Brian Williams is Brian Williams now cops into an idyllic we need to have you outside in the very much you talk yeah. Well drier weather front lines or trees that he was there. Yeah. According to the police the men hidden place worried may have hoped that they held the smell would keep the cops away. I look if if you thought maybe the dogs are gonna come out kilos doesn't smell through anything they're amazing you know maybe you're just hoping that maybe two dollars an hour ago that this crap. Have they not do not know dogs dogs sometimes eats there are now side and yes yes I don't think that's say 88 at and that's not a place to really avoid the dog what do you do you put him in the back your car yeah I would like Tories again I could giant ice hefty baggage is raping men and up to his Mac that's why I don't and I consider my car they your money. Yeah pats. Well god to see again another reason why I don't play and then that job I don't want it kinda wanna be accomplished and be a terrible cost hi would be a terrible cop she's. Did I mean I'd wash them down before he goes in the car fixed this so get a host all the firefighters yeah this ran down. All right Tom. Got a new survey about people on vacation Steve spoke to people I guess at the very definitely a vacation they're more likely take risks more likely be spontaneous and you'll get it's not. Remember my wife had a big fight them in a hotel room because I wasn't spontaneous enough on vacation and then you put it in your town to be more spontaneous and you need to I was didn't think that was very good yeah. I gotta set an alert to be more spontaneous so I feel like if you have a job that is always on you know you're always on edge you always run around you always have to be somewhere at a certain time you got to perform I think that's really elected that the dead is actually. If feels very recent risk taking he gets the adrenaline going so for many a vacations is doing nothing I want no risk that's why chill. I want a balance this out. Yeah hit if someone were doing her show on a tightrope right now. Well it's a special and you know if you're in the bathrooms are going AES sixty seconds get on Aron whenever. You know whats your excuse for why it's just normal all the things I need to read this story right away and I gotta talk you know every once a while I say some Iran where you give me a dirty look I go like but I can't figure out what I did wrong because we're we're trying to match console as you read something on its first stores like why Steve Matta meat skin this look like doppler we can't say why did it Talib should the my solvency Lugo. I don't know you realize how stupid you are gonna tell you why. You know it's like I feel like I'm Robin I wanted to grab for -- ZLX roster but I am the dog's still good though you're aiming reading stories and performing surgery irks me both stressful this is isn't this shows up as well this tussle jobs performer you know let's ameliorated PLO and I want I hooker I mean I'm sure she's very stressful when most gut still and she's still Wallace does not see your cot. In the morning. I'm 49 KI DSW. Now I play night KI SW Iraq sociology listeners. On low lose. Rusty by Travis Gagne listeners on almost where you pick a topic you guide the show like 206421. Rock. You can also Texas 77999. Hey you wanna talk about Manny to be something new something old. Do remember though. That's Steve. He had it is this one rules to simple rural region necessarily some energy and bring it otherwise we're gonna have to Kanye. Oh yeah that's say full disclosure I don't know how many good mood right now what happened. I don't know I think you know I do think it social networking I've I've said to me is second life idea yeah last couple days people criticized. You know it's kind of and I think the money gets me I'll be honest we I don't know what else is it. You know it's funny is this a lot ties to Jose guy you know he had a thick skin and I think for the most part you do but every every day's different and that's that's kind of hit BJP but. Sunday's ride you have the thick skin and I can laugh off the native VA comes out on social media but then there's also days this is a maybe that's today's that day for you. Where I do have been scared I did it's just human nature it just depends on the day some days. What wouldn't even bother you at almost that time. But that one day because maybe since it's happening in your own moral or whatever it may be just gets under your skin just coming just grinds that jet than I do I hear you man it's. I always try to I can do this like imagined. Doing whatever you do day to day basis and your phone is constantly blowing up. And it's his negativity from your friends your family they're constantly criticizing you or if you screw up one word on this and you know hundred text messages from the Netanya how stupid you are after awhile that gets kind of grinding I mean that to be completely real thick hay he gets sold the if it's just sucks to living life daddy so I mean sometimes trolls when and it's not tomato. And I don't think he would he would consider that thin skin because we just have thick skin we just happened to be worn down on. Sundays and it's just it's too much. Yeah so I don't I don't yeah I agree yeah I couldn't ask. Hey you're gonna grimace or just like I can you go guys hugs snow's announcement I should make it worse yet and he actually you know I think from an all out there just spread a little love to spread some setting and it's like have a dog picture what I know. Now the dog pictures even worse that's on sale right. I can cheer you up all you have to do is go to NC Graham and had been lose the warrior princess I'm insecure and because you just posted a brand new pictures she used more followers once again. Hurdles to get on the island shot. And she just recently gotten as a gift from her father which is me a new toy because Allen makes a line of pets twice okay. And so right there is Glenn and Alan is that an Allen toilets and Allen to weigh in America as silence. On believe she's making bank that moment I only security 02 over toys and not what she looked like some remarks highlighted you are genius I am too I'm way better in the Bret Michaels tour that I once got Lou that they didn't last very long and this is the stupid little bunny toy. Yeah it does an assailant honest.