BJ & MIGS Podcast 02-21-18-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Wednesday, February 21st

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 

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I'm in red white Knight KI SW bureaucracy at all and Iraq go search is in full swing but you have until Friday to help us pick. The new. Groove for rock girls that will represent us and 2018. Lots of pictures up there and do it's a tough one this year. Oh yes I mean the man when they do the side by side comparison thing I wanted to come Baltimore how my I didn't know you pick one they need to keep doing NT at the other one that I picked out until at us. Now because they. I'd put Sarah. Sorry if my vote okay. A semi got a by the way it's a difference there is no different and Cantel Medical turf toe Santa Elena Murray however lady why not. Helpless man to have all these although I think your dad play so little time Olympic break. Yeah wow that's. Yeah. Anyway helplessness and Iraq girls. That are KI SW dot com. Being. It is time to. Mac. And do hope for the Iraq girls apparently and LT Dario and how he's doing Desmond. Biggest underplayed beat me exact status in the the quite inappropriate day of whacky Wednesday I guess. Still us Steve you might wanna know it's healthy at this moment. IBM even. Yeah black yeah you're eight to play the game I'm ready impromptu. You know zones that are you know black cats go yeah well let's give Jordan contestant today we've got to show on an Auburn to take you want Sharia there's certain. Acts the way it was played forty days Steve register to take its job battle of the boat would zap me the emerald queen casino on March 17 in Tacoma go to KI SW dot com for all the details joint ticket together now Ticketmaster dot com RE ST get out of air. For those playing at home shot will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions shot and you can pass all you want but you'll only get three guesses per question are you ready. Or. Not I yeah. Why I guess which talk show host began his one TV career in 1969 busy weekend weatherman on WLW lied. Yeah adds wood to the four Beatles was the old list. And now it's all hardy now. Are you ask alphabetically which easily he'd last on Santa's reindeer it. What is the most common scrabble latter isn't. No yeah I know it's eight ads it's easy to digest was the original name of which publications. Yeah asks. Snarls and why you know our characters from what eighties cartoon. Ads which in a mall is cartoon character quick draw McGraw yeah. He asked Lynn burger is entitled what dairy product he adds to the Roman god Mercury hasn't what attached to with sandals. I which cartoon character had the catch phrase yup but that news. One dollar yeah 12345678. Koran cool yeah we'll see what happens funny pretty good there there was a mutual lacking earlier today and we want to store that was pretty close to NASA labs. There's another. Double lacking not a lack there. That's he did this did not go out there why can't black cat and Steve yes are you ready. Which yes articles which talk show hosts began his long TV career in 1969 as a weekend weatherman and WLW YA. Odds are a Sally Jessy Raphael snow got a lot of folks ask are which is before Beatles was the eldest. That's Ringo Starr yeah as a alphabetically which is the last of Santa's reindeer to. I don't know obviously Rudolph no. Blitz didn't know. Exhibit I ask I know there are a lot of data requested a miracle what is he most confidence travel letter these two yes. TV digest was the original name of which publication TI two yes so are good lie in north characters from what eighty star Jackson Hole yes. And less credible his cartoon character quick drop and drop the worst hit yes Glenn Berger is a type of what's dairy products. She eats. Yes do you Roman god Mercury has what attached to a sandals. To don's no matter who wins god asks. Which cartoon character had to catch phrase yeah Abbott Abbott to Fred Flintstones yeah absence Steve do you weigh in ninth two case. So close John but. I'm afraid you're not doing. And I think easy buddy sorry about that the FD Roman god Mercury and his wings were the deciding factor. Tommy nor write a teammates Norway all. Because of all the medals you have yeah. Our Ali Olympic snow ice and Yang to sign very topical. Yeah Anchorage bears aren't northern Norway a topic to validate a cute idea but so much it would completely over mired crowds because you're huge do know sports fan yeah yeah I love those winter sports and a candidate sledding and stuff. Because of the luge race. One and oh yeah anybody. Alphabetically which is the last of Santa's reindeer this and Vick so yeah a good job area. Kicks his critics and I'm not here in this does seem that no idea what a that's why Dixon's last you know what's gonna fix them while. Nine is now you made it we're always bring up the rear and that vixens. And on that note congratulations Steve you won with nine correct on my leaving the term Taylor how about that economy and I get it's it's a battle of the vote march 17 and the queen casino color number 9206. 