BJ & MIGS Podcast 02-20-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Tuesday, February 20th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 

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You've got pretty much just this weekend helpless pick the brand new rock girls for 2018. You gonna vote early my vote often well you can go to KI SW dot com is just sort of Jessica now Caylee. Well now wait Jordan though do you know that I live I would us. Long ago that I first someplace I have enough quality affluence. With the hope it dies out and probably tomorrow and she. She's Rachel my gosh that's a picture contender for herself yeah Lindsay is going in his time I actually. Cast my days fine yeah. Thank you as 52 boxes Connecticut 120 team hope which you can learn about the girls. On. The law okay well who's that. That is Deanna. Okay the man advantage in this moment it's supposed to work out learn new things just a love spending time at the gun range parents she's got some. Guns. She's us. As senator concert in the grass when he seventy all right we'll never heard of that chased. You never heard of them out is a great show. Yes man that's in the IDs hopefuls are just instead it since seeing police could do dirty German accent I don't. We're seeing in the last break yeah we definitely got the job parity from my first rocker. Yeah. All right so you wanna vote for the rock grows you gotta do it got to do for this week is up go to KI SW dot com to vote now. And. Yeah. I moved out of me OK okay. And it's time to turn now more how old news. Yeah and guess who's OK okay. And while you're getting doc goes let's get door contestant today why we've gotten just in Puyallup so we can play of the game he's Jeffrey there's. I'm sitting out buddy exacted a what to blame Hornaday is Steve ravaged I'm prepared to he's got a battle of the blue Saturn in March 17 over at the queen casino announced in Tacoma if you want tickets are available now at Ticketmaster dot com I Steve that I care. Good for those playing at home Jeff will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Jeff you can pass all you want but you'll only have three guesses for questions. Are you ready. Let's do this on a standard QWERTY keyboard what foul does not appear in the top row of letters to. Yeah you know next time. No missed. I now know panel is one of the sons of which biblical patriarchs. It you almost lose no do you do you use now only. Yeah what is doctor Hannibal Lecter is profession and such also tell you just psychiatrists yes which singer's manager for over two decades was colonel Tom Parker. Why are all old tasks what US state is the setting for the Cleveland show. All I know. California you know it's just so in 1947 what pilots first broke to Supersonics very here. People you attack note it's time it's more what are you what are your 21947 next. And Manila Emilia and I don't look at Chicago's located on the show the world what lay. Superior near Lou lanes late John Kerry oh yeah move Earl people guessing because it doesn't matter times that you got my. Yeah when well clerics who had just to you know. May have walked down that happens yeah it does happen I didn't think these questions throughout it's season. How well Steve does hope Steve has that as equal of the easy deferments oh yeah dad yeah I'm excited gas you have to. I am I'd like seagate recovery Steve Burton mountains are well aren't very charming guy who said that before I have failed miserably so I feel like this is some kind of reverse psychology BS well thank wolf for Chad cheers open. Are you ready. I'd Jefferson would have explode soon after under honey standard QWERTY keyboard which is old does not appear in the top world letters. Why noticed I know. You know our own hands and yeah we'll just Pam was one of these sons of which biblical patriarchs. Tags you know. Oh this note to. Yeah I Josef naral oh what is doctor Hannibal Lecter collectors professions. He is. Cook now to test test psychologists know. An author now okay which singer's manager for over two decades was colonel Tom Parker. To singer Elton John dealt. Do we handwritten note. Billy Joseph you know a little less state is the setting for the Cleveland Charlotte and Cleveland now are Ohio note. Constant. Experts Tamara oh in 1947. What pilots first broke the supersonic. Rare here familiarity. Though it's not a Buzz Aldrin know America employees are rescind its nose wore Holland. I'm not olive I didn't reverse psychology you because you got to do say and one current they end up being a lose yeah good taste. And Jeff wine with the war in Iraq. This guy you don't go record I. Did it right in the upper echelons at the premiere history he's. That is going to be. Well below. Bill represents I don't know where I'm ending well Jeff you hang on the line you know what even though you wanna. Things from both you and he did set us. Okay. These forgive these man. He asks you is this the only one he didn't get correct your close. Doctor Hannibal Lecter was a psychiatrist. Yeah I I psychology as soon are needed the accent but he did the same thing and then corrected himself to sake as psychiatrist that's my accent you trust uses the excuse no computer but now. Discriminated my accent rock I don't know Brock GAAP in thousands of Hawaii now and hollow again. I you did she got to a was on the critics keyboards and a Hamm was one of these sons of which biblical patriarch was it was a Keener able know who Joseph Samuels no box no I know I don't