421 rock that's all you gotta do to be a big winner. Meaner I saw out of course I saw a black can't TSA loved it forty experts was also very cool as well to see a movie won only six theaters in the country. At the regal meridian where basically you're on it like Joey said my son like John and amusement park ride on a rollercoaster all watching a movie. A two hour roller coaster ride so much fun if if if you're not gonna like going to a movie theaters and waited likes to wait like myself for things come on demand because it sides wanna deal with being a theater with a bunch of strangers. This will change everything for you because now they're giving you something that you can't get at home which is due to fully submerged into the film. Seat moves wind blows in your face water splashes I knew. The lights are flashing it just it feels like you're on a roller coaster while watching a movie yet I'm gonna see black panther tomorrow with the rest of the crew yeah. All yesterday well I I I don't think you'll be disappointed it's such a good movie. And guys matter fact website here has come out with the best super villains culture dot com. Pleasantries interest in vulture dot com owner vultures on this list. Those are old charm vulture do you see as Spiderman movie death he was Michael Keaton was the vulture well let's trade the wings and stuff. I remember guys. I saw the movie since the US in a lot of movie since then it's a tough for a it's it's really tried to keep up PJ yeah how about this this list already includes Michael B Jordan is character a black panther. I won't say a whole lot about it but and he's on this list so at least you know he's. On the on the super villains side of things OK I guess that's on let's say. What's smarter than the tournament and Elisa what people are talking about it it's a great chance for him talk about this list yeah because one thing is black panther believe they can use a couple more people see in the movies yeah I don't think anyone's. This is over 200 skilling and I mean that's as well he's killed so who's the greatest villain do you think. I had yeah I I actually I agree with number one on this list oh thank you I really really do flexing for Lex Luthor know. Now. Going to be Joker he's got eight to measure that. Super heroes and super villains negate it's okay it's got to be like like movies like you know marvel DC movies economic fair enough all right. She in Vicky which joke what do you think guys because his a couple of jokers on the list it's it's still one that won the award is obviously not Jared let out. Okay and it's it's got to be he Fletcher it is Heath Ledger a man that's tough because I like Jack Nicholson's Joker in the timber Monday it. Keith Fletcher number one on the lists for his portrayal power the most impact your share gap he was a great Joker he really really want us. I really do I just from the psychological aspect of it all. Really captured that character. I would hope but number two zoos the villain some of the greatest comic book movie of all time ever and Michael Clarke Duncan has kingpin none of them though I will tell you Michael Clarke Duncan was a good kingpin and a great movie Daryn again I will agree with half that statement here Michael Clarke Duncan was a great kingpin I loved him. A trend these are just in movies right no TV shows I believe you are right about that Vicky is a looking down this list yes itself all movies is Vincent enough free as kingpin was also fantastic in daredevil and then Netflix series I can't just reread that. Exactly who I think that is even better than Michael Clarke Duncan and that's tough because I really do we Rainsy did you see daredevil the team wants a couple episodes did you see Vinson did not frisking print Jeremy wasn't as good as the movie such OK she's done she's yeah who who would rather put on this list Perez what I was still likely I was thinking about this and I have to safe from watch man Ozzy man DS. Just because I love the comic so much and I felt that it was a great portrayal and how many times is a villain actually get to win. Yeah I this it that's a deep referenced in an artist you'd never saw the movie watchman it's but of course it's got median and it and that's a good reason to watch her from watching dad. But yeah he's not on this list gab but he was somebody you're right he was he was a good villain. How come I need as many on the first why you are you to which when you talk about a dip also good I'm gonna say fast thunder. Yeah fast spender I'm looking and I don't see his name on there but yes of course Ian McKellen meg neo. It is a very good and I it's a bummer I don't know why fast and is not honored because I'll tell you they put in here. They've got dumb Lex Luthor by Gene Hackman and super instrument to. Yeah he was going to hijack distinct and so long ago I don't think it's that great of a performance to be in the top ten I hope this guy medalist I Lawrence city make a list. Johnny Lawrence. But the corporate college men. Currently it's against superhero. Superhero movies. All right. Yeah that's kind of disappear and you'll catch a fly which shot six is a superhero might okay hung in des -- definitely agree yeah he's a great guy MEI failure we put anybody from the punish her and I suppose we you put John Lawrence and making a real people fight real people. Eric kill monger who you may not know this is but if you see black can't do you will that's Michael B Jordan character that. Lessons could not make it off. No he did he wasn't a guy Kevin Spacey is like Lou Lex Luthor was hired Gene Hackman tonight this romance war. Terrible I disagree with that. We'll just shows older guy I think there's a big people maybe don't remember gene patents per trailed much looser in the Superman all I know you don't I do know I do a job I love those Superman movies Dario you do remember Richard Pryor. All that stuff that is you on revenue Meehan MCI the number of people ideology of those old Superman movies I've seen clips I've never seen them all later as an adult I don't get how they were translate now but they've been zero -- yeah I'm not good I think every time I'm not gonna try to force you to watch that it's not excited felt like you only tell you that was the first time we saw super him Superman where we thought he really could fly and even their tagline was you will believe Americans. And they did a good job with that they made me believe that whoa that was good special to us from a great movies because we really weren't getting superhero movies back then you're right. You're absolutely right now dead no doubt about it kid who loved comics. Remember being like finally as such some made for TV Captain America or Spiderman or piles but I still enjoy it because whose guys dressed as my favorite superhero yeah. I'm looking at pictures a Gene Hackman in the Superman yet you looks. Just like Matt likely to look legs so he's a very Lutheran and plus. And Jesse Jesse Eisenberg. I am so I'm not a fan his Luther another I was creepy and he's coming back again there neutral or normal retirement savings and Iberia deal the whole social media page now he's trying to make. Superman. It's not a bad day. How about catwoman by Michelle fight for you guys remember her portrayal bad man to kind of returns she was good yes he was a big cat woman that led they're. Tarik yes. And and speaking of the Superman movie says Steve it they do get a nod at least generals awed by Terry has Terence Stamp generals on was good. I don't know if there again Vicky those guys you never see him because. They do that play generals on who's actually really good actor and I can't remember his name. Maybe in the in the latest Superman movies okay I'm not as good as Terrence stamps and Michael Shannon. Yes Michael Sheen and Michael Simmons a great actor brings just did not like Amazon texture as a great suggestion not necessarily superhero movie but showed enough from the last dragon who is a master. Yeah. What Bruce LeRoy. Not a great movie I had moments and memories you've never seen the last dragon now you said Bruce LeRoy is that related joke that's a no that's that's the good the superhero that the good guy and the whole movie whose name is Bruce LeRoy yeah okay. Okay that is that a company. Well I mean we have some parts are very laughable okay. Yes this is it's very tongue in cheek I karate type film. Well again it's it's an urban style says black dude that's already broke loose and you're right well cheeses and and showed us his take is the bad guy big guys the powers okay does it tell a guy would you put on the list of the best super villains of all times a 100% yeah okay. Punters Saturday birdies the last dragon okay. I don't know about this item VHS a feeling of RIA ideology affect him that. Tom mills is low Higgins and number five. Makes sense. And then Jack Nicholson's Joker number six hole I got one this guy make it. I birdied from Butler. Actually you name somebody on the list. Yet Tom hardy and the Dark Knight rises and just saws I just we just saw full length. The preview for venom. We saw that before black panther you guys will sit too probably wasn't good because the teaser wasn't he gets a little bit more the tees are and again you kinda I think they want to save what venom looks like. So you see a little bit of of the black and lose and that's about it. And then you know you see Tom hardy on. You know what some people are tough Symbian he narrates a bit like the man that thing and not enough. Most. Now here's one you don't know Stephen maybe you do. A very big cult movie done by M. Night Shyamalan which unfortunately didn't do as well as unbreakable. Yes that's the one yeah. Yahoo! so outside got movies Samuel L Jackson's character in that Tom. Mr. last week the pack and a depends on how you look at it out of college in the first half imovie. Yes all you got to see the second half because Samuel Jackson's mute character is fantastic if you're trying to get did as he Sus is out what. It really just tell us what's going on in the movies Samuel Jackson is a big part of that movie. Yeah I don't say this I won't say anything else. Also got another movie coming called glass. Which is a sequel to unbreakable I guess not a movie came out a couple years old split. And Theresa LO de devious portrayal of the penguins. Yeah. See I was not a huge fan of that why not to cartooning you have Wasilla it's it's it's not the way pave the path to pay what is actually a class CZLN. He comes from the upper crust and and penguins portrayal that was not good guess someone knows slick Ford with my dad and I loved it can use