know what I know sorry Abraham and exam on the on the yeah I suggest exactly. Colonel Tom Parker does is an easy 10 period when you were mostly you know they see I had used up there I remember tomorrow remember I'm miles outside and I've said it didn't really get at all your. The US state that's the setting for the Cleveland show. Virginia Virginia come. I am seriously that shows up what half a season wasn't a whole it's to confirm it I don't think it's on any more cleaves is you you ask I don't like they were more recent seasons I will find out played OK did it is very you're right yeah. Yet the spin off from Family Guy and Cleveland and well American dads carry American that is the real spinoff is an a or is it. No actually Marion Nestle separate show you exactly have the Cleveland show had four seasons from its. Eighteen day. Floor you know again you're voice on there something I think you get a couple could you also danced for Family Guy sent out how to match itself I can't get four seasons while selling there was not a in 1947 what pilot broke these supersonic barrier -- DA here to hear yeah yeah dip. And then the I just knew if she didn't get to Steve Chicago's located on the shore of what leak. You do this series. You know we Gary's on the toll others are tailor your. And regulating series Tonga if it's Lake Michigan this should be Tonga late Jimmy John is a great time turned on for tacos and Jimmy Chavez and we'll turned on for Steve get reduce say he has zero dollars and lives SP league's ever best one but there was Aaron suspect gets my vote for deep leagues of the year here I think I might have to do that very there is Steve gum. That's regrets Jeffs unbeaten steel that's a soccer score one nothing down milk sometimes. If you get one right. You will be easy nice change to me yeah yeah volumes are my tires yeah. Came in aggressive today it and ask. Straight man you can beat the review got to zero. He even if Jeff got a zero he would he would decide to use the tickets are as bad there's always hopeful we one there's always hope feet migs. That's the love about it. I Steve I you know the way suicide the weather is get a really chilly there was snow around the area frills upon my buddies up north is owed to evict you don't want to have half a foot. Not quite have a flood more like four and Cynthia are close yet about two inches of golf an alias so every and we kind of winter wonderland it was awesome it's no it's stuck to my dad for about I would say thirty seconds and then all of a sudden it was dot com ha yeah but at least we saw some snow video Seattle probably stumping for her for a little bit. Yeah exposing more that they can come up this week too right so which means you guys may get Mora we might seize a little bit of training I don't know but. There they say it won't be as bad as what you had but he only makes you just wanna sit home and just and just eat some good comfort foods and I've got the top. Ten most comforting foods because what would they show be if we didn't talk about food. She's like my Prius into over the weekend. I don't think I saw your tweet. I was at whole foods are classic red zone Mottaki army because I like going to eat lunch at whole foods and I'd Saturday afternoon yeah lunch I for a whole foods getting the chicken no sanitary -- this on the guys they knew somebody was engaged in a great conversation with the and then after our girl cricket was like. Although the whole foods down and look beyond that vote. Them in the us in the in Tacoma. By the way that is unbelievable. That in our state capital we don't have at least one whole foods that's bizarre to me you know like in the community needs to be more whole foods well you know I mean just figured they had our first and hockey team that would be OK the whole foods high level working Olympia right are able do that. Faces it's snowing and should tell us right now. Followed him. See that that's why Olympia yep whose URL street sense also snowing right now. How it's knowing down and I think he looked out the window like you can see a yeah I Lisa I'm lucky self. Right is stabbed looking at right direction could tell everybody thinks. I can say yeah right I gathered as there's there's snow ice a comfort crude output and ice cream at the top of the list I scream as number three man front pay could not at the top. Did you what do you think mashed potatoes fall could call number up there and the number seven on the list grabbed our direct. Wow old bill would meatloaf. Meet little lol I love a good mile an hour now and yet that's not the lit up on the top ten now I mean love is number 27 on TV that damn yeah saw 120 seven's good. Joint these what are they. How that's why he loves you see more popular until the singer meatloaf and I want. And that's a very comforting. Very comfy people who've. Is that what the the BT's also visit that and I love with the the fight club all these moves some how. All right so number one analysts grilled cheese sandwich is like yeah. Now you understand why that company loan shark tank you never saw these guys had a grilled cheese sandwich shop one on shark tank you've got a whole franchise lead that late day. They got backed in there and I guess they have right I think Cincinnati base and we don't have around here. But I can I what I wish there was one right we have the group she's experiment are pretty gross he's experienced this thread I have all fitness Redmond three to a battle after there's hundreds of the food truck as well