creepy buddy now are too many like yours and if it yacht race I already did it could Jai did so. Yeah iWeb was and I mean I I I was I came on the Burgess Meredith old school bat man. And I loved his portrayal and actually run like Robin lord Taylor's free on Gotham penguins so. Danny was okay but back watch the movie recently announced like. The I did CNN paint him. Now but I gave you grew up as a kid that I suppose. Mark camel as his Joker so Joker show three times but this is the animated Batman present a movie. All he did what he did jokers voiced by and and mask the defense hasn't yes. Yeah it was an animated movie but a lot of animated Batman fans are just they love with mark camel is a voice actor that's not the only Joker he's ever done he's done to joke pretty much every time I didn't know that he did they are saying because everything else is a movie I know that that was a movie so that's was is cure all yeah yeah yeah that particular thing was actually going to ask. Yes he's voice abroad for the cartoon series for a lot of the movies and for a video games. Yeah and he does a great job no doubt about it. I so they go edited the vultures on their number fourteen Lyonnais is on there is result Gould and Batman begins he was good. You know I had a certain set of skills but that's a different movie back and say what we see him. He's in his state he's always hit alien Neeson voice so you know he really guys. Are its driver Lewis is a Lucy picked that topic you guide to show you I get up super hero villains and get back into Marco buckeye action but one of the title I just. We wanted to talk about you produced huge guy his 206421 rock. Texas 77999. To college in Texas size seventeens on Iraq's. And made some more news. Rock and 99.9 KI SW all. This goes where you picked the top thank you guys to show listeners on the structure by car toys. Whatever you wanna talk about it's up for grabs Amanda does it again and you're picking the top make your guiding the show it's 206421. Rock. Texas 77999. And doesn't matter what you wanna talk about what Steve does have a rule when you do just that simple obedience to show some energy and bring it otherwise. And they say goodbye. The bold truth is. Me and Bonnie lake Andrew you Iran Iraq. Our Alomar trade and I didn't want to box up and harness the under me boy what you got for us. All I gotta tell us they've heard about these are some gloves they show now the meanest guy that it. Luck Ernie alliance Jr. being in that movie that would off so well it was great. What about the other three go from my. Big trouble look sign of the three storms tomorrow what about Reagan. Well solitude you're you're absolutely right though that that. So I forgot all about time movie that such a great movie he had three strong say day they were bad ass. Yeah c'mon Jack. And month. Does Kurt got a lot to another lead is gone it's all the reflection is called mod Jack Burton was great to have you heard about the remakes. Yes let out little rock and I'm so glad to hear about that unless he walked into and also Matt there's blood. He's my kid no green age big trouble in little China I do dance. I agree is a lot of people are we making a lot of films he gets low overwhelmingly beat everybody what do you think about the remaking it. Well I just you know. Well and old government. Yeah. Talk. And I shouldn't. How do you do you do you warn me out of my hand to help a brother Ronald heroes Greg caves and as a girl. Well they aren't good thanks macaw who now Yahoo! com. It's tough man to his Kurt Russell is definitely different kind of active in the rock but man after seeing Jumanji. Are really dug the rock in an end and they again hand them we was awesome you Jumanji was was really really are Jack Black steals the show. Jack Black is fantastic get a EIA yes and I'll tell you the Kerry Gil no and I and I love her she's the redhead and if you don't know Karen Gillis just a place nebula in gardens of jealousy and of course Amy pond for Doctor Who fans of course she as she was really share a lot of fun moments and everybody really had moments to shine and Emily cook the idea it was it was a lot of fun. It's going to be coming out on the men sometimes youth. The largest soft all right Iraq hit my apple TV so generously free Kurt says there's some like that and he when they do that I was not ready yet I don't think so all I didn't click on an odd name and have you I would gladly look at their innocent black pants are like war and you know a lot of free order hello how are only that kind of commitment yet Kazaa I believe that you edgy Monti into Iraq Iraq around the same time so fifth stores coming out then Jamont you will commence next month I don't go. Steal the money you gotta do it and all I well my heart beat as soon as it's available that's what we do. Let's is on the loose. So we took acts or both could kill migs console that sums of Saturday nights and our households have done this if there's any movies available torrent it's gonna and in Bremerton and I you are on the Iraq. Morning I Mariana welcome to show what you got for us. Actually can't can't you guys about the really nice dinner is making my husband or Valentine and that's low. Yeah ass that's writes if I remember we wanna see how romantic things and beginning because the fact you you word your -- all the stops and really you know I thought you be tired. Yeah I'm I'm I'm I'm really not send everybody needs nukes. And we got a bad we were both so exhausted we just legislate. Also know yeah. Mara somewhere you can. But you find it earlier on in the day you I made some bread from my color urged. And gates handled it was the Sega and go achieve Hala. She's this girl and I'm I'm to. I'm very burial or did you say. So who this. So much I want Gillian McCain came to an act like I had a medical out on it's I had make these talk can MIA. Gloves and I'm glad I don't care man. They were clearly accord is demanding this kind of bread I didn't subsidy that didn't involve big cat and. Handing it is just staying where I got into my head that hey I shouldn't they could tell and a lot of fun today Q. He doesn't want to tell I'm allergic to it maybe I shouldn't know make them something else. I got a Arkansas making it. And you are an interesting character in that's a fact I got that out I don't know what to make your view. They like dish out. And allowed. Them. Well that's nice I mean you're willing to die for them to make him a tasty trees yeah announced it would die or maybe get like a weird stealing your idea I don't know how bad food and everyone's eyes and allergies so and I have a question so you did this great great meal for your husband. And would he would he do for you. She's got me a book that I have been wanting per month. While you are yeah I'm telling you right now impossible costs like maybe twenty bucks it was hard cover away is that it gets harder paperback. What are all right dale please night. Classic. Yeah I'll tell you and it's OK and so and a how long did you guide to do you was it the next day you're able to celebrate with more energy that'd take a couple days or so talking about this I'm. I'm I'm who did think they both deserve like a good loving moment for how nice book the nice meal but in other words he's a zone instead Saks it good there's bank. Not a morning. All let's also weekly or who looks. We're all very very busy very excited about working constantly. Ice Iowa you know you. Do not forget not underestimate the importance of fit that in as it were and a seriously and I hear their a man a lot of crowd. Move. Seriously and that I you know fit in a little bit more in your life for me day you know that that that's a beautiful thing you guys see each other fifth minute once a week I don't know man I wanna see people. More than once a week it's all beautiful thing thank you for calling and a you know where the birds took paying him some and I am part of through because someone's there and yes are there blood and just think in many. In my wife is willing to put on oxygen masks to make food for people that she could basically get out you still hashing out an email only and I'm in I'm like really ever probably do able maybe she's giving it to her coworkers. Whole night doctor implant that Steve I'm so very now it's a bad season. Songs like Tony and I'll grant I would have a problem that I still that would be an argument in my world her husband's a better man than me I mean she spent a whole life not a fig Newton. Or maybe dozens of that's you know. Life without a fig Newton I know that's horrible. She okay it is you guys are rated treat it. You know what I could live without fig mutants if I only have now either figs and knew I before I had a fig Newton in recent days. Yes as a matter of fact my wife Disney Finland's all the time my ghost here. I actually think he I like it treats. Yellow Sea somewhere else she's on healthcare excellence is treaty is like you wanna go visit her. So yep but again if they said guess what. I don't know all the wonderful foods it's out there you can have triggered a fig Newton is I'm not gonna cry about it I do it this is very realistic I'm gonna make this I'm allergic to it so but I'm still gonna make it even though nobody asks. Worried exactly Kelly the most I would do is if somebody really wanted to certain food item that I don't like I'll make you form a club Miley health at risk for somebody's you guys and I think like say like like like she's adventurous and and that way he convinced that sort of fun unless you almost die exactly. Not good I from the fig Newton stature might like a rat you know nowadays just let's relax on this like fig Newton is not going to kill Diana speaking of allergies I love you read this but I guess they've come up with a basic which could be a solution for peace and out he's by basically spreading big that they could test group. They take peanut flour and give it to kids who have been analogies which I think. Gain confidence on a beautiful person taken the chance on the map I guess they did their there they're building up resistance and they think in the future. They can knock this out like get rid of all the peanut allergies or just in the early stages now I read that and I was like I want you to get my kid peanut flour if in fact he's allergic. But that's the way Dexia spread peanut butter or rhythm as the child I think it was a groan and tolerance I think it's a wonderful idea. So these kids out suck to be allergic to peanuts. See