they've sort of the some of our events and have a great grilled cheese aren't trying to raise our experience very good girl she's experience yeah they're all those awesome there's also another one called cheese wizards case where where we are there other food truck as well I've seen him a couple of times does animal pop in such poke our wind doing grilled. Cheese and chicken place called courage and birds. A man who's doing it irons and I'm imagining grilled cheese sandwich is like fried chicken. She says okay it's ten bunkers are literally a little bit edgier David I honestly I don't know I think he likes more my thing I mean that I think I think foods take a more precedence over a sex and I do like me that's like today talking. So it's a special about this grilled cheese and their son on shark tank. There was and I guess that there grilled cheese sandwich was so amazing that they can they brought him in the liberty all the shark's taste them. And they said look we're the Cincinnati restaurant we're just trying to we wanna go nationwide in. I don't know who had a but the whole the whole shark deckers were like okay this grilled cheeses off the chains. And somebody backed them and they're now off pretty damn successful franchise I just saw some images of what won them Mark Cuban backed down and avocado. So solely a story only serve food place only has food that incorporates our avocados and really an apparently decide there's certain now build them out in the end based on the fact that he invested in the okay. Many see him Mike can we commodities ideas. Chopper was number two in the list chocolate. Yeah I mean it is a comfort food but I think of more like hot food as comfort truth. Shockey it's. CD and I guess you can get hot chocolate supposed pizza number four on an accent and a French Fries number five. And I'd this is my number one even though grilled cheese sandwich is a good. Macaroni and cheese. The best thing my son ever did for me in his whole life. For all of this the best thing he ever did as he took me to the end Vegas the Vegas buffet that has the macaroni and cheese station. Oh duty out because of all when the wooden spoon they make it for you these look like she's this good really. Are we are you get much you want to. It was Atlanta minicamp Kate Snow yeah Ali and that presents healthy we have so healthy tooth with some amazing Mac and she's followed up when many cup cakes for desert yet here it's a carves. Just a card nightmare current government hour I'm glad particularly adolescents looking at right now. Yeah fried chicken I did command where nine number nine there it is cookies and number eight special chocolate chip being on top of that list then don't that's number ten which are yet we know that. Have you demo that you couldn't you can. Waffles thing yet. Now. We're gonna go there meats chicken and waffles dates on Nate Robinson Braswell player all really he had just don't have yet and it's where is it. It's it's studies and we're very foolish area that's. Washington hall where we do our defy wrestling show mom so I am blocks away from there I can remember the school made swings and waffles it's called IA. Maybe we should take a pilgrimage there it's on east Jefferson streets not that far from here yeah I was there I made after the show minute drive if that amount for that somehow I'm never posted you know that's aggression and waffles it's phenomenal due to place is awesome. But it sickens you and we are honest to god that this is the thing that we're passionate about you don't like it too bad I nobody did and it's the winter man I mean what else you gonna do that's not drugs Oreo or not gambling you know we look we're human beings we've got to deal with this misery some outright lies right. Adams is damn you make me hungry measurements all Rama noodles that's a very good one for for comfort food pats never it's never done it for me but if you haven't tried the fancies a fancy new joint and open a call Kazuo key done itself senator and also W square. Because of Iran relied people that place is packed all the time every time I seem Bolton here if you look at the good round and I hear it's great. I doubt I wouldn't be a post that I much rather do Iran and in the fun stuff. I'm kind of fog I had the idea that we've got I don't know if we're for you I -- -- I'm sick I get it to go I got a Bill Walsh specifically for my son to go and my platoon at home -- -- It's when you're seeking just culturally drain all -- know it's good you're knows it's really good the entire bucket of it still be hungry after a heart can't I had never gets full from flaw food my obesity Nokia we should chicken and then there in all of it then yes and every person who we -- religious and get something else -- sure before this video that's been flown around the biggest bowl fly any here in Seattle it's his Jai enormous thing policy to take it down. Cool amid. You know if you take it down you'll then be at the king of Fatah then fast enough and they're being coy enough. Mom yes in Arizona so (%expletive) hate I guess maybe this oath aren't immune. Is for listeners on the loose but. You picked a topic you guys to show 20642. Iraq text desk at 77999. We'll take your calls we'll take you Jackson do you wanna talk about you get to that 917. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9. KI DSW home. Tiger point nine KI SW Iraq at Seattle's listeners on the loose. Tried to buy cards toys blisters on the list where you picked a topic can you guys to show it to post 6141 rock Texas it's 77999. Pennies on the table for me to talk about whatever you wanna do it but remember Steve does have this one rule disassembled will be Genesis show some energy and bring it otherwise. Save the life. Bowl trip and sort of Joseph in Seattle show you who are on Iraq. Very excited and that that's manager which forced anybody. Well hundred Joel my beyond two that may and then a good friend of mine died. And I want to salute you sir is this for everybody there and eat. Black so much us chandeliers about sixteen years ago and his little sister who's just not scorching. I would almost anyone. So itinerary were purely you know this statistic kids now what she's hurting now are numb look 37. This year gardening and I am doing like Ed Murrow. I'm interested in your sister. Worked on the army issued just lost her brother who is your friend of mine I would be more like. Turns who's been right now on she's got her divorce yourself. Moon. Poor girl like I don't know question even pursue other oral. You know and I'm on the way I don't want a late jump. Right into that ring leaders play it turn I discover relationships used relation how long were you how long were you engaged. Oh elegy to a draw almost three years. Well it's eight. Quiet if you watch those seriously I mean I don't think it's a bad thing if you say hey let's get some coffee or something do you student I have no Bob May just hanging out BO being there affirmed teenage and it's important and if there's something happened something happens but I wouldn't time push the issue at least not yet how. How soon since her brother passed away. It's not a lot of marsh. That's sort of payload is in my mind because I lost an older sister cheer Leo panel wrote last year so I know or should you or drew. This time there though I mean everything if something happens great but don't put any pressure on it do you think semi I don't know I don't know how to handle this I've never experienced in my well at look this is actually for real. I had you know I don't know just completely safe. I'll see hiding your voice be in fear of the FBI finally multiply and bureaucrats. Are you know what that's a great idea we don't have a voice agents are having a tough time but this whole thing trying to figure out of Jesus. That's when he was doing might be accented with us that we did early look you re not Arianna you are blistering a bit earlier put. It's not a literal or Assad so what are you trying to do I mean I I'm gonna get you kind of a Scottish Jackson Steve what do you these I do I really not a irishman I'm Irish RS is Irish Scottish who we try to do. Actually sit next regularly much. So let's go higher sense got to accept everything else. Yeah Joseph look. You liked the liked Jeromy did you talk when their besides just how she looked and not hug big debut horizon of ice was or anything else. Look she doesn't want anymore kids she's got their kid I got my kids choose not very far for me. Who understood where I've never a lot of other no important kill. As you know wanting to London should never won more door knobs. Yeah look you know I notice warm embraces he had just under some coffee and go hey I just want I had my check in with you would see I don't your brother it's been a little tough for me and and see how it goes with you guys you know if she says just a coffee. Then that's at least hopeful on the and you could feel it out even more like Steve said. And moved it appears to me is just she's so 100 she stood out Walter knew Morse W and I know what you're going to start soaring oil is so what's the what's in the way. I'm an artist and I'm just not sure how little Rosh tomorrow. Did she says she wants to get together we will what do you disguising your voice hoarse like were you hiding from him not her yeah this holiday season more ridiculous in your accent now. You go I know whether she was saying how are you going out there and an ambulance or maybe and again that he gets later in the night you start talking to her and that sexy yet might accent you have in Maine all bets are off and you ball. I looked like usual coalition actually it's actually kind of scared honesty I don't know earned their Dickey. I I didn't sit down and I was talking I was in his eyes on Vicky I think he's got a lot of isn't Dillon yep that's it well gel. I think what you expect the Acura at some point in life it's hard to keep the action I can't even count done. He said they SY honest I'm just glad that it was a fake Jackson because there's a time do I say this. But as this sounds so ridiculous and women's open guys who wasn't I was thinking about I'm glad you said he's just in case it was you were wrong menu and I'm ready to Baghdad act I'm tired being the bad guy image showed the donor for years. All right well that was. I call. Less is a lose you pick its optics. You guys to show it's 20642. Iraqis and also Texas 77999. Marty because in Texas my entire history on Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI ESW. Point nine KI SW Iraq Seattle this list is on the loose you pick a topic you guys they show 206421. Rock. Texas it's 77. 99 let's go to Robert in lake Stevens Robert hue around Iraq. BJ and which of course anybody. So I 814 year old daughter. Got to have been. Able to to each other dry it's stingray out fourteen. Are we were talking earlier we had this and has some great audio we might just find it on this weekend of the guy trying to teach his daughter how to drive you put them on YouTube could she smashed into a garage so. Your daughter is the antithesis of that that's awesome each CIA Ashis. Breaking the other kids on attract. In a cage car at light speed manual lobos there and dance dude this real. And ask how to died anywhere do you trainer you actually take it to the track to learn how to drive and I'll give you its desire to go to a big parking lot to my kids. Does that totally sorted out just like you are familiar with the you know the clutch and bridge in all that. But we stray in a 45 minutes. Hour and a half doing that and then little groove track there in order in the car by yourself. And output are a little kids learned the pressure Susan. Disarmament during the and then the ultra guard was there. I'm Matt that's awesome Robert I appreciate your car that's great I don't know if it's if it's just me or rev Robert could relate as well but. You know when the kids are first born I mean I just felt like no connection I know they were mine but holy sites you know they didn't need to you know I was just like all they did was cry on me and then when they didn't need to continue to be held now they've they've really what they want it was food and then when mom came around she mysteriously popped off the top and the kids were happy. You know I mean this is pretty much what it was that was my life for the first year with both my kids. It's a Mets who was about being honest and as I don't you're lying in Germany are now fast so does your daughter out there are useless the kids radar and I'm just that was useless to them as what I mean is that that we still are so congratulations steady. Here KGB Fred has a one year old for now looking good coffee no one month old when low or until you're letting him down credits to get guys. And I just I just didn't know what to do with them and you're like I didn't feel much like it they just give blood would when they start getting older and start being able to do stuff. As a guy who's gonna be great feeling when something you love. Your kid wants to do like his daughter in racing like that how could lead that that's when you go okay this parenting thing man is pretty cool to while my dad was not too happy about the idea of me wanted to play the drums that is unfortunate did you think he wore it gaffe I think is because honestly and. Reiterating written to beat. Never got to knee deep into the whole conversation about positives to simian like loud noises that they got older I think. And I just reminded him of a time that was very fond him. It got Andy because he hurt his shoulder Somalia did have Sosa could raise his arm any further than you know and it's typical where he would be able to play the drums while it is very good drummer and he pled would take some pretty big names. Thanks Frankie valley and learned and its crew all while yeah I. He he had skills but then all of a sudden with a shoulder injury was known to do things are used to be able to do so that an an and also his wife he added. Get an adult job and he wasn't making enough money as a session drummer and all that passes I wonder if it just triggered like. The deed the bad part of drumming for him he's a guy Sony had to be reminded of this crash. Dad and some people do have some some sad excuse that makes it even worse other is that have at least you're driving you know that he really separate primary results is proud of your time you got to listen thank you haven't heard this you check this out video on the B Jamie's face to carry us have you got coming dad trying to teach his daughter how to drive him. He's happy at first he's filming at this is a great moment then when she hits the garage. OK now you slowly pressed a slew of a police and slowly pressing them drink a day and now lead the break though. But then accelerated or slow turn around turn Darren Darren. He was there any of the remaining home. Now you couldn't stage interact not the word about it. Technical strengths they make up stuff. You know when you lawyer doesn't want. Like crazy but I didn't think that was Spanish. That so fast even I could barely understand he's like I think he said something like what I'm saying you do this you do this. Along the line I usually I'm scared. And then she really is watch out vote. Still slams into the garage that's my favorites it's lonely and stop. It. I'm glad to hear it in his voice he's all sing song happy OK stop stop. Lose. I love that I still like that he had still live there. The wherewithal to put it on YouTube so we can all enjoy it that's the important thing yeah again when you are about to face tragedy any kind of shows you life please. Make sure you put on YouTube. It was a Texan and not based on my conversation earlier with a guy with really bad accent didn't wanted to know whether or not now's a good time from then on these these dead friend's sister yes I recently passed away it's about a month ago. This person that is sending hat to what my friend's little sister she came back divorce and all grown up some of the best sex ever. On all of this person is from a still alive does have a little bit different since 2000 my friend nose to the state. Go for a mix Scotty. I have. I was thinking maybe he wanted to relation because it is once bank but he did a good question yes sir if you were stuck on a deserted island. Who on the show would live the longest we just a few survivor items like three or so my guess is Vicky that Latina genius son stubborn. Definitely not Sarid Danny. No I know why why would