that's worse than fig Newton's all hugs and I'll take your we've we agree on that we can TII and that like big news is a country from time to time. I don't know how they offer candy now I want him every day yeah as yeah. I can to get better trees on them both of those actually done okay. You can get topic you guys to show please give. Blisters elusive Joseph ports to a rock Texas and 77999. Your calls for years exit 933. On Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. I KIS up in Iraq from Seattle who listened gonna lose a few pictures topic you guys to show it's 206. Foot to a rock Texas 77999. It's him and silver dale ten youth Iran Iraq. They are very good and demands we're just we're still act. Well from yesterday's. Topic on most prized possession I've got paid. Side and Wayne Gretzky rookie card along with big game dating. Game worn Jersey from when he was with the genes call news. It's not so much. That I got it but how I got it was pretty impressive that he stole someone's. Patent now so I grew up in Southern California and Gretzky opened a roller luxury job they're called logo at center you know and so my dad taking their opening day he died in. She sat. Doing autograph from the middle ring like three hours so I didn't mind. Waiting about. Two hours reps or again. Into the rink and get bumped down the line I'm trying to wedge my weight back and it's just a little kid at the time and this guy at the threats like no we got to go back too lenient. Moved. Yeah. Elect that's too long and leaving in 2030 minutes so. He like sorry so I go to my dad and at some hot blonde at the time I'm like yeah. Talking to cook and I'm Tony junior so that's like that and knowing. Actually yeah I'm you know start decried a quarter so that you do need to do you give us your cart side that actually his cards. But I'm like no it keeps me out explain it to home and so I go to again the cards Sydney and I don't sit down at a table I watch and pull out to people arts and hand the card in this church. And I'm like let's let's spoke gone on ought to put money back in the pocket but he gives the car to sue. The ladies and bright star actress down due to paper turns out it's Turkey why this. I'll look at your songs owns. Yeah everybody's talking swarm around Gretzky chewed off by himself to my dad acts or some. He didn't do the card and like a month later. We get it back in the mail science. And the game all white jeans Jersey mom wow Nadal are in the dirt. Lot of it was as Bob bottom line you could ever ask floor. Back and I don't speak at a gotten better net. I've heard stories a janitor was like one of the nicest people to like from a couple buddies that no our and got to know Wayne Gretzky through her like she's just like that kind of a person said I'm not surprised but still. Stand thank god dad was part would Wayne Gretzky is wife otherwise you wouldn't have gotten that it's. Yeah no kid and so that's. I got. That's hanging up in a glass case then my dad tells the card in their two and so. I love that man that's a great story too and they said how you got a man hit a lemon you are looking waiting two hours you bumped out of line and they and and they make you. They go too bad you're out oh man how do you do that so little kid to get the great story and you also have the greatest hockey players ever played the game the you have. And are their Jersey from him that was sent to you personally I mean everything about that is just fantastic. So solace ever get rid of that yes I was sort of things about an hour and a much money it would you would do it now even if times are tough to lead the extra money goes something that make it wouldn't even exist in my head that that would recently that you could sell ivory credit the minute. Yeah better you know I mean you're right. It's gonna enter into commander U Iran Iraq. There are guys not a bad thing which young force today. State Street ever talk about the Shawshank redemption. Doubt our autos and movie this he still hasn't Watson's tired I started the beginning very good. Thank you are starting pitcher in three days and no watch it every night afterwards serve in Bosnia. But. I listened to her security guys talking about it so much in their a daily diary but it it is bad movies where they totally mop without lawyers go. Yeah it aren't you know aren't back you know where we're similar in artistry here trader. Welcome movie urged her to turn a lot better. How old are here and it's clear to anyone and so the movie held up for you. A so the most of the movie did hack how to hold up for you okay because we wonder sometimes we recommend older movies to people who are like in their twenties early twenties like I don't know if they you know and all the great movies you see today if it would hold up but it did. Well yeah that's fairly and honestly released and there aren't as good as he used to beat gotten more are pretty Manhattan bank and Morgan Freeman in Turkey. Good point well is god so that that makes a lot of sense Jim Maceda gotta you've become god I'm putting here that needs it seems like Ennis had an old soul singer movies they're not like they used to be which. You know definitely the attention span is is. Is shorter and the movies just jump