neither. I'm kind I guy I don't think I put myself on the person that was a run along the city you guys have won probably eaten because I'm very tasty yet attempted to kill all the when you all the way. Maybe you wanna be just out you Dicky yeah. Yeah a gap eager you know I could probably figure out how to build a fire in Idaho shelter because I can show us that you can cook Brad had some of your food before and McCain gets just a CD is a delicious thank you and a victory to make me give me BJ case idiots who are about that I Philly he's got enough marveling around the tummy I think a Beagle she's not be done tasting a pull the bread sandwich preparing. What Sartre. Well Graham pulls himself enough when I'm magazine. They. That's it I'm glad you to lords of the lord of the flies your answer out of that Sorrell WTO I don't and I think that we keep sour the last she's like grass fed yes. Where you wanted to really ashes and he's licensed outlets yes exactly yeah and also I mean she's the of the meat would probably taste better because grass fed. Oh yeah I think I keep her alive ERO Leo let me just show you some vegetables now that I have to have you killed first I feel she on she would not be tasty she has little she works out a lot that need to be tough news now we'll need you now. Well it will have the tender riser. You would be of the poison myself and amnesty leads me he'll be poisoned that's gonna necessarily guys wondering who would we Cilic in the first. Who'd survived first yeah you definitely wouldn't survive are now none at all unless unless uncle Chris was there than I have him do your dorm Chris would do really well on this each other he's my body any easily my personal assistant which means I will just ivory. Who he gets homilies and eat you first what is Chris gonna do he's gonna talk to the plant would beyond words and the fish nets didn't do anything. I don't know I think he can I start a fire. Chris can start a fire. With GO. You'll hear he's you're gonna blow you feel like you on fire my initial follows Chris too but I think Chris would start a fire to did not know how to put it out or something or would catch the whole island on fire. I want you wouldn't have a fire extinguisher on us I don't know all right well we're all dead then that's a good story so none of us the answer is none of the above what some. Oil listing gonna be dead bro. Cool cool a little lower rates mean yes the hearts I know who has impressed upon here's a question for your right here okay. You know on how we can have a deeper question. In the thought that Steve had been notre. But to Ryan castle. And an avocado have in common it's common it's Elliott at 950. On Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. He's good ground game jarring action. Ryan castle. What do Ryan castle had an avocado having comments I believe it's greenish flash. Yeah. Greenish that's an eyelash from guest rooms sometimes you look kinda am sick to me. I thought it was jaundice who turns out that's yellow yes yeah yeah more zombie machines is something else completely gas well in Texas is the most vote because there's a good kind of fat. Half men Brodeur recalled on the outside but on the inside it's filled with goodness RX and both gone -- stock go. Yeah hole and whoa. Sentence all right I'm glad figures involved in this final vote is Tuesday after yeah. That's right yeah. Yeah Susan Fisher on the top of its rise and take yeah okay Ryan started prowl. Audio. I guess doesn't know. It is a hot new trend you guys have there and tunes she should done this trend for the hot new proposal trend now is to cut open avocado take up the pitch and put the ring inside. And you down on one knee and hang your special lady avocados any zone over enough Mercado a decade ago. I dummies actually answer that question Steve for the V numbers in years Anemia are expensive. That's very true class. What they shamed the city and watching our show rank castle the green flashy one is up next what's more the fact. In case. What is your most prized possession it's my bags because they spend years old. And effort. And different sheets you pick out for the different scenes like I've really really soft ones like that really thick. Incontinent or do more castle rock bottom and I love my game and forty years. Nothing all day and I feel like so excited about your she's still happy my guess would be good to do storage right now. We'll definitely gets a break from all of you. And makes money. Rock. I'm 49 KI DSW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. Here's another question from a listener. I am a mountain of credit card bills and consumers dad and I still keep my house by fell bankruptcy. Yes you almost always can keep your home. Your house your car even in a bankruptcy. Depending on what type of bankruptcy your final. How would depend on whether or not for example you can keep your vehicles if you have payments on Phil you can almost always keep your homered for your current on the payments on your home. Even reform bankruptcy. Can chapter thirteen. I'm you can also keep those items if you're behind on your house you can catch your house payments I've been in chapter thirteen take off the second mortgage and doctor Jeanne. Just keeping your your primary assets like. Is almost always possible bankruptcy. Thanks travesty if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis anytime head choose the right chapter dot com. That's choose the right chapter dot com and thanks for listening.