around everywhere and to have like a movie that moves that the pace of Shaw shank redemption. Yeah that's an old that's an older school way of doing movies that you don't see that too much today at least mainstream movies. What it's a race did you guys are talking about food so much have you seen Seattle episode of man vs food the new one no yes act I don't you have. I like the new man vs food and a lot of people are not happy that Richmond is no longer the host I think the new host is just he's he's he's great Casey Webby the comedian. He's a big guys have to the type of guy you'd wanna post about a bar and discretion Beers with. He came to Seattle and I heard the woman that out of the way to access about members just. But Adam did like the best dot multiple I'm a challenge. He came into the seven alarm wing and at the window hello I was his big challenge and you'll awesome it was awesome you know watch to make I love the window and so is really cool to be able to watch them make that's cool. He also had a bypass burger. And he would have Tiago breakfast spot that the cafe it's attached to easy street records in west Seattle Colin nice really really good episode it's on demand if you have Comcast or Indian. And hopefully people take it out his case whoever I think he's a really good season a brilliant job as the host of this this is the first season second sees second Seattle on the second season that's nice and again and almost set that I didn't know about it I would love to do when the people in the crowd just watching into. Earnhardt yeah murder with a guy I had no idea how we got to find out when these things are filming I don't know man but it debate John tapper I know we make. He's followed me on Twitter Sosa I don't know why but my John but let me know when you come to town again I gonna wanna be there is part of my cleared things we stake outs that's awesome actually on the Food Network show us so we can do it must be some it's somebody new some -- Hope it. High school life goals Steve on the Food Network. How important travelled some of the man vs food and check out all right. This is a good idea guys eating stuff going around at different places the food show you wanna get approved show. I don't care which one it is. I his question Korea. Put your Ryan castle and an engagement ring have in common. Among Italian at 950. On the rock. And they eggs mornings. On the rocks or 99.9 KI ESW. Game yardage and. Brian sack fill and an engagement ring heavy dominoes 50% chance it's not gonna work yeah. Solid point. Way to bring the doom and gloom on a Wednesday they're real today Steve 5050 and I really think I'm I'm. I would use 64 fish. Chicken fish for estimating. 6931. Merry go that's. So anyone who knows maybe there are you do you have a nice man. Point texas' they both they both sparkle. It's. Steve gets on his knees for both yes he does tonight I didn't academic needs to proposed. Yeah I know you can you you're you're you're K I was still sitting there trying to I did you did better than me out for my wife insurance. I take that would you like to be on my insurance to help his common Mario says critics out there are so now I as well. Both are delicate and extensive. Nobody set I was metal hump. No unfortunately not these people don't know when things could compete and I could call him out now you're back type. There's a woman glossary gauger ring while flying across the country and a pilot hand delivered a tour. Live from San friend. And there's other subplots like a really bad hallmark lol your right does right Hugh Grant is in this will be for sure he had no doubt about it. And she said you know what the well is in the air moves and talk to your unloaded all aren't welcome landmark deal where where's my check. Clarinet in his Cameron Bure a crime castles in the air he's got a twelve pack and gates. Dawson don't celebrate that winning the Daytona 500 was an asset to. How about you man based on this if you're gonna get a tattoo of your best accomplishment in life. What would say well they are definitely could be reviewed that would leave its so good is it fifty a couple of years but didn't. There's a bit yeah I would yeah. All my body was. Rock. Point nine KI SW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. How much as bankruptcy cost twelve million vigorously constant course vary depending what kind of drug issue finally. There's a certain amount of ground. Court costs and other out of pocket costs or you're going to have in any case. They show the filing fees and a bankruptcy case are you are about 300 dollars for the final chapter seven and chapter thirteen. I'm one of those things to watch out for when you're shopping for bankruptcy attorneys are looking. Cost options. There's been a lot of times especially the really cheap places don't value upfront about all of course costs and what about your children out of pain in addition to be a dream team. So make sure that you get their full pitcher when you're telling me. When you're comparing prices for bankruptcy lawyers on what the attorney fees are how much of course costs are going to be so you can really make it. Kirsten thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time had to choose the right